Uncensored husband porn train grope and rape in sex stories

Uncensored husband porn train grope and rape in sex stories
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My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and been dating for over a year now. We both grew up in the same area but she moved a way due to college.

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We see each other as much as we can and talk everyday. Its been a month since we last saw each other and wanted to suprise her with a vist. My girlfriend name is Natalie and 21 years of age.

She is a beautiful woman standing at 5'1 110lbs nice ass and a 36 c-cup bra size with light skin and long brown hair down to her ass. She lives in a house with six other housemates all students as well, two of the housemates being guys. Ive met them all and seemed very chill, so i had no reason to get jealous of her living with guys. On the way to see her we were texting the whole time, and she had no idea i was about to see her in a couple of hours. She goes to school 5 days a week but on friday she only has one morning class and the rest of her day was free.

She texted me saying she was out of class but didnt know what she was going to do the rest of the day, after that she didnt text back. I figure no big deal. I showed up to her place in the afternoon, I called her to let her know i was outside but no answer, on the voice message i just said "hey babe, just calling to see what your up too." I waited in my car to see if she would call back but after 10mins nothing, so I text her asking what was she up too, still no answer. I walked around her house to go through the back door since thats the only way to enter her house.

As i walked around it looked like nobody was home. The back door was open and I walked in, and didnt see anybody. I started to make my way towards my girl's room, as i got closer I heard Edwin's voice, one of her housemates, he was standing in her room along with 2 of his friends Angel and Moises, and to my surprise all 3 of their pants were down to their feet.

Natalie's door was half way open so i had a good view of what was going on but they couldnt see me. "Yeah suck that cock baby" I heard Moises say as i watched Natalie bobbing up and down on his cock. his dick was thick and looked about to be 10in long. Edwin and Angle were standing there jacking off waiting there turn.

I was so mad and was about to walk in and fuck them all up but i stopped to notice that my dick was starting to get hard from what i was seeing. So i stood there waiting to see how far this would go.

It was Edwin's turn to fucked her mouth, his dick wasnt as long as Moises but it was fat and thick. Angel made Natalie jack him off while she was getting mouth fucked. "Taste better than your boyfriend's dick, dont it you little slut" Edwin said while grabbing her head to hold it still. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and Angel's dick took his place. Angel's dick wasnt thick but was the biggest out of all 3 of them.

He had her choking on his dick and she was deep throatting him. Everytime she would take all his dick in her mouth he would push her head down and hold it there till she started gagging and he would let go, after a few times of that, she would take all of him and hold her head there without any help and stay there till she started gagging. Angel pulled his dick out and started dick slapping her and with each slap, Natalie would let out a moan. I couldnt believe my girlfriend who i was so in love with, loved being a dirty little slut.

"We are going to fuck every single hole, and your going to take it all" Edwin commanded as he turned Natalie over into doggy style position. Angel placed him self in front of her for she brunette college ex girlfriend vernoica snow blowjob pov keep sucking on his teen mother and playfellows daughter ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i. I watched Edwin starting to finger her using 2 fingers, she was moanning and i could tell she was enjoying it very much.

Soon he had 3 fingering in her and started going faster and faster.

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Her body was starting to shake and all she could say was "baby, baby, baby!!" I knew she was about to cum. When Edwin heard her he started to shoving his whole hand in her, something ive never done to my girl. I couldnt believe my girl was being fisted, i thought she would say stop cause of the pain but instead all she yelled out was "Faster, baby move your hand faster inside me, your going to make me cum!!" "AAAHHHH YEAH!

IM GOING.IM GOING.IM GOING TO CUM! PLEASE DONT STOP!!" Natalie yelled with ecstasy as she came all over Edwin's hand. He took his hand out and made her lick all her juices off his hand.

"Now are you ready to ride my cock bitch" Moises said while having her get on top of him. She got on top but worked his thick cock slowly into her wet pussy, "Fuck your dick feels really good" she said as she started riding him faster.

Moises pulled her close to him having her show off her ass, Angel started to rub her ass and notice he was working around her hole.

"You ready for 2 dicks in you baby" Angel asked as he started to position himself behind her. "NO please dont, it will hurt too much" she yelled. "We did say we are going to fuck every hole and we plan on doing there." Angel commanded.

As he worked his dick into her tight asshole, she let out a hugh painful moan. "Edwin will you get over here and put something in her mouth to shut up her." Moises said. Edwin walked over with a smile on his face and shoved his dick righ into her mouth.

Angel had his dick almost all the way in her ass by now and by looking at Natalie's face she was in pain. After both Moises and Angel got there rhythm they started pumping her pussy and ass faster and faster. Soon that look of pain on her face turn into pleasure.

as she started sucking on Edwin's cock faster and faster he let a moan "Suck it faster bitch keep sucking im about to cum, dont stop' Soon he pulled out and shot a load all over her face as she started to lick it up. Angel and Moises pulled their dicks out and switched Natalie around into a reverse cowgirl position, Mosiese started ramming his cock into her ass "YES YES FUCK THAT TIGHT ASS" She moan "Please Angel i wanted your cock in savoring nubiles juicy wet crack hardcore blowjob pussy please fuck me, I love the filling of having both your dicks in me!" "I knew you would" Angel said as he started to work his dick into her super wet pussy, I lost count on how many times she came and from seeing all this i couldnt help but start to jack off, as both guys fucked the shit out of my girl faster and faster and from hearing how happy she was, i came really fast.


She started asking them to cum all over her she wanted to have her body in cum. They made her get down on her knees as Moises started to jack off steamy hot oral job hardcore and blowjob in fron of her face, he pulled her head back and came all over her neck and tits. Angel told her to lay down and he stood over her beating his meat fast.

Soon he shot about 4 times having his cum land on her pussy, stomach, tits and face. Natalie just laid there licking up all the cum on her body and said "Did you guys enjoy fucking your dirty little slut?" Edwin just said "Rest baby ill be back in the morning and if you want ill bring some more friends." By the smile on my girl's face i took that as a yes.

When they started getting dressed I took off to a local motel and got a phone call from Natalie. "Hey babe sorry i didnt hear the phone ring, i took a shower and took a nap." All i asked was how was the nap "It was really REALLY good.

But im just going to rest at home today i got a big day tomorrow in the morning." I guess ill be showing up tomorrow for another show