Annoying ariel grace got banged the way she will never forget

Annoying ariel grace got banged the way she will never forget
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Doris, my wife, was now sitting close to the stranger we met at the bar. She had tipped up her glass and finished her drink, her second one of the night. She looked at me with a rather strange look in her eye's, "Jerry do you think he's cute," she teased me as she sat the glass down. The stranger, not much taller than reality porno espantildeol follada y mamada salva da silvalucia nieto five foot eight height.

His name was Jim and he was in town for a convention. "Do you two want another drink?" he said. I looked at Doris and gauged her state of sobriety. I knew her well enough in the past eleven years to know that she had one, maybe two left before she got drunk and then she was no fun to be around. She complained about her head hurting and eventually went to sleep. I looked at her and told Jim," Well perhaps one more.we both don't drink much and we've almost had enough to get pleasantly warm." " So you aren't one of the hollow leg crowd then," Jim smiled as he signaled the bartender for another round.

"No I can understand a few drinks to get that glow on .but to be honest I never saw why some people just keep belting them down," I told him. About then Doris said her speech. " I have never understood why a guy who is trying to make out with a woman keeps pouring drinks down her." she took the fresh drink and raised the glass to me and then to him and took a sip. "For one thing," she went on, " all he is going to wind up with is a woman who don't even realize what she's doing," she set her drink down and took a deep breath, " Besides I have never met a man who was worth a damn in bed when he was drunk to the gills." She took a quick drink then.

She had finally broken the ice.

It was really up to her to do it. I had first met Jim at the urinal next to me an hour ago. I had sneaked a look at his cock and saw that it was fairly thick as he pissed. He had also sneaked a glance mark joseph and anna marie gutierez me as I stood there but, as I had, he was careful not to get caught looking at me.

We both started to get hard and that's when he joked that we were still sober. I laughed and shook my rising cock off and told him that i passed the test also. We might have went farther but a couple of drunks came in and hurried up to the urinal. One actually took his cock out and pissed on the floor he was in such a rush. I walked back to the bar where I had left Doris. Since he seemed to be as lost there as we were i invited him to sit opposite doris and big girl with smol boy her.

I still didn't know his name. I couldn't tell Doris that he was the guy with the thick cock. Well I could have but I stuck with names. Doris and I had talked before this night. We had talked a lot. It involved her telling me all about the guy that had taken her virginity one night after a date.

He had also cum after he had it in her about halfway. he filled her full of cum but that was all. She had told me that he was her first date and she thought that she was in love.

" Can you believe that was the only time I got fucked untll I met you. I looked at her and said that she didn't have to pretend because she felt like she should. I told her that I had been with four girls and I was real forth coming with her and she could be with me also.

Doris told me then that she sucked his cock three of four times after that but he still came quick and he remained limp after that. She had sucked his cock to take the edge off. her girl friend had told her that was the way to do it. She told me that she went with two other guy's after that and she sucked both of them off to take the edge off.

The first boyfriend had made her cautious. These other two guys weren't romantic interest but she felt that she needed to find out what it was like to get screwed to an orgasm.

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These two could go again and got hard. Doris said that she had just placed ones cock in her and he pumped about twice before he came.

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She tried it again and he was ready for it but he came after a few strokes. She said that after the other one did the same she was ready to give up on men and go for girls. She admitted that she did have a friend and since she was cute brunette teen rubs her big natural tits often Doris said that she had sucked her dates cum out of her after she got to the dorm a few times.She really loved the taste too.

Cum flavored with pussy. I asked her what a few times and she blushed and said that that they had licked each other about a dozen times. I asked Doris if the girl had a cunt full of cum each time. Doris hit at me playfully and told me that i was evil. Then she said that the girl had been fucked ten times, "The other tow or maybe it was four times we did it for the fun of it.

Doris had made me tell her about me and I told her about the three or four girls that I had fucked. When Doris met me I knew a little about her previous attempts to get laid and the consequences. I fucked her for about forty five minutes the first time and she came several times.

After that it was just me. She didn't see her friend again, not sexually. I knew Julie also. I got around to telling her that she had a velvet pussy. No man could last for long in her warmth. She asked when I could and I told her it was because I was not cut. I had an accident once when I was fucking the bed spread and tore it at the tip. What I had was the best parts of having a foreskin and not having one.

When I fucked her I made sure the foreskin covered the head. That was the secret. The others were cut and there fore more sensitive. Doris also liked sucking me.She would love to run her tongue under the skin as she sucked. This led to my telling her that I had experimented with a couple of guys. one that had an real thick cock, like Jim looked to be.

After years of trying to have a child only to find that Doris couldn't conceive we gave up and even though she told to find another woman that was whole .I told her that if I had married her for that ability then I would have married a fat ugly woman.

Dorie and i seemed to be fine after that confessional. Except that she often said that she should get fucked so she coud find out if other men were all like the boys she knew in school. I teased her and said that she just wanted to fuck another guy. She would fuck me hard and say that it would have to be a man that she could watch the two of us with. I couldn't believe it.My wife just said that she would like to see me suck a cock, I remember that it was the first time I couldn't hold back and came.

We just didn't talk once and i wasn't one of these husbands that wanted to see my wife with another man.

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I wanted to seduce him with her. well I guess i would be watching her with another man.just not the same as your normal cuckold. If anything Dorie and I would both be cuckolds.does that sound right. I thought about it for a long time and i finally admitted that i did want to see Doris.

I had wanted to see her with all the guy's she did before me. I even wanted to see her suck cum out of her girlfriend's cunt. We had that first. Julie was still living in town and was between lovers, all women. Julie liked me. I guess that was because Doris loved me.

Julie was one of those lesbians that loved as excuse, a good one, to get fucked. I think Julie could eat pussy for a long time without being fucked by a man. Just as long as she had a succulent cunt to chew on. She even called a couple of her old boyfriends and let them fuck her after me so I could see Doris suck her cunt with another man's cum in it.

We watched from the darkness of the room as the guy's fucked Julie. Doris and I almost went and did the guys ourselves but that wasn't in the script. It would have been just sex. I wanted to see Doris being made love to. She wanted that also.So that brings us back to the bar and Doris had just told Jim about a drunk and how hard it would be for him to get hard.

Jim mentioned the guy in the john. We both laughed as we spotted him drinking and drunk to show Ver story sexual de ingre coronado. " Oh I couldn't fuck him if he were the last man on earth," she said and squeezed both mine and Jim's hands.

I think Doris just choose Jim.

I knew that it was time to up the ante so to speak, " That guy sure isn't me," I said. "I know it isn't ," Doris said and reached and squeezed my cock.

It was harder that hard, " I can't say for sure about you Jim." She was all but telling Jim that she would feel his cock too. Jim, bless his heart spread his leg's and looked at Doris and then me. Doris reached and gasped when she did. She invited me to take a feel also with her eye's. I just hoped that it would be alright with Jim and I reached and placed my hand just on top of her hand and felt. Not only was Jim hard but he was also large. he had two inches on me and half again as thick.

Suddenly in the dark part of the bar we were, Doris and Jim kissed. They kissed open mouthed and i felt Doris and Jim's hand on my cock as well. I told Jim I was sorry but that I kissed only women. Jim said that he did too. He kissed Doris again. "If I want to kiss you then I'll kiss your wife. Doris said that she loved kissing and she would love kissing the two of us. We faced the bar and I worked Doris' dress up to her waist. She had not worn panties.

Curvy lovely babe rides a thick dong didn't take Jim long after he started to kissing my wife to feel her cunt and finally get a couple of fingers in her. When Jim finally took his fingers out of Doris, she told us that she wasn't ready to do anything then, Doris looked at me, "So honey now that we've see what the other has I want to have sex with you two." I asked her if she really wanted to and that she should think about it first, "Remember there's no going back after can't unfuck someone." "Or unsuck him either," Doris said giving me an elbow in the ribs.

I told Jim that he was unfortunate to run into a couple of newbies and that we wanted to be sure where we stood. "Jerry.if i just wanted some pussy I could have stayed at the convention.there were plenty of willing partners there," he paused then, "I really guess I wanted something more real and different." I asked him if he had ever had a man and woman together.

"Jerry, why don't we keep busty slut keisha gets fucked on her tight asshole with Doris and I'll tell you something. Doris piped up then and said that she wanted to keep playing with out cocks.

"How about you just play with my balls.I don't want to come before the main course." Jim said. Doris fondled Jim's large balls and my cock. I kept reaching from her pussy mound, careful not to run my finger's up her, so did Jim. I put my other hand on her breast and teased her right nipple. Jim did the same to her left. Doris said that she liked that and we could do it for the rest of her life.

Jim began his story: " I was working in Chicago and i met a guy and his wife one night, just like you two. It finally got around that he wanted to see his wife with another man. I knew from my own experiences that he really wanted to see my cock fucking her. I wanted some pussy and she was real pretty.

They had only been married a short time but already he wanted to see her fucking another." " I also thought that we could have a real three know with us all doing each other. There were a few other guy's around and he seemed to get more and more excited when he thought of his wife fucking all the guys.

Well to make a long story short, we all wound up in the room he had gotten for them for the night. We all got naked and let me tell you it was hard to look at all these cocks and not show that I would have liked to play with them.

One guy must have had a twelve inch cock and as thick as a salami. I noticed the husband got real excited and started to reach his hand behind him, probably to play with his ass." "What I thought was that he was going to take one guy in his mouth while she sucked him. It wasn't to be. The husband just wanked his drippy little cock and watched while all the guys fucked the guy's wife.

I couldn't even get a hard on after I watched the fucking of the wife by five or six others four who were black. I personally don't care for sex with blacks. They stink when they get horny.

It must be some kind of sexual smell thing that women likebut I only suck cock, I don't think I am a woman." "The guy that was watching all of us fucking his wife couldn't get enough of seeing our cocks up close going into his wife's cunt. One guy asked him if he liked watching his cock in his wife's cunt. He then asked the guy if he wanted to suck his cock like his wife was doing. I never saw a gut get harder in my life.

he stuttered and stammered and asked that the guys just fuck his wife and that was that. Now the guy got pissed off at the guy calling out orders for the wife to go all the way down on a certain cock or to let that cock fuck her ass. It got where all primetime passion by sapphic erotica sensual lesbian scene with mea melone nek the guys fucking the wife stopped and the wife as well.

They all looked at her wimp husband and went for him. He sounded like a pig at first but soon he was saying to the men" Love me and leave that slut alone." " The guy couldn't accept that he really wanted to see the guys cocks till the boys started to ram their cocks down his throat and up his rectum till he was giddy. Even the wife tried fucking the man and she couldn't fee him now. She finally left with all the guys and they pissed all over the husband.

That's what they all thought of him. He just wanted to stay in him little closet and watch his wife do the cocks for his pleasure. She finally understood that guy fuck old duddys sister introducing dukke was using her for his own pleasure and didn't really care about hers. She left him that night and I didn't feel the least bit sorry for him.

I first sucked a cock when I was nineteen and did that every time I wanted it. I have had a few good times with a man and his wife, but not often. I can feel that my luck is changing now. Doris told him that he was feeling her tit now and we all laughed.

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Then she told us of some of the things that she used to do. " Jerry I have never told you this till now but when I used to lick the guy's cum out of Julia's pussy I would watch them pee after they had fucked her. I would see them piss and wish that it was me they were pissing on instead of the toilet. I told Julia this and one night she put me in the bathtub and started to piss her hot pee all over me. I finally put my face into the stream of piss and opened my mouth.

She brought her pee hole down to my open mouth and pissed directly into my mouth. " " I would drink her piss all the time when I sucked the guy's cum out of her. One night Julia took me to a adult video place where they had booths with glory holes.

She took me inside and the men there went crazy trying to get in our booth. They even drug a nice old man out of the booth next to us and when Julia saw him standing outside she told him to come in. Meanwhile the guy that had pulled him out of the booth stuck his cock through the hole. Julia was doing two things at once. She was getting the old man's pants down and his cock out, and at the same time stroking the man in the next booth." "When she took the old man's cock out it surprised both of us.

It looked like it belonged an a much younger man except the shaft skin looked like it was real old. He turned out stare at two lesbo beauties masturbation and smalltits be eighty years old.

She took his cock into her mouth and sucked him. She kept me to suck him and although I had sucked off a few guys already I hesitated at sucking the old cock. When I finally gave in I sucked it and so did Julia. It was large, much larger that your cock Jerry.none of the others were but this one was." Doris stopped talking and then looked around the bar. Seeing that the bartender had forgotten us and was busy with the two drunks, bent over and sucked my cock into her mouth.

She came up and asked me if we wanted to suck Jim together. She bent over his lap and took two horny babes shared in one big load cock in her hand. I bent over her lap and my mouth was right at Jim's cock. She held it and brought the head to our open mouths.

We each sucked a side of the huge mushroom shaped head. It was so much larger that the shaft which was half as thick as mine. We wanted to go crazy on his cock but we were in a public place. We rose up and discovered that we had been seen. The bartender choose to notice us and came and wiped the bar in front of us down while we re ordered. " So, Doris started her tale again,' Look Jerry you aren't mad that I held it back from you but now that we have both sucked Jim's cock I feel that I can share with you and you won't get mad at me." I kissed her and she went back to telling about the old man.

She was squeezing mine and Jim's balls now together. She looked real quick and kissed him on the mouth in a loving way. " So there I am in a video booth in an adult store and I'm sucking this old man's big cock. When he came in my mouth I went a little nuts having a cock cum in my mouth and I swallowed and licked all around his large cock head, "Julia is still feeling his big balls as I finished him off.

Then I heard Julia ask him if he needed to piss then. I watched amazed as she went into her purse and brought a pint jar she had in there.

She said that she had thought over the fact that we had shared peeing in each others mouth. She held the jar under his cock head and he started pissing.

The yellow liquid filled the jar up pretty quick. That's when she squeezed his cock off with one hand and handed me the jar of piss with the other.

I looked at the jar and took it from her. She let his cock go and even though I couldn't see it I knew he was pissing right down her throat. The jar of piss I held was hot to me and I looked at the piss in it and tilted it up. I had to stop her then, " So that's why you love for us to piss in each others mouth?" " Well now you know just as you knew from the start that I loved swallowing your cum but I just drank the jar of piss down. Julia squeezed his cock off again and asked me if I wanted it then.

She told me that I would have to swallow the piss right down to keep from spilling it in the booth. Then the booth smelled like stale cum and I loved it but it didn't smell like piss. I took his cock in my mouth and Julia let the piss spray right into my mouth. The old man pissed a lot till he only dribbled in my mouth.

So that was my only trip to an adult book store when I let a man piss in my mouth." Jim was fit to be tied by now and he asked my wife if she was going to let me and him piss in her mouth.

Doris looked at me and them him and nodded her head slightly. Jim said that he had to piss right then so we all got up and headed down the long dalagang kapatid kinantot ni kuya to the rest room. I saw the bartender didn't even notice us but one of the drunks, the one who pissed all over the floor looked up at us.

We went into the men room and naturally there was no one there. We went and Doris sat on her haunchesshe wouldn't put her knees on the piss on the floor. Jim and I let our pants drop and Doris looked at it. " Jerry are you really going to let him pee in my mouth," Doris asked and I nodded. Jim's cock was hard as hell then so I got down with her and we both started to suck his cock like we had before. This time I took it all the way down my throat.

When I gave her the cock to suck she took about half of it. While she was going down on it I heard a noise and sat the drunk guy that pissed on the floor was suddenly there. He had crept in making no noise. He had his pants down and his hard red cheerleader michelle can has her pussy wrecked was pushing at my wife. At first I wanted to tell him to go away but I saw the way Doris was looking at his cock as it strained, about to burst.

He was unsteady on his feet and almost fell. Jim grabbed one side of his shoulder and I grabbed the other. We held him up and Doris still was looking at his red cock, Shorter than mine but still thick. It looked as if it was sex sonakshi xxx vidoe com to pop open it was so hard. Doris looked up at Jim and I, "Do you mind if I suck it's ready black guy nd girls ki xxx storys cum any moment." I said if she wanted to and Doris took the drunks red cock in her mouth.

She only sucked it for a minute before he filled her mouth with cum. Her cheeks puffed out and she swallowed quickly. She took her mouth off the cock and said ti Jim and I that she at least had a taste of cum so she could wait for the main event, Jim and I. The drunken guy had slumped in our grips and his cock started to stream piss.

Doris had her mouth open and was licking the last of his cum off when he suddenly sent a stream of piss into her mouth. Doris started swallowing as fast as he pissed and before long he was dribbling as she liked the drops off.

He was still hard after pissing and Doris looked at me and Jim. She lifted her dress up in back and bent over, supporting her self on the rim of the long urinal. "Let him fuck me Jerry.let him fuck me," and reached down to take his cock and aim it at Doris's cunt. He was so drunk he was babbling as Jim and I had to move his body to fuck her. Doris only fucked him a few minutes when he came awake a little and yelled that he was cumming. he turned red in the face as he shot my wife's pussy full of cum.

Jim and I let him collapse to the floor. Doris was all over us, sucking our cocks and telling us to piss in her mouth. We did till we both ran dry.

First Jim pissed a little in her and then I did. Back and forth we went till Jim was showing signs of slowing down. I knelt with Doris and let Jim's cock piss in both our mouths at the same time. We lost a little of the precious piss but still managed to swallow a lot of it. Before we left the rest room Doris sat her cunt on the drunk guys mouth while i held his mouth open. She started pissing. He was swallowing it all down when his buddy and the bartender came in.

They looked at Doris and in seconds had their cocks out. I motioned them up between the drunk guy's leg's and Doris took turns sucking each cock.She was concentrating on the drunk guy's buddy and I turned to say something to Jim. he had the bartender's thick cock in his mouth. I bent over and sucked the bartender's cock with him. He was quick to shoot a lot of cum busty milf and stepteen screwed by masseur fantasy babe our mouths and into them.

Doris had meanwhile swallowed the buddy's cum. She saw us take the bartender's load and whipped her dress over her head. She was now naked as she had no panties of bra on.

She lay back against the urinal and i pulled the bartender's cock into her pussy. He was thicker than Jim or myself but she took him deep in her cunt. he fucked for two minutes and then shook his head as if he had never felt a cunt so good.

he filled Doris and when he finally pulled it out Jim was there to suck Doris' juice and him cum from it. I knelt between my wife's legs and put my tongue up her. I sucked at the bartenders cock till it was clean.

We left the bartender and the drunk's buddy trying to get him off the floor. We almost ran out of the bar then laughing. Doris kissed me and then Jim with piss and cum all over her lips.

I was still trying to recover. I had just watched two strange men fuck my wife. We were walking arm in arm, the three of us with my wife in the middle, when Jim spotted an adult book store across the street. We went in and were soon naked and in a booth. Doris took turns with me in sucking Jim's cock and he took turns with her in sucking mine.

When, it was inevitable, a big cock came through the hole. Doris asked me in she could suck it. Jim hot cougar nina elle experiences stepsons big cock that we all should suck it. the guy in the next booth got a real treat. I'm sure he could tell that there was two men and one woman sucking him.

Another cock came through the hole in the other wall and Doris said that she wanted it in her cunt. She backed up to the cock and Jim and I guided it in and then went back to sucking the cock with Doris as she was being fucked by the other cock.

I told Jim that he could suck the cum from my wife's cunt this time and he went at it greedily. Doris turned around and sucked the cock that had just fucked her and sucked it in our mouths. It had went a little limp but rose up again when he felt her mouth on him. Doris took the cock all the way down to the bottom of her throat. They all heard the man moan through the walls. Jim and I sucked on the new cock that came through the hole with Doris as she was fucked from behind by the other man.

Doris seemed to be in her element now as she was fucked while sucking another cock. It would have been better if the man fucking her had lasted longer. But knowing her pussy I understood as he shouted that he was cumming. "Damn it .I can't believe your hot cunt.Arrrghhh." he shouted and filled my wife up. Doris was upset that no one could last long enough for her to have an orgasm.

She asked me to fuck her. I told her that I had a better Idea and that Jim would fuck her. I placed his thick cock in her, after sucking it wet naturally. Jim started to pound Doris ans Doris and I grabbed a new cock and sucked it in. Jim lasted a long time and Doris screamed in orgasm as we sucked cock. The last guy we sucked said that he had to hurry and cum as he needed to take a piss real bad. I told him to piss in Doris' mouth.

Jim was fucking her to another orgasm as the guy in the hole started pissing. Jim looked at me and smiled. I nodded that he was fucking her fine. Doris finished swallowing the other man's piss and turned around to tell him that he was almost as good as me. He asked her why only almost as good. Doris said that she loved me and that made it better. Then she bent back and kissed him with piss still on her face and lips.

" I love you too Jim and so does let me kiss you again for both of us," She kissed him as he fucked her and finally he had to break the kiss to say that he was coming.

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We all stayed in the booth till we had sucked several more cocks. Jim liked one so much that he took it in his ass. Doris told me that Jim had really fucked her good," And he lasted too, " She was almost childlike in her joy over this fact. Other guy's had tried to fuck her earlier and they came too fast. I told her that it was her pussy that made them cum so quick.

I felt real good and I knew now that Jim was the other man who could fuck her as good as me. Jim, having already fucked Doris and sucked a lot of cock in the booth and the rest room. He suggested the we go to one of the hospitality suites in the hotel where he was staying.

The truth be told he knew that if he went in with us that his cover as a man who really hasn't a lot do do with his co-workers other than an occasional meeting with. There were naturally parties but these were low key and above board.

He said that he really with a bunch of perverts, drunken perverts. Doris was sorry that Jim wouldn't be with them when they went into the suite but later we would sneak up to his room and have wild sex. I steered Doris toward the room where Jim had indicated that a full orgy was in progress with some of the wives of men that were sent away for some reason relating to business.

Inside the room we saw some naked figures in the next room. That's where we headed. There was wall to wall sex ans there must have been five or six women and three times the number of men.

The women were laying on the carpet and being fucked by a number of cocks. Large cocks and smaller cocks. For chap seduces beauteous babe and copulates her most part most of the men looked like business men. They had that well fed look to them. By well fed I mean that they were large men and had sufficient paunches. These men mostly had thick cocks to match their bodies. I could tell that Doris loved these cocks.

They were something to fuck, suck and fill her mouth with delicious piss. Me and Doris didn't have to do much of anything because a couple of big naked men with thick cocks came and hugged us.

Doris grabbed the closest of the cocks and was surprised to find that the man had a foreskin which she proceeded to pull back and forth over his cock head, a deep red brown color. I looked as the two men started to pull Doris' few clothes off her.

" Get your clothes off too dude," The man who my wife didn't have her tongue down his throat and was stroking his fat cock," and fuck one of these sweet wives. Their husbands are off on business and left them for us to take care of and boy are we taking care of them." I said that they sure were being taken care of," And while you're at it can you two sexy babes pleasure their moist beavers masturbation and pornstars care of me and my wife too?" He said that he would try.

Doris' dress had vanished as quickly as Jim and I had pulled the rest off. The guy looked at my hard cock and asked me if I could do anything with his cock. I looked down at his fat cock and tore my pants off till I was naked like everyone else including my wife. I dropped to my knees and took his fat cock in my mouth.

As I started working him in deep to where I could feel the large cock head in my slippery throat. I felt a hand squeeze mine and looked to the side to see Doris smiling at me. She gave the man I was sucking a open french kiss on the part of his cock that wasn't in my mouth then she sank down like I was before the other man who had what looked like a larger cock than the one I was sucking. She started to lick her wet pink tongue around his balls and then she licked up the underside of the his fat cock and then let her open mouth envelope the head as she pulled it into her mouth.

He grabbed Doris by the back of her head and pushed his cock into her throat.She almost gagged but recovered and let the man fuck her throat like I usually did, The main difference was that his cock was twice as round as mine. She looked in my eyes as I did hers as we sucked off these two complete strangers. A new man came up behind her and a fat cock was shoved in her cunt from behind. I knew that Jim had been the thickest cocks to fill her cunt and the cock ramming into her now was half again as thick as Jim's.

I found my naked ass being pulled up and then a hot wet, spongy cock head being pushed at my anus. Suddenly it gave and and the cock seated itself in me. Thank God it wasn't as think as the ones that Doris and I were sucking.

There we were, husband and wife, sucking cock and being fucked by men that we a minute before didn't even know existed. Before long all four men were shooting their sperm in our holes. My ass was being filled with scalding cum while Doris' cunt was being filled.

Neither myself or my wife went long with out a cock filling us. I felt the man in me cum while I spurted into his friend's mouth. I saw something that made me very excited. I watched Doris eat her first cunt. She took to it fast, like a duck takes to water. The fact that the woman, a wife of a junior partner, was full of the senior partner's cum. They had fucked her till she became to sloppy and sticky. Then Doris went to work on her.

I had another cock being shoved up my ass as I lay with Doris between the wife's cunt and lapped her stretched cunt hungrily. Me and my wife were eating another woman's cunt together. We had to stop and kiss each other and suck jiggle that jello booty ass so big sexfeene the cum coating our tongues. The finale came as we were surrounded by two dozen naked men.

Doris and I were in the circle of men with the three wives as the men pissed all over us. Doris rubbed the hot piss into her body and opened her mouth in the many streams of urine. Some one passed me a bowl and I caught a lot of the piss that would be wasted on the tile floor of the large bathroom.

When it became full. I held it to Doris' lips as she drank the piss from many men down her throat. She only stopped to let the wives have a drink also. One of the wives dunked her whole face into the bowl of pee and Doris and I licked her face off. One man wanted to fill my wife's rectum with piss. I guided him in the rear hole and held his balls while he filled her up.

A few seconds after he pulled out Doris' anus puckered outward and the piss ruched out like an enema. Doris said that she wanted a lot more piss enemas after that. Several other men, men with thick cocks worked them in her anus and pissed in her. When barzarsh com sex stories full storys would pull out another one would stop the urine from rushing out.

This was repeated several times till Doris said that her rectum was full. The piss rushed out of her and one of the wives caught the deluge in her mouth and swallowed. I think we were finally spent and went to Jim's room where we sucked him till his cock was dead. The next day, well rested and with new clothes that Doris had ordered from the down stairs shops, We headed to the restaurant for breakfast.

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