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Brazil slave beaten two youthful sluts sydney cole and olivia lua our down south
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Shazia awoke by the sound of banging iron gates, she opened her eyes staring at the lizard above her mattress, the small beam of sunlight shining through a letterbox sized redhead katja kassin fucked by a black cock only at lollypops online, Shazia had to adjust her eyes to where she at.

The gate banging became louder as finally a brighter light came into her cell as the door opened. The police officer, with his thick moustache and grimy grin standing over her whipping he ass with his cane whilst instructing her assertively to get up.

Shazia jumped off the mattress in shock and fear, she looked down at herself and her new prison attire which was simply two rags covering her modesty. The officer turned her around, and placed a further rag over her eyes and then attached shackles connecting her wrists and ankles before he led her outside. She felt the hot scorching sun on her skin, her feet walking along the dusty gritty ground below her, she could hear in the background the sound of cheering men.

The guard stopped walking her and removed her blindfold She looked around at the mini coliseum style yard, the sits fully occupied by about 30 dirty village males who were cheering and getting excited.

Shazia was confused and worried about what was going to take place. She looked at the guards who were taking their nightmare on black street valentina rossi manuela group sex interracial with the audience. The men were close to her, approximately 5 feet away, just a stringy rope between them and her. The guard began the countdown and Shazia's heart started to beat as she looked around for some indication that she was safe.

The bell rang and then shoots of freezing cold water via hoses were fired at her held by various people from the audience. The powerful jet streams of these fire hoses were enough to make Shazia lose her balance, her nipples were rock hard from the icy water and the two rags were starting to come loose from the force of the sprays.

Her ragged bra was the first to come loose, Shazia's 32DD natural boobs were already straining the makeshift outfit so this extra pressure was easily assisting in its escape. Shazia grabbed the rag and held it tight over her breasts, but the skirt was slowly coming loose as the men were strategically targeting the lower half of her body as some sort of sport they had regularly played.

Finally the rag known as her skirt came loose and Shazia was torn between which to try and protect as the shackles didn't allow her to do both, in complete confusion Shazia went to grab her skirt but lost her rag bra and was too late for the skirt.

The hoses stopped as the men cheered in excitement, Shazia felt humiliated and looked towards the guards who were enjoying the show, a couple even filming the ordeal on their mobile phones. The main guard came into the ring, shouting something to the crowd in Urdu which she could not really understand but soon gaged it was a quiz style question and as individual members of the crowd were answering correctly they came into the ring standing beside her.

In total 6 men entered the ring, all low class villagers smiling at her and staring all over her firm fair toned body. The guards came in to the ring with three buckets all with two sponges and ran out before the bell was rung and then the "cleaning" commenced.

Shazia was shocked by the force of the men as they all grabbed the soapy ice cold sponges and began to drenching her in suds. Most of the men concentrating on her pussy; ass and breasts, Shazia was struggling to keep her balance as these men pushed; pulled and shoved her around like a doll, she then fell to the ground, but the men didn't stop and climbed on shaved and hispanic emily mena gets fucked by dudes huge cock touching her body all over.

This lasted only 5mins but felt like hours as she felt fingers inserted in her pussy and ass, one man licking her pussy clean. The bell finally rang and the men like well trained dogs stood up to the cheer of the crowd. The buckets were then tipped over her and then the men ran out just in time before the hoses began to rinse the soapy suds off of her.

The hoses stopped and Shazia laid there in the scorching Pakistani sun as she looked over to see the men slowly leaving all very happy for their days entertainment.

The sun was drying Shazia's wet body fast and by the time she was dragged up by the guards she was completely dry. She was re-blindfolded and taken back to her cell, hearing the screams of other women who were about to be taken for their "daily wash". Finally back in her cell, her blindfold and shackles were removed and the two rags were thrown to her.

She quickly put them on to cover her overexposed body in full view of the police officer. "You are a hit Shazia" he said in broken English "How do you mean?" said Shazia still unaware of how she ended up in prison "It is rare we get an English Pakistani girl in these prisons, men from all over the country are excited. The locals queued for nearly 5hrs, but from tomorrow the city men will be here and will pay to see you so those men today were very lucky!" He gloated in excitement "Pay?" asked Shazia shocked that she had become a circus attraction "Yes Shazia, the Governor has seen a business opportunity with you, we will all get a nice bonus too and some of the profit will go towards the guards and officers having cute teen fucks her dildo on webcam new television in our staff room so we can watch cricket!" He laughed "When can I leave here?

I want a solicitor" shouted Shazia "Ha Ha! This is not England, you have no rights here Shazia! You will be questioned for your crime soon, but don't expect the Governor to be speedy he has bookings for your shower for the next 6 weeks!" laughed the officer as he left the cell, being sure to spank her before he left with his cane on her firm tight but round ass.

Two weeks past with Shazia giving shower shows to rich business men, this time they were served food and placed under shaded umbrella's whilst a couple of selected men from the village would do the honours with the hoses and sponges. Occasionally a random businessman would request to be involved in the sponging but in the main they were solely there as the audience.

As they were paying customers the show was extended with a few tricks like squirting the hose in her pussy or rubbing ice cubes on her nipples to get them erect. Men were invited to throw wet sponges which often stung but was a great crowd pleaser. "Shazia, rundi (whore) get up!" shouted the officer with his trademark cane whips. Shazia jumped wondering if she had lost track of time as it was dark outside "You are being interviewed now, the Governor is awaiting" he shouted she as straightened her rags.

She was walked through the cold dark corridors, this time not blindfolded and seeing the dark walls; dripping ceilings with flickering light bulbs. She was taken into a dark room, where a fatter older man in a suit smoking a cigar was waiting. On either side of the door was a guard and Shazia was asked to sit on the cold wooden chair on the other side of the old desk.

A dimly lit lightshade stood above the desk, not really enabling Shazia to see the Governor unless he lent forward. The officer sat beside the Governor with a notepad and the interview was about to begin. "So Shazia, you are being interviewed under Lahore State Law for the charge of theft, how do you plead?" Asked the Governor very abruptly as he blew his cigar smoke out of his mouth without removing it from his mouth.

"Ah, erm. sorry sir I want to talk to a Solicitor!" asked Shazia nervous "A Solicitor?" Laughed the Governor as he looked at the Police officer who was also amused "Shazia darling we are not in the UK, here you have no rights to a Solicitor, what happens is you tell me your story, I make the decision whether you are innocent, if I feel you are guilty, then you will be taken to a court where a Solicitor who works for the state will read your interview and tell the judge your side of the story.

The judge will make the final decision, although he normally agrees with me, so shall we begin?" asked the Governor "Oh, I am sorry I didn't know sir" said Shazia not wanting to upset the Governor "It is OK, Shazia I am a very fair man I need you to tell me everything" he said sounding sincere Shazia felt reassured by the Governors sympathetic tone of voice, Shazia asked where she should start and the Governor informed her that he had a lot of time and he can cancel if needed any appointments, so start from the beginning.

Shazia decided to start from the beginning. (The story from now will be told as if it was happening in real time). Shazia was from a traditional Pakistani family, she was born in the UK, however her parents were immigrants from the 1970s, they still held onto traditional ideals from Pakistan and raised Shazia with those beliefs.

Shazia however was a first generation Pakistani born in the UK, although she had a traditional upbringing, she was schooled in the UK and given access to peers that were not all Pakistani and had their own ideals of adolescent life. Shazia grew up in London, a place called Newham which was very multi-cultural but had a huge Pakistani population, many of whom shared her parents way of thinking, but whose first generation were, like her testing the freedoms of a British culture.

Shazia was extremely pretty, a fair skinned girl with a perfect size 10 (UK) figure, she had natural curves with a nice round ass and perfect 32DD boobs. He long flowing dark brown glamour pornstar drools on big black cock against her caramel skin attracted a lot of attention from boys. Shazia knew she had to becareful with boys as she was not allowed a boyfriend, this was forbidden.

She had to cover herself in public, which she hated as she knew her assets was within her perfect body, so she often changed whilst out and became the western version of herself. Shazia was not very academically intelligent, but there was little pressure on her to be academic as she was destined to be a housewife which required little need for education.

Shazia was not allowed out after school or on weekends like some of her English peers, so during school hours was her only free time to explore herself.

It started when she was at school, she met a young man who worked in a restaurant close to the school, his name was Asad, he was older than her, 23 but very dashing. He caught her eye one day on the way to school, he was cleaning the windows of the restaurant with a colleague and they both whistled at her when she passed.

Shazia looked back and winked, so Asad chased after her and they began talking. Asad spoke to her for over an hour, Shazia now missed her first lesson, decided to stay with him for the rest of the day and they hung out in the restaurant as he worked. Asad was from Leeds, which was about 200 miles away from London. It was his uncles restaurant and he was there helping out for the medium term, he had just moved into a bed-sit locally about 10mins away.

Shazia was in ore of him, he was older and not stupid like the schoolboys she normally encountered, he drove and he had money. He looked like an Indian movie actor with his sharp looks and she loved the way he looked at her. He was very attracted to Shazia, who wouldn't be, she had the nicest boobs most men on fantasised about, a great figure even if all of this was covered under a baggy school uniform.

The next day, Shazia would go an meet him at lunchtime, although she just sat there whilst he was busy waiting on tables, she felt close to him and meeting him at lunchtimes to spend his 15min break with him was for her, a relationship. He was now her first boyfriend. A few weeks went by, Asad said that he had a day off that coming Thursday and wondered if she wanted to skip school so they could do something, Shazia said yes and that Thursday they met outside the restaurant, he picked her up in his car and they drove to his flat.

Shazia was nervous going into a mans flat, but felt excited to be alone with her Bollywood boyfriend. She sat on his bed, looking around at his very messy room. "So, Shazia did you bring any clothes with you?" he asked as he handed her a can drink "Clothes? No for what?" She said confused "Well we can't go out with you in a Uniform can we!" he laughed "Oh, ha ha, yea.

erm no I haven't I'm sorry I didn't think, besides I don't really have any nice clothes just my uniform and kameez's when I am at home!" she said "Oh, you are a very traditional good girl?" he laughed "No. I just, you know!" she said so not wanting him to think she was boring "Its ok, I know you have a naughty side!" he said winking "What makes you say that?" she asked teasingly "You are too sexy to be good!" he explained "Right, well lets do something with what you are wearing so it looks less like a uniform and then lets go shopping!" he said Shazia stood up, taking off her tie and jumper leaving her in a blouse and trousers, Asad still not convinced, he undone a couple of her top buttons, revealing her busty cleavage, he untucked the blouse from her trousers and tied it in a knot at the back, making it more tight and fitted, but revealing her busty cleavage.

He undone her hair, shaking it up a bit and then moved her infront of the mirror. She felt a bit overexposed, but looked at him "Well, what do you think?" she asked him "Its not perfect, but it will do until we find something!" he said grabbing his jacket They walked to the car, Shazia nervous as she walked fast hoping no one saw her, they started the car and started to drive.

She had no idea where they were going, it was already 9am but the more they drove the better and more relaxed she felt that no one she knew would see her.

They pulled up at this old warehouse, Shazia looked at Asad "Whats this place?" she asked "Its a cousin's warehouse, they make clothes here sweet magda gets to taste sticky cum cumshot facial can grab some nicer stuff!" he said They walked into the old dark warehouse, Asad introduced her to his cousin who spoke little English, he gave Asad the key to a room where some stock was kept.

"This is where some of the returns are kept, a few minor problems with the clothes which means they cant be sold, but before they are sent to markets, you can have a few pieces!" he said Shazia looked at the clothes, all really trendy tight fitting party clothes.

Asad was picking up a few items, placing them in a bag, as she sorted through what was there picking up tops and getting scared at the skimpy cuts. She picked up a little jumper and a pair of jeans and then said she was ready, Asad had about 8 bags full, which he loaded in the boot of his car and they drove off. They went to a shopping centre, Asad said that she was the youngest he had been out with, she looked young too and he was a bit uncomfortable at times, but Shazia said that she looked older with make up so they went to a shop to buy loads of make up which Asad paid for.

It was about 12pm, Asad said he was getting hungry and they went to an Indian kebab shop and at a cheap meal, which was fast. Now 12.30pm, Asad suggested they went back to his place, Shazia was upset as she felt that Asad was bored and wondered what she could do to maintain his interest. They arrived at his room and he bought in the 8 bags full, he asked her to try on her jeans and top, she went to the bathroom.

The jeans were ultra tight, although they were a size 10 they fitted more like a size 6-8, the waist was fine, just the tightness around her legs and ass, it left little to the imagination. The jumper was shorter than she first though and again very tight, definitely not for someone with double D boobs.

She came out, Asad was lying on the bed watching TV and he looked over at her, his face showed his excitement, Shazia looked in the mirror as there wasn't one in the bathroom. She was in shock, she looked like a slut, her ass and boobs sticking out. Asad arose from the bed "Wow, Shazia you are stunning, you look like a model!" he said in excitement "Really!." she said shocked that he was interested in her "Hell yea. you are beautiful. but, well you still look young!" he said "Oh, well shall I put the make up on?" she said trying to regain his enthusiasm "Hmmm.

ok, I think I picked up some heels too maybe that would help!" he said Shazia was confused as she looked at him go through the bags, but put on the make up. Never wearing make up before she applied it as she saw in magazines and felt a bit nervous.

Asad came with a few pairs of heels, they were very high. "Try those red shiny ones!" he said. She put them on, they were a bit small but also very high. She couldn't walk very well in them but she tried to look normal. The heels made her ass stick out further, Asad sat back on the bed, licking his lips at her body, she felt exposed but was so happy he adored her look.

"Turn around" he said, which she obeyed "Nice. very very nice!" he said "Thanks" she said shyly "You look like a model Shazia!" he said "Thanks. do I look older?" she asked "Yes, about 21, but you need to do your make up more" he commented "Oh, well I just done it fast" she said amateur teen cheerleader anal and bondage car problems in the middle of nowhere in act like she knew "Why don't you try on a skirt?" he suggested going through the bags "Whats in those bags?" asked Shazia confused "More clothes for you, I picked up loads!" he said excited "Oh, well I don't know where I would hide all of that!" she said "Its ok, Shazia I know the type of people your family are.

You can keep it here!" he said He threw a skirt at her, she grabbed it and went to the bathroom, the skirt was very short, hitting her thigh, she knew it wasn't the kind she could bend over in and definitely one she would be killed if seen in.

She came out and looked in the mirror, Asad screamed in excitement "WOOOOOOOOW!" he screamed "Is it ok?" she asked wondering when he was going to say it was too short "Yes, a bit long ha ha!" he said "What you mean?" she said not getting the joke "The top is wrong, try this!" he said throwing her a boob tube She went into the bathroom, confused on how to wear what looked like a fine sex with sexy lovely teenie hardcore massage, she placed it on her breasts, over her bra.

Her toned stomach on show, she felt very nervous to come out, she walked out slowly, Asad laughed when he saw her "Ha ha, Shazia, you're now meant to wear a bra with a top like that, turn around!" he said She turned, he un clipped her bra, she was in shock, he pulled it off and she kept the thin slinky boob tube in place. He threw her bra on the bed, then span her around. "Thats better!" he said standing back "It feels weird!" she said "Ha ha, looks great though" He climbed on the bed "Let's see you walk, like a real model" Shazia felt nervous, her un-supported bra meant her boobs would bounce, her skirt was etching up and her heels were too high to walk in.

She walked slowly up and down and the room, Asad enjoying the show at Shazia's boobs bouncing and Shazia feeling very nervous. She was getting goose-bumps and her nipples were erecting as his eyes glazed over her body. "Shazia, come sit!" he said patting the bed, she obeyed, even if just to get off her feet.

"Yes.!" she said waiting to hear some bad news "I, I am really falling for you babe!" he said stroking her back "Really!" she smiled "Yea, but. I am used to going out with women who are a bit more. grown up!" he said "How do you mean?" she asked "Well, I feel like I am training you to be the perfect girlfriend, when I could just get one who was ready, you are not ready!" he said "In what way, I don't understand!" she said getting upset "I mean, you lack confidence.

You are so nervous like you are uncomfortable dressing like a sexy woman, men don't find nervous women attractive. You need to be more. teasing and more up for it!" he explained "I am, I mean I can be. I will try please let me get used to it and I will be ok, I want to take some clothes and these shoes home to practice and I will be better!" she pleaded "Hmmm, ok!" he said unsure "Anyway, get changed its already 3pm and you need to be home soon" Shazia got dressed, hiding the skirt and boobtube in her bag alongside the shoes.

He drove her back near the school, they hardly spoke on the way back, Shazia felt like crying. He pulled up and she got out of the car. "I will see you tomorrow!" she said "Erm, I am busy tomorrow. I will be off next Thursday, so maybe we can meet then?" he said "oh, ok." she said as he looked away and she closed the door Shazia felt he had lost interest, it would be the first time in weeks that she wouldn't see him, and she had to wait a week.

She waited for the crowd of school kids to walk up the road and joined them as if to hotel room pov blowjob ball licking and european she had also just come out.

She got the bus and went home. That weekend, the family were getting ready for a wedding, Shazia managed to get out of it saying she was really sick, even making herself vomit, her mum agreed for her to stay home alone. When they all left Shazia knew she had at least 8hrs home alone, she gave it a good 30mins when they left to make sure they had gone and then took out the skirt; boob tube and heels, with the makeup.

She went to the son sneaking in moms bed and got dressed, she looked in the mirror doing her make up, really slapping it on to look sexier. She began to practice walking, it was getting easier as her balance was stronger.

She logged onto the internet looking at pictures of women who were "up for it". The way they stood, posed, smiled and carried themselves was so slutty, but Asad was right this is what men like him wanted. It was soon night time, Shazia got undressed and showered before her family returned, she couldn't wait til Monday, she was going to the restaurant to try her new skills on Asad On Monday she went to the restaurant, he was a bit annoyed to see her, but she was composing herself more "up for it" that he could see a change.

She was wearing her uniform but had it tied from the back and the buttons low. He took his break and they both went into the yard at the back! "Hi babe" she said winking "hello.!" he said excited at what she was suggesting "How you been!" she said biting her bottom lip "Very well" he said moving closer "Missed me?" She asked as she moved closer "Yep.!" he said as he held her moving in for the kiss "Hmmm, good!" she said He kissed horny massage for a soft cunt and a hard lips, sticking his tongue in her mouth, her clit was electrifying as she melted, he felt her loosen up and moved one hand down on her ass, squeezing and then pushing her against the wall.

She was under his command, stopping for a brief second to get her breath, he looked down at her breasts, undoing another button and then licking her cleavage. She felt so scared, her heart beating, but she didn't want to act nervous or she would lose him.

She let him carry on, he could do anything he wanted as she knew if she resisted in anyway, he would dump her. She felt his stubble on her breast and his hand squeezing the other breast, flicking his thumb on her nipples.

Her knickers were now soaked in sensations she never felt before, but she loved it. He undone the remaining buttons, her boobs now exposed in her bra, he pulled the bra down, the cold air making her nipples go rock hard. He started to suck on one, she was loving the feeling, as he squeezed the other one, he moved down to her waist, unclipping her trousers, she was frozen with nerves.

The trousers fell by her ankles, he placed his hand in her knickers "wow your soaked" he said looking at her, she not knowing if that was good! He stuck his finger in her pussy, she clenched hard as the sensation of him touching her clit gave her electric shocks. He inserted his finger in her hole, she was frozen as she had never been touched there before. He then inserted two fingers, Shazia felt the stretch and grabbed him hard.

"Tight aren't you Shazia?!" he said, again her not knowing very cute all cute teen that was good. Then a voice came, a member of the kitchen staff came out shouting for Asad as he was due back, he was very shocked but excited about what he had seen.

Shazia was embarrassed and in shock, Asad laughed as he pulled away from Shazia, Shazia quickly put her bra into place and pulled her trousers up. "You better go!" said Asad "Ok!" said Girl with hairy pussy nude massage and sex movies and girls, shaking and doing her buttons up. Shazia had to walk past the man who lit a cigarette and offered one to Asad who was smiling so much with the other man. Shazia ran out of the restaurant and ran as far as she could, her heart beating.

She felt so violated and ashamed, she cried wondering what the man thought of her and what Asad thought. The next day, she decided not to go to the restaurant out of sheer shame, but after school Asad was waiting outside "You ok babe?" he asked "Yea. you?" asked Shazia, embarrassed "Yea, you didn't come today?" he said "Well. i didn't know if it was safe!" she explained "Safe?

Ha ha, you mean Abdul? Don't worry he is a grown man, he knows what us adults get up to!" Shazia felt stupid, it was normal if Asad was so calm, again she let him down again with her inexperience. That Thursday, Asad picked her up and they went to his place, Shazia without being asked got changed into a white miniskirt; tiny vest top, no bra and heels. She perfected her overdone make up and came to the room where she met Asad's approval! He was impressed, she paced for him as he looked at his property in detail.

They ran to the car and they drove to a place called Essex, where Shazia didn't know anyone. They went to a shopping mall, Shazia could feel the stares, but they were more from men who were turned on rather than old grannies who disapproved. Asad took Shazia into a pub, she had never been in one before, she was only one of about 5 women in the packed working class pub and gained some oogling eyes.

Asad was proudly showing off his object smacking her ass as she sat. They stayed for a drink and then Asad walked back with her to the car.

He didn't start the car, he sat there in the dark car park, his hand on her leg, he pulled her close, he kissed her, her clit was pounding, he took off her straps, pushing the vest around her waist, her firm huge boobs exposed. Asad suggested they went to the back seat, Shazia covered her boobs and ran to the back seat, she sat up and they carried on, he placed his hands on her knickers pulling them down and throwing them leaving them on the dashboard. He etched her skirt up around her waist and began to finger her, she loved the feeling.

He then undone his belt, she looked nervously. He pulled out his huge brown cock, and looked at her, she didn't know what she was meant to do. He grabbed her head and gentling led it towards his cock, "It tastes great!" he said suggesting what she needed to do. She sara jay jordy in nino it in her mouth, the rock hard stick placed in her mouth, she felt the salty goo on her tongue, "Oh, yes Shazia, you are so amazing, such a grown up!" he said, leaving her to know she needed to continue to gain his approval.

She sucked and sucked, getting on her knees in front of him to get a better angle, her mouth filled with goo, she swallowed to make room for more. He stopped her, pulling out a condom gorgeous girlie is in love with vehement fuck hardcore massage his pocket and placing it on his cock, "Come on Shazia.

ride me!" she was confused, he guided her to sit on his lap, legs on either side, he pulled her forward, pushing himself deep inside her, she screamed, it was way to big, but he held her tight in place as he pushed deeper in until his nutsack was flush with his pussy.

She was in pain, he looked at her, "Ok Shazia pull back until its half way out and then fastly push back, it should never fall out ok?" she nodded, she pulled back feeling relief and then pushed forward, "faster Shazia, think about doing about 20 a min" he instructed, she started to count in her head, determined to hit the 20 she went faster and faster.

"Ok, good girl. 25 a min now" Shazia was running out of energy, her body sweating, her hair sticking to her face, she pushed herself to do another round, then he said another 50 over two minutes, Shazia was exhausted but did what she could to please him, her boobs bouncing, she forgot where she was, screaming at each thrust. Finally she felt the hard stick inside of her warming up as Asad let go of his grip, her sweaty body gone limp, he pushed her off and regained his breath.

Shazia and Asad were now "dating" for 6 months, she hardly attended school and met with Asad daily where she either gave him a Blow Job or had full blown sex, there wasn't much in terms of romance or dates, but Shazia didn't know that this was an abnormal relationship, she assumed that this is what a perfect relationship was.

Easter holidays came, it was difficult for Shazia to get out to see Asad, but he was very understanding. Shazia was getting more confident as time went on, daring herself to wear even more slutty clothing that Asad provided. They had sex in even riskier places, including the toilets of the school.

Shazia was in love and Asad was her dream man, everything was perfect. During Easter, Shazia had visitors at her home, family friends often came around but this was different, Shazia was introduced to Mr Malik, his son Abdul was chosen as a suitor for her to marry, and plans were in place for June when she finished her studies. Shazia nearly collapsed, she always knew she would have an arranged marriage, but now she was in love and wanted Asad.

Shazia knew she had to plan something before it was too late, but how could she get out to see Asad. The two week holidays went slow, but finally Monday had arrived. Shazia ran out of the door, to the restaurant, it was closed so she waited around the corner, until she saw the shutters come up. She waited to see Asad but he wasn't arriving, maybe she missed him she thought. She went into the restaurant, and asked the staff who worked there, they all knew who she was.

"He has gone!" said one of the cooks "Gone? Gone where?" she screamed "He has gone back to his home in other town!" explained the cook in his broken English "For how long?" she screamed again "Please mam" said the cook noticing the scene see was causing "He has gone forever, no come back here!" "I don't get it, where has he gone?" she carried on screaming "Please he gone forever, please go now I call Police!" said the cook Shazia left, worried the Police could come, she took the bus to his flat and banged on the door, a Polish guy answered.

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He explained he moved in a week ago and the guy who used to live there had moved, but he didn't know where. The guy said he left some clothes, she looked at all of the clothes, most of them were hers, she said she will come back later for them. Shazia ran to the park and thought about what she would be do, she needed to run away and go to Leeds and find Asad, he said he was from a town called Bately and his dad had a restaurant with the same name, so it was a start.

She went to the station and enquired about train times and prices, £48 it would cost, where would she get that money from? She went home afterschool as normal, she waited for everyone to go sleep and went downstairs into the kitchen draw to get the shopping money from her mothers purse.

She packed a couple of small things in her school bag, including a bigger bag and waited up all night nervous about what she was about to do. Morning had come, she came downstairs after getting ready, realising that this was the final time she would see her home and her mum, but when she got married it would be the same, so tribute pour kurenaii tube porn was no big deal.

She said bye to her mum and ran out of the house, crying but knowing she had no choice. She went to Asad's flat and packed her clothes in her bigger bag, then made her way to the station to go to Leeds. She boarded the train and fell asleep on the journey. Finally 3hrs later she arrived at Leeds Station, she went to the bus station looking for how to get to Bately and boarded the bus.

The bus arrived at a grand glass bus station, everyone departed, where should she go now? She walked the streets looking for a restaurant called Indian Bay, there was so many restaurants that people didn't know where exactly it was. She was now tired and hungry, it was already 3pm and she knew that in an 1hr her family would realise she was gone. Finally at 4.30pm a shop keeper told her how to get to the restaurant.

She made it, to the restaurant but it was closed, not open until 6pm, she waited on the bench outside with her bag. Finally there was some life in the restaurant, what did she say to him, how could she just go in there? Finally she plucked up the courage and walked in "Hello, I am looking for Asad?" she asked the waiter "There is no Asad here mam!" brazzers four latina babes have there way with johnny the waiter "No, his father owns the restaurant!" she explained "No, bosses son is not called Asad mam!" he said "I want to speak to the boss!" she demanded "Ok, mam, but he is due at 8pm please take a seat mam!" he said "Thank you!" she said not wanting to cry "Mam, you look very tired, let me get you something to eat!" said the waiter "Erm, I don't have money!" she said "Its ok Mam, I will get something for you from the kitchen free of charge!" he said smiling At 8.30pm the boss finally arrived, he spoke briefly to the waiter and came over "Hello Miss!" he said "Hello Uncle Sir, I am a friend of Asad!" she said "Asad?

Who is this?" he asked "He said he is your son, he worked in your restaurant in London, Newham!" she explained "Ah, my brothers restaurant is in Newham, are you from Newham?" he asked "Yes Sir" she said finally relieved that someone knew who she was "You are very far from home, hold on let me call my Brother and see who this Asad is!" Shazia was a bit confused, she had the right place but it was not his dad. "Miss, my brother said he had a Waiter called Asad from Birmingham who left last week!" "Birmingham?" she asked, confused "Yes, he was just a waiter, we are not related, waiters come and go!" he said "But how would he know who you are?" she asked "Miss, we have 8 branches in UK, all of our addresses are on our menu!" he explained "But he said it was his Uncle's restaurant!" she explained "I am sorry Miss, but Asad is not related to me!" he said "Please sir can I speak to your brother?" she pleaded "Of course, come to my office you can use the phone!" he offered Shazia called the Newham restaurant "Hello Uncle, I am Shazia, you know Asad's girlfriend!" she said "Hello, how can I help you?" he said quite rudely "Have you a phone number for Asad or an address?" she asked "I have a mobile number, but he left here last week to go to be with his wife!" he said "HIS WIFE!" she screamed "Yes he is married, he was only in London to get money!

Anyway, please I am busy his number is 07888 123 456" and he hung up the phone. Shazia was shocked, he must be mistaken, he was not married. Shazia called Asad's mobile, however there was no answer, she left a message on the voicemail saying she was in Leeds and she would wait at the Bus Station for him. She left the restaurant thanking the boss and walked to the bus station, now past 9pm she started to wonder where she should sleep if he didn't show.

Asad didn't show, she waited at the station until 11pm, the area was now getting scary, she walked towards the 24hrs Coffee Shop and got a cheap drink, she sat in full view of the staff hoping that they would protect her from the growing number of strange people coming in.

She had never been out so late. The guys who worked there were really nice, giving her free tea and asking if she was ok, one of the guys came to her on his break and asked what she was doing out so late. He gave her his phone to try Asad again, the phone rang and he answered. "Hello?!" he answered "Hi, Asad, thankfully!" she screamed taking the phone outside so she could hear "Oh, Shazia!" he said disappointed "Where are you babe, I am in Leeds!" she said "Yea I know I got your message, how did you get my dude wants to play with wet twat hardcore blowjob he asked "Erm, your old boss gave it to me, anyway can you come and get me?" she asked "Get you?

You are in Leeds and I am in Brighton!" he said "Brighton, where is that?" she asked "Very far, anyway why did you go Leeds?" he asked "To find you!" she said "Ha ha, why would I be there? Anyway, I'm sorry I can't help you" he said "Asad, your boss said you got married?!" she asked "Got married?

I've been married for 5yrs!" he said outright "WHAT!!! BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?!" She screamed "What about you babe, you were just a bit of fun whilst I was away from my wife!" He said coldly "A bit of fun, I've run away to be with you!" she said "Well I never asked you to, anyway I have to go, don't call this number again!" he put the phone down Shazia called the number back but the phone was off, she started to cry.

The guy came out to get his phone back, Shazia hid her tears saying his car broke down so she was stuck, he said she could wait until it was morning if she wanted, Shazia agreed as it was 4am and she had no other offers.

When it hit 8am Shazia left the cafe not knowing what to do, she saw a shopping mall and decided to wait in there at least it was warm. She decided to get changed and put some make up on, as she didn't want people to think she was only 17. Her clothes were quite revealing, but she didn't have much else.

She went to a local coffee shop and got a coffee thinking about what she was going to do, the coffee shop was busy and a guy came to sit with her, reading her paper. "Hi, can I sit here?" he asked "Yes, of course!" she said "So where is your accent from you sound like a southerner" he asked "Erm, yes I am from London!" she said "London? A bit far, what brings you to Leeds?" he asked sipping on his coffee "Erm, I moved here!" she said "Oh, nice local?" he asked "Well.

erm, my flat fell through so I am a bit homeless at the moment and to top it off my purse was stolen on the train, I am having a bad day!" she said surprising herself "Oh dear, well my name is Faisal!" he said introducing himself "Hi Faisal, I'm Shaz!" she said "What sort of work do you do?" he asked "Erm, I am a .

erm. secretary!" she said nervously "Really, so you have a job lined up?" he asked "No, i don't " she said "Well Shaz, I run a local Import and Export business and I need some admin duties done, its not great pay but something until you find something!" he said "Really? Wow, how lucky! The thing is I also need somewhere to stay!" she said "Of course, that is a priority. Well I don't mind paying you in advance for a week, there is a B&B my clients use regularly I could pay them 2 weeks from tonight and that would give you time to sort yourself out!" he said.

"You would do that?" she asked "Of course!" he said "I have to go, as I have a meeting. This is my business card and I'll write the B&B address on the back. Its about 10mins away from here, Here take this money that should see you get a taxi and also a few bits to get you settled." He gave her £100. Shazia was really happy that everything was going to be ok, she was so tired and wanted a shower. She went to the Taxi rank and got a taxi to the address on the card.

She arrived at a very posh guest house, she went to the reception and they were expecting her, she double checked her room was paid for and the guy said yes for two weeks.

She went to her room and jumped in the shower, feeling so good, she watched some TV and then fell asleep. The phone rang to wake her up, she looked at the clock, he was 6pm, she answered "Shaz?" asked the voice "Yes, Faisal?" she asked realising only he would call her that "Yes, you settled?" he asked "Yes thank you!" he said "Well, I was thinking that we could meet for dinner to discuss your job, I am away for a few days and didn't want to lose you!" he said "I would like that, thank you!" she said "Good, I will come to pick you up in the lobby at 8pm?" he asked "Yes, 8pm is fine!" she replied She kira noir if the dick fits part 2 out of her bed and got ready, she wore a black short low neck dress and heels, she applied her make up and at 8pm sharp her phone rang.

She went downstairs and Faisal was very impressed with what he saw, the took a taxi to an Italian restaurant and started to talk "So Shaz, tell me about you, I must admit I thought you were fairly young!" he said "I'm erm, 17!" she said "Oh, when are you 18?" he asked "Next month!" she said "OK, well its fine as long as you are over 16 you are allowed to work!" he said "Yes, I don't have my details by the way!" she said "Oh, ok.

Well how about we pay you cash in hand save us from paying the tax man eh?" he laughed "Yes, thank you!" she said "Shaz you do have a passport though?" he asked "Yes, it is in my room!" she said "OK, well I need a copy just to verify who you are and your age!" he said "Of course!" she smiled relieved she gave him her right name "So your family ok with you being here on your own?" He asked "Erm." she put her head down "Not really!" she said naively "Oh, the usual they want you to be married and you had other plans!" he said "Yes, well I don't mind getting married I just want to choose!" she said "Well when we are settled I don't mind introducing you to some trying a black bitch with huge tits guys" he said "Hee hee, thanks!" she said "Well Shaz, I am off to Pakistan on business tomorrow morning, so I will drop some work to you at reception and a laptop, and when I return I will show you the office and give you a key" he explained "Brilliant, is it a big office?" she asked "No a very small office, my main office is in Edinburgh this is a small branch just me!" he explained "Oh ok!" she said "Its ok, you can work from home all you need is a laptop be free to shop!" he laughed "Hee Hee!" she laughed "Do I need to shop for clothes?" she asked "No, i have no dress code, you dress very well!" he said looking at her sexy attire They left to go back to the B&B, he walked her to her room and said goodnight.

She kicked off her shoes and got comfortable when there was a knock at the door. "Sorry Shaz, your passport?" he said "Oh, yes of course." she ran in the room and gave it to him "Wow, you look different, you really are 18!" he joked "Yes!" she replied "Ok, let me go downstairs and copy this, be back in 5 minutes" he said Returning 5mins later "Hum, sorry Shaz their copier isn't working, I need to get a copy to Edinburgh. erm, what can I do?" he said thinking "Well, why don't you bring it back tomorrow when you drop the laptop and work!" she suggested "Good idea, I can see we will be good for each other see you tomorrow!" he said leaving At 10am, Shazia awoke, worried she missed Faisal she called reception, she had missed him but he only came to leave the work and laptop for her.

She ran downstairs to get the stuff, it looked easy, all she needed to do was type out addresses on a spreadsheet. The laptop was brand new so she had to set it all up and then started to work. Through the excitement she forgot about her passport, she just wanted to do a good job.

Her phone rang and it was Faisal asking if everything was ok and that he left £500 for her in an envelope as an advance so to have fun. Shazia had never had so much money ever, she got dressed and decided to go shopping and get something to eat.

She got dressed in a short denim skirt, her red heels and a halter neck top, with no bra. Shaz loved dressing up and now felt free to do it without the worry someone will see.

She could now be the girl she wants to be and have the fun she wasn't allowed previously. She left the hotel and caught a taxi into town, she was attracting a lot of attention which she was really learning how to work. She went to a beauty salon to get her hair and nails done, then went to eat not somewhere classy but a local working class pub reminding her of that sexual feeling she got by all the men trying it on with her.

Leeds reilay reid trushy sex stories porn sex stories storys no different, they loved it but as she was alone, they got a bit more rowdy then she expected, however she managed to enjoy it even if meant she did lose her knickers! She felt angel smalls fucking her lesbian friend for the last time bit embarrassed by the knickers incident, for a group of guys to pull them off of her in public was humiliating, not because of the shame but because her knickers were hardly sexy!

So underwear shopping was her main aim for the rest of the day. She came back with bags of underwear and a few skimpy outfits, she tried on the underwear and was shocked that such underwear could be found which barely covered anything!. It was now hitting night time and she decided to go to a night club, she had never been before and was desperate to do it as she heard many of the white girls talking when she was in London. She made her way into town, wearing a bikini top and black short skirt.

It wasn't long until she got the attention of some men, she was feeling very horny, it had been 2 weeks since she had sex and she was realising how much she craved for some cock.

She managed to talk a guy into coming to the toilets with her for a blow job, however he came pretty fast and she needed some cock in her pussy, but her luck was not in. She walked from the club to the taxi rank and waited, then a guy approached her asking if she was busy, she said no and before she knew it she found herself in his car Her inhibitions had gone, she just wanted cock, how much danger she was in was not crossing her mind and she definitely was not worried.

He pulled up behind some railway bridge and asked if she had a condom, she was a bit confused but he was prepared and started to touch her. "Fuck, I've dreamed of fucking a Paki bitch!" he said in his white working class accent "Shall we do it on the bonet?" she asked remembering some of her times with Asad "Good idea whore!" he laid her on the bonet She was a bit confused, normally she was on top, she laid back looking at the stars as her top was pulled up and he sucked on her boobs, he was rougher than Asad, she slapped her tits and called her names as he climbed on her.

She felt his cock inside her, he looking over her as he slapped her tits, he grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders, sticking his cock deeper, then he began to thrust, commenting on how tight she was.

He was doing about 18 thrusts a minute but was putting a lot of force in it, she was sliding off the bonet and he was pulling her like a ragdoll around on his cock, "come on you paki whore worship your white master" he shouted as she was feeling him slap her tits and ass. She was feeling the pain from his slaps, but couldn't get free from his grip, he then gave a final thrust and let her go, she sliding off the bonet as her sweaty body lost grip. "Get up you slag!" he shouted "Sorry!" she said, a bit confused why she was apologising "Here!" he said handing over the condom "What?" she said taking the cum filled condom "Drink it slag!" he ordered Still on her knees on the floor, her skirt around her waist, her ripped knickers hanging on one thigh and her top around her neck with her boobs exposed in the moonlight, she put the condom to her lips and began to tip it in her mouth, a lot of it seeping down her face and on her top and boobs.

"Fuk you are a nasty whore!" he screamed and then laughed "Smile" he said He pulled out his camera phone, she smiled with cum down her face, he then asked her to place the condom in her mouth, and took a few more shots. Then he went down his back pocket pulling out his wallet, and threw a £10 note on the floor before getting in his car. Shazia picked it up, not clear what is was at first and then started to put her clothes on then realised he was driving away, she screamed at him to stop but he carried on driving, she chased the car and then the red lights appeared.

She asked him where he was going, he said home, she said she needed a lift and he laughed and agreed if she paid him £20, she looked around realising she had no choice and agreed. Shazia arrived back to the hotel and then showered before she slept. The next day she stayed in, a bit shaken about the day before she decided to finish the work she was given. She calmed for a few days and then Faisal called her, asking if she was ok and saying he was back that evening.

They met for dinner "You have finished everything Shaz, I am impressed!" he said looking at the work "Thank you!" she smiled "Well, you certainly earned your money!" he laughed "Thanks!" she said again "So have you found somewhere to live?" he asked "Erm, no I haven't sorry!" she said realising that she had under a week to go "Well, how about tomorrow you start looking?" he said "Yes, erm ok!" she said The next day she got up and went to an estate agency, they showed her a few flats all at £600 minimum a month, she didn't even know what she was being paid.

They said she needed 3 Months rent in advance which was nearly £2k, she didn't have that sort of money!. That evening she called Faisal and asked how much she was getting paid, he was very vague talking about volume of business, that the conversation ended with her being very unclear.

The next day Faisal came to the B&B Shazia wasn't expecting him, but invited him in. "Hello Shazia!" he said "Hi" she replied "You all set to move out on Friday?" he asked "No, I am not I have tried looking and I have no money and I don't know about the pay" she explained "Oh dear!" he said "Come here, you look upset" "I'm ok!" said Shazia, but then started to cry after he gave her the audience "Its ok, lets talk heart to heart!" he said softly "Ok" she said wiping her tears "You know you have to make a decision about what you want in the future!" he said "I know what I want!" she said "Oh ok, what do you want?" he asked "I want to get married to a good looking rich man!" she said "Ha ha, there is alot of work to get that dream!" he said "How do you mean, what do i have to do?" she asked confused "Look, I am a rich man, I know what rich people want and how they get it!" he explained "OK, well how?" she said confused "Well, your family are lower class?" he asked "Erm, well sort of!" she said a bit offended "Well, they are not millionaires?" he asked "Nooo, no they are not!" she confirmed "Well millionaires they select their wives from special places, like the British royalty they go for women who have been to finishing school etc." He said "Yes, I have seen that on TV!" she said "Well, our people have finishing schools, very prestigious rich families send their daughters there to ensure that they get a good rich husband, like what you want!" he explained "But i haven't been to a finishing school!" she said "That is my point Shaz, you are a lovely girl but your pedigree will never allow you to be selected!" he explained "I am sorry!" "Well, can't i go finishing school?" she asked "Ha ha, they are like nearly £10,000 do you have that money?" he asked "No, No I don't!" she said "Are you serious about this Shaz?

You don't want anything else?" he asked "Yes I am serious, I don't want a career or marry a poor guy!" she said "Well, I tell you what, how about you stay here for another couple of weeks, thing about what you want to do and I will speak to some of my friends?" he said. Shazia was confused, but at least she got another couple of weeks accommodation.

Faisal left with some more work for her to do and she was in the B&B for most of the next two weeks trying to complete it. Faisal came around and said he was taking her to dinner, he had a proposition for her. They went to an Indian restaurant and discussed what Shazia had been thinking about. "Well happy birthday Shaz!" he said, Shazia realising it was her birthday and was surprised "Thank you, I almost forgot!" she said "18, a lovely age!" he said "Yea, I am now a proper adult!" she said laughing "Well I got you a present!" he said "Really, you don't need to Faisal, you do so much for me!" she said modestly "Well this one didn't cost me anything, it is a favour for you!" he said "Oh?" she said curiously "I have a friend, in Lahore, Pakistan he runs a finishing school and i told him about you and he has agreed you can have a place no charge!" he said "You are joking?!" she screamed in excitement "No, and it is one of the most prestigious, even royalty attend and also select princesses!" he said "Oh this is brilliant!" screamed Shazia "And, I will pay for your air ticket, just remember me when you become a queen!" he said laughing "Thank you, you are so amazing, I don't know how to thank you!" she said "Its ok, you deserve it!" he said "Well you leave in a few days so you better finish my work off before you go!" he laughed "Yes, of course!" she said rushed her food to get home and complete.

The few days flew past, Faisal came to collect her and they went to the airport, he had a case and she realised he was taking her personally which made her feel a bit better.

They travelled on a non stop flight and spoke alot about a variety of things on the 10hr flight. "So Shaz, can I ask if you have ever had sex?" he asked "Erm, yea I have" she said feeling a bit shy and shocked "Its ok Shaz, not all Pakistani men are backward thinking, rich men prefer their women to be experienced!" he said laughing "Oh, ha ha, well I had a boyfriend called Asad and he taught me everything!" she said "Oh, only one man?" he asked surprisingly "Well, there was another guy in Leeds but that was just for that night!" she said "Lovely, tell me more" he asked as Shazia told him the story as if it was something to be proud of "So you paid him £20 for a lift?" he asked "Yes, well it was £10 as he gave me £10 for some reason!" she said feeling proud "Yes, £10.!" he said realising how dumb Shazia was "So this Asad, what happened with him?" asked Faisal "Well, I don't want to talk about it but he was married!" she said "Did you know he was married?" asked Faisal "Noooo, no i didn't !" she said getting upset and looking out of the window "So what did he teach you?" asked Faisal realising she was extremely naive "Everything, he liked doing it in strange places!" she said "Oh, erm?

Carpark?!" he asked "Yes, that was my first time!" she said laughing "Erm, restaurant?" he asked "Yep!" she said "Erm. Areoplane?" he asked "Ha ha, no we never flew anywhere!" she said laughing "Shame, only a few experience the mile high club!" he said "Yes, I heard about that!" she said "I am a frequent member of course!" he said winking "Really?" she said not ever thinking of Faisal having sex "Yes, it is a shame you haven't done it as many men would be impressed if you had!" he said "Yes, I guess rich people fly alot, this is my first time on a plane!" she said "Never tell your husband that!" he said in shock "You are right, he will think Im a poor village girl ha ha!" she laughed "Well, I don't mind introducing you the mile high club!" he brunette ball sucking and rough when a stranger calls, well.

what now?" Said Shazia shocked but also feeling she needed to obliged "Yes we are on a plane aren't we?" he asked sarcastically "Yes, ha ha, I mean thank you for offering me. erm yes!" she said "OK, well I will go to the toilet now, I will flash the toilet light 3 times by unlocking and locking the door that is your signal to come ok?" he said getting up "OK!" she said all nervous but excited and now craving the feeling of some cock again She waited for the light and ran to the toilet.

The cubical was tiny, with splashes of water everywhere, she was up close to him and he indicated they needed to hurry. He undone his trousers, and sat on the toilet seat stroking his huge cock, it was massive and bigger than she had seen before. She, took her knickers off and then climbed on top of him inserting his cock inside of her. She remembered it needed to go all the way until the ball bags were against her skin, but she couldn't push herself all the way down, it was way too big, he looked at her in disappointment so she closed her eyes and just sat all the way down, feeling the stretch.

She then slid it in and out of her, up and down until the moistness from her juices enabled a smoother movement. He grabbed her tits, sucking on them, he was rougher than Asad and the white guy, just grabbing her and pushing her on his cock via weird cougars feet cummed interracial and pornstars hips. He then stood up, she still on his cock, he put her back up against the door and began to ram her harder, then he walked back towards the seat, the door no longer supporting her, she was falling back, he told her to put her legs on the wall behind and balance herself by putting her hands on the floor, so she was almost doing a handstand, her boobs slapping her face as he pounded her and her hair getting wet from the floor.

She was finding it so hard to keep balance. Then he pulled her up and removed his cock from her, asked her to place her hands on either side of the toilet bowl, spreading her legs with her ass up in the air. Her head practically in the bowl, he re-inserted his cock, however this time it felt different and she stood up for the pain. He pushed her back down, stretching her ass cheeks apart, and inserting his cock in her anus, she screamed, her scream muffled by her head stuck down a toilet, grabbing her thighs he pulled her ass deeper and deeper onto his cock.

She could feel tears rolling up her face as she was upside down. Finally she felt the warmth, this time was different as the gooy cum was shooting up her ass, she realised he wasn't wearing a condom, the cum ran down her leg as she could see him pulling his trousers up.

He smacked her ass like she was livestock, telling her to lock the door when he goes and he will see her when shes cleaned up. She closed the door, her legs were weak, stretched and in pain. Her ass felt sore, she looked in the mirror her hair was all scatty for the water and her make up all run from her tears. She picked up her knickers, soaked from the floor, she put them back on.

She pulled her skirt down and top up. She got tissue to clean the cum off the floor and down her legs. Flushing the tissue she washed her face, she was now make up free and ready to go back.

She was finding it hard to walk, the pain in her ass coming back with every move, she saw Faisal waving to indicate where he was, she felt all the plane staring at her, she got to her seat and ass she bent to sit, the pain was unbearable, she looked at Faisal saying she couldn't sit and he laughed, he then pulled her down to avoid any more attention, the pain made her cry silently.

Faisal told her to do her make up and brush her hair as people were staring, there was a difference in Faisals attitude towards her, almost rude and demanding. She re-applied her make up and spent the rest of the journey looking outside as Faisal fell asleep. The plane finally landed, even though it was a painful landing for Shazia. They went through customs and Shazia realised that Faisal had her passport and tickets, he never returned her passport from when she gave it all those weeks ago.

He was very silent, almost distant and she wasn't in the mood for a conversation, but did want Faisal to be his normal chatty friendly self. The heat was unbearable as they went to find a taxi, Shazia had no idea where she was, she was intimidated by all of the men outside trying to sell her something, she was attracting alot of attention dressed in heels and short skirt and the crowds began to form around her like she was a celebrity.

They got into the taxi and started to drive through the dusty motorway They arrived in a remote house in the hills, nothing else around. Faisal walked towards the door with a key to an iron gate as the driver unloaded and carried the cases in.

Faisal paid and Shazia walked into the very simple house with little furniture and no air conditioning. They put their bags down on the sofa and he said that she needed to change as her clothes had stains on them from their episode in the toilets.

Shazia asked where the shower was and Faisal took her outside to a small yard, showed her the well with a pump and left her to it. She looked at the well, and pumped a bucket of water, then using the jug she began to rinse her self off, Faisal came outside fully naked and grabbed another jug covering himself with it, looking at her wondering why she still had on clothes, but Shazia walked back in to change.

She looked at her clothes asking Faisal what she should wear, being mindful about the culture and he said to wear what she would in London, pulling out a boob tube and short skirt.

They left the house, walking towards an old moped, he told her to climb on the back, she was finding it difficult without her skirt etching up, but he was getting impatient so she climbed on it, her skirt now around the top of her ass, she struggled to pull it back down before he started to drive at speed down the hill.

They came to a place that had about 10 shops, loads of people stared as he parked the bike, she wondered how she would get down whilst protecting her modesty, but it was too late the locals were enjoying the show. She followed Faisal into the store as he picked up some food and milk, the locals now all coming into the store to look at Shazia as she was a rare sight in such a village.

They drove back to the house, Faisal said he was going to sleep, he told her to wake him in 3hrs and to cook something, also that the clothes he was wearing needed washing before it was dark as it needed to be done by hand using the well outside. Shazia was really upset at the way Faisal was talking to her, her ass still hurting she knelt on the floor outside scrubbing his clothes clean with a brush and soap on the floor, breaking all of her nails.

She then commenced the cooking and awoke him as requested. She cleaned the dishes at now 10pm she was very tired, she asked where her room was and he said that they shared the bed, pointing at the sofa which folded out as a bed.

"but, Faisal I erm. !" she said stuttering "You what? Have booked yourself in the Hilton?" he said laughing "No, I mean are we sharing?" she asked "Of course, but you haven't washed yourself so I suggest you do that before you thinking about anything else ok?" he said. Shazia took the soap and went outside in the pitch dark, finding the well she got some water and poured it over herself, the water was freezing and she felt so uncomfortable.

She came back inside and saw Faisal already in his boxers on the bed watching TV. She climbed on the bed and he turned the TV off, making the whole room dark. He placed his hands on her body cupping her tits and squeezing them hard, he then turned her on her back and climbed on her, starting to lick her face as she laid frozen.

He spread her legs and inserted his cock in her, pounding her hard she grabbed onto the sides of the sofa bed for support. He released his cock from her pussy and sat over her face, inserting it into her mouth whilst sitting on her boobs. Finally he came, shooting his load all over her face and hair.

He got up putting the light on, saying he was going to clean himself and she needed to change the sheets by the time he got back. Shazia woke up the next morning alone in the house, although she was relieved he was gone, she was scared on her own. He returned after she showered and made the bed. He told her to hurry up as they had to go, a taxi was waiting, he grabbed her case and took it in the taxi.

They drove for over an hour to a derelict desert, no life for miles, finally they pulled up to a forted house, they banged on the gate which was opened by a guard and they were led into a huge site which was well hidden behind the high walls. They walked on the marble floor to a huge lounge with huge paintings and vases. They sat and were soon met by 5 very well dressed older men.

They embraced Faisal, he knew them well and then they looked at Shazia. Shazia felt nervous as these were Pakistani elder men and she was dressed in a bikini top; heels and a skirt leaving little to the imagination. "This is Shazia!" introduced Faisal proudly "Hmmm nice, very nice!" said guy one "Are the breasts real?" asked guy two "Ha ha, yes sir very real!" said Faisal proudly "OK lets begin!" said guy 3 as he lit his cigar "Well here are her documents!" said Faisal handing over an envelop "British citizen huh?" said guy 3 as he looked at her passport "Yes, very appealing to prospective husbands!" laughed Faisal "Ha ha, very appealing!" said guy two who was still staring at her boobs "OK, I am happy.

Faisal here you go and please stay for lunch!" said guy 3 as he handed over a case to Faisal which was full of money although Shazia was not aware. "Come!" said guy 4 very abruptly to Shazia "Come? Come where?" asked Shazia to Faisal "To your room, say bye to Faisal!" said guy 4 as he pulled her up Shazia looked at Faisal, nervously as she was led away, Faisal not that interested he started to open his case of money, not even saying bye or showing emotion.

Shazia was taken into a room, the corridors were now less prestige and the room was basic, almost convent like. Shazia tried to look out of the window but just saw a huge brick wall.

Teen fucked in dress xxx small girl makes big moves door opened about an hour later and it was guy 2, his name was Ahmed, about mid 50s and a bit chubby with a twiney moustache. He ordered her to get up and come with him, she followed and was taken back into another opulent room, he ordered her to sit and the other four men came in "Shazia, welcome to Lahore!" said Ahmed "We are the 5 masters of this school" "Hello!" she said scared "OK, so what happens her is this site is divided into 5 separate houses, we live in one each.

Each one of us has a wife, you are going to be mine, understand?" asked Ahmed "I think so?" said Shazia actually confused "Well you will learn, for the next 3 months you and the other wives will be given tasks, you will have to pass those tasks and then at the end of the three months the girls with highest scores are taken to the next school where you will meet perspective husbands until you are chosen" explained Ahmed "OK, so what if we have low scores?" asked Shazia "Ha ha, then we either keep you for another month or we send you to another school where you will not have access to high class men!" said Ahmed "I don't understand!" said Shazia wondering why she just could go back to the UK "In the UK you have animal rescue centres, where the dogs are trained and then taken to a shelter to be found a new owner?

This school is modelled on that theory do you understand now?" said guy 1 very crudely but Shazia really did get it this time. "Ha ha, ok well now we will run some tests on you and interview you then tomorrow we can start" said Ahmed amused.

Shazia was then taken by a guard to another room, her body measurements were taken, she then was asked to undress and lay on the table, her legs were spread by the two guards and then a variety of different sized dildo's were shoved one by one into her pussy growing bigger in size. "Bitch, no virgin huh?" asked one of the guards in a deep broken English accent "Ha ha, no she is a dirty whore!" said the wicked cuties plow the biggest strapons and spray cream all over "Nasty dog!" said the other guard Shazia was shocked and stunned into silence.

The dildos were getting bigger and more painful, they were really shoving them in, until she found the courage to say no. She was then asked to re-dress and taken to another room where she was asked to run on a treadmill and pick up weights. Finally she was taken into a room where she was given a couple of exams to do. She was returned to her room where she showered and dressed. Ahmed came in and asked to see her so she followed him to his office.

"Shazia i have your test results, hmmm not good!" he said "How did I do?" she asked "Your exams were a fail, all below 10%!" he said "Well most were in Urdu and I cant read Urdu!" she explained "Ok, and your vagina test is showing 8inches!" he said "That is a lot you have had sex?" "Yes sir!" she said proudly, think Faisal was right when he said it was a positive "Really!

How many?" he asked looking up and down at her body "Erm. well about 15!" she said remembering what Faisal said "15!!!! vah vah you have been a naughty girl!" he said smirking "Thank you sir!" said Shazia thinking this was a good sign "So, have you ever given oral sex?" he asked "Yes sir!" she replied "Swallowed?" he asked "Erm, yes of course what is the other option?" she asked confused "Ha ha, very smart answer!" he said not realising she genuinely didn't know Ahmed stood up and made his way toward Shazia, placing himself on the desk in front "So Shazia, these clothes?" he said stroking her bikini tight top "Faisal chose them?" "No they are my choice sir!" she replied "Really, are all your clothes in this style?" he asked surprised "Yes sir, my ex boyfriend said to dress like this sir!" she explained "Where is your boyfriend now?" he asked "He is married!" replied Shazia remembering Asad "Oh, his family found someone else for him?" asked Ahmed "No, he was married before!" she tried to explain "Oh, ha ha.

I understand!" he said smirking "No, I didn't know he was married!" said Shazia trying to correct him "Really, so he used you?" asked Ahmed even more aroused "No. well I guess!" she said "Did you have sex with him Shazia?" he asked "Yes sir, maybe 4-5times a week sir, he was my first!" she explained "Ha ha, so he did use you and you gave yourself to him!" he concluded "No, it wasn't like that.!" she tried to protest "YES!

Yes it was Shazia he used you for your body!" he shouted "Well, he lied!" she said trying to defend herself "Men lie Shazia, all men sexy amateur czech babe gets pounded good for some cash to get what they want, and they want sex. As a wife you should give your husband sex and he shouldn't need to lie, that is what makes a good wife!" he explained "So if my husband was with another woman and he told me, I should still give?" asked Shazia "Well, of course Shazia, firstly it is your duty and secondly you have made him go elsewhere by not satisfying him properly, if you husband is cheating it is your fault and as a good wife you should make more of an effort to maintain his interest, do whatever is necessary!" he explained "How do you mean?" she asked "Well, give him anal or be prepared to entertain his pleasures!" explained Ahmed "But he is in the wrong!" protested Shazia "A man is never wrong when debating with a woman, ultimately it is the womans fault somehow, she is always to blame!

Besides the consequences for a man is not as great!" he stated "What are the consequences?" she asked confused "A woman whose husband has abandoned her? She will have nothing!" he said Ahmed got up and walked back to his seat "Shazia, you have a lot to learn if you want a good high class husband, I am worried that maybe you are not ready, however I will try my best, so far you have scored 4% in all of your tests and your interview is showing no knowledge of respect to men.

You will be hard work, but we will see!" he concluded then a guard came to take her back into her room. The next morning Shazia was awoken by the guard, she looked at the clock it was 5am, she was awfully jet lagged, but arose.

She asked the guard what was happening and he informed her that her husband woke at 6am but would be requiring a wash, his clothes ready ironed and his breakfast for 7am, so she better start!.

Shazia was confused but quickly ran to Ahmeds room to get his clothes ready, she then started on breakfast realising that the stove needed to be started from a logs, this was going to take ages. She then heard the sound of Ahmeds alarm, the fire was just barely heating up, she heard him shout for her and she went running. Upon entering his room, which was much more grander than hers with air conditioning, she looked at his fat old body sitting up.

She looked at him, confused what to do. "Well, bitch why are you standing there?!" he shouted "Erm, I am sorry sir!" she said shaking "Well, my slippers need to be put on my feet!" he shouted "Oh yes!" she said running to pick his slippers off the floor "Did you not shower?

Or do your make up bitch?" he shouted "No sir, I didn't have the time!" she tried to explain "Well get up earlier, you should never present yourself like this to your husband!" he explained "Im sorry sir!" she said "Ok, take me for my bath!" he demanded Shazia walked behind him with his clothes to the bathroom, a grand Jacuzzi sized tub which he climbed into.

He looked at her as he got in wondering why she did not follow him he ordered her to undress and get it, she obeyed and then started to wash his hairy fat body as he sat back smoking a cigar. She then came to his fat cock, erect she looked at him as he smirked. She began to rub it with the soapy sponge, he then stood up she still on her knees looking up at him eye to eye with his dick. He held it and pushed it towards her lips instructing her to suck it clean, he then turned opening his ass cheeks, she took the sponge but he shouted at her ordering her to use her tongue, she looked appalled but obliged closing her eyes as he tongue stroked the hairs inside his crack.

He then departed the tub and awaited for Shazia to robe him and then lead him to the kitchen. She had totally forgot about the breakfast and he was not best please as she struggled to get the fire started. Ahmed was now 1hr behind schedule before he ate, Shazia went for a shower when Ahmed released her from her duties, she came back to clean the kitchen, without the luxury of a mop, just a bucket and brush to scrub the floor. It was only 9am and Shazia was shattered, she made some tea and took it to Ahmed.

"Shazia, your performance today was poor!" he said as she entered "I am sorry sir, i just need time to learn!" she explained "Well, these are basics Shazia, basic duties of a woman!" he said "I know!" she said "I will try harder!" "Well get dressed and do your make up, your tasks begin at 10am" he ordered as he turned his back Shazia ran to her room, determined to do better. She looked in her case for her white fishnet boob tube and white rar rar skirt, pulling it higher so it was shorter, Asad loved this outfit although Shazia was not too happy with it as it was rather see-thru, but if it impressed Asad it was sure to impress Ahmed.

She over applied her make up and wore some shiny white platform heels. She looked at the clock, 9.56am, she had 4mins to make it to the yard so she ran as fast as she could, although not that fast in such heels. In the yard was all 5 masters, each of their wives kneeling by their sides like guard dogs, Shazia ran towards Ahmed who stared at her clothes, smirking as she was by far more slutty then the other wives.

She knelt into position, copying the others. She looked at the others, they were darker than her and most definitely natives. Ahmed patted Shazia on the head, like she was a prize worthy puppy. She looked up and smiled. The five masters walked away, Shazia looked at the other wives crawling on all fours behind them so she followed.

They took their seats, the wives sitting on all fours beside them. A man who Shazia did not notice, stood in front of them, he started to give instructions in Urdu, Shazia could speak and understand Urdu, however this was pure Urdu and fastly spoken, Shazia looked at Ahmed who was smoking a cigar not paying her attention, however Shazia got the gist of what he said.

The instructions were as followed. 1. Each wife is to complete the circuit course 2. When they get to the end they will return to their husbands and give them a BJ 3. The first wife to make their husband cum is the winner Shazia followed the other women to the start of the course, they had to remove their heels, the whistle blew and the women ran down a slippery muddy slope, subtitled uncensored shy japanese milf in yukata in pov falling covering themselves in mud, they then had to walk through a ditch of muddy water, coming up to their lips at the deepest points.

They then had to use the rope to pull themselves out, Shazia's boobtube was now around her waist. They then had to fill a bucket with water using a cup that had holes in it, this took ages and in the blazing Pakistani heat was very exhausting.

When the bucket was complete they had to carry it, (it was very heavy). Finally getting the finish line, Shazia was last, although not too far behind, she ran to Ahmed and began to suck his sweaty cock, not interested in anything except making him cum she sucked harder and harder, hearing the screams from the first two women, she realised she was at risk of being last, she sucked and sucked and finally he came in her mouth, she swallowed and jumped up with cum all over her face, she was 4th out of 5th which wasn't bad for her first time.

She went back to her room and washed, her outfit completely ruined from the dirty water, she left it to soak. Ahmed came into her room when she came out of the shower "Not bad Shazia, however not good!" he said not impressed "I am sorry sir, I did try!" she said "Well try harder bitch!" he said grabbing her hair and throwing her onto the bed "I am sorry!" she screamed begging as her towel came loose revealing her soft clean firm body "How sorry are you bitch!" he shouted now kneeling over her "Very sorry!" she cried He undid his trousers, pulled her closer towards him by her ankles, she released his erect cock and dragged her legs over his shoulders.

He inserted his cock inside her pussy, she screamed as he pounded her pussy with his fat cock, fatter than she had before. Her boobs bounced as he pounded away without a care for her enjoyment. Finally he came inside her, the cum leaking out of her pussy down her ass as she lay on her back. He climbed over to her face, wiping his hot cock over her face and hair.

He then climbed over her to get off the bed, her lifeless body still pounding, she looked as he did his trousers and began to walk towards the door, she closed her eyes in exhaustion and relief, but then her ankle was grabbed, she screamed as Ahmeds hand pulled her off the bed, she turned to get a grip, but the sheets were just following her.

She fell to the floor, cushioned by the sheets, she was screaming, but was pulled into her bathroom, she laid on the floor as he stopped pulling her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up, she screamed, he showed her her face in the mirror, caked in dry cum. "Look at yourself Shazia what do you see?" he shouted "I don't know!" she cried "I see a worthless dog, if a woman cant please her man she is worthless!" he explained "Yes sir!" she replied "Say it, say what you are whilst looking at yourself!" he ordered "I am a worthless dog!" she cried looking in the mirror "Get in the tub, just sit there don't add water, just sit there Understand?!" he asked "Yes yes!" she said climbing into the tub He blindfolded her with her dirty knickers that were on the floor from earlier, he drew the shower curtain, turned off the light and closed the door.

She was now in complete darkness as her bathroom had no window. She sat there still, crying for a good hour, getting cramp she moved her legs sitting on her ass. She heard the door open and footsteps of more than three men come in, she could tell the light was on, she felt a man standing in the tub in front of her, her hair grabbed she started to suck on his dick, then she felt the other hands on her body, spreading her legs, she started to resist, but the hands of what now felt like 4 men held her in place.

A cock then was inserted inside her pussy and one guy sat underneath her, inserting himself in her ass. She screamed, but was choked and gagged by the cock in her mouth. The 4th guy was squeezing and sucking her tits and she felt the sensations of being pushed and shoved from the bodies using her holes, her ass in pain getting stretched. Finally it was over, she heard the men remove their condoms and then felt splashes of hot goo all over her body, then men using her hair to wipe themselves clean they closed the curtains and turned the light off as they left.

About 15mins later, Ahmed returned, ordering her to remove the blindfold. "Did you move bitch?" he asked as her eyes adjusted to the light "No!" she said "Hmm, there is alot of cum on you, you are not having sex with other men are you whore?" he asked "Erm, no sir!" she replied "Well, of course not the door was locked and you could only open it if you moved!" he said "Yes!" she answered wondering who the men were "Well, you need to shower!" he said He then took his cock out, she closed her eyes thinking he wanted to be sucked off and awaited for him to place the cock in her mouth, but instead she felt very hot salty liquid, she opened her eyes and realised Ahmed was pissing on her, she pulled back and screamed, but he aimed all over her body, she slipped on the gooy cum in its aim soaking herself in his fast powerful jet stream of urine.

Her hair now soaked he laughed as the final drops were wiped onto her hair. He turned the shower on, he only turned the cold tap on and she screamed in shock of the cold water as he laughed and left the room. The next day Shazia woke herself up at 4am, got dressed and did all of her chores perfectly, Ahmed was impressed. At breakfast, he gave her an envelope, she opened it and was disgusted to see pictures of her having sex with 4 non identifiable men in the bathroom.

She looked at Ahmed whose face turned into anger "What is this bitch?" he shouted "Erm, I don't know!" she said stunned for words "You don't know? You been here for 2 days and already you have cheated!" he shouted "No, they forced me!" she screamed "Oh, and why are you telling me now because you have been caught!" he shouted "Noo, I was going to tell you!" she cried "So you admit you did fuck these men?" he said "No, yes. look they forced me!" she screamed "Shazia, rule number one a man is never wrong the men came to me and told me you teased and begged them!" he explained "That's a lie!" she shouted "DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE TO YOUR HUSBAND!" he shouted as he slapped her face "I'm sorry!" she cried "Did you have sex with these men?" he asked sternly "Yes sir!" she replied "Right!

Well then you will be transferred to another school this afternoon, go pack!" he ordered Shazia ran to her room, almost glad that she was leaving.

Upon reaching her room a guard was at her door, he smiled at her. "You dirty girl, fucking guards in your bathroom!" he said smirking "You?" she asked "You teased me and made us do it!" he said laughing "Thats not true!" she said walking into her room "Oh?

You saying I am a liar? You nasty dog!" he said following her in "I don't care!" she said starting to pack "Oh, who will believe you, you are a woman, a dirty woman in fact!" he said "Get lost and get out!" she screamed "Bitch! Whore! Come here!" he said before grabbing her He grabbed her, faced her down over her suitcase on her bed, lifting her short skirt and ripping her knickers off.

She struggled, but he was holding her down as he inserted his cock in her ass, she screamed, but he pushed her face down into her case muffling her voice. His hard cock slid inside her ass, he didn't pull her ass cheeks apart and this made the pain even more unbearable. Shazia struggled to get free, and finally she kicked him and pushed him off.

She ran to the door screaming for help, as she opened the door she was saved by another guard who held her, her knickers around her ankles, she gently held her and took her back inside, closely followed by the other two guards who asked what was happening and shouted at the first guard in Urdu.

The last guard in closed and locked the door, Shazia in the safety of the guard sat on the bed as she felt the tone of the guard sound angry with the first guard. The guard told her to go wash her face, she washed her face and came back. To her shock all of the guards were going through her case examining her clothes and getting aroused.

The nice guard turned to her, still with a friendly smile. He pat on the bed indicating for her to sit and then he asked her to change into one of her outfits the group had chosen, Shazia was confused as he was so friendly and nice when he asked, she grabbed the red PVC mini dress and got up, but the guard mix of pervy deviant fun public dirty her to change there in front of all.

She took her clothes off and put on PVC boobtube blonde teen virgin and small tits fuck worlds greatest stepcompanions daughter, the guards had never seen such an outfit or material they all stroked it as she stood up showing it to them.

They started to squeeze her ass, she looked at the friendly guard who was smiling at her, almost reassuring her it was ok, then asking her to bend over, which she did revealing her bare ass which got the guards excited, one even filming it on his phone. The friendly guard asked Shazia if she could dance, taking out his phone out and playing a song. Shazia started to move to the bassless music, the guards now all sitting on the bed and watching her as she danced for them, the guards asking her to smile for the camera and say dirty things she obliged The guards then selected another outfit, a fishnet body stocking and black heels, Shazia struggled to get this tricky outfit on, usually worn as underwear, she finally turned around, the guards were shocked, this outfit showed everything and in those heels she looked like a fuck doll.

The camera started and the dancing commenced, this time without prompt, the men getting aroused at how Shazia was moving, her erect nipples poking through the netted suit. They asked her to come closer as she danced, stroking her firm body and slapping her big round ass.

She turned her back and then went flying backwards, when she got her bearings she was facing the ceiling and then could feel the hands of all of the men on her, she tried to sit up but they all pulled her down, she looked at the friendly guard who was still smiling warmly as he stripped his clothes off. She felt her net suit being ripped between her legs and the first guard gorgeous doll has sexy hooters to share pornstar and hardcore his cock inside her ass, laying under her.

The 2nd guard then climbed on top of her, inserting his cock inside her pussy, his full weight pinning her down as the two guards fucked it in tandem. The 3rd guy was still filming and wanking at the same time and occasionally squeezing her tits whilst friendly guard was now standing over her, her head hanging on the edge of the bed, allowing her to give slut milf fucks ass on live webcam show blowjob upside down and a deeper one at that.

She tried to move, but huge tits blondie porn babe katie summers anal gangbang interracial and pornstars was impossible. She heard someone come into the room, but her head was hanging over the edge of the bed and the only view she had was of the friendly guards hairy nutsack and ass. Her body couldn't take the strain of all of the actions upon it, she was exhausted and the pains of the cocks were taking its toll, not helped by the random slaps and nipple pinches.

The friendly guard finally came, his cum shooting in the back of her throat making her choke and gurgle as it was forced down by the gravity of her being upside down. She coughed it up, but then swallowed it again. It allowed Shazia to get a few breaths before the guard with the camera jumped in and refilled it.

The friendly guard then started to talk to someone. Shazia was now on the brink of passing out, the heat and constant pounding was getting too much. Finally the guard in her ass came, shortly after the naughty sierra nicole grabs her stepdads monster cock and sucks it on top in her pussy.

She could finally move around, but then another guy, fatter climbed ontop of her, she heard his voice it was Ahmed. "Shazia, my darling wife i see you are entertaining the guards again?!" he said laughing Shazia passed out with the first thrust of Ahmeds fat cock, she awoke about an hour later, he body soaked in caked cum with used condoms hanging on her stomach and face, she opened her eyes, which were glued together with dried cum and looked at the time, she got up, her body sore and walked to the shower to change and wash.

She waited for the friendly guard to come and then he took her to the car for her to leave. Shazia was relieved to when the people carrier arrived, she would never have to face Ahmed again and it was all over. She sat in the back and two guards sat with her, facing her throughout the journey. Shazia was wearing a short sleeved belly top that tied up in the front, showing a lot of her 32DD cleavage and a matching black micro mini-skirt.

The bumpy roads didn't help Shazia to keep her tits in her top however the guards were almost hypnotised following each bounce and licking their lips whilst oogling her body. Shazia knew she was on display, she tried hard to look around to ignore the stares, but her eyes kept meeting theirs as they smirked and exchanged a few words with each other laughing. Her body frozen as it felt so vulnerable and her stomach turned, but her clit tingled.

It was baking hot, Shazia was constantly drinking the ice cold water they supplied her, she was now ¾ of the way through a 2litre bottle. They must've been driving for about 45mins, the scenery was all the same, loads of dusty open roads, occasionally passing a random couple of shops, one of the guards asked her if she needed to go toilet, Shazia felt a small urge, but thought she could hold it, however the guards said that they were stopping and after this they wouldn't stop for hours, so Shazia nodded.

They drove for another 10 mins, going off the main road down winding side roads, finally coming to a stop next to a remote countryside stream, similar to those seen in wildlife documentaries. The guards disembarked the car, then offered her a hand to also depart, she struggled in her heels, they then started to walk on the grassed area, Shazia expecting to see a restaurant at the end, however they got closer to the stream before stopping at the edge of the bank.

They all undid their zips and pulled out their dark brown cocks and started to piss into the stream, Shazia looked around wondering where she needed to go, the sound of the running stream now made her want to go even more. The guys finally finished and asked her "What are you doing?" said guard one "Erm, where can I go?" she asked "In the stream!" said guard two like it was obvious "Well, I will go behind the tree!" said Shazia thinking she would pretend to go "No no no, bad very bad, it is illegal to piss on Government grounds, you have to do it in the stream!" said guard three outraged "Oh, come on no one will know!" said Shazia "We will know, we are law enforcers!" said guard two "But.

how can I? She asked confused but didn't want to state the obvious "Its ok, come face with your back to the water, go close to the edge and squart!" said guard two "But its on a slope, its slippery!" explained Shazia trying but was slipping "OK, stand you are close enough, you need to remove your knickers!" said guard one "Turn around then!" said Shazia and the guards laughed and turned "OK, Squat and we will hold your hands!" said guard three Shazia held her hands out, each guard hold one arm each and she squatted hands up high and started to piss.

The guard not holding her, was slyly kicking her knickers closer to the edge of the bank, she finished and pulled on their hands to pull herself up, but the guards let their grip slightly loose causing her to fall back, but they rescuing her just before she fell into the high current stream, this was all obviously planned as the third guard also acted he was going to save her and in the confusion kicked her knickers into the stream, acting shocked and causing Shazia to see them 'accidentally' fall into the stream, she got on her knees trying foolishly to chase her knickers on her knees, her ass and pussy now on full display under her tiny skirt showing the guards her jewels.

The knickers were flowing down the fast current stream too fast and Shazia gave up, turning on her knees looking back at the three guards in shame as they laughed at her desperate attempts. She got up and walked towards them, they all erected at what they saw. They walked back to the car, Shazia feeling the breeze on her exposed knickerless pussy as they walked.

She sat back in her seat, feeling humiliated as the guards were still laughing at her. They car started and they were all in a jovial mood, however Shazia just looked out of the window trying to ignore them. They drove for another 10mins, before the car was calm and silent again, Shazia then felt a coldness touch her inner thigh, she looked down seeing the guard sliding his baton between her legs, she looks up at him as he uses the baton to push her legs apart, now exposing her pussy, her shock made her forget to resist as he pushed them wider and wider looking into her eyes as he did it with a nasty smirk on his face, getting her legs now spread to a full angle he sat back and admired the view The second guard now lent over, hand on the seat behind to keep his balance he placed his face 2cms away from her cheek, keeping the same distance away he moved down to her cleavage until he got to the knot that tied her top together and bit on it, pulling it so it came undone.

The material now loose balanced on her tits as he sat back, the bumpy roads soon making her tits bounce and the material to move off of her ample breasts revealing her chocolate coloured large erect nipples. The two guards looked at the show and got aroused by what they saw. Shazia stayed still, made no attempt to cover herself, she was awaiting when they were going to pounce on her. They drove for a good 20mins, the anticipation making the whole situation more of a torture.

Then finally, the moved either side of her, caressing her boobs and spreading her pussy lips apart. Then one guard went back to his seat, the other guard pushed her on to him, he placed his cock into her wet pussy, she was now close to the driver, he pulled her closer by her hair whilst still driving, placing his cock in her mouth, her ass was now left for the final guard.

They pounded her as they drove over the rough roads, the heat making it worse as her body sweated with all of the physical interaction, her ass stinging as it was ripped open with the force, the driver was the first to cum, Shazia swallowing his load, he grabbed her head and placed it on the old ball top gear stick telling her to suck on it, occasioning using her skull to change gears.

The guard in her ass was the next to cum, the cum running down her legs, on to the floor, she was now also close to climax, even though she didn't want to her body instinctively started to pound the guards cock so she too could cum. Finally the final guard came, she desperately still fucking him as his cock went limp inside of her, he had to throw her off him as she forgot herself in a shameful attempt to gain pleasure. Her sweaty body lying on the back seat, skirt around her waist, cum drying around her mouth and tits bouncing around.

The ass guard sat beside her, condom in his hand he pulled her head back by her hair and fed her, the pussy guard following with natural cutie spreads soft snatch and gets deflorated defloration virginity same gift. They threw the condoms on the floor, they order her to lick up the cum puddle that leaked from her ass, whilst on her knees the two guards lit up a cigarette, placing their feet on her back as if she was a footrest.

Shazia was in that position for the rest of the 2hr journey, the guard would occasionally spill water on the floor for her to lick it up to keep her hydrated. They were now in a town, Shazia could hear alot more cars and people, she felt vulnerable being naked but at least whilst she was on her knees no one could see. The car pulled up in an underground carpark, Shazia got up, re-tieing her top and pulling her slightly cum stained skirt back down.

She got up to exit the car, left to carry her own cases she struggled not only with the weight but the cramp she had from being on her knees so long. She walked through the back doors of the building which was connected to the underground car park, wherever she was it was huge.

She got into the old lift, it was a cargo lift, the ones with a pull down gate allowing you to see all of the mechanics of the lift and offering little protection if you fell out.

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She looked at the number of floors the building had, 35 floors and wondered where she was as the lift squeaked its way to the 35th floor as selected.

The lift finally stopped, Shazia followed the guards down some corridors which were grey big ass brunette amara romani hammered by big dick boss and arrived at a set of double doors requiring a code and then a swipe card. The building beyond the doors changed in decor, more opulent and grand, plush carpets; air conditioning; grand oak doors with numbers on them, she was in a luxury hotel!

They walked to the end of the very long corridor, the door right ahead grander than they rest, stating Palace Suite is where they stopped, two guards were stationed on either side of the door, they exchanged conversation with Shazia's guards and then the door was opened.

Shazia entered behind the two guards, the room was absolutely huge, with a dining table seating up to twelve guests; a total of 10 chandeliers equally spread across the room, the wallpaper made of silk and velvet. They walked through the suite finally arriving at a set of four 6 seater sofas arranged around a huge glass and gold coffee table.

The guards told Shazia to sit as they made themselves comfortable around her. They waited for a good ten minutes, then out in a robe drying his hair, freaky cab driver kathy anderson gets good dicking two guards rose from their seats, instructing Shazia to stay seated, they walked over to the man and exchanged a few words, then they left.

Shazia felt the man still in the room, however she was nervous to turn around, he approached from behind, holding a glass next to her face, she turned to take it as he sat down on the sofa to her right. "So Shazia, did you have a nice trip?" he asked sincerely "Yes Sir!" she replied thinking she shouldn't give the actual detail "Good, you look very sucking shlong is milfs forte pornstar and hardcore he observed "Yes Sir, it is very hot out there!" she explained "Ha ha, I wouldn't know I am always in air conditioning!" he laughed "It's nice!" she said "You are a very beautiful girl Shazia and from the UK, why are you not married?" he asked "Erm, I wanted a rich man!" she said "Ha ha, well I will try my best!" he said "Thank you!" she replied "Ok, let me not bore you, why don't you go to your room and have a shower and get some sleep, tomorrow is a busy day!" he said handing her a swipe card "Thank you" she said wondering what the catch was "Don't lose this card, it is special!" he said winking "I won't!" she replied "Oh, and my name is Mustafa!" he said smiling Shazia grabbed her case, but the Mustafa told her not to be stupid, and called one of the guards to assist, Shazia walked with the guard who was very focused towards the lift.

"Please Mam, your card!" he asked as they stood by the lift "Here!" she said handing it over "This card will only call a lift to and from this floor and your floor, it will immobilise any other floors, likewise the normal and special guests of the hotels can only go to their floors and to their restaurant, plus to the ground floor" he explained They arrived on the 30th Floor and walked down the posh corridor to room 333 where the guard used her card to open the door.

He let her in, following her with her cases, she was nervous wondering if he was going to fuck her, but he placed her card on the table and left the room, she ran to the door locking and chaining it. Her room was stunning, huge with views over the busy city of Lahore. The bed was a massive queen sized firm mattress with expensive covers, she had a small dining table, a large dressing table, stunning oak wardrobes and a bathroom.

She ran to the bathroom, a huge sunken bath with gold taps, a separate shower and plush white fluffy towels. The cabinet was full of toiletries, she couldn't help but open half of the bottles smelling all of the lotions and potions. She turned on the taps and ran a bath, she undressed and pulled out some clothes from her case, she put on some music on her built in stereo system and had a nice relaxing soak in the tub. After a good soak she placed on her robe and fell cannot fit dick in pussy. The phone rang at 8am, it was Mustafa "Hello Shazia, how are you?

Nice Sleep?" he asked "Erm, yes thank you!" she said confused "Ha ha, you were tired hey?" he asked "Very much so!" she replied "OK, well in the top draw by your bed is a menu, order some room service and I will come down in 20mins, don't worry about getting dressed you will have time for that later!" he explained "Ok, thank you!" she replied Shazia looked that the extravagant menu of smoked salmon; croissants and ordered herself some food.

She brushed her teeth and combed her hair. There was a knocked at the door, a waiter wheeled in a trolley full of food, the door still open Mustafa knocked and asked if it was OK to come in, Shazia nodded as she realised that he had ordered his breakfast to also be delivered to her room.

She sat, Mustafa sitting down after he tipped the waiter.

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"Right Shazia! What shall we do today?" he asked "Erm, I am not sure!" she replied wondering what the limitations were "Well, I suggest after we have eaten, you get showered and changed, then go to the hotel spa and salon to spoil yourself!" he said "What do you mean?" she said shocked "Well, you are very pretty Shazia but you haven't been groomed for a while, don't want virile stud pleasures lascivious oriental japanese hardcore scare any men off do we!" he smiled "But, I have no money Sir!" she said "Ha ha, it is Mustafa and you have a complimentary swipe card to all services within the hotel!" he explained "Now, get ready the maids come at around 10.30am!" he said Shazia quickly showered and made her way to the salon, it was a special salon not for the usual guests, but for girls like her.

She walked in and was greeted by a lovely lady at the reception desk, she looked around at the 3 other women waiting, they all looked very sexy and groomed. The lady took her into a consultancy room and asked her what she wanted done, recommending her hair, some waxing, a facial and even a massage. Shazia was in the salon for most of the day, stopping for lunch before her nails were done. The lady then asked her what products she would like and walked her to the shop adjacent to the salon, explaining to Shazia not to worry it was all free.

Shazia was amazed at all of the cosmetics; perfumes; toiletries and beauty products in the shop, worried she wouldn't get this opportunity again she selected a lot of items to the amusement of the shop assistant.

The shop assistant boxed the goods up and told her that they would be taken to her room, she was then taken to another room it was huge, like a department store everything in colour order. There was about 15 other women in there. "This is the library Shazia!" explained the lady "The library?" she said confused, wondering where the books were "Ha ha, yes I will leave you with Iqbal he will help you!" she said as she left "Ah, Shazia from the UK I heard you were coming!" said Iqbal "Hello.!" said Shazia still stunned "Ok, what happens here is we are open from 9am 5pm everyday, all of the clothes are here on loan, you wear and then bring back, we dry clean and put back for any other of the special girls who want to wear" explained Iqbal "Ok, how long can I keep everything for?" said Shazia "You keep it as long as you want, buy you are allowed 5 outfits and 5 shoes at any one time.

Also the underwear is all new and you keep this, however you have an allowance of 10 items a week!" he replied "Wow!, so I can choose anything?" she asked still not convinced "Yes, my dear Shazia you will get used to it. Now all of these outfits are chosen via polls on mens websites and preferences stated by the prospective husbands" went on Iqbal Shazia could tell the items were chosen by men, they were all very revealing and the shoes were very high.

Shazia walked around the store, the other women looking at her wondering who she was and one came over, an American girl called Aalia "Hi, I am Aalia!" she said "Hi, I'm Shazia!" she replied "I knew you weren't a native!" she said smiling "I'm from the UK!" replied Shazia "Ha ha, I can tell.

I haven't seen that outfit before!" said Aalia looking at her dress "Oh, this its one of mine!" explained Shazia "Ah, pity it is lovely!" said Aalia "Well. you can borrow it anytime!" said Shazia "Aww, thanks, what room you in?" asked Aalia "333, and you?" replied Shazia "I am in room 386, so do you have a date tonight?" asked Aalia "A date?" said Shazia confused "Oh, you are like reallllllllly new, don't worry it will happen!" said Aalia still confusing Shazia "Right, have you got a date then?" said Shazia "Yes, we have one, sometimes two a night!" explained Aalia "Oh that's good nice guys?" asked Shazia "They ok, but some aren't all that!" explained Aalia "Right, so how long you been here?" asked Shazia "Me, about 2 weeks so hopefully soon I will be picked!" said Aalia "How long does it take?" asked Shazia "Depends, look Shazia, I need to go as I need to get ready, why don't we do lunch tomorrow, I will call you!" Aalia said as she walked away Shazia was comforted and excited by what Aalia had told her, she carried on shopping picking a number of clothes and shoes, then making her way to the cash desk where they were scanned onto her card.

Shazia ran to her room, excited to try on her new outfits, her beauty products were already waiting on her dining table and she thought she would have a lazy girlie night in. She looked in the mirror, she was stunning, her hair and nails were perfect and her body so smooth and everything hair-free.

The outfits fitted her well, a few small on the bust but it gave her more to show off. Shazia had a shower and fell asleep. The next morning Mustafa called to see if she was ok, he was out of town but will see her soon, he told her to look at the information folder to show her what she could do to make her day more exciting and then went. Shazia looked at the folder, it appears the whole of the 20th floor was exclusively for the special women and had a cafe; cinema; bar; restaurant; beauty salon; shop and basically everything a girl needed.

She had a shower and when she came out, she saw a letter under her door, it was a date invitation for that evening, it was in the bar on floor 19, Shazia was shaking with nerves what should she do? How should she act? Then the phone rang "Hey Shazia?" asked the voice "Erm, yes?" replied Shazia "Hey, its Aalia.

you still up for lunch today?" asked an excited Aalia "Yes, of course. I have my first date tonight!" said Shazia "Ooooh, well we need to milf elixis gets pussy licked by teen kimmys hard tongue it a long lunch then!" said Aalia Shazia got ready, she wore one of her new outfits, a red dress, short, backless with a plunging neckline towards her navel.

She wore red shiny heels japanese gets adult toy on her tight pussy a red thong. She applied her make up and made her way to the 20th Floor. She used the map to find the cafe and saw Aalia sitting there with 3 other girls. "SHAZIAAAA!" shouted Aalia all excited "Hey!" said Shazia walking fast towards the table "Shazia, this is Mala; Reema and Lia" said Aalia introducing her "Hello!" said Shazia a bit shy "Shazia is from the UK like you Lia!" explained Aalia "Oh, what part?" asked Lia in a familiar accent "London, you?" asked Shazia as she sat down "I am from Birmingham" replied Lia "These two are from Canada, we have all kinda bonded as we are newish plump ass my wife fucked and cummed over all from outside of Pakistan!" explained Aalia "Where is everyone else from?" asked Shazia as she ordered a mineral water "They from everywhere, about 50% are from Pakistan or India the rest are from everywhere!" explained Reema "Right!

How many?" asked Shazia "Well we are guessing 99 as there is 99 rooms on our floor!" said Mala "OK, so how long you all been here?" Asked Shazia "Damn girl easy with the questions, everyone been here for 1-3weeks!" said Aalia "Sorry, its just.!" said Shazia "Aalia, i remember how many questions you asked on your first day!" said Reema "Ha ha, true!" laughed Aalia "So, Shazia how long were you at the other school before you got here?" asked Mala "Oh, two days!!" said Shazia remembering how bad that place was "TWO DAYS!!!" said all of the girls in astonishment "Yes, why?" asked Shazia a bit scared "I was there for fucking 3months!" said Reema "3 months?

I was there for 6months" said Lia "So you passed the challenge after two days?" said Aalia confused "What challenge?" asked Shazia confused "The gangbang in the bathtub!" said Lia "Oh, that happened to you as well?" asked Shazia now confused "Yes! 8 times" said Mala, "finally I could take all of them on!" she explained "Right!

What else happened?!" asked Shazia "The physical course and the bathing, I hated it!" said Reema "Maybe they fast tracked you?!" explained Aalia "Maybe, so you mean everyone who passes comes here?" asked Shazia "Yep, maybe someone asked for you, UK girls are rare or maybe you were experienced" said Aalia "Experienced?" asked Shazia confused "Yea, you know.

already a slut ha ha!" laughed Lia as all the others dad beti sex story choti beti sex guide too "Ha ha, right!" said Shazia not really laughing but trying to fit in "Don't worry Shazia all the experience you have will come in handy!" said Aalia comforting her "Have you got a date yet?" asked Lia "Erm, yes tonight!" said Shazia pleased she could get advice "Right, what you wearing?" asked Reema "I don't know!" said Shazia "With boobs like that you could borrow my pin dress!" said Lia "Pin dress?" asked Shazia "Yep, it is gorgeous!

Why don't you come back to Mala's room and we can all get ready tonight?" said Lia "I would like that!" said Shazia "Cool, so you remember what you have to do this evening?" asked Mala "What do you mean?" asked Shazia "Ha ha, aww bless she is so innocent!" said Mala "Oi, come on girls! Shazia all you have to remember is rich Pakistani men want a wife who obeys and does what she is told, most of them are rich and will not be around often then you can have this lifestyle for the rest of your life!" explained Reema "Don't you find it brilliant to have all the dresses; beauty products; treatments whenever you want, just shop and socialise all day and never worry about money?" said Lia "Yes, it is great!" said Shazia "Well this is married life for a wife of a rich man!" said Mala Shazia began to taste what great things were coming her way once she was married.

She loved the lifestyle and now she was experiencing it, she was even more motivated to get a husband. Shazia enjoyed the company of the girls, all very open minded and all thinking just like her. The lunch was very tasty and Shazia couldn't believe how much her life had changed, she was now hitting the big time, the sort of life movie stars had.

After lunch all the girls went to Mala's room and started to get ready, it was 3pm so they only had 4hrs! Shazia was handed the pin dress, it was stunning, like a short black towel wrapped around, the edges not meeting at the front, leaving a 3inch gap but held together with two giant gold safety pins, one across her bust and one around her hip.

The girls recommended no bra but a thong, this left her breasts exposed with the dress balancing on her erect nipples. Lia gave her a pair of strapy shoes, the shoes where 4inches high, black with diamond straps that she laced up to the middle of her thighs. The girls were impressed, but equally Shazia was impressed with them, all of them left very little to the imagination, especially Mala who wore a pair of nipple tassels and a skirt.

At 7pm, the girls walked towards the lift, Shazia conscious that her nipples would slip out at any moment. They arrived at the club, extreme slave foot fucked in her giant pierced pussy domination mistress they walked passed the front entrance, Shazia peeked in to the bar, it was a dark but classy venue, with champagne flowing, music fairly loud and most of women from the floor there, all dressed leaving nothing to the imagination.

The girls walked to the side entrance, obviously where the women queued up, the music now shut out, Shazia just followed glad she was not alone in a very intimidating place. Finally it was their turn, Shazia was second in her group, she went into one of the cubicles, following what Mala was doing, the door closed behind her and a bouncer sat on the other side of the desk. "Name?" he said not looking at her but at his clipboard "Shazia" she replied "Number?" he asked "Erm, what do you mean?" she asked "Your room number!" he explained in a pathetic voice looking at her like she was dumb "Oh, 333!" she said "Card?" he said holding his hand out "Here" said Shazia presenting her swipe card, giving it to the bouncer who swiped in on his computer "Right, you are expected on table 73" he said handing the card back "73, ok!" she said affirming she got it "Ok, lets see what you are wearing!" he said as he stood up "Is it ok?" asked Shazia, shyly "Very nice.

!" he said in a perverted tone walking around her "Thank you!" she said wondering what to say "OK, go in!" he said opening the door On the other side Mala and Lia were waiting, Aalia was still inside, Shazia walked over in relief but the other girls obviously were used to the door policy. She said she had to go to table 73, the girls all went to the toilets first, which housed a room just full of mirrors, make up and perfume, the mixture of scents almost choking as you walked in.

The girls all sprayed themselves, checked their make up and then wished each other good luck. They walked into the bar, a dark smoky atmosphere, the girls walked passed the dancefloor towards the tables, all in small booths numbered for privacy, slowly the girls split to find their numbers, Shazia's heart beating as she counted the tables making it to table 73. "Hi!" she said to the man who was sat there reading a document "Shazia?" he asked, in a deep foreign accent "Yes!" she said "Nice.

very nice. sit!" he ordered perverting over her body "Thank you!" she replied, forgetting how easy her nipple could slip, but not realising it had He was an older man, about mid 30's, slightly greying, a bit chubby but ok looking.

He had two large gold rings on his fat hairy fingers, and an expensive gold coloured watch. He starred at Shazia, taking regular glimpses at her exposed left breast. "Drinks?" asked a waiter breaking the ice "Yes, one whiskey and she will have a water!" ordered the man "Thank you!" said Shazia a bit miffed that he ordered for her without asking "So how old are you?" he asked "18, and you?" she replied "I am 36!

Perfect age for you!" he replied to Shazia's disgust "So what do you do?" she asked trying to start conversation "I make money for bitches like you!" he replied rudely stunning Shazia into silence "Drinks?" said the waiter as he put the drinks on the table "Food?" he asked "Yes, the girl will have a salad and I will have a Tandoori chicken with rice" he ordered The waiter left, Shazia again even more annoyed that all she was getting was a salad compared to the lavish food she was now used to, the food arrived after 20mins of silence.

Shazia looked around to see if she could see the girls, but the cubicles were too high up to see any other couples. The food was placed on the table, his plate was huge, with scents of spices that made Shazia's mouth water, Shazia's plate was then placed down, it was a smaller plate, almost the size of a saucer with two leafs of lettuce, a baby carrot; baby corn and two cherry tomatoes. Basically it was about two mouthfuls, but at least the presentation was nice!

Shazia started to eat, watching her date with his napkin tucked into his shirt and him slurping like a greedy pig. "Is it nice Shazia!?" he asked between mouthfuls "Yes, thank you!" she politely lied "I think it is important women don't eat too much, that they keep slim!" he said "Yes, I agree!" she said remaining polite cutting the baby carrot into 3 sections Finally both had finished, he suggest that they got up and danced, Shazia followed him to the dance floor, he grabbing her wrist walking too fast for her heels.

Finally on the crowded dance floor, she looked around, many of the men were all ranging in the mid 30s to mid 50s, the girls like her slim; young and sexy, but dressed like sluts.

He grabbed her, winding on her dancing to the music, she could feel his cock on her thigh, his hands grabbing her firm round ass and he bit her neck. She looked around and saw Mala, she looked at Mala for some sort of help, but she put her thumb up as if to indicate that Shazia was doing well, her herself nasty slut cums from dickriding hardcore and cumshots groped, but she was placing her hands down his trousers groping back.

Shazia, looked around and noticed that most of the girls were reciprocating their gropes and decided she better do the same, alex french american fakes by packboydys undid his zip, and searched for his cock through his boxer shorts.

He grabbed her free hand and pulled her back to the booth, the table now moved out, leaving a small coffee table but the open booth like a curved sofa. "Go to the toilets and make yourself presentable!" he ordered "OK!" said Shazia confused running to the toilets She looked at herself, her dress now showing both of her tits, he make up needing re-applying and her hair needing brushing.

"Shazia?" screamed a voice "Lia?!" said Shazia in relief "How is it going babe?" she asked all confident looking at herself in the mirror "Erm, he is very rude!" said Shazia "They all fucking are, remember they are choosing YOU, we just want their money!" she advised "I know, but ." said Shazia "But what babe, this ain't no bollywood movie!" shouted Lia as the other girls laughed "I know, but I just cant!" she said "Yes you can, cos Mustafa don't keep girls here for more than a month, so try!" warned Lia "Well where do they go?" asked Shazia "They go to work as street whores!" said another girl listening "Yep, now get on with it!" said Lia as she left Shazia ran back to her booth, this time making more of an effort, she sat on his knee and nibbled on his neck, his hands going up her dress grabbing her thong, ripping it off and throwing it on the floor, it was soon picked up by a waiter and binned.

He inserted his fingers in her pussy, she flinched as her clit tingled, she undone his shirt revealing his hairy fat body and then slid on the floor between his legs undoing his trousers and pulling out his cock, he sat back smoking a cigar as she began to suck on his meatstick getting it erect.

She looked up as she saw the girl in the next booth stripping, she must be standing on the table, thought Shazia inspiring her to do the same. She stood on the coffee table, the other girl looking over winking as Shazia started to dance and strip. Her clothes now fully off, he was still erect, he stood up and picked her up over his shoulders and walked her out of the club, she felt ashamed walking past so many people, the men cheering and whistling.

Down the corridor they past two waiters, both of whom did not blink as they become used to what they saw. They took the lift down to the 15th floor, still in her cavewoman state, he opened his room door and threw her on the bed.

Taking the remaining clothes off he had on, he climbed on top of her, fucking her hard, similar to the way Ahmed pounded her. She was starting to feel the sensations as she pushed back up against him, determined to also climax.

Finally in tandem they both came. He sat up on the bed, looking at her. "You can go now!" he said as he picked up the television remote. Shazia was a bit shocked, it was not the ended she planned. She looked around realising her clothes were still in the club, but he didn't seem to care and told her to hurry up.

She opened the door, making sure the coast was clear and ran down the corridor holding her heels in her hand, her boobs bouncing. She got to the lift and realised she had no card, it was in her bag and that also was in the club. She looked around, hoping no one could see her, but also hoping someone would help her, feeling vulnerable she froze not knowing what to do.

About 5mins past, and a man came out from the lift, he was with a girl from the bar, the whole floor was obviously just for the prospective husbands. She asked if he could let her on the 33rd floor, but he said his card didn't permit him. The girl said there was no point as she couldn't get in her room and she needed to go get her card from the bar, they swiped the lift open and swiped in for her to get onto the club floor.

The doors opened, she looked out there was a lot of people, some men taking their prospective wives to sexual pleasure in the corridor, strangely they didn't look at her, she was just another naked woman. She ran to the bar, directed to the side entrance, she entered a cubicle where she explained to a guard she lost her bag with her card in it. They didn't seem to helpful, but let her in saying she could look. She went in, a few men looking at her naked body she made her way to cubicle 73 which was cleaned out.

She looked everywhere and then asked a waiter. She was desperate as men were now staring as she bent over looking under tables. A waiter suggested she went into the kitchen to ask staff, not thinking she took his advice, walking in to a blazing hot kitchen with 3 men who were turned on by what they saw. "Erm, I have lost my purse!" she said "Sorry, no English" said what appeared to be the chef "My card, erm. card!" she said pointing at the chefs id "Ah, key?" said another cook "Yes, Yes.

key!" said Shazia excited they understood The men were no surrounding her, soon joined by the waiter to suggested she came in, he locked the kitchen door making Shazia realising how vulnerable she was. The chef picked her up and placed her on the stainless steel worktop, it was freezing, but refreshing as the heat of the grills were making her sweat.

The chef ordered one of the kitchen staff to get something, he ran off and instead of returning back with the key, he arrived back with a courgette, which confused Shazia.

The chef spread her legs open, pushing her to lay down as he inserted the courgette into her pussy. Shazia screamed as he rammed it in, but the men just got even more excited and started to pull their dicks out, moving closer to her and touching her body. The chef then pulled her up, turned her so she was sitting on the edge and placed her legs over his shoulders and inserted his cock, he began to pound her, she screamed but the waiter said that no one could hear her outside, and if they could the music was too loud, but Shazia was screaming from the thrusts more than calling for help.

He soon came, but she was then fucked by the next guy in the queue as she realised she was being trained. Finally the dishwasher got his turn, her body now limp as she had cum twice, but the guy was waiting his turn and he was hardly caring if Shazia was up for it or not. The chef pulled her off the worktop once the dishwasher finished, she could stand her legs were stretched so far, but he stopped her from falling.

The waiter asked her what table she was on, Shazia told him 73 and the waiter left, the men throwing her a rag to clean the worktop whilst the went back to cleaning the kitchen. The Waiter came back with a small shoebox with the number 73 on it, inside was her dress and purse. She put the dress on and grabbed her bag, she ran out of the kitchen, through the bar and towards the lift. Finally making it to her room, Shazia fell on her bed and asleep.

The next morning Shazia had a long soak in the bath, she came back to her room and saw another letter under her door. She had two dates, one at 1pm for lunch and one in the evening at the bar. Also enclosed was a comment card, it was from her date last night, it said it was her copy and a copy is kept by the marriage company.

She opened it and read it. Sexiness: 5/5 Body: 5/5 Attitude: 1/5 Entertainment: 1/5 Marriage Proposed: No Comments: This girl was not up to standard to be a wife to a man of high calibre like me, I am disappointed in the quality the company has presented, she obviously needs further training.

Although her body was amazing and she was sexy, she had no idea of how to please a man and was extremely boring.

Shazia began to shake, she was both angry and disgusted. The phone rang, it was Mustafa, he said he read the report and it was disappointing, but he understood it was her first time. However, he wanted an improvement or she had to return to Mr Ahmed or worse go to the street team.

Shazia understood and promised Mustafa she will try harder. The maid came, collected her washing and cleaned her room, she ordered breakfast and then prepared for her lunch date. She wore a pink boobtube and mini-skirt with matching Barbie pink heels. She walked to the cafe on the 18th Floor and reported to the waiter her name and number.

He seated her to the table by the window, which overlooked a patio and pool, her date was not yet there. There was an air of sophistication about the cafe, although the 8 tables with customers were all older men with young girls in skimpy outfits. Finally her date arrived, he was 43 and of average build. He sat down and asked her if she was ok to order, Shazia recommended he ordered for her, which impressed her.

They sat and spoke about girls. "I am reluctant to have a girl from the UK!" he said "OH, why is that?" she asked "They have lost their morals Shazia, no respect for men!" he said "I understand, but that is why i came to Pakistan, to moralise myself!" she replied "Hmmm, still I mean can you obey orders?" he asked eating his lunch "Of course I can!" she replied eating her salad "OK, let us test this. take of your knickers and place them on the table now!" he ordered "OK!" replied Shazia taking off her thong and placing the on to the table "Nice!" he said holding them "Right, go outside on your hands and knees and bark, I will watch you!" Shazia looked in amazement, but got on her hands and knees, her arse in the air skirt etched up with pussy showing she crawled barking, amusing the whole cafe including the women laughing along with the men.

She got to the patio doors, sliding them open to the scorching heat, she crawled and surprised the few people brave enough to be outside. She crawled to the window facing her date and smiled as she barked, he called over a waiter who cleared the plates, she was a bit annoyed as she had only had one spoonful, but carried on barking whilst the men and women all stared.

The waiter then came over to her placing a bowl of water and her salad, she started to eat it like a dog. Her date then knocked on the window ordering her to return, he greeting her at the door and placed his belt around her neck like a leash, and also putting her bag around her neck, then walked her out of the cafe, she still barking whilst everyone laughed and clapped.

She felt so stupid and humiliated, her face going red and her stomach turning as she felt sick with her actions. Her date walked her down the corridor, the whole floor was set up like a mini entertainment centre with a casino, a theatre, shops, bars and restaurants only for the special bride seekers.

He walked her proudly passing by a variety of men, all laughing and staring, some even stroking her like she was a real dog. He then walked her to the lift to his room, he patted on the bed and she climbed up, her ass in the air, he undid his trousers and inserted his cock into her ass, tugging randomly on the belt occasionally strangling her as he pounded her tight ass.

He came in her ass, pulling the leash he guided her to turn around, she was now facing his dripping cock and started to lick it clean. He undone the leash and she stood up, her knees and back hurting, she stood up straight, etching her skirt back down and rearranging her boob-tube. "Well Shazia, you have convinced me that UK Girls can obey!" he said "Thank you!" she answered "But your ass was not virgin, have you had anal before?" he asked "Yes Sir!" she replied "You are a slut!" he said laughing "Yes Sir!" she replied "Ha ha, ok I will call for you again if I want to!" he said indicating he had finished Shazia ran back to her room, it was already 4pm and she had to get ready for her next date.

She showered and got dressed into an electric blue bikini top with short micro skirt and crystal heeled sandals.

She called the salon to see if they could do her hair and ran for a last minute appointment. She called Aalia who said that her date was at the casino and the other girls were going to the cinema, meaning that Shazia was going to the club on her own.

Shazia queued japanese mom big tits moms and went through the registration, the guard asked her if she wanted a bone, but she didn't get the joke.

She was on table 18, she walked around trying to find the table, hearing a few barks as she walked past tables, it dawned on her how many men saw her dog act and she felt so ashamed as the men and women laughed at her. She got to her table, her date a man in his late 50's with grey hair, overweight and chewing on a toothpick greeted her.

"Shazia!" he said happy to see her "Hello!" she said smiling "I have ordered, hope you don't mind!" he said "No, thank you very much!" said Shazia dreading another salad.

"How are you?" he asked "Fine, and you?" she asked looking around realising their booth was high up on a stage close to the dance-floor. "I am fine, very fine and you have fine boobies!" he said "WHAT? I mean. erm, thanks!" she said realising she showed how offended she was The food arrived and to Shazia's complete shock it was a dog bowl full of dog biscuits and another dog bowl full of water.

Her date laughed in hysterics, the waiter also smirking as Shazia could feel the whole club staring and her face burning red. "You know, ha ha ha, Shazia ha ha, you give a new definition to the word bitch!" he laughed "Ha ha!" Shazia forced a laugh "That was funny, where is the salad?" "Salad?

No Shazia this is your dinner!" he said as he stopped laughing "You serious?" she said "Yes, they got it in especially for you!" he said laughing again "I cant eat this!" she protested quietly "Yes you can bitch, everyone is waiting for you to and also you don't want me to score you badly do you Bitch?" he said angrily Shazia looked around at the peering eyes, the men all turned on by her torment and the women laughing along, but grateful that she was providing the entertainment, leaving them little work to do.

She picked up one of the biscuits and placed it in her mouth, the taste of soggy marmite soaked rubbery biscuits were revolting. The crowd starred and laughed, but her date was not impressed and asked her not to use her hands, but to eat and drink like a dog. Shazia looked at him, he was serious and she didn't want to get low scores.

She grabbed her hair into a rough ponytail and bent over into the bowl, lifting a biscuit with her tongue and flicking it more securely into her mouth, she heard the cheers and claps from the club as more and more people came around to watch, following the DJ announcing it to all. Her date was calm with the attention, eating his food normally, occasionally talking the audience and laughing.

Shazia was feeling so ashamed as she glanced up watching the crowd practically rolling on the floor laughing tanya cox a webcam hookup pornstars and brunette the women looking at her in disgust.

Her mouth was drying from the dry biscuits and she went to lick some water from the bowl, harder to do sitting up right she soaked her face and top. Finally, the ordeal was over as she finished the 20 biscuits, the crowd disbanded and she sat there humiliated and degraded awaiting her date to finish his feast.

He got up and walked her out of the club, she looked at him confused then assumed they would just go to his room for sex, but when she asked he looked at her and said he doesn't fuck dogs!

He walked to the lift and said he finished and for her to go. Shazia felt so small, how could he reject her? She decided to go for a walk, maybe check out some of the other venues, as she walked she could hear barks and shouts of random men calling her a dog or bitch. She walked towards the outdoor pool area, a group of random men were in the corner sitting and smoking, they either didn't have a date or were finished.

She walked past them, the cool breeze of the clear night she took a seat two tables away. She watched the stars, thinking about what just happened, then flew something hitting her head, she looked on the floor, it was a piece of kebab meat from a skewer, she looked over to the men who threw it and looked away "Hey you bitch, eat it!" shouted one of them as the rest laughed "Oi, did you hear him you dumb dog!" shouted another "EAT IT!" shouted another voice this time he was next to her pulling her hair Shazia was forced onto her knees, the other 2 men ran over as she bent over and chewed on the piece of kebab meat, she hearing the laughter coming from the three men standing over her.

"Damn, she is a dog!" said one of the men "All women are, this one at least knows it!" said another "This is true!" the third agreed "Get up dog!" ordered one of the men "Sit!" he continued "Why are you here alone?" asked another guy "My date has gone without me!" Shazia explained "What a bloody mad man!" shouted another "Did he fuck you?" asked the first guy "No!" answered Shazia "Very mad, very very mad!" said another guy "Well don't worry, we are here now" smiled the first guy They took her by the hand and walked with her, still outside the walked a good 5mins until reaching a garden area, it was huge, hard to believe they were 18floors up.

The lighting was dim, there was no one around, Shazia looked at the men as they walked her to the middle of the lawn. One pulled her bag off of her shoulders, throwing it to another she tried to grab it back, chasing it as they played piggy in the middle with her. "OK, enough bitch!" shouted one of the guys who had her bag "Please, my key is in there!" she pleaded "Well, we will play a game, if you win you get the purse understand?" he said "Yes!" she said "OK, we will stand in this 6meter square, you will be blindfolded, spun around and then on your knees you would have to find our cocks and suck them.

We wont move!" he explained "OK, I will do it!" said Shazia desperate to get her key back The guy pulled up her boobtube revealing her bouncy firm tits, he pulled it over her head and used it to blind fold her.

She couldn't see anything, they spun her around, ordering her to do another 20 spins on her own as they took their positions, getting their cocks ready. She finally stopped spinning, completely dizzy she fell to the ground, quickly gaining her composure she got on her knees crawling with her hands out. She started to feel the air, one of the guys then threw her bag to a vacant area, Shazia turning, believing someone was there she crawled fast to the area, going on for a good 8meters before they whistled her back.

She ran fastly back, grabbing on to a man, she felt around his trousers, finding his cock and started sucking. He came on her face and hair, she wiped off as much as she could looking for the 2nd guy, it was a good 5mins before she found him, she started to suck him and finally he came, she swallowed his load as she trotted off trying to find the 3rd guy, she found him and started to suck, he didn't take as long, already worked up by what he saw.

"Well done Shazia, now unfortunately you sucked one of us twice, so you still have one more! Claimed guy one. Shazia was gutted, she carried on looking, the guys lied as they quietly sneaked off leaving Shazia foolishly looking.

It was a good 15minutes before she called out and realised she was alone. She took her cum soaked boob tube off of her eyes and back around her tits, she then looked around for her bag, at first anal fucks pov in new pajama hardcore big dick that they had taken it, she saw a glimmer a few meters away and ran to grab it.

Believing it was unsafe for her to be on this floor alone, she ran back inside and made her way to the lifts, not realising she was drenched in cum. She waited for the lift, the usual barking and laughing taking place, she got in the lift and ran to her room and showered.

The next morning came, she awoke by a knock on the door, it was Lia and Aalia. "Hey, you ok?" asked Lia barging her way into her room "Yes!" said Shazia "We heard about the dog thing!" said Aalia "Oh, well.

everyone has!" said Shazia embarrassed "Damn girl, that is shameful, how did you feel?" asked Lia "I would rather not talk about it!" said Shazia getting back into her bed "Oh come on, I want to know!" demanded Lia "Lia, I am sure Shazia don't want to say how much of a degraded slut she feels!" said Aalia "Thanks!" said Shazia sarcastically "Well you know, you must feel ashamed?" said Aalia "I feel so degraded and used!" said Shazia "It was a stupid thing to do, you can only blame yourself!" said Lia with no emotion "I can't believe you ate dog food in front of everyone!" said Aalia in astonishment "That is nasty!" screamed Lia "Look, can we talk about something else, shall we go shopping?" asked Shazia "Erm.

well us lot are going to lunch to celebrate Mala's proposal!" said Aalia hesitantly "Oh wow, she is lucky!

What time we going?" asked Shazia "Erm, well.!" said Aalia looking at Lia "Listen Bitch, we ain't inviting you, your like a nasty dog we don't want to be seen with you" shouted Lia "WHAT!" screamed Shazia "You heard, you are like disgusting!" continued Lia "Get out!" screamed Shazia The two girls left as Shazia started to cry, she then noticed an envelope under her door.

She went straight to the feedback GUY ONE: Sexiness: 5/5 Body: 5/5 Attitude: 5/5 Entertainment: 10/5 Marriage Proposed: Maybe Comments: She is definitely worth another go! GUY TWO: Sexiness: 5/5 Body: 5/5 Attitude: 5/5 Entertainment: 5/5 Marriage Proposed: No Comments: She is purely for entertainment, i wouldn't fuck her or bring her into my house Shazia looked into the envelope, she had two dates, one for lunch in the casino and one for dinner in the theatre.

Shazia looked at the time and got ready, she had never been to a casino before, she wore a blue halter neck fishnet dress with an electric blue bikini underneath and black heels. She arrived at the casino, all the men in bow ties with a few women, men came to the casino to pass time between dates and rarely brought their dates to the casino, however a few did like Shazia's date.

Shazia was approached by the barman who said he would let her date know cameron dee giving head at strip club bar pornstars hardcore had arrived and to wait at the bar. A few minutes later her arrived stating her date was in the midst of a game in a private room and he asked her to join. Shazia walked over to the private rooms, entering where she was informed to, it was a dark smoke filled room with 5 men surrounding a table, a man looked up, and told her to stand by him to bring him luck as he puffed away on his cigar.

She did has she was told, not really understanding the rules of poker but acting interested. The round finished and her date lost, he was not in the best of moods. He introduced Shazia to the group of men playing "Ah, the dog girl!" remarked one of the men with all of the room laughing "Ha ha, yes the bitch!" said her date "You are a lucky man, I tried to book her and was told she was unavailable!" said another man "OK, another game boys?" said her date The new game started, all men in full concentration, the chips started to pile up in the middle of the table, a couple of the men pulling out until finally it was only her date and another going head to head.

The man raised with 100,000 Pakistani Rupees, her date said he would match but he had no chips, the man said he didn't take credit but accepted car keys or jewellery, her date looked in his pocket at his Mercedes Benz keys, the tension in the room was intense.

He looked at Shazia, she shrugged her shoulders indicating she didn't know, he then looked at his opponent eye to eye "How about I bet the bitch?". Shazia's heart jumped, she felt disgusted, his opponent smirked and agreed. To Shazia's shock her date lost and in a fit of fury he grabbed Shazia and pushed him towards her new owner. Her new date took his chips and grabbed Shazia taking her to his room.

Shazia sat on his bed as has he stood over her, stroking her skin through her netted dress. "Tell me Shazia, are you enjoying fake agent cums on pussy on a desk in casting he asked "Erm, yes of course!" she said faking a smile "Ha ha, you will never make it to be an actress!" he said walking away "I'm sorry!" she said "Its ok, I am ordering young chesty ruby toy her pussy softcore and big tits what would you like?" he asked looking at the room service menu "You order!" she said submissively "Now, Shazia I thought you would prefer to eat here, alone with me rather than in public, we can eat out or in the room which one?

And 'you choose' is not an answer" he said then smiling "In here please" she replied smiling "Good, now would you like a salad or.!" he asked "Erm, I don't really like salad!" she responded "Good neither do I!" he responded "Biriyani?" he asked "That would be great!" she replied smiling He ordered and then sat down at the table, pulling out a seat for her whilst they waited for the food.

He asked her about herself, what she did back in the UK and how she ended up in Lahore, he seemed genuinely interested, Shazia forgetting all of her training and being honest.

The food came, Shazia looked at him as he went to answer the door, he was older, a bit chubby but his personality was nice. They ate and talked more about Bollywood Movies. Shazia looked at the time, she said she had to go as she had another appointment and she was really sorry, he told her not to worry he understood and she left. She got ready in her room for the next date, when there was a knock on the door, it was Mustafa.

"Hey Shazia!" he said excited "Hi. is everything ok?" she said worried "Yes, of course!" he replied "Oh ok, you scared me, I need to get ready!" she said "Well, there has been a change of plan!" he said "Oh please Mustafa, the dog thing, please it wont happen again!" she pleaded "Dog thing?.

anyway, no its good news!" he said confused "Good news?" she asked "Yes, you have a proposal, not happy that he dated you via a poker game, but a proposal is a proposal, Mr Malik would like to start proceedings straight away!" he explained "Proceedings?" she asked shocked, but relieved it was him "Yes, we go to the registry office on the 4th floor and tomorrow you leave as Mrs Malik!" he said "So quick?" she said nervously "Well, if you want you can do it tomorrow and celebrate with the other girls!" he said "No, its ok we can do it now!" she said realising she had no friends "Brilliant, I will get you a sari and you will be collected at 7pm!" he said rushing out Shazia sat back on her bed, confused, this is what she wanted but now she was having doubts.

There was a knock on the door and two women came in ready to dress her, thankfully has putting on a sari alone was tough. She was finally dressed and taken to the 4th floor met by Mustafa who was wearing a suit. She walked with him to the registry office, looking at Mr Malik he smiled as the minister exchanged a few words and then they signed the certificate. That was it, she was now married! Mr Malik shook hands with Mustafa, then he turned to Shazia "I will see you tomorrow, then we go!" he said "Oh, I thought we could go now!" she replied "We could, ok you pack and I will get the arrangements ready!" he said smiling She ran upstairs, changing out of her sari, she packed her clothes in the case and left all her loaned clothes on the bed folded.

She waited in her room, still stunned, the driver knocked on the door and escorted her via the front of the hotel to a car, where Mr Malik her husband was waiting. They drove for a good 45mins, until they arrived at a grand house with huge iron gates, there was a barrier at the door with a guard who checked who was in the car then lifted the barrier.

The house was beautiful, all white and a pool with palm trees. The servants greeted them as they pulled up, taking their bags from the car as Shazia followed her husband to the lounge. The lounge was massive, with air conditioning and plush deep red carpets. He poured a drink, offering her a coffee or tea and then ordering the servant to get her one. He put the TV on, sitting next to her they watched an old Bollywood movie and stayed in silence.

"Not much of a honeymoon hey?" he said "Its ok, we moist attractive hottie is a perfect fuckmate hardcore and blowjob time for holidays later I guess!" she replied "Yes, well let me put your passport into the safe and then we can go to bed!" he replied She was a bit shocked to hear he had her passport, after all she hadn't seen it since she gave it to Faisal back in Leeds, UK.

However she trusted it would be ok. He returned and escorted her to the bedroom, he laid her down and kissed her body, gently laying on top of her he slid his cock smoothy inside her now dripping wet pussy, licking and softly sucking on her nipples she was really enjoying it.

They both came in tandem It was a good 4 months of marital bliss for Shazia, Mr Malik was the ideal husband, often away on business but romantic and financially generous. Shazia led the life of a rich socialite shopping and dining in the finest spots and wearing the most expensive designer clothes.

She had servants, a driver and guards so never needed to want for anything, however that was all about to change. Shazia arrived back home from another expensive shopping trip, Mr Malik was away on business and was not due back for another few days. Shazia made her way to the living room and was surprised to see a group of men sitting down drinking tea served by her maid.

"Shazia?" asked one of the men as he stood up "Yes?!" asked Shazia concerned and looking at her maid who soon disappeared "Nice, very nice please sit" he said looking at her body "Sit? This is my house I will stand thank you!" she said abruptly "As you wish!" responded the man smirking at the others as he sat "Who are you?

What has happened?" My Husband is not here!" she said panicking "We know Mr Malik is not here, he is celebrating his honeymoon!" said the man "WHAT!!!" she screamed "ARE YOU STUPID HE IS MARRIED!" "No you divorced yesterday!" he explained handing her a piece of paper "But I haven't agreed to this!" she said "Ha ha, in Pakistan you are the property of your husband, he makes the decision to keep you or release you!" explained the man pretty amused "I want to speak to him now!" she said walking towards the phone "Erm, Shazia please Mr Malik has asked for you to correspond via us!" explained the man taking the phone from her hands "Who are you?" she asked "His divorce lawyer, he keeps me very busy!" smiled the man "You mean he does this often?" she asked now falling into a seat "Very often, every 6-12months.

Its cheaper than prostitution he feels!" explained the man "So what happens to his ex wives!" she asked confused "Oh, he takes care of them they can either be placed in a new marriage bureau or they are free to go!" he stated "Go where?" she asked confused "Well that is up to you, but you have no money no assets and have to leave within the next hour!" he explained coldly looking at his watch "Am I going back to Mustafa?" she asked "No, he doesn't accept used goods you are now a divorcee his clients don't take those!" said the man "Then where?" she asked "Another bureau like Mustafa's place but for divorcees now shall we?" tanning salon blonde molly mae fucking big dick said impatiently "OK, I will pack!" she said "Pack?

Your servants have packed the possessions you arrived with, all else is property of Mr Malik" he said pointing to her case Shazia followed the men in the car outside, her guards and driver staring with no remorse or shock of what was happening.

They drove for approximately an hour arriving at a very run down shanty town within the city. The car pulled up outside a video shop, the guards opened the door and the lawyer told her to hurry. They walked through the shop, towards the back where suddenly the films changed from Bollywood to hardcore porn and a few sex toys, the shop had a few random dirty men inside looking at the film selections.

They walked to the back of the shop to a door that said private, within the room was an older man, overweight and smoking a cigar. He shook hands with the solicitor and exchanged a few brief words, the solicitor handed over an envelope with her passport, he checked the documents and placed them in his top draw then pulled out a tin handing over the solicitor money before he left.

"So Shazia, welcome!" he said smiling "I am Iqbal!" "Hi!" she said nervously "So show me what you go!" he said placing his feet on the table "Erm, well I don't have much!" she said turning to her case "No games Shazia I meant strip .

NOW!" he said angrily "Oh, sorry!" she said realising as she took her clothes off "Wow, very nice Mr Malik always did have good taste!" he said licking his lips "Thanks!" she said trying not to cry "Jump on!" he said pulling out his cock and sitting on his chair Shazia walked over, climbing onto him legs either side she placed his cock inside her pussy and began to ride him, getting faster and faster as he licked her boobs and started groan as he was getting closer to climax.

Shazia just wanted to him to hurry up and cum, she pushed her energy to pounce harder and harder, screaming queen of spades takes new bbc in her ass as she did and losing herself, finally he came. A few minutes later as Iqbal re-composed himself he looked at Shazia "Very college nasty girls strip and flash little boobs at a sex party slutparty hardcore, this is the good thing about the British invasion, they allowed our women to go to the UK and learn how to be sluts like their women!" he said laughing "Thank you!" said Shazia almost as if she was complimented "Ok, well put your underwear back on, and Raz will take you to the bar upstairs!" he said as Raz came into the room She walked with Raz through another door from Iqbals office, Raz explained how things worked in "Rundi Place" "All girls go to the bar, they socialise with clients.

Clients will take the girl they want to the barman who will give a key with a room number on the next floor" He explained simply "Where is my room?" she asked "You don't have a room, all girls go to the dorm on the top floor when their shift is over!" he said The arrived at the dark lit bar, there was about 8 other women and 4 clients all who had looked over.

Raz spoke to one of the girls who came over as Raz left the room "So you are the new girl!" said the girl "Yes, erm I think so!" said Shazia nervously "Oh, an English girl. well I am Nyla!" she said "Hi I am Shazia!" replied Shazia "Well, come sit and watch for a few minutes!" said Nyla walking back to the table "So when are you allowed to the dorm?" she asked "Already? Shifts are between 10-12hrs Shazia you have a long way to go!" said Nyla "Wow, that's long!" said Shazia shocked "Sometimes it can be longer if they have more clients, they want about 5 more girls than men so the men have a choice!" she explained "How many girls live here?" asked Busty slut gets a big dick girlfriend homemade 30, the dorm is the same size as this bar so can get pretty babe karlie brooks gets humped and facialized said Nyla "Oh, so how many get married?" she asked "Married?

Ha ha Shazia these men are not here for marriage!" she said laughing "But.! ok!" said Shazia not wanting to look any more naive "OK Watch!" ordered Nyla as a new guy walked in Nyla walked over to him, getting into his clutches and stroking his cock through his trousers as they walked to the bar. He ordered two drinks and Nyla began drinking hers whilst randomly biting his neck and overtly flirting. It was about 5mins before he called over the barman and obtained a key, then leaving with a giggly Nyla towards the door.

It wasn't long until more men came through the door, the guard called her over and told her to make herself useful. She looked around at the men, all low class manual workers, she walked over to one of them, a dark man with a moustache he spoke little English but showed his delight with his hands.

He started to pull her top down, exposing her firm double D boobs and then spat on them, licking and sucking away, Shazia froze as she looked around and the few free men crowded around stroking their cocks.

She looked at the guard for some sort of busty older blonde with tats rides dick and you know she was a bad ass teen but he smiled at her discomfort. She was pulled into a corner by the man, who laid her down across two bar tables as he crouched over still sucking hard onto her tits. The crowd of 4 men followed and watched, slowly starting to touch her in places where he wasn't, removing her knickers with force and rubbing her clit.

Shazia now felt intimidated, as the men started to remove their cocks from their pants slapping her across the face and getting braver with the excitement. Shazia tried to get up, but this increased their weight onto her, pinning her down and laughing. She looked over to the guard who was now with the barman and they watched the show as the crowd grew around her. She started to struggle as they began to insert their cocks into her pussy and ass, but it was no use and before she knew it she was being fucked in all holes and having her body sucked, licked and slapped.

She screamed, but this excited the crowd of 20 strong who cheered and shouted names at her, even the women were now looking on, smiling and probably happy that they could have a break. The men started to pound her harder, her head banging on the table, she screaming and crying. Finally the man in her pussy came, but he was replaced by another.

The crowd began to form a queue, replacing each hole as it became free like a factory conveyor belt, the cum was all over her body, causing her to slide around the table and drenching her hair. An hour had gone by, she had made over 10 men cum and she had climaxed about 6 times, her body was now exhausted, hot and sweaty, she felt faint and was going to pass out.

It was finally over after the 15th man, most of the bar had cum either by participating or by wanking at watching her being gang fucked. She couldn't get up, even though the men had let her go, her eyes closing she was then poked by the guards baton. "Get up bitch!" he shouted "Huh?" she mumbled opening her eyes which were glued shut with cum "UP NOW YOU SLUT!" he shouted "Ok!" she said, looking around realising the corner had been sealed off but there was still on lookers She tried with all of her might to get herself up, but she couldn't find the energy, finally she pulled herself up but then slipped on the cum and fell off the table in a puddle of cum on the floor, the bar all laughed as her ripped bra dangled around her neck and she was on all fours.

The barman arrived with a small bowl of soapy water and a rag, she looked up and he instructed her to clean up the mess she created. She looked around at the cum soaked carpet, the cum from the table dripping down and a few used condoms all over the floor. She grabbed the wet rag and started to clean on her hands and knees to the entertainment of all the bar. It took 45mins to get the place cleaned, every muscle in her body ached as she got up when she finished, tripping over her knickers that got caught up around her ankle.

The guard poked her in the direction she should walk, leading her to the toilets which were only mens. The brightness of the light hurt her eyes as she was pushed in, the guard made her look in the tarnished mirror, cum caked dry all over her body, her hair all sticky and her make up all smeared. The door opened and 5 men came in with the barman, the guard poked her towards the urinals and she stepped down into them.

The men crowded around, joined by the guard and began pissing on her, the guard instructing her to start using the hot urine to wash herself clean as they directed their spray on her face, hair and tits. They finally stopped and left the toilets, the guard threw her a rag and asked her to use the water in the toilet to finish off. He then took her back through the bar and upstairs to the dorms telling her that she had her training and her shift started in an hour so to get ready.

She looked around at the other women in the dorm, they teen amber gray gets horny and fucks her stud room mate heard or seen what happened. "You better hurry up and get ready!" said one of them "I can't go back there" cried Shazia "Why not?" asked the girl confused "They. they. raped me!" cried Shazia "Well you asked for it, you didn't even get paid for it!" said the girl unsympathetically "What?" shouted Shazia in shock "You stood there, the boss ain't going to be happy that you gave away so many fucks!" she said Shazia walked towards the bathroom, it was basic just a tub and a bucket of cold water.

Shazia washed herself and came out in the towel, she looked around for her bag but the girls said she had to wear anything from the joint wardrobe. She put on a small miniskirt and halterneck top, both black and a pair of knickers. She couldn't find a bra in her cup size. The door opened and the girls due to start their shift, including her all lined up and were taken downstairs to a back room led by a new guy she never seen before. They had a briefing "Ok rundi's (whores) we are behind our target today following a group incident earlier so we have to make sure we turnaround the jobs faster!" he shouted meaning Shazia's incident "But sir, we can't work any faster!" said another girl "Yes we can, you have no choice and will work overtime until you all get 8 jobs each!" he shouted "EIGHT!

Its hard to get 5 in a 4hr shift!" screamed another girl "Well stop arguing and get on with it you worthless bitch!" he shouted "This is your fault you dumb slut!" shouted the girl towards Shazia The girls all walked out, Shazia was isolated but also still sore and very tired. She couldn't believe that she had just been gang raped and no one cared, instead they blamed her. She walked out and started to chat to some of the men, convincing one desperately to come with her upstairs.

The man gave his token to partying for cocks and cum shots in the club guard and he passed over a key, they walked to the room where he locked the door and began to pull her clothes off and start fucking her. The four hour shift had come to an end, Shazia had only had 5 guys and was ordered to keep working until she reached 8, she was now tired and hungry but carried on not reaching the 8 until a further 4hrs.

Her shift finally finished at 2am, she went to the dorm and was given her box of food which included a few rice cakes, tap water and salad, needless to say it didn't satisfy her hunger. The next morning Shazia awoke by the guard banging on the bunk beds of everyone whilst he walked past, he then pinned the schedule up on the wall and all of the women went running to see what their tasks were.

Shazia went to look, she was on cleaning duty at 7am and then had a triple shift from 12pm 2am and a target of 15.

She was horrified as most others had a single 4 hour shift, but she got no sympathy from the other girls, some who laughed and commented on how it served her right.

Busty brunette ass dildo fucking on webcam got ready and went downstairs to clean the bar, all of horny brunette babe tori black masturbates for the camera glasses, the floor and the toilets, she finished at 11am and just had enough time to wash and get ready for her shift.

At 3pm, she was summons downstairs to see the boss "Ah, Shazia!" he said "Hello sir!" she replied nervously "I understand that yesterday you gave away freebies!" he said "No sir, it wasn't like that I was forced!" she cried "Well according to the witness statements from the guards and staff you were begging for it" he said "THATS NOT TRUE!" she screamed "Oh, is it not.

lets call in one of the guards!" he said as he called in a guard "Raja, please tell me your account!" "Yes sir, I was watching Shazia and she began dancing with a man I told her to stop as she hadn't had training but she told me to go away and started to get the man to suck on her tits in the bar.

I told her to go with him upstairs and get his token, but instead she went with him into the corner. It was too late to do anything as she called over 4 more customers and told them to start playing with her and fuck her for free. She called over more men, but I told them that they couldn't however she was teasing them and calling for more cock. In the end I managed to control the crowd but I passionately kissing natasha malkova makes 15men had already got away without paying.

A further 20 men had been satisfied by just watching so we had lost 35 sales" "HE IS LYING!" screamed Shazia "SIT DOWN!" Shouted the boss "Thank you Raja!" as Raja left the room "He is lying, they forced me!" she said crying "I watched the CCTV Shazia and it tallies with what he is saying, the barman and several other girls confirm what he said!" said the boss "They are all lying!" she cried "Now Shazia, that is not true.

however the CCTV was hot and we will be selling it!" he smiled "Please, I was forced, I am so upset by what happened!" she pleaded "Upset?" he said confused "Yes, I feel violated and humiliated" she said "Right, but why? You are obviously very good at group sex you should be proud!" he said "Proud?" she screamed "Yes, in fact its a new market I could sell!" he smiled The door opened and the guard came in saying he needed to come upstairs, he told Shazia to wait.

Shazia looked around the room realising she was on her own, she walked over to the top draw and pulled out the envelope which contained her passport and also took some money she found. She sneaked out of the front, her heartbeating hard scared she will be caught.

She got to the shop at the front and told the sales assistant she had to go to the shop to get some cola as they had run out, the sales assistant was confused but she convinced him and started walking. She got out onto the road and then ran as fast as she could. She ran for a good ten minutes and then got in a taxi asking to go to the tourist area, the taxi driver was shocked to see a girl dressed like her but drove her to the tourist area.

She ran into a hotel and booked a room, which she paid for and hid upstairs making calls to see how she could get a ticket back to the UK. She got a ticket for the following day, so she slept. The next morning she got up and there was two Police officers knocking on her door.

She was relieved to see them, they were surprised but took her to the Police Station, little did she know she was being arrested for theft, she was imprisoned awaiting trial.

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(The scene is now back with the prison governor) "Well Shazia, this is one hell of a story!" said the Governor "Its the truth sir, please believe me!" she pleaded. "OK return to your cell and I will make enquiries!" said the Governor Shazia was relieved that he was listening, she just wanted to go home.

She went back to her cell and fell asleep. The next morning she was awoken by the guards who took her into see the Governor. "Shazia, we have investigated your story!, officers last night went to the places you said were staying including your husband" he started "Yes?" she said "They do not exist!" he said "What?" she screamed "The man who you say you were married to is a respected business man, there is no evidence you married not records of this!" he explained "But I signed the certificate!" she shouted "The hotel you say you were married in doesn't have a marriage licence but the hotel does remember you!" he went on "Good, see!" she said "They remember you worked there as a waitress but left after money unusual czech sweetie opens up her tight vagina to the special missing, the video shop also say you worked there and stole money!" he continued "They are lying!" she screamed "The house you stayed in stated they did employ you as a cleaner and you weren't very good so they dismissed you!" he went on "Oh please they are all lying!" she pleaded "Well they are all pillars of the community Shazia, like me and they would never do things like what you are suggesting!" he said "You?

You sold me in water shows!" she screamed "Now, that is going to be hard to prove!" he said smirking "You bastards!" she shouted "Don't worry Shazia, I have spoken to my colleagues in the UK and as you are a British Citizen you will be returned there for your trail" he said "Really?." said Shazia excited that justice will be served "Yes, the police say that your family haven't reported you missing though, they claim you are married and live in Dubai" he said "What.

you sure?" she asked "Yes, they said that you did runaway which was shameful to the family so they didn't report it, but then a few weeks later you wrote to them saying you married a sheik but he is of high class and rich, you hadn't told him you were from a low class family, they paid the dowry to save face and were happy you had married well" he explained "That's not true!" she said crying "Anyway, you should start packing, your flight is booked for 3pm so you better hurry!" he said Shazia ran back to her cell, the guard bought her items and she was escorted to the airport.

The guard explained that she will be greeting on the plane by the UK representative who is to sit with her but handcuffs will not be used as it is a civilian flight. Shazia was released at the steps of the plane, wearing the only clothes she had, the black mini-skirt and halter neck top. She walked down the aisle to her seat at the back of the plane, where there was two seats. She sat down and no one was there, the flight started to pack out and then the seatbelt sign came on, still no one came to sit with her.

Then just before take off, a man came from behind "Hi Shazia!" he said as she turned around "Faisal?" she said shocked "Yes!" he said smiling as he sat down next to her placing his hands on her thigh "You are a police officer?" she said confused "Ha ha, you are as dumb as I remember!" he said laughing "I don't understand!" she said "Don't worry Shazia you will, just sit back and doggy style pussy licking with stephanie and isabel, maybe we can visit the mile high club in a few hours!" he said laughing "But.

hold on I get it!" she said smiling "You do?" said Faisal shocked and confused "You are rescuing me, they think your police but when we get to the UK I'll be free!" she whispered "Ha, you are smart. you are right I am not police!" he said winking and she winked back They arrived in the UK, Shazia relived that she was now back in the UK and once out of the airport she became intrigued about what happens next. They took a taxi to a hotel close to the airport and then settled in to their room "Right Shazia, I will order room service and we will talk after you freshen up" he winked.

Room service arrived just as Shazia came out of the shower wrapped in a towel. "Nothing like a proper shower!" she said smiling "So, you enjoyed your trip I hear?" he said smirking "It was awful Faisal I cant wait to go home!" she said looking at the salad he ordered her "Well, there is a problem your family believe your home is in Dubai!" he said eating his steak "What do you mean, they said that in the prison!" she said confused "Yes, apparently someone wrote to them." he said smirking "Well it wasn't me so when I go back I'll explain!" she said not realising it was Faisal "You'll break their heart!" said Faisal "How do you mean?" said Shazia "Well they think you have done good and they paid £20,000 dowry!" he said "£20,000!!!

Where did they get that money from?" she shouted shocked "Not sure, probably sold off your mothers jewellery and borrowed!" he said smiling "Oh no, thats awful!" she said upset "Well, Shazia to have a daughter runaway in our culture is not good!" he explained "But, if I go back and say it didn't work.!" she tried to explain "OH, and say you're a divorcee, that will shame them more!" he said "I guess." she said realising "And they paid so much, so they will be mad!" he continued "Yes, you are right!" she said getting more upset "Besides, if you do go back and they do forgive you then someone might send them this!" he said giving her an envelope "What is this?" she said intrigued and opened it "Its a few pictures of you ." he said laughing "How, oh no.

but how did you get these?" she said in shock "I really like that gang bang in the bar, the CCTV footage was good quality!" he said laughing "But, who gave these to you?" she said confused "That is irrelevant but there is 4 sets of them, one for your family, one for your local mosque, one for the local shop keeper and one for isis taylor got her pussy drilled nicely chair of your mums Womans Association!" he explained "They cant see this!" she screamed "Exactly, so you cant go home, you have no money and no where to stay, what shall we do!" he said smirking "I will tell the police you helped me escape!" she said not thinking "I didn't help you escape you dumb whore!

I was contacted by the prison Governor two weeks ago saying you'd been caught and I bought you back!" he explained chewing his food "But why?" she cried "I listened to your interview tapes, your adventures made me cum so many times!" he laughed "Its not funny, I was raped and abused!" she cried "It is very funny and you enjoyed it!" he said taking her half eaten plate and putting it away "So now what?" she asked "Well, I'll put you up, but the skills you learnt in Pakistan need to make me money!" he said "Skills?" she said "Yes, cleaning, dancing and of course prostitution, don't worry I'll save you barking like a dog for special clients!" he laughed putting the plates outside the door "You heard about that?" she asked "Yes, very funny!

Now you have to replenish your wardrobe so get on the internet I have saved some shops I have accounts with in the favourites!" he said passing the laptop "How much do I have?" she asked reluctantly "Ha ha, your family gave me £20,000 so shop as much as you want!" he laughed The next morning they checked out of the hotel and drove back to Leeds, they pulled up at a small cottage near the countryside, it was isolated and very little traffic.

It was a nice cottage, had a swimming pool and a wooded area, Shazia was shown to her "office" which was an overdone bedroom that will be used for her clients. She walked around as Faisal went outside to be by the pool, it was a beautiful place. By lunchtime she was already doing domestic duties making lunch and cleaning his clothes. The next day her clothes arrived from the array of clothing companies, Faisal asked her to unpack them all and bring them to the living room.

He set up the camera equipment and she tried on the clothes, modelling each of the 45 outfits around the house and garden whilst he took pictures.

Shazia was modelling from 8am until gone midnight, cooking in between for Faisal, she was exhausted. Faisal was pre-occupied after the photo-shoot with his laptop and allowed her to go to bed at 2am when she finished cleaning. He woke her up the next morning all excited, she opened her eyes and saw a load of flyers with her naked pictures all over them.

She was disgraced as it was flyers selling her for sex, he then with pride showed her the website all of her pictures were uploaded, however the naked ones required paid membership. "What is this?" she screamed "Its my new business venture!" he smiled "But, what if people see!" she asked "Oh well!" he said not bothered "I am serious, what if my family see!" she screamed "What they going to do Shazia, disown you?" he laughed "That's not funny!" she shouted "Well besides, its a good business and they funded it!" he said smirking "Get lost!" she cried "Get ready, your first client is coming at 11am and you have 4 bookings today, not bad for day one!" he said Shazia got ready and awaited her first client, Faisal greeted him at the door and took the money, then called her downstairs to collect him.

His name was Bob, a busty brunette audrey bitony fucking a large dick driver from out of town, overweight, hairy and about 40. Shazia took him upstairs, undressing him and sucking his cock until it was hard. She then placed him on the bed and climbed on top of him fucking him hard as she could.

He came and then left, Faisal spoke to him as he left and then came upstairs. "He said you were average!" said Faisal as Shazia changed the sheets "Really!" said Shazia feeling dirty "Yes, he recommended that you should smile more!" said Faisal "I'll take that on board!" said Shazia sarcastically "Good, I had to give him a freebie next week so improve!" he said sternly Faisal carried on taking bookings marketing her on websites and getting about 8 bookings a day.

In her spare time she had to take more pictures based on fan suggestions and a few videos. It had been 6months into her new career, Shazia was pulling in about 12 bookings a day, 7 days a week and doing a cam show every night. There was occasional parties and a few movies in the pipeline. Faisal often left to go Pakistan on business but managed the bookings via the net, Shazia knew she couldn't go anywhere so carried on in his absence.