Kinky young blonde brianna stars fucks her pussy with bananas

Kinky young blonde brianna stars fucks her pussy with bananas
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Police dogs Keywords (nc, rape, best) I suppose I was driving too fast. I suppose it was a bit stupid to overtake a van with "Police Dogs" on the back. But that was what I did. I didn't think the sort of police that looked after dogs had any powers of arrest due to motoring offences. Stupid or what? A mile or so later the Police van loomed large in my mirror and I saw the dreaded blue flashing lights.

There was a lay-by just ahead and I indicated my intention to pull over. I stopped in the lay-by. The police van pulled in front of me and stopped. The flashing lights were turned off. I sat in the car with my heart pounding in my chest. I was terrified. I didn't know what to do or say, so I just sat there and watched as the policeman got out of the van.

He opened the back doors of the van and two German Shepherds jumped out and stood by him. The three of them approached my car.

I had already opened the window. The cooling air was blowing through my strawberry blonde hair and the chill had made my nipples harden inside my dress. The policeman stood by the car window.

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He looked in and took in my short skirted dress, my huge tits straining the buttons on the dress and my now erect nipples. I couldn't sense a reaction from him he just said "Please step out of the car Miss". I opened the car door, he stood and held it open for me.

As I swung my leg out of the car it occurred to me that I should have been more careful. My button-through dress was so short that as my legs opened the bottom button was level with the top of my little ginger Brazilian landing strip.

My whole cunt was completely open and on show, my cunt lips were stuck to my thighs and therefore spread wide apart allowing him to see my pink pussy. I stammered an apology as I stood up in front of him. He was looking directly at my erect nipples straining through the thin cotton of my dress.

He asked to see my driving licence and I was forced to lean back into the car and across to the passenger seat to reach my bag.

I knew that my dress would have pulled up over my arse showing my naked arse cheeks. I cursed myself for not wearing knickers, I cursed myself for not wearing a bra and I cursed myself for overtaking a police van.

The policeman took my license from my hand and told me to step in front of the vehicle. Why do they call cars vehicles? He made me stand facing the windscreen of my car and told me to lean super bewitching strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose and lesbians and put my hands on the bonnet of the car and to spread my feet to shoulder distance apart.

I thought that this was probably to make it more difficult to run off as any sudden movement to abscond would catch his attention while he was reading the license and checking its validity with his computer connection.

Anyway, I did as he said. I could feel that the position pulled my dress up, but wouldn't put my arse on show, or maybe just a little of my arse cheeks. Why do I wear such ridiculously short skirts and no knickers?

I was looking straight ahead at the traffic approaching from behind my car, just an occasional car with the driver and any passengers gawking to see the idiot that had been stopped by the police.

It was then I first felt it. One of the dogs had put his nose up my skirt and was sniffing around my smelly cunt. I started to say something to the policeman but savoring nubiles juicy wet crack hardcore blowjob just told me to please be quiet while he checked my details. Unfortunately as he checked out my details his dog's tongue was checking out the inside of my vagina.

I could feel his tongue rasping from my clitoris to my anus, curling inside my open vagina as it passed on its journey.

I made as if to move. The policeman caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and told me to stand completely still or he would have to handcuff me. I stood still. The dog's tongue was driving me crazy with desire. My cunt was throbbing and I was desperate to stick my fingers in my cunt to get some relief.

I really needed to come. Then, without my help, I did. It just exploded from deep within. I uttered a long moan and simply collapsed onto the bonnet of my car as the orgasm spread from my throbbing clitoris all around all the erogenous zones between my thighs. This caught the attention of the policeman.

Not in the way I had expected though. "Miss, what have you done to my dog?". I looked back at him, still not daring to let go of the car.

"What do you mean" I asked. "Well, look at the poor creature" he demanded. I looked, but didn't understand, he looked perfectly normal to me, except after a few moments I realised he had a huge hard-on. "I can't put him back in the van with that" he said, "you'll need to calm him down". "Me?" I said, "how can I calm him down? It looks like he needs a bitch to fuck and that's not me".

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It was though. The policeman grabbed me from behind and forced me to the floor. I was out of sight of the road now. He simply lifted my mini-dress over my waist and kicked my ankles apart. He grabbed the meat of my cunt and squeezed hard. When he released me his fingers went deep into my wet cunt. Before seconds had passed the dog's cock was inside me.

I didn't realise dog's cocks could be so big, so hard and so energetic. The dog was fucking me so hard I was coming in seconds as his big sexy fake agent is all about hot fuck hit my cervix and his balls bashed my throbbing clitoris. The policeman stood watching.

After a while he told me to "grab the dog's dick at the base or he'll get his knot in you and you'll be there for 15 minutes until he can get it out". Startled, I did exactly as he said. It was like I was jacking the dog off while he fucked me. He continued to ram into me and I could feel the knot getting larger in my hand as he fucked both my hand and my cunt. It wasn't long before I began to feel the spunk rising from the dog's balls and he sprayed the inside of my cunt with his doggy spunk.

Because he could, he just pulled out and walked away. I made to get up but the policeman slapped my naked arse and told me to stay exactly where I was. I did as I was told only to be rewarded with the cock of the other police dog penetrating my hot, wet, cum-filled cunt.

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This dog was even bigger in length and girth. His cock completely filled my cunt. As soon as he started to fuck me I began to cum; obviously the policeman could see that my sexual pleasure had overtaken my reticence of being fucked by a dog.

Next thing he was kneeling briana oshea in fucking the cable guy front of me and pushing a big, hard cock between my lips. I was beyond fighting the law by this time and opened my mouth and let his push his cock inside.

I licked him and sucked him and the dog-fucking motions allow him to fuck my mouth as I was being fucked. As before I held the dog's cock to stop him from getting his knot into me.

I don't know whether it was the first time he had seen his two dogs fuck a young woman but for whatever reason he quickly came in my mouth and instructed me to swallow his spunk. I did. It was very salty. When his dog finally unloaded his balls into my cunt I had cum about five times and I was sweating and breathing heavily. The dog pulled his cock out of my cunt and loads of spunk gushed out after it, running down my thighs and making a puddle on the pavement.

I was still kneeling there with my arse in the air and my cunt dripping spunk when I heard the doors closing and the police van driving away.