Mother id like to fuck implements her smutty ideas

Mother id like to fuck implements her smutty ideas
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The sun was almost down now. I thought to myself, I wish I had went another round with the black men, before I let them go. I smiled. I went in and threw on a tee shirt and some shorts. I went around cleaning the house, while I waited for mom. She pulled into the drive, and headed for the door.

As she walked to the door, she looked good. I knew where I got my looks from. I smiled. I hope I look that good at 42, I thought to myself, as she walked into the house.

Hi honey, she said as she hugged and kissed me.

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Coffee is ready, lets sit and catch up, I told her. Where is the great white hunter? she asked, while laughing. She has never really liked Tom. Where do you think, he is in the woods with his buddies, I answered her. Wonder what they really do out there? she added. I smiled at her, who really cares, I answered. Mom are you seeing anyone these days. No baby, after your dad died, men have just been a pain in my ass, she told me.

Well mom, there is always women you know, I said to her. We laughed. I have been there too, she smiled and said. Thats my mom, I grinned at her. We could always talk about anything. We have been more like best friends, than mom and daughter. You look too good just to give up on sex, I told her. Oh baby, I havent done that, I just want men to leave me alone, until I am interested.

I know what you are saying, I told her. How is your sex life? she asked me. God mom ,you wouldnt believe me if I told you. That good? she asked. Well its a lot better right now, than it was three days ago, I answered.

Was that when Tom went hunting? mom asked me. Yes!, I smiled, and answered. Well baby tell me! she said. Mom, I told you, you wont believe me.

Baby, I am your mom, you can tell amateur teen fucked by bigcock before sucking amateurs reality anything, she smiled and said. Shit mom, I know that, its just I really cant believe it myself, I told her.

Tell me now Dottie, she said, I have got to know what you have been up to. I cant believe its all that bad, she added, and smiled at me. Well mom, last Sunday night Tom said that he wanted me to do his buddies, while he watched.

WHAT!, she said. What did you tell him? she asked intently. Well, thats not all of it, I told her.

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I was surprised she wasnt mad as hell. Your not mad? I asked. No baby, men can be that way at times, she said. What else happened? She really wanted to know. I could hear the excitement in her voice. He also wanted to watch me fucking one of his hounds, I told her, as I bowed my head. MY GOD!!, she said. What did you do?

she asked. I smiled a sheepish grin at her, I did it, I told her. YOU DID WHAT?, she asked. I did the dog, I replied. Her mouth fell open, she didnt say anything for a minute. Honey, you fucked a dog! she said. No mom, I answered, I fucked four dogs. FOUR DOGS! she said. Yes mom, last Sunday night, I fucked and sucked four of those dogs outside. Baby!, WHY?, you can have anyman in the world, she said. Its not like that mom, I was mad because he wanted a little more spice in our sex life, I explained.

Baby, you didnt. I interupted her, Mom, its ok, I loved it. YOU WHAT? she asked. Yes mom, I really loved it. REALLY? she asked, hanging on every word now.

Yes, you just cant believe how wonderful it was, I told her. God baby, was it really that good? she asked. I tried to tell you that you wouldnt believe this, I added. I am just shocked honey, I wasnt prepared for that bit of news, she smiled and said. I know mom, but it is really great. Did you do his buddies stunning french babe gets massage and fuck, she asked wide eyed. I knew my mom, she may be shocked, but if she wasnt really interested she wouldnt ask.

No, I answered, but I am going to, I added. YOU ARE? her eyes lit up. Yes damn it I am, I smiled and answered.

When are you going to do this? she asked. The first chance I get when they get back from this trip, I told her. Dottie, I had no idea you were into such things, she said. I didnt know it myself until Monday, I told her. What happened Monday?, she asked excitedly. I smiled at her, mom brace yourself, in the last seventytwo hours, your daughter had pulled a dog fucking train, and two gang bangs. Your sweet little girl has had cum baths, and also gotten into piss play too.

Her eyes were wide, and her body shook, as I told her my nasty story. MY GOD BABY! was all she could manage to say. Mom, ten black guys just left here, about fortyfive minutes before you walked in here, I told her. Mom, I let them all watch me suck, and fuck a dog, then I took all of their huge cocks. Mom was twisting in hardcore dad teen threesome and rough fuck seducing my stepfather seat now, I knew that she was getting hot.

That was getting me hot watching her squirm in the chair. Your excited now arent you mom? I asked. She blushed.

Come on mom, be honest, your a bit hot, arent you? I asked again. Well baby, I admit that I am, I have never had the nerve to do anything like that, she said. You really let ten black men fuck you awhile ago? she added. I laughed, mom, it was a family, three dads, and the other seven, I dont really think were old enough to drive yet, I answered her.

But, the answer is yes, ten black cocks, plus a dog, I added. Honey, you have more nerve than I do, she said. Not nerve mom, I am just horny for the nastiest sex that I can get. Baby, stop, she said. I could tell she wanted some cock right now, the way her ass was moving around in the chair. My pussy was wet, just talking to my mom this way. I stood up and went to the back door, mom?, I asked, as I opened the door, a blue tic hound came into the house.

Would you like to try that dog on for size? I asked, as I pointed to the dog. She blushed, baby, I dont. Dont say anything mom, I interupted her, just watch the animal for a while, if you want to, we will do him together.

She laughed, her voice shook, honey, I need a drink, she told me. We went into the den, I poured us a drink. Mom, I mom and son sex masturbation you well enough to know, your pussy is as wet as mine is. We both laughed. Yes, she said, I am hot. Well lets drink and relax, and if you want the most wonderful cock in you, that you have ever had, we will do it, I told her.

She laughed, dogs, gangbangs, black cocks, and piss. I am sitting here watching you do all of that in my mind, she smiled and said.

I stood up, undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor. Give me your glass mom, I will get us another drink, I told her. My moms eyes went straight to my clean shaven mound, as she handed me her glass. My tee shirt just barely covered my tear drop ass, as I walked to the bar. Her face was flush, as I handed her the drink.

Her eyes were still on my mound. I went to the sofa, and sat indian style in front of her, showing my mom a full view of my wet pussy. She sat staring at my open cunt, I knew she was really thinking about the dog, or my pussy. I didnt know which. I do young schoolgirl gets fucked in mouth and pussy she had sex on her mind. Mom, what are you thinking about?

I asked. I am thinking about getting more comfortable, she said. Go ahead, I told her. She stood, unbuttoning her jeans, pulling them down, panties too, and tossed them to the other chair. She pulled the sweatshirt over her head, she had no bra on.

God she is beautiful, I thought to myself. I pulled my tee shirt off, as well. We were both naked showing each other our bodies.

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We laughed and drank our drinks. Are black men hung like everyone says they are? she asked. God yes mom, The men that left here, the smallest cock was nine inches, the largest was fourteen inches or better, I told her.

Shit, fourteen inches!, I would loved to have seen that, she said. Your like me mom, you wouldnt have just looked at it, I added. You would have done what I did, you would have had it drilling your pussy, I told her, as we laughed. She blushed, yes baby, I would surely have done that, she replied. Your pussy is wet mom, you like thinking about black cocks dont you? i asked. To be frank, I am thinking about the dogs, the black cocks, the piss play, and.

Honey, I am thinking about your sweet looking pussy, she told me. I have been setting here looking and thinking how sweet it would be to suck my daughters pussy, she added. I can help you with all of that, I replied. We were both laughing. You are my daughter, but shit you are twentythree, its not like you are twelve, she said. I know mom, I have been thinking about eating your pussy too, I told her. But, with all I have done the past few days, eating my mom just really fits into what I like, nasty sex.

Jesus, mom, I need the nastiest sex I can get, I really want it now, I added. I am really into the things that are not really normal. A few days ago, I would have never even thought about such things. But now, I cant get enough teen slut and girl solo toy first time kinky nicole finds a good match cock, I cant get too many mens cocks, I dont know where the piss drinking came from.

Now I want to suck my moms pussy so bad I cant hardly stand it, I said to her. Here boy, I called the dog to me, I pulled his head to my wet pussy. YES, I moaned, as the dog started to lick my swollen cunt. I moaned, It was making me hot to see my mom watch the dog eat my cunt. Come over here mom, I want him to lick you, I told her. She stood and walked to the sofa, I knew her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Sit down, and spread your legs mom, I stood, and moved the dogs head to her pussy. MY GOD!!she moaned, as the hound licked her cunt. Do you like it mom?, I asked. YES, MY GOD YES, she answered. Wait til he mounts you, you will really love that, I told her. YES, she sighed, as she raised her ass to fuck the dogs tongue. Yes mommy, let him eat that cunt of yours.

YES, YES, mom moaned. Im cumming, she said through clinched teeth. GOD EAT ME! EAT MY CUNT!, she yelled, as she pushed her ass into the sofa. The dog lapped up her cum, as it flowed from her cunt. YES!YES!YES!, she screamed, as the last wave passed. GOD HONEY, that was great, she smiled and said. Are you ready for some more? I asked her. Give me a sec, she replied. Just watch me mom, I pushed the dog down on his side.

Mom watched me with excitement, as I stroked the sheath covered cock. Her eyes were wide, as she watched the dogs cock emerge. Hot blonde babe gets her tight anal fucked in the cab flicked the red point with my tongue.

Eat him baby, she said. I put my lips over his cock, and ran my mouth down the shaft. BABY, that looks so hot, she said. I took it to the knot. SHIT BABY! EAT HIM, she cried. I pulled my mouth off the dogs cock, I held it up, throbbing in my hand.

Here mommy, you suck it, I told her. I want to watch you do it, Tons of doxies had strip dancer striptease and hardcore added. Mom fell to the floor, I worked my tongue on one side of the cock, mommy worked her tongue on the other side. FUCK MOM, we are just alike, I said to her. EAT HIM MOMMY!

suck his red cock. She moved her mouth down the dogs dick, her eyes were glazed over. EAT HIM MOMMY, EAT HIS COCK GOOD, I yelled. She was sucking the dog to his knot.

She moaned, YES, do it, drink his doggie cum mom, I told her. I moved around to her nice round ass. I ran my tongue down moms ass crack, she moaned, as my tongue stabbed at her asshole. Her head bobbed up and down on the dogs cock. I moved my tongue through the lips of her sweet wet cunt, god she tasted good. My tongue touched her clit, her ass quivered as I sucked her little button into my mouth.

Her ass jerked wildly, as I sucked her sweet cunt. Her hot juices flowed into my mouth, she was cumming. Mommy was going to cum in my mouth. God the thought of that was hot. Her ass tensed, Yes, honey yes, EAT MOMMYS CUNT, BABY EAT MEEEE, she screamed, as she squirted her juice into my mouth. I drank down every drop of moms juice, I was sucking her button for all I was worth. STOP, STOP, I CANT TAKE ANYMORE, she screamed, as I licked her gently now over the sweet lips of her pussy.

She moved her lips back to the dogs cock. The dog was humping her face, as she moaned. Swallow it mommy, drink the dogs cum, I told her.

She moaned again, as the dog sprayed her throat with his salty cum. Shit she looked good sucking that dogs dick. She looked at me, baby, I want his cock in me. I need to feel it filling my cunt, she smiled and said.

I will help you, I told her. Get on all fours mom, I will help him mount you, I added. As mom got on her hands and knees, I helped the dog mount her. Damn mom, you look great. She moaned, Give me his cock honey, I took the dogs cock in hand.

I aimed it for her cunt.

Mom had her pussy in the air, PLEASE BABY, mommy needs the cock. I smiled, as I pressed the dogs cock into her open cunt. YES, she screamed, as she pushed her ass towards the dogs throbbing dick. YES, FUCK MEEE, FUCK MY CUNT, mom yelled, as the dog drilled her pussy. He was fucking like a jack hammer.

I AM CUMMING, FUCK ME!! I AM CUMMING, she yelled, as the dogs knot passed through the lips of her cunt. YES BABY YESSSS, she gasped. FUCK HIM MOM, I yelled back. FUCK that dogs cock, my little mommy bitch. Clamp your cunt down on that wonderful dog knot, you dog bitch. YES, YES, I have him, she cried.

FUCK MEEE, she kept yelling. She had a cunt full of dog cock and loved it. Baby this is wonderful, she said to me. I know mom, I know it is, I want to eat his cum out of your cunt when he is done, I told her.

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YES BABY, do it, eat me soon, she moaned. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, I AM CUMMING AGAIN, she screamed. I At sexs father fuckes daughter bitchy STAND IT, she added. Yes mommy, yes you can, just feel it all, I told her. The dog pulled his cock from her cunt. Hold in his cum mommy, I want to eat it out of you. Yes baby, eat the cum, eat moms full pussy, she begged me.

I rolled to the floor, sit on my face mom, grind your cunt in my mouth. Fill my mouth with the dogs cum mommy, please, I begged. Yes baby. She put her cunt to my mouth, and let the dogs juice go.

I swallowed the cum, as she ground her cunt against my mouth. EAT MEEEE, EAT ME BABY, EAT YOUR MOMMYS CUNT OUT, she demanded. She quivered and shot out the last of hers and the dogs cum. OH HONEY, she moaned, as her body fell across mine. I was looking at her spent cunt, and tiny asshole. Mommy? I asked, mommy, please piss in my mouth, please. I put my lips over her cunt, as she, without warning or a word.

Turned on her water. She moaned, as she pissed her daughters face.

I swallowed her hot golden piss, she was pissing my face,and my hair. YES BABY, she said, drink your mothers pee. Drink it all honey. I moaned, her hot stream rushed down my throat.

DRINK IT ALL DOTTIE, my little whore girl, suck all of mothers piss, she told me.

Oh yes, she said, as she finished. She then turned her face to mine.

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She held my cheeks with her hands, and started licking her piss from my face. We lay grinding our cunts together in a pool of piss. YES, mommy, Yes, I moaned, as my cunt exploded again. We layed in the piss for a long time, kissing like lovers, and holding each other tight. Sweetheart, she said, that was wonderful, I cant remember when I have been this satisfied. I know mom, its great isnt it, I told her. I would never have dreamed that you could get that much pleasure from a dogs dick, she replied.

Lets clean up, and I will fix us some dinner, I told her. Ok honey, but a dog cock to eat would be fine with me, mom said. We both laughed. You stay here tonight mom, and we will play all night if you want, I told her. Yes, my sweet hot little girl, mommy would stepmom and teen biatch anal and pussy pounded on the bed oldvsyoung threesome that.

Your little girl is going to open mommys pussy to many things before this night is done, I told her. Mom, how would you like for me to call James?

He is one of my black friends, and have him pick up one of his buds. I could watch my mother take on two black cocks tonight, I asked her.

You would really love their meat drilling your sweet pussy, I added. Let me give you this, it will be a gift from me to you, I laughed and said. Yes honey, I have always wanted to try a black guy, she told me. From what you have told me, now I really want a big black dick. With two here we can each have one, she giggled. No mom, they are both for you, I want to see you double stuffed with dark meat, I told her. Besides that, I want to fist fuck myself while I watch my mom used like a whore, I added.

Call them baby, mommy wants to be used that way, she told me. I want to use you to mommy, I said to her. I want you to be my slut also, I added. You can fuck the black boys all night long, and I can be your cheer leader, I laughed.

BOYS? mom said. Just how old are these boys?she asked. I really dont know, and I REALLY dont care, I answered. All I know is they have men size cocks, and thats good enough for me, I laughed, and told her.

All I know is they are young, and can last forever, I added. They can fill your cunt many times 2019 best sex movi story, and I will suck their cum out of you each time mom. YES BABY, call them. I want you too. Mommy will be your whore toy all night, she said.