Chubby cumshot xxx we are the law my niggas and the law needs darkhued cock

Chubby cumshot xxx we are the law my niggas and the law needs darkhued cock
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Dad Doesn't Stand A Chance: Part I I'm so happy I found this site. I was searching for individuals who are having the same experiences as me, and while I can't talk to anyone about them just to be safe, at least I can share my experience through writing and get some anonymous feedback :). I'll start where it all began, about 3 months ago. This is a true story. Names have been changed. __________________________________________________________________________________ My name is Travis and I live in New York.

I just turned 13 at the beginning of summer and I consider myself a pretty average teenager. I'm really into computers and video games, but I'm also outside a lot playing basketball with my brother and friends from school. I'm pretty good at it I guess, my height is an advantage.

I hit puberty when I was 11, and aside from things dropping and getting hairy, I shot up like a beanstalk. I'm 5'6", and lanky. Flat chest, flat stomach, but my arms and legs are a little toned because of all the ball. I just started getting hair on my legs and under my arms, but its pretty fair and nothing to boast about.

My brother's name is Thomas and he's 18. He's really into video games and basketball too. I guess I like it because of him. He's on his school's basketball ball team and he's pretty good.

He's 5'11", and has got a decent body, although he is not ripped as he should be, maybe because he spends his time off the court playing Halo and eating pizza. He's not the gym type. He believes in getting fit through sport. We have a really good relationship and he's thought me everything. About girls, puberty, masturbation, he's an open book to me.

He's basically been my father-figure since my mom and dad split years ago. Not that my dad wasn't around, but after the divorce, he said it was us against the world. My mom and dad separated when I was 5. My dad never remarried and lives in New Jersey. He's a teacher. My mom remarried to Benjamin, who is pretty decent. He's always treated me and Thomas like his own sons, it's a shame, he and my mom divorced last year. I remember when my mom used to take me to his house and dump me on the couch while they had sex.

It was only a matter of time before she left my dad for him. After they got married, he made her a partner in his real estate business, and after a while, she left to start her own real estate business and dumped him. Needless to say, she's a people user and a huge bitch. I really consider Ben to be my dad and I still live with him.

I told my mom that living with him would be more convenient for me and school but really I just hated the idea of living with her and having to meet some other poor guy she would just use. Thomas got an apartment with his friends and lives with them now. He visits sometimes but he feels weird to come over now that mom and Mathern and son 1st time sax bf movi downlode are over.

I understand how he feels because he was 10 and knew the situation pretty well enough when Ben came into play but I grew up feeling like Ben is my real dad and only remembered different when Thomas Snr came around. The biggest thing is, as I've become older, I've become really attracted to Ben. I mean he's not perfect, and he definitely would die without a maid, but he's got a lot going for him.

He's only 35, runs his own company, still boyishly handsome. He keeps himself well groomed, for the sake of business, and is in good shape. He doesn't have a six pack or lift weights, but he has a morning milf and playfellows daughter sex cory chase in revenge on your father routine that keeps him in order.

But most of all, he's got the most heart melting lips and the most intense, brooding eyes that are dark and captivating. I can tell he really loves me and would do anything for me. He always makes sure I have the best and whatever I want, I get. It's been almost 10 months since he and my mom split and he's taken it pretty well. They were fighting for a while so I think he was more relieved than ever to get it over with.

I think he really missed the sex though because they had a lot of it. They would fight over dinner and go upstairs and very loudly make up. I always wondered how he was in bed because he sure sounded like a lot of fun but I was never lucky enough to catch them at it. All I had to go on were cum stains in his boxers and little impressions of his penis head as he walked they love art and threesome sex in his towel getting ready for work.

One thing was for sure, my hormones would not give it up until I found out for myself.

A couple months ago I set up a plan to try to catch him naked but it never worked. I would wait up until he came home and try to catch him in the shower but he would go straight to bed and then shower during the early hours of the morning when he woke up. He knew I already had the puberty talk with my brother so there was no way I could go down that road, and he wasn't much of a drinker so him coming home drunk and passed out would be a miracle.

I had to get creative. One night I came across a keylogger program that saves typed characters on the computer and I installed it on his pc while he was making dinner.

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A couple days later, I found out from the program that the night before, he was IMing ladies in a chatroom. He definitely had a wild side and I could just imagine him beating off to the conversation. I saw that he set up a sex meeting with a woman for that same night but I'm not sure if it happened or not. I knew this was my way in so I set up an account that same night and looked out for his username to pop up. Two days later after dinner, he went into his office to do some "work" while I pretended to go to bed and about 30 minutes later, he came on.

He was immediately popular and I could tell he had been here a lot so I private messaged him introducing myself. I was a young hot blonde, just out of high school with a dream of getting deflowered by a hot older man.

He bit, hard. I could tell he was interested immediately and he asked if I wanted to cam. I couldn't believe it was going to happen. I told him my cam was broken but that I had lots of pictures and after a little hesitation, he agreed to just go face and chat for a while.

When he popped up, I got chills. My heart was beating so fast and my dick was in hand. Just seeing his gorgeous face there, all horny and waiting to see teen pussy got me rock hard. He was charming but dominating. I sent him some pics that my brother left on the computer that girls sent to him and Ben couldn't stop talking about all the naughty things he wanted to do. After a while he stopped typing and I realized he was looking at the pictures and jacking off. I asked him to see and after a fumble or two, he pushed the webcam down exposing his dripping, thick cock.

I came immediately just seeing it, shooting my cum all over the underside of my desk and my legs. It was beautiful. I asked him to turn on a light if he had one, and he switched on his desk lamp which revealed it in all its glory. I was so horny, my throbbing cock remained hard and I continued pumping it so utterly enjoying the show. His shirt and tie were still on but below his waist, his pants were gone and his gorgeous dick was shooting out of the hole in his boxers.

But it wasn't enough, I wanted to see the whole thing. I asked him to lose the shirt and the boxers, to get naked, promising that if he did, I would let him be my first fuck.

He was more than willing, pulling off his shirt and dropping his boxers exposing his massive balls and more inches of delicious dad cock. He tugged on it roughly, and slapped it on his stomach and the sides of his big, muscular thighs. I loved his whole body. Very hot and very dad. I knew his face was clean shaven and his chest hair was short and cropped but his balls hair was untamed and wild, just like his sex drive. He was all business on the top and all man in his pants. I felt like I could smell his man scent through the screen.

He continued pumping his cock, spitting in his hand occasionally to add lube. He didn't have the rock hard type like mine, but the extra thick, meaty type, that hung oh so long, and was bendy and could fill you and split you.

I could see some veins and the head was gorgeous virgin beauty licked and slammed hardcore and russian bursting mushroom of pleasure, almost purple from all the excitement.

It must've been ten solid big young boobs sex stories sex of him stroking his big cock over those photos before he told me he was ready to cum and I watched in amazement as he shot two globs of cum on his chest before letting the rest ooze out while he slowly pumped his deflating shaft.

I came for a third time after that just totally mesmerized by his cock and his manner. When he was done, he moved the cam back up to his face and that's when I truly knew I had to have it.

He was smiling and his cheeks were red. He looked like he really enjoyed himself as beads of sweat ran down the sides of his face. I knew that was the face I wanted to see hanging over me when I was being fucked for the first time. He asked for my number, but I told him I lost my phone that same day and that I would be getting another soon. He wanted to make plans to meet up but I told him we would do that soon and made an excuse to leave.

He said he had to shower too xxx angela white in shower fucks signed off. I went into my bathroom to clean up and a little while after I heard his office door close and he started walking up the stairs.

I peeked out and he was wearing his pants but his shirt was still off and he went into his bedroom and closed the door. Then I his bbc is perfect for her appetite the shower turn on and though I had just came three times, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see him wash all that cum off his big cock.

After I showered, I decided to walk in with the excuse that I need toilet paper or fresh towels or something and hopefully strike up a conversation or catch him naked.

Walking down that corridor, the only thing I could hear was my heartbeat but my adrenaline was moving my legs forward. When I opened the door, he was lying in bed and the tv was on.

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His eyes were closed but the shower was still running. I thought he might have just been resting but after a while, his breathing got really deep and I could tell he was asleep. I turned off the water and snuggled into bed with him. God, he smelled like sex. His pants were buckled and I didn't want to risk him catching me trying to undo them so I got close to him and went to sleep.

During the night, I felt him shift and heard the shower come back on. He crept into the bathroom and showered and came back smelling fresh and heavenly. He pulled the covers over us and pulled me in close to him. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the back of my head and went back to sleep. I felt guilty that I was spying and lusting after the man who was living to love and protect me but I couldn't help that he was so unbelievably hot.

His alarm woke me up at 5am but he didn't budge yet. His back was towards me whats her name please comment!

tube porn he had some small cute little moles that I had not noticed before.

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It had been a while since we slept in the same bed. His back was hairless, whether naturally or waxed, I was thankful. When the alarm clocked the second time, he reached up and clicked it off. He stretched from under the covers and his short under arms hairs surprised me. I had not noticed them either.

He rolled over and put his arm around me and gave me a big, strong hug and smiled when he saw I was awake. "Good morning champ.

Had a bad night?" "Nah…I heard the shower running for a while and came in and I guess I fell asleep watching tv." "Oh yeah, must have did that again. One of these days, I'm gonna flood the house." "Haha yeah." "Ah, time to get up. Want some breakfast?" "I'll make it." "Great!" Cereal and milk it was. We ended up just making some plans for the weekend.

He promised to take me to a baseball game since summer had just started and we hadn't spent any time together for a while. I would've been perfectly fine sitting at home behind the computer screen, watching his dick dangle over some girl's underage pussy but it was nice going out with him, just us alone. We ended up chatting for so long that he didn't have time to work out and just showered and got ready for work. When he left, I just sat there thinking of ways to get him to want to fuck me.

I didn't want to drug him or get him drunk. I wanted him to fuck me like he wanted to fuck that blonde bitch in the photo. I wanted his real essence, the real fuck.

I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked by Benjamin, not a shadow of him. What all the other girls felt, what my bitch of a mother screamed loudly over. While I was so grateful my cam scheme worked, it would only 300 rise of empire sex t a matter of time before he got bored of my excuses and lack of cam, phone or photos. Plus while seeing his dick in action did wonders for me, I wanted to see pretty chick rides on a meaty hard cock face too, his expressions while he strokes it hard, imagining he's ripping some man's poor virgin daughter, while he's thinking about cumming in her tight pussy.

I finally decided that I had to start small. He wasn't going to just start fucking me on a whim. I needed to make it a comfortable progression. I needed him to first be open to being naked around me and then be willing to masturbate infront of me or with me or fuck someone infront of me.

Once that barrier of showing me his dick was broken, anything would be possible and I had just the person in mind to make it all happen. There's much much more but I'm tired of typing. TO BE CONTINUED…