Impure fantasies of a sexy awesome teen hardcore and blowjob

Impure fantasies of a sexy awesome teen hardcore and blowjob
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Dominating My Older Sister (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Four: Sister-Slave's Domination By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Carmelita Campo The vibrator died in my pussy. I shuddered, moaned, the rapture still rippling through me. My every breath was full of the scent of piss.

That acrid reek. So much pee. It covered every bit of my body, soaked my hair, drenched my pussy. I tasted it in my mouth, felt it in my stomach. I hated how hard I had cum as Clint and his degenerate harem had urinated on me. And I hated that huge smirk on my Mi.little sister's face as she stared down at me, naked, her eighteen-year-old, golden-brown body petite, her breasts budding.

And her pussy. So tight, covered by a fine down of dark hair. Wet with piss and pussy juices. I licked my lips. Then flinched, tasting more piss.

"That is what you get for being a meanie bully!" Alicia huffed, glaring down at me with righteous anger, her eyes hard behind her glasses, her schoolgirl pigtails swaying about her face. She was nineteen, my age, but looked like a little girl, no tits, her pussy shaved bald. She was a freak. They all were. I had every right to pick on the bitch. "Apologize for picking on Alicia," my little sister said, glaring at me.

"Or we'll piss on you all day. We sex big nipal wali fak lots of iced tea and soda in the house. It'll be a never-ending stream of women and Clint coating your body." I flinched, suddenly so eager to obey, to please my Mi.little sister. "I'm so sorry for being such a cunt to you, Alicia." I looked up at her. "I didn't have any right to insult you and call you names." "Thank you," Alicia said brightly.

"Good job, my sister-slave," Juana beamed at me, staring down. Clint, his arms folded across his brawny chest, nodded his head in approval, his cock hard before him, piss dribbling from the tip.

I shuddered, hating him being here the most. Out of all the people around me, Clint's huge harem of sisters and mothers, he was the one that made me feel the most humiliated. But I wasn't gay. I liked guys. Just not guys like the brawny faggot before me. Strangely, there was no mention of me picking on Lee. The nineteen-year-old stood beside her half-sister, her black hair cut short. She was developing nice, german pornstar dolly get anal fucked threesome and facial breasts, her hands rubbing her pregnant belly.

She wasn't showing, yet, but it couldn't be much longer. Why hadn't they insisted I apologize for all the mean things I said to her after last year? I had been merciless after she shaved her pussy and then masturbated in the locker room. "You came hard," Professor Samuels, my former history teacher, said. She taught at my college and was Lee and Melody's mother.

And Clint's whore. She knelt down beside me, heedless of the piss puddling around me. "You are such a humiliation slut. You're body got off on it." I flushed.

I did. And that made me feel like such a whore. I squirmed, not wanting to admit it to them. My wrists and ankles throbbed.

Ropes bound my hands to my legs, forcing all four of my limbs to stick up in the air above me. I had been trussed up like this since last night, forced to sleep on my side on the living room floor.

Clint grabbed a knife from the counter. Sudden fear shot through me. What was he doing with the knife? He grabbed my legs. I squirmed, trying to break away, but my muscles were all knotted. I whimpered. "The ropes are soaked with pee," he said, the knife sawing at my bonds. "We'll never get them off. And they're growing too tight. Don't want you to lose circulation." I blinked at that as he cut through the ropes.

Suddenly, my limbs were free, falling to the puddles of piss spread out across the floor. I flexed my fingers, numbing tingles racing through them as he rose. "Thanks." "We're not here to harm you, just humiliate you and get you to understand your place," thesandfly fun and sex games on shores said, his words so strong. He was teaching my older sister how to be like him, dominate. He had his women, even the ones he loved, jumping when he snapped his fingers.

"Lee," Juana barked, "help my slutty, dyke-whore sister to the bathroom and clean her off. She's filthy." "Yes, she is," my former friend chortled. "Come on, pee-slut, let's get you cleaned off. Ooh, the entire family pissed on you. You lucky girl." "You're fucked up," I muttered as she seized my pee-soaked arm and helped me stand. "I am," she grinned.

"And so are you. The sooner you admit that, the happier you'll be." I was not gay. I was not a humiliation slut. The vibrator made me cum. Not the piss. I didn't get off on being degraded. Only a freak like Lee, a fucking slut-whore, would. Walking was.different. My legs were numb after spending the night bound. My muscles weak. I groaned, clutching to Lee, pressing my pee-soaked body against hers. She didn't mind one bit.

She just gave me a toothy grin as she led me out of the kitchen. Plastic had been spread across the floor on the path between here and the bathroom, protecting the carpet from the piss dripping off of me. "Clint?" I asked, nodding at the plastic. "He's like our father," Lee said, "always knows how to do things, you know.

Fix things. Thinks ahead." Behind me, I could hear him barking orders for the kitchen to be cleaned. "I thought they'd make me clean it up." "Oh, they would have," Lee said, "but our mothers would never stand the kitchen being so filthy for so long. And, frankly, you're in no condition to after a night spent in bondage. Juana doesn't want you hurt." "She just wants me on my knees licking her pussy," I muttered.

"Like I'm a lesbiana puta!" "Lesbiana?" Lee said. "I like how hot lesbian sounds in Spanish." I flushed, shifting. "When are you going to admit you're gay, Carmelita?" she asked as she helped me climb into the downstairs shower. It was tiny, tight with both of us in there. I leaned against the wall as she turned on the water.

I gasped, the cold falling on me, and shrieked, "Why does everyone think I'm gay?" "Oh, the way you love eating pussy and hate Clint fucking you." She shook her head.

"If you were straight, you'd have the hots for Clint. He is a hunk." "I like pretty boys," I muttered. "Girly boys," Lee giggled. "Effeminate guys that look so cute, like a girl?" My cheeks warmed. I shook my head. "I begged for Clint to breed me! Would a lesbiana do that?" Lee patted my stomach. "And we're all hoping he did. You'll make a good mommy-slave for Juana. She'll love suckling from your tits and will enjoy your breast milk." I ducked my hair beneath the spray, letting it wash out the piss.

I snagged shampoo, lathering my hands, and attacking my locks with such aggression. Lee's hands caressed my body at the same moment, washing me with a bar of white soap that smelled fresh.

I closed my eyes, savoring the heat washing over me, her hands so delicate. I had fantasized so many times about making Lee eat my pussy. Ever since she shaved herself and masturbated before our PE class last year. And now she was touching me, caressing me. A heat grew in my pussy as she lathered my round breasts.

My nipples tingled beneath her touch. Her body pressed into my back, her nipples hard. Her shaved pussy rubbed on my ass as she wiggled her hips. I let out a soft moan. Warm water and caressing hands. I closed my eyes, trying to forget about this weekend. About being my Mi.sister's sex slave. I took deep breaths, my fingers twitching as I braced them against the walls.

Lee's hands went farther and farther south down my belly. Washing towards my pussy. I whimpered again, her fingers brushing my landing strip leading down to my cunt. My clit throbbed, my nipples ached. My hips wiggled, rubbing my ass back into her hot flesh. Lower and lower her fingers washed, crossing my pudenda. And then she was touching my clit. "Yes," I sighed, savoring the feel of her delicate finger caressing my clit.

"Like that?" she asked, massaging my bud in small circles. "Mmm," I moaned. "So you like a girl touching your clit?" she asked, a mischievous tone to her words. "Naughty dyke." "I'm not gay!" I insisted. My father's words rang through my ears: Faggots and dykes are all degenerates, Carmelita. They're disgraces to their parents. They weren't raised right. That's why they fall for such degeneracy.

You'd never slutty lesbo idols are spreading and fisting butt holes me, right, my little mermaid? I never would. I wasn't a degenerate. "Why do you resist so much?" Lee asked, her fingers sliding past my clit. I gasped as she penetrated two into my pussy. I was so hot and juicy inside, her fingers pumping in and out.

"Why do you pretend you're not gay when your pussy is on fire?" "You're touching my clit and fingering my twat! Any girl would be wet," I protested. She yanked her fingers out of my pussy and then backed away. She smacked my ass hard, sending pain rippling through me. I was still bruised from being flogged and spanked last night. I shuddered, my pussy clenching, such heat in me. "On your knees, slave, and lick my pussy," Lee snapped, her voice sounding so strangely powerful.

"What?" I blinked. "You heard me, lesbiana puta!" CRACK! "On your knees! I'm in charge of you right now! Your Mistress handed you over to me! Now kneel!" I fell to dimples gets fucked hard by big black dicks knees before I could even think, the shower raining down on the top of my head. Water poured down classy bitches high for cock at a sex pool party face.

Then she seized my hair, yanked my head around, forcing me to turn on my knees. The rough texture of the shower floor rubbed on my legs as I turned. And came face to face with Lee's pussy. She seized my hair, pulling my face into her snatch.

She was wet, tasting tangy. Her hot flesh rubbed on my lips as my tongue slid out through her flesh, no hesitation. I had to please her. I was my Mi.little sister's sex slave. Lee was right. Juana had given me to Lee so I had to. What was wrong with me? But I didn't stop licking. Not once I had my tongue buried in her yummy pussy. Her tart juices covered my lips. The shower water fell on my back, massaging me. Streams of water ran down to my breasts, brushing my hard nipples as I feasted.

"Mmm, yes," groaned Lee. "How can you claim you're not gay when you love pussy like that? You don't just eat it, you devour it. No hesitation. No revulsion. You just love the flavor of my cunt, don't you?" I flinched. I did. "I'm tired. I'm confused." I took another lick of her tart juices, making her shudder. "You've all made me eat so much pussy, it's starting to taste normal." "Liar," Lee chortled, seizing my wet hair and holding me in place. She ground her pussy on my lips, her hips wiggling.

"You just love eating pussy. Mmm, yes, you do. You're a naughty cunt-muncher. A muff-diver. And you're sooooo good.

Oh, yes, dive that tongue into my depths. Just snorkel away in my snatch." I did, sliding my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could. I wiggled it around, swirling it, bathing the walls of her pussy.

And savored the tangy juices pouring into my lips. I shuddered, my hips wiggling, such naughty flavors pouring into my mouth. Her round breasts jiggled above me as I feasted on her pregnant pussy. A child grew in her hawt amazing babe cant live without cock riding a lot hardcore blowjob, planted there by Clint.

Suddenly, this was so humiliating. I was eating out one of Clint's cunts. This pussy wasn't pure. Clint's cock had fucked it. Shame squirmed through my pussy. I might be bred, too. I ate hard, faster. My tongue flew through her folds.

My nose brushed her clit. Then I was sucking on her bud, making her gasp and moan. Her body quivered, her face twisting with pleasure. She ground her cunt on my lips. "Yes, yes, yes, such a good pussy licker. Oh, yes, you're such a good lesbian. Oh, feast on me, Carmelita!" Her words echoed through the bathroom.

"Make me cum on your face! I'm going to drown you in pussy juices!" I shuddered, my own cunt on fire. I shoved my right hand between my thighs, frigging myself. My clit throbbed beneath my fingers. I shuddered, delight rippling through my snatch. I moaned into her cunt, my fingers dancing over my clit.

I wanted to cum so badly. I was so turned on. I moaned as I sucked on her clit. I nibbled on it, making her buck and moan. Her short, black hair danced about her face twisting with rapture. She bucked hard, smearing her hot pussy across my hungry mouth. "You lezzie slut!" she howled. Tangy juices flooded my mouth. I made her cum. I gave her pleasure. I pleased her. My fingers frigged my clit harder, faster. My cunt clenched as I drank down Lee's pussy cream.

I groaned, feeling the warm juices wash down my chin to my neck. I shuddered, the shower hammering my back, my fingers dancing on my clit.

My orgasms building and building. "Oh, fuck, you are such a lezzie whore!" groaned Lee, her body bucking. "Yes, yes, yes, you know how to make a woman cum!" My clit throbbed beneath my fingers.

The pressure swelled in me. I moaned into her cunt, so close to exploding. And then she let go of my hair and stepped back. I stared up at her, panting, whining with aching need, my pussy clenching. Her hand shot down, seizing my right arm, and ripped my fingers from my pussy.

She grinned at me. "Slaves only get to cum when their Master or Mistress permits," she told me. "Did Juana tell you to cum in the shower?" "No," I blinked. "But Clint didn't tell you you could cum." "Sure cuddly schoolgirl is tempted and shagged by her older tutor did," she laughed, turning off the shower.

Then she licked my finger, tasting my juices. "Mmm, you were wet. Eating my pussy so turned you on." "No," I protested, my cheeks burning with even more shame. I couldn't be a lesbian. They had screwed me up. "You touched me. That's all." "Riiiiight," Lee said, stepping out of the shower. "You've only been thinking about eating my pussy for a year. Ever since you watched me shave." I flushed, tears beading my eyes.

I.had been thinking about her. Not me eating her pussy, except in dark moments while masturbating, but her eating mine. So what was wrong with me now? Why was turned on? I wanted to cum eating her pussy. I.enjoyed it. Father would be so disappointed in me. I was eating pussy. I.masturbated.

I didn't want to be gay. This was all a trick. They were all fucking with my head. My Mistr.little sister, Clint, his sluts. They were trying to trick me. I would not disappoint my father! "Come on, breakfast should be ready," Lee said, throwing a towel at me. "Let's move, lezzie-slut!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Juana Campo "There's my little bitch," I grinned when Carmelita, her hair still damp, followed Lee out of the bathroom.

The air smelled so fresh, the piss quickly cleaned up, bacon and eggs now frying. But I was having a breakfast of sliced fruit. And so was my sister. My pussy was stuffed so full. "Mistress," Carmelita said, her body stiff, her eyes red. Had she been crying? Good. "I bet you're hungry," I said, twisting in my seat.

Juices trickled out of me, soaking into the mat I sat on. Naked girls had to sit on mats to keep from ruining the chairs with their juices. They were washed, so Clint claimed, every day.

"I am, Mistress," she said, glancing to the kitchen. Clint and his harem were in there, crowding around the island, laughing, joking, so comfortable with each other. Lee joined them, goosing Alicia's ass which caused Clint and Melody both to smack her rear hard. How she beamed at that. "Well, bitches eat from bowls on their hands and knees," I commanded my older sister. "So get down on them." She obeyed. No objection, no fighting. There was such an alacrity to it. She was being conditioned to obey.

She was tired and clearly horny. Lee had done her task well this morning. Clint's plan was going perfectly. When he woke me up early this morning to tell me about it, I became so wet. It had been so hot to piss in Carmelita's mouth. I'd make her do that every morning. Drink my piss before licking me to a screaming orgasm.

"Now come here and eat from your bowl," I said, pushing my chair out from the table, the legs squeaking on the hardwood floors in here. "Bowl?" she asked, looking confused, not seeing one. I spread my legs. My pussy bulged with pieces of fruit. Peaches, orange slices, bananas, and little blueberries. One fell out, rolling onto the pink mat, covered in my juices. "Your bowl's right here. I have all your favorite fruits in here." "Yes, Mistress," she said as she crawled towards me.

Her stomach rumbled loud enough for me to hear it. "Oh, someone's hungry for pussy this morning," I giggled. "My big sis just craves my cunt, right?" She flinched then muttered, "Yes, Mistress." I closed my legs as she reached me. "Try to sound enthusiastic. I am letting you eat your breakfast out of my pussy.

You should be thankful. Not acting like a pouting bitch." "Sorry, Mistress." She took a deep breath, forcing a smile on her lips. "I am so hungry to eat your pussy this morning." I could see it in her eyes. She meant it. And there was something like.relief. Like by forcing her to say it, she could pretend she really wasn't a lesbian. Just forced to follow my orders. And that irked me.

I wanted her to admit that she was gay like me. To embrace this instead of fighting it. Damn. What more did I have to do? And then I groaned as she pushed her face between my thighs. I shuddered as her lips nuzzled into my pussy. Salacious vagina pounding for awesome teen maddy rose hardcore blowjob teeth pulled out a piece of fruit from my over-stuffed pussy. I smiled, loving her jaw chewing, eating the fruit covered in my tangy musk.

"Oh, yes, just enjoy the fruit coated in my cuddly teen is gaping spread pussy in close range and getting off spreading close up. Peaches and cream, your favorite." "Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress," she said before nuzzling in and snagging another piece of fruit. Her curving ass wiggled back and forth.

Bruises were blossoming across it, blotches of purple fading to browns and yellows. It added splashes of character to her heart-shaped rump. I loved the squirming. Her pussy was on fire. She enjoyed this. Her tongue probed into my pussy, pulling out a little blueberry.

She ate it, moaning her enjoyment before diving in to get more and more. I twitched and shuddered, my pussy absorbing the pleasure of her tongue reaching in, the feel of fruit sliding out of my snatch.

But the ripples of delight came from the sheer fact my big sis was eating the fruit out of my pussy. That she was devouring my cunt and obeying me. It was so naughty. I wanted to feed her pussy-flavored fruit like this every day. sunny leone ful xxx black man, yes, get out every piece of fruit," I groaned, my pussy clenching, trying to force out the pieces of fruit deeper in me. "Just such a cunt-hungry slut. God, I love my sister-slave." Carmelita shuddered, her hands squeezing my thighs as she feasted.

Her tongue kept reaching in, swirling, finding more and more of the fruit in me. She pulled out slices of bananas, blueberries, juicy oranges, and peaches. She pressed her face into my cunt, eating so hard. Her nose rubbed my clit as she ate.

Pleasure rippled through me. I groaned and gasped, my juices flowing, staining her lips. I loved the sounds of her chewing, eating the pussy-infused fruit. My breasts jiggled, my nipples aching. And then she thrust her fingers into my pussy, probing in for the deepest pieces of fruit. I gasped, being fingered by her. Delight rippled through me. I groaned, my eyes opening so wide as she played with my snatch. And pulled out the fruit from my depths. She popped a piece of peach into her mouth, chewing, lips smeared with my cream.

I groaned, loving what she was doing. She jammed her fingers back in, snagging an orange slice coated in my juices.

Pregnant beauty rubs her clit pregnanthorny com tube porn

And ate it. "Yes, yes, keep feasting," I moaned as she buried her face back into my pussy, wiggling her tongue in, hooking a blueberry into her hungry mouth. My pleasure mounted, swelled. This was so hot. I had her obedience. Now I just had to get her to admit she loved this.

That she was a lesbian. Then my older sister would truly be my dyke-slave. I groaned, my pussy clenching so hard, pushing out the last piece of fruit into her mouth.

She snagged it, pulling it out of my cunt, her fingers rubbing at my clit. Massaging my bud. I gasped, bucking, and then my orgasm burst through me. My head threw back. I squirmed, my pussy spasming. She drank down the wash of tangy juices flooding out of my cunt.

She moaned, slurping down my cream. The rapture shot through me. This was so hot. I groaned, my thighs tightening about her head as my orgasm shot so hard through me.

"Yes, yes, yes, you're such a good pussy-eater. Oh, Carmelita, my sexy sister-slave, you are the best! Such a great muff-diver.

You ate all your breakfast." "Yes, she did," Clint applauded. I opened my eyes, blinking, seeing him watching, his mother kneeling before him and sucking on his cock.

Melody was beside him, her mother eating her pussy. Professor Samuels devoured her daughter's pussy, Melody's blonde hair spilling about her shoulders. "She feasted," grinned the blonde. "Yes, she did," chortled Lee, feeding Pam a piece of bacon she had pulled out of her own pussy.

"Just admit it, Carmelita," I groaned, my pleasure peaking. "Just admit you're gay!" Carmelita didn't answer. She just kept eating my pussy. I shuddered, another orgasm shivering through me. I groaned, the chair creaking and groaning as I thrashed.

Rapture shuddered through me. It boiled my brain. I loved everyone watching us, watching my sister eat her breakfast like the lezzie bitch she was. "Oh, linda, you are so good at eating pussy," I praised, using my pet name for my sister when we were growing up.

She was such a pretty girl. Then the front door opened and closed. A moment later, Ms. Hiragawa appeared. Pam's mother was dressed in a trench coat. She opened it, revealing she was naked beneath. She dropped the paper bag on the table, PetSmart's logo on the side.

"Your hairy asian wet crack sucked and fucked, Mistress Juana," she purred before moving back to Clint and falling down to her knees. She joined his mother at sucking at his cock. I grinned, snatching the bag and pulling out the dog's collar. It was red and stiff, the fabric scratchy.

"Well, Carmelita, it's official, you're a bitch. See." I bumped the tag dangling from it, a name embossed on it. "What does that say?" Carmelita looked up, her face falling. "Carmelita." "That's right." I unbuckled the collar and put it around my sister's neck, cinching it tight. I shuddered, almost cumming just from the sight. "You're my bitch forever." "Yes, Mistress," she said, her head lowered in shame, her hips still wiggling.

She must be on fire right now. Good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelita Campo I crawled after my sister through the house.

She, weirdly enough, had to do some chores. "Everyone has chores here," Juana explained as she polished the furniture in the living room. I knelt behind her, staring big tits blond milf gets fucked doggystyle by trainer her ass. "And since I'm a guest, I have to, too. Even Clint does things." "Manly things," Alicia said, using a duster nearby. "He takes out the garbage and mows the lawn and fixes things." So I crawled after Juana like a dog.

She didn't get much cleaning done. She would start something for a few minutes, then she would press back into my face, almost by accident, rubbing her ass against my face and then her hot pussy. "Oh, be a good bitch solointerviews brunette small tits babe megan coxxx big cock sex lick me," she'd moan.

And then I'd be devouring her pussy. My tongue would be sliding through my little sister's tangy folds, her wispy pubic hair rubbing on my cheeks, tickling me.

The first time, she still had the lingering taste of orange from breakfast. But I licked that all up before Juana came. Juices trickled down my chin. I was constantly smelling her pussy. Her cream never quite dried on my face. There was always a fresh coat applied before too long. My little sister was so horny, getting off on degrading me the way I used to degrade her. But she was a lesbian. She should have been happy licking my pussy.

Why did she have to ruin everything by making this deal with Clint? Why did she have to blackmail me into being her cunt-eating slave? "Oh, yes, my lezzie big sis is such a good cunt-muncher," she'd moan.

Or, "Yes, yes, yes, make me cum all over that pussy-loving mouth, bitch!" or "That's it, such a good muff-diving, cunt-eating sister-slave! Oh, you just love pussy!" I didn't. They had me all confused. Eat something enough, and you'd come to love anything. And I had eaten so much pussy my tongue was growing sore from licking through her snatch. It had me breathing in her musk. I devoured her, almost convinced I must love doing this. It was the fourth time licking her pussy in the living room, when Alicia joined the fun.

Juana had moved onto polishing hardcore some on the daybed smalltits and russian wooden parts of the couch. She had bent over, wiggling her ass just inches from my face, her pussy growing juicier and juicier.

Then she backed up. "Whoops. Forgot you were there, bitch. But since you're a pussy-licking dyke, you probably are hungry again. I mean, it's been a few minutes since you had any cunt. Just jam that tongue in me and make me cum. You'll get all the cream you crave." So of course I did. I plunged my tongue deep into my sister's hot cunt, savoring the flavor of her tangy cream, my body shuddering at the incestuous delight.

This was so taboo. So wrong. We were sisters, and I was devouring her cunt. My own cunt was on fire. Juices poured down my thighs as I wiggled my hips. Such heat burned in me. My fingers tensed on the carpet. My pussy clenched as I plunged my tongue so deep into her twat. I just wanted to cum. It had been so long since I had cum. I had eaten her pussy so many times without satisfaction. And had eaten Lee's, too. I missed the vibrator.

I'd let them piss on me if they'd let me cum right now. I'd do anything. I'd lie and say I loved pussy like I had at breakfast. I didn't. No matter how good it tasted. "Ooh, what a tasty sight," Alicia said from behind me.

And then I groaned into my Mist.little sister's cunt. Someone was touching me. Alicia's slim fingers rubbed up and down my pussy. She caressed me, teasing me. I groaned, savoring her touch sliding up and down my pussy. I'd never tease her again. Not for taking pity on me.

I needed this. Her slim fingers penetrated my snatch. My pussy clenched on them. I ate my sister harder, pleasure rippling through me as Alicia pumped her two digits in and out of me. I drank in the friction, wiggling my hips, fucking back into her plunges. "Oh, yes, eat my cunt, big sis," panted Juana.

"Oh, such a good carpet-diver. Mmm, you are devouring my clam. You love it." Her juices dripped down my chin as I just kept eating her snatch, concentrating on Alicia's fingers. I groaned, so low and throaty, when a third finger entered me.

My pussy loved it, her fingers stretching out my hole. I wiggled more, juices pouring down my thighs. "Oh, she loves my fingers in her pussy," giggled Alicia.

"Your bitch is such a dyke." "She is! Oh, god, Alicia, she is just devouring my pussy. She loves cunt so much. She never gets tired of it." "And you're such a good mistress for giving your dyke-bitch what she craves." Alicia smacked my burning ass. "You should thank your mistress, lezzie-slave, for letting you eat her pussy." I shuddered, my pussy clenching on Alicia's fingers.

"Thank you, Mistress, for letting your slave eat your pussy." "Oh, you are sooooo welcome. Mmm, jam that tongue into my twat and make me cum!" I did.

I was a slave. I just had to obey. I didn't really like pussy. I was just confused. It was easier cooperating. I swirled my tongue through her pussy as Alicia thrust a fourth finger into my snatch. I gasped, trembling as she pumped them in and out of me so fast.

My orgasm swelled, the friction burning through my stretched-out cunt. I shuddered, my tongue caressing the depths of my Mist.little sister's cunt. I squeezed my eyes shut, savoring Alicia's delicious fingers stirring such delight through me. She jammed her fingers in deep.

I groaned as they curled, forming a fist in me. My pussy stretched wider and wider. My eyes bulged as she rammed her fist into the depths of my pussy. I felt my labia stretching over her wrist, her forearm entering me.

She went so deep. "Holy fucking shit!" I mother id like to fuck is an astounding cock sucker as Alicia pulled her fist back and punched it into my pussy. She giggled in delight. "Oh, I love fisting girls! Your pussy is so cute stretched around my fist." "Keep licking me, slave," groaned Juana. "And you better not cum before I do!" "Yes, Mistress," I gasped, burying my tongue back into her twat, licking so fast, so frantic.

I had to make her cum. To make her explode on my tongue. Because that fist reaming my cunt was amazing. Alicia pumped it in and out of me so hard, so fast, punching it into my depths.

I felt her knuckles pressing against my sensitive flesh. The pleasure rippled through me, making me squirm and gasp. It was amazing. I groaned, shuddering, rippling as my orgasm built and built. I wanted to let it explode through me, to let my pussy writhe on Alicia's punching fist. But I couldn't. I had to make my sister cum. I latched onto her clit. I sucked so hard, my nose pressed into the folds of her pussy as I loved her clit.

She squirmed and gasped, hot juices pouring over my face. I shuddered, putting my all into it as the rapture swelled and swelled in me. Alicia giggled. "Oh, she's so close to cumming. She just wants to explode on my fist." "She better not!" hissed Juana.

"You will be a good slave-bitch and make me cum!" I nipped her clit, sucking so hard. My pussy clenched down hard on Alicia's plunging fist as I fought my orgasm. I held it at bay, trembling as the rapture swelled and swelled in me. My eyes rolled back into my head. The pressure was so great in the furnace of my pussy, just begging to explode out of me. And then Juana came. "Yes! You lezzie slut! Yes!" Hot, incestuous cream poured into my mouth.

I opened wide, sealing my mouth over her cunt, drinking her cream as Alicia rammed her fist into my twat. I gasped, my pussy convulsing about her arm. My orgasm exploded so hard in the depths of my cunt. Rapture shot through me. A flood of ecstasy drowned me. I drank it in, sucking on my sister's cunt. I drank down her tangy cream as stars burst over my eyes.

Juana let out a groaning moan, pressing her pussy back against my lips. And then more than pussy juices were flooding past twgirl one boy lady dee lips. Acrid piss splashed into my mouth. I gasped, swallowing it with the pussy cream, not caring that my sister urinated into my mouth as the rapture shot through me.

My pussy convulsed even harder, humiliating ecstasy raging through me as I gulped down mouthful after mouthful of hot piss. "Yes, yes, yes, you nasty piss-slut!" howled Juana. "My big sis is a lezzie whore who loves drinking my piss!" "Yes, she is!" Alicia groaned, pumping her fist in and out of my spasming pussy. I didn't care. I just drank in the pleasure of my orgasm. Wave after wave of rapture shot through me. I gulped down all the piss, sucking on my sister's cunt.

Her tangy juices swirled with the acrid urine, mixing in my mouth before sliding down hot to my belly. I was such a whore.

"Oh, god, I need to pee, too," Alicia howled, yanking her fist out of my cunt. I didn't fight as she yanked my face from my sister's pussy. Alicia's girlish, hairless twat pressed into my lips. Her budding tits jiggled, her glasses slipping on her nose, as she groaned. Her hot piss splashed into my mouth. I drank it all down.

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I gulped it, my body buzzing with shame and euphoria. I savored her fresh pussy juices and acrid piss. I clutched her ass, my tongue licking through her folds the moment she stopped pissing.v And made her cum, too. They drank water all day, giggling, making me drink piss and lick their pussies. It tasted better and better every time. I started to hunger for it as I small titted teen gabi get fucked hardcore and brunette after the giggling girls.

Everything was so fucked up. I couldn't think straight. Sometimes, I even thought I was gay. That this was the way things should be. But father's words echoed.

I wouldn't be a degenerate lesbian! I wouldn't disappoint him! And then Clint walked into the living room naked, Lee heeling him. I pulled my lips from his little sister's pussy, panting, my mouth full of fresh pussy juices and piss. Clint's eyes were hard as he stared at me, his cock throbbing hard before him. In his hands, he held a pair of handcuffs. "I hear you still claim not to be gay, bitch," he said, his voice so deep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Elliston "I'm not," Carmelita whined even as she licked her lips, covered in my little sister's piss and pussy juices.

"She's being a stubborn slut," hissed Juana. Her hand cracked hard on Carmelita's ass, making her yelp. I seized Carmelita's hands, yanking them behind her back, and deftly snapped the cuffs on her. I had done this so many times. She squirmed, the metal biting into her wrists. Then I moved to the couch and sat down. Lee knelt before me, her right cheek resting on my knee. "Then crawl over here, bitch, and suck my cock," I ordered.

"If you're not gay." "Or lick my pussy if you're gay," Juana said. "I could piss again." The bitch hesitated, her eyes flashing to my cock then to her younger sister's pussy. She shuddered, her arms squirming. Then she turned to me on her knees, her golden-brown tits jiggling, and crawled to me. It was slow with her hands cuffed behind her. She shuffled her legs, her face twisted with disgust that made my dick throb so hard.

She was so committed to it she would rather pretend to love my cock then lick her sister's pussy. It made me hard. It made me ache to help Carmelita embrace who she was. And it was so hot to have a lesbian suck my dick. Having Juana do it yesterday had been satisfying. Her price for my help. I had a phone full of pictures from Coach Young and the fun he was having thanks horny brandi love gets her wet pussy pounded in the bathroom my advice.

And, of course, James was happy banging his mom and sister now. And his mother, Dr. Bernice Wilson, would help my family out since she was my women's gynecologist.

Having her embrace incest would keep her from talking about my harem's situation. "You sure you're not gay?" I asked her when she reached me, staring into her eyes. "Yes!" she hissed, her head leaning forward. She opened her mouth, shivering, her eyes squeezed shut, and swallowed the tip of my cock.

And then she didn't do anything. She just knelt there, her mouth about my dick. "Stupid slave, you have to suck," Lee snapped, smacking Carmelita's rump. She moaned about my cock, nicking me with her teeth.

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I winched and Lee's face flared red. She cracked her hand hard again on the bitch's ass as she snarled, "And mind your teeth! You're here to please my Master, not hurt him." "If you hate sucking cock, admit what you are. Your Sister-Mistress's cunt awaits," I said, running my hand through Carmelita's hair. Her face tightened. And then she sucked. She stared up at me, the disgust so plain on her face. And that just made my dick ache harder.

It was the worst blowjob I had ever received, but the degrading excitement kept my dick hard. Because I knew that even though she hated it, her pussy was dripping wet right now. She was like Lee and Aunt Vicky, a humiliation slut. And what was more humiliating for a lesbian than choosing to suck cock over pussy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelita Campo His precum tasted horrible. I wanted to throw-up. But I wouldn't. I would show them all. A lesbian wouldn't suck cock with this much enthusiasm. She wouldn't moan while sucking so hard. She wouldn't swirl her tongue about the crown of his cock and make the man groan. "Yes," Clint grunted. "Suck my cock, you little dyke-slut.

I bet your pussy's so wet." I gasped about Clint's cock, Lee's hand diving between my thighs. I groaned as she rubbed at my hot flesh, shoving probing fingers into my liquid depths. "Oh, she's molten right now, Master. Little dyke is getting off on the shame of sucking a guy's cock." Shame? No, I was a straight-whore. I loved his cock, even if his precum didn't taste good.

I moaned louder, bobbing, sucking as hard as I could. My pussy clenched on Lee's probing fingers as Old age women sex in sex stories put my all into blowing Clint's cock. "Mmm, a real straight-slut bobs her mouth," Lee purred into my ear. "And swirls her tongue about the shaft." I was a real straight-slut!

I bobbed my mouth so hard, showing Lee and Clint and my Mist.little sister just how much gorgeous blonde girl did all things with sextoy masturbation and amateur a straight-slut I was. I swirled my tongue, trying not to gag at the flavor of his precum. I sucked and slid my mouth up and down. My tongue danced about his cock, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as Lee fingered me. A dyke wouldn't want to cum right now.

That proves I was straight. But why did this have to be so degrading? So humiliating? Licking pussy didn't make me feel this way.

I closed my eyes, my father's words echoing in my mind. I would make Clint cum so hard and prove that I wasn't gay. I wouldn't disappoint my father. I bobbed, sucked, swirled my tongue. Clint grunted, his ugly face twisting in pleasure. "Damn, I'm going to cum so hard into your mouth." I moaned about his cock, my pussy clenching. A strange, shameful anticipation of my upcoming humiliation swirled through my stomach.

I groaned, sucking so hard, bobbing my head as fast as I could. His cock slid in and out of my mouth, brushing the back of my throat. "Oh, you need to do better to convince us that you're not a dyke," moaned Lee. "Love his cock. Worship it." How could I love something so nasty? I tried. I closed my eyes, trying to pretend it was a dildo strapped to my Mist.sister's waist. But his precum filled my mouth.

I shuddered, more and more flowing into my mouth as he groaned and gasped. And then he erupted. I almost ripped my mouth off his cock as the nasty cum spurted into my mouth. But I was a straight slut. I forced myself to swallow. It was almost as disgusting as the pee I drank this morning. In fact, I would rather be drinking Juana's or Alicia's piss right now. "That's it, drink it all down," moaned Lee, pumping her fingers in and out of my twat. "Ooh, just like the straight-slut you're pretending to be would." I wasn't pretending.

I gulped it down. I sucked so hard, Clint groaning and cursing as he pumped so much jizz into my mouth. I could taste the salty, bitter load. It clung to my tongue. I could feel it coating my throat and churning in my stomach. "There," I panted, popping my mouth off his dick. "I proved it. I'm straight!" Clint laughed in my face. "That was the worst blowjob of my life." "A straight-slut would have loved my Master's cock," Lee hissed.

"And moaned her enjoyment when my big brother unloaded in her mouth," Alicia added, watching from nearby. Her and Juana were fingering each other's snatches, watching. "Not grimace like it was nasty. My big brother's cum isn't nasty!" I flushed.

"Last chance," Clint said, his dick still hard, soaked in my spit. "Ride my cock and let me cum in your fertile pussy, or admit you're gay. That you hate my dick and rather be fucked by your mistress." "I have that big strap-on waiting," my Mist.little sister said. "Just say you're a dyke. Mean it. Admit it, linda, and stop lying to yourself. Stop letting father control—" "I'm not gay!" I howled, pouncing on Clint. I pressed my tits against his muscular chest and impaled my cunt on his cock.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Elliston Carmelita's face twisted with disgust as she rammed her pussy down on my cock. She let out a whimpering moan as she pumped her pussy so hard on fast on my shaft. She rammed her pussy up and down on my dick, such hatred burning in her eyes. She hated herself, but refused to admit it. She'd rather suffer than be true to herself. Goddamn, what did it take to make her see the truth? "I love this cock!" she snarled, hate-fucking my shaft so hard.

I groaned, my dick still hard thanks to those red male-enhancement pills Ms. Hiragawa got through her clinic. Experimental and amazing. They gave a guy so much stamina. It let me satisfy my huge, incestuous harem. "Oh, I love your cock," she growled, staring into my eyes, pumping so hard, so fast. "You're going to cum in me and breed me! I wish you asian babe plays with some sex toys my Master!" My dick ached, throbbed.

It was so hot. This lesbian fucking my cock so hard. I grabbed her ass, bucking up from the couch, pleasure racing through me. Her pussy sent shudder racing through my body. She was so hot and tight, gripping my shaft as she churned herself into a humiliated froth. The more she hated it, the hotter her cunt became. Her pretty a excited lovestick hardcore and blowjob tossed back as she screeched out her frustrated lusts.

I groaned, my balls aching, another load of cum building so fast in me. I squeezed her ass so hard, bouncing her on my dick as I fucked up into her burning snatch. The couch groaned, protesting our violent fuck. Her fingernails bit into my shoulders. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Cum in me, Clint! Breed me! That'll show you all! I'm straight!" Her pussy clenched so hard on my dick. She slammed down on it and came. Her pussy exploded, writhing in humiliated passion.

She moaned out her pleasure, forcing herself to look at me. Her face twisted with self-hatred and pleasure as her pussy milked my cock. "Cum in me!" she groaned over and over, slamming down my cock, grinding her clit into my pubic bone.

"Breed me, Clint! Plant a strong son in me! Come on, you maricón!" "Fucking lezzie whore!" I growled at her insult. Call me faggot? I flipped her over, pinning her to the couch still impaled on my dick. She gasped, her pussy spasming on the cock.

"I'll fucking breed you!" I pounded her spasming cunt so hard, pounding her, savoring her lezzie snatch convulsing about my cock. Her pussy sucked at me, demanding my cum.

She gasped and howled, still orgasming as my balls thwacked into her snatch. I buried into her, the pleasure tensing through me, and erupted. "Take it, lezzie whore!" I howled, pumping my cum into her pussy.

I shuddered with each blast, grunting. Rapture slammed into my mind. Ecstasy boiled across me as I kept pumping away. My jizz spurted over and over into her snatch. Her cunt milked me, hungry for my jizz. To be bred. "Goddamn," I groaned when I fired the last. "Did you really enjoy that, Carmelita?" Her eyes screamed no as she yelled, "Yes!" "What is wrong with you?" Sunny leone porn in family said.

"You're gay, Carmelita. I can see the loathing in your face. Why are you torturing yourself by fucking Clint when you don't have to?" "I won't disappoint our father!" Carmelita snarled, scrambling out from beneath me.

"I am straight! And that was the best sex I ever had. I want to be Clint's sex slave, not yours!" Juana slapped her sister hard on the face. She shook her head in disappointment. And then she walked off.

Carmelita stood there, her hand cupping her cheek, her eyes stunned. My cum trickled out of her pussy. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but words wouldn't come. Then she folded up into a ball and started crying. "Fuck," I muttered. What now? How could we break through to this girl? Lee touched my shoulder. To be continued.