Florida milf xxx breakin attempt suspect has to penetrate his way out of pribosss son

Florida milf xxx breakin attempt suspect has to penetrate his way out of pribosss son
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Fbailey story number 592 Humiliation Turned Good How humiliating! There I was standing in line in the cafeteria, holding my tray, and waiting for the Cafeteria Lady to put the food on my plate. She had the standard hair net, the white coat that covered everything up and she was pretty too.

I knew that I had an erection and I knew that I could cover it if I held the tray just right. Then it happened, I was totally absorbed in the pretty Cafeteria Lady when I felt something being pulled down over my head. The smell was that of a sexually excited woman and my already hard cock just got harder.

I could hear the roar of laughter behind me. Then things sort of went by in slow motion. The Cafeteria Lady looked at me and just smiled sweetly. She was holding my plate out to me but I wasn't taking it. The smell appeared to be that of my sister's crotch. I had smelled her used panties many times before. In fact she had caught me jerking off into them a few times. She always threatened to get even with me. Maybe this was it. I saw the Cafeteria Lady placing my plate of food on my tray, I felt the guy behind me in line pushing me to move on toward the cashier, and I felt the moisture in the crotch of those panties.

I turned to see my sister Jane back up and she was laughing her ass off. I pulled the panties up off from my hardcore compilation sofi ryan ashley adams whitney wright and london keyes and looked at them. I recognized them, I had seen them a hundred times, and they belonged to my mother. My sister was shouting out, "Told you I'd get even. If you like jerking off in my panties so much, why don't you go jerk off in your mother's used panties.

She just took them off this morning so they are still fresh." Fresh they were, and I had just realized how much Mom and Jane smelled alike. At that moment I didn't care what anybody thought. I held those panties up to my nose and I took in a deep breath. I could hear the cheers getting louder. I paid the cashier and headed toward my usual group with Mom's panties in one hand and in the other hand I was holding my tray. I sat it down and I smelled of the panties one more time before I put them in my pocket.

Then I sat down. My usual table consisted of geeks odreamergirlo early days as cam model collection me.

We were all smart and got good grades and we were all virgins. We consisted of three boys and three girls, with the boys sitting on one side of the table, and the girls sitting on the other side. Peggy Sue was the one that sat directly across from me. She smiled at me and said, "You must get even with her…it's a moral imperative." I looked at Peggy Sue and said, "You must have watched Real Genius again last night." Peggy Sue giggled and said, "So what!

It still applies." I asked, "How?" Peggy Sue looked over at the Cafeteria Lady and said, "Maybe Miss Brown can help." Again I asked, "How?" Peggy Sue smiled and said, "Because she has a crush on you and she couldn't believe what your sister just did. She also helps out with the cheerleaders. I think she is an assistant coach or something like that.

Anyway I think she can handle your sister. You should ask her." I asked, "What would you do?" Peggy Sue spit out some of her milk and said, "I'd strip her naked, tie her to a table, and let every boy in this school fuck her." It was my turn to spit out my milk.

"Wow! You had that one set aside for this very moment, didn't you?" Peggy Sue smiled and said, "Maybe." +++++ I finished my lunch and realized that I still had five minutes left over. I caught Miss Brown's attention and she took me into the office to talk. I asked her if she could help me get even with my sister. That was when she asked me if she could smell my panties. I looked at her and she was serious, so I pulled them out. As she held them up to her nose and inhaled, I told her that my sister smells just like that.

Miss Brown smiled and said, "Bring me the panties that your sister is wearing today. They are white nylon with red trim and a red rose on her pussy mound. Bring them to me in the morning, first thing. I want then to be as fresh as possible. I'm keeping this pair too." +++++ When I got home from school Jane was telling Mom all about what she did to me in the cafeteria that day. Mom started to giggle but then she told Jane that she should apologize.

I was pissed and went to my room refusing to come out even for dinner. Mom brought my dinner in to me. She sat it on my desk and then she sat on my bed to talk. I could hardly concentrate on what she was saying because I was looking up her short skirt at the crotch of her panties. She had not been wearing that skirt when I came home and Mom never sat with her knees open. What was up? Mom said, "I'm sorry that pascalssubsluts leanne morehead ass slammed before facial tube porn sister humiliated you like that in school.

I don't mind it you use my panties to relieve yourself. Sometimes I use yours." My head snapped around, me eyes popped open, and my mouth hung open with nothing coming out.

Mom said, "Yes! Believe it or not, sometimes I wear your used underwear to bed when I masturbate. Lately that has been every night. I bet you that I am just as horny as you are." I was still looking at her speechless.

Mom said, "I have been thinking that maybe the two of us should help one another out. Kill two birds with one stone as they say." Finally I got the power of speech back and I said, "You mean that we should have sex together." Mom smiled, opened up her knees further, and said, "Yes!

That is exactly what I mean." I smiled then I said, "I may need your help getting even with Jane for pulling that stunt." Mom said, "I'll help you if you'll help me. You know…one hand washes the other." I said, "I need the panties that Jane is wearing. They are white nylon with red trim and a red rose on her pussy mound. I need them in a Ziploc baggie in the morning to take to school." Mom said, "Consider it done. I'll put them in your back pack without your sister knowing." She looked at my alarm clock and said, "We have a little over an hour before your sister comes home from her girlfriend's house." I looked at Mom knowing that she was offering me sex.

I asked her, "Jane has a girlfriend. Is she anything like a boyfriend?" Mom giggled and said, "Well sort of. They fuck each other with their tongues though." There was a pause, "I've made out with your sister and her girlfriend a few times too.

But I really miss a good stiff cock since your father ran off with that girl." Yes, 'that girl' as we always refereed to her. Jacqueline was in my grade when Dad started fucking her. He got her pregnant and ran off before her father killed him or they had him arrested. The last we knew he was in Mexico at some resort that caters to Americans. Mom leaned back on my bed and pushed her panties down to he knees and then down to her ankles, asking me to take them off and save them for later if I could still jerk off after she was done with me.

Then Mom stood up and removed her pretty blouse, her sexy bra, and her short skirt. She stood there naked and asked me if I was going to get undressed. I got up and undressed as she sat back down on my bed.

My mother was getting turned on looking at me. I did the same thing as I watched her undress, but I didn't know that girls did too. Mommybb my step mom sucked my bfs dick licked her lips and poked a finger into her pussy slit. Mom was rubbing her clit, right in front of me so I started stroking my cock. We just watched one another.

Finally Mom said, "Bring that over here. I fingering daisies sensual lesbian scene by sapphix it and I need it now. Don't toy with me just give it to me." I walked over to Mom, she pulled me in between her open knees, and hugged me. She leaned back taking me with her and then she pulled my cock into her pussy. Her legs went around me and Mom started humping alaina kristar changing room teen on hidden at me like it was her first time in years.

Maybe it was, after all Dad had left two years ago, she hardly ever dated, and she said that she had a few threesomes with Jane and her girlfriend.

I was so glad that my cock was finally in a pussy, any pussy, I didn't care. It didn't even bother me that I was fucking my own mother. In fact it was kind of nice knowing that she lived with me and I could probably fuck her again if I wanted too. Fuck her again if I wanted too…hell I might fuck her five or six times a day if she'll let me. I pushed it in, Mom tightened her pussy forcing me out a little, and I pushed it right back in.

I was fucking my mother and having fun doing it too.

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When I started to cum I stiffened up and Mom held me tight. I fired off a shot and Mom could feel it. Her grip on me tightened, her legs wrapped around me, and her ankles crossed to keep me from pulling out.

Pulling out was the last thing that I had in mind. I squirted and I squirted in her unlike any time in the past. I could not believe how great it was to cum in a girl. Mom said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I'll want you to do that to me a dozen times a day. If your sister begs you to fuck her…don't do it." I asked, "Why would she want me to fuck her?" Mom laughed and said, "Jane has always wanted you to fuck her. Actually you already have.

When she was five and you were four she used to suck your cock. She didn't even care if you peed in her mouth.

I caught her forcing your little pecker into her little pussy.

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I let it happen a few times and then I started punishing her for it. I made her lick my pussy. I might be responsible for her liking xxx sex first time new sex new couple. Anyway when your father tried to fuck her she wouldn't let him.

That's why he started fucking her girlfriend…that girl." A light bulb when on over my head, "I remember now, she was Jane's best friend." Mom smiled and said, "Yes, she was." Mom let me fuck her two more times that night without letting my sister know. The next morning I found Jane's panties in my backpack and I gave them to Miss Brown. During lunch Jane came over to my lunch table and apologized to me for the day before and said that it would never happen again.

When I got home Mom was smiling. She said, "Your sister is up in her room. Apparently you gave her used panties to her girlfriend, and she told Jane to apologize and to leave you alone. She also asked your sister to bring you over tonight for a threesome.

If I were you, I'd go. I'd fuck them both…especially that Miss Brown…she is a Goddess in my book." I looked at Mom and said, "Her girlfriend is Miss Brown." Mom smiled at me and said, "Yes, and she has had her eye on you for quite some time now. She likes teenage girls but she also likes teenage boys.

It's a good thing that you turned thirteen last week." I said, "But Jane is only fourteen." Mom said, "Yes, and Miss Brown has been making love to her since she turned thirteen too. You might know Miss Brown's younger sister. I think she sits at your table during lunch.

Her name is Peggy Sue and she has a crush on you too." It was all starting to make sense, Peggy Sue and Miss Brown are sisters, Jane and Miss Brown are lovers, Peggy Sue sent me to her sister to help me with my sister, and that explains why Miss Brown knew exactly what panties Jane had been wearing that day.

I took a shower and changed my clothes so that I could make a good impression on Miss Brown. Jane was not pleased to take me along but I didn't care. I would get to fuck my dream girl and watch my sister eat her out afterwards. I was planning on fucking my sister too. After all she owed me that and more for humiliating that way in school. At least it turned out good.

The End Humiliation Turned Good 592