Daughter loves cumshot all over her body

Daughter loves cumshot all over her body
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The following is a short story about a boy's lust for his former teacher. It's just the beginning, I hope you enjoy it. "Hello Miss Ramos, would you like to have dinner with me Sunday night?" Christi was startled as she looked up and recognized one of her former students. However she noticed something unusual out of the corner of her eye as she looked back down at his right leg. There in front of her, just a few feet away from her face was the outline of the longest thickest cock she'd ever seen.

Her the babysitter takes a bbc p tube xvideos opened in awe as a slight gasp escaped her lips. It must be a fake she thought, this must be one of those senior practical jokes they do at the end of every year. "It's real" John said in a low soothing voice hoping he hadn't scared her.

He had been thinking about this moment all day and had been fantasizing about it for years. Many a nights and mornings he had jacked off thinking about Miss Ramos. Four years ago her name had been Mrs.

Christina Garcia, but now she was single, he was eighteen and as of tomorrow . he'd be a high school graduate. John had decided that today was the day he was going to ask her out, so he had gone back home after practice and changed into his best jeans. This was the only way he could show Miss Ramos his true size.

He felt this would be the best way to impress her since he wasn't very good at talking with girls, he'd always been a little shy and insecure around them. Miss Ramos however always had a way of making him feel at ease and confident about himself and it didn't hurt that she was the sexist women he'd ever known. The whole drive to the high school he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. He had always thought of Miss Ramos as being the ultimate Latin woman.

She was petite at only 5 foot 2 and she was built like a brick house.

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She had large breast for her size but not so much that it made her look top slim teen has fun with a black cock. She trimmed down to a curvy waist topped off by the most beautiful ass you'd ever seen.

Her legs looked great too and he knew that from personal experience. He was remembering the first time he saw those beautiful legs, his brother had once told him a little secret.

He and his friend had been walking down latina tranny reveals bigtits and tugs her cock till orgasm tube porn alley one day when they heard a little girl laughing and screaming on the other side of a fence. Out of curiosity they looked for a way to look into the yard and finally found a few holes in the fence. When they looked in they saw the little girl's mother and they both looked at each other and mouthed the words 'Wow.' His brother had told him about this little incident and so the next time he went to drop off his brother at his friend's house he stopped by to take a look.

Low and behold it turned it out to be Miss Ramos. He had to tell himself to stop thinking about that time or else he would blow his load. Luckily he was just about to arrive at the school parking lot and so he put his cock away, which wasn't easy. He was able to park his truck near the hallway entrance where Miss Ramos was at, good thing he thought, 'maybe nobody will see me go to her room'.

Looking around the parking lot though he noticed he didn't have too much to worry about. The hallway seemed pretty empty as he walked towards her room which happened to be close by the entrance. The classroom door was open when he got there and as it turned out it was his mouth that opened in awe first.she took his breath away.

At that moment she was lifting some books from the bottom of a shelf and placing them on a low cart. She was on her hands and knees and facing away from him. Oh my God! he thought, what an amazing ass. She was wearing your typical jeans and t-shirt for a work day, but to John it didn't matter, she might as well have been naked, because his cock was hard in an instant. He adjusted his cock almost half way down to his knee, it was do or die now, he walked right up close to her and said the words that would change both their lives "Hello Miss Ramos." his heart was racing.

Christi seemed to have woken up from a dream, she realized she had been staring at his cock longer then she should have and finally stood up. Her voice was as shaky as her legs. "Oh Hi John!" as if noticing him for the first time. She was a little self-conscious; she could feel her hard nipples poking through her bra and t-shirt.

It was a work day after all and she hadn't expected any students to be at school. She had put on a thin support bra in order to work more comfortably.

Now here she was, worked up in a sweat, the t-shirt practically hugging her huge breast and her nipples were trying to poke out through her t-shirt. God his cock looked huge, she had to control herself.

"I thought all you seniors were supposed to be at graduation practice today?" "Oh yes mam we were, but that was this morning and it's already three o'clock." Oh wow, Christi thought, she had worked right through lunch. Well at least she wouldn't have to come in tomorrow. She thought about his cock again but dared not to look down, though she wouldn't have to look that far.

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At her height the top of her head barely reached his chest. She liked tall men, but he was somewhere between a boy and a man, although she'd never seen a cock like that on a man.

at least not yet. "Now John I don't think it would be appropriate for us to have dinner, I know you'll be graduating tomorrow and all but it still wouldn't look right" "But Ms. Ramos, we can go to New Braunfels, nobody knows us there" "That's not the point John, I was your teacher once and it just wouldn't be right" "Miss Ramos I promise, it will just be a nice dinner, I just want to hang out with you and talk to you about my future plans." You're already 'hanging' she thought as she turned away from him, taking a peek and noticing how big it still was.

At least now he couldn't see her hard nipples poking through her shirt. "I don't know John, my car isn't working well, my daughter leaves with her dad that day, people from San Antonio go to New Braunfels every day, I don't think it's a good idea." "Don't worry Miss Ramos, I'll take care of everything, I'll pick you up at seven" Christi was taken aback again, this time by his confidence; he came around in front of her to give her a good by hug.

Oh God she thought as he hugged her under her arms picking her up at the same time and squeezed her body against his. She felt so weak yet safe in his arms, her big breast heaving on his chest and her left leg rubbing up against his huge cock, she hugged him lightly around his neck. After a longer than normal hug, he held her close to his body as he slid her down to the floor rubbing his cock between her legs. He noticed she felt a little weak in his arms so he sat her down on a nearby chair, as he straighten up his cock came very close to her face.

She looked at his cock for a few seconds, it looked as thick as her forearm and just as long, she took a deep breath through her nostrils trying to smell him. She thought about reaching out to grab his cock but at that moment he turned and walked away. "Go Mavericks!!!" he let out a school yell as he walked out the door, his arms held high and his fist clenched.

Oh my God, Christi thought, who would of thought four years ago his friends were calling him "Little Johnny." Christi couldn't believe what had just happened. Ever since she had started teaching eleven years ago she always able to put young horny boys in their place or at least ignore them all together. She remembered back when John first came to high school, he was only fourteen then, nice looking but not very big.

Unlike most boys his age John was a very cordial and respectful student. It's the same now as it's always been; teenage boys have only one thing on their mind. It is no different in the classroom especially when they have a teacher that looks like me. They xxxstorysex stories the ass netmoniqne alexander try to keep their voices down, but as most teachers will tell you, just because it looks like you're not listening doesn't mean you are.

Teachers can hear and see everything in the classroom if they want to. It's tolerable if the boys are just whispering to each other: "She's got the best tits," "no no she has the greatest ass", "oh man I'd fuck her between her tits then horny man tickles sexy clit pornstar and hardcore her in the ass." Christi could handle the whispers but the lines were crossed when they would start showing each other pornography.

Now a day with cell phones and iPads everything is possible. She remembered a student from last year, Jaime ."Look at the picture of this girl getting fucked in the ass, I bet Mrs. Garcia would like that." He got a three day suspension after that when they also found pictures of Christi on his iPad. In one picture she was at the front of the classroom slightly bent at the waist writing on the whiteboard, a naked man was superimposed behind her, he was holding his huge cock right up against her ass.

The end of the year was a whole other adventure. The boys would leave anonymous typed letters hidden around her room and she would end up finding them at the end of the storys xxx negros con blancas 3g porno. The letters describe in graphic detail how they would pleasure her body.

God these boys have an active imagination she remembered what some of them said.

'Miss Ramos I want to lay you down in the middle of the classroom then I'm going to cum all over your beautiful face and tits"," Miss Ramos I want to fuck you up the ass as you suck another guys cock.", "Miss Ramos I want to take you to my friend's house where you can suck all our cocks". My husband never figured out why I was always so horny at the end of the year.

As she put away the last few things in her room and she got ready to leave she wondered what type of perverse things John wanted to do with her, her nipples started to get hard again.

Sunday finally arrived and Christi couldn't get her mind to settle down, she was thinking about so many things at once. At least during the morning she was preoccupied with getting her daughter ready for the trip. Sissy (nickname for Cecilia) was excited dped slut anal creampie pornstars and blowjob nervous; it would be the first time she was going to spend so much time away from her mom.

The divorce had been finalized last month and she would have to spend half the summer away with her dad in Dallas. It wasn't any easier for Christi, neither one of them held back the tears as the car drove away down the street.

The only consolation for Christi was that she knew how much Steve loved and cared for his eight year old daughter and that Sissy also loved her dad very much. At one time she and Steve had felt the same way about each other, but as the years went by they slowly grew apart.

They still cared and respected each other but they knew they were better off apart. At one time they also had great sex together, even during their separation, but Christi always felt there was something missing. She wondered if her one time student would fill that void. That seemed so naughty to her, she wondered if John's cock would even fit in her little pussy. It was amazing what four years of transformation will do to a teenage boy.

Over the years she had watched a lot of boys go through that change and there were always a few who caught her eye. By the time they were seniors they had grown up so much, not only in their physical stature but also in their maturity. That was the one of the things that surprised her most about John. He had always seemed a little shy through high school and what she saw from him a couple of days ago was very exciting.

He had taken command at the end, "I'll take care of everything." then he had picked her up in a squeezed her body against his, she could feel a tingle go through her body thinking about that moment. 'I need to jump into the pool to cool off' she thought. She didn't waste time changing, she took off all her clothes and walked out the patio doors.

She'd never done this before, it was the middle of the day and anybody could see her naked if they just looked over the privacy fence. She was feeling very naughty as she swam a few laps then afterwards laid down on a reclining chair to catch a few rays.

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She knew it would be hard for anybody to see her over an eight foot fence but she still felt like she was being very bad. Her ex-husband had always taken care of the yard and then after him it was a local Mexican crew, this is why she had never knew about the holes in the fence. They were hidden behind some low hanging branches. Her hands began to explore her body, she ran her hands up slowly from her hips up along her toned abdomen to her firm breast. She touched and squeezed her tits thinking about John and wondering how his hands would feel on her.

As she got more and more aroused she guided her breast to her mouth and began sucking and licking her nipples.

She let go of her left breast and slid her hand to her pussy. She had neatly trimmed and shaved her pussy in anticipation for the night and she could feel her moistness on her pussy lips. She took turns inserting her middle finger into her wet pussy then taking it to the edge and played with her clitoris. After a few minutes she went over the edge and had a massive orgasm. As she was coming down from her orgasm she froze with her fingers in her pussy, she riding on dudes juvenile schlong momsandteens and threesome she heard some voices in the alley behind the fence.

After waiting a few minutes and not hearing anything else she felt it must of been nothing and went back inside the house to take a bath. After her relaxing orgasm and equally soothing bath she took a long deserved nap.

Waking up refreshed and energized she fixed herself a glass of wine and began the process of making herself the sexist woman John had ever seen. The look on John's face was priceless, "What, what's going on?, slow down, wait, wait." By the time John had walked up to the door Christi had gotten out, locked it, and was rushing almost running to his truck.

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Even at that speed John was awestruck by what he had seen. She was wearing a low cut spaghetti strap black sundress. It looked like her breast were going to jump out at the pace she was going. Her shoulder length curly hair was bouncing up and down sexily like a model running down the beach. "Wait, wait there's somebody in the truck." but Realitykings big tits boss hyped and horny didn't hear him.

She was so concerned about the neighbors, her only thought was to get into the truck as soon as possible, having had two glasses of wine had impaired her judgment. There were plenty of trees and shrubs in the front yard for cover, the only neighbor that could of seen her was the one directly in front of her driveway, and he was on vacation. As she jumped into the truck her breast bounced up so high that half of them did come out, nipples and all. "Hello Miss Ramos" two voices said in unison from the backseat.

She was startled again as her hands quickly went up to her chest adjusting herself and then looked back sheepishly. "Hi boys!" she said feeling a little awkward, but the wine also made her brave, "And who the hell are you two?" "He's my brother Mike and college girls vs johnny sins his friend Victor" John said finally catching up and getting into the truck.

"I tried to tell you but you were so fast, what's going on?" John asked looking at her a little confused. "Oh everything is Okay, I'll tell you later, what's going on here?" she said looking at the back seat. "Sorry, this was not in the plans. Nobody was at house to drop them off, Victor lives just a few blocks down the road." So that's how he knew where I lived, Christi thought to herself, he hadn't asked for directions.

He must of seen me in the front yard or something. "Hey Miss Ramos you might be our teacher next year." Mike said leaning forward wanting to get a better look at Christi. "Victor and I will both be going to Madison next year." Mike and Victor gave each other a sly look. "Mike get back and buckle up" John said a little sternly, he knew what Mike was trying to do. In fact he wasn't even hiding it, staring blatantly at Miss Ramos's breast. At least he should have the decency to be a little coy like he was, oh no but not his little brother he wasn't shy at all.

Christi noticed it too. Mike was much more forward then John ever was at his age, she wondered what he'd be like when he got older. She hadn't even noticed it at first but her chest was still heaving up and down from her little run and half her tits were showing.

They were like hypnotic orbs for the boys. Then Victor did it too, only he was right behind her so he had to lean over her left shoulder and looked right down at her huge cleavage.

"Yeah Miss Ramos, I really hope I have you for my teacher." Victor said excitingly.

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Then she noticed it. she felt an excitement in her body, she took some deep breaths and her breast heaved up and down even more giving Victor a better look. It almost seemed uncontrollable, she felt like she wanted to please these boys. She wanted to give them some ideas for writing her a letter, maybe she'd act them out with them.

what is going on with me she thought. It must be the wine. it's probably just the wine, yeah that's what it was. just the wine, she'd never mess around with these two. To be continued&hellip.