Wicked seduction with a hot attractive babe hardcore and reality

Wicked seduction with a hot attractive babe hardcore and reality
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Fbailey story number 191 Horror Movies It was a dark and rainy night. Our parents were away for the week and we were supposed to be home alone.

As you know…kids will be kids. I called up two of my friends and Donna called up some of her friends. Before we knew it we had a house full and they were all spending the night. There were the three of us guys and there were six girls, two for each of us. Donna was fourteen years old and her friends were all about that age too. I am sixteen years old and my friends are too.

We had been teasing the girls all day about our house being haunted, seeing things at night, and hearing strange noises too. My sister told the girls that we were just making it up but I kept telling them that it was for real. We told them every ghost story that we had ever heard at camp.

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After we ate some pizza we put some horror movies on. We watched Friday the 13th part one, Nightmare on Elm Street part one, and then we put in the black and white classic…Night of the living Dead.

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Throughout the movies we told the girls that only the virgins were killed. They knew better but it really didn't matter, they were already scared. Just after dark one of my friends had to go home but he told the girls that he was just going outside for a minute and that if he didn't come back to lock all of the doors and windows, then he left. Sure enough about five minutes later the girls were starting to panic and they were checking the doors and windows.

They closed the venetian blinds and pulled the drapes closed too. We all huddled in the family room for safety. Then one of the girls said that she had to go pee. My sister offered to go with her but I got my baseball bat out of the corner and said that I would protect her.

Amanda grabbed my arm and together we carefully made our way up the stairs, through the house, and into the bathroom. I checked under the sink and in the shower first to make sure that the coast was clear. Amanda was one of the younger girls at thirteen and a really cute little blonde. She asked me to wait outside but I told her that it was better if I stayed inside with her.

Amanda agreed with my logic but told me not to look. I could hear her clothes rustling and then I head her start to pee. I was listening to the flow splash in the toilet bowl when I heard her fart. I turned around quickly, asked what the noise was, emo teen amateur cocksucking for cumshot reality then I started looking closely around the toilet. Amanda tried to tell me that she had just farted but I told her that wasn't the noise that I was talking about.

I got down on the floor and looked behind the toilet as I moved her legs around. Then I came back up to the level of the toilet seat and told her that it was clear. All the time I was staring at her sweet little pussy with her spare blonde pubic hairs on it. Then I just sat on the floor like an Indian and watched as Amanda wiped her pussy and then started to pull up her panties.

I stopped her from pulling them up and had her stand up. I looked at her pussy and then I kissed it. I reminded Amanda that the virgins were killed first then I poked a finger in her pussy and told her that I was a virgin too and that I was scared and that I didn't want to be killed first. Neither did Amanda. Then I told her that we could solve both of our problems at the same time.

So Amanda got down on the floor with me. I helped her get her pants all the way off and then her panties. I stood up and took mine off too, then I removed my shirt also. I got back down on the floor with Amanda and told her that she had to take her shirt off too…then I had to tell her to take her bra off too.

As I looked at Amanda lying there nude waiting for me to take her virginity I realized just how pretty she really was. She had nice little breasts and I kissed them and sucked on her nipples before I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I told her that it might hurt a little bit and then I forced it into her.

She said that it didn't exactly hurt but that I was bigger than the dildo that her mother had given her. That was good, she was used to having something in there. So I just enjoyed myself and fucked her slowly until I cum. I would always remember Amanda as my first fuck. When I took her back downstairs two of the other girls needed to go. I knew that I didn't stand a chance of lucy li all new story them both so I handed my baseball bat to Ralph and told him to take them up.

Amanda stayed cuddled into me for protection. When Ralph came back with the girls Ronnie wanted to go so I took her this time.

Ronnie was my sister's best friend but she fell for the same act that Amanda had. She had bigger tits like my sister had and she had more hair on her pussy too, it was dark brown and matched the hair on her head. When I slipped my cock into her, she winced. I had hurt her a little. Maybe I had broken her maidenhead. She didn't care about the pain she just wanted to loose her virginity and I wanted to take hot schoolgirls undress herself in pants tube porn. So I fucked Ronnie real good and I gave her a nice gob of cum to remember me by.

When we returned Ralph took my bat and walked Carol up to the bathroom. I was sorry that we were taking turns now because I could have had her alone. When they returned the last pair needed to go so I took them. Trish and Bonnie were sisters.

Trish was thirteen and Bonnie was fourteen. They both had pretty red hair like their mother. When we got to the bathroom they asked me to come in with them.

They told me that they had been talking with Amanda and that they wanted me to take their virginities too. Wow, I didn't even have to coerce them into it. Bonnie wanted to go first since she was the oldest. Trish and I watched her undress then I told Trish to undress too. I then undressed and we each looked at one another.

The bathroom was big enough for them both to lie down on towels so I had them do that. I took a moment to admire these two beauties. They sure were sisters. I loved the way the light shined in their pubic hairs. I liked the way that their breasts heaved as they breathed. I even liked all of their freckles. Then I looked inside each of their pussies and kissed their virgin holes. Next I placed the head of my cock at Bonnie's opening and pushed it in. There was some resistance but I realized too late that it was just too dry in there.

I pulled it back out and stuck my tongue in there. I tried to put as much spit in there as I could and it worked because my cock went back in easily.

I knew that I couldn't cum in both of them so I told Bonnie that because she got to go first that Trish was going to get my cum. She seemed a little upset about that but I told her that in a little while we could do it again and that time, the other way around.

She liked that idea so I took my cock out of Bonnie, licked Trish's pussy for a while, and then I fucked her. I was really enjoying that night, not only had I finally lost my virginity but I had taken four others in exchange. I filled Trish's pussy with my love juice and then I watched as the two girls sat on the toilet to pee. Since I had never had a blowjob before I stood in front of Bonnie as she peed and asked her to suck me.

She did! Then when it was Trish's turn I asked her to suck my cock too and she did. I got hard again and thought about fucking them one more time right away but I didn't. I already knew that I could fuck them again later and I still had Carol to go. Sure enough when I got back Ralph told me to take Carol up next and that she hadn't wanted him to go with her.

Fine with me.

So I walked Carol up to the bathroom. She too knew what was going on and asked me to fuck her and take her virginity leaving my own sister as the only virgin in the house besides Ralph that is. Carol was almost fifteen years old and she was the oldest of those in the house. She also had the biggest breasts, the biggest ass, and the longest hair too. She was an Oriental American and she had jet-black hair to her knees. She liked having me watch her undress. Mom and son visit lady doctor tget sexual advice she had had a crush on me for some time now but I never knew it.

That was why she came to sleep over with my sister so much. She had great tits and she put one in my face to suck on and then the other one. I learned with Bonnie that I had to get her wet first so I went down on her and started lapping at her pussy. I tickled her clit and made her cum. That's when she told me that I was better at that than my sister was. Yup, they had been making out for quite a while and she thought that I was better with just a few minutes practice.

Either she was lying to me or my sister was really bad at muff diving. She had long silky black hair on her pussy and I really liked it.

Eventually I stuck my cock in Carol's pussy and fucked her. It was really good too because I was in no hurry and I had already cum enough to satisfy any boy my age. When I did cum in her, Carol liked it just as much as I did.

She sucked my cock clean without being asked too and then she spread wide so that I could watch her pee afterwards. Upon our return to the family room my sister Donna took my arm and headed me right back upstairs.

She whispered in my ear, "I saved the best for last big brother." We didn't go to huge tits on petite girl plays with herself bathroom, we went into her bedroom instead.

She undressed for me and then watched as I undressed for her. She pushed me back onto her bed and climbed on top of me. I was looking into her pussy when she slipped her mouth over the head of my cock.

She stopped and told me that I tasted just like all of her girlfriend did. Then I stuck my tongue in her hole and replied that she didn't taste anything at all like her girlfriends. We both laughed and got back to business. Soon I was more than hard enough, Donna was more than wet enough, so she climbed up and dropped onto my waiting cock. It went right in easily and she proceeded to fuck me. It was funny because she reminded me of a cowboy riding a bull or in this case a really pretty cowgirl riding me.

I played with her tits the whole time, unlike my previous fucks. That time I practically wore her out by letting her do all of the work. It took her about twenty minutes to make me cum but she had cum twice during that time and she loved it. As she sucked my cock clean I couldn't help but smile. I had lost my virginity, taken six virginities from the girls, and it was not quite midnight yet.

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Donna needed a quick stop to pee before going back downstairs. She sucked my cock again as I listened to the splash in the toilet. When Donna got back downstairs she told Ralph to go home. He looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. After Ralph was gone and the door was locked Donna brought out another Horror Movie. It was one that she had stolen from the video store behind the swinging doors.

It was triple-x rated. Lascivious lady widens her legs tube porn made us all get naked first and then we got on a blanket that we had stretched out. We were not allowed off that blanket and we were to try to duplicate what was on the screen.

It was called "Jason does Freddie and Every Girl on Elm Street." Donna told us that we had five more days to get it right. Epilogue: The next morning when I went out to get the newspaper Ralph had drawn a chalk outline of a body on our sidewalk and splashed red paint around. I laughed and then I opened up the newspaper and read the bold headline…"Two Girls Brutally Killed By Werewolf." I read the first two paragraphs as I went back into the house and locked the door.

The End Horror Movies 191