Group of couples swap partners and orgy in the red room

Group of couples swap partners and orgy in the red room
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Sometime during our post-sex nap, Bethany had rolled off of me, but was still lying naked next to me with as much of her body in contact with mine as possible. The feeling of our bodies together was amazing.

I was brought back to reality from my sleep by her voice. I laid there with my eyes closed, pretending to still be asleep, as I listened to her talking on the phone. "Hey!" she said. "Oh my God.

It was amazing. no, fucking amazing. And that does not do a good job of describing it!" There was a pause as she listened to the person on the other end. I could only assume it was Riley. "Hell yes I came. I came like 5 times. The sheets on their bed are completely soaked!" "Yes, he came inside me.

That was a great feeling. I could feel his cock pumping and the cum shooting inside of me. That is what sent me over the luscious hottie showcases oversized butt and gets anus poked the last time." "No, it did not hurt. Well, a little at first since I was so tight. But it was a good hurt. The stretching of my lips around him, and feeling my walls close in around his cock, mmm. you have no idea. It is a good thing we learned about those pussy exercises.

It allowed me to keep him in me when we were changing positions. Also, it will help tighten me back up after every time we do it." "Are you kidding me? YES!!! I am going to do it as much as I can.

He thinks that now I will end up fucking other guys, and him too, but I won't. There is no way I will ever be pleased by a guy the way he did. I don't know, maybe sometime in the distant future, I will find a man to be with in a relationship, but one thing is for sure, as long as he is willing, he will be my number one." "Well, Ri, honestly, we fucked for almost an hour.

I am sure he would love to, but don't be disappointed if he does not have the strength.

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When we were done, I passed out on top of him with his cock still in me. I just now woke up to call you. He is still lying here asleep." "Sure, come on over, the door is unlocked. We are in my parents' room. I mean, I agree, the sooner the better, but be prepared for him to tell you another time." "Oh, I hope he doesn't either. It was so fantastic, I can't wait for you to enjoy it.

And I can't wait for all three of us to have a good time together." "Ok, see you in a minute." I opened my eyes as Bethany was hanging up the phone. She laid back down on the same pillow as I and started to rub her hand up and down my chest. "Hey baby," I said, "Are you ok?" "Yes daddy, I am more than ok.

I am great. I just lost my virginity to the most important man in my life." "So, no regrets?" I asked. "Life is too short for regrets, daddy, but no, never. I have never been so happy!" "Well, I am glad baby girl." "But dad, I want to clarify something. Just before you came, you said that there would be other guys that I would fuck. That may become true as life goes on, but for right now, I can busty blonde sweetie rides a throbbing shaft with 100% certainty that you are the only man I will have touching me." "Well, as flattered as I am, that is not realistic baby.

Especially once you go off to college. There are going to be plenty of guys that are going to show you attention and as sure as the day is long, you will fall for one.

And you never know, " I said half jokingly, "Now with your sexual awakening, you may end up fucking Mark." "HA HA," she laughed, "I have actually thought about that. But I would only do it if Riley was ok with it, and if you knew about it." Stunned. That would be the best way to describe my feeling after hearing that. But surprisingly enough, I was actually turned on by it.

I was imagining this family of fuck-hungry people. I could see, in that moment, Riley and my wife, My son and daughter, Me and the three women. I was thinking of the possibilities when all of a sudden I was broken from my trance. "Wow! You were not kidding Beth, the sheets are soaked!" Riley said as she came in the doorway to my room. I was lying on the bed, naked, the covers nowhere in sight. Beneath me was the huge wet spot that was created during my love making to my beautiful daughter.

Riley came over to the bed and sat down next to me at my midsection. "I told you!" Bethany laughed, "These sheets are ruined. Well maybe not ruined, but we will need to wash them before mom gets home!" "Good God Bethany!" Riley said as she reached for my flaccid, sticky cock "You really soaked your old man!" She started to stroke me and then bent over to put her mouth on me.

She sucked my cock slowly, bringing it back to attention. I laid there with one hand behind my head, and the other around my naked daughter as we watched her friend blow me. "MMM, and it tastes so wonderful too!" Riley said as she took a break. "So, how about it Mr. D., are you up for taking another virginity today?" "Well, I think I can manage that." I replied in my most serious voice. She stood up and started undressing. At the same time Bethany also got up and off the bed.

"Well, I am going to get dressed and go out for a while and leave you two at it." Bethany said. "No Bethany," Riley said as she started to position herself to continue sucking me, "You don't have to leave." "No, I want too. I had you leave. I shared a special time for my first time with him. You deserve the same. There will be plenty of times when the three of us can get together, but for your first, it needs to be something special with just you and him." Bethany walked over to showing boobs for cash first time afgan whorehouses exist side of the bed and leaned in to kiss Riley.

They shared a long intimate and passionate tongue kiss. Riley's hand fell to my cock and she started to stroke me while I was watching her make out with my daughter. After Bethany broke away from the kiss, she leaned over to me and started to kiss me deeply. I placed my hands on either side of her face, running my fingers through her blonde hair.

At the same time, Riley started going back down on me. She was sucking me slowly while I was making out with my daughter. Bethany leaned in to my neck and whispered in my ear.

"Thank you daddy. You are amazing. I love you so much." "I love you too baby. Please be careful while you are out." "I will. And I will call before I come home to make sure you are done." "OK." She stood up and started towards the door to her own room. As she walked past Riley she ran her hands down her body, starting at the top of her bobbing head down her back to her ass where she gave her a loving slap. "You two have fun. I know you will!" After Bethany went to her room to put on some clothes, I pulled Riley up so we were face to face.

I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her. I could taste my daughter's pussy that had been transferred from my cock in Riley's mouth. She had her jet black hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. I ran my fingers through her pony tail and started to lightly caress her soft tan skin.

I was still on my back and she was on her left side to my right. Her right leg was draped over my legs and I could feel the heat escaping her virgin cunt on my thigh. We kissed each other and enjoyed our body contact until Bethany came back in the room. "Ok ya'll, I'm outta here!" I looked at my beautiful daughter standing in my door way.

She was wearing a short denim skirt, a white spaghetti strap tank top and no bra. She had on a pair of black flip flop sandals. Simply stated, she looked amazing. From the distance of 10 feet, from where my head was to the doorway she was standing in, I could see her perky tits topped off with her nipples. "You need to be careful going out like that baby girl. You are likely to be picked up by some guy and I will lose you to him." I commented.

"No way daddy. Like I have already told you, you are it! I just feel awakened and I want to flaunt what only you can have." "Well you look hot. Have fun, be careful!" After Bethany went down the steps, Riley and I continued our kissing and fondling.

She was lightly stroking my cock amateur beauty banged after ballet smalltits european running her hands up and down my body. After we heard the front door close and Bethany's truck pull out of the driveway Riley looked up at me.

"Ok Mr. D., the coast is clear. Lets have some fun!" she started to climb on top of me. I stopped her. "I am going to tell you like I told Bethany earlier. There is no rush. I am not going to just fuck you. Not for your first time at least. You need to know what love and passion is.

I want you to enjoy every moment we have to share." "Hum, OK." she said, half disappointed, half questioning. We continued to kiss as I let my hands explore her body more. We had only been together the one time a month ago. Today was only the second time she had sucked a cock, and it showed. She still had a lot to learn and I was going to take the time to show her the ropes.

"Riley, I just want you to know that Mrs.

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D. commented on how good you tasted off my fingers last night. She said that she would really like to taste it first hand. She thinks that you may be the girl from our fantasies. If we play our cards right, you will be joining us. It may not happen until Mark goes back and Bethany starts college.

I told her that you would be staying around here for the year going to community college. She is excited to 'work' on you." "Oh man, I can't wait." "And this needs to stay between us. I am sure Bethany will find out soon enough IF it happens, but I feel you should know this." I said. "I think Mrs. D. is going to try and take Mark's virginity today. If she succeeds, think of the possibilities. Especially once Bethany knows.

All 5 of us will be one big happy fuck family." "MMMM that sounds fun." "But like I said, keep this to yourself. I think Mark will try to pretend he is still a virgin." "As will I." she said with a sly grin. We started kissing again. I rolled her over on her back, with me on top of her. She was not as anxious as Bethany as she did not try to rock her hips up to meet my aching hard cock.

Supporting myself on both elbows, I rested my body on hers. Her D-cup tits were pressed firmly against my chest as we started to make out again. I could tell she was nervous, so I took my time.

I kissed her deeply and slowly started moving down to her neck. I kissed, lightly nibbled and licked her neck. I made my way up to her left ear and took her ear lobe into my mouth. She started to breathe heavily, but was still seemingly nervous. "Riley, are you sure you are ok with this?" "Yes sir." I continued kissing and licking on her neck as I slowly worked my way down to her chest. Much in the same way I treated Bethany, I teased all around her big tits, lightly brushing her nipples with my tongue as I passed over them to the other side.

She let out a deep breath and then a low moan. She was becoming more visibly relaxed as she brought her hands up and lightly placed them on either side of my head. Her encouragement was not as forceful to suck on her tits as Bethany's had been, but still she was lightly pushing my head to engulf her swollen nipples. After a few long minutes of lightly kissing and licking around her tits and nipples I quickly took her left nipple into my mouth and started to suck and nibble.

She spread her legs a bit more and gyrated her hips up to me. I was positioned so my cock would not make entrance, but I could feel her heat and wetness below me. After sucking her left tit, I moved over to her right, treating it as I had the first.

She moaned a little louder this time letting me know that she was relaxed and enjoying my company. She pressed her tits together with her arms allowing me to suck on both nipples at the same time. This is something that my wife would do weird cougars feet cummed interracial and pornstars, but Bethany, with her smaller C-cups, had not done.

I sucked both nipples hard, nibbling and licking in between breaths. She was eager for me to continue as she started begging me to fuck her. "Mr. D., I need you in me so bad. Please, I am begging you. I need you!" "In due time my love, in due time." I started kissing down her body, from under her tits to her belly. When I got to her trim landing strip I licked her down, following the straight line.

When I reached the top of her slit, she bucked her hips, encouraging me to go on and lick her. I didn't. Instead, I licked back up and down it a few times, lightly, to tease her. Then, as I did with Bethany, I started to kiss down the top of her right thigh.

Once I got down to her knee I moved to the inside of her thigh and je peux avoir orgasmes a suivre french amateur masturbating rubbing back up. I paid special attention to the crease between her leg and pussy before teasing her willing clit while crossing over to the left side. Once on the left side I licked down her inner thigh and back up to the top of her leg. She moaned with frustrated pleasure as I teased her in that manner a few times.

Finally, on my last pass over her clit, she forcefully put her hands on my head and pushed me bf filmed girlfriend anal ride pov hardcore and big dick as she raised her hips.

I obliged and teen alice bell showing of her big directly for her clit. She started to moan loudly and gyrate. I sucked on her swollen love button, working my tongue around it as I kept a constant suction on her. This drove her crazy. I barely had a chance to lick down to her virgin entrance before she was in the throes of her first orgasm.

"Oh Mr. D. You eat pussy so fucking good! That's it.suck my clit. Suck my young virgin pussy.!!!!!" I continued working her clit until her thrashing became so violent that I was knocked away from her. After her orgasm subsided I slowly moved up her body, kissing and licking as I made my way back up to face her. With each lick and kiss her body shuddered.

She kept making the guttural sounds that only a woman experiencing a euphoric moment could. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in to kiss her. She probed her tongue around my mouth as we shared a passionate moment.

She then pulled her face away and went to licking around my goatee and cheeks. It seemed as though she did not want any of her juices gone to waste.

Although she was not a squirter like my daughter, she was plenty wet enough and she had ample juices to clean off my face. "MMM, I just love the way my pussy taste!" she said as she finished her licking. By this time, my cock was not fully rigid. Under normal circumstances it would have been, but since I had just an hour or so before had an earth shaking cum myself, and since, for the last 10 minutes I had not had any stimulation of my own, it had started to wane.

I pushed myself up to my knees and leaned back, extending my legs towards her head, against the foot board of our sleigh, queen size bed. I reached forward and grabbed her hands to pull her up. "I want you to suck my cock some more. Get it back hard, and if you are still willing and ready, still sure, I will take your virginity." "Mr. D., let me first threesome party in bed smalltits and pornstars you," she started to say as she reached forward to stroke my cock, "I absolutely love Bethany.

Like lover type love, more than just best friend/sister type love. But I also find myself feeling emotionally connected with you." Tears formed in her eyes as a rush of emotions over took her body. "I am falling in love with you too. And I know it is not fair of me to say that, especially since you have Mrs.

D. and Bethany in your life. I can't ask you to extend the same love to me, but there is one thing for sure, I am totally wrapped up by you and want you to be my first. And in all honesty, my only. I will fuck your son to keep up appearances, but I know I will never have the feelings for him as I do you." I was silent, taking in all that she just said.

At first I thought 'oh great, now I have 3 women that will be jealous of who I am with when they are not around.' Then my thoughts turned to the possibilities of what could come out of this. I sat staring at Riley sobbing, her hand still stroking my cock, slowly bringing it back to life. I came to the realization that this would not be a bad thing.

I now had 3 sexy women that would do all my bidding, that would be at my beck and call. I had three women, that soon enough, would all know about each other, and be OK with it!!! There was no need to have reservations as I had just become the luckiest man on Earth. I reached forward to wipe the tears from Riley's face and to comfort her. "Riley, you have been a part of this family nearly all your life. I love you too. I know Bethany loves you as well.

Although she as never verbalized it to me, she looks at you the same way I look at my wife, the same way they both look at me. Mrs. D. and I will be exceedingly happy to have you in our family, as our lover. Mark and Bethany as well. Once everything is out in the open, I want you to move in with us.

You can stay in whatever room, with any of us. We will be a true family." Although she kept the tears flowing, her face brightened up and a smile formed on her face.

She looked at me with love and passion in her eyes as she leaned forward to kiss me. We shared another passionate kiss before she slowly let her face fall to my aching manhood. She started to suck me slowly. It was different than it had been just a few minutes before, when she first came into my room, sex hungry. It was different than it had been a month ago when I taught my girls how to suck and deep throat.

No, this time it was meticulous. This time she was working on showing me her true love and affection. She was making out with my cock, slowly and deliberately as she had seen my wife do the night before. She was channeling all of her emotions to her mouth and tongue, working me over like a champ.

All that she lacked just a little while before seem to become instinct with her confession of love to me, and mine to her. She was making our relationship official. I was happy to oblige. "Baby, you are doing such a great job. Ah yes, you have learned more in the last few minutes than my wife ever has." "MMM" is all she replied with her lips sealed tightly around my shaft.

After Riley sucked me back to my full state of arousal I pulled her back up to face me. Again, I started to kiss her with the most passion that I could muster. She let her hand fall to my cock and continued to stroke me, slowly. After a few tugs, I pulled her hands up and wrapped them around my body. I, too, wrapped my hands around the body of my new lover. I held her in an embrace that only true lovers can share.

I pulled my face away and looked her in her eyes and told her I loved her. My next move was to lay her back down on the bed, on her back. I positioned myself on my knees between her legs. "Are you absolutely sure you want this?" I asked again as I started to rub the head of my swollen love tool up and down her slit.

"Yes, sir. I don't just want it, I need it." she said quietly. I scooted a bit closer to her to apply more pressure with my cock with each pass over her love slit. After the third time down, she arched her back, raised her hips and I partially entered her virgin entrance. Her face scrunched as she winced in pain. Although she was thoroughly lubricated, she was just as tight, if not tighter than my daughter had been. I placed my right thumb on her love switch and started to rub with firm but gentle pressure as I eased more of my 6 inches into her.

I looked down to admire my 3 inches of girth stretching her bald, virgin lips. She let out a low moan as I continued working myself into her tight entrance. Just like my daughter, Riley's hymen had be broken due to being a very athletic person. Once I got about half way in, I started to slowly pull out and gently work back in. Riley had her hands on my lower back, just above my ass and was pushing me, encouraging me to go deeper into her. After I worked the first 3 inches in and out of her, never letting my cock head exit, I plunged slowly all the way in.

It seemed that her tight cunt sucked my cock in like a vacuum until I was balls deep into her, our pelvic bones mashed together. I stopped grinding to allow her to adjust to having me in her. "Mr. D. Oh my God, you feel amazing inside of me!" she cried out as I could feel her velvety walls clinching and releasing around my shaft.

I thought for a moment that since I was now fucking her, had taken her virginity, she could call me by my first name, or anything she wanted that was not as formal as 'Mr. D.', but I decided that I liked that she was calling me that. It mom and son visit lady doctor tget sexual advice me a sense of authority over my new, young lover.

She started to grind her hips into mine. I leaned forward to fondle her perky D-cup and play with her nipples. I brought my mouth to her left nipple and started to suck as I was grinding into her slowly. She pulled my face up to hers and began kissing me with animal-like aggression. "Fuck me like you fucking mean it!" she said, looking deep exceptional peach flashes enormous fanny and gets butt hole banged my eyes breaking our kiss.

I leaned back up, grabbed her tits roughly and started to ram my cock into her cunt with as much force as I could. As I was driving my cock as deep as I could, I was using my tight grip on her tits to pull her body into my every thrust. She instinctively reached for her clit with her right hand and started to ferociously rub it. Every few strokes she would rub her hand down with my cock splitting the gap between her middle and ring fingers to feel me pounding in and out of her.

I looked at the face of my 18 year old lover, my daughter's best friend, and could see her eyes rolling back in her head. She pressed her head firmly down into the pillow, my wife's pillow, and arched her back. She was letting out moans and screams that can only be released by someone experiencing total bliss. I knew that she was about to cum. I started to pinch her nipples and squeeze her perfect breasts even tighter. My rhythm picked up and I started slamming her with every ounce of energy I had.

Her pussy was becoming more and more wet, and the sound of my white slaves humiliation anal bbc gangbang whore working in the moisture was filling the room. My balls were slapping against her ass. Her right hand was now a blur as she was rubbing her little bud as fast as she could. Suddenly, with out warning, her eyes snapped open, almost crazed like, and she gripped my right arm with her left hand tightly.

"Holy! Fucking! Shit! OH! MY! FUCKING! GEEZ! GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She screamed through clinched teeth in between breaths. As her bucking started to slow and her second orgasm of the morning began to gently calm, I pulled my cock homemade amateur skinny blowjob deepthroat rimming facial and laid down beside her. "Riley, you ok baby?" "Yes, sir! That was amazing.That is the hardest cum I have ever had!" She rolled over on top of me.

She positioned her still sensitive, no longer virgin, cunt over my rock hard member. Instead of letting it make entrance, she forced it up and pressed it against my stomach.

She started to rub her wetness up and down the length of my shaft. She did this for several minutes while we kissed passionately. Slowly she started kissing down my body and just before reaching my sticky wet cock, she looked up at me. "I need to give my pussy a little break. I don't think I can take you again for a few minutes." I nodded my approval. "Besides, I just have to taste myself off of you." She then lowered her mouth over my cock and started to slowly suck. She was savoring her flavor off of me.She sucked with purpose and licked my damp balls.

She was treating me as her lover and had my head spinning. At her pace and amount of sucking, I was nowhere near cumming. I was just enjoying the feeling. For 10 minutes she treated me in this manner. After she was satisfied, and sure that her pussy could take another pounding, she sat up and grabbed my wife's pillow. She had me stand up on the floor at the side of the bed. She put the pillow length wise under her body and straddled it, making sure that her pussy was exactly in the center.

She then leaned over and put her face in the wet spot that had been created by Bethany. She inhaled a deep breath. "Ahh, I just love the smell of Bethany's sex." Then, she looked back at me with a seductive, devious look.

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"I want you to pound my pussy hard, make me wet, cum in me.all on Mrs. D's pillow. Tonight, I want her to smell my sex, our sex. I want her to have a preview of what she will gladly be given." At first I thought it was a bad idea. I mean, I was not even sure if I would let on to my wife that I had fucked either of the girls.

Especially if she came back and said that her mission with our son was unsuccessful. After only a moment of thought, my dirty mind reverted back to reality, and the thought and knowledge that my wife would be laying her head on the very spot where I had fucked Riley was an intense turn on.

I looked down at my lover, she had her hand under herself, diddling her clit. I positioned myself behind her and started to rub my cock from her tight virgin asshole to her love tunnel and back up. She was rocking her hips, grinding on her hand and the mom son on her birtsex storiesay, smearing her wetness on it. Her face was still firmly down on the wet spot and she was inhaling deeply with every breath.

Truth be told, I could have probably have done nothing. With her own stimulation and the smell of the sex I had with my daughter an hour earlier would have probably been enough to push her to her own climax. But lets get real. What man in his right mind would let a displayed, 18 year old, tight pussy go to waste? Not this one!! With her next hip rock upwards, I slid my entire length into her. And just as it had been with every other female I have known, the doggy style position made her pussy incredibly tight.

Tighter than just moments before. She let out a loud moan as I put my hands on hot asian girl playing with dildo on webcam hips and started to pull her into my fuck strokes.

I started slow, and without any real rhythm. I would alternate the depth of my cock with each stroke, but I never took my cock all the way out. The suction and tightness of her pussy was driving me closer to the brink of another mind numbing orgasm. I knew that I needed to be slow and deliberate with my fucking or else I would be cumming like a teenager, way too soon. "Oh Mr. D.You feel so fucking good." Riley moaned with anticipation.

I started to pick up my pace and get into a set rhythm, one that she could grind with, one that was sure to bring us both to the point of extreme pleasure at the same time. I brought my right thumb up to my mouth, as I had with Bethany, and got it well lubricated with my spit.

Once I was satisfied that it was lubricated enough to insert into her ass, I grabbed her pony tail with my left hand and placed my thumb at the entrance to her ass. I pulled her head up by her pony tail and started to push my thumb into her. Unlike Bethany, she did not pause in her fucking. She moaned and pushed her ass back, encouraging me to keep going. And that I did. With one motion, I pushed my thumb into her willing ass and she let out a scream in both pain in pleasure.

This set something off inside of her and she started to buck wildly against me. I was now finger banging her ass and pounding her pussy for all I was worth all while pulling her head back forcefully by her pony tail. It only took about two minutes of this before we were both in the throes of our mutual orgasm.

I felt her ass tighten around my thumb and her pussy clamp tightly around my cock. "OOOOHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDDDD I AMMM CUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!" she screamed. "Fuck yes!!!" I grunted back as I started to spill copious amounts of cum into her. I shot 5 thick strings of my love seed into her. I thrust deeper into her as I felt her cunt milk every last drop out. I collapsed on top of her and kissed the back of her neck.

"I love you Mr. D." she told me "I love you too." We returned to laying normal on the bed, but not before she made sure our love cocktail was well smeared on my wife's pillow. After laying there for about 10 minutes she suggested that we take a shower.

I agreed and we got up and headed for the bathroom. "Riley, go on and get the water the temperature that you like, I will join you after I call Bethany to tell her we are done." "Ok!" she replied with an excited, relaxed tone. I grabbed my cell phone off the night stand and dialed my daughter. "Hello?" "Hey baby girl, what are you up to?" "Oh nothing really, I just came to the mall to walk around and window shop. Is everything ok?" "Yes baby, everything is great. I was just calling to let you know that Riley and I are done.

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We are getting ready to hop in the shower. You can come home any time you want." "Oh, ok, great! How was it?" "It was great. Don't tell her, but it was not as great as you, but still very, very good!" "Well, good, I am glad daddy!

I will be home in a little while." "Ok, be careful. I love you." "I will, love you too, bye." As I set the phone back down on the night stand and turned towards the master bath, I felt my heart start to beat hard and I had this feeling that I cannot describe in my chest. It was not the feeling and heart beating of a person who had just had marathon sex with two, 18 year old, virgins in the same morning.

No, it was the feeling like a man gets when he first feels an emotional attachment to a person. It was the feeling, the butterflies, that a man gets when love is something new. I really don't have any better way to describe them. I slid open the shower door and my heart skipped a beat.

There, standing in the steamy hot water of my shower was Riley. Her tan skin shimmering with the hot water rolling down her body. She had taken her jet black hair out of its pony tail and it was hanging down to just below her shoulders. She really was beautiful. I really did love her. As I stepped in, she turned to face me. She pulled me sucking huge tit black babe interracial hardcore the spray of the shower and, without a word, leaned in for a kiss.

I wrapped my arms around my young lover and made out with her while the hot water poured down over us. All of our kisses, from the first time, have always had a sense of passion behind them. But this one was different. This one reminded me of how my wife and I use to kiss. Of how we still kissed from time to time, but not as often.

It reminded me of the kisses I had shared with Bethany. This kiss with Riley was deep.

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Sure, there was passion and lust, but there was something else. Something that I can't put into words. But one thing is sure, It felt good. It felt right. Breaking our kiss, but never letting her eyes release mine, she reached for the soap.

She put a good amount on the poofy thing (I am not sure what it is called, I am a man after all), and began gently washing and caressing my body. She made sure she did a good job of cleaning me top to bottom, paying special attention to my flaccid penis.

The entire time she was washing me, her eyes never left mine. After she was done washing me, she handed me the poofy thing. "My turn." I added more soap and began to rub her down.

I ran my hands down my lover's body. Her skin was so soft, her eyes were peering into my soul. I was lost in the moment as I kept washing her all over. I got a good amount of lather in my left hand and slowly slid it down her stomach to her pussy. She parted her legs slightly and then put her hand on top of mine as I began to wash her. A low moan escaped her mouth.

"This is yours, as long as you want it." She said. After we were both thoroughly clean, we held each others soap slick bodies together under the shower spray. We had just finished rinsing each other when the water started to run cold. I had no idea that we had been in the shower for so long.

We stepped out of the shower and started to dry each other off when we heard the front door open. It was Bethany. "Hey! You guys decent?" she said with a laugh. "Hey baby, we are just getting out of the shower and drying off." I yelled back.

By the time I got the words out, Bethany was standing in the bathroom door way. "So Ri, how was it?" "Absolutely amazing Beth, so fucking great!" Riley responded, giving me a loving smile. "I am glad you enjoyed it. I told you it would be good." The conversation between the two continued while Riley and I got some clothes on. I put on some khakis shorts and Riley just put on her thong and bra.

"So, how was the mall?" I asked. "Well, dad, funny you should ask. Something fun happened to me." "Go on." "Well, I was on a high, glowing if you will, thinking about the incredible morning I had just shared with my dad. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and since I am not wearing any panties, I am sure that if the wind would have hit it jovenes calientes follando en la sala teen hot right, I would have cum!

Anyways, as I was walking past the food court, I felt some wetness starting to run down my legs. I decided to go into the bathroom to see if I was really THAT wet. When I got into the stall, I put my hand between my legs and when I looked, it was your cum flowing out of me. Not wanting it to go to waste, I gathered what had come out and stuck it in my mouth. Well, this japan wife massage nearby husbanr me on so much that I decided to prop my leg up on the toilet and get as much out of me to taste as possible.

Well, one thing led to another and there I was, in a public bathroom, rubbing my clit and tasting my dad's cum out of me. I lost all sense of inhibitions and began moaning. I did not know it at first, but another woman, probably about mom's age, had come into the stall next to me.

Just as I was about to cum, she asked me if I was ok. I screamed 'YES' as I squirted a lot of my fluids on the wall separating us. I could not stop though. I kept rubbing and fingering, trying to get more cum out.

I noticed that my first squirt was dripping down the wall and onto the floor. I looked down and saw this lady's hand catching some of it.

When there was a small pool in her hand, she removed it and I heard her moan. She asked me to unlatch my door so she could join me. Without thinking I did as she asked and when she entered she immediately got down on her knees in front of me. As I said, she was probably mom's age, or a little older.

She was not attractive, but she did have her white shirt completely unbuttoned and no bra on, showing me her saggy tits. I told her that I was getting my daddy's cum out of me and got so turned on that I had to rub one out. She wanted me to continue and squirt on her face and chest.

She never tried to touch me, and I would not have let her anyways, and I continued rubbing and tasting. She sat there on her knees, playing with her own nipples watching intently with her mouth open and tongue out. In a matter of a minute or two I was cumming again. This time I directed my squirt at her, moving closer to her face. I gave that poor lady a shower in my love juice. It was all over please stuff that big back cock deep in my as face, in her hair and mouth and was dripping down her chest.

Her shirt was drenched. I did not know I had that much left in me. After I came down from my orgasm, she stood up, said thank you and started buttoning her shirt without drying off. Her white shirt clung to her heavy breasts and became see through almost immediately. She walked out, face and hair all wet, with a big smile on her face. A few paces behind her, I walked out.

Her husband was standing there waiting for her and asked her what happened. "Oh, the damn sink went nuts when I started to wash my hands." was what she told him. I made skinny amateur cutie pounds her wet pussy contact with her, gave her a smile and wink and walked out." "Wow Beth," Riley piped up, "That is hot!

I love it when you squirt in my face. When your dad was fucking me, from behind, on your mom's pillow, hehe, I had my face buried in your wet spot.

I kept smelling you and imagining you squirting on me!" By this point, we were all sitting back on the bed. Riley was next to me, with her legs crossed indian style. Bethany was across from us, sitting in the same manner, showing off her panty-less pussy.

I did not think it was possible, but my cock was starting to grow again. After listening to my daughter talk about her random encounter in the ladies room at the hardcore teen creampie compilation first time molly earns her keep, and sitting there gazing at her pert breast through her tank top and her bald, bare pussy, all I wanted was to fuck again. As I was about to suggest it, Bethany piped up.

"Dad, did you cum in Riley?" "Yes honey, of course I did." "Riley, come here and take your panties off." she said as she laid down. "I am still hungry for cum, I want to eat your pussy until I get it all out." Riley did as she was told and straddled my daughter's face.

Just as they were getting started, my cell phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey honey!" "Hi, how is your day?" "It is good," my wife replied, "How is yours?" "Great!" "Good. I just wanted to let you know that we are all packed and loaded. We will be home in about 2 hours." "Good, good, be careful." "I will." "Was your mission a success?" I asked of my wife. "Yes, it was.

We will talk about it later." "Mark is there and awake I take it?" "Exactly." "Just say yes or no, was it all you hoped?" "Yes, and more." "Good." "What are you doing?" She asked me. "I am sitting here watching our daughter eat my cum out of Riley." I told her, since she admitted her mission was a success. "Oh, so your day was a success too?" "Yes it was, I will tell you all about it when you get here. See you soon.

I love you!" "I can't wait to hear all about it. I love you too!" I have started part 4, but have run into a bit of a writer's block. If anyone is interested in reading what I have so far and offering suggestions to get the ball rolling again, I would be much obliged! I really need a female's perspective as I am stuck in the dialogue from my wife.

Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks