Sunny leone first 1st movie

Sunny leone first 1st movie
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Fbailey story number 716 Right Where I Wanted Her I just walked into the house as if I owned it. I walked over to Wanda sitting on the couch and I reached out to the bottom of her neckline to grab a hold of her bra. My hand had a good hold of the material between her massive tits and then I lifted her up off from pranka chopda is asexx story sex stories couch. I pulled her out into the kitchen, bent her over the table, and then I slipped my hard cock right into her dripping pussy.

She had done as I had told her too, she was in a tiny little skirt, she was not wearing any panties, and she had been masturbating for the last half-hour waiting for me to come in. Wanda was the perfect sex partner, even though she was married and her son was my best friend. Wanda had two teenage children. Tim was by best friend and we were both fifteen years old and in the same grade.

Tim was on the football team but I never was any good at sports. Her daughter Kitty was thirteen years old and on the gymnastic team. Both of Wanda's children stayed after school every day during the week and her husband did not get home until just before dinner. Wanda was all mine for an hour or so after school and I took full advantage of her. After fucking her for a brother and sister incest english subtitle porn movies of weeks I had her right where I wanted her.

It was fifteen days ago that I had caught her fucking the Federal Express driver. I walked in and he had her bent over the kitchen table giving it to her from behind. Her bright red panties were tucked into his back pocket, his cock was sticking out of the opening in his shorts, and she was moaning with pleasure.

I waited until he had cum and then I shouted, "Get to fuck out of my mother and don't come back here again." Wanda froze when I placed my hand on her back and held her down. The delivery guy got out of there in a hurry and so I took over. I pulled my cock out and stuck it in her wet pussy. She never said a thing until I too had filled her pussy with cum. Then Wanda asked, "What are you going to do with me?" I replied, "Anything that I want too…obviously." Wanda asked, "What if I refuse?" I held up my cell phone.

It had photo capabilities and I had used it. Then I had sent the pictures and video clip to my email address. Wanda had stood there in the kitchen with her tight miniskirt up around her waist. Her hairy pussy was uncovered since the Federal Express guy had taken her panties. I just clicked off a few more pictures of her. When I told Wanda that I wanted to her fuck her daughter, she got upset and told me that she would let me do anything that I wanted to do to her but that I was to leave Kitty alone.

I figure that I would let her think that she was calling the shots for a while.

That way I could enjoy her sexual favors. That brings us back to where we were. She was bent over the kitchen table and I was fucking her from behind. Wanda had been most cooperative over the last couple of weeks. Wanda had sucked my cock and taught me several sexual positions. I had fucked her in her husband's bed, her son's bed, and even in her daughter's bed.

The first time that I fucked Wanda in Kitty's bedroom I saw a pair of used panties on the floor. I smelled of them, made Wanda smell of them, and then I had Wanda suck on the gusset of her daughter's panties while I fucked her good.

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After that first time Wanda begged me to force her to suck her daughter's used panties while we did it. When I asked her if she would eat her daughter's pussy Wanda replied, "Oh God yes.

I'd eat her raw." I asked, "Would you suck my cock after it was in Kitty's pussy?" Wanda's eyes were dreamy as she said, "Yes." Then her eyes opened up wide and she said, "I thought I told you to leave my daughter alone." I replied, "Yes, you did but you are not in charge here, I am." A tear came to one of her eyes. She finally realized that she was my sex slave and that she was going to do as I asked.

Then I said, "I want you to talk Kitty into going to the movies with me this Saturday. It would be nice if you would tell her to let me kiss her and feel her up in the theater." Wanda laughed and said, "I won't have too. She really wants you to feel her up. It's all that she ever talks to me about." I was pleased to know that. +++++ When I arrived at Kitty's house she was still up in her room getting ready.

Tim was out on a date of his own and his father was happy to see me. As I found out a few minutes later he was planning on a night of sex with his wife and no kids.

My mother drove us to the shopping mall where the theaters were. Kitty and I sat in the back seat of the car together. Kitty kissed me first and I let my hand slid up her leg from her knee to her panties. Her short skirt didn't slow me down any. Her mouth opened and her tongue snaked into my mouth as her knees opened and my fingers made their way inside her panty leg opening. Her kiss got better as my fingers found her clit.

When I started to pull her panties down Kitty lifted her fanny up to assist me. I was stuffing them into my pocket when Mom pulled up in front of the main entrance. I got out of the car and then I helped Kitty out. I got to look at her hairy pussy when she got out. Mom motioned me to her so I opened the front door and poked my head in.

Mom whispered, "I'll give you an extra twenty dollars to spend if I can have those panties. I'll give them back to you later.

I just want to smell that wonderful girl. Wanda tells me that she loves to smell her daughter's panties and I just want a chance too myself." I pulled the panties out of my pocket and handed them to my mother. She handed me an extra twenty dollars. As we walked inside Kitty asked, "What was that all about? You gave your mother my panties." I replied, "My mother wanted to smell your panties. She will give them back to me later." Kitty giggled and said, "My mother loves to smell my used panties too.

I bet she has told your mother about them." I smiled and walked her to the admission booth at the theater. When we were comfortably seated Kitty said, "Would you believe that my charming petite teen gets her juicy twat and small anal fucked actually told me to let you feel me up. What nerve! I was going to let you anyway. I bet our mothers would love to join us in a threesome. They both seem to have a thing for my pussy." I just smiled and slipped a finger into her slit and then up to her clitoris.

I tickled her for a moment and then slipped my finger into her moist hole. I then sucked on it and asked, "How do you get it to taste so good?" Kitty said, "It's a little trick that I picked up at Girl Scout camp last summer.

I douche with apple juice, dry it out with a tampon, and then I masturbate until I have cum three times." I asked, "Have you ever let someone eat you out?" Kitty asked, "You mean a boy?" I then giggled and asked, "Anybody?" Kitty smiled and said, "Well about twenty girls at camp last summer, but no boys.

Would you like to be the first?" The movie started and I whispered in her ear that I would love to be the first boy to eat her out. She surprised me by saying that she wanted me to be the first boy that she ate too. She wanted to give me a blowjob right there in the theater.

I was just about to cum in her mouth when a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked us to leave. He explained that it was a family movie and that there were a lot of children there.

Some mother had used her cell phone to call the manager on us. He walked us out of that theater and paused at another one.

He then said that one movie had just ended and that the next one wouldn't start for almost an hour. Kitty practically dragged me into that empty theater. She took me right down to the front row, sat in the seat, and spread her legs open for me.

I knelt before her and leaned in for my first lick. She tasted amazing, simply amazing. I gave her an orgasm using just my tongue and then she finished my blowjob. We were done when the doors opened and other couples started to come in. We just stayed asstraffic hot teen dp and cum gargling fun we were. The movie in that theater turned out to be a very sexy movie about six porn stars trying to make it in the business.

Needless to say there were naked girls all over the place getting fucked by lots of well hung guys. Kitty really enjoyed the movie and wanted me to fuck her, take her virginity, and get her pregnant. What to fuck! I asked her if she would really consider a threesome with our mothers. She said that she would like us to be together a few times first and then she would like to start with my mother.


So while she watched the couples up on the screen fucking I slipped my cock into her pussy. Kitty was tighter than her mother was. I liked the tighter feel and she liked the full feeling. Together we fucked around in that front row for several minutes. When we had fully recovered from sex Kitty said, "Why don't we call your mother.

She would probably let us fuck in the back seat while she drives. I'd like to do that and I'd like it if she watched us in the rear view mirror. I could be on top and maybe other drivers would see my titties." I asked, "Are you sure that you want others to see you?

Are you some kind of exhibitionist?" Kitty giggled and replied, "Yes, I think it would be awesome if men saw me girlfriend rides on top of cock with hairy pussy you naked and honked their horns." I called Mom and told her what Kitty wanted to do.

Mom liked it. When I told her about a possibly threesome in a couple of weeks, Mom wanted to talk to Kitty. After a few minutes and some mumbled words, Kitty said, "She will be here in a few minutes, the threesome is on, and she wants to get us a motel room so your father won't catch us doing it together." Kitty continued, "Oh by the way she liked the smell of my panties and can't wait to lick my pussy for real." Kitty added, "She can't wait for you to fuck her." I looked at her and asked, "Would you be okay with me fucking my mother?" Kitty giggled and said, "Why not!

I'm okay with you fucking my mother." I asked, "You know about that?" Kitty smiled and said, "I do now. I only suspected it before. I could not believe that my mother told me to let you feel me up. I knew something was wrong. What do you have on her?" I said, "About two and a half weeks ago I caught the FedEx man fucking her while she was bent over the kitchen table." Kitty said, "That's good to know.

Last month I caught Dad fucking one of the women on his golf team.

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I was playing with Jenny and they didn't know that we were in the house. Boy was Dad surprised when I came running into the kitchen. It is funny, he had her bent over the kitchen table too. Her skirt was up on her back and her panties were around her ankles. Dad had his underwear and pants around his ankles too. He pulled out quickly but I got to see his hard cock as he tripped and fell on the floor.

He damn near broke it off when he landed on it. Jenny's mother tried to check and see if he had hurt anything when Jenny came running in after me.

It was hilarious." "We watched our parents there on the floor with them both bottomless. Dad's soft cock was in her hand and her bare ass was sticking up in the air." "We wouldn't leave either." "Jenny's father doesn't live with them anymore so that wasn't really a problem.

Dad offered me anything that I wanted for my silence. I asked for my bedroom to be painted, a lock on my bedroom door, a queen size waterbed, and my own bathroom." All I could say was "Wow!" Kitty smiled and said, "He told me that Mom had to approve of the changes. Now she will." We were out on the sidewalk when Mom drove up.

Kitty got in the back seat first and said, "We both lost our virginities in the theater. Can we fuck in the car on our way to the motel? I want to be naked and on top. You can watch." Mom said that Kitty could do anything that she wanted too, as long as we didn't get arrested. She removed her clothes and I got on my back on the seat. Then Kitty climbed on top and rode me until we were at the motel. Mom drove around to the back, told Kitty to cover up, and then went to check in.

The ride over was short and interesting. In that five minutes she got to shake her tiny titties at several men that passed us. Two honked at her. We were ready when Mom came back with the room key and opened the door. Kitty and I rushed in and the door was closed and double locked. The lights were turned on and the curtain that covered the big window was closed fully. Mom was not taking any chances.

Mom just looked at us sitting on the bed fully dressed, minus Kitty's panties. Then Mom undressed for us. I had never seen my mother naked before so it was very interesting. Her nipples were larger and longer than Wanda's were. Her breasts were bigger. Her tummy was flatter, her hips were fuller, and her bald pussy was fatter. Mom looked great naked. Kitty thought so too. Then Kitty stood up and undressed for Mom even though she had seen it all in the car.

In fact in the car was the first time that I had seen Kitty's titties. They were small but they sure were nice. I even liked the light fur on her pussy.

Once those mom and soon xxx vedos com were naked they just got on the bed and Mom was right in Kitty's pussy licking away. I undressed as I watched them.

Kitty was on her back with her head on the pillow. Mom was on her knees bent over, licking her pussy and really enjoying it. Mom had her hands under Kitty's legs holding her ass up. I decided to give my own mother a taste. It was stronger than Wanda's pussy and not as nice as Kitty's pussy. But I still liked it. Mom turned and said, "That feels nice.

Keep licking it until you need to fuck it." Wow! Did Mom just tell me that I could fuck her? Or did she mean for me to just stop when I couldn't take it anymore. Was she planning on stepping aside so that I could fuck Kitty? I really didn't care. I licked Mom's pussy all that I wanted too. I held he ass cheeks open with my hands so that I could lick her small puckered asshole. Then I just crawled closer to her and slipped my cock into my mother's pussy. Mom turned again and said, "That feels even better.

Go ahead. Enjoy yourself. After all I wanted to join you in this threesome. Feel free to treat me like you do Wanda." I asked, "You know about Wanda?" Mom laughed and said, "Yes honey, She is my best friend and best friends tell each other everything.

I know that you caught her with the FedEx man. It's a good thing that you didn't catch me with him the day before." Kitty said, "Shut up and keep licking. I'm getting close." Then Kitty grabbed Mom's head and forced it hard into her crotch. I watched Kitty having her orgasm, then I felt Mom having her orgasm, and then it was my turn.

I grabbed onto Mom's hips and thrust into her hard enough to force her face back into Kitty's crotch. I pounded her pussy just as hard as I had pounded Kitty in the theater and her mother over the kitchen table. When I was finally ready to leave a big deposit in my mother's womb I just held it in her as deeply as possible and shot my load. It was a complete surprise when Mom turned around and said, "Thank you, I needed that." That two hours in the motel room drained my balls and satisfied both of those girls.

The next day was Sunday and Mom told me that Wanda was on her way over. She had Kitty and she was also going to get a motel room. Mom asked me if she could join us in a couple of hours. That would give Wanda the same amount of time alone with Kitty and me. Kitty held her mother's face tightly into her crotch for almost the entire two hours. I managed to cum in Wanda twice before my mother knocked on the door. Kitty and I watched the two women devour one another in the sixty-nine position. Kitty smiled as my mother ate my cum out of her mother's pussy.

For the next two hours the three of us made Kitty feel very, very good. Huge natural boobs blonde and perfect cameltoe in yoga pants mother would give her an orgasm, then her own mother would give her an orgasm.

Then it was my turn to make love to Kitty and give her one. We took turns and each gave her three orgasms before I had to quit. I was drained. However, the choi em nuoc lenh lang vietnam teen women gave Kitty one more round after I had quit. Kitty said, "I'd like to thank you all for the best sex ever…but please stop…I can't take anymore.

Kitty and I soon realized that we could have sex in either of our houses any time that we wanted too and that none of our parents would object. If it was after school one of our mothers would join in if we invited her. We were going steady until I had graduated from the university and Kitty had graduated from the local community college…then we were married.

The End Right Where I Wanted Her 716