Latin girl natural tits oiled and hard fucked

Latin girl natural tits oiled and hard fucked
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Copyright 2018 by tcs1963 Edited and some re-writes 2019 Co-edited by takemedown. All rights reserved by the Author ((((((((((((At the end of part 2))))))))))) Re-written to be told from Morgan's perspective. Morgan has returned home from college for the summer and stumbled upon her Daddy's jav free aleyna tilki pornosu relationship with her classmate, Mary.

Tom and Morgan Growing Together Pt. 3 A Daddy/daughter Story I was so turned on while I watched my Daddy interact with our neighbor, Mary.

Then I heard him use my name when addressing her, It made my tight little cunny sloppy wet. As my orgasm approached my body began to tremble and shake. I grabbed for my sensitive crotch, causing my knees to buckle. Then as my orgasm grew more eminent it caused me to lose my balance. Suddenly I stumbled and fell against the garage.

There was a loud thump causing my Daddy to look towards the window. Apparently, afraid that the neighbors possibly heard Mary's squeals and moans. As I tried to regain my composure I peered into the window again to see if Daddy had heard my clumsiness. He was looking around to see where the sound had come from and I ducked down to go unnoticed. Daddy pulled his slippery and rigid cock from Mary's pussy, making a wet sound. He slapped her ass, telling her to quiet down and walked towards the door.

As he continued to investigate the noise he covered his cock with his hands. I saw him and hurried to move away from the window. But with my panties around my thighs, I tripped and fell. Falling to my hands and knees just as Daddy opened the door. He finally saw me with my bare ass shamefully displayed in the air and all he could do was smile approvingly.

He reached down and Picked me up in his strong arms, and heaving me over his shoulder he carried me like a sack of potatoes into the garage. Setting me down onto a wooden chair that he had bolted to the floor. Daddy strapped me in tightly, leaving me very little wiggle room. As he positioned me my panties slid even further down my thighs.

The continued exposure had my little pussy very moist and excited. After I was secure Daddy walked up grabbed my blouse, ripping it open putting my pointy little tits on display.

Along with the rest of my tight little college body. I started in with pleading by this time, telling him how sorry I was and that I hadn't been spying on them or anything. "Daddy, I'll be a good girl," I said using my little girl voice. My Daddy just smiled saying, "Little girl, Daddy knows you will be good, and I'm gonna show you why." As he reached again for the paddle, peppering Mary's ass with spanks along with some verbal abuse for good measure.

I cringed while watching it as Mary's screams penetrated my soul. Even as I struggled I couldn't do anything but watch as my Daddy turned her ass a bright red. Mary wiggled her ass trying to escape her unmerciful punisher. I looked down at my Daddy's crotch and it had started to swell. The head of his cock so engorged, the head was looking angry.

With each spank of Mary's enflamed ass, Daddy became more aggressive as the precum was forming on the tip of his cock. What I hadn't noticed was how excited and juicy Mary's tight little cunt was getting. I could feel the excitement building in myself as my moisture built up.

I also realized in my excitement that I didn't want Daddy to stop. Just as Mary's screams reached a crescendo, Daddy no mercy for the slutty ebon hardcore and blowjob spanking her and started to gently rub her rose-red asscheeks.

The hands that caused so much pain now soothing her tortured skin. Mary's breathing was labored and her tears streaked down her face in abundance. But my Daddy seemed to ease all of that with his raspy whisper. I couldn't stop feeling sorry for her yet I wondered deep in the darkest part of my mind if Mary hadn't been stimulated in some way. Daddy had just given the most brutal spanking I had ever seen to Mary and still she purred like a cat as his hands pet her.

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When it was over as my Daddy tended to Mary's sore ass. He reached for some medicated lotion, rubbing her ass and soothing her pain. I could hear Mary cooing and moaning as Daddy gently massaged her sore ass cute girl stretches spread snatch and loses virginity hardcore and drilling. Whispers of, "Thank you, Daddy" from Mary. Daddy was kissing and nuzzling her thighs as he knelt and applied the ointment.

I was watching and thinking after such a barbaric display of punishment, how could he be so gentle and loving. Daddy then leaned in and licked her very moist slit. Mary squeaked and made a loud groan. As her hips shifted pushing her steamy pussy back against his mouth. Daddy stood up, and I watched as he dipped his fingers into her cunt getting her self made moisture, and rubbed it all over his cock.

Leaning in and whispering to Mary, "You are such a good girl, and Daddy is so proud of you," Then he positioned his very stiff cock between her ass cheeks.

The ass he had just brutalized, my Daddy intended to use for his personal enjoyment. Daddy pushed forward with his hips, spearing her anal passage. Mary gasped loudly and then sucked in and held her breath. His big cock sliding right into her tight rectum, obviously causing some discomfort. Growling some, Daddy started squeezing more and more of his large cock into her asshole. Stretching her open to accommodate his size.

Making her squeal some, but never telling him to stop. Slowly her groans grew louder, but they weren't the groans of pain. Mary was actually struggling to receive my Daddy's cock. I could sense that Daddy was beginning to enjoy himself. Looking at the strained look on Mary's face, she was beginning to feel pretty good too. So I watched more intently as he fucked her tender asshole, trying to learn her techniques.

Along with his shit eating grin and more forceful thrusts, Daddy was grunting and moaning as he picked up the pace. Which let me know that he was enjoying the feelings that Mary's asshole was giving his cock. Daddy's mouth dropped open and I could tell he was close to cumming. His movements became more erratic and he buried his cock into her abused ass.

Mary let out a yelp as his hot cum splashed inside her. Still confused over my own Daddy using my name as he hatefucked the neighbor girl.

It was still an incredible turn on for me. It also amazed me how comfortable my Daddy was at causing Mary's young body pleasure along with severe discomfort as well. My eyes went wide and my mouth agape the more I watched Daddy fuck and punish Mary.

It was paramount to watching the rape of a schoolmate. But I couldn't help wondering if Daddy would be so aggressive with me because I think I wanted him to be. Daddy looked back at me smiling and noticed that his chair was soaking wet from my moisture. Grunting and smashing his body against Mary's sore ass, the wet sounds of Daddy's cock sliding in and out of her tight sphincter was taking its toll on me. I was so excited and my pussy was so sensitive. Sliding and wiggling my ass against the hardwood, hoping to massage my wet pussy against the seat of the chair.

After what seemed like hours Daddy finally came. I watched as he pulled his cock out of Mary's tender asshole. When he made a loud growl. Mary just grunted as his warm deposit ran out of her ass and dripped to the concrete floor. Devon lee rides a thick black schlong interracial and pornstars looked back at me and smiled, and then asked, "Do you like Daddy's games, little girl?" I was virtually speechless, not only had I just witnessed the punishment and sodomy of a school friend, who was close to my age, But I had watched my own father as the Punisher.

Shocked and more than a little confused, but mostly turned on. I just shook my head in a yes motion, mumbling, "Yes Daddy" My body's reaction to the sexual performance I had just witnessed, showed exactly how aroused I really was. Just then, Daddy started to release me from the punishment chair, grabbing my wrist and leading me over to a small cot jens and jens sex story sex stories the nearby corner.

As he helped me lie down, Daddy clipped some wrist and ankle shackles to me. Startling me again. He quickly silenced my fears by saying, "It's going to be fine kitten, trust me." Daddy finished locking my wrists above my head and he reached up towards the ceiling and pulled down a bar on a chain pulley system. Shackling my ankles to it, keeping my legs spread wide apart. I felt no discomfort except towards my modesty. I had never been this exposed in front of Daddy before.

He then cranked an old rusty handle and my legs slowly lifted up into the air. I was realizing how incapacitated I was, and remembering it was my own father who put her into this predicament. Then Daddy walks over to where Mary is restrained, loosening her bonds and setting her free.

He whispered into Mary's ear, and immediately she moved between my legs, hungrily looking down on my needy little cunny. Daddy snapped his fingers and Mary attacked my super moist pussy like a hungry dog. Her tongue stabbing into it deeper and making me squeal a little. Mary's tongue expertly licking and manipulating my labia with her tongue.

Sucking my swollen clitoris between her teeth. Making me squirm as my pussy flowered open to her. Daddy sat off to the side of me smiling triumphantly. Quite proud of the fact that he could direct Mary's every move.

I could feel my first orgasm approaching and there was nothing I could do about it. Mary moved her hands underneath my ass cheeks lifting me off the bed. Moving my pussy even closer to her tongue as she slid it in deeper.

Wiggling my hips upwards in an attempt to help her slide deeper and I made a loud groan. Then my orgasm washed over me like a tropical storm hits the coast. My body trembled violently, and my cunny flooded with sweet nectar. My Daddy smiled down on me, as Mary started sucking my lips and hole even more ravenously. I even felt her tongue and lips slide down onto my tight little asshole. Digging and scooping my sweet nectar from my cunny, causing my body to shiver from the inside out.

Mary could certainly eat pussy like an expert and she was talented in serving my father's every wish. Daddy just sat in his chair and orchestrated the lesbian ravishment of me and watching her bring me to orgasm after orgasm.

The bed had become soaking wet with my juices and Mary's saliva. I just reconciled myself to relax and enjoy my sensual torture. Just then Daddy yelled "STOP", Mary leaned up in a kneeling position, leaving my pussy flexing and tingling from my orgasm overdose. Walking up to Mary he gripped her up by the back of her neck and she stood and hopped off the bed.

No sooner had Mary's feet touched the floor, she knelt down at his feet.

Looking down at the floor and waiting for his next command. I noticed how much control over Mary, that Daddy had, but she just couldn't look away from his magnificent 9-inch cock. Daddy smiled when he saw me lick my lips at the sight of his throbbing appendage. Literally, the cock that had helped make me, had me lusting for it.

Daddy was going to make me beg for his swollen cock. But Mary leaned in and teased the head with her tongue first right in front of me. I was so on fire for Daddy's cock that she started squealing, "Please Daddy, please." Daddy just smiled again, reaching into his cabinet and pulling out a Hitachi Wand. Waving it at me and then putting it right against my pussy. Then he reached for a piece of leather and attached the vibe so it wouldn't move. Turning it on at medium setting, made a tremble shoot my latina lolly pop beautiful and hardcore my cunny and traveled up my spine, making me mumble incoherently.

Then he snapped his fingers and Mary engulfed his cock almost completely. Groaning and slobbering as it moved in and out of her throat. Mary seemed to have become Daddy's complete servant with just the snap of his fingers. My cunny was pulsing just watching her serve my Daddy and wishing it was me. The truth be known as sensitive as I was down there, I still wouldn't have wanted it to stop.

Daddy was running all of it, controlling all Mary's actions and my orgasms.

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He was running all of it. The vibrating wand had my cunny so wet and sensitive that I couldn't think straight. Every time Mary swallowed Daddy's cock I opened my mouth as if he was using me as his cum receptacle.

Daddy looked down on me as I was struggling against the vibrating torment. Smiling, he asked pov fuck with busty cassidy banks point of view shaved pussy I'd like to taste him. All I could do between controlling my body sensations and going completely insane was shake my head yes. Sliding his cock from inside Mary's mouth.

A line of her saliva clung to her lips and the tip. As he pulled his cock out it snapped back. Daddy stepped closer and I could smell his crotch. I could smell his unique scent, his manliness and musk mixed. It was so powerful I wanted to smell more of it. I was frightened yet I knew I wanted this more than I wanted to breathe.

After watching Mary serve Daddy I wanted to please him too. I wanted to give myself, mind, body, and soul to him, and I trusted him to use me as he pleased.

My own Daddy fucking me like a common street whore and using me to drain his balls. Then I felt the heat and tasted his skin, as Daddy's cock lay across my lips.

The End . of Pt. 3