Bust down fucking my ex girlfriend best friend

Bust down fucking my ex girlfriend best friend
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I was naked, my bare skin pressed against the cold floor as I sit in a bowed position, my arms stretched out in front of me, my face down on the floor.

I could feel goose bumps cover my body as I stayed perfectly still, listening to the sound of my breath, waiting. I had no idea what was going to happen, and how it would change my life forever. It all started when a woman in a bar approached me. I was down on my luck, a college drop out, my parents kicked me out, I had no job experience and did not know what I was going to do, or where I would sleep that night.

She introduced herself as Jasmine, she had beautiful long dark hair, smooth tanned skin, and she was dressed like a movie star. She was not more then a few years older then me, and I wondered how she could afford such expensive things. I wanted to be just like her. As we talked, she told me that she worked for an agency, a bit of a high-end escort service.

Small son and mother sex storyb would set up "dates" with their clients; she would be given, a time and place, and any other important information. All she had to do was show up and have fun. She said most "dates" where wealthy businessmen that needed a date to some fancy event.

On top of the great pay, the men usually took such a liking to her that they would buy her expensive gifts. It all sounded so glamorous, I visit sister swap part one kayla kayden not wait to find out how I could start. Jasmine was kind enough to let me stay with her, and the next day she took me to the agency where I signed up with out hesitation.

It did not take long and the agency contacted me, they had a new client who was looking for a brand new girl, they gave me an address, a time, and a key.

I was to let myself into the house and there would be further information there for me. I was so excited to get my first job, things where finally looking up. Friday afternoon I arrived at the house, I unlocked the front door and inside found a note that said, "Take off all your clothes, bow down on the floor and wait, don't move, don't speak." This was not at all, what Jasmine had described, I wondered if it was a joke.

However, I knew that my being paid depended on the client being happy; I needed the money and could not afford to mess this up.

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So here, I was, at the mercy of whoever it was that I was waiting for, wondering what I had got myself into as my skin got colder and my arms began to hurt from sitting like this for so long. Then the door opened, I immediately looked up to see who it was.

It was a man and he quickly shouted at me to put my head down on the floor. My heart pounded hard in my chest, I hoped I had not already upset him. He took his time removing his coat and boots, while I nervously sat there exposed. He stood towering over me, and finally said, "So this must be from the agency. Well let's get a good look at you. Stand up straight." Thank-full to move I quickly stood, but I had been down on my knees so long my body was stiff and sore to move.

"Bow your head" He commanded, and then proceeded to grab my tit's, he squeezed both my nipples hard, causing me to say ouch, he laughed, then told me to turn around and bend over, when I did that he told me to spread myself open droit dans son cul tube porn he could get a good look at my fuck holes. He bent down to get a close look, then I felt his fingers spread my pussy open wider, and another finger probed my pussy, then it moved up to my ass hole and gently rubbed against it.

"I got an idea, you stay right there." I listened to his foot steps move away through the house, stop and then come back. He knelt down behind me again, but this time there was a flash from a camera, he spread my pussy as far as he could and there was another flash, and a few more as he experimented with different angles with the camera. I heard him put the camera down and he told me to get down on my knees. He grabbed my hair and started pulling me further into the house.

"Ouch that hurts, can't I walk?" I asked "No, and no talking." He said firmly. He took me into the bathroom and put me in the shower, laying me down on my side. He pulled out his cock, and I felt his hot urine on my cold skin, he slowly moved his stream up and down my body, big dick fucks young horny clits collection carmen caliente davina davis cleo vixen melissa moore mi covering me in piss.

I was scared to say anything, so I just laid there. He put his cock back in his pants and walked away, turning out the light and closing the door. I laid there in the dark shivering; the urine was now cold and smelled. For the next few hours I stayed that way, every now and then he would come back in and spray me with more of his piss, and then he would leave again, with out a word. Once he came in and insisted on holding his cock close to my pussy and ass hole so that he could completely cover them in his piss.

I lay with my face in a pool of cold urine, my body sticky from it, the smell starting to dull as I got used to it. When he finally came in, stared at me for a moment and then said, "Well that should about do it.

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My piss has soaked into your skin so deep now that every dog in the neighborhood will know you are my property." He turned on the shower and handed me soap, "Clean up bitch." He stood there watching me as I tried to wash off the urine. When I finished he threw me a towel to dry myself.

He had taken me into a bedroom, I sat on the floor, my legs folded under me, as he stood over me and explained. I was his slave; I would not speak without permission. I was to remain on my hands and knees unless told otherwise. If he did not require my services, I was to remain bowed at his feet ready to serve him.

Any defiance against an order would only make it worse. He pulled his cock out of his pants and exposed it to me; it was the master now. I was never to look up at his face only his cock.

I was required to fulfill It's every need. If I were to address him, it would be only as "yes master". "Do you understand?" He asked "Yes Master." I said making sure to direct it at his cock and not look any higher.

"Good, now I noticed you have not shaved around your pussy. That cannot be permitted. Go back to the bathroom and fill a bowl with warm water, gather the razor and the shaving cream and bring it all back here. And remember you are to stay on your knees." "Yes Master." I crawled on my hands and knees back to the bathroom, found what I needed and carefully brought it back while I struggled to walk on my knees.

He had me lie on the bed and spread my legs, he then gently proceeded to shave my entire pubic area, had me bend over, and he finished by shaving even the crack of my ass. The sight of my shaven-exposed pussy must have turned him on, because with out warning I felt his cock push deep inside me, slowly. Then he slowly pulled it back out. Then quicker he pushed it in again, he grabbed hold of my hips and started pounding his cock into me as hard as he could, till finally he came and his cock grew tired.

He laid down on the bed, and commanded me to clean his cock off with my mouth. I obediently bent over him and took his cock in my mouth cleaning off the cum, then I licked his balls getting any that might have got on them.

He held my head against his genitals, and told me to lie down. He continued to hold my head with his cock and balls pressed against my face as he rested, he wanted to make sure I knew my place. "Well we've only just begun; time to get on with your training. Follow me." He commanded. I crawled on my hands and knees following behind him as he led me back to the bathroom. I felt myself sink inside, did more training mean lying in urine for hours again?

"Come on in to the shower." He said. I crawled in slowly, as if taking my time would change anything. I lay down again, dreading the smell. "Sit up bitch." He ordered. I folded my legs under me, and bowed my head, waiting for it to come. He held his cock in his hands pointing it at me "Look at your master slave." I looked at his cock; it was practically eye level with me, and only inches away. He continued to talk "Tell me slave, did you taste my piss while I soaked your body?" "Yes Master, a little.

" I said softly. "Do you want to taste some more?" "No Master" I was still starring at his cock, I could see the tiny hole that his piss shot from pointing right at my face. His voice got low and deep "What did you call me?" I had angered him. "I mean Yes Master, I mean no," I stumbled to find the right words "I mean Yes Master, but I do not want to taste some more." "Open your mouth." He almost shouted.

I remembered his warning about not obeying; I quickly opened my mouth, shutting my eyes tightly. "Look at your master. You forget who is in control," he ordered. I opened my eyes and starred at his cock, it seamed to be starring right back at me. I waited for it to come, just wanting to get it over with. He waited, torturing me with suspense, and then suddenly his yellow stream came spraying straight into my mouth. I could taste the warm bitter fluid in my mouth, I tried not to gag, and I spat it back out as quickly as it entered.

The stream stopped abruptly. "You're not drinking it." "Yes Master, I taste your piss." He grabbed the back of me head and pulled it into his groin "You see this cock?" he said angrily "Yes Master." "You will do what ever this cock tells you to do; you will drink whatever comes out of it. Do you understand?" "Yes Master" I said trying not to cry. He let go of my head and in a calm voice said, "Now let's try this again." "Yes Master" "Lean your head back and open your mouth." I did exactly as I was told.

He rested the head of his cock on my lips and ever so slowly he filled busty anna de ville spread her legs to have a pussy power mouth, talking in an almost soothing voice he said "don't swallow, don't spit it out.

That's a good girl." When my mouth was full, he told me to close my lips, and hold the piss in my mouth. "Do you like the taste now?" There was only one answer he wanted, and I gave it to him nodding my head up and down. "That's a good girl, now you can swallow. What do you say to your master?" He gave his cock a slight shake reminding me who my master was. "Yes Master, Thank you master" "Would you like some more?" "Yes master." I opened my mouth and again watched as his piss eagerly shot out of his cock, this time when it filled my mouth, I swallowed it down, and he took his time stopping so that I could drink every last drop.

Finally his stream lessened he was done, except for one final drip hanging to the tip of his cock. He gently put his hand on my head and drew me closer. I licked the last drop and gave his cock a light suck, and I tasted a few more drops enter my mouth. "See, it doesn't have to be bad, it's your choice." He lectured me. "This time we did it in the shower, from now on I expect you to be ready to suck the piss right out of my cock without making a mess." "Yes Master." "Whip any piss off your body, and come back to the bedroom." "Yes Master." He had me bent over on the bed, my ass high in the air.

He was gently rubbing my pussy and ass hole. "Fuck those are some fine looking fuck holes. How much have they been used?" He asked. "Yes Master, I had a boyfriend in high school; we fooled around a couple times." "That's it one guy, a couple times?" "Yes Master." "Well fuck my luck you're practically a virgin.

I guess that means you've never even had a cock in this pretty little ass hole of yours." "Yes Master. No one has ever put it in there before." I felt his finger press hard against it "Well that's about to change." Then he sat up and stuck his cock in my pussy "Oh yeah, brand new all right." Then he pulled it back out again and went back to touching me with his fingers, occasionally sticking a finger or two in my pussy. He brought out lube and started spreading it on my ass hole, gently rubbing his fingers harder and harder against it; I could feel every now and then the tip of his finger go in just a little bit.

He put his cock in my pussy and held it there as he worked at my ass hole more and more. Slowly his finger went further and further in until I could feel the entire length of it buried amazing teen licks knob and drills twat hardcore blowjob my ass. Then he started slowly working two fingers in, giving me a couple strokes with his cock in my pussy, and then pushing his fingers in me deeper.

When both his fingers were as far up my ass as they would go, he fucked my pussy for a short time with his cock. Then I felt him pull his fingers out and start to rub my ass with a cool soft dildo. The tip of it slipped in easily, as he pushed it further in my ass I felt as it got smaller and then a little larger, smaller and then a little larger. Then it got a bit larger then my asshole could manage. I felt him pull it out a tiny bit, then press harder against my ass.

I felt my hole stretch to accommodate the larger object. I heard his soothing voice again "Oh that's a good girl, you can do it, just a little bit more to go." He pushed the same ridge of the dildo in and out of my ass, letting it adjust to spreading open wider.

Then he pushed deeper and another larger ridge struggled to get in my tight ass hole. He added more lube to help me. Slowly he worked it a little more each time until my ass hole was ready to open wide enough to let it in. Again, in and out with the largest ridge, each time my ass loosening a little more. "Oh fuck, that's a good girl; I'll have my cock in there soon." He pulled the dildo all the way out, then all the way in again, letting my ass relax to the feeling.

Then he pulled it out and replaced it with a smooth thick dildo, and fucked my ass with it, my ass was now willing to open wide and be fucked by a cock. He pulled the second dildo out, and put it aside.

Then he slowly removed his cock from its warm place in my pussy. I felt as the tender head rubbed against my ass hole, already it felt different from the dildo's, it was warm and soft, but under the tender flesh of his head was a rock hard cock, rigged and unwilling to bend. The head of his cock toyed with horny babes and a dick phb keez ass hole, dipping in and out, almost teasing it.

Then he pushed it in a little bit further. I let out a moan of pleasure, surprising myself at how good it felt, and how excited I was. The moan caused him to put a little more in, and then pull all the way out, then he re-entered and pushed in even further, he held it there, rigidly stuck in my ass. As I relaxed, he put it in further, and further, until I could feel his body pressed up against me. He held it, buried as deep down inside as he could get it. It felt warm and comfortable stuck up me.

Then he pulled out and slowly increased speed, he was fucking me in the ass hole. Then he withdrew, and pulled out the smooth dildo again, this time he stuck it in my pussy, then he brought out another and pressed it against my pussy as well.

He was trying to get two in my pussy at once. Persistently he kept pushing the second dildo in, until finally it squeezed its way in. It felt like my pussy was going to rip apart. He held both dildo's inside me, and probed at my ass with his cock, ever so slowly, he pushed it in, my full Pussy making it harder for him to fit in.

Then, he had it all the way in, two dildos and a cock, and he proceeded to fuck my ass with his cock. He was so turned on that before long he pulled both the dildos out and told me to suck on his cock. Eagerly I sucked the cum out of his cock. "Congratulations, you just passed training.

Get some sleep, your going to need it." He turned out the light and fell asleep quickly. *** I awoke to morning rays of sun filtering through the curtains. My body ached from the day before. Never before had I been treated like that, and for a moment I hentai housemaid filled with dildo and piston it was over.

Then I felt a hot rigid cock press against my thigh. He moved onto his back, and spread his legs wide. Pulling off the blanket, he said, "Suck it" and held it up waiting for me. I bent down over his groin; he put his other hand on the back of my head and started pushing my mouth up and down his cock.

He started forcing it further and further into my mouth, so that it started hitting the back of my throat. I started to gag and instinctively tried to pull away, but he forced my head down further, choking me with his cock. He pulled my head back, and I caught a short breath, before he pushed me back down again.

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I gasped for breath each time he let me up, my eyes watering, saliva covering my lips and his cock. He pulled my hair, pulling my head away from his groin. "Sit on it." He commanded. I awkwardly climbed on top of him, and raised myself up as he inserted his cock into my pussy. I slowly lowered my self down, when my full body weight rested on his body, I could feel his cock penetrating deep into my body, deeper then I had ever felt before.

Slowly I worked my thighs to rise up and down on his cock. He reached up and held my tits, rubbing my nipples. He pulled me down on top of him and held my tits cute angeline plays with her bald pussy exclusively at swankmag his mouth, licking and sucking on my nipples. He reached his hands behind me and grabbed my ass, pushing our bodies together. He started ramming his cock into me, eagerly fucking my pussy.

Faster and faster, until finally he threw me down on to the bed. He kneeled over me jerking his cock off above my tits, and then with one slight movement he sprayed my tits with his sticky cum.

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He laid down beside me breathing heavily. We both caught our breath, and beads of sweat rolled off my body. I watched as his cock, sexually content, relaxed and shrunk back to its normal size. "I gotta piss." He said breaking the silence. I waited for him to tell me to get back in the shower. "While what are you waiting for?" He sounded annoyed. "Yes Master, I will get in the shower." I sat up to leave. He stretched his legs wide, and rested his hands behind his head.

"Why should I have to get out of bed, when your pretty little mouth is right here?" "Yes Master." I laid between his legs and wrapped my lips around his soft cock. He rested his head back and sighed, relaxing his body.

A rush of hot bitter urine filled my mouth and I struggled to swallow it all. It kept coming, almost faster then I could get it down, I kept my lips tight, not wanting to let any spill.

I felt the stream lessen more and more, and then I sucked it out, swallowing and then sucking another few drops out until it was dry. He took his cock in one hand and rubbed it against my face, "Good girl, what do you say?" "Thank you Master." "Your welcome, now Bend over, I want to see how your ass hole is doing." I bent over and exposed myself to him. He came closer to see my ass hole, and I felt as he pressed his finger inside. It hurt; my ass was mom dad xxx story garils from the night before.

"Hmm, it's tightened up a little. But we'll fix that." He said getting up and grabbing another sex toy from his apparently large collection. Unlike the night before he did not move slow and gentle. I felt him press the toy into my ass, I felt a sharp pain as the object grew wide, and I let out a cry of pain.

He laughed, and then shoved it all the way up my ass. "You're lucky; this is one of the smaller ones. I'll keep this butt plug up your ass for awhile, that should loosen it up." I lay horny mother having a great time on the bed on the kitchen floor as he prepared himself breakfast, and then I stayed bowed at his side while he ate, waiting for his next demand. My stomach ached; I had not eaten since before I arrived, but I thought it best too not say anything.

He got up from the table, and knelt down behind me, His cock rubbed against my pussy before pushing inside me. He held my hips with his hands rocking me back and forth on his cock, the butt plug still in my ass. His speed increased, and I heard him groan in pleasure as he pushed his cock in deeply and held it there depositing his load of cum inside me. He stood back up and cleared his dishes, without a word. I was truly a slave to his cock, I was not there to keep him company, or do his chores.

I was only to fulfill the needs of his cock, and its stamina surprised me, even when it did not need sex, he found other needs for me to fulfill. For what felt like hours, this continued. I waited submissively and then did as he told, fuck his cock, suck piss out of it, or sat in the shower while he pissed on my body, face, tits, pussy or ass. He made sure to drink often ensuring a constant need to urinate, and he watched porn increasing his need for intercourse.

He eventually removed the plug from my ass, and then proceeded to fuck my ass with his cock, slowly; insuring the length of time, it took. Then as he felt that my ass had sufficiently loosened to his cock, he started pounding it in, ramming me violently up the ass until finally cumming, depositing it deep within my ass. He then finished off by giving me shots of piss out of his cock for me to drink.

I was tired and worn; I could not take anymore, and was thankful for a rest. Of course, I was still bowed waiting for his next command. I prayed he was tired, and I would get a break. Then he ordered me onto my back and climbed on top of me. I felt his cock probing to penetrate my pussy. I did not want him fucking me anymore. I struggled underneath him, wiggling to keep his cock away from my pussy. Even if I had not been tired and worn, he was to strong for me.

He pinned my hands, and slammed his cock into me. I tried to struggle more, but it only made him fuck me harder, and hold my hands down tighter. He came quickly, and I wondered if my struggling turned him on even more. Even though he had cum, his cock was still rigid.

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He ordered me into the bathroom. He stood in the shower in front of me, my head against the back wall. I knew he was going to make me taste his piss again. I looked away, and he grabbed my hair, shouting at me to suck on his cock.

I shook my head no. He pushed me into the corner, my head trapped; he took his cock in his free hand and pressed it hard against my lips. I tried to squirm away, he hit my face hard with his cock and then pressed it to my lips as hard as he could, yelling at me "Suck it you Bitch." My jaw gave, and his cock slid into my mouth, he pushed it in fast and hard, impaling me with it.

I could not get away from it. He pounded my mouth with his cock, often reaching far enough back to gag me. He loved every minute of it. He came on my face, and then proceeded to wash it off with his piss. I still did not want his piss on my face anymore, so I squirmed and wiggled trying to get away from his unrelenting stream, but it made no difference, he had to good african amateur ebony riding white cock interracial hold of me, and I could not get away from it.

When he stopped, he hit me again with his cock and said, "You forget who is master, I warned you, now you will be punished." Pulling me by my hair, he dragged me back into the big boobed amateur french mom hard banged in a sex shop basement, he covered my eyes with a blind fold, and then hand cuffed my arms behind me.

He picked me back up by my hair and dragged me down the hallway, then down a flight of stairs. He threw me down onto a cement floor, placed his foot on my head pushing me down onto my side, "Now don't move." He said sternly. Then I listened to the sound of his footstep's fade back up the stairs, and I lay on the cold cement, wondering what was going to happen next.

A long time went by and I did not hear anything. Although the cement floor was hard, and my arms hurt, cuffed behind me, I was happy to have a rest, and I found myself dozing to sleep.

I jumped awake, startled, piss poured down from somewhere above me, down on to my face, splashing off onto the floor. I felt a few final squirts as he finished, then his feet moved away from either side of my head.

He got down on his knees and lifted my ass into the air, forcing my face down into the puddle of cold urine. He stuck his cock in my pussy, stroked it in and out a few times, and then put it in my ass. His cock slid in easily now, my ass had yielded to him. He pumped his cock in my ass briefly, and then put it back in my pussy. Back and forth he went, taking his time fucking both my pussy and my ass hole. My knees ached against the cement floor.

He pulled his cock out of my ass, and I quickly felt his warm piss cover my pussy, my ass, and filling my ass-hole, stretched open from his cock. He had obviously prepared, making sure to have plenty of piss to last awhile. He put his still hard cock in my pussy and continued fucking me, I could feel the urine run out of my ass hole down into my pussy. Finally, he pulled out, got back up, and sat in front of me.

He pulled my head close to him, and guided my mouth onto his cock. Slowly, up and down he guided my head. Enjoying himself, and making sure not to get so excited that he would cum. He stretched each act out, making it feel like an eternity. He rolled me over onto my back, undoing one handcuff, straddled my chest, and told me to hold my tits together. He pressed his cock between my tits, and started fucking them. He then held his cock between my tits and sprayed more piss on to my face. I did not give him the satisfaction of a reaction.

This time I just laid there and took it. He continued fucking my tits until he came, covering my tits in it, then he got up, re-cuffed my hands together, and I heard him pull a chair across the floor, placing it near me.

I lay on the cold cement floor, my face in a puddle of urine. I could feel him, sitting near my head on the chair. All I could hear was the infrequent sound of him drinking something. I waited, wondering in the long pause what he was doing. Without warning, not even the sound of movement, I felt a fresh stream of piss on my head and her first pussy fisting lesson masturbation goldwinpass, and then nothing again. This continued over, and over, again.

Sometimes he covered my face, and soaked my hair. Other times He devoted an entire stream, pointed it at my mouth, tits, or just spraying down my entire body. I had lost count of how many times he had pissed on me, when finally I heard him get up, move the chair aside, and start fiddling with something further away. A shot of cold water hit my body, jarring me to attention; He was using a garden hose to wash off some of the piss on my body.

When he stopped, he picked me up, again by grabbing my hair. He sat me down against a wall, and pushed his hard cock into my mouth.

He pushed it in slowly, until it pressed against the back of my throat. I started to gag as he held it there. Then he plugged my nose, not a one big cock for a really cute teen me to breath, as I gagged and choked on his cock.

Slowly he pulled it back out, and I gasped for air. He did not give me long, and his cock pressed against the back of my throat again. My nose still plugged, I struggled for air. He pushed in further. Instead of gagging my throat opened up, and suddenly his cock slid down my throat.

He let go of my nose, and pressed in further until his cock was completely buried in my mouth. I could feel his body pressed against my face. Then he grabbed the sides of my head, slowly pulled his cock out, and proceeded to fuck my face. He picked me up, and bent me over the back of a couch. His hand groped my pussy, and then he slid his cock into my ass hole. He pounded my ass with his cock, and then placed it in my pussy and fucked me more.

Finally, he pulled me off the couch, and held my face to his cock while he jerked it off. "Drink my cum slave." He ordered. I opened my mouth, and tasted his sour cum as it landed in my mouth, obediently I swallowed it down. He pulled the blindfold off, and held his cock to my face.

"What do you say?" He asked. "Thank you master." "Good girl, kiss your master, and tell him you love him." I lightly kissed the head of his cock "Thank you master, I love you master." I said nuzzling my face against it. "Do you promise to behave now?" "Yes master, I promise I'll do whatever you say." "That's a good girl." He said stroking my head.

He held his cock to my lips; I kissed it some more, and rubbed it with my tongue. When I tasted piss, I wrapped my lips around it tightly, and sucked eager to drink his piss down. While he continued to stroke my hair and softly say, "Good girl, drink all my piss down, that's a good girl." Back up stairs, he had me lay on the couch with him. He watched television while I lay with my head at his groin, his cock held in my mouth, waiting for me to suck back any piss it released.

I no longer hated the taste, rather I loved it, craved it. I wanted to please him. He would hold back until his bladder was full. Then he would release a few drops, signaling for me to suck. I used his cock like a straw, and drank his piss never letting a drop escape my lips.

It grew dark outside; he drank beer one bottle after another. He stood up with one of his empty bottles. He spread my legs open, and then fondled my pussy. I gasped when I felt the cold glass press against my pussy. I felt my pussy juice with excitement as he pushed the neck end of the bottle inside me. He fucked me with it, until my pussy relaxed to the feel of the rigid bottle. Then he pulled out, turned the bottle around, and started pushing the thick end of the beer bottle into my pussy.

Slowly my pussy stretched, and let the bottle in. Holding the neck of the bottle sticking out of my pussy, he rolled me over onto my knees. His cock searched for my ass, and then slid in easily. Still holding the bottle, he gently pulled both his cock and the bottle in and out of my fuck holes. I moaned delighted by the sensations. I felt him pull the bottle all slumber party lexy and candy masturbation smalltits way out of my pussy, followed by his cock.

I heard the sound of his cock pissing into the bottle. He stuck his hard cock back in my ass. Then pulled me up on to my knees, he handed me the bottle, and I drank the piss out of it, while he fucked me in the ass. He held his cock above my face and covered it in cum, I used my fingers to whip it off and then suck all his cum down. He had taken me back into the bedroom and displayed and assortment of anal plugs.

Each one was larger then the next. I looked at the two largest and wondered how they could possibly fit into anyone's ass. He picked up the smallest one and told me it was the one that had been in me earlier. He then put it down, and picked up the next larger size. "Bend over and show me your ass hole." My ass had already been well loosened, and the plug slid in with little trouble.

He moved on to the next, even larger plug. This time as I felt the plug inside me slowly increase in size, I felt a sharp pain, my ass struggling to stretch wide enough.

He pushed it in all the to the base. Then slowly pulled it back out, stopping at the largest place, where I had gasped from the sharp pain.

He made my ass adjust to the larger size. He continued, removing the anal toy and reaching for the final and largest plug. At the widest point, it had to have been as thick as three, if not four erect cocks. Gradually he pushed it into my ass.

I felt another sharp pain as my ass struggled to open even wider. The plug continued to grow in size. My ass tightened, refusing to stretch any further.

He pushed slowly and hard, harder, until finally my asshole gave in and the plug slipped in up to it's base. He pulled it out again, and forced the thickest part of the plug in and out of my ass. He pulled the final plug out, and admired my wide gaping hole, that had once been so tight, an untouched.

His cock was hard with excitement; he shoved it into my pussy, and caressed my ass with his fingers. "That's right, you're my whore now." I heard him whisper. It seemed like the more he fucked me, the more he wanted. He pulled his cock out of me, and laid on the bed. He held his cock up "come and suck on my meat." I expertly ran my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, tenderly kissing it's head. He then put his cock down and held his balls "Lick my balls." He ordered.

At first, I kissed them, and then I lightly ran my tongue over them. I curiously sucked on one, drawing it inside my mouth. He held his cock up again and I went back to sucking on it. I pushed it deep into my mouth, trying to get it to slide down my throat again. He removed his hand from his cock, and held his balls for me.

I continued lightly kissing them, slowly pulling them into my mouth and sucking, rolling my tongue over them. Then he held them close to his body, exposing the hidden flesh behind his sack. "Kiss me." I gently kissed the skin, and then started to lick it. I could feel a hard ridge that was the base of his erect cock. Slowly I let my lips and curious tongue work their way further into his groin. When I felt his flesh drop back, I stopped and lifted my head.

"It's alright, keep going" he encouraged me. I lowered my lips back down and continued licking. First, to where I knew the ridge was, then slowly moving down to where I felt it drop away again.

I held my tongue there for a moment, then very slowly let the tip of my tongue follow his flesh, it dropped back quickly before it suddenly stopped, and I could feel the small wrinkles of his ass hole on my tongue. He let out a moan of pleasure. "Good girl, lick my ass." I lightly rubbed my tongue against it, then swirled it around, to lubricate with my saliva. I pressed my tongue firmly against his ass hole, and felt as the tip slid inside. I wiggled my tongue, and then pushed it in deeper.

My face pressed hard against his body. I pulled my tongue in and out, fucking his ass, as he groaned. Finally unable to take anymore he jumped up, rolled me on my back, and came all over my face.

*** I awoke the next morning, as he rolled me on to my stomach. I felt him grab at my butt cheeks and search for my ass hole with his cock. Without any coaxing my ass easily accepted his cock inside. His body pressed hard against mine as he drilled down inside me. I enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my ass, and I moaned with pleasure. He pumped faster and faster, harder and harder, enjoying the feel of my ass wrapped around his cock first thing in the morning.

Then he pulled out, flipped me on to my back, and I held my tits firmly together as he unloaded his cum onto them. He laid back down on the bed, still breathing heavily.

I climbed between his legs, and rested my head near his tired cock. I gently stroked his balls, softly saying "Thank you Master. I love the feel of you in my ass Master." He stroked my head lovingly, building his strength back up.

After a short rest, he put his still limp cock to my lips. I took it in my mouth and started to suck. I felt a warm tingle in my pussy when I tasted his piss rush into my mouth. He was completely relaxed, only slowly rubbing his hand over my head, as his morning stream was ral father ans his daughter from his cock into my mouth.

I sucked until he was dry, and then continued to stroke his balls "Thank you for letting me drink your piss master." It was not long before his cock was hard with desire again. This time I eagerly sucked on it, shoving it down my throat and gagging myself with it. The day continued as it did the day before. I stayed quietly by his side, ready to satisfy his needs. He continually fucked me, and pissed on me all day. Sometime in the afternoon, he took me back into the bedroom, and had me on hands and knees on the bed.

He gently ran his fingers over my pussy and my ass. Then gently he spread my delicate folds wide, much as he had done the very first time I met him. His fingers slid lovely gwen stark hot porn viedeo and out of my holes, followed by his cock. Slowly, enjoying his time he fucked my pussy, and then my ass. My holes now welcomed him eagerly, my pussy juiced to please him, euro teen black cock and russian blowjob in car stepbrothers obsession my ass opened for him easily.

I felt him pull out, and get off the bed. He picked something up off the dresser and then climbed behind me again. There was a bright flash from a camera.

Then another flash when he used his hand to open up my pussy, and another as he opened my ass hole. He placed his cock in my pussy and took another picture, and again as put his cock in my ass. He continued fucking my ass, more eagerly now, as he came close to coming. He pulled out and sprayed his cum on my ass, then took another picture of my fucked ass hole covered in his cum.

He came up behind me and whispered in my ear "You've been a good slave. I'm done with you now, take a shower and go home." He got up, dressed, and walked out. I heard the front door open and close as he walked out of the house. It happened so quickly I had a hard time understanding what he meant. Somewhere during everything that happened, I forgot that at some point I would have to leave.

I felt strange as I took a shower. I took my time, enjoying the warm water, waiting for it to help me feel normal again. I dressed, and slowly walked to the door. I looked down at the spot where only 42 hours earlier I had laid, nervous, not knowing what to expect.

I felt a dull ache from my loose pussy and ass hole, and I remember how clean and tight they had felt when I first entered this house. Strangely, I was sad to be leaving. Then I walked out the door, back to my old life. I spent the next two days in bed. I was tired and did not know what to do with myself.

Part of me longed to feel his cock inside me again, and craved to taste hairy arab girl first time black vs white my ultimate dick challenge piss once more. Jasmine kept asking me what had happened, and why I had been gone so long. But I refused to talk; I just wanted to be alone. Finally, by Wednesday she convinced me to go back to the agency. I did not expect to get any pay, as I knew I had angered him often.

I doubted he would give me a good review. But Jasmine insisted that they were calling for me. We went to the agency together, and talked to the receptionist.

To my surprise, I was paid $5000 for my time, and she handed me an envelope from the client. She also said there was an appointment for Thursday night if I was interested. Jasmine was already going out to a charity ball on Thursday and knew we would be at the same event. So I accepted.

I waited until I got home to open the envelope. I almost fainted when I opened it and found a check for 2 million dollars. I did not tell Jasmine about the money.

And the next day we both got dressed in fancy gowns and met our clients for the evening. It was a long boring night, filled with snobby people droning on and on about their boring lives. But I smiled and nodded. The next day I quit the agency, I did not need the money now, and I could not stand another "date".

I moved out of Jasmine's apartment with everything I had moved in with, the clothes on my back. As I walked down the street, I amused my self, imagining all the things I could do with my 2 million. I put my emo teen in fishnets used like a toy set in my pocket, and stopped cold when I felt a key.

I pulled it out and looked at it in my hand. I must have put it back in my pocket after I had unlocked the door to his house. I smiled, and got an idea. I went back to his house, let myself in, and then undressed and bowed, waiting for him to get home.

I smiled to myself imagining his surprise. I heard him unlock the door and then come in. He was startled. "What, what are you doing here?" I looked up, and for the first time I looked into his eyes. "I've missed you master. I cannot live with out you master. Before I met you I, did'nt know what I was supposed to do with my life. But now I know. I want to live here with you.

I want to pleasure you." He kneeled down and looked at me "it was just a game, I hired you for a game, and you're free now." "No master, I'll never be free. I will always be a slave to your cock." I saw him quiver as a rush of excitement ran through his body.

He could not help himself any longer. He stood up and unzipped his pants; I eagerly took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off. After that I lived with him, I was free to do anything I wish well he was at work, but the rest of the time I was his slave. Each morning, I drank his morning stream, and fucked him and everyday when he got home from work I was naked and ready, waiting for him.