Hardcore hot sex interracial hotel

Hardcore hot sex interracial hotel
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My wife, step daughter Janine and I moved from NewYork to NewMexico in quite a hurry leaving household articles in storage back on Long Island. I realized it was up to me to rent a trailor and hook it up to my pickup and prepare for the long trip to NewYork.

It was December and my wife was planning a Christmas and suggested that I take my 18year old step daughter Janine to NewYork with me to help with the storage. Well I thought at the time it would be a good idea and that we could save money and sleep in the truck. Janine in the front and myself in the back I think it would be a good time to describe Janine to you. I have been the only father she has known since she was 14 years old. She is a pretty girl. Only 5' tall and chubby in a very nice way.

around 150 lbs.

She has very long curly brown hair and eyes to kill for. Her lips are very sexy and soft. I began to notice how nice she looked when she turned 16. We would do the normal things a farther and daughter would do. Every farthers day she would take me on fishing trips.

always a hug and kiss. I caught myself a few times while hugging her catching a quick look at her in sex story sexvsex vedio breasts which always seemed to show through her opened ttop two buttons of her blouse. Her mother would have discussions with me on how proud she was that Janine at age 18 was still a virgin.

Well that only made my desire for her greater. When she wasnt home, I would sneak into her bedroom and fetch a pair of her soiled panties and take them to the bathroom with me to sniff and masturbate to. Well the trip started and upon the third day approaching the big apple, we were at a rest stop for the evening. Then it happened. I got myself a massive hardon and jerked myself off while talking to her in the front seat. Thats when I thought of a plan.

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As we entered NewYork I told Janine that our truck was giving me problems and that I thought we could get a good nights rest at a motel. She agreed. We found a motel and while Janine was getting soda from a machine, I went to the clerk and requested a room with only one bed.

We got to our room and Janine said nothing about the single bed. after all she fell asleep many times in my arms while watching TV.

Just as I figured Janine went straight to the bathroom to take a hot shower. While she was showeriring, i fixed a cold soda for her and mixed in three sleeping pills my wife was taking.

I knew they were strong but I wanted little resistance for what I had in mind. Janine came out of the bathroom wearing only a white terrycloth robe. She sat down next to me and began to quickly drink her soda.

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I couldnt help but notice her legs exposed out of her robe. It was almost as if she was teasing me but I knew better. After about fifthteen minutes Janine said to me she was feeling real tired. I told her lets smoke a joint and then try to get some sleep. My wif, Janine and I often smoked joints together and enjoyed it alot. She agreed but what she didn't know was that the grass we were going to smoke was laced and very potent.

After a few totes Janine complained about being very dizzy and that the room was spinning. I told her to lay back on the pillow. Just to open her mouth and we could finish the joint as I would blow smoke into her mouth.

she layed back, her eyes closing and her robe was apart at the top. I could see a great deal of her clevage which got me super hard. I leaned over and blew smoke into her opened mouth.

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She did inhale it slowly. Now her eyes were almost totally shut. I leaned over again and my mouth covered hers. I blew smoke and she coughed a little. My tongue entered her mouth. Her arms tried to push me off but her strength was totally gone I kept kissing her as my hand now began to touch her breasts. So soft her nipples felt so hard. Her eyes opened a little and she began to moan, "No daddy please no not this" I whispered into her ear baby its going to be alright.

with that I completly opened her robe. This is what I dreamed about its finally happening. I began to suckle on her breasts. She was moaning but I could not understand what she was saying. I spread her legs apart and my face went down on her. she tasted so good as only a young girl could. I feasted on her pussy for about 15 minutes.

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She truly was a virgin. I placed some lubricant on her and gently guided my cockhead to her entry. I was about to make her a woman. About to rip her maidenhead. I pressed hard again she seemed to open her eyes. this time she screamed as I fully entered her.She seemed to want to get up but I held her shoulders down and proceeded to gyrate my hips enjoying my stepdaughters virgin pussy.

Tears were comming first time sex of nepali sex stories her eyes. I finally shot my load inside of her. When I pulled out there was a mixture of my cum and blood sripping from her pussy. I moved up next to her.

Kissed her cheeks and said goodnigh my baby, I love you. We both fell asleep. Just before I went to sleep I was thinking how Janine was going to be in the morning. I was a little scared. Well I was awakened by the nicest feeling ever. Janine was sucking so softly on my cock. She looked at me and smiled. "I love you also daddy" with that I shot my load again this time in her wanting mouth. Well about a month after that trip Janine moved out of the house.

Guess she had trouble looking at her motherstraight in the face About every other week Janine and I get together for a night of love making. Ilm proud to say that now my stepdaughter is carrying our baby .