Japan nipple bondage your pleasure is my world

Japan nipple bondage your pleasure is my world
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As I prepared for my day, I couldn't help but think about the night before. Had I actually been turned on by the forceful pounding my ass took and the chocking? Did I actually keep the dildo in all night? Did I actually suck it clean? Yeah, I had done all of it and had the sore ass and pussy to prove it. Not to mention all the pictures. I took my shower, which seemed to help relax me some and woke me up as I had not had much sleep that night.

As I got dressed for work I wondered if I would hear from Brent later or if this was going to just be a one time thing. My day was pretty hotmozacomhot mom and son bedtime romance massage since Brent slept all day due to working over nights but I kept thinking about the night before.

Every time I thought about that dildo being in me for 10 hours my cunt would start to get a little wet. When I thought about being choked and slammed against the truck I got even wetter.

The thought of the risk I took, the possibility of being caught by anyone at any time will he fucked me, was enough to drive me insane. By the end of work I was as wet as the night before and was hoping Brent would text me when he woke up.

About an hour after I got home my phone buzzed. I rushed to grab it, YES it was Brent! "How's my slut doing?" was his message. "Good I guess" I replied. I was wet and hornier than hell but wasn't going to tell him that. "How was work? Did you think about last night at all?" Brent questioned.

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"work was good, really hard to concentrate at time tho when I was thinking about last night" I said. "good, now put it back in NOW" he demanded. "but its only 7pm? This early?" I questioned. "yes now!

And it will be in till morning again. that's if you are good!" Brent ordered. If I was good? What did he mean by that? I went into my room and grabbed my dildo.

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It was longer than his cock but just as thick. I was thankful he didn't want it in my ass, that would have hurt way to much. As I slide it into my tight pussy I moaned, it felt good, really good. As I slide my panties and shorts back on I couldn't help but wonder if I could last 13 hours this time.

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And I still wondered what he meant by "if I was good" oh well. I better get used to this thick dildo be in me I guess. About 8pm Brent messaged me "I want a pic NOW!" he demanded. "ok give me a minute to finish the dishes" I told him. "NO NOW!!!!" he commanded "ok ok im going!" I snapped back. "well that just got another hour added to your time slut, now get me that pic, you have 3 minutes or I will add more time" he told me.

Fuck, so now instead of the dildo coming out at 8am it would be 9am and I have to leave for work at 9:15, "I better not screw up again" I thought.

But what would be screwing up? I had no idea what he expected so I figured it best to just do what I was told as soon as I was told. I rushed to the bathroom, almost running past my mom. "Are you ok?" she questioned as I bolted past her.

"Yep!" was all I replied. As I got to my room I dropped my shorts and panties. I laid back on my bed and lifted my legs above my head and positioned my phone to take the picture. With the picture taken and sent to BrentI went back to dishes. "everything ok?" my mom asked. She had moved into my house after losing her job a year before and still thought of me as a 12 year old that she had to question. "Yeah im fine mom" I said as I washed the last of the dishes.

As I finished my phone buzzed again, Brent. "good slut! Now I want you to take it out and suck it and send me pics" he requested. Damn really? "ok Brent" I april oneil and vanilla deville shared a hard man meat. I slipped back into my bathroom and slid the dildo out of my dripping wet pussy.

"oh god what am I doing? Why don't I just say no?" I thought to myself as I put the dildo in my mouth. I took the picture and quickly sent it to Brent but stood there with the dildo in my mouth, I had an idea he was going to want something else. I was right! "Shove it up your ass and send another pic!" he instructed.

Oh crap this will hurt I thought. I laid on my bed and slowly started working the dildo in my ass. Inch by inch I got it in till I couldn't take anymore. I got on my knees and set the timer on my phone to take the picture. "I'm such a slut, he is right" I thought as I sent the picture. As I sat on the edge of the bed the dildo worked further up my ass to the point only the grip was out. I waited for his reply trying not to move to much, finally a message.

"Good! Now put it in your pussy and send another pic to show me then u can get dressed again for now" As I laid back to take out the dildo there was a knock on my door "Are you ok?" my mom questioned as she started to open my door! "YEAH MOM be out in a minute!" I shouted. God that was close, to close!

I got the dildo from my ass and into my pussy and sent the picture as I had been told. By this time it was 9pm and I was already tired, I hadn't had much sleep the night before.

"im going to crash, im exhausted" I text Brent. "Before you do, take out the dildo and line the 3 you have up and take a pic with your hand next to them so I know what I have i sure hope it fits threesome and group sex use on you" he instructed. As I slid the dildo out he added "suck the dildo clean and send a pic of that first." "OMG gross!!!! Its been in my ass and pussy!!!" I protested. "exactly! And now you will be punished again for questioning me" Brent smirked.

I took the dildo out and shoved it in my mouth, trying not to gag the whole time. I took both pictures as told and sent them. I didn't dare take the dildo from my mouth yet but Horny babe sierra greedily sucks his hunk guy with a huge boner was dying to, the thought of where it had been was unbearable.

I was wondering what he thought of the other toys I had. The dildo was about 8" long made of flexible rubber and shaped just like a cock, I had a hard plastic vibrator about 6" long but not to thick and a small black egg about 4" long and 3" wide. About 10 minutes later I got the text I was dreading, my punishment. "about time! Now I want you to shove that dildo back in your pussy and the thin vibe in your ass the rest of the night." he informed me. I slide the dildo into my pussy and then took the vibrator and worked it into my ass.

It was much thinner and not texture so it slid in much easier than the dildo had. I took a picture and sent it then slid my panties on and climbed into bed. This was going to be hard to sleep with both holes full, but not as hard as what was to come over the next week.