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Small size nympho emily mena gets hammered by dudes huge cock
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Towering columns of Cumulo Nimbus, shone bronzed in the suns last gleam, as far below in the chasm of streets ruled the pale twilight of even', and in her office eyrie, on the twenty seventh floor Sarah sat and thought of her life and love and wondered what it was all for. Sarah looked in the mirror, she had long ago stopped worrying about roots, her hair was now its natural straw blonde, which looked odd when she wore her black boots, her necklace of pearls was wrapped tightly, like a collar, tight round her neck, and her red top didn't match her blue sports skirt, but she merely thought, what the heck.

Slow unadventurous Sarah, her portfolio growth was so slow, yet in the deep depths of depression, those small profits continued to flow, and while all around her were leaving, as their ledgers dipped into the red, so Sarah found herself top trader and others followed where she had led. Sarah looked again at her wristwatch, surely it could not be ten, those long light summer evenings in England, far too late now for dinner with friends, she thought about various boyfriends, but when she looked in her contacts, she realised she'd reached a dead end.

Marcus just wanted her money, her image, approval, prestige, they once shared an apartment briefly, until she told him to leave, Victor just used her for finance, for access to funds for his scams, so she kept him at arms length at present, until she had firmed up her plans.

and Adrian eliza ibarra big cock and slim oiled teen Shawn and of course Ronan, and Geoffrey and Aled and Pete, and there was that crack head called Trevor, she thanked heaven that he'd been discrete The elevator descended so swiftly, she arrived at ground floor before she knew, and before she had made her mind up, or decided where she should go to. Friday evening, the weekend was well underway as she made her way to the Tube station, rode the escalator and waited for the train, which whooshed from the tunnel creating its own winds which blew the litter around the unkempt platforms, she hung from a strap by the doorway, eschewing the use of hard seats, despite the near empty carriage, she preferred to remain on her feet.

"This train terminates here due to a points failure." the tannoy boomed, Sarah groaned Picadilly Circus, she dreaded these delays but decided to take a cab instead of changing trains, mother had probably given up hope of seeing her and by the time she got home and got the car it would be midnight before she got to her father's place, She walked slowly towards the escalators, past the alcove where buskers sometimes lurked and on up through the concourse to street level, theatre goers thronged the area below the great neon signs, moving on towards night clubs or other entertainment, thronging the roads slowing traffic to a crawl, the Taxis all seemed full so she walked briskly taking a quick short cut down a back street.

Models, said the neon sign, flashing green then red, peep show, a seedy bar, then a restaurant, her pace slowed, all around people seemingly enjoying themselves, smiling trying to entice men into dingy dungeons to buy cheap champagne at a hundred pounds a bottle and more, Sarah caught sight of herself in a shop window, the shop bay fronted with the doorway inset, her camel coloured coat, red top and blue skirt gangbang creampies katrina jade and lily lane bizarrely with her black boots, she looked hard and long, and saw herself as perhaps others saw her, undisciplined, uncoordinated, she didn't remember choosing what to wear, only the Rhyder account, she remembered the percentage profits but not why she had worn the red with the blue, except they were comfortable.

"Beautiful, isn't she," a soft feminine voice spoke close to Sarah's ear. "What?" Sarah said turning in surprise "The mannequin, I thought, you were admiring the dress." the woman continued, Sarah looked at her, older, early thirties probably with a pale skin, and a pleasant smile, "Oh, yes she is rather stunning," Sarah agreed, seeing for the first time how the deep cleavage of the light blue dress emphasised the mannequins charms as the smooth rubber gleamed in the lamplight.

"Latex is so easy to clean too, is that the sort of thing you were looking for or could I interest you in anything else." the woman asked as she stood by Sarah holding the shop door open as she spoke.

Sarah looked more closely, everything appeared to be latex or rubber, the inevitable naughty nurse and naughty nun outfits were well to the rear of the display which gave pride of place the formal dresses and skirts even a full body suit which resembled a divers suit except for the many additional zips, and again displayed discretely matching panties and bra sets .corsets, hoods, gloves and myriad other latex items.

"Why don't you have a look round," she suggested, "I'm Martha by the way, there's no obligation." Rubber, latex in pastel shades, Sarah was intrigued, "Yes, thank you," she replied and as Martha stepped sideways so Sarah stepped through the narrow doorway and on into the shop, it was more spacious than Sarah expected a girl stood behind the glass topped counter, at first glance dressed in black latex but no it was leather, a black leather jacket, white tee shirt, and blue jeans, "We have a wide range" Martha suggested,"The dress you were looking at is up here," she added, pointing to where the floor stepped up gradually towards the rear of the store, "I think we have your size," you can try it if you wish, the changing rooms are through here.

"Try it?" Sarah asked, feeling foolish, she had after all only been looking at her own reflection. "If you like, do you like the blue, or perhaps you like this?" Martha asked reaching for one in deep burgundy. "No the blue looks cool, really, ah I mean cool not cool if you see what I mean!" Sarah gushed in embarrassment. "Would you like, to," Martha asked, "No obligation." Sarah did not reply but followed Martha through the fitting room door, the room seemed curiously spacious, with a door the far side, "Keep the bolt across," Martha suggested, and she handed Sarah not only the blue dress but also matching blue latex panties and a bra.

"Bolt the door behind me!" she suggested. Sarah felt very foolish, she wondered how on earth she had arrived in a fitting room with a fetish dress to try on when she was only really intending to go home.

The door bolts looked substantial enough, but there seemed to be nowhere to hang her own clothes, despite almost all the wall space being given over to lockers which all seemed to be closed and securely locked, Sarah opened the door again and called quietly "Excuse me." Martha smiles, "Yes," "Is there a hanger?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, sorry, I'll find a locker ah." Martha replied, "This one's free," she announced and a varnished wood locker door swung open revealing a short rail with clothes hangers, "Allow me," she said, as she took Sarah's new dress and laid it down on the shelf, "It won't lock," Sarah assured her "unless you punch in the number," she lifted a flap in the floor of the locker beautiful schoolgirl plays with a long dong should put your handbag in here," she suggested and then she was gone Sarah bolted the door, and looked at the clothes laid out, she slipped off her jacket,laying it on the shelf, then the skirt and top, and realising it would look bizarre with her bra she laid that on the pile, too, while she tried the latex brassiere, it felt cold and clammy on her skin but somehow exciting and she was glad the tops of the cups were soft enough to adapt to her shape as her nipples stiffened, then she tried the dress, so soft so elegant, and as sunny leone and three boy inxxx admired herself in the huge mirror she saw her tights and cotton panties spoiled the illusion.

In seconds she had slipped tights and panties down and slipped them into her handbag, and then she pulled up the cool tight fitting latex panties and again she admired herself, and thought of Geoffrey, yes Geoffrey would certainly approve, but when she looked down her boots looked ridiculous, and she went out to seek something more suitable.

"Excuse me," Martha rushed towards Sarah, "You should not really leave the fitting room" "I wanted some shoes." Sarah explained. "Six," Martha asked, "Size kinjal dave xxx com vidio, yes, me and my big feet!" Sarah exclaimed. "To match, blue," Martha muttered, "these, "Martha suggested.

Sarah looked at the skeletal stiletto heeled creations in a matching but darker shade of blue, "I don't know about those heels." "We'll, go back in the dressing room and try them there." Martha suggested. Sarah smiled at Martha, "yes of course." she agreed and as they walked towards the Dressing room once more she continued, "It's absolutely ages since I wore anything like those." Walking was not easy, in fact Sarah needed Martha's guidance for those first few faltering steps a steadying hand.

"So, do we have a sale?"Martha asked as Sarah admired herself in the mirror, the gentle curves, the lack of sharp creases and that wonderful warm rubbery comforting feel of the latex. Sarah's reply was the one Martha hoped to hear, "But where would I wear it?" "Oh there are clubs and." Martha began.

"Clubs?" Sarah wondered if she had heard right, "Where?" "Here," Martha explained. "In Soho?" Sarah enquired "Literally here," Sarah explained, "thats why we're called "The Portal" the club is beyond those doors, these are the changing rooms, that's why w have all the lockers for storage." "Can I" Sarah asked. "See, No," Martha explained, "Join, well you need to make a purchase and then there is a ten day cooling off period if you pay by credit card, and we need to vet you, but yes." "Yes, what?" Sarah asked.

"I will sponsor you, you can buy this outfit for two hundred and eight pounds, and then there is a twenty five pound initial trial period fee for three months and either a thousand pound flat rate per year or fifty pounds per visit thereafter." "Why the differential?" Sarah asked as it appeared to defy business logic. "To get you hooked, of course, so how does two hundred and thirty pounds sound to get you started.?" "I don't know." Sarah said.

"Go away and think," Martha suggested, "I can keep these here for you." "No, but can I leave my things here?" Sarah asked. "Certainly, if you get changed I'll sort out the bill and you can be on your way." Martha walked briskly away, and Sarah bolted the door behind her before sadly removing the latex gown and laying it down on the shelf and dressing in her own street clothing, she let herself out of the changing room and took her new latex underwear to the front counter and paid on her Visa card, and walked out into the Capitals sodium twilight, and away home.

Part 2 Sarah woke early next morning, somehow refreshed, she usually tossed and turned worrying about work but today she felt different, comforted secure, she realised she was wearing just the blue latex panties and bra she bought yesterday, and sadly reflected she would curvy amateur blondie babe railed by nasty pawn keeper to wear ordinary cotton or silk underwear, why had she not bought more she femaleagent casting agent and her amazing body herself.

She showered and dressed, and despite her habit of not rising until noon on Saturday she was at the tube station by nine fifteen and at "The Portal" at five to ten, but the doors remained shut, the lights extinguished and signs of movement absent. A girl in a black leather waited outside as Sarah tried the door, "Not up yet" she explained, "You je peux avoir orgasmes a suivre french amateur masturbating rubbing for the auditions." the girl asked.

"No, just browsing," Sarah explained. "Half nine he said," the girl complained. "Perhaps they will open at Ten," Sarah suggested hopefully. "Yes," the girl replied, "Hey look movement." A neon sign flickered, lights glowed at the rear of the store, then a woman made her way towards the door, more lights began to come to life and then the rattle of the bolts and locks and the door swung open.

"Come to audition?" the woman asked, as she turned the hanging sign from Closed to Open. "She has, I'm browsing." Sarah announced, she saw the woman looking at her. "Are you sure? you look about right for the job." the woman said, "and Candy, you were a no show last time, have you kicked the drugs and booze?" "Yes, sure." the girl replied.

"And you're sober now, drug free, not high?" "Yes, nearly." Candy replied. "Ok, through number three then, Bobs out back." the Woman ordered and as Candy walked away she asked, "And what may I get you." "Can we go inside?" Sarah asked.

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"Why sure," she replied, "If you know what you need." Sarah led along between the shelves and up the individual steps between levels until she found the underwear, the sizing seemed esoteric, no Bra sizes just letters. "I'm Julia, by the way." the woman announced, Sarah looked at her, mid thirties perhaps, dark hair, split ends, poor complexion, blue eyes, firm jawline perhaps Scottish, a too perfect nose almost certainly from cosmetic surgery, and large firm boobs also probably from surgery not natural and she was dressed entirely in blue denim, except her black tee shirt and curious open toe sandals.

"Sarah," Sarah replied. "Which is 32C?" "What ever feels right of course, we have a fitting room." she offered. "Yes, I tried some yesterday." "Didn't you buy?" Julia asked.

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"Oh yes," Sarah answered. "But I want some more." "Did they fit?" "Yes very well." Sarah replied. "So you want a different colour or style." Julia asked. "No just some clean ones." Sarah replied. "Why?" Julia asked and seeing Sarahs confusion added, "They wipe clean, wash then wipe dry and wear them again, they're very practical." Sarah began to blush, "Oh!" "I'll get your details, we always keep a record, did you say yesterday?" Julia asked as she walked away towards the counter.

Julia returned, "It was an MB, was the top tight?" "Yes lovely and." Sarah broke off. "Well why not try different colours, or would you prefer a different style?" Julia held up first a black latex thong and then from a rack in a section at the side of the store she produced a massive pair of rubber pants, easily reaching the waist they even had short legs, with elasticated bands and ties to pull the material tight against the skin.

"Oh!" Sarah exclaimed. "Sorry, it's crossover incontinence fetish, not your scene?" Julia asked. Sarah blushed "I never thought, I just like the feel of those." she left the sentence unfinished. "Any preference." Julia asked. Sarah looked around, the thongs looked interesting and the bra with peepholes for the nipples and, "Have a look, I'd better see this other customer." Julia suggested. Blue bra and panties, and Red and Black thongs, with a red Bra and Black peephole Bra and; Sarah waited for the other customer to finish before she dared to approach the counter with the items and only at the last second she grabbed the large pants to add to her purchases.

"Can I leave the Blue ones here with my dress?" Sarah asked hopefully. "Certainly," Julia replied, "I'll do it later, we will get busy in a few minutes, I've put it on your card, is that Ok." Sarah seemed surprised, "How did you do that?" Julia grinned. "Oh we kept the details last evening and re submitted them, it makes it safer for members if you can leave your plastic behind when you wear your latex!" "Look, can I collect most of this later?" Sarah asked, "Like five thirty." "Sure, I see you want to be a member so yeah, you have your locker and the room is free, go ahead." Sarah took the bag of new clothes to the fitting room and bolted both doors before finding her locker, she saw the word Sarah and yesterdays date was now written across the door, and quickly she loaded the new clothes into the locker and quickly slipped off her jacket and awesome teen acquires gangbanged and creamed hardcore and blowjob shirt so she could take off her bra and put the lovely cool but stretchy yellow latex one on in its place, and then as she replaced her shirt noting the way her nipples now protruded and bulged the fabric of the tee shirt she dressed and changed her black lace panties for yellow latex, The cool rubber made her feel suddenly alive and somehow naughty, but with her jacket buttoned she was sure she looked no different as she left the changing room and made her way into the street.

Her legs were bare below her short denim skirt, except for her short white socks and white open toe sandals, and the cool breeze felt delightful, the sensation heightened by the non absorbant latex which kept the moisture against her skin, her own moistness and as she became more moist so she became more excited, she sat down on a seat beside the ramp to some underground lavatories and watched the world go by, and then she had to go home, to get some relief.

She took a cab.

She felt so naughty as she rushed up stairs to her room and threw off her skirt, she grabbed her little dildo from the bedside table and pulling the crotch of her Latex pants aside she slid it easily between her soft pink lower lips and on cleaning lady takes his horny cock from behind it was completely inside her and then with the pants in place she lay face down on the bed.

She tried pushing herself up and down the bed but then realised if she used the pillow under her crotch it was just like being on top of a man, although the memories were hazy, as it was so long since she was laid. She thrust herself against the soft pillow, the rock hard dildo within pressing her clit against the pillow and oh so soon she felt the approach of her release and as the waves of purple and green pleasure passed over her she suddenly felt drained, and content, and decided just to sleep.

It was late afternoon when she woke, her breasts now wet with sweat and her knickers full of her wetness and cum, she felt so naughty as she simply went to the bathroom, washed and wiped the Latex dry with a towel, and then she realised she had to collect her other purchases. It was well after six when she returned to "The Portal." "I came earlier." she explained to a woman she did not know. "Changing room's at the back," the woman said brightly and Sarah rushed to the back of the store and opened the door.

Martha was standing there. "I didn't know you did modelling?" she said in confusion. "No, I just came for my stuff." Sarah explained. "Oh, only the model was due half an hour ago, you don't feel you might like to help us out? Martha enquired. "I'm sorry," Sarah apologised "But." "It would let you get inside the club, feel some new sensations, you're a very standard size." "Well I guess." Sarah started to say.

"Good, I'll get some contacts, they stop you identifying anyone, but your peripheral vision will be fine." Martha said, oh and we'll pay you, of course." Sarah was about to say "No" when Martha disappeared briefly but the woman from the store came in with a black latex whole head mask. "Martha, I found it." she said. "Thanks Pat," Martha replied and as she returned she said "You don't wear contacts?" and when Sarah shook her head she said, "It will feel a little odd." she put the little tray down and moistened a green lens "Look right" she ordered and she sat down and pried Sarah's eyelid up to insert the soft lens.

Sarah blinked and announced, "It feels funny," as Martha put the second lens in. "Hows that," she asked. "Blurry," Martha replied, "Weird." "Try sweet teen daughter fucks like a pro Martha suggested and Sarah found she could walk straight but everything was blurred. "They sometimes spoil a girl's balance." she explained, "But that's good. try this mask" Sarah sat down as Martha took her long bleached blonde hair and fed it through a hole in the rear of the face mask before pulling it down over Sarah's face and head.

It fitted right round under her chin and round the back of her head completely covering her face except for her eyes and mouth and a hole to breath through by her nose. "You look just like Gillian in that doesn't she Pat?" "Oh yes," Pat agreed, "Just the hair's a bit shorter." "Now, there's this top and shorts and there's loads more, so lets get you dressed, shall we?

Martha suggested as she helped Sarah remove her jacket and tee shirt, "I'll put it on a dummy" she said, "just a moment." Martha opened a locker, as the door opened she effortlessly slid a Mannequin along a track "This ones your size, It keeps the shape so much better!" she said as she wrapped the tee shirt around the mannequin and placed the Jacket on top. "Skirt, and shoes, I have some knee boots for you." she added as Sarah obediently slipped her skirt off.

"It's Magnetic," Martha explained, "powerful magnets in the feet and head, thats why it stands up on metal, OK" she asked as she slid the locker shut.

The scenario was beginning to excite Sarah, usually she was in charge but this was like being an office junior or at school again and she had to admit, rather fun. Martha helped Sarah to pull the boots on and suggested Sarah try the catwalk, "I want you to model the bra and panties set anyway, so come on through and try it out," Martha suggested, "Pat will show you the ropes." Pat led Sarah through into the club, it was dark, the red lighting and green lenses gave a surreal mauve tinge to everything but Sarah realised she could see the catwalk lading to the left from the Changing room and the steps down to the body of the hall or room straight in front, it was a big area, three times that of the shop at least and she saw shadowy figures in the background.

Pat led her to the end of the catwalk, "The footlights will be on, just pose a bit, then turn and come back, unless you want to do extras!" "Extra's?" Sarah asked.

"Some girls slip into the audience, sometimes they get paid twenty or more for a personal demonstration!" Pat laughed, "Or worse!" "When do we start?" Sarah asked, "And is it just me?" "No we have Lillian and Francesca tonight, Lilli is doing leather mainly and Fran has some new stuff so I guess you are doing the new latex stuff.

They sat down again, Pat offered Sarah a coffee and she realised she had not eaten for hours, "I'm famished," she admitted.

"Jaffa Cakes?" Pat suggested handing her a full box which Sarah accepted gratefully.

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The activity increased as Lilli arrived to share the changing room, Fran was it seemed in the other room, and before Sarah was prepared Pat announced to Lilli, "You're on." The door opened briefly and Lilli walked out into the glare of the footlights and as the door closed behind her, Sarah saw Lilli wore a simple cat mask and a Black leather Jacket with tiny black leather panties, and Sarah was grateful that at least her panties hid all her pubic hair unlike Lilli whose down was plainly visible beside the skimpy leather triangle.

Then suddenly it seemed Lilli was back and she stripped naked ready to change into her next outfit, as Pat guided Sarah to the door and said "You're on." Sarah took a first step onto the catwalk as the Tannoy said "Sarah Jane, wearing the Pantie and Bra set number seven from page five of your catalogue, this is Sarah's first time so be gentle with her." the voice continued.

The catwalk creaked, the boards flexing slightly through the deep pile carpeting, while the footlights around the sides of the catwalk hid all but the those nearest to her from view, Sarah felt at once exposed yet anonymous as she walked to the end of the platform, she turned and on an impulse turned her back on the crowd and touched her toes, a ripple of applause rang through the room and then Sarah was back in the room. "There, that was very brave, how did it feel?" Martha asked.

"It was over so quickly, I don't really know." Sarah admitted. "Will you do the one piece next, it's essentially a swim suit except," she held it and poked a finger through one of the holes intended for the wearers' nipples.

"You OK with that?" "Oh, I don't know." Sarah said but Martha lovely hairy brunettes lick and rub each other already undone Sarah's bra. "Try it here." she said, so Sarah took off her panties to stand nude except for her mask. "Gillian." Fran said, then recovered, "I mean Sarah, can you do my zip please?" A surge of excitement rushed through Sarah's veins, if Fran thought she was Gillian well she truly was anonymous, and she carefully tugged at Fran's zip.

Martha helped Sarah into the one piece, her nipples needed encouragement to peek through the holes but Martha tweaked them slightly and soon they stood out like little bullets and then she was ready. She changed to one red and one black shoe, both with four inch heels to match the red and black suit, and as Lilla finished so Sarah was sent out again.

Sarah could see little but the glow of the footlights and shadowy figures, but she smiled at the warm reception she received, she stepped out confidently, surprised at her reception and only as she turned did she realise it was her bare nipples that the audience appreciated so much, she turned and could not resist thrusting her chest out. "Hey, come down, sit on my lap, take the weight of your feet!" someone suggested. Sarah smiled, She would never have dared to be so bold without the face mask, and the approval boosted her ego, and suddenly she realised not only were her nipples standing like little bullets but her pussy was also damp.

She sauntered back, seductively she hoped and ignored further offers to step down, Martha greeted her. "Hey they like you, will you show the Minidress and coat, you won't get many offers I'm afraid, unless you leave your knickers off!" "What?" Sarah asked incredulously. "I'm joking, put these over the suit, oh no, you can't you need a bare midriff, slip it off." Sarah slipped the one piece costume off and took the yellow latex top Martha handed her and slipped it on, then she waited for Martha to bring the Yellow skirt and knee length coat.

She looked around at the rows of lockers and listened to the audience's appreciation of Lilla's latest outfit. "Lilla's gone down, sod it." Martha complained,"she'll be at least ten minutes." "Fallen?" Sarah asked "No," Martha suggested, "She's after tips, she should wait until the end," she groaned" So quick get that skirt and coat on and get out there." "What about my pants?" Sarah asked.

"No one will see, go." Martha said as she almost pushed Sarah out onto the catwalk. Sarah looked at the blurred shapes of the audience, horribly aware suddenly that she was naked beneath the mini dress, but as the realisation of her anonymity sank in it excited her, she let the coat flap open and then at the turn she hitched the skirt higher and as she turned the hem flew out and a sharp intake of breath indicated that she had indeed been seen, and appreciated, her pussy appreciated, and the calls to come down intensified.

A long black skirt and a buttoned top followed, which left little opportunity for flashing but then Martha spoke seriously, "It's just a cat-suit, then the bondage stuff, are you OK to carry on?" "Cat suit sounds fine!" she said. "Its mistress and slave," Warned Martha, "I'll have to cuff you and I'll lead you out with a collar and leash, OK." "As long as its you." Sarah answered, as she slipped off the skirt and top to stand naked, it the heat of the changing room.

The cat-suit was a very tight fit, and the complicated zip from navel past the crotch to the small of the back a mystery. "Quickly!" Martha suggested, "There's something wrong with the arms," said Sarah. "No, "Marha said, "oh this is the wrong one, never mind, it traps the arms to the sides, is it on?" "Nearly," Sarah agreed, "I can't do the zips." "Here," Martha pulled the three seperate zippers along their single track closing the gap from navel to small of the back, then she fastened the reinforced collar and attached the leash.

"There's something in the pockets." Sarah explained. by my leg. "Can you pull them out, your hand should be right by it." Martha suggested. "Yes, its awkward though." Sarah advised. "Right then slave, we're on." Martha replied. "And here we have a one piece latex cat-suit pair, mistress and slave in black latex, page two in our catalogue," The announcer spoke, Martha expected him to announce a change to the order but he continued, "No need for separate hand-cuffs or collar, you can surprise the girl with that, and as you will see the breast detaches." "Oh no" Sarah said, as Martha popped the poppers.

"Yes look ladies and gentleman full breast exposure, aren't they lovely, a big round of applause please." the sound was deafening, Sarah blushed behind her mask, "But the main features are the imani rose gets a nice cream pie, pull the thingies out my dear." The voice of the public address ordered.

Sarsah did as she was told ad slid the hard wooden rods up and out of the pockets, Martha took one and. "The special feature is the crotch zip, not one single opening but up to three," the voice continued, "Now watch as she pulls the zip around." "No Martha," Sarah complained, but the zip was open from navel to anus and the crowd liked it.

The voice continued "thats it, full exposure but what if you just want the bum well see, she has closed it so there's." "Martha!" Sarah squealed quietly. "Just the three little holes, matching her two little holes," the voice continued "and as you see there are two plugs ready in the pockets, as Madam will demonstrate." "No," Sarah wailed. "Be quiet! its only a demonstration." Martha said as she took the first rod and slid it effortlessly between Sarah's soft pink vaginal lips.

"Oohh, Martha please." she wailed as her legs almost buckled. "And one for the Anus" the voice announced. Martha shook her head. "If required," the voice added in surprise. "A big hand ladies and Gentlemen, Gillian will be available afterwards for one hundred and fifty pounds per fifteen minute session." "Martha, the rod." Sarah whispered.

"Walk off with it!" Martha ordered and Sarah had to follow with the rod slowly oozing from her dripping pussy. "You bitch" Sarah exclaimed but she had no choice but to walk off leading Martha.

The rod slipped further and further until suddenly Martha pushed it up and in lucky dude fuck many horny pussies swallow and teen behind, it was priya prakash sex story mms much for poor Sarah, the end touched her cervix and the sensations overwhelmed her and the rod clattered to the floor followed by a cascade of Sarah's fluids.

"Damn you should have said you were a squirter." Martha scolded, "You'll have to wipe it up, grab a towel." Someone had seen what had happened and on cue Lilla stepped forward wearing a large fluffy towel over the tiniest thong and handed the towel to Sarah. except Sarah's arms were imprisoned so Martha whispered, "Use your teeth." Sarah opened her mouth to say no, but Martha pushed the towel firmly into Sarah's mouth and bent her down, Martha picked up the glistening rod and wiped the end and as Sarah rubbed the towel over the carpeted runway with her chin so Martha pulled down the zip and eased the rod against Sarah's anus.

Long lonely evenings almost betrayed Sarah, days when she had dreamed of two cocks at once and made do with the handles of a loo brush and the dustpan brush, but she clenched her buttocks and to Martha's disappointment Sarah's anus resisted the Sarah remained head down in humiliation. The towel muffled Sarahs protests as the second rod was taken from the long pocket and inserted in Sarah's dripping hole, but this time it was an audience member who leapt up onto the catwalk and inserted it, unbeknown to Sarah who assumed it was Martha.

She felt completely, horribly totally exposed totally humiliated and hornier than she could ever remember, she just legal age teenager face all in hot goo a cock, someone to ream her hot wanton hole and torment and sooth her clit as they rubbed against it, but instead when she dropped the towel Martha grabbed it and dragged her to her feet and in total humiliation her breasts exposed and her vagina very visibly filled she was led away.

The applause was thunderous. Sarah went to sit down but the rod were too long and she just had to wait for Martha to withdraw it, except Martha started to play with it, gently easing it back and forth while she flicked at Sarahs clit with her other hand until Sarah thought she would burst. "Cuffs and thong" Sarah announced as she pulled the ebony rod from Sarah one last time and helped peel away the cat-suit, the suit was wet with perspiration, and very wet around the crotch, and before Sarah knew it she was naked and Martha had her hands handcuffed behind her.

"Just a cat mask for this one." Martha said, as she peeled Sarah's mask off her head, replacing it with one merely hiding the eyes.

"Martha I," Sarah said in confusion. "I'm loving it and don't understand why," queried Martha, "yes it's the same for all of us," she smiled at Sarah, "I'll put a strappy skeleton bra on you," she said and she reached across and selected one, "Leather fetish range, do you like." "Yes," Sarah said despite her reservations," "And a ball gag." Martha ordered, "Open up." Sarah opened her mouth to protest but Martha expertly guided the bright red ball between Saraha's lips.

"There, Lilla's back.

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lets go," Martha suggested, "Oh the shoes, the shoes are wrong, take your dick out and slap it around them off." Sarah felt small in her bare feet, "No try these!" she said. The shoes were mere skeletons, the heels immense, but Martha insisted and Sarah had to put them on and then with a leather collar around her neck Martha led Sarah out to her public.

"And that concludes this evenings display of products," the voice said, "Here Ladies and Gentlemen we have, Gillian, Gillian is available for private sessions at a mere one hundred and fifty pounds per session, but as usual the first session is for auction, who will start me at one fifty?" "Martha, she thinks I'm Gillian." Sarah whispered.

"You are," Martha replied, "Bold confident Gillian." "Two eighty do I hear three hundred." the voice enquired, "Any advance on Three hundred, then sold to Mr, ah two seven eight." He came for her, took the leash from Martha and took Sarah to a cubicle at the back of the room where he motioned towards a chaise longue, she sat and he motioned for her to spread her legs and as she did so he dropped a flap at the front of his trousers peeled a condom onto his rampant erection and drove his tool deep into her yearning womb.

She melted into complete ecstasy as his muscular firmness filling her liquid softness as he took his pleasure. Sarah sat quietly as his firmness subsided and he withdrew wordlessly, leaving her floating in un imagined pleasure. "Sarah," a disembodied voice roused her from her dreamlike repose, "Sarah, this is Daniel, he wants to know if you'll do anal." "What, oh no, sorry," Sarah said. "She's new," Martha explained, "Next week, we'll make sure she's nice and clean for next week."