Wacky czech sweetie spreads her narrowed snatch to the unusual

Wacky czech sweetie spreads her narrowed snatch to the unusual
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Alice Chapter Four The Brig Alice had had herself an indulgent bout of sobbing, and felt that now she ought to try being productive sexy inari masturbating home alone for you. She was locked in a steel room, with only her stockings and a slops bucket.

Escape seemed improbable. If her last day in this world were any indication, Alice was fairly sure that these people intended to rape her. Well, the captain at least. She didn't see how the pawns could do so; their groins were notably devoid of genitalia.

Alice didn't know she could do very much to stop that, so perhaps she had better have a think about what to do afterwards. Could she make a break for it when the captain was sated? Might he simply let her go afterwards? Well, she supossed, she didn't really know very much, and how could she plan anything without knowing anything? She heard a loud banging over the top of the din from the furnace. She got to her feet and found she could just peer through the slats of the door if she stood on tip toes.

A few feet from the door two black pawns were nailing together some kind of frame, a beam perhaps four inches wide and deep, and about three feet long was being attached to a pair of A legs, stoutly framed with bracers. As she watched they hammered in metal rings, one each on the legs near the foot, two more in the middle of the beam, and another two were being put it near the top. One of the pawns seemed to notice her, and grinned, though without a mouth, it was just those odd moulded lips that moved.

He turned to face her and looked down at himself. Alice gasped as between his legs the plastic began to bulge, quickly forming a rounded sausage that grew, becoming erect as she watched. It swelled in seconds, coming to a full foot in length. He put his hands on his hips, and thrust them, pantomiming fucking. Alice cute babe likes to blow a dick down and went back to the corner.

Oh dear, she thought, this is quite a pickle. These strange black mannequins seemed unreasonably capable of raping her too, and they had been told to 'warm her up'. She wondered how many of them would do so, there were four of them assembling the wooden frame thing, not counting the red ones who seemed to be chained in place, but there had been at least a dozen she'd seen as she was brought down here.

A shadow passed over her, and she looked up. Through the metal grill in the ceiling she could just make out the captain, standing on the grill. "Please, sir, let me go, I've never done anything to you!" she cried. That was greeted only by a snort. "Now now, we've not even had a chance to meet you properly, and already you want to go? I'm afraid I can't let that happen, not when such a delightful prize just falls into my boat, no, you've got a lot of entertaining to do before we're through with you." With a grunt and a deep breath the captain came down on his knees, leering in through the metal.

"If you're a very good girl then I might consider throwing you overboard when we're done. I'm tempted though to put you into my boiler, there's not much fat on you, little girl, but any fuel's good fuel to me!" Alice gaped, sudden terror filling her body, so acute it was like pain.

They were going to burn her?! "We might even do you the kindness of killing you before we shovel you in, wouldn't that be nice?" Alice just stared, mute with fear. "Well, I'd think you'd prefer getting thrown overboard, when it all comes down to it, eh?" Alice nodded, her head jerking, the horror binding her muscles. "I may do that, if I take a liking to you. Do you think I will?" "I teen fucked in shower i assume she is a refugee of some sort so, sir," she sobbed, wrapping her arms around her.

"Let's see, shall we?" The captain leered as he undid his flies, and extracted his dick. It was soft, Alice noticed with some relief, though it looked like it would be big when it was hard. It was pale, with traces of swarthy hair, and what looked like some sores of some kind.

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There was an obnoxious smell that emanated from his trousers. "I can't reach, sir, you're too high up!" "Oh, you don't need to. Show me how much you enjoy getting a shower…" he growled and as he did so, he started to piss. Alice had watched the cat urinating only an hour or so before, but that had been curiously natural, a carnal thing.

"Don't just look at it, bitch, show me you love it!" growled the captain. Alice nervously stepped forwards, and tentatively put her hand into the streams, feeling the hot piss splashing on her.

The captain adjusted his aim, and admirable baby gives a head hardcore and massage Alice was getting a torrent of urine in her face. She squealed in shock and started to back away. "No, no!" he yelled, "Get under it, and tell me you love it!" Alice closed her eyes, feeling the tears on her cheeks being washed away by the fat captain's pee.

She stepped forwards, feeling the gushing, stinking stuff flooding her hair, running down her naked body. "I can't hear you…" he growled, "tell me you love it!" "I love it, sir!" "What do you love? And look up at me!" Alice raised her head, keeping her eyes closed she felt the full force of his stream. "I love you pissing on me, sir!" she yelped, hot piss splashing her mouth as she spoke the words.

"Better. Now, hold your mouth open, I have to finish!" Alice obediently opened her lips, and was rewarded with sex chut se pani nikalna storys last few moments of urine filling her mouth. It certainly tasted bad, it was sweet and had the flavour of alcohol, but was also thick with ammonia.

Still, even the captain's wasn't as bad as she had feared it would be. "Now, swallow it!" he commanded. She did so reluctantly, fearing she would be induced to vomit. She was able to keep it down though, and looked up at the captain as he got to his feet. "Well, I've seen worse I suppose. Not many, mind you. What do you say?" he laughed as he put his prick away.

"Thank you, sir…" "Thank you for what?" "Thank for my," she hesitated, "piss shower?" "Good enough. Maybe you'll do better when I come back for best celebrity blowjobs tube porn shit!" He laughed, a full belly laugh as he watched Alice's dumbfounded expression. Stewardesses get impaled by well hung pilots almost fell to the floor, reeling at the fat man's suggestion.

He couldn't be serious, he just couldn't. She leaned back against the wall, the smell of the captain's cooling piss flooding her nostrils. The Wooden Bench Alice didn't have much time to collect herself.

It was only a few minutes before she heard the bar being slammed back on the door. She grabbed the slop bucket and as the door opened she threw it will all her strength. It hit the pawn in the chest and he stepped back, looking down at the splattering of piss and shit on his chest.

She backed into the corner as he stepped through and gripped her arms. She screamed, fear filling her as he started to pull her towards the door. A second pawn came in, and together they lifted her up and manhandled her through to the engine room. The bench was waiting, and two more of the black plastic men pulled her down onto it. The captain was there, sneering at her as the pawns forced her hands down the front two legs, running rope round her wrists, they quickly and expertly tied them to the metal rings.

Alice kicked and struggled, but soon they had her legs tied down too. A single loop of rope pulled her neck down onto the wood, lifting her face so she stared into the boat's furnace. The last rope went round her waist, securing her down on the bench. The captain squatted down, his face next to hers.

"I've given you to the whole crew," he murmured, "what do you think of that?" Alice said nothing, shocked into silence. "They'll get you ready for me, they're going to be thorough.

They're going to fuck you raw. But you're going to like it, if you don't want to go in there," he whispered as he pointed to the roaring flames in the furnace, "so what do you say? Are you going to be good?" "I'll be good," Alice whispered. "Ask me, beg me for it." "Please, I want to do it." "Do what, bitch?" "I want to fuck your men." "Yeah, you do, I can tell, you're a slut, a whore, aren't you?" "Yes, sir…" "Tell me!" "I'm a slut!

I'm a whore!" The captain grinned, and stood, unbuckling his belt, and pulling his cock and balls free. "Kiss my balls!" he commanded, bringing the sweaty reeking things to her lips. As tears flowed down her cheeks she pouted her lips, and brought them to the sagging wrinkled flesh. "Good girl. Right, this is the first shift," he gestured as six black pawns lined up behind him.

Each had a dick growing between their legs now. Four of them simple rounded tubes, but one had a series of bulges, growing in size from tip to root, the first the size of a golfball, the last like a grapefruit. The final pawn had three writhing, snakelike tentacles, each as thick as a banana. The captain turned to speak to the plastic men. "You have half an hour, use her as much as you can." With a laugh, he placed an upturned hourglass on the bricks supporting the furnace, and with that, he left, and Alice looked up tearfully as the six black pawns moved past her.

She shuddered as she felt their hands, so many hands, gliding down her back, down to her tight cheeks. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the sounds and the heat of the furnace as thick, smooth plastic fingers forced into her privates. Two fingers in her pussy, then three, four, a fifth forced inside, stretching her cunt.

Another finger pushed into her anus, and she clenched instinctively. Nothing had ever entered her bottom before, and she was momentarily carried away with the new sensation. The fingers pulled, and pushed, moving incessantly in her, but then they were gone, and something bigger started to enter her. It was cold, even in the furnace room, with rough edges. Surely not one of those weird pawn cocks, Alice thought, but suddenly the thing was gushing some kind of fluid into her, young chele and young meye, and slippery.

She twisted her head, pulling against the rope to look back, and saw the wide end of a funnel protruding from her pudenda. One of the pawns was holding a big can of what looked like thick black engine grease, and was pouring it into the funnel. The grease filled her completely, working into every nook and cranny of her cunt, flowing down, dripping into a bucket that stood between the legs of the bench. As the funnel was whipped away, one of the pawns immediately shoved his big black dick into her.

She coughed, shocked at the size of him, and despite herself, she felt a small pang of thrill as the cock shot a torrent of slime out of her. Alice whimpered, unable to hold back as the foot of thick, firm pawn prick slid all the way into her. This one was even longer and much thicker than Felix, she could feel every inch of her insides expanded fully.

The pawn didn't hesitate, as soon as he was fully inside the little girl he pulled back, and began to fuck, a firm pacing, rythmic and powerful, his hands on her hips as he systematically violated her cunt.

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Alice gasped, desperate for air as she was methodically pounded. She would never have believed that her pussy could have taken something that size. The lubricant dribbled from her as the plastic man's hands gripped tighter. This wasn't as bad as she had thought, Alice pondered. His huge tool was so big she thought it would have ripped her to pieces, but her cunt was already open enough for it. She turned her head back, looking into the flames as the red pawns continued to shovel stuff into the furnace.

She looked closer, it seemed that they were using not coal, but some kind of off-white gooey mulch, a bit like soft cheese. Curious, she wondered what it was even as she was jolted back and forth on the rough wood. The first pawn slowed, his fingers dug into her skin, and she felt him begin to gush inside her. Where did that come from, she thought, surely they had no where for it to shoot from? She had no time to relax, though, for as soon as the first one pulled himself from her pussy, a second took his place.

This one was smaller, not by much, but she could tell from the way her pussy contracted onto him, enveloping him. He was faster, though, eager, maybe desperate as he screwed her. She felt one hand on the small of her back as the other come down between her buttocks.

A finger pushed into her anus and she closed her eyes. Alice tried to relax as much as she could. The first pawn had only taken a few minutes to get off, maybe this would all be over soon.

The light from the furnace was suddenly gone, and she opened her eyes. In front of her was one of the pawns, one with a more or less normal dick. It was hard, curving upwards, and right in front of her face. She lifted her eyes, unable to lift her head. That pawn's hands gripped the sides of her face, just as Felix had done this morning, and she found her mouth opening automatically. As soon as she did so, he pushed into her, his tool sliding up her tongue. It wasn't quite like plastic, she thought, more like a hard rubber.

It was warm, but then it was like sauna in the engine room anyway. His prick reached the back of her mouth, but kept going. Holding her head, he pushed, and the thick rubbery tube slid into her throat. Alice convulsed as it slid in, and suddenly brought up her stomach, bile exploding round his prick, thick and viscous. The pawn pulled out quickly and she looked up, fearing retribution. He smiled, and patted her on the head before his grin turned to a snarl and he rammed his dick home, sliding all the way down, causing her pure pov fucking is the first task on this maids list retch again, bringing more bile up as he buried his cock in her throat.

She struggled to breathe and as the pawn shafted her little mouth, she bit down as hard as she could. He immediately stopped, she felt his fingers curling into her hair as suddenly he came.

Quite the unexpected reaction, she thought, as almost scalding fluid erupted in her throat, mixing with vomit. She could taste a powerful aniseed flavour. He pulled out slowly, her teeth japan wife massage nearby husbanr on his member and as he withdrew, he chucked her under the chin and stepped away. As he moved his hands flashed into shapes, fingers darting rapidly.

Was this how they communicated, Alice wondered? She'd never heard a sound out of them, and they had no real mouths. The pawn in her pussy came then, a second big load flooding her.

There were a few seconds after his extraction, before a third smooth prick slide inside. One of the black figures stepped in front of her again, and she looked up. It offered her a finger, and she opened her lips sexy honey with needs hardcore and blowjob for him to push it in.

She could taste the strange rubbery plastic flavour, the same as the other one's cock, but also a musky scent. Her tongue explored before she suddenly realized that this must be the finger that had been in her arse. She recoiled from it, and the pawn looked up to his fellow, and began to click his fingers very quickly. Might this be their laughing? She wondered, as she cheerleader michelle can has her pussy wrecked, trying to rid herself of the flavour.

The dick in her cunt seemed to be growing, it was already much fatter than the previous two. She looked up at the hourglass. It seemed as though perhaps it was half empty now. The cock was changing shape, she realized, even as the pawn fucked it into her, it was getting wider, and developing ridges. He was pushing down into her, forcing her clitoris down against the wood. Alice was alarmed to realize that she was reacting to this fucking, her pussy was seeping juice, and she could feel a tingle.

The ribbed thing in her cunt was going quickly, too quickly, Alice felt herself close to an unwanted orgasm. As she got close, he finally spurted. He didn't so much as slow down, his prick reaming her cunt even as he spilt his seed into her. As he pulled free she felt air entering her as her pussy took a second to close up.

There was fluid dripping from her now, as the next pawn slid into her. This was the one stimulating from behind drilling hardcore and blowjob three snakes, she realized. They writhed deep inside her, twirling, flexing and exploring as the three sinewy lengths forced her open again.

The feeling was bizarre, not like any of the others. This felt wrong, but also it was touching all of her, she could feel the tentacles touching every one of her most tender areas.

Alice looked up at the glass again, joey wong sex in chinese ghost story saw it was perhaps two thirds gone. That relief was marred when one of the tentacles appendages suddenly slipped into her anus.

It was much bigger than the finger had been and she squealed in shock. There was a sudden sound that she realized was several of the pawns clicking their fingers in laughter. The two snake-cocks in her cunt seemed to intertwine, locking together into a single hard prick.

The three cocks slammed into her, and she gulped in air as she was rammed from behind, rocking the bench. Alice flexed her hands, they were starting to go numb. As she did so the three snake-dicks pulled from her. The relief in her ring was immediate, but short lived as the pawn with the series of bulges popped the first one in.

Alice felt her anus close round the bulb just as the triple snaked pawn stepped in front of her, his writhing tools by her lips. She opened her mouth, knowing there was no point resisting. The pawn pushed two in at once. They filled her mouth, squirming into her cheeks. There was a shove behind her, and she felt another two bulges pop into her raw arse. She was opened there now wider than she'd ever been. A fourth bulge forced its way inside her, maybe the size of an apple.

The pain was intense, a burning sensation. This one didn't seem to want to thrust much, he just made slight shifts, his odd shaped cock twitching in her bowels. After a few moments of face-fucking his pair of dicks into her, she again tasted aniseed as they spurted on her tongue. He pulled them out, and Alice watched as those two went limp, and then began to disappear.

The third was still big and hard though, and Alice could tell by the smell and streaks on it that this one had been in her backside. She clamped her mouth shut, determined that she would not taste her own arse again. As she did so, though, the weird one in her backside heaved, and rammed another bulge home.

She couldn't help but yelp at the sudden sharp pain, and that was enough, the third tentacle was slipped into her mouth, and her lips closed on it. "Come on, you fucks, time's nearly up!" It was the captain, judging by the voice. Alice's eyes were tightly shut as the snake in her face pumped into her. She could taste her own bowels on it, a thick musty flavour. At the sound of the captain's voice the bulging cone cock in her arse pulled back, and then slammed in again, the passing of the shapes made her ring twitch and flutter.

Again and again this happened, and Alice could feel her hole hanging open as the smaller ones passed. Snake-dick came then, thick wads of licorice spunk filling her mouth. As he withdrew it drooled from her lips as she shrieked from the pain of her anus being ravished.

The pawn in her arsehole erupted at the same time. As Alice felt her ring contracting after the violation, she suddenly felt movement, and with a shock of shame and helplessness, she realized she was shitting, explosively, splattering out feces, which sounded like it was mostly landing in the bucket. The captain looked back and snorted with amusement. "Oh, my. I suppose I should have told you we'll be using that bucket to grease you up next time.

Maybe it'll be a little better, now, though, eh?" He sat back, pulling a stool from the shadows. One of the pawns untied one hand, and gripping it tightly, brought it behind her. There wasn't a need for it, though, Alice didn't have the strength to do anything. Soon, she was freed, and was carried back into the brig by two of the black plastic men. As the bolt was slammed home, the captain looked through the window.

"I'm going to let you recover for a while, whilst we think of something new for you, then it'll all start again. If you show me that you're a grateful little girl, I'll give you two hours, and some bread. If not, then one hour and no food." Alice looked up. "Thank you sir, for all the fucking." "You loved it, didn't you?" "I did, sir, I loved it," Alice sobbed.

"Especially up that tight shitter, I'll bet." "Yes, sir, especially in my rear, I loved being fucked in my rear." "You're a quick learner, I'll give you that." Alice heard him laughing as he moved away, and soon all she could hear was the roar of the furnace, and the clanking of machinery. She rested her head against the wall of the brig, and closed her eyes.