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Droit dans son cul tube porn
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Intro: There have been a few variations on the mom/camping story. This one follows more with Mom/honey/camping story but will go with most variations of story. Here Mom and Dad and I go camping in the cold. We accidentally wind up with only two sleeping bags for the three of us so Dad has one and mom and I share one. My hard on causes problems with us trying to get to sleep so mom tells me the only practical solution to our dilema is for me to cum, get release and we can all get to sleep.

However, she doesn't want a mess in the sleeping bag we have to stay in all night so she tells me to help out by cumming in her. I do and we finally get to sleep while dad is oblivious to all that has taken place in the tent. The story continues from that point. I have a part III already written which I will post soon. Mom, Honey, Camping Part II: Mom and I both fell asleep pretty quickly after I emptied myself into her but after about only an hour or so I woke up again.

It took me a few seconds to realize I wasn’t back home in bed by myself. My level of consciousness went quickly from asleep to wide eyed with the realization real teen loves hard fucking reality amateur my situation and although it would have been a remote dream any other day it was stark reality here and now.

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I remembered in an instant where I was, who was lying next to me and what we had just done a short time ago in my sleeping bag. At the same time I became aware of the warmth and the smoothness of my mother’s skin next to mine. And with that realization my original problem returned; the problem mom and I had and the one she found such an exquisite solution for.

I was right back in the same predicament; the only difference was that I wasn’t keeping her awake now, only myself. I tried staying still and I tried to get back to sleep but this was no more likely than it had been earlier in the night.

What teen lying pressed against a naked woman could fall asleep. And this woman was my own mother at that. My dilemma once again was that my stiff dick was resting between the crack of mom’s ass and poking at her. It was just a matter of time before I would wake her up and if she got startled when she awoke she might yell out and wake dad as well.

I tried to think of a solution and I needed to come up with one quick but it was hard to stay focused pressed against my totally naked mother. It was had enough to just stay still let alone solve a problem.

And then it came to me. It was simple; mom had already solved the problem for me earlier. She had, in a matter of fact way with me, explained when we were both awake that I just had to cum to get to sleep. I had to get it over with and then everyone would get the rest they needed for the following day of camping. So, there it was, I had to cum again. And if I could do it without waking mom or dad that would be even better for everyone.

Sexy hoes share big cocks and jizz of bosses a clear mission, I pushed my butt and hips back away from mom enough to let my dick head slide back down her ass crack until it was lined up with the tuft of fur between her thighs.

Once I felt the spot I pushed slowly and gently feeling my way with the tip of my dick. I could sense the warmth of her pussy as I got nearer to it and kept tilting my hips until I felt the tender lips and hair of her private part.

I stopped and stayed there for a few minutes waiting to see if she would move or wake up. I was also savoring the feeling and the anticipation of what I was about to feel and do with mom.

My next bold step was to push firmly into her. I started to slide into her one tiny half inch at a time and it was amazingly easy; like sliding through warm butter. I suspect that she was wet from our earlier adventure and that I was aided by sliding into her on my own cum.

It must have taken me almost five minutes of gentle and steady pushing until I reached the back of her pussy walls and couldn’t go any farther. I still had a couple more inches of dick to go but I was afraid of hurting her and waking mom. Since mom wasn’t awake to tell me to hurry up like last time I just rested in her enjoying the tightness and heat and feel of her bare ass and back pressed against me and the enveloping warmth of her pussy.

Then I started to push out of her but ever so slowly, inch by slow inch. When I felt that only the engorged tip of my dick was in her I waited a full 20 or 30 seconds like that and then pushed slowly back in again. This was excruciating and exquisite, painful and pleasurable all at the same time.

I went on sliding in and out of her great gang bang act pornstar and hardcore slow motion for a long time, maybe longer than ten minutes I think. Time didn’t really exist for me anyway. I couldn’t keep on with this slow pace of massaging the inside of my mother with my dick without feeing more pressure build up in my balls and despite how good it felt just being inside her I had to quicken the pace until I was once again all out fucking her.

But I was fucking her gently, with efficiency of movement so as not to awaken her. I was a smooth running quiet piston engine under that sleeping bag. Pumping in and out rapidly with just the slightest tilt of my hips. And then I exploded for the second time that hungarian gilf judit fucked by horny stud old young and housewife. I pushed all the way in until I hit the back of her pussyand still I pushed even more to fit the final inches of my cock until my balls were smashed against her ass cheeks.

Once in her to the full depth I stayed still and emptied myself into my mom. One, two, three, four strong jets of hot cum shot out and into mom followed by four or five more spasms as I filled her with every drop I had; filling her for a second time.

I could feel the wetness around the shaft of my dick but no cum was leaking out around the plug I had in mom. I imagined the water bottles we filled up as a kid, growing larger and larger as the liquid was forced into the balloon. I was actually a little worried mom would awake from the building up of pressure from the huge amount of fluid I was pumping into her. As I came down from my height of pleasure I decided to just stay inside mom. I figured it would be the best place to keep my dick for two reasons.

First, it would keep the puddle of cum from leaking out and it was the puddle of cum mom was so worried she would have to sleep in. Second, it would keep my dick out of the way and prevent it from poking mom and waking her up. It seemed like a brilliant idea. I enjoyed the closeness and the warmth of my mother like few sons can as I drifted back to sleep.

When I awoke again, mom and dad were still asleep but I could tell it was beginning to approach dawn outside from the amount of light on the tent walls and the fact that I could now make out shapes and details of my parents. I could feel that I was still pressed against mom and I could feel also the incredible sensations that showed me mom had not moved in the night and I was still locked inside her. I had spent a good part of the night sleeping with my dick warmed by my mother’s cunt.

It was an incredibly sexy feeling. I was soft inside her at first but I quickly felt myself growing larger and thicker again within her wet pussy. This time I didn’t have to worry about poking her with my dick or even trying to reposition myself to get access to her opening. I was already there. I kept my dick pushed in her as it grew to full size once again and then I started my slow movement in and out of her.

This time I was less frantic to cum. I knew the perfect routine to empty cum from my balls and so I began my gently fucking of mom for what seemed like half an hour or maybe more. Since it had become lighter in the tent I could sometimes move outside of my body in a sense and watch my self sliding my dick in and out of the naked woman pressed against me and I could see also the outline of her full tit and a bit of the dark nipple at the end of it pointing heavily towards the tent floor.

This time I never had to speed up my fucking of mom, I just kept us the steady pace and the cum just began to shoot out of me almost involuntarily, without my control. I hot vixen ryan smiles gets fucked and jizzed on pornstars and hardcore into her for the third time that night pumping and filling her with another load of my teen cum.

I am usually able to jerk off five or six times a day; I make that much cum I am physically uncomfortable and it hurts if I go more than four or five hours without cumming. I jerk off any chance I can at school, at the mall, in the shower, sometimes in the woods or the remote part of the park field.

I just make too much cum to go for any length of time without shooting it out. Keeping the amount of cum I could produce in mind I was totally amazed that mom could keep that volume of my cream inside her.

She was certainly right about one thing; she wouldn’t have wanted to sleep in the puddle of cum I could produce. Finally, being truly exhausted, I fell asleep but only after making sure I was positioned so I could continue to press my squelching twat is getting banged hardcore and blowjob into mom and keep it there as I sleep.

This time when I awoke it was to the sound of whispering voices and when I opened my eyes just a slit I could see it was light outside and inside the tent. Dad was sitting up close to mom and they were talking in a whisper but I could catch individual words like “stop’; crazy; wake him; not the time; no; later. I could also feel that I was still in mom and I was torn whether it would be better to move out of her and rick them seeing I was awake or risk my dick growing inside her an her feeling me, if she couldn’t feel me already.

To complicate matters I could feel mom’s body move as dad ran his hand up and down her legs, her stomach and near her pussy. I almost jerked up and out of mom and the sleeping bag in a panic when I thought that eventually dad would reach between mom’s legs and feel his son’s dick buried in his wife.

Apparently dad was hot and horney and seeing his naked wife he wanted to get some action before I woke up. But mom kept pushing his hand away and objecting as quietly as she could without waking me.

To make matters a little trickier I was beginning to grow inside mom and I was sure by now she knew what the full situation was and how important it was to keep dads hands from her private spot.

What mom didn’t know was how many times I had fucked her in the night and how much of my cum was inside her. What happened next happened in a flash but seemed to me like a slow motion train wreck. All at once dad grabbed mom’s hips, slid down to the area of her pussy and pulled her off of my dick and up to his mouth.

Before mom could say anything or react, dad was beginning horny mom kayla synz begs for cock lap away at her cunt. For my part I hoped dad would not look down and see my stiff, wet dick resting out on the tent floor inches from mom and exactly where she had been lying.

Dad was pushing his tongue into the folds of moms well used pussy and the sounds he was making were more like gulping than licking. I stayed frozen where I was and mom made not a single sound after her initial resistance. She and I both were waiting for what dad would do next or say or who knew what. I was sure mom could feel my liquid dripping out of her, probably beginning to gush out by now and I couldn’t begin to imagine what she must have been thinking had happened to her to be that full.

Instead of stopping or yelling or even registering anything different with moms pussy dad just continued working on her and the sounds moved more into a sucking sound like when you get to the end of a milk shake with the straw. What dumb luck that dad didn’t notice anything.

He didn’t notice how wet mom was and he didn’t recognize the scent of cum which I could clearly detect filling the inside of the tent. Then, suddenly, mom slapped dad’s shoulders and said “enough†and light skin big booty ebony fucking huge bbc pulled herself away from his mouth.

She continued in a whisper, “He’s going to wake up†. Mom was now moving further back from dad and I was in plane view with my dick wet and stiff in front of me. Luckily, dad must have been looking just at mom because he said nothing. Instead he spoke loud enough for me to hear and wake me up, “ok camper, time to get up and tend to breakfast†.

I opened my eyes, turned towards dad’s voice and called out weakly, good morning dad†. Then I turned where dad was looking and was about to say good morning mom but I only got out “gooddddd†and the rest trailed off when I found I was staring right up at moms totally naked body, Naked legs, full breasts, dark patch, round dark nipples.

I could tell Mom was mad as hell from the way she snapped at dad and said sarcastically, “Thanks for giving me a chance to get dressed before waking up our son†. For my part I could only stare at her; I didn’t have the strength to be polite and look the other way and give her her privacy. She was too good to look at. Those breasts were too big and heavy to ignore. “I’ll get you back for that†she said to dad.

What was even stranger was what mom did next. Rather than run for cloths to cover up, she slowed her movements down and just stayed naked, almost like she was showing off at that point.

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I also think she was doing it to piss dad off for waking me before she could get dressed. She moved teens dream comes true with huge dick the tent naked and picked up some things, took up her brush and started brushing her hair glancing to dad’s eyes from time to time. Finally she reached out a hand to me while she was still stark naked and helped me stand up out of the sleeping bag.

Dad sat in silence watching everything but said nothing. I was in heaven except for the fact that I had a stiff dick pointing out towards mom and I rapidly spun around to pretend I was getting something but in reality trying to hide my boner.

“Did you get a lot of rest†mom asked me. As I spun around she added much to my embarrassment, “I see you didn’t shake that reoccurring problem you seem to have†. I wondered about her using the word "reoccurring" since as far as she knew we had only fucked once. During all this, dad just stood and watched then turned toward the door of the tent and called back, “I’ll start the fire†.

That left just me and mom in the tent, both naked. “All right junior†she said, “I want all my men out there working so get going†. I jumped into my jeans and left in a hurry pulling my shirt over my head as I exited through the slit in the small tent.