Horny mother having a great time on the bed

Horny mother having a great time on the bed
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Friday had finally arrived. I woke up with a raging hard on knowing what was in store for me. I woke up around 11pm thank full I called in sick so I didn't have to go in. I took a quick shower and got dressed in some board shorts and shirt. I was more than ready for Rochelle surprise. I drove up to her driveway and was amazed at her house. It was big, not quite a mansion but damn big.

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She didn't come off as a rich type. The more I looked over the house the more my mind thought of fucking her in every room. My cock was already causing a tent in my shorts so before I got out of the car I had to adjust myself. I rang the doorbell with my mind racing and my cock throbbing waiting and wanting to take her as soon as I saw her.

She opened the door, smiled at me as she was wearing a silk rob that just went down to her thighs. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me in, closing the door behind me and shoving her tongue down in my mouth. I held her close, feeling her large breast press against my body as my hands rubbed up and down her back. We kissed for a long time, our tongue playing against each other in our mouths as my hands reached down and squeezed her beautiful ass.

She then pulled away and gave me that sly grin that tells me I'm in for a wild day. "Hi big boy, ready to get wet?" she said as her hands rubbed against my chest then sliding down and grabbing my hand. I nodded, not able to speak from the excitement, as she led me out her back door to a porch where in the back corner a hot tub was bubbling.

I smiled, "you don't lie girl do you?" I said as walked behind her. "I never lie to you baby," she said as she moved in front of me and held me back at arms length.

"You better be ready, because this is only the beginning," she said as she slowly undid her robe and let it fall to the floor revealing her naked body. I couldn't believe the sight of her and was even more amazed as I glanced around that the whole neighborhood could see into her backyard.

"Are you series?" I asked as my mouth hit the floor. She closed my mouth and took off my clothes. "Hell yeah, I want everyone to see us fuck. Give them a chance to see how it is done." She said with a huge smile on her face.

As she pulled off my shorts, my throbbing cock flops out causing her to giggle. "Well guess I didn't need to worry about you being ready," she said as she grabbed my head and lead me into the hot tub. She slid into the water first and dipped her whole body under. She emerged with her body wet and throwing her hair behind her. I followed but before I could do the same she pushed me back and pinned me against the wall.

Her hand gripped my cock and slowly stroked it up and down as her lips kissed my chest. She smiled up at me as she flicked her tongue on my nipples. Her hand gripped tight on my cock as she stroked it up and down. I looked down at her and then glanced around hoping no one was watching.

"Big Boy…you better not worry about that or I'll kiss your ass out," she said as bite my nipple. I moaned from the pain and looked down at her, "damn girl you really want everyone to know." She giggled as she kissed my nipple, "hell yeah so you better moan loud when you fucking cum like me." She slowly kissed down my stomach as I sat on the edge of the hot tub.

Her tongue rolled up and down my shaft, getting it nice and wet, then slowly kissing the head as her hands massage my balls. Her mouth slowly opens and slides down my cock, just getting the head at first and then pushing it deeper inside. Her mouth sliding up and down my cock as her tongue presses underneath my shaft. I moan as I feel her lips tighten around my cock, feeling the pre-cum ooze out.

She moans from the taste and licks it all up, lifting my cock up and moving her lips down to my balls. She takes one and sucks hard on it as her hand pumps my cock. My hands grip the edge of the tub tighter as the sensation runs through my body. She lets it pop out of her mouth and then shoves my cock back down her mouth, taking as much as possible before pulling all the way off. I grab her hear and push her back down, pumping my cock against the back of her throat.

Saliva drips from my cock and her mouth as I let her go, letting her catch her breath. She then sucks my cock deeper, pumping up and down against it, vibrating her tongue.

She then lifts up and sits down on the edge of the tub, her finger gesturing me to come closer. I lean in and kiss her lips as my hands massage her breast.

Then I kiss down her neck and chest, lifting her tit into my mouth and sucking hard on her nipple. She moans, as I bite down on her nipple. I smile at her as I lift her legs up and kiss down her stomach. My tongue slowly inches out and rolls over her soft pussy lips.

My hands squeeze her thighs as my tongue spreads open her lips and glides against her clit. Her body presses against my tongue as I move up and down. Her pussy is dripping as I lick her clit, feeling it swell against my mouth, as I let my alura jenson loves a big black dick move at a slow pace. "How fuck baby, that's it. Don't stop." She moans as I move a little faster and my on of my hands reach up and squeeze her breast.

I begin to vibrate my tongue, humming against her tomb raider lara croft sucking big cock animated pov as my tongue move up and down. My other hand slides big titted brunette slut getting slammed by a massive cock outdoors my tongue as I slowly slide two fingers into her pussy. My tongue and fingers begin to move at the same pace. I quicken my pace up, looking up at her as I see her eyes roll into the back of her head.

Her moans grow louder and louder, screaming as I feel her pussy tightening. I pump faster and faster, my tongue pressing harder as her body clinches. "Oh fuck, oh shit I'm going to cum baby," she creams as her head falls back. With a final loud scream, her pussy juices gush onto my face and cover my hand as she shakes from head to toe. "Mmm…my kind of wet," I say smiling at her as I lick my lips.

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She smiles back as she grabs my hand and sucks the juices from them, cleaning my hand. "Fuck me now, big boy. I am not done yet," she said with a greedy look on her face as she turned around. I bend her over slightly and spank her ass hard. She moans as she looks back, seeing me spread her legs wide as I push my cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh that's it," she says as her head falls forward. I moan from the tight feel of her pussy on my cock, smacking her ass again as I slowly pump my cock.

My hands wrapped on her waist as I push deeper with each thrust into her pussy, the bubbles tickling my balls as I move in and out her pussy.

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My hands slide up and push down on her shoulders, forcing my cock to go deeper. "Holy shit, never been so fucking deep before," she screamed out as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.

I begin to pump faster, pushing her down as my cock pushes into her. Our moans beginning to become one as I pump harder and harder into her. The head of my cock growing inside her as I pump faster, feeling her pussy walls squeeze it. My hand moves up and grabs her hair and pulls it back. Her screams grow louder and louder, my cock throbbing deep inside her beautiful cowgirl strips for the camera scene manuel bengochea I fuck her.

I moan louder, feeling my cock ready to explode. Suddenly she pushes off me, smiling at me as her finger waves no to me. "Not yet big boy. I want your full load in my mouth but not yet," she says as she slowly gets out of the tub. She grabs my hands as I get out of the tub. "Where to now my sex goddess," I say with a grin on my face.

She laughs as she pulls me close and kisses me. "Follow me, you mere mortal," she says with a big grin on her face. She guides me over to a blanket on the other side of the porch and lays me down.

"My turn," she says as she lies beside me and grabs a bottle on the side of the blanket. She kneels between my legs and covers her breast in it, letting it drip down to my cock. I look up at her, my cock throbbing of the feel of the warm liquid.

"Don't worry baby, just a little oil to help that cock out," she said as she rubbed it deep into her body. I lay my head down and close my eyes as I feel the liquid cover my cock. She reaches down and rubs it deep into my shaft and balls.

Then she leans down and sucks it deep, sliding up cuckold watches his wife fuck a stranger down on my shaft with her mouth. She then lifts up and straddles above my cock, rubbing the liquid between her legs. "You want to feel something really tight baby," she said.

I looked at her with concern as she slowly moved her hips over my cock. She leaned back and the next thing I know my cock is sliding into her tight asshole. My eyes roll into the back of my head as I feel her tight ass squeeze my shaft.

"Oh Fuck, oh damn I never did this with a big cock baby," she moaned. Only half my cock was in her but she begins to pump up and down on it, causing it to grow inside her again. "HOLY SHIT…," she screams as she pumped my cock faster.

Moving up and down as she rubbed her pussy. My hands clinched her feet as I felt her tight ass squeeze the life out of my cock. The sensation sent shivers up and down my spine. I can feel my cock throbbing hard against her walls as she pumped up and down. She squirted more oil on my cock, making it slide it deeper.

"OH FUCK…I'm CUMMING AGAIN," she screamed. Her body shaking as another gush of juices flowed from her pussy. The sensation of her cumming causes my own cock ready to explode.

I push off her and stand up as she kneels in front of me with her mouth open. "OH SHIT&hellip.," I screamed as cum erupted from my cock and hot housewife gets pounded by her hubby her tongue, face and breast. Her mouth seals up my cock as the final loads come out.

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Exhausted I fall to my knees, watching her lick the cum off her face and swallow all of it down. "Oh my god, I have never cum so hard in my life," I said gasping for air as I lay down. She lies down beside me and kisses me. We hold each other forever, kissing as the sun beats down on us.

"Let's go inside babe, mom and son raj wap we didn't get a sunburn from all this outdoor fun," I said with a smile on my face. She laughed as we both went back into the house.

"You enjoy yourself JC," she said as she walked into the kitchen. "Absolutely babe," I said as I sat on the kitchen stool. She gives me a bottle water and kisses me again.

"Well I need to talk to you," she says. I drink down my water as I look at her. "What's up?" I ask. "Well, we have been doing this back and forth thing and I want know if this is serious or just fun for you?" I look at her and smile; I pull her towards me and kiss her again. "I would love to make this serious. I have never been with a girl like you and no girl could compare to you." She smiled and hugged me, "Good, cause I promise you that you will need no other girl when you are with me."