Milf and playfellows daughter sex cory chase in revenge on your father

Milf and playfellows daughter sex cory chase in revenge on your father
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I am a divorced father of one beautiful little 13yr old redhead. We have been alone for two years now and have the best relationship a father/daughter could have. Megan is a very smart, athletic young girl. I have a thriving business and work at home.

We are more than comfortable with my success. Megan has been a big help to me, after all, I sell women's clothing. She has excellent taste when it comes to clothes. I surf the net a lot and check out porn. I have been using this to relieve myself by masterbating and lately, cumming in Megan's used underwear.

This just started recently, since I've noticed her developement. She is just getting a ling lamba mota hard penis size xxx sex stories story download mouthfull of tit and has one hell of an ass. I have cum in my sweats while she lays around in her little t-shirt and panties. Her mouth is like that of Angela Joline, very very sexy.

I'd love to put my rock hard cock in there. Her panties smell so sweet. I'd love to lick her pussy. Fuck, I must be a sick man. This is my daughter I'm thinking about. A couple of weeks went by and I happen to see Megan and her friend Nichole in the pool. Nichole had her skimpy bikini on and Megan did too. Nichole is a frickin fox.

She's also 13. A little more tit than Megan but not much. They didn't know I was home yet. Nichole was fondling Megan's little titties. They were laughing and taking turns. Teasing each other like they were lovers. That's as far as it went. But it was enough to provoke me into the bathroom and beat off.

I shot one hell of a load. Nichole was spending the night. We made plans for movies and popcorn. I ran to the store and got some pop for the girls and some rum and coke for me. We proceeded to watch some thriller movie, Saw3 I think, and ate popcorn.

The girls were in their t-shirt/panties sleepwear. I couldn't believe how hot they looked. I was in my usual sweat pants. No underwear, I like to play if I want. Not only that, when Megan goes to sleep watching a movie, she puts her head in my lap and the sensation on my cock is wild. The girls asked if they could try my rum and coke, I said sure. They liked it. They asked if they could have some. I thought, a little won't hurt. They went out to make their drinks the way I told them to.

But not quite. When they came back I could smell the strength and it was strong. I watched them drink some and they seemed to like it. I went and got myself on too.

Two hours later, I had two drunk little girls on my hands. They were funny as hell. I was laughing non stop. They turned off the movie and put the channel to music.

They were dancing around and laughing. Nichole decided to take her t-shirt off and dared Megan to do the same. Fuck me, what a sight.

There they were, dancing in their panties in front of me. My cock was raging curly hottie deep throating loaded big shaft this point. They told me to come and dance with them. I said I shouldn't. Nichole came over and grabbed my hand and ushered me over to dance. My cock was bouncing around while dancing with girls, they had to see it. It was tenting my sweats.

Nichole came and put her arms around me and said "dance with me". Fuck, shit, piss, damn, I'm gonna fucking cum right now. I held off until Nichole's tits were pressing in my belly. She was pulling me hard into her and I just came, spurt after spurt in my sweats. She noticed it was wet and asked what it was. I said I spilt my drink. She bought it, she was drunk as was Megan. Megan had lain down on the couch, asleep it appeared. Nichole continued her dance.

I picked Nichole up and held her while we danced. She liked this and wrapped her arms around my neck. I positioned her so that her panties were in line with my hardening cock. Her nice little tits were rubbing my chest. Man, this is hot.

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I put my hands under her ass to hold her up, she didn't mind. I got a little more brave and slipped a finger under the elastic band to her pussy. My cock rubbing on her slit. She still didn't mind. I realized she was passed out. I wanted more of that pussy, I took her to bed and layed her down. I put my hand on her breast and felt how firm they were. I then rested my hand on her panty covered pussy.

Slowly, I moved around, playing with cunt. I could feel wetness. I slipped my finger under the panties again and found her clit and her wet pussy.

I ran my finger up and down her cunt lips and they were wet. I slipped my finger into her hot wet pussy. I played a little and then pulled my finger to get a taste of her. Sweeeeet, fucking sweet. I couldn't stand it no more, I pulled out my cock and stroked it. Pre cum had already been flowing.

I pulled her panties down and off. She didn't awake. Perfect. I spread those lovely legs and put my face right down on her sweet we pussy.

I licked and sucked and fingered her ever so gently as if not to wake her. I looked at her face and she was looking wide eye at me. She was breathing hard.

Then she smiled and said that it felt good. I asked if she was sure and she said yes, "Megan and I pleasure each other like that often". I couldn't belive it. Megan?

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Just then, Megan walked in, smiling. "hi dad, whatcha doing to Nichole". Fuck, I was busted. Man drills moist snatch girlfriend and homemade cock was hanging out, Megan looking and Nichole's pussy juice all over my face.

I couldn't say anything. Megan came over and jumped on the bed with Nichole and gave her a passionate kiss. Fuck me man, where'd that come from. Nichole grabbed Megan and slowly was pulling her panties off while french kissing.

Megan broke the kiss and smiled at me and said, "Daddy, why don't you join us"? It was too much to be true. I climbed onto the bed, kissed Megan and Nichole passionately. I had one hand on each pussy, loving the sweet softness, wetness and freshness. After sucking and licking each of their little tits, I decided it was time for some relief.

I grabbed my cock, got between Megan's legs and touched the tip to her wet pussy.

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I came so hard, I thought my cock was going to explode. Then I woke up with very wet sweats. Megan and Nichole were still on the couch, I was on the floor. But, that did give me an ideal.