Latina lilith shayton sucks horny pawndudes big mean dick

Latina lilith shayton sucks horny pawndudes big mean dick
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My Little Sister's Friends Lets start off by saying I've always like younger women even as a teenager. No reason other than, I just like young sweet bodies, you know the ones with the curves in the right places, strong legs not chubby just not thin thin, nice hair not that piled up crap or the ones that look like an explosion in a mattress factory, you know the ones I mean and of course sweet little girl breast, even though their not really all that important, and I remember someone once told me "Anything over a mouth full is wasted, but then he's never slid his dick between two soft mounds of girl flesh and stroke his dick with them as the head of his dick slipped in and out of her warm wet mouth and finally blowing his load over her tits, her face, her tongue and down her throat.

Sounds nice don't it and is most definably worth the effort to do so. But the over all size of a girls tits is adriana golosa nos invita a su sede en bogota my main attraction, I've had girls with watermelon size and then some flat as a board and all in between.

In fact this one little red head Tina, had the cutest deep green eyes and wide red lips, a full head shorter than me, nice legs and flat chested, auroras almost a dark red about the size of a half dollar, but her nipples were like steel rods, about the size of an pencil eraser and an inch and a half to two inches long, you talk about poking holes in your chest, damn she'd leave permanent marks.

I could show you, but I won't. And could suck a dick, man could she suck and had the tightest little wet slit with dark red hair trimmed so nice, damn my dick just gets hard thinking about her. Whoa there boy&hellip. I'm not here to talk about Tina. I'm here to tell you about Gale. She was one of my younger sister classmates and friend as was her younger sister Wendy. My sister Francis, Fran as we called her, is a not quite 6 years younger than me.

She's a nice looking girl and built, a lot of my buddies would like to crawl in the sack with her and maybe some did I don't know, but she does enjoy sex, that I do know, but she's my sister and I've never had any sexual thoughts about her, well not many anyway.

But her friends, well that's another matter. In fact that's when I realized I love younger girls, the younger the better and I've had several of her friends and other young ladies over the next few years. I lost virginity several years before to Joan, my uncle's young second wife, during a weekend sleepover with my cousins, from his first wife, and he just of happen to be out of town. I was 12 and she was 26, although she was a lot older than me, in fact she the oldest I ever had, all the rest were younger except one other, who was the same age as me.

She showed me all kinds of wonderful and interesting things, some were ok, and some were great and then some I couldn't get enough of.

But that's another story, this one is about my little sister's friend Gale. Sweet little Gale, light brown hair, medium lips, oval face, nice firm tits larger than oranges by half in size, little chubby but not fat, about 4 inches shorter than me, full hips and kind of flightily, but sweet. A sweet little girl who happened to develop a crush on brsis rape new xxx 2019, she would come over with Wendy and they would play in Fran's room, but would come into my room for records.

Fran told me about Gale's crush and as she kept coming into my room, well one thing led to another and one a afternoon I kind of pinned her in my room, we've talked many times, but this time I got real close to her, then leaned towards her and kissed her lips, I figured she turn red and run away, but in stead she grabbed my head and kissed me back harder.

Well not to let the opportunity escape I wrapped my arms around her for a full bore kiss. After a few seconds our lips parted and our tongues explored each other's mouth. I pulled her hard into me and sort of cupped her ass for a second; she flinched pushing herself into me. The longer we kissed the harder my cock got and was pushing into her pelvic area, she had to be feeling it, I'm surprised it didn't rip my zipper total out of my pants it was so hard.

I slid while marie madison was growing up she had a boyf tube porn hand down again to her ass and this time she just pushed harder into me.

Seeing it was ok to rub her ass I move the other hand up to her chest and before long I was gently squeezing a soft tit, I shoved my jean encased dick in between her thighs, she couldn't go anywhere as her back was up against the wall, as I ground my dick into her, I nearly came in my pants.

I moved my hand down off her tit pulled up her blouse slightly and slipped my hand in, touching her hot skin, she moaned into my mouth. "awwwwwww ohhhhhhhhh" Up I went and under her bra and caressed her tit squeezing her yr old showing off her saggy h boobs nipple between my fingers, she moaned louder into my mouth and her legs spread open allowing me a deeper access to her pleasure valley as I switched from one tit to the other and back, you could feel the heat from her pussy radiating thru her skirt.

I moved my pinned hand from her ass to the front slid up under her skirt and slowly rubbed her panty covered snatch, she was so wet and hot.

She i wont tell the interracial and frombehind into my mouth again. "augggghhh whhhhh ohhhhhhhhh" I move the crouch of her panties aside and slid my finger up and down her tiny wet slit, she humped against my hand, moving to her clit I lightly pinched it and she came, did she ever cum it ran down her leg, if I didn't know better I would have though she had pee.

"ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………" Her body twitching and shaking, did it feel good. I pulled my mouth off her and kissed her ear flicking it with my tongue, slid my finger in the fold of her slit and inserted the tip into her hot wet pussy.

I whispered into her ear. "Unzip my pants baby my dick so hard oh God it's so hard I need you so bad and right here, please undo my pants" She moved her hands to my belt, unbuckled it, snap my pants open and zip my zipper down so quick, pushed my jeans down and spread her legs even more. Took hold of my hard dick and guided me to her sopping wet cunt. Moving my hand back to her ass I pulled her forward and the tip of my dick invaded her wet opening.

I pushed but the cockhead slipped by, she raised one leg slightly grabbed my dick and stuck it in her hot wet pussy, I slid in her tight little pussy, then bumped into her hymen.

"You're a virgin?" I said softly "Yes, but I don't want to be, and I want you to be my first" I pulled out of her, looked into surprised eyes and said "Come lay down on the bed I want to do something first" Led her to the bed as she laid down I pulled her panties off and tossed them on the floor, kissed her, opened her blouse and slid her bra up over her fantastic tits and button size dark pink nipples about a fourth of an inch long, surrounded by softer pink aurora about the size of a quarters, moved down licked and kissed both nipples and moved on down raising her skirt I lower my head in between her wide spread legs and licked her slit from top to bottom and back again over and over as I fondled her tits, moved one hand down to her clit and slightly rubbed it as I stuck my tongue in her wet love tube, she went off again, fighting to keep quiet as her body was being ravaged in a mind blowing orgasm, she filled my mouth with her sweet nectar, she was so incredible sweet never had I had tasted anything so sweet.

I lapped it up and lapped for more, she moaned "Ohhhhhhhhhughhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm" I kept eating her I didn't want to stop as I thrust my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy. Then she groaned. "Oh God that's so damn good, it so goood but I want your dick, oh baby fuck me please" I rose up and looked into her wanton crazed eyes and knew she wanted dick as much or more than I wanted to give her a good dicking, I always can eat her some other time, but now its time to induce her to the joys of sex.

I moved up taking my dick in hand and shoved the cockhead into her opening, covered her mouth with mine in a hard kiss and shove my dick thru her cherry driving a cock in her for the first time, my cock, she yelped into my mouth and I held my dick deep in her, to let her get used to it size.

After a short time a very short time I began moving my hard cock in and out of her tight and hot pussy, the blood from popping her cherry lubricated her inside and made it easier to slid in and out of her tightness, I pulled back about half way and then pushed slowly back in her depths again and again, pulling out farther each time as she was getting wetter and wetter and loosing up some to my thrusting, till just the tip was in her before I plunged back in her tight mink lined passage, then I began picking up speed, slowly but faster as I went.

She moaned. "Ohhh its its soooo goood fuck fuc meee" I began going faster and harder as I pumped her hot wet shaft with my harden man muscle, My balls slapping her ass as I pumped her tight cunt, harder and harder, her tits bouncing back and forth, her hard erect nipples rubbing lightly across my chest as I pound her tight wet snatch, her nipples felt like two little fingers rubbing back and forth across my chest very lightly, it felt so great and I knew she loved the feeling also, due to her trembling, moaning incoherently and her tight velvet lined love tunnel growing hotter and hotter.

I felt she was about to cum so I drove my cock harder into her heat again and again. "Ohhhhhhhhh I'm I'mmmm I'mmmmm cummmmmmmminnnnnnn" Her hips bounced up onto my calling in the pro x traordinary pictures region as I was driving down forcing my dick as far in her wetness as possible and she came, god did she cum, felt like buckets of hot honey flowing out of her love passage, bathing my dick and balls in its heat, triggering my own earth shattering orgasm.

Load after load of my hot white sperm ejected up the length of my dick into her welcoming womb, I felt each hot shot thru my cock and it seemed to make me cum more as I filled her fresh unvirginized pussy. She twisted and shook and moaned under me as I filled her and my hard pumping man pole, mixing our love juices together inside her hot wet abyss.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm ufgggggggggggggggg ohhhh baby cumm cumm in me meeeee auhhhhhhhhh" "Ughhhhhhhh I'm cumming Sara cumminn in yrrrr hoooooot goooddd pusssyyyyyyyyy" Finally I collapsed on her chest, driving her hard nipples into my chest as my cock soaked in her hot wet pool of our lovemaking.

I kissed her tenderly and whispered stunning brunettes play stepmom amp stepdaughter lesbian and fucking Sara that was so good, you're so tight and hot…… I love you" "I love you" She squeezed her cunt muscles around my shrinking dick. "Ofh awww that felts so good" "You like that baby" "ohhh yessss" And she squeezed me again and then again and again, it felt so damn good, kind of like her cunt was milking the remaining cum out of me, before I slipped out of her wet freshly fucked snatch.

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Rolling off as I pulled my flaccid cock out of her cum filled pussy with a slight plop. Kissed her again and bent over to lick and tenderly nipped her nipples once more. "Ohhhh…… stop that or or you're gonna have to get it up again" I kissed each and then kissed her lips again saying. "Later now lets clean up " She said "Ok" But then bent over and began licking my flaccid cock clean with her hot tongue, I groaned "Ugggggg careful he's he's very sensitive right now" "so" And into her mouth he went "Ughhhhhhhhhh stop stop ohuhhhhh" As I tried to push her away, my lust crazed cock began growing in her wet hot cavern, then she ran her tongue around the cockhead inside her mouth, that was it, he sprang fully erect, so quick he slid down her throat gagging her at first.

She pulled back some took a breath thru her nose and when back down on me again, as her lips slid to the base of my dick and the head down her tight throat, my hips jerked I moaned. "Ohhhhhhh baby itsss ggggooodddddd so soooo goooooo" So two lusty lassies share a stiff cock group sex and cumshots began bobbing her head up and down, her lips sliding, covering my entire shaft from just behind the head to the hair covered base.

Damn it was so fucking good as she filled and unfilled her mouth with my meat. She was deepthroating me like a pro and did it feel incredible.

I placed my hands on her head and tried to force more down her throat, but she already had me completely inside her and then she swallowed, oh the feeling of her throat gripping my cock in a rippling motion was incredible.

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"oghhhhh oh baby god that's goo goooodddd suc sex xxx china story com suck myyyy dickkkk arousing oral sex and pecker riding hardcore and blowjob out of no where, I didn't even know I had any left, I came, blowing my hot cream down her fanatic throat straight into her stomach, she pulled back a little keeping the head inside her lips as I shot the last of my cum into her oral cavity, I was totally amazed I could cum this soon and that she drank it all, without missing a drop.

It was so damn good, my hips jerked with more pleasure than I had ever known. As she sucked the last of my sperm into her mouth, she pulled back and licked the head clean and my dick jumped again, and then drooped down shrinking back to normal size.

She rose up and kissed me again "Was that alright?" "Alright&hellip. Hell I've never felt anything even close to it, it was heavenly mmmm" "Good&hellip. I didn't know if I did it right or not, it was my first time to&hellip." "Well you're a natural born cocksucker&hellip. that's for sure sweetheart…&hellip. and you got the best tasting and the tightest pussy I've ever had" "Oh you liked it then?" "Oh yes and I want some more just not right now…… maybe we should get dressed before anyone catches us and to let me calm down&hellip.

ok?" "Ok what ever you want baby" So we dressed sadly, then kissed and were just setting on the bed talking, when my sister knocked on the door and walked in. "Oh there you are" to Gale "Hi Fran, we were just talking" She kind of sniffed the air and said smirkley "Sure&hellip.

Just talking huh?" Gale got up off the bed turned to me kissed me lightly and turned back to Fran saying "Yep&hellip. well I've got to go, see you tomorrow" And out she went, Fran just looked at me smiling a funny little smile, turned to catch up with her friend. I shrugged my shoulders and laid back on my bed and stared at the ceiling with a grin from ear to ear.