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Pinay nilasing bagni rape xstoryscom
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This is the worst day of my life. I just got in Miami, not even 15 minutes and I've been jumped and my wallet lifted while someone had their foot in my ass. I get back in town after 3 years of being away in college and niggas from high school recognize my ass, what the fuck. Me and my boys got in their faces and whooped'em something nice and now they wanna share the love.

Fascinating pussy is fondled masturbation and smalltits get up now. MA training is worth it, but I was preparing to go against folks I see, not those that come up behind me and break something against my back.

Damn it, home sweet home. I gather my shit and head to the nearest corner stores and try to find a pay phone. For the next 45 minutes I'm walking down the road trying to ignore the pain in my legs and back when I finally come to a Walmart. Good ole Wally World. I head to the service desk and get my cuzzo on the phone and of course he can't seductive asian with big tits moans loudly her account here and get me, can't leave the sexy thang to his left alone right now, but he's glad I'm back.

Bullshit. I think of any number I can remember and like magic I remember I have my cell in my bag. Duh, damn Von, come on. I check and everyone's either got kids or got a piece of ass to their left and/or right and can't get away. A brother's love is a cold one at times like these.

I check my home gurls and all of them got babies or men or women that just won't understand if they walked out in the middle of the night to get me, it ain't proper, or smart. I hate my home town, after 11:30 at night, you either getting into something good or something very bad. Then I come to a number I haven't called in a while, last time I called her she was going through something I had started. I swallow hard and hope she does cuss me, or at least does it in Spanish, Creole, or Latin so I wouldn't understand.

Yo, Lady Luck, what's good? Von, what you up to? You know me, chillin, getting my ass kicked and robbed offa US 1, I'm at the Wally World, come get me……&hellip.pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeee. You serious, I heard you was in GA. Yeah but not for this week, for now I'm stranded here, look out for ya boy.

I owe you, I'll be there in 10, iight. Cool, cool. I hang up thanking the Lord and getting ready for a verb tirade that may cross many linguistic borders and carry threats never heard of.

About 35 minutes later she arrives with a smile and India Arie on the radio singing of and young man and woman having to return to the middle, it sends me into a haze of memories of how the city was before I left and where it's at now. Then I look over to take a better look at Lady Luck, and see a woman fully grown and beautiful, I mean a beauty both street and Hollywood. Then I go back to 16, on the court hoping, I was back up point coming off the bench, it was street, a pick up game against San Sherrie but we took those game to heart.

I was in for like 20 minutes trying to bring us back but I was all defense, steals, a couple of rebounds, and blocks and I was done. I got to the hole and threw a reverse lay up, scored but turned my ankle and had to get out. The score was 8 - 3 San Sherrie, I got out and it was 8 - 6, D took over and we had a shoot.

As I sat I saw Lady Luck on the side with her new boyfriend flirting, kissing, doing what puppy love commands them to. I called her Lady Luck cause every time I cheated off of her I got like a 86, and she never studied, she either read one of her books or took a nap in all her classes and kept a high B average. She's what you would call a genius, and every time I needed to pass a test she became my lucky charm, my Lady Luck.

As I looked over to them again another woman comes into the play and this time stress and pain replace their love. Then I see the strange gurl jump on Lady Luck, I run over as fast as I can on a hurt ankle and pull'em apart. Turns out Lady's new boyfriend has a girlfriend with his child at home and he's been playin them both. I push her back and look into Lady's eyes, then I turned and popped her huge tits raw sex sofia rose ex in the eye, drop and I'm kickin the hell out of him, pissed about the baby's momma, the baby, and lying to Lady.

But she pulls me off him and cusses me. Both of girl pick him up and get him away. I called her later that day and apologized, I got no answer, just voice mail. The ride over to her crib was quiet and easy, she had put an instrumental cd in and pianos, violins, trumpets, and saxophones had been singing to us keeping me at ease.

Until I got a block from her place and started getting ready for a fight with old buddy. She gets out and head to her door, I'm watching the windows for some activity until I catch her figure out the corner of my eye. Even with sweats on her body is hot, curves in all the right places, damn. She looks back and stares for a minute, we make eye contact. You getting out or do you wanna sleep in the Lac?

Yeah, right, the Lac is nice but I'd rather a pillow. Then get out and let's go. I grab my shit and follow, eyes forward but on her at the same time, time seems to slow as I watch her and walk up the steps at the same time.

I stay in my fantasy with my face in her chest until the door opens on it's own and I get ready for a fist to be thrown my way, the pain returns to my back and legs, my fist tighten and my breath quickens, Damn this is gonna suck.

Instead of a fist a face of a young gurl with a glazed over look and the smell of cannabis burning in the back. This is my roommate Jessica, Jessica this is Von.

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Sup Jessi. Hey, now get in y'all letting the weed out. We walk in slowly, I'm waiting for some kinda of violent man only to be welcomed by Maxwell singing something in Spanish, I liked it and finally relaxed. I turn and see Lady Luck take off the sweats and sporting some short biker shorts and sports bra. Jessi dressed in big shirt and some too small B-ball shorts, both taking a hit, both grooving to Maxwell. I drop my glasses blowjob staycation with a latin hottie beside the couch, ask to use the restroom.

I check my bruises in the mirror and wipe my face. Von, get in here lets talk. Iight, give me second to put my shirt back on. Come on. I get back to them and we talk about days past and future plans and how I got my ass whooped. Lady Luck. Don't call me that, call me Michelle, Lady Luck pisses me off, everyone calls me that from back in the day, no one knows my name but you too. Damn gurl you still mad about that?

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Hell Yes. Iight, Michelle, why'd you come and get me? I owed you that, after you whooped Jeff, I got my shit together, I stop messin with dudes and started looking at them differently. I turned and looked at Jessica, Jessica bust out blood chut xxxx bf sex stories. Naw not like that, we still love dick. Quit trippin Von, damn, you always got jokes.

After about an hour, Jessica grabs some junk food out the kitchen and we eat. I watched them eating, watch how their bodies were shaped and moved, both looked like they ran 100 miles a day everyday. Jessica had this street queen thang going for her, all hips and ass with a little waist and chest that still begged for attention. What was so hot was her height, she is like 5'5 all of 120 pounds of passion and lust. She looked like a Ghetto Queen, smooth chocolate brown skin and locks that hung down her back.

Michelle was something different, her father is Haitian and mother's Cuban, an exotic combination that created a woman sexually terrifying, she had the hour glass figure of a international model with the weight of a healthy woman who eats.

But what you couldn't 18 boy and aunty hom but notice is her height, 6 feet, and how she seems to be all legs, and hair the fell to down her back in a single braid.

I had to look away, my pants started to get too tight. Von, looks like the weed is getting to you. Yeah, you got a strong boner. I felt embarrassed to the max, turn red hard but kept cool. What can I say, y'all is hot. In that case, I'mma holla at y'all, night night. goodnight Jessica. night jessi. Then Michelle and I we alone, I moved towards her slowly, tryin to stay smooth, and I trip over my shoes. She laughed and went to her bed, moving slowly and sensually, I stayed there feeling like an ass.

You coming or do I have to carry you in here? Before she could finish her statement I was at her door.

As soon as I got in Miami, shit has been stressful, maybe this is Fate making it up. I watch her for a moment as she smiled and undress, she pulled her sports bra off and slid the biker shorts down. I want to touch her but I want her to get anxious, I want her to want me.

I watch her watching me, she slid her fingers between legs, she began to massage her clit, juices began to flow down her thighs, her oasis overflowed, as her breath quickened, she rubbed her breasts and bit her bottom lip. She moan and motioned for me to replace her fingers. I walked over to her and kissed her softly, saving her taste to memory, Wild trio with jasmine jae and victoria summers in rugby sex trace my left hand over her body and held her head close to mine with my right.

I massage her tongue with mines. I nimble and lick her lips as she placed her right hand on mines between her legs, showing me how to touch her, her left hand between my legs rubbing my dick through my pants. I rose in anticipation of the coming bliss she and I will share in ecstasy I take off my shirt, she kissed my chest and lick up to my neck, we reconnect and she helps me with my pants.

They drop and she travels down with her tongue leave a trail form my lips to my dick. She swallows me and I loss strength, she worked on me, sucking me and licking me, my knees buckle and I reach to grab her shoulders to catch my balance, and she continues her pace.

She works on me like it's something she's needed for months, something I needed for months. My breath increases and my body tenses as the wave of pleasure are about to swoop over me, she separates her throat from my pelvis, and jacks me with a smile. Giving head is something I enjoy. She winks and I look up and thank God for this night. She places me back in her mouth playing with me like a dolls, a puppet she can topple at any moment.

I feel my orgasm coming, I regain my senses and push her off.

I kiss her deeply, and slid down to her heat. She giggles, What you can't hang. I put my tongue in her and she jerks. I enter her with my tongue and massage her clit with my thumb. I do this until my mind is deepthroat compilation olivia lua krissy lynn jaye summers and ivy lebelle, my orgasm at the back of my mind.

I lick and suck on her clit and use my finger to invade her passion. Her legs tighten around my neck as I continue to tongue her down, her heat getting hotter, her oasis flowing like a river, be body shaking and jerking, with the coming orgasm.

She tries to crawl away, I follow, never slowing down, never breaking contact. She exhale something in Spanish, something dirty, something that urges me to continue. She pulls me to her lips, kissing my, thanking me for her orgasm, he holds me tight, leg around my waist, arms under my arm, nails in my back, and teeth in my shoulder, her heat, her juice going down our thighs, sheets wet and twisted, her hair the same, all this allowing me to get my mind right, I want her to love me, to desire me during and after this night.

She relaxes and kisses my wound, and licks the sweat on my shoulder, my neck, and my lips. She reaches down and slides me into her. I enter her slowly, letting her settle herself. She bites my ear and rolls her hips. I'm in her heat, her flame. Her smooth, wet, silky center. I loose myself in her oasis. She's become my exit, my hot spring of pleasure, all my stress forgotten, all my pain gone.

I stroke her slowly, rub against her clit as push and pull. I pull her hair and lick her throat, suck her neck leaving passion marks on all sides of her. I nimble her ear, she jerks, I 've found one of her spots. I give it attention, pushing her closer to her orgasm. I push against her trying to reach her stomach, I slide a hand down and massage her clit, the attention to her ear lobe, her clit, her heat, she explodes, the dam give way, she floods us, showers us and the sheets.

Juices flow as her orgasm roars through her. She kisses me and cries in my mouth at once. I kiss her deeply as I roll her on her stomach, she giggles and pushes her ass up. I kiss her down her spine and rub her ass. I kiss the back of her neck, she moan, I've found another spot. I suck it and pull her hips to my pelvis, I enter her with passion, she jerks away, I push her back down, head in the pillow, she wiggles and giggles.

I thrust her finding the proper rhythm, the pace that screams pleasure and lust, the pace to bring to ecstasy over and over again. She jerks me back, follows my rhythm, my strokes like a woman in lust, a woman who know lust and has befriended in many time over.

A woman who loves to love and be loved. I continue my strokes, my orgasm returning slowly, the tension creeping back into my center. My well wanting to burst, I'm close, she's close, I want us to climax together. I being playing with her pearl again, I playing her like a guitar, she jerks and almost collapse the breath wild, he body moving under it's own control, spasms and jerks, moving to a rhythm of it's own, her rhythm of pleasure, of joy.

She arches her back, moans a deep moan, her walls tighten around abusing my slave in amateur home made, tries to close in on me, her muscle tenses, her definition strong, my breath stop, her face tight, lost in lust and about to explode. She drops her head in her pillow and screams something powerful, I explode in her, way of bliss flowing through me and entering her, a wave going back and forth between us sweeping us up in a haze of electricity and joy.

I fall on her, she rolls over with much effort, he kiss and hold each other, both vulnerable, both tired. Our breath uneven but in sync. She look in my eye and kisses me. Look beyond me. Was that as good for me as it was for you? Hell yes. Not you, Jessica. What? I turn and see Jessica in the door way with a smile on her face and her hands between her legs. I'm satisfied, good night y'all. Damn! With that we fell asleep and my week's vacation started to turn around.