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Cheating muslim and french desperate arab woman fucks for money
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Chapter 2 Perversion Explosion Part 3 Afternoon Delight What a remarkable morning it has been so far. My buddies and I played golf on the famed South Course at Torrey Pines this morning. What makes this course so special other than the pros play the Farmers Insurance Open there and also hosts the US Hot cougar dani jensen gets doggystyled by boss pornstars and hardcore from time to time?

Well, quite frankly, it's the pristine views from the fairways and greens that are situated on various cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I can't tell you how awesome it is to walk the course smoking Montecristo cigars hidden cam mallu aunty sex storys around with your america xxx story full sex stories com and teasing one another. I mean I lost a little bit of money today to my good buddy Mark whose been my golfing buddy for over a decade.

I mean he's a scratch golfer and I have a seven handicap but since we're the better two players in our foursome today we decided to play a match game against each other. Mark gave me three strokes as a handicap and he still whooped my ass. For a little more, shits and giggles we all played fairways, greens and birdies between the four of us. So, if you don't know that means if your ball lands off of the fairway or the green or if your opponent makes a birdy (one under par for the hole) then you owe them money.

I mean I was pretty proud of myself shooting a seven over par 79 which is pretty good for an amateur golfer for the level of this course. Most pros usually play the course at three over par.

We finished up at the Grille eating an early lunch and enjoying some single malt Scotch talking smack and our latest conquests of women. Remembering I still had responsibilities for the rest of the day I fumbled around looking for my cell when I realized that I left it at home. I needed to get back to the house by at least 2:30 in the afternoon to meet up with my sweet little Princess and get her off to her dance class.

Then its off to see my sex therapist Dr. Chad Simpkins for my second session. Half an hour later I was relaxing at the valet stand waiting for my car I felt half lit as I stood there. I shouldn't have had that fourth glass of Scotch. 'Ah fuck it.' I thought to myself. 'I don't have that far to go to get home and Princess' dance studio is only a few miles away from the house.

So, I should be okay.' And then there it was, every time I see her pulling up I get a little chubby in my briefs. Several months ago, I was able to nab something special a BMW M8 Gran Coupe, convertible non the less.

After a lot of groveling, begging and handshaking with some of the bigwigs at BMW I was able to nab one of the fifty concept cars that they produced. It cost me quite a shiny penny. Asian old man fuck whore in wood the Valet, a twenty after making sure there were no dings, scratches or dents I got a nice smile from him.

The convertible top was slipping under the trunk and my door was gently being shut. Pulling the I-pod out of the glove compartment I hit Van Halen then one of my favorite songs 'Panama' as I was driving away from the clubhouse. Top down, warm air hitting my face, the radio blasting, drumming away at my steering wheel like Alex Van Halen and heading down Torrey Pines Road with the ocean off to my right.

I thought to myself 'What a great California fucking day.' After driving through the La Jolla Village traffic, I arrived safely at the gate at my beach front mansion.

Pulling up the drive I noticed that my wife's Land Rover wasn't there and after the garage door opened and seeing it wasn't in the garage either, 'She still must be out shopping and I made back before Princess' dance class.' I said to myself.

Pushing the button for the garage door to close I made my way to the front door of the house. Opening the door, I was viciously attacked by my eldest daughter her nickname is Angel. Catching her out of the corner of my eye Angel was airborne soaring at me with a cute cotton blue sundress and black Converse sneakers. Just as she landed on me she barked out "Daddy's HOME!!!!!!" Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her legs around my waist. This is one of the special thing's I love about both of my daughters is how they're always excited to see me when I walk in through our front door.

They've been doing it since they were little girls and even though they've grown considerably it makes me feel like they are still those tiny little Cherubs from years past. My arms wrapped tightly around her body squishing her bubbly A-cup breasts against my chest I said, "Whew, my little Angel. Love you so much.

You always know how to make Daddy feel so warm and loved every time he comes home." Breathing in deeply I was intoxicated by the smell of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Lotion. She uses it everyday and when I hold her tight like this it takes me back to a time when she was just a little girl who thought the whole world revolved around her daddy.

Kissing me on the lips and smiling, "Hi Teddy Bear.

Love you too. How was golf did you have fun? And, why does your mouth taste like Scotch and you smell like those old stogies?" "I had a great time with my buddies. I had a small glass of Scotch so just relax. I had one stogie on the course but don't tell mommy okay!

By the way where is mommy? Her car isn't here." Knowing my wife was out of the house my hands went right down to her buttocks.

Squeezing gently, I had two handfuls of her taught teenage ass and no undies to be found. As a general rule of the house my girls don't wear any bra's and especially no panties while inside. It gives me easy access whenever I feel like it. My hands were pulling her cheeks apart and my long middle fingers aching to explore her tiny slit when my little girl broke her kiss and said, "Sorry Daddy bad news today.

I got my monthly ticket. I'm really not in the mood to let you play with her right now. She's a little sore and uptight she's being quite bitchy actually. Mom said she found your phone on the bed so she left early with Princess. She wasn't sure what time you'd be back so she had some errands to run and took Princess with her. She also sent Blanca (our house maid slash cook) to the supermarket to buy some stuff for dinner tonight." I smiled and said, "That's okay Angel I understand." I kissed her again and still holding her tightly as I was twisting side to side with her still wrapped around me like a Boa constrictor.

Being half lit I put aside the fact that I was holding on to my teenage daughter far too long, "Well, I'm kinda stinky like you said, you know, smelling of stogies and Scotch. I need to go upstairs and freshen up before mommy finds me in this condition." Angel tightened her grip around my waist as she began to grind on my crotch and said, "Well, Daddy I like the taste of Scotch and the smell of those stogies you smoke.

I do have an idea if you want to hear it?" Her grinding felt good on my cock as I did nothing to deter her pussy assaulting me over my shorts. I smiled at her, "So, what do you have in mind? What's going on in that little perverted brain of yours?" Putting her index finger under her chin tilting her euro amateur sucks bbc before pussy fucking to the side and rolling her eyes upwards looking so damn cute she said, "Well, even though I got my period today doesn't mean you and I still can't have fun together…&hellip.

If you know what I mean? That's why the Man upstairs gave us girls more than two holes to play with right? Mom went to drop off Princess at her dance class, Blanca is food shopping so, I figure we've got about forty minutes or so before anyone walks through that front door." A large smile took over her pretty little face and her tongue resumed it's attack inside of my mouth.

Still wrapped around my torso she broke her kiss and smiled at me, "Is it okay if I can play around with your cock today Daddy?" "That is an absolute, Yes.

You can do anything you want with my cock baby. I never turn getting head or ass from my little Angel." Honestly, if you could see how hot my daughter is that answer is a definite Yes.

I mean half of my friends tell me how hot my wife and two girls are and that I'm a lucky guy. She released her grip with her legs from around my waist. Lifting her up in the air as if she was light as a feather I spun her around so she was facing away from me. Angel's tiny butt was pushed back against my crotch right away to once again continue her assault on my shaft.

Ogling her tight teen gymnast body thru the mirror in front of us. My one hand went directly to her perky breast. When I gave it a good squeeze it made her shudder all over her body. She was making me moan with pleasure feeling her tiny pussy's heat grinding up kiera winters was the girlfriend a boyfriend would want in any way he wanted my stiffening shaft. I whispered in her ear, "Daddy always likes it when his girl wants to amateur webcam anal fingering close up butthole games." Her breathing became labored as well.

Looking in the mirror my right hand went between her legs until I found her little love button with my middle finger. Playing with her clit she looked up into the mirror and being the shy girl that she normally is her knees locked together trapping my hand over her pussy. Her ass continued grinding up and down on my shaft and said, "OOOOOhhhhhh YES&hellip. Daddy you're making me FUCKING TINGLE&hellip.

all over. I love the way your fingers are playing with my tiny clit. Don't stop…… Daddy please it feels so good what you're doing to me." She tilted her head back and grabbing the back of my head she brought her mouth to mine and we began to French kiss each other.

Her gentle but deliberate twerking on my crotch area was igniting the pilot light at the base of my shaft. The more I played with her breast and my finger pushing on her start button at the top of her slit was making my rod extend to my full length and I said, "Damn baby girl you've got my shaft right between your awesome teen with nice big tit masturbating on webcam cheeks.

I can feel your hot juicy pussy on my cock. You know something, if you were to get bad grades and flunk out of high school you'll always have a career as a go-go dancer." She smiled at me, "Fuck you Daddy!!

I am only a slut for you. You're the only one that gets to do these nasty things to me." We both watched each other pleasuring one another in the mirror as I could start to hear her pussy getting wet as her moans became louder, "Don't stop Daddy you're doing it just right to me.

I promise I'll be a good slut for you Daddy. You can do anything you like to me. Yes, yes right there Daddy. God you've got me so wet I can feel my juices starting to drip. OHHHHHH FUCK YEAH DADDY DON'T STOP.

PLEASE DOOOONNNN'T STTTTOPPP YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE YOUR DAUGHTER CUMMMMMMM ON YOUR FINNNNNGGGGER. Tightening her grip around my finger her body began to jerk around and she screamed out, "DADDY YOU'RE THE ABSOLUTE BEST…&hellip. YOU KNOW JUST HOW TO TOUCH YOUNG GIRLS PUSSIES AND MAKE THEM CUM SO FFFFFFUCCCKKKKKINNNNGGG HARD!!!!!!!!!" Once her legs stopped vibrating she unlocked her knees and my hand was final free.

My finger was covered in her love juices and moving my finger to her mouth said, "Now, be a good girl and suck your cum off of my fingers." Opening her mouth, she licked them and then sucked them clean. Dropping down on to my knees I pushed the bottom of her dress above her tiny gymnast bump of an ass. Spreading her cheeks apart I was hit with that special aroma of her cum mixed with her period emanating from her pussy. Knowing that her pussy was off limits I went in with my alternate plan as my tongue began to rim her asshole.

Being that I am just over six foot and she's barely five foot I gripped the back of her thighs lifting her up and holding her ass to my face. Burying my face between those taught cheeks I was all in. My tongue pushed between her opening trying to get it nice and slick for my cock.

A minute or so later her heavy breathing was michelle wild is back and ready for some more hardcore action with moaning and groans of pleasure once again a demand came forth, "Yeah tongue fuck my asshole Daddy. I want to feel it inside of me. OOOoohh Daddy please don't stop eat my nasty, dirty shithole clean it all up for me." And I was only happy to oblige her request.

My tongue rimmed her and then I would spear the tip between the small little hole of her and pushed as deep as I could into the little taboo hole of hers. Her legs began to quiver again after a short while of my attack she looked back at me, "Daddy you fucking nasty old PERVERTED FUCK!!!!!!! You're going to make me FUCKING cum again all over your tongue. Yeeesssss Ddddaaddddyyyyyyy make my asshole cum on your tongue." Putting her back down on her feet she reached back with both hands and pulled my head as deep as it would go between her cheeks.

She was grinding upwards and downwards on my face. From her asshole past her period filled pussy to her clit I was treated to the cornucopia of her offerings. "Fuuucccck Yyyyyyeaaahhhhh Daddddddy make your tiny slut ccccccuuummmmm alllllll over your filthy fucking tonnguuueeeee." Knees bent inwards and her body convulsing violently she came as my tongue came to rest deep in her asshole. When I felt that she was sufficiently satisfied I rose to my feet and she spun around smiling ear to ear with satisfaction, "Whewww Daddy you're the god damned best when it comes to eating my ass.

You made me cum twice in like five minutes. I can't even do that myself even with my vibrator." I bent my head down and my tongue attacked her mouth. When our kiss broke she said, "It's so hot tasting my asshole on your tongue and smelling it on your breath Daddy. It's so fucking nasty, dirty but so fucking incredibly hot!

It's so risky knowing anyone can walk right through that front door right now and catch us. We're so bad and nasty Daddy." Falling brother dick tobig make little sister cry her knees to reciprocate she unbuttoned my pants and as they fell to the floor my cock slapped her on the chin. Grabbing my shaft, she rose up as high she could on her knees. Bending my rod to her mouth she took the top half right into her mouth.

Pushing her back up against the wall I said, "Relax sweetie and let me slowly push it in and face fuck that young mouth of yours." Grabbing the top of her head with a handful of her hair I began to thrust into her mouth the feeling was ridiculously enticing. I could only manage to say, "Yes&hellip. Oh Jeeezzzus yes, yes eat Daddy's cock.

Damn it baby I want you to do this for me every day." My cock fucked her mouth like a piston of an engine. In and out and the tip pushing just through the small opening of her throat. The sounds of auck, auck, auck, auck, auck and her gagging and the explosions of air as her cheeks blew open like a blow fish echoed in the vestibule of the house.

The build-up of saliva in her mouth was making these perfect strands from the tip of my cock back to her lips. It was if they were mooring lines making sure my cock didn't stray too far from its intended target. Some of the saliva slid down to the middle of my shaft right where the tip of my cock was hitting the opening of her throat. It also was coating her chin as I pushed it back inside of her mouth. Looking up at me with wanton desire she said, "I want this Daddy don't stop abuse my mouth.

Push it all the way in you know I can take it. You've done it to me so many times before." Her mouth was a fun toy to play with but what I really wanted was her ass.

As she sucked me her throat finally gave way to my head. She was slowly engulfing my entire shaft. I watched as every inch slowly disappeared in her open mouth finally taking me balls deep into her throat, it made my toes curl with sexual bliss.

I forced her tiny head tight up against my flat stomach until she slapped my thigh for air. Then my shirt came off and my flip flops flew off of my feet. Looking down at her tears were streaming down her face. Saliva was dangling from her chin. Knowing that I was abusing her too much I took her by the hand helping her to stand.

She went to the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head. We were both completely nude except for her black Converse sneakers just several steps dangerously close to the unlocked front door where anyone could just walk in on us. Smiling at me I put my hand to her mouth wiping her lips and chin clean from her saliva.

I spun her around and looking in the mirror again I used her saliva as lube between her cheeks. With my middle fingers I pushed her asshole open coating the inside with her spit. Looking down on that perfect gymnast ass she pulled her cheeks open for me. My fingers attacked her taboo hole. Pulling my fingers out I moved them to her mouth, "Suck your ass juice off of my fingers Baby." Her ass gaped ever so slightly from the previous abuses that she has taken from my very cock over the years.

I could see the string from her applicator dangling from her tight closed slit. Bending my knees looking her in the eye through the mirror I smiled and asked, "Are you ready sweetie?" She looked back at me with that smile that just wouldn't go away, "Oh, yes Daddy go slow and please be gentle this time, that is, until you're all burmporncom stepdad uses ginger stepdaughter for revenge way inside of me then pound the shit out of me." I pushed the head of my cock between her cheeks.

Slowly and gently I continued delving my head at her resisting O ring of her anus. Its reluctance finally gave way to the pressure of my force and finally her gateway opened for both of our pleasures. Once I was snuggly inside of her she tried to pull away from me and the initial pain. I grabbed ahold of her hips pulling her back on me, "Don't stop now Daddy push your head deeper, put it as deep inside of me as my asshole will allow you Daddy. Stretch my hole open with your thick, long cock.

I want to feel all of you today Daddy." I bent down grabbing her knees trying to get a better angle to easily go balls deep inside of her.

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Light as a feather holding onto the back of her knees again, I lifted her straight up. Wedging her chest against the wall and her back against my chest, I finally had the leverage I was looking for to penetrate that forbidden hole.

Lifting her upwards until I felt the head of my cock about to escape I would stop and allow gravity do its work. She slid all the back down my stiff shaft making me go balls deep into her and I said, "God I love this position.

I can feel all of your weight go directly to your asshole pushing it downwards and gaping on alexis fawx and crystal rae hot threeway by nasty dude cock honey." Angel looked back, "It reminds me the first time we had sex Daddy.

This was the only way you could get your cock inside of me. Do you remember how tight I was?" I remembered that the first time she let me inside of her, "Yes, honey I remember it as if it happened yesterday.

Now, you're all grown up." Her grunts were really deep and in an uncharacteristic voice, "Yes, yes Daddy drill my asshole. Drill my shithole deep and hard. Come on Daddy don't stop I'll be your good little slut I'll be your good little slut. Gape my hole open Daddy." I could feel that tiny string of her applicator tickling at my shaft as she rode me up and down, "Abuse my tiny teenage asshole Daddy." Wrapping her arms over the back my shoulders gave her leverage to slide harder up and down on my ass slimed shaft under her own power.

"That's it bad girl let daddy punish your asshole." My arms began to tire from holding her. Gently I held on to her until she was able to get her footing. She stood on one foot bending forwards as her left leg stretched up against the wall revealing her complete undercarriage to me.

Her bald pussy was dripping with rose colored cum at the tip of her pussy lips. Her asshole was gaped and when she took my shaft with her hand she guided it back inside of her. Angel's hole was drenched with her anal fluid allowing me to slip hard and balls deep inside of her and she cried out moaning, "Stretch me out, oh yeah Daddy right there, yes, yes, yes Daddy pound that little hole.

Daddy don't stop my gosh you're making me cum so fucking hard. How is it you make me cum so much Daddy? Mommy is so lucky to fuck you every dadyyy…&hellip. Yeeeesssssss…&hellip. Dadddddddyyyyyy…… you're the BEST FUCK EVER!!!!!" She fell forward against the wall as her legs were spasming uncontrollably. When she recovered I offered her my hand and lifting her up I gently put on top of the small table we use for our keys and mail when we come through the front door.

She was kneeling like a good Catholic High School girl on the table. Her ass came to rest on the soles of her feet. Ogling both of my daughter's fuck holes my cock was aching for more of her. Her asshole was gaped wide and pink desiring to be used more by my cock. I allowed her a moment to catch her breath.

When she was ready for more her hands pulled her cheeks as wide as they could and I pushed right back inside of her. Moaning in a whispering voice, "Eeeeewwww, Yes, Daddy, don't be afraid to go deeper, deeper&hellip. go deep Daddy. Hit the bottom of my taboo hole Daddy." Her moans were that of a grown woman almost in hushed whispered voice she cried, "Make me your slut, make me your butt slut Daddy." I was thrusting harder and deeper inside of her. As my head escaped from her asshole, it stayed perfectly gaped.

Busty ebony babe tugging cock after stripping was rounded to the exact dimensions of my cock I leaned in to her ear and whispered to my daughter, "You feel so good honey and this is so wrong. Forgive me but I don't want this to end. You're fucking amazing baby I can never get enough of you." She said, "Don't worry Daddy I'll always be your good little girl and obey you forever. You're my White Knight.

Daddy my knees are 1st time story porn xxx dowanload to hurt. Take me upstairs I don't want mommy to catch us like this." I helped her down from the table and we collected our clothes and finally locked the front door.

I put the alarm on to give us some kind of warning if someone came home. We made our way upstairs to her room. She has a nice balcony just off of her bedroom with an amazing view of the ocean.

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There is a horny brunette babe tori black masturbates for the camera comfortable couch sitting up against the wall of the house and I plopped down patiently waiting for her as she snuck into her private bathroom. Red haired hawaiian whore getting destroyed on the floor Angel walked out of the French doors of her bedroom about ten minutes later she smiled at me.

Standing in front of me completely nude her legs crossed one in front of the other hiding her slit from me. Her biceps pushing her tiny boobies together and a red face. Angel was biting on her thumb like a little girl and said, "Daddy, I want to make you happy&hellip. SOOOO&hellip. if you want to fuck my pussy you can. I went to the shower and douched my pussy really quick and cleaned her the best I could." I smiled at her, "Nah that's okay sweetie.

I know you're sore there right now. I never want to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable." She came over and sat in my lap as if she was a little girl from long ago. Wrapping her arms around my neck we looked out to the ocean, "You're the best dad ever." My cock was no longer hard but limp. She wiggled her but over me and there was no movement and I said to her, "Listen if you can't do it anymore we can stop now." She took offense of the notion of being too tired on her part to continue and she blurted out at me, "Stop?

Stop? No way Daddy!!! I'm not the one that's limp." She snickered at me and giggled, "I guess you're getting to old to fuck? Do you need a pill?" Raising to her feet in front of me she pushed her freshly cleaned ass into my face. "I'm always open for business for my lover." Opening her secret treasure trove of pleasures, I began to lick her from her pussy to her asshole tasting all of her.

Angel reached between her legs for my limp shaft and stroked me back to full erection. When she was ready for more of my cock she slowly pushed downwards until the tip of my cock was safe and secure in her butt hole again.

Slowly and deliberately sliding up and down on me in the reversed cowboy position. Her back came to rest against my chest her legs spread pulled back towards her shoulders my cock was given balls deep acceptance back inside of her. "Yes daddy, stretch my tight teenage Asian asshole. Oh, yeah Daddy…… you're so hairy asian wet crack sucked and fucked inside of me, right where your cock belongs.

That hole belongs only to you Daddy…&hellip. no one will ever be inside of this hole but you Daddy." I was so deep inside of her. She was so tight and she was using her Kegel exercises on my cock. My little girl would relax her asshole as I pushed deep inside of her and then squeeze as my shaft tried to escape her taboo hole and I said, "Yes, that's it my good little girl.

Milk Daddies cock. Squeeze me nice and tight." I tried my best to pound her but her butt was in complete control as if she wanted to see if she could trap my whole cock as it came to rest deep inside of her.

We heard some noises from below then we saw the pool guys making their way into the back yard so I quickly stood as my cock was still wedged into her hole.

My good little girl continued to bounce up and down on me as we went back inside. Walking her back into her bedroom as not to be seen she continued to fuck me. I gently maneuvered her down on all fours on her bed. I climbed up on top of her. I stood over her as she used both hands to open her ass to me. I pushed my cock deep inside of her as she stayed on all fours, "Oh, yeah Angel I can go balls deep like this. You make my cock tingle you make me feel so good doing it this way." I pounded hard deep and fast she was trying to say something but her moans and groans wouldn't let her.

She was biting on the pillow trying not to make too much noise as to alarm the pool boys that were directly under her balcony. I was relentless as I was thrusting hard trying my best to abuse her hole. Finally, I lost my balance and I went flying forward right into the headboard. When I came to rest realizing and I was okay we both were laughing and my little girl said, "Come here, you, clumsy old man and finish me off Daddy." On her back now she was showing off her flexibility as her hands pulled her ankles behind her head.

She actually could lock her ankles one on top of the other behind her head. There was my oldest daughter on her back. Her pussy and asshole at a sharp point on one end and on the other end her head centered between her calves.

I spit on her hole and pushed back inside of her gaped hole. Looking up at me with those trusting eyes she was breathing heavily again moaning with ecstasy as I was once again being unmerciful with her hole pushing quickly with damaging thrusts she moaned out, "Oh yes fuck my hole Daddy, stretch it out for your pleasure Daddy.

It's feels so fucking good I don't want you to ever stop. Yes, yes, yes Daddy I'm your little teenage fuck doll. Use me, Daddy. I just want to pleasure that big, thick cock of yours." I could feel my cum at the base of my shaft now. "I promise I'll always be a good slut for you Daddy." I looked down at her, "I want to finish inside of you my little Angel. I want to pretend I'm giving you my baby." She reached out for my arms holding on tight, "Daddy that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me.

I'll give you babies if you want me to Daddy…&hellip. all you have to do is ask. I'll give you anything you want I belong to you. Now, FUCK MY ASSHOLE UNTIL YOU CUM INSIDE OF ME!!!!!!

I want to feel your love filling me up. Cum in my ass, cum in MY FUCKING ASSHOLE DADDY. Pretend you're giving me your seed for babies. Give me your baby seed plant it deep inside of me." I leaned down coming to lay on top of her.

My chest on top of hers our sweat made it easier to glide up and down on her. I open my mouth and attacked hers. Our kissing was passionate and lustful as I pushed deeper and deeper inside of her. Angel spread her legs wider and her grip around my neck became intense and she said, "Daddy don't stop you are going to make me cum with you.

Fuck me just like that Daddy. I don't care if this wrong when fucking you like this makes my whole body come to life. FINISH INSIDE OF ME. Fill my hole Daddy MAKE ME A REAL WOMAN!!!!

Angel was squeezing my shaft with her asshole never wanting it to escape. Her grip made it feel as if it were our very first time. I jammed my cock has hard and deep inside of her. The slapping of my upper thighs against her taught ass was noisy. I moved down and kissed her again, "You promise to be Daddy's cum bucket. Are you going to let Daddy deposit his load inside of you?" Smiling up at me she kissed me back pulling me on top of her.

Wrapping her legs around my torso, "I'm yours Daddy. NOW USE MY ASSHOLE!!!!! FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM WITH YOU DADDDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!" She began to convulse under me squeezing me I pushed her deep into the mattress as my thrusts slowed but came hard and balls deep inside of her and I said, "I can feel it honey.

Your going to make DADDYYYYY'SSSS COCK EXPLODE INTO YOU LITTLE SLUT HOLE. HERE IT CUMMMMMMMMMMSSSSS JJJJJJJJEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZUUUUUUSSSS CHRIST YOU'VE GOT AN AAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAZZZZING ASSSSSSSS. I'm cumming inside of you my beautiful little Angel." I could feel my cock pumping my juice into her hole as I fell down on top of her.

Sweaty and exhausted I whispered in her ear, "Baby I don't know how you do it but your drain my balls every single time." We were kissing as my cock was beginning to deflate inside of her. Keeping eye contact with me my daughter put her arms around my neck pulling her mouth to asian girl gets a double dicking marika hase ceska hd ear, "I love you Teddy Bear and I will always suck you and fuck you whenever and wherever you want." Looking over at the clock we were at it for about half an hour.

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With my cock inside of her I reached for her hands and picked her up. With her legs wrapped around my waist I carried her to her bathroom into the shower, "Daddy if anything bad ever happens to mommy I promise no matter what happens I will always take care of you for the rest of my life." Kissing her on the lips the water began to soak us both as I put her down on her feet.

"You are the sweetest, loveliest daughter that a daddy could ever ask for. I love you. You're my special Angel sent from heaven to save my life." This ends part 3 of Chapter 2. I hope you enjoyed it. Part 4 of Chapter 2 is my first weekend with my wife's family in Thailand.

Come back for more naseeblal xxx story com vid I explain how I became such a fucking degenerate.