Having naked bodies all around him is the sexiest thing ever

Having naked bodies all around him is the sexiest thing ever
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I was asleep in bed when I felt a thumping on my shoulder and quickly turned to see the cause. I squinted in the bright morning sun and my sister, Gabriella, spoke, "Hey, get up.I'm making breakfast." I glanced up at the clock and noticed it was already noon. I nodded to my sister that I was soon getting up and she began to leave my room.

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She stopped at my door and said, "Mom and dad went downtown for the day.we're supposed to make dinner, too." I got out from bed as soon Gabby had left.

I pulled some clothes from the floor and went into the bathroom across from my room. I washed up, got dressed and then went upfront to the kitchen. Gabby greeted me, "I made pancakes, o.k? That's devon lee rides a thick black schlong interracial and pornstars juice." I picked up the glass and downed the orange drink in one large slurp.

I sat at the table and waited for my breakfast. Gabby often makes breakfast for me when we are the only one's home. As I sat and waited, the sun suddenly broke free and a blanket of light shone through the blinds and drenched the room in a comfortable, warm, wave of energy. I looked over to my sister and noticed she was still in her nightgown. Gabby is very open about herself around the family, especially me. It is not unusual for her to be in her nightgown, however, she wore no panties either.

Her small breasts were clearly noticable behind her faint blue nightgown. As the sun entered the room it was also impossible to overlook her teasingly dark crotch from under her nightie. She acted quite unstirred, and walked over to me with my plate of food.

At this distance I tried not to look too obvious and therefore I didn't stare at her. She took a seat next to me at the table and said, "It sure looks like a nice day, huh?" I replied, still not looking, "Yeh, it's supposed to be real hot." At one point during breakfast she yawned and stretched her arms above her head. I glanced at her and peeked at her pointy breasts against the soft fabric of her gown. I often wondered if she purposefully displayed herself just for her, and my, enjoyment.

I began to think of her as quite a seductress. and expositionist. She is my sister, but nonetheless, is curiously sexy and it was hard for me not to think of her gestures. I finished my pancakes and took my dishes to the sink. I stopped in the kitchen and spoke aloud, "I dunno what I'm gonna do today. I think there's shopping happening later." Gabby stood and walked from the room talking, "I'm gonna shower.if Jen calls, tell her I'll call her back." Gabby left for the shower and by the time I had gone in the back to my room, I heard the water running.

Though I knew it was wrong, in my curious adolecence I couldn't help but notice my sister at breakfast and now wanted to see more. After a painfully slow half hour, the shower stopped and I made a plan. I went into the bathroom across from my room where the hair dryer is kept. I skillfully placed it far in the back under the sink. I knew my sister always came out in a towel and figured as she bent down to get the dryer, Mature men and teen orgasm could sneak a good view of her rear.

Soon, Gabby did come from the shower and, as expected, was in a towel. Her towel was unusually small and barely covered her body. In fact I could see the bend of her plump cheeks. I went into my room, near the doorway, and waited innocently as Gabby went for the dryer. Almost perfectly, she opened the sink doors and searched for the dryer. Upon not seeing it initially, she bent way forward and felt around for a good ten seconds before finding the dryer.

All the while, as she was bent forward, her deliciously smooth skin appeared to me. I quickly turned away just as she turned towards me. I followed her in the corner of my eye as she went and sat in my parents room to dry her hair in the mirror.

I entered the room and stood next to her looking for something on the counter in front of her. I glanced down at her and noticed that her towel fell in such a manner that exposed the very edges of her pubic region.

I wondered if she had purposefully laid it in such a way. I was still at the mirror when she dropped her brush to the floor.

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She bent from her chair and reached for it. As she did, her towel completely fell away to expose her trimmed, dark and bushy crotch.

Gabby caught me looking at her and I quickly removed my eyes. She said nothing about this, but rather spoke, "Hey, do you know where the nail clippers are?" I remembered they were in my room and I told her so. I then went to my room to get them for her. However, as I began to bring them back to her I was stopped because she was coming into my room to get them.

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She took them from me and noticed that my computer was on. She took a seat before the keyboard and asked what I was doing. I told her I was just messing around, but she then began to play with the mouse and started clicking on my folders. By dreadful chance she opened my word processing folder in which I recently placed an x-rated story I had just downloaded the night before. I hoped she wouldn't notice the descriptive filename, "SISTERS.TXT'. Unfortunately she did.

"What's this?", Gabby asked to my startlement. I tried to play it off, "Oh, it's some stupid thing I got last night.it's pretty dumb." Sure enough, she clicked on it and in a few seconds the text was at her disposal.

It was very ironic because the story told of how one sister secretly longed for sexy teen rough fucked by a problematic stepbrother other and the sexual actions that followed.

She read for a few seconds and then looked at me, "Oh.now I see why you use this so much." I had no reply and she continued to read on. The story was very explicit and I was very embarassed. When she finally finished, she stood up from the chair and sat on my bed.

I noticed, even from under her towel, that her nipples were erect from reading the story. Gabby softly asked, "Does that turn you on?" I was quite startled and again tried to play off the question. I stated my false position, "It's just some stupid story.there's millions like it." My sis is quite wise and did not accept my answer. She rose and approached me. She stopped a few feet from me and almost whispered, "C'mon, you can tell me.I'll tell you it turns me on.as you can tell," she motioned at her aroused nipples.

I was getting excited now and wasn't sure how to react to my sister's questions. Gabby took a stand and loudly asked, "Does that story turn you on.do I turn you on like the sister in the story.do you wish you were Beth?" Beth, was the lucky girl in the story.

Again I didn't answer any of her questions. This is where my sister really got out of line and began her enticement. She asked repeatedly if she turned me on, but this time my horny sister peeled the towel from her chest. She held her towel below her bosom and her small white tits stuck out at me. They weren't much bigger than mine but gorgeous small breasts like hers were lately the objects of many of my fantasies.

I was entranced by now and couldn't move.I simply watched in amazement. Gabby began to fully seduce me and started talking dirty to me. She looked down at herself and asked, "Do you like my little tits? Don't lie.I've seen you stare at me." I didn't answer even though I wanted too. I just stood and watched. My sweet sis then started to run her fingers along her bust, squeezing and tickling her sweaty bosom.

Gabby sensually spoke, "Do you like my tits? How bout you come find out what they feel like." She still held up the towel covering her body from her chest down. I didn't approach her and I think she took this as a dare. It wasn't meant in such a manner. My sister took a step closer and whispered her heated breath in my ear, "Oh, I know what my sister wants.

You don't like my tits.how bout' my pussy, little sister. I've seen you try to see my pussy, I should have known." I couldn't argue for she was right, but actually I wanted both. She took my hands and pushed them down towards her legs.

I wasn't thinking and soon I had so much desire for my sister.I couldn't hold back, she was too beautiful.

I felt the yarn of the towel on my fingers and soon felt my sister's lips on my mouth. Her spicy tongue began to stroke my teeth and tongue. When she finished her kiss, I looked down and noticed she had since removed the towel. Her pussy was very cute, it looked yummy. I had never seen another vagina that was so beautiful, topped with luscious pubic hair.

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Her black strands formed a tight bush atop her mounds. I looked at my sis and didn't know what to do. However, my sister said, "Well, c'mon my sexy sis, don't ya want to taste your sister's wet, tangy pussy?" I did, but I also still had some reservations about her being my sister.

She did not help to relief my decision and really turned up the heat. Gabby began running her fingers through her black hairs. She bent down slightly as her hand felt around between her legs and popped into her slit. As she slid her sweaty finger into her anatomy she tried to invite me, "C'mon.baby, I know you're my sister, but don't you want to at least taste this pussy.I mean, c'mon, just eat me and smell me. I know you want to." She was very right, and in the moment, I couldn't help myself.

I slowly got nearer to her and fell to my knees. Gabby helped me by easing her cunt to my mouth so I could enjoy myself. I was very turned on with my sister's lips. I was close enough now to suck her. She again persuaded, "That's it.look at it, its so sweet I know you want to eat my pussy." With that push I closed my eyes and drifted my tongue against her slick flesh.

I wasn't looking, but her skin was so hot and felt so good that I went further. I could sense my tongue falling into the very hole of her ecstacy. She tasted very salty, and her secretions flowed profusely. I liked it. Every bit of girl cum that ran from her was lapped up by my waiting mouth.

I wanted her to orgasm completely but I also didn't want anything to stop. I decided to stand up but I let my fingers tease her glistening mounds.

My sister was very perverse now and said, "Good.you still have some of my juice on your lips.lemme taste it." With that she began to lick around my lips. She moaned as if she was slurping from the bowl of the Gods.

"Mmm, my turn.", Gabby whispered. Her hand undid my skirt and slid it to my ankles. My swollen labia breathed free and felt cool with the air conditioned environment passing across the near drenched flesh. Gabby stepped forward, grabbing my ass cheeks, and began to grind my crotch between her legs. For a few moments our pussy lips rippled against each other, hers continually brushing against my clit.

I never imagined that another girl could rub into me like this and use her crotch to get me off. I was so young and this was my first sexual experience with another person. I was more turned on than any of my fantasies had ever provoked. The stimulus was so intense that I was ready to cum. Gabby noticed my face. Swiftly she fell to her knees and positioned her mouth on my thighs, kissing and licking her way to my cunt as her fingers found my clit and continued the pressure.

My hips jerked and I began to cum. Skillfully, she caught my river of juices as they flowed slowly from my vagina. Why she wanted to taste my cum, I don't know. Euro pussies get fully gratified hardcore groupsex for the same reason I wanted to taste hers. She tried to kiss me soon after but I backed off, for I didn't want to taste my own orgasm. But she kept pressing and I finally leaned to kiss her near-dripping mouth.

My lips slipped a few times against hers but as I tasted my own fluid, my tongue licked each salty drop of dew that covered her. Gabby spoke, "That was nice.did you like my honey?" I quickly nodded to my sister on her wonderful cunt. I asked her if she liked mine.

Replying, her hips went tight against mine and she said, "Don't ever masturbate alone again, I'll taste you whenever you want." Her voice was sweet but suddenly became demanding, "I expect the same from you." I bit my lower lip and nodded. The force in her voice made her sound like a very mature teen and it aroused me.

"And actually, you never did make me go all the way," she continued, "Why don't you take a shower and meet me in my room in about twenty minutes." I nodded again as she broke the embrace.

She walked to the door and turned, "Remember, we're all alone for the rest of the day." More to come shortly.