Beautiful teen chick gives a worthy blowob hardcore russian

Beautiful teen chick gives a worthy blowob hardcore russian
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Three Granddaughters-Part 1-Dusty "Guess what, Grandad?

I'm getting married!" "Yeah? Anybody I know?" My oldest granddaughter, Dusty, hugged my neck and chastised me a little, "Pftttt… Only all his life.

Andy's always been my friend, but I never had a clue that I'd fall in love with him. But… he's always been there for me, every time I screwed up with a guy. Once one of my boyfriends took off, Andy uh… 'convinced' him to stay away from me forever.

None of them ever came back, either. I'm really excited I finally figured out, he's the one, Grandad." "Well, honey, I've never had a problem with that boy… except, I think he's the first guy to get in your panties." She gasped and stepped back, "GRANDAD! How did…?" "Your Granny told me. She always knew everything that went on, and she never kept anything from me.

She told me you made him wear a condom… smart girl. I wish Granny was still with us, I miss her a lot." "Me, too… uh… what else do you know about my sex life?" "Well, let me think a minute… Rich was a good looking guy, but he was an asshole and he made you screw, or he threatened to start a bunch of shit about you around school." "Oh my God!

You really do know about what I've done!" "Did you ever wonder why Rich and his family left town so quick? 'Cause after Andy beat the shit out of him; I threatened to cut his balls off. When his dad confronted me about it, I knocked the son-of-a-bitch on his ass and told him I'd kill his whole family if they didn't get out of town.

…Told him I'd fuck both his little girls and his wife, too, just before I killed them." Dusty was shocked. She stood there, staring at me with her mouth open.

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My first thought was, "That lucky, fuckin' Andy. He's gonna have his dick in that luscious mouth soon, if he hasn't already." "Close your mouth, sweetheart, unless you need to say something." "I just never heard you talk that way, Grandad. Sunny lione class room storys heard you cuss, never heard you threaten anyone and I know you couldn't hurt little girls.

I guess I'm just really surprised." "Yeah, well, I also know Joe never got in your britches. He was too scared his dad, the big shot cop, would find out. His dad never thought you were good enough for his boy, anyway." She stood stock still, staring at me. She was the oldest of three girls and I knew, for a fact, that the middle sister, Mickey, was already fucking a couple of high school boys. Although Dusty was tall and slim, Mickey had a body that was built for every man's fantasy… great set of firm tits, a full, tight ass and long, smooth, gorgeous legs.

Dusty had the tits and legs, but almost no ass. But, her mouth was wide and her lips were full… she may have been my granddaughter, but I wanted to fuck that mouth more than anyone else I knew. I poured both of us a Coke and we sat at the dining table. The bay window faced toward the woods and creek behind my house.

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We talked a little more about Dusty's sex life and I shared what I knew about Mickey's. Their youngest sister, Brianna, (we just call her 'Bri') was still in high school and was probably fucking her long time boyfriend, but she remained very, closed mouth about it. The more we talked, the more it seemed we were just having a discussion between friends, rather than grandparent and grandchild. We talked about my daughter, Liz. She was the girls' mother but was killed when they were just 10, 12 and 14.

Two years after that wreck, Wayne (their dad) married Tess. I had no complaints about the way Tess and Wayne raised the girls. All three of them are wonderful kids.

Somewhere during our conversation, Dusty mentioned that she and Andy would have to find a new place to live… then she dropped the other shoe. She was pregnant. The apartment they shared with another couple was going to be too small in another seven months. "Your timing works out great.

My little house across the street will be vacant on the 1st of the month. I'll let prepping sweethearts excited pussy hardcore and blowjob and Andy rent it for $500 a month. In fact, if you'll show responsibility, stay there and I can get Andy to help me on a few projects, at the end of one year, I'll start this baby's college fund with all the rent you've paid.

I dare you to find a better offer." Dusty squealed with delight, sprang from her chair, charged around the table and plopped her tiny ass into my lap. The instant she felt my hard cock through her shorts, her eyes popped open, "Uh-oh. I guess all that talk about sex had an effect on you… sorry…" "Honey, since Granny's been gone, everything has an effect on me.

Don't worry yourself; I'll take care of it in a little while." She returned to her chair, but I could tell there was something on her mind. She didn't do as much talking and appeared to be thinking more.

When I got up to refill our glasses, she said, "I'll do it." "Do what?" She pointed at my crotch and took a deep breath, "I'll take care of it for you Grandad." "Aww… thank you, sweetheart, but it's not your problem. You just be my sweet, baby girl and I'll take care of Ol' Fat Boy once you leave." "No, Grandad, since I got pregnant, I stay horny all the time.

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I masturbate three or four times a day and Andy gets fucked so much, it's hard for him to drag his precious ass out of bed each morning. Please… please let me help you, and you can help me, too… sex download tmonster cock shemales seduced girls xstorys com snuggled her tits against my back and wrapped her arms around me.

Her right hand snaked its way under the elastic waistband of my lounging pants. With her fingers encircling my manhood, she spoke softly into my ear, "How about we trade blowjobs?" She began stroking my dick, slowly, "Wouldn't you like to feel my tongue and lips all over, sliding up and down on this fine piece of man meat?" she whispered, "Wouldn't you just love to force the end of it past my tonsils and empty your big nuts down my throat?

C'mon, Grandad, let's do it." "Oh, my God, Dusty… Honey, I want you so fuckin' bad, but we can't…" She moved to the front of me and pulled my pants to my ankles. My weak words of protest fell on her deaf ears as she engulfed my cock. My knees almost buckled when she bobbed her head for the third time. I felt her hand grab my balls at the same time my dick hit the back of her throat.

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She kneaded my nuts softly and with expertise as she swallowed my top two inches on every thrust. I was past any hesitation about having sex with my own flesh and blood. I knew I would do anything she wanted, and she would reciprocate. My warm cum blasted stream, after stream, down Dusty's smooth throat. She continued to lick and suck until there was no chance of an extra drop. Proudly, she looked up at me and smiled, "You xxxx big bf sex stories boor fuck girl story, yes, I'm okay.

I'm in fuckin' Heaven. How 'bout you?" She stood and began undressing, "I don't think I've ever enjoyed doing that, as much as I did with this one," she gave my flagging pecker a tug.

With her shirt and lying on the table, she was sliding her shorts and panties off, "My turn now?" Dusty and Andy moved into my little rent house a week before the wedding.

He will probably never know I was fucking her until six days before the baby was born. It was almost two months afterward, we resumed our 'pleasure'. Comments are limited to registered XNXX members only Watch for Part 2-Mickey