Pinay puck big black cock

Pinay puck big black cock
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i woke up to find myself holding sister my, my head resting on her left breast, i started caressing her right breast as i begin licking and kissing at the other breast until her nipples were erect and she was awake watching me. i begun to grind my teeth on her nipples starting with the right then, moving to the left as fingers pinch which eva breast was free, she let out a low moan, i looked up at her as i begun kissing her stomach. i was about to move lower when she said " wait, save that for later, my girls r coming over." i cant complain, her friends were drop dead gorgeous, but she top them all, but out of all of them one of them i hated with a passion because she would constantly get into fights with my girlfriend for no reason at all and i constantly told this to jessica.

jessica said" dont get mad but camila is coming to" i replied "wateva" everybody that knows me, knows that when i say wateva, im actually pissed. "when r they coming", as i rise up off her, "they should be here in ant time soon".

we both got in the shower and cleaned up, in our seperate rooms, after i dried off, i heard a knock on the door. i quickly put on a shorts and a tank top and headed or the door. i opened it and in stepped stephanie, then jelissa, then shanika, then camila. they all had simmilar features except for facial, there breasts were about the same and butts too. stephanie, jelissa and shanika just said "hey you, wats up?" but camila got on my nerves"heard that bitch dumped u, she must have gotten tired of big men with little." before she cud finish i slammed the door shut i her face and showed the other girls to the living room "want anything to drink ladies?" they all said no and burst out laughing as camila walked in, "serves u right, leave the little guy alone"i gave jessica a stern look as she walk into the room and then walked out.

"wats his problem"said stephanie, "he doesnt mother id like to fuck implements her smutty ideas to be called a lil guy"my sister implied. "he my delicious ebony gf loves sucking my big stiff dong while i film her a kid" replied camila, jelissa said" i dont know, hes grown pretty well", then i walked by and headed down to the basement to workout.

jessica shouted out to me "have fun and be careful", i looked at her with a smile and nodded. "where is he going?" ask shanika, "his daily workout" replied my sister, how long does he normally take? inquire shanika, "about 2 to 3 hours but now that camila's here, i dont think he'll come up here for a while" camila shouted"wat did i do to him?" they all looked at her and she said "wat, im just messing with him." they told her that she best straightened things out with me.

as i doing my bench presses, camila walked in. i sat up with surprise and said"wat do u want?, "im here to make peace" she replied.

i chuckled"ok, is that it" in a mean manner. "i wanna apologize, for being the way i was" i put the weight back on its holder and sat up.

"yeah right", "im serious" she shouted" im only mean to u and ur girlfriend because im.", "because ur wat? i asked curiosly, "because im." she felt uncomfortable. "just say it, already", "im jealous, ok, i want u but u was so in love with her." i sat there in disbelief, i cudnt believe wat i had just heard. she was facing away from me,so i stood up, pulled her face towards me and softly kissed her lips, she turned around faced me and we french kissed, her tongue danced with mine for about 5 minutes, until i broke it and begun kissing her neck, she slowly rubbed her hands upand down my back as i continued to kiss her neck and nibble on her ears, show lightly moaned.

i then saton one of my benches and lifted her shirt, exposing her lovely breasts being restrained by a red lace bra, i pulled her towards me and begun kissing her stomach as i tookahandful of both ass cheeks, caressing them, kneading into the flesh. i moved my right hand up to undo her bra, as the bra dropped, i looked up to see some great pair of tits waiting to be played with, i pulled her into my lap as i started nibbling on her right nipple, she moaned in delight.

i changed focus to the left nipple. she then pulled away from me and drop her jeans and panties and begun playing with herself, licking her own tits and fingering her pussy. i grabbed her and laid her on the bench and got between her legs, kissing her thighs and ocassionally biting, i then kissed her pussy lips causing her to jump a little and immediately begun parting then lips with my tongue, i then ran my tongue on her clit and pressed hard against it "aaaaa, mmmmmmm" she moaned.

i stuck my tongue into her pussy and i begun an in and out motion, i stuck a finger into her pussy then after it waswet enough, i begun probing her anus claire bandit is a very cute teen who has dark bl my finger entered, i held it there as i got lost i my oral activities, i caught here clit between my teeth and begun grinding gently as my tongue licked it from inside my mouth.

i then started moving my finger slowly in and out of her anus and then inserted two fingers into her cunt and begun an inward circular motion.

"yes baby, i loving it" she moaned, she then wrapped her legs around my head, i switched up, i put my tongue back into her pussy and my finger pinching her clit but my other finger was still in and out her ass.

"fuck!!!!!!. omfg!!!!!!. im cumming!!!!.yeahhhh!!!!!.im cumming!!!!! i placed my entire mouth over her opening and sucked. "yes, baby. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, yeahhhhhhhh, fuck, yeah". i heard the door creek, my sister, stephanie, jelissa and shanika were all watching but i didnt care.

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as she came her juices all over my face and on the bench. "i got up and said"is it that wat u wanted?" she grabbed my dick and said"fuck me" i dropped my shorts and there was my dick pointing directly at her.

"didnt ur mom eva tell u not to point at people?" she giggled, she then grabbed my dick and begun stroking it. "does ur man have one like this?" i boasted, she laughed"he wishes, thats y i never fuck him.

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y do u think i was jealous" she took me into her mouth, then she pulled me out and said"u sure do taste better" then asked me"who taste better, me or patricia?" i looked at her"well patricia always put some added flavor so i like that but u still taste pretty good" she black slave gets tortured and pounded outdoors me into her mouth.

"mmmmmmm, yeah baby" this warmth and wetness was wat i missed and the pussy is next. i started fucking her mouth, we both moaned, she started playing with my balls i jumped, then it started that familiar feeling that i was about fill her mouth with cum. she knew it was that time too, she was preparing for it, she started jerking my dick vigorously while sucking on the head of my dick. "yes, baby, im about to fill ur mouth" it was seconds after and i did just that"ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, swallow it all" she tried.

at the door, my sister and the rest of the girls were finger fucking themselves to the scene in front of them. camila tried to swallow it all, some dropped onto alexis texas sex in kitchen tits as some ran down her chin, she pulled me from her mouth"damn, that sure was alot".

she put back into her mouth and in a matter of minutes, i was back and to me i seemed bigger. she said"this time fuck me nonstop. she laid back onto the bench and i got back between her legs, with my dick in hand and placed it at her entrance and begun parting her lips"thats right baby, put it ur big shit i me" i eased it in"more, stretch my baby" i pushed half of my dick in her and then the rest."yeah, thats it baby" i started to slowly grind into her, she was tighter than my sister, i picked up the pace and now i was fucking her harder and was going deeper.

i picked her up, pulled out, i had her kneel onto the bench, giving me access to her from the back. i reentered her and pounded her pussy hard, "omfg!!!!!, fuck me!!!!!, harder!!!!!, harder!!!!!!!, harder!!!!!!, im cumming!!!!!!.

i pulled my dick out and rammed it back in, i did this over and over." yes baby. i love ur tight pussy," i rammed her harder and harder.

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each time i reached deep into her, she would scream"fuck!!!!!fuck!!!!!!!shit!!!!!!!fuck!!!!!!!!" i felt her cum again and it was making a puddle in the carpet. we heard from the door the other gurls reaching orgasm a second time, they were eating and finger fucking eachother. camila's hips were meeting my hard pounding, i was about to cum again, so i started fucking her harder and faster"fuck!!!!!, fuck!!!!!! fuck!!!!!! yeah!!!!. i gonna cum in ur tight cunt!!!!!!!!!

fuck!!!!!!!!!!" i rammed my dick deep into her as deep as i can and exploded in her sweet, tight pussy.

"arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" im not stopping baby" i continued fucking her as she came again, each stronger than before. i slowed my fucking to strokes until i was ready for full force.

i was back but i wanted to fuck her ass, i waisted no time, i fucked her pussy a little more to get more lubricant, then i pulled out and pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 40 my dick against her anus, i pushed slowing until the head was in, she screamed"aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!" i pushed more as i squinted and she screamed more, i pushed more until i was entirely in.

i held it there"i have.

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never done this gentle." i slowly pulled back a little then forward again, she yelped. she closed her eyes and now i was able to go back and forth in side with a slight ease. she squeezed down on my dick as i pumped in and out her ass. i heard another orgasm by the door follwed by another from camila. the smell of sex was strong. i was now fucking her hard and fast and she begun crying"fuck, fuck, fuck.

yeah" i immediately stopped but she continued humping femaleagent shy girl turns into insatiable lover onto my dick, i fucked back, she begun moaning"oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck" her moaning was pushing me over the edge and i came, i just squinted as my cum exit the tip of my dick and accumulated in her ass, her knees cudnt hold her up no more, she fell flat on the bench, with me emptying in here and she cummed again.

i leaned down, kissed the back of her neck and rolled off of her. i limped over to the door and said"you may enter" the floor where they were had a puddle from their orgasms. i went over to camila, pick her up and took her to my room and laid her on the bed.

u cud stay here tonight. shanika, jelissa and stephanie got dressed and left kissing me on the cheek and lips and squeezing my dick as they left. jessica whispered in my ear"im still getting mine, tonight"