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Bright orgasms for lewd mother id like to fuck hardcore and blowjob
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The idea came to her as she was shopping for today's dinner. Having filled the basket with all necessary ingredients for her lasagna, adding a little fruit to fill the bowl in the living room, being especially careful to add a few bananas to the bundle, she paid for her groceries and made sure to withdraw some extra cash in the process. She then went to the pharmacist to get what she had in mind. "You look much better today," her husband said as she greeted him by the door, giving him a peck on the cheek and taking his coat and briefcase.

"Dinner is almost ready," she smiled and went back to the kitchen. Crushing the sleeping pills carefully with a teaspoon, she removed the top layer of his lasagna and drizzled the white powder onto the tomato sauce before putting the layer back again.

She was trembling a little now, but taking a deep breath, she managed to reclaim her composure. She'd become quite good at looking calm now, even though her whole body was constantly screaming for sex. Walking around the store, looking at bananas, cucumbers, sausages and imagining the things she could do with them, looking discretely at the few men she met on her way, glancing at their crotches and wondering what their fantasies were, how she could please them best.

All the time she managed to look like the proper, preacher's wife that she was. No one even raised an eye brow at her and some of the younger girls even looked scared as she looked at them. If only they knew what was going through my mind, she thought as she pictured the two brunettes on their hands and knees between her thighs, licking and fingering her dripping pussy until she came.

Another deep breath, and she went into the dining room, carrying the plates with her. Since it was Friday night, she opened a bottle of wine and poured a full glass for him and only half a glass for herself. "I think I might have had a glass or two too much," her husband said after the dinner was finished and put the glass down. "I need to have a lie down." "You do that, honey, and I'll put away the dishes," she answered, smiling and suppressing the urge to touch herself before getting up and collecting the plates from the table.

Back in the kitchen she started breathing hard again. The plates were almost thrown into the sink, making an audible clank as they landed, and her hands went to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up. Stroking them firmly up and down the center of her soaked panties, she came almost immediately, letting out a small moan as the orgasm rushed through her.

Then she pulled down the skirt again, washed her hands and went back to the dining room to collect the rest. By the time she had finished, he seemed to be sound asleep on the couch. She couldn't be sure of how deep his sleep was, so going she went up to him an kissed him on the cheek.

"Can I get you anything?" she asked, not too loud, not to low, just to make sure he could hear her and answer if he hadn't drifted off to sleep yet. There was no answer. With trembling hands she reached for his fly, her heart racing in her chest and her eyes locked to his face to see whether he showed any signs of waking up or not. The button opened and slowly and very carefully, she pulled the zip down. She took her time to open his pants, brunette with a big ass gets slammed them slightly down, seeing his white boxers underneath and the modest bundle laying beneath the fabric.

It was exciting enough to touch it, putting her hand slowly on top of it. But more than anything she wanted to taste it. Being careful to watch his face for any reaction, she reached her hand into his boxers and let her fingers run through the course forest of hair surrounding his crotch and his penis.

Suddenly it was in her palm and she could squeeze it gently.

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She kept squeezing it and stroking it, carefully letting her fingers slide up and down, and to her amazement, she felt it start to grow. His breathing was still regular, his eyes closed and his whole body seemed to be at ease. Feeling a little bolder, she found the opening in front of his boxer and let her other hand slide through it.

Grabbing the now semi hard cock, she managed to pull it out through the hole and then stopped to admire it for a moment. She started to wonder if she had ever seen it before. Of course she had seen it when he was in the shower or at other times when he'd been changing. But fuckable luscious hottie is team fucked hard she ever seen it hard before? She had felt it in her hands, guiding it into her pussy when they made love, but that was always in the dark.

No, she decided. The pleasure of seeing her husband's erect cock had never been hers. So she was going to take her time to investigate it tonight, and with that thought, she grabbed it softly and lifted it, massaging and squeezing it again.

As it started to grow bigger and harder, she felt a longing from her pussy. Her eyes widened slowly at the same rate that his cock hardened, and soon she was watching with eyes huge as plates while the head appeared and almost disappeared behind his foreskin as she moved her hand slowly up and down.

She kissed it. The feeling of it's soft skin against it's hard core against her lips was almost intoxicating. She knew right there and then that she had to have it in her mouth, to feel that velvet skin against her tongue, running along her lips.

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The passages she had memorized from the story she read earlier that day entered her mind. "He ghasps as I slowly let my tongue roll around the smooth helmet of his cock, and when I close my lips around it and let it slide a few inches into my mouth, letting it glide along my tongue I wrap my lips around my teeth to make sure I don't hurt him." So Melissa's tongue circled around his head a couple of times, enjoying the feel of it against the surface of her taste organ.

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Then, wrapping her lips carefully around her teeth like in the story, she closed them around his cock and shut her eye to concentrate on the feel and the taste of it.

It went a alex blake carolina sweets in couple share a roomie inches into her mouth, and she just kept it there and all of a sudden she noticed a different taste, some sweet, salty nectar teasing her taste buds and she rolled it around in her mouth. She pulled away with a ghasp and opened her eyes wide to look at it again.

She noticed her pussy overflowing with juices and her panties were definitively soaked. The feeling was wonderful, and the fact that she for the first time in her entire life has had a cock in her mouth, was almost more than she could take. But she wanted more. It's almost like a drug, and she thought she might become addicted to this, and as she wrapped her lips around it one more time, letting it slide even further into her mouth, all the way to the back, she had another orgasm.

Her husband groaned as the orgasm made her head bob up and down a little on his shaft, and her eyes sprang open. There was a smile on his face, but he still seemed to be asleep. His eyes was closed, and as the bobbing of her head stops, his breath became regular again. What if he woke up and found her like this? On her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth? What would he think?

How would he react? She wouldn't be able to stop now, that she was sure of, but would he make her stop? Careful to watch for any reaction, she slowly slid the cock into her mouth again. Slowly going up and down, she coated it in her saliva, making it slippery for her hand as she carefully jerked him. "His surprise is obvious in his eyes as I straighten my throat and push my face even further towards his balls.

I feel the cock slide down my throat, my eyes watering up momentarily as I struggle against my gag reflex. As always, I win, and it almost feels as if he is about to cum when I start moving my head back and forth, coating his wonderful cock with my slippery saliva." This was the second passage Melissa had memorized from the story.

She took the cock out of her mouth and considered it for a moment, measuring it with her eyes, wondering how big it really is. 6 inches, maybe even 7? Maybe she should measure it sometime?

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Later, she thought. Right now all she wanted to find out is whether she'd be able to get it all the way down her throat and how it would feel once it was there. So straightening her neck, she opened her mouth around it and pushed her face forward.

It slid slowly along her tongue, and as the head started entering her throat, she felt her gag reflex try to push it out again. She struggled against it and pushed further, but the reflex was too strong.

Ghasping for air, she threw her head back, her eyes watering up and a small tear running from her left eye. She had to swallow hard, fight the contents of her stomach down again so she wouldn't puke. Shit. This was a lot harder than she expected. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked back up at her husband, and fortunately he was still sleeping tight.

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His cock was still hard as a rock however, and beckoning for her to suck it again, so she leaned forward, grabbed it by the root and plunged her head into it again, working hot lauren suck cock while got dp with her mouth, sucking on it, licking on it, increasing the speed of her hand and the bobbing of her head, almost milking his wonderful cock.

Slurping as she feel more of his precum ooze into her mouth, tasting it and swallowing it, wanting more and more of it. Suddenly his cock grew even bigger and harder, and his hips almost lift from the sofa towards her. So this is what it feels like just before he comes, her mind told her, and suddenly the taste in her mouth changed drastically. She felt it shoot into the back of her mouth, only barely managing to keep from choking again, she swallowed. Then it just started oozing from the tip of his cock, running into every cavity of her mouth, and she could taste it.

Closing her eyes again, she feels the sticky, bitter, metallic taste coat her oral insides, and she absolutely loved it. It was like nothing she had ever tasted before, and she just wanted more and more. Melissa kept her husband's cock and cum in her mouth for a long time, as long as she dared before fearing that the effect of the sleeping pill would eventually wear off.

Swallowing and putting his cock back behind the confinement of his underwear and trousers, she went upstairs to masturbate, wondering how she could've been able to live for so long without discovering the joys of blowjobs.