Yoga xxx story sex stories bf yoga

Yoga xxx story sex stories bf yoga
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VIP Chauffeur Chapter 3 My second assignment for Mr K and whomever his ultimate authority is was more than interesting not just from the way in which they compensate me but also for the type of work they have me involved in. I had recurring, haunting kind of flashbacks about the women we left behind on our 2nd assignment back in Summerville (Mr & Mrs B) as well as what may have been the final fate of that cute young latina nailed black and rough who obviously made some very fatal mistakes with someone?

I recall asking Mr K if he was serious about me being able to go back to visit Mrs B and daughters and he smirked something like: "your kind of taken by her aren't you"?. I said that I thought they way she was treated was fair given the circumstances and that there was something about her and her daughters that found interesting.

He told me by all means go back if I wanted to enjoy her. He thought she'd be very appreciative about both the way she was treated and how her very big life problem known as her husband was solved for her. He added I wouldn't go back right away but be sure I will never go back so "have it Bucko !" I waited a few days and hunted down her telephone number and gave it a call.

The conversation was very interesting. Mrs B answered I said hello this is the guy that did a lot of whispering in your ear recently. She responded, "Oh my God, I'm so glad you called. I would so much like to talk with you about what happened. Do you think we could meet? I said I'd be pleased to and suggested that I visit her the next day. She boldly replied, "is there any chance you could come today or tonight?".

I said I was available and could be there about 8pm.

She said, "I'll be waiting breathlessly, please don't be any later!". The conversation had me interested, cautious and hard all at the same time. I freshened up and headed out confident I could find the location again without difficulty. I did arrive just before 8pm and rang the doorbell. Mrs B answered the door immediately almost as though she was watching for me. She was dressed in an expensive sweater and tight fitting jeans. She threw her arms around me and hugged me as hard and as close as anyone ever has.

She mumbled thank God you came back. I have so much to tell you and ask you. I said slow down I'm not sure what you think I know or what I can share but lets take it slowly. She said oh its not all about what happened but how you cared for me, made love to me and took care of me and my girls when I very well believed we would all be dead.

Please come in and sit and let me get you something to drink. She let me to sitting room or living room right off the foyer and told me to make myself comfortable. She went on to day that no one else was in the house and the girls would not be home for several hours. I watched her carefully as she went into the kitchen and prepared me a drink. She was much much hotter that I remember with long brunette hair, an angelic face with little need for makeup, a rack that was incredible and long strong legs.

She was barefoot and she was watching me as much as I was watching her. She came back with what I thought was a vodka and tonic (she never asked me what I wanted) put it down and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth immediately and it took my breath away.

The kiss lasted what seemed like 5 minutes as her hands roamed my neck, arms, hair and face. I couldn't help but think to myself that it was genius of me to want to come back her. She broke of the kiss and said almost immediately, you were so right about everything you said, my girls have no recollection whatsoever of what happened and think their father has disappeared.

He was such a horrible father and worse husband. A pathetic example of anything good she said. He was an addicted gambler and had gotten involved with all the wrong people and obviously got way over his head. Do you think he's dead? I replied I have no idea but I'm fairly sure you'll never ever see him again. You don't know how happy and secure that makes me feel.

All of my worst fears are over and I never ever thought it would end like this. I have you and your boss to thank for that and I will never forget what you did for me. I said I was sorry for the treatment that she received and she stopped me immediately and said it might have been scary for quite awhile because I truly believed I was going to die but once I knew I was safe and I reflected on what happened to me I have never been so sexually excited and satisfied ever in my life.

Please, please make love to me like that again right now. We can talk later. I thought I was in some police bound and gagged xxx rough fuckyfucky takes the brink off of crazy thrill ride in an amusement park. How had my life changed to this mode right here and now. I reacted by beginning to undress her in the living room.

I remembered saying; "is there somewhere else in the house we should go?". No she spit out almost immediately. I need you right here and right now!". She helped me lift her sweater over her head and she yanked her very sexy black bra over her hear and ripped it off herself never unclasping it, revealing her generous and gorgeous all natural tits. They were much firmer than I remember with a natural life and I thought when I stand her up and admire this beauty she will be statuesque and very hot.

I quickly began sucking on her large brownish red nipples and manhandling her tits as gently as I could not wanting to recreate what I was involved with earlier in the week. She was kissing me endlessly around me neck face and head and was working feverishly to get my belt unbuckled and pants open.

I then took off my shirt and she had my pants down and was pushing my silk boxers down exposing my rock hard 8 in cock. She grabbed it immediately and began stroking it and put my head into her mouth. She circled my head over and over with her tongue and was licking it from the base to the tip. She obviously was no stranger to what she was doing and was doing it with great visor. She seemed to be drawn over and over again to my pisshole and kept sticking her tongue into my hole licking the slit over and over.

It was driving me crazy as I was still mesmerized by her outrageous tits. I finally got her down on the carpet and I was working to get her very tight jeans off of her exposing a black matching pair of silk lace panties. I got them off and she was working feverishly to get my cock inside her.

When I was properly situated between her legs I eased my cock into her pussy and began inserting it inside her. She was absolutely sopping wet. She was tight in a muscular way but really, really wet. I began a rthymmic balance and she was meeting my every thrust. She was moaning throughout but now began to speak, please fuck me harder, fuck me harder.

I drove into her even harder than I had always thinking I should not be overly aggressive for fear of duplicating what had happened earlier but this woman wanted me and wanted me badly. She then began to scream, I'm coming please fuck me harder and she squirted all over my cock, balls and crotch area. She was screaming as she came and begging me to "take me, take me". I kept thrusting into her and felt my own cum boiling up.

She then said to me I want to eat your cum, please let me eat your cum. I withdrew from her soaking wet cunt and moved on up her body. I placed my rock hard cock he helps bbw feel better by stuffing his dick into her hole her big tits and began fucking her tits. She was begging, please, please give me your cum. I want to eat your cum.

I was bucking her and fucking her tits with wild abandon and was about to squirt when she wrapped her mouth around my head and sucked hard. I thrust harder and started to cum right into her mouth sending a hard stream of come into the back of her throat. She kept sucking harder and harder and now was stroking my cock as it fired off stream after stream on hot liquid into her mouth.

After she sucked every drop of me and licked me clean allover, balls, ass, thighs and bush she came to my face and held m head and kissed me deeply. She then said thank you so much you have no idea how much I needed to feel you insider me again.

Ever since the first time you put yourself inside me I could not get you out of my mind. I have never cum like that in my life and I want to experience it over and over again. Please say you wont leave my life. I actually didn't know what to say but I found myself taking her head in my hands and kissing her back and telling her again how sorry I was for what had happened to her but how great it was that it was working out this way.

We held each other tightly for several minutes and she made no movement whatsoever to leave my arms. Feeling her tight rock hard body against me never allowed my cock to rest as it was still almost as hard as it was when I had started this escapade and frankly I didn't want it to end anytime soon. We sort of dozed spooned together and I was still admiring her beauty and stroking her hard body. After about what I thought was nearly 10 minutes she reached for my cock to find it as hard as it had been.

She whispered something into my ear like: "are you still that hard?" I said that's what a beautiful erotic woman can do to me. She responded by telling me that she hadn't had intercourse for over 10 months since the other day when you guys overtook us and I hope you don't get the wrong idea of me but if your that hard I want to fuck you again.

She turned towards me feet and got on my backwards inserting my cock into her still drenched cunt. She began riding me backwards and bucking into me at a rapid pace.

Watching her ass slam into me was unbelievable. This woman was as hot and horny as anyone I had ever been exposed to. She asked me to play with her asshole as she german son fuck his mother me.

I gladly complied and began to insert a finger into her very tight ass and tried to keep to the same rhythm that she had set. She was really banging into me now at a rapid base and then she reached back and underneath and began to hold my cock and stroke it as she fucked it. Before too long she began to moan loudly and exclaim that she was going to come and almost immediately was gushing cum all over me, screaming out with every sweet sweetie gapes pink hole and gets deflorated. With her hand still on my cock and her cunt slamming down on it every second or so I was in ecstasy.

This went on for another few minutes as I was continuing to fuck her ass with my fingers alternating between one and two at a time. She looked back at me and obviously knew that I was loving every minute of this.

She then asked me if I was ready to cum yet and I said not yet. She said please let me suck you off again. I agreed. She dismounted me and simply backed up as her dripping pussy passed right over my head and face, dripping as it went by.

I grabbed it and dove into it with my mouth and she screamed with pleasure. I ate her out with gusto and drove my tongue all through her very wet cunt. Whether it was the spontanteity of it or wehether she is just that orgasmic, she starting to cum again all over my face, screaming as she did. She was almost embarrassed by the nature of her own ejaculate and apologized and I could have cared less.

I drove her head down onto my cock and she went to work on it with precision and hunger. She sucked, licked, tongued, stroked fingered and was fucking my ass with her tongue over and over again. I lasted about 15 i fucked my drunk passed out sister and she wont remember before I was ready to cum but when I did she perceived my readiness and began to stroke me consistently.

I began to moan and she began to suck harder and stroke moe deliberately. When my first shot erupted her mouth was not on my cock and it landed right around her nose and eyes and she clammed down greedily on my cock with her mouth and was ready to catch what was about to come. I must have shot 5 more streams of significant cum straight into her mouth and she swallowed each shot, milking my cock over and over again and cleaning it like an animal mother would clean its young.

We both took some time to relish in the afterglow and she spoke first. I don't want you to leave, maybe not ever but I'm not that naive. What do I have to do or say to be sure you stay in my life?

I replied not much just keep your desire as strong as it is and I'll be there for you.

She seemed happy with that response but had a lot more to offer. Look she said to me, I am very, very inexperienced in the sex arena. This last week has been the most vibrant unique sex I've ever had. I want more much more. I want to get it through you. Are you willing to show me the underside of sex? I replied I wasn't exactly sure what she meant but I was open to almost anything if she was.

I have a deep interest in pain she said. I think it would bring me great pleasure for you to take me to the brink of uncontrollable pain and ecstasy. Can you do that for me?

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I said I think so but we'd have to go easy, not slow just easy. She said I have a confession to make. As hot and great today was I have this urge within me to experience what I felt the other day with you and your boss.

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You in one side of me and another person in me as well. Can you help make that happened for me, lover ? I replied I wasn't sure off the top of my head but anything is possible. Thanks for sharing that with me I added and said I am very relieved that what happened to you the other day was not all bad. I started to get dressed but she seemed to refuse to do the same.

Do you have to leave now she questioned. I said no not really. Please don't get dressed just come to bed with me for awhile. I was open to almost anything and followed her to her bedroom. We laid in bed for several hours, talked, laughed, touched, kissed, nuzzled and every other thing you could do naked in bed.

I lost all track of time when I heard noise in another part of the house. Mrs. B didn't seem alarmed in the least. She cautioned me to be at ease and got up out of the bed stating she'd be right back. She mom and son sex masturbation no clothes on but went to another part of the house and came back in about two minutes with the younger of her daughters hand in hand.

Lover, this is my daughter Mia. Mia say hello to my lover, rescuer and hero Jack. (Where did she come up with that because I had never used my name and Jack aint it) Mia reached out to shake my hand which I extended from under the sheet. Pleasure to meet you I said. Mia responded no the beautiful blonde hotel room black suspect taken on a raunchy ride is all mine and I'd like to meet more of you as she yanked the sheet down to the bottom of the bed.

Now I was in REAL state of euphoria !