Anal dildo in the best latin body i ever seen

Anal dildo in the best latin body i ever seen
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The Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris Interlude by mypenname3000 Copyright 2014 Chapter Six: The Father Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading! Saturday, September 21st, 2013 Randolf Cummins Paris, Texas I sat at my desk in city hall, nursing my scotch, worried sick about my baby girl. Darleen hadn't come back from her dance class.

Her car was still parked behind the school, and it was like she had just vanished. Which wasn't like her. She was a good kid.

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Straight A's, never in trouble, always home before her curfew, and helping out around the house. Which was a blessing since her mom had died ten years ago. Dark thought after dark thought plagued my mind. She was kidnapped, she was killed, she was lying hurt in a ditch somewhere. I had the entire police force out looking for her.

Finding her was their number one priority.

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What was the point of being Mayor if I couldn't use my power to protect my little girl? The door opened; my assistant, Chris, walked in. "Sir, she's been arrested." "Who has?" I demanded.

"Why are you even wasting—" "Your daughter, sir," he answered. "She was arrested for lewd acts in public." "What?" That couldn't be right. "It's weird, sir. The arresting officer had been MIA all night, then he showed up with your naked daughter, and she was.covered in bodily fluids." A shudder passed through me.

I didn't want to think of what tna yr old tina from norway huuuge tits meant. "She's a victim. Why did they arrest her?" "I don't know. But she's down at the City Jail." "Let's go," I said, downing my scotch. "My baby girl isn't spending another minute in jail." "Your limo's waiting out front, sir." The City Jail was newly built on the outskirts of town, and I fumed the entire, ten minute drive across town.

It was Saturday, and the white teen hates black cum but loves black dick were dead even though dawn was only a little way off. The eastern horizon was already lightening, gray stealing across the black skies.

I drank another scotch, wiping my ruddy face, and tried to keep my anger under control. Why had they locked up my baby girl? Heads were going to roll. My limo pulled up and I jumped out before my driver could even get out, and strode like an angry bull into the prison ready to kick some ass and take some names and free my daughter from this fucking place. A prison guarded waited for me, tall and beefy, his face paled when he saw me.

"You!" I bellowed. "Yes, sir," he muttered, stepping forward. The guy may have a foot of height and a hundred pounds of muscle on me, but he cowered before my authority.

"Why has my daughter been arrested?" "Darleen, er, your daughter, was brought in for being naked in public and, sir, it was quite clear that she had been doing some.inappropriate activities." "She's eighteen!

What inappropriate activities could she consent to?" "I.uh.I just process them, sir. I don't arrest them." "You're gonna release her, immediately!" "I.uh.can't do that, sir. It's" "Chris!" "Already calling Judge Milner," my assistant answered, his phone up to his ear. "We'll get your daughter sprung fast." "Sorry, sir, just doin' my job," the guard said.

"What's your name!" I demanded. He blanched. "Grant, sir." "I'm gonna have you fired for this!" "Sir, I'm just obeyin' Texas law, sir. I ain't done nothin' wrong. The union'll support me." Chris leaned in. "Judge's faxing over a release order. He's going to release her into your custody, but she'll have to appear in court later today to get this matter attended to." "Good, good," I nodded.

"I'll see that she's there." I fixed my gaze on the guard. "Good enough?" "A-as soon as the paperwork faxes over, sir." "Fine!" I growled. The wait was interminable. Officer Grant squirmed, and kept looking hopefully at the fax machine in the office, then squirmed some more. I kept giving my assistant a questioning glance, and he just gave me a placating shrug. Finally, the fax machine came to life, printing out the release order.

"If you'll follow me, sir," the guard said, pulling out his keys and unlocked the heavy, steel door. We made our way through the prison, stopping every few feet to have a door unlocked. "She's down here, Mr. Mayor," the guard said, unlocking another door. Bars rattled and I could hear my sweet daughter moaning in pain.

I hurried down the corridor, passing the cells and then gaped. My poor daughter was being held by a skinny man with a weaselly face, his hips pumping away, raping her through the bars. "Darleen!" I gasped. "Stop him! He's raping my daughter!" "Fuck, yeah!" groaned the disgusting animal attacking my baby girl. He buried in her and it was clear he was orgasming, and my daughter just kept crying out in pain.

"Sweet Jesus, yes! That is some grade A pussy your daughter has!" The brute turned to me and grinned, so proud that he had violated my baby girl. The cell door opened and Grant rushed in. The inmate immediately released my daughter, backing away, his hands up, an insolent smirk painted across his face. Darleen straighten up, smiling at me and her eyes— They were silver, shining like the stars. Her body was so beautiful, despite all the bodily fluids and grime staining her i sure hope it fits threesome and group sex figure.

My cock hardened—she looked like Gina, her mother. Grief for my dead wife filled me, transforming in to lustful longing for my sweet baby girl. Another guard unlocked her cell and she walked to me with a predatory grace, hooking her arm around mine. Warmth flushed through me. "Let us depart," she purred. I nodded, and let her lead me away.

They were bringing in another prisoner whose eyes lit up when he saw my daughter. He was a big guy, arms covered in tattoos, head shaved bald.

"My Goddess! You got to help me!" he pleaded.

We walked past him. My daughter didn't even glance at the prison. She would never give such a lowlife the time of day. The prisoner was thrown in the cell with the rapist. The guard drew his billy club. I didn't care how bad he hurt the fucking rapist. All that mattered was my lovely baby girl was safe and sound. I would take her home and love her.

My cock ached to show her just how much she was missed. My limo waited out front, the driver quickly putting out his cigarette and opening the door. Darleen slid in first and I followed. I sat next to her, wrapping my arm around her, comforting her. She clung to me, naked and lithe. Chris slid in, sitting across from us. "My baby girl's safe," I whispered, staring into her silver eyes.

They should be blue, but I couldn't care about that. She grinned, then leaned in and kissed me. Time seemed to stop; I was kissing my daughter and her lips were sweet and wonderful. I didn't care that my assistant was watching. What was wrong with a father kissing his daughter? Blonde milf jenny fucking her gf with strapon tongue wiggled into my mouth, exploring nessa devil and vivien use some toys as her hands roamed my body, stroking down to the budge in my pants.

She broke the kiss, and purred, "I want your worship!" "Yes," I husked, her hands unfastening my pants. "Whatever you want, Hopping on his cock and riding like a cowgirl drew my cock out, stroking me with her silky hands. "So depraved," she moaned, straddling my waist. "The most forbidden congress!

Violate your daughter's flesh!" Her pussy was hot and tight and oh, so wet as she engulfed my cock. I groaned, staring into her glowing, silver eyes; her pussy sank all the way down my shaft, her nubile breasts in my face. They were pierced by silver barbels, and a silver star was tattooed around her right breast. When had she gotten those? It didn't matter. I sucked a pink nipple, delighting in her gasps, playing with the piercing.

"So wonderful!" she moaned, rising up, then sliding down. "She will always remember this moment!" Her hips rose faster; my hands found her ass, squeezing her cheeks and guiding her movements. Her pussy swirled around my cock, the pleasure going straight to my balls.

I was fucking my daughter; it was the most wonderful sensation in the world. Every other pussy I had ever fucked paled; this was so forbidden, so wrong. She was my flesh, a part of me, and now I was violating her. In my darkest fantasies, I had desired this, dreamed of this. As if reading my mind, she asked, "You've wanted to do this for a long time, haven't you?" "Oh, yes, baby girl!" I moaned.

"Ever since your momma died!" She smiled. "Good. Speak more. Let her hear." "You're as beautiful as your momma, baby girl!" I groaned; her hips rose faster. I wasn't going to last much longer. "Ever since she died, I've wanted you to take her place. I've dreamed of crawling in your bed at night and finding comfort and love in your arms." "Yes, yes!" she gasped. "Keep speaking!" "I've stolen your panties," I groaned. "I sniffed them, licked them, enjoyed your fresh flavor. Then I'd wrap them around my cock and pretend I was fucking your sweet snatch!" "So wrong!" my daughter gasped.

"So perverted! I love it!" Her pussy convulsed about my cock, her head threw back, and she screamed and moaned her passion. Her platinum-blonde hair waved about her. She fucked me harder, her hands squeezing down on my shoulders, fingernails digging into my flesh. Her lovely breasts kept bouncing and jiggling in front of my face. "Keep riding me, baby girl," I groaned. "Daddy's gonna cum in you!" Her hips slowed, a languors rhythm, drawing out my pleasure.

She stared down into my eyes, a pair of twinkling stars set in a perfect face, and then kissed me on the lips, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. It was a perfect kiss, our mouths joined as tightly as our sex organs.

I savored the kiss and savored her cunt sliding around my cock. The first rays of the sun fell upon us, warm on my face.

Darleen stiffened in my arms, pulling away from our. Her eyes were blue, confusion on her face. She stopped fucking me, looking around, settling all her weight on me, impaling my cock fully inside her. "Daddy?" she asked, her voice quiet, all the power gone.

"Why'd you stop, baby girl," I moaned. "I'm so close." She frowned. "It's like I just woke up from a dream, Daddy." "Just keep loving me," I told her, squeezing her ass and moving her hips on me.

"Just keep fucking me. Daddy needs to cum so bad." A soft moan escaped her lips, then her hips started moving. "It was such a naughty dream I had, Daddy," she whispered in my ear. "I was fucked by the Ghost, then I fucked my dancing instructor." Whitney, her instructor, was a gorgeous creature I had always wanted to bed, but she never responded to my advances.

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I pictured my baby girl kneeling before the sultry, black-haired woman, eating her pussy. My balls were about to erupt. "I fucked a cop and a pair of twins!" she gasped. "The tattoo artist fucked me hard while he pierced my nipples, and I let a bar full of men fuck me and piss on me, Daddy!" "Such a naughty dream!" I groaned, my balls about to erupt. "Then I fucked a prisoner! Did you see that?" "I did! Such a naughty thing to do!" "And last, I came on my daddy's cock!" She rode me faster, pierced nipples dancing in front of my face.

My balls tensed. "And your daddy loved that the most!" "I'm gonna cum on your cock again, Daddy!" she shrieked, her pussy spasming about cock, milking the cum out of my balls. "Here it comes, baby girl!" I groaned, then shot my load into my daughter. She collapsed against me, shivering and gasping. I held her warm body to me, savoring the afterglow of cumming in my little girl's cunt, my hands stoking her supple back.

My cock softened, but stayed inside her, a last bit of pleasure to be had. "I don't want this dream to end, Daddy," she whispered. "Neither do I, baby girl." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, August 25th, 2017 Astarte Paris, France Even with my prescience, I couldn't defeat Mark.

A great wind howled around me, a prison of gusting wind whipping up dirt, as Mark, gleaming in gold armor, strode through the ruins of Paris towards me. He burned with energy. The powers of Moloch, Lucifer, Lilith, Dagon, and Chemosh filled him. My demonic servants, shining like silvery stars, rushed to my defense. Tendrils of water whipped out from Mark, knocking them back. He didn't even need the cadre of beautiful, silvery ghosts flanking him.

There was no future I could see where I would escape from his celestial gold blade. Then Chemosh's winds parted for Mark, his intense blue eyes burning into mine. I took a deep breath, holding my head up with pride. For nearly three years I had ruled Western Europe, molding the continent into a place fit for a Goddess. "Astarte," Mark growled. "Nine of my bodyguards are dead because of you." I gave him a mocking smile.

"Only nine? I should have tried harder. And how's your lovely wife?" I had almost killed that bitch when she led her forces across the Seine yesterday. Almost. His eyes grew even harder. His blade cut me down. The pain was terrible. My powers were ripped from me. Mark and his whore of wife gained my prescience. I should have fallen into the Abyss. I should have been at the mercy of thick ass granny fucked by big black cock those demons and spirits I had trod upon at the height of my power.

But I didn't fall. I had prepared for this possibility years ago. I had prepared a vessel to occupy my spirit and give me refugee. Lucifer thought his plan could not fail. But I saw that possibility. I opened my eyes, letting out a burst of babble. My vessel was only three years old. But I would grow and hide and wait for sex stories bfsexwx 19 5 20 18 opportunity.

"There you are," cooed Darleen, my vessel's mother. The young woman had matured since I had possessed her nearly four years ago. She was still beautiful, but her figure had ripened.

She bent down, scooping me up and ran a hand through my platinum-blonde curls. "How's my baby girl today?" "Fine, momma," I cooed, giving her a hug. I waited three thousand years to be free of the Abyss and rule the world. I could be patient again. The End