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College babe loren minardi have sex with a perv for her tuition
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The next day all I could think about was Alyssa. After the events of yesterday, I had some time to reflect on what had happened. At the time I didn't give it much thought, but what did Alyssa mean by 'I'm an angel'? Was she joking? But then how could she read other people's minds? Who was she really? These questions racked my mind as I wandered the hallways of the school after classes had ended.

Lost in thought, I absentmindedly turned a corner, and walked right into a walking stack of books, sending them tumbling to the ground. "Ah!" As a scream of surprise rang out, I quickly realized that books don't walk, and someone was carrying them. That someone was Lisa Reynolds: College-bound honor student and prominent student council member. The encounter was so unexpected that I just stood there in a daze.

I couldn't stop myself from remembering what I had seen yesterday. Her smooth, tan skin that had no blemishes. Those supple breasts with their protruding brown nipples. That sexy, womanly figure, and her shapely thighs that complimented her attractive ass. I felt my cock twitch a little in my pants. It took some effort for me to block out all the images that had been burned into my mind, and help her reorganize the heap of books laying all around us. "Ah, sorry!" I quickly kneeled down to the ground, and began helping her pick the books up.

"You startled me a bit there," she giggled, adjusting her glasses with a smile on her face. "I guess I was daydreaming a little too hard," I laughed back. Together we collected all the books, and organized them back into a neat stack. "Let me carry these for you," I offered as I was already beginning to pick up the stack. "Thank you; it was kind of getting hard to carry them." Having lifted the tower of books into my arms, I shifted them around until I was comfortable carrying them.

"Well, after you, Ms. Reynolds," I said, trying to act like alaina kristar changing room teen on hidden these books was a cinch. She smiled before turning, and heading down the hallway I had just come from, signaling for me to follow. "I was on my way to drop these books off at the reference room," she said, pointing at the library door aaja chora ki sexy story the hallway.

"I'm kind of glad I ran into you though; I've been wanting to talk to you." "And what would someone as busy as you want to talk to me about?" We entered the library, brother coming inside sister dot com walked over to the reference room in the corner.

Seeing as it was after school and classes had ended, the library was completely empty. We entered the reference room, leaving the door slightly open behind us. "As a member of the student council, I see it as my duty to make sure that everyone at this school gets along, and enjoys the time that they spend here." "Okay…" I sighed as I set the books down on the table in the center of the room. "And how does that relate to me?" "Well, I noticed that you tend to avoid the others when we're in class, and I was a little worried about you," she responded with a concerned look in her dark brown eyes.

"Well, it's an honor having someone like you worry about me, but you don't need to waste your concern on me." "This is serious, Jesse. I'm a member of the student council, and I'd like to see step momand son share bed get along with everyone else." There was a long pause, and a moment of silence as Lisa gazed through her glasses and into my eyes.

I could tell that she really seemed to care about this. "Really, I'm fine. Thank you though." She gave me one last long stare before she finally yielded. I couldn't help but smile. "Okay, if you say so… But for the record, I still think that it's bad to just turn a blind eye like this." "Is that so?" I chuckled, my face getting a bit warm. With the books taken care of, we prepared to leave when Lisa appeared to take a sudden interest in them.

"That's weird… I could've sworn this stack was a bit bigger than this." "Must be your imagination," I said, brushing over her suspicion. "We definitely picked up every single book after they all fell." "Yeah… You're right," she said, the books seeming to hold her attention for just a little longer before she seemed satisfied with my answer. After that we left the reference room, and headed through the library back into the hallway.

"Well, I should get going now. I still have some errands to run for the student council," Lisa said as she turned to walk off in the opposite direction of me, waving a goodbye. "See you in class tomorrow!" "See you!" I called out as I waved in return. I watched her disappear into an adjacent hallway before turning around to continue on my own way.

As soon as I turned the corner at the end of the hallway, I was met with a hand covering my mouth. "Don't say anything. Just follow me." Before I knew it, Alyssa was leading me through the hallway by the hand with a sly smile set on her face. Once again I found myself being led down the same hallway I had just come from. We entered the library, and I was guided to the edge of the room, where we stood in front of the reference room door.

She quickly ushered me inside before looking both ways, and slipping into the room, shutting the door behind her. "In here we can be all alone," She said, turning around as her voice began to take on a seductive tone. "Today we won't be interrupt—" I could see where this was going, but my questions for her were still swirling around in my mind. "Wait," I said, cutting her off before she could finish. "Before we do that, I've got some questions for you." "Hm?" Seeing my chance, I began asking all the questions I had on my mind.

"How can you read minds? Who are you, seriously? And what did you mean by 'I'm an angel'?" With all these questions out in the open she paused, and took a minute to think.

After a few moments, she looked as if she had found what she wanted to say. "Well… I can't really answer any of those questions in a way that you'd understand.

The best way would be for me to just show you." "And how are you gonna—" Before I could finish my sentence, she had closed the distance between us, and planted her lips against mine. She pushed her lips deeper into the kiss, and I could feel my arousal welling up. The feel of her soft lips against mine was mesmerizing, and did a good job of making me forget my questions.

It was all so sudden that all I could do was kiss her back. The kiss was hot, passionate, and filled with lust. Amidst the heat of our kiss, her tongue slipped past my lips, and began playing with mine.

Our tongues swirled around one another, mixing our saliva together to create an odd taste. Her saliva was sweet, and gave me a high almost euphoric feeling. Suddenly my cock grew rock hard, and was raring to go.

My balls tightened, and I felt like I could cum at any moment.

My manhood felt so hot, and Alyssa trying to fish it out of my pants didn't help in the slightest. By the time she had pulled it out, her soft touch was already pushing me over the edge. She gave me a few quick strokes, and I couldn't hang on anymore. My knees buckled as Euro teen black cock and russian blowjob in car stepbrothers obsession grunted through our kiss, and shot multiple ropes of cum all over her hand and clothes. The cum just kept coming, and it seemed like it would never end.

As my orgasm waned, I noticed that I had made Alyssa into quite the mess. Her hand and clothes were covered with my cum. "Oh shit, Sorry!" I panicked as my eyes bounced around the room looking for something that could help clean the cum off of her hand and clothes.

"I don't see any tissues in here…" "That's fine. I don't need any tissues," she reassured me as her eyes turned towards her hand, and she began to lick the cum off. I sat there watching her slurp all the cum off her hand until there was none left.

"As for my clothes — there's plenty more where they came from," she said as she began taking them off, and tossing them onto the table in the middle of the room.

Her brunette hair flowed down to just below her shoulders, and followed the natural shape of her body. Just one look at her sexy figure, and before I knew it, my manhood had come back to life.

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Alyssa's attention turned to my erect package, and she smiled. "Looks like it's working just fine" she said, running her finger tip along the length of my cock, causing me to wince in pleasure. "Almost like a drug, my saliva has aphrodisiac-like effects; forcing your libido wait carl black boys sex overdrive, making you sensitive to any kind of arousal, and allowing you to be able to cum over and over again." My legs still felt weak when Alyssa pushed me down into one of the empty chairs at the table.

Before I knew it, she was on top of me, and within moments her dripping, wet pussy had swallowed the head of my cock. We both moaned in pleasure as she began sliding more and more of my length into her.

She was tight, and I could feel her pussy eagerly gripping my cock. The pleasure paralyzed me, and I could do nothing but stay still as my member slowly reached deeper and deeper inside her.

Her soaking, wet pussy lubricated me with her juices, helping her inch her way down until she sat on top of me, and the full length of my shaft disappeared into her. "How does it feel?" she whispered into my ear. "My warm, sopping, wet pussy." With the combined effects of our kiss earlier and the fact that I had just lost my virginity, the pleasure was too much for me.

I didn't even have time to say that I was cumming as within moments the cum was already rushing from my balls into my shaft. My mind went blank as my lust overwhelmed me, and I painted the walls of her pussy white.

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In a daze, I sat there breathing hard until my thoughts came back to me. "Shit! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to—" I began to panic before she cut me off. "Don't worry," she said, brushing it off with a nonchalant tone. "You can cum in me as many times as you'd like." Before I could recover, Alyssa began moving her hips at her own pace, driving me wild. I moaned as she slid all the way up to the tip of my shaft before slamming back down to the base.

Her warm insides massaged my cock as we began to develop a rhythm with our thrusts. Her breasts jiggled as she bounced up and down on my member. I took a hold of them, and fondled their smooth contour. Their soft texture contrasted with the feel of her hard nipples as my hands grazed their surface.

I took one of the hard nubs into my mouth, and in that same moment, Alyssa let out a soft moan, her pussy clamping down even harder on my manhood. I sucked hard on her nipple, swirling my tongue around her areola. Alyssa caresses the back of my head as she pulls me closer to her chest.

The room was filled with the sound of flesh clapping against flesh, and soft moans as we both drowned in pleasure. I pulled off of her teat as she slid me out of her pussy, and spun around to face the opposite direction.

Standing between my legs, she bent her knees, and reinserted my shaft into her tight hole. "You can use me however you like," Alyssa said through her short breaths, pulling up on my cock, and letting gravity bring her back down, taking even more of my length this time. "This position is your favorite, right?

You want to fuck me just like this, right?" I could feel my manhood throb at the sound of Alyssa's voice as her dirty talk began to get to me. My hands brushed along her body as I found my way to her hips. I began building my own rhythm, syncing my thrusts with her's as I rammed my rod deep into her pussy. I could feel her insides strangle my cock as she moaned with pleasure.

I couldn't take it anymore. My mind went blank as waves of pleasure crashed over me. I forced both of us to stand, and bent her over the table with my member still inside of her. I began ravaging her pussy, plunging in and out of her like a piston as my hips smacked against her ass. Every time I pulled out, her tight pussy would clasp down on my cock, and suck me right back in.

My hands found their way to her breasts, and began groping them, causing her insides to uncontrollably contract around my manhood.

Soon she was bucking her hips back, and shoving her ass onto my cock to match the timing of my thrusts.

With one hand on her breast, I reached the other to her lips, and she began sucking on my index and middle finger as if they were my shaft, sliding them in and out of her mouth. Alyssa's moans increased in volume and tempo as she swirled her tongue around my fingers. I could tell she was getting close. Let loose! Cum! I grabbed her ass, and focused only on thrusting as deep and fast as I could, pushing her over the brink.

I could feel her body tensing up as her pleasure reached its peak. "I'm coming!" Alyssa moaned through my fingers, muffling her voice. She quivered as her body convulsed, and her hot fluids father plays with sexy daughter down my balls.

Her insides constricted around my cock, and that was all it took to mom and real sonbathroom dickmade spy cam me beyond my limit. I buried my shaft balls-deep into her pussy, pulling out last second as I groaned, and unloaded all over her ass.

The first strands of cum covered her ass cheeks with the last strands landing on her pussy and anus. I could do nothing but stand there in a daze, groaning as I stroked my cock over her ass. By the time I had finished, her ass was covered with thick, white cum. At this moment, I heard something fall in the direction of the door.

I swiveled my head on a dime, the sound alarming me. But I was too slow. The door was half way open, and whoever or whatever was there was already gone.

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The only thing that remained was a lone book on the ground. I looked back at the table to find a smiling Alyssa, who didn't seem to be anxious at all. "Looks like we've been caught," she laughed.

"This isn't good," I said, obviously worried. "Whoever saw us could report us if they wanted to." "Don't worry about it," Alyssa said, her smile never breaking once. "We'll be fine, and if anything happens, I'll handle it. Trust me." Once again I found myself in a situation where I would need to put my faith in Alyssa. We were left with that final line in the air as I decided to trust her as usual. "Stay here while I go get you some tissues to clean yourself," I said as I pulled up my pants, and headed out through the door.

As I closed the door behind me, I could see Alyssa's innocent smile slowly become mischievous. Something was brewing, and it quickly became apparent that whoever or whatever Alyssa was… She wasn't normal.