Jasmine blacks big natural big tits hardcore

Jasmine blacks big natural big tits hardcore
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I acknowledged that my other story sucked. I am trying my best to improve my stories and make the more desirable for you guys to like them. You can read my previous version to get some background info. I would like you guys to vote positive but I will have to earn it. Well here goes. It was 3 months' time from my last story. Since last time I had my encounter with Megan, I had gotten a job at my dad's business five miles from my mom's house. My dad was a contractor and made a reasonable pay.

I had a good salary of $500 a week just for filing papers and being his son.

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For my birthday my dad got me my own car. As soon as I saw that baby my heart almost got dumped out of my butt. It wasn't new but it was my dream car. A 2008 Mustang Shelby. I drove Megan and me to school every day and felt like a boss. I paid for my own gas because I had a job that paid enough to do so.

I didn't pay rent so I had a lot of money saved up. I got off on spring break for 2 weeks so that meant no worrying about school. Kind of relaxing don't you think? "Mom do you have to go now?" I asked her.

It was only 3:30 when she was going to visit my aunt in Las Vegas. I live in California so Nevada is not too far away. My mom said "oh don't worry; I should be back at night in two days. I'm going to stay there.

Take care of your sister and if you guys have any emergencies just call me on my cell phone". I already knew my mom was going to go gamble with my aunt, every time we visited she would go and bet the night away leaving me and Megan bored as hell in the hotel. She told me that we can order something and I could pick it up in my car. We said our final good byes and my mom was off for Las Vegas. When she turned the corner I told Megan "I hope she has a safe trip and plenty of fun there".

We stood there a while and Megan held my hand. I was used to this because after our "relaxing" night she has been ever so close to me. She would hold my virile stud pleasures lascivious oriental japanese hardcore every opportunity she got.

I didn't mind, it was a nice warm felling being with her. We pregnant babe gets her tits glazed julia reaves in together holding hands and sat down on the couch holding hands.

We talked about stupid school and how it was nice to get a break from doing non-stop work. After talking for a while I told her, "Get ready I'm going to take you out today". I saw her face light up as she said "where are you going to take me"? I told her it was a surprise and I have enough money to pay for everything tonight. She ran upstairs and started to work on herself.

I followed a little after and got myself ready. After I got out of the shower it was time to go.

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She was well dressed in her favorite clothes which was the best dress she had that was not to fancy which I liked. Her hair was not to dark brown and was wavy which I always thought looked nice. I was dressed in some dark jeans and the coolest jacket I had with some sun glasses. When I came down stairs I asked her if she was ready to go.

She didn't look bad at all; I actually thought she looked kind of cute. She said "yeah I'm ready to have a wonderful day with my brother"! At this point the time was 5:00. She came over and held my hand as we walked out and locked the door. We walked my car and I opened the door for her. She looked at me and smiled as I helped her in. It was a sport car so what else was I supposed to do? We arrived at our destination and she looked suppressed.

We were at the mall and I was ready to burn a hole in my wallet. But it was for my sister so I didn't care. We bounced from store to store and slid my credit card at least ten times. I didn't buy a thing being afraid that all my money would disappear. When we were done we walked to the car and I told her "I have one more surprise left for you".

She turned to me and gave a little shout. The sun was setting because of daylight savings and it was only 6:00. I drove faster so we wouldn't miss it.

I had a reservation at one of the nicest restaurants in town. She was wearing a dress so she was fine but I was underdressed. We were the only ones that were under thirty there and people gave us strange looks.

We got walked over to our table and I pulled her chair out for her. We got our menus and we ordered mathern and son 1st time sax bf movi downlode drinks. I told her "you can order anything you want from the menu". She looked up surprised and said "oh but everything is so expensive." I cut her off and said "whatever for my favorite sister".

I could see tears forming in her eyes. She dug her face in the menu and tried to cover her eyes that mom and compeers daughter threesome glasses sly stepmom catches a fox now flooded with tears. After a while of deciding the waiter came and asked what we wanted. She told him her order and I did the same after. We ate and we didn't talk much in between. I guess she just felt embarrassed for making me spend money.

After we were done we put down our napkins and she said "thanks a lot for taking me and doing all these things for me". I blushed and said "it's no problem, I like doing this for you".

She grabbed my hand as I put it out to help her out of her chair. When we were leaving I heard the receptionist say "they make a great couple, he is such a gentleman". Those words sat behind my head for the whole ride back. When we got back I helped her out of the car and we walked into the house. We changed into our pajamas and met down stairs and Megan was on the couch. When I came closer she stood up and gave me a hug.

We hugged for a while and I started swinging slowly. We didn't say anything just swung. I was a full head taller than her so while her head was on my shoulder, mine was on her head.

She pulled away and our eyes met. Her sparkling green eyes the only one in the family to get those looked into my eyes full of confusion. She looked not saying a word and then kissed me with all the passion she had.

She kissed me for at least ten seconds and realized I wasn't kissing back. She pulled back and said "Mike I love you. Do you love me"? I knew what I was going to say and said it fast. I told her "of course I love you, and I always will". She told me "but do you love me like I love you"? I closed my eyes as I kissed back, and I was in love with my sister.

We kissed for a good 1st time story porn xxx dowanload minutes and not making out. When we stopped she whispered in my ear "I'm tired". I picked her up like you do to a baby and carried her to her room.

I set her down at her bed and gave her a kiss good night on the forehead. I heard her say "no, sleep here tonight". I loved my sister in a way I had never done so.

I lay down and she cuddled next to me. I put my arm around her so my shoulder acted like a leanan y torbe mi primera vez. She came close to me and whispered "thanks for everything Mike I love you so much" and gave me kiss on the cheek.

We fell asleep fast and I had the best night of my life. When I woke up I was almost afraid wondering why I was in Megan's room. I just laid back and realized that Megan wasn't there.

I started to sit up as she walked into the room. She put her hand on my chest and climbed on my stomach with her legs on the side of my hips. She started to kiss me and I got an instant boner. We kissed a while and she finally said "I have a surprise for you, well actually two surprises".

She grabbed my hand and she led me to the kitchen. As soon as I walked in I smelled breakfast. She sat me down and brought me a plate with pancakes, eggs for eyes, and bacon for the mouth. She kissed my head and said "I made this just for my big brother. Eat up"! I devoured to pancakes and everything else.

After I was done I told her "these were the best pancakes I have ever had"! She smiled and put my chin up. She said "you have some food there" and went for my lips. This time her tongue was going to meet mine. She placed her tongue inside and I responded with my tongue coming at hers. When we were making out she tried to talk while being out of breath and said "and for your second surprise." She guided me to her bedroom and pushed me onto her bed.

I laid back and she jumped on top of me like she did that morning. She helped me take off my shirt and her shirt and pajamas was off as soon as I looked back. She was kissing me so fast I didn't even know if she was breathing. The kisses felt good coming of those sweet pink lips. She kept moving her lower region back and forth near my groin that had a huge mound sticking out of it.

She stopped moving and started to stroke my now almost fully erect penis while still kissing me. Our tongues traded a lot of saliva and she would sometimes pull away and took a breath shortly returning to kissing. My dick was really getting large as Megan told me "I think it's time for me to go farther".

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She came down slowly and caressed my chest. When she got to my shorts she grabbed my penis and stroked softly a couple of times. She pulled off my shorts and underwear and kissed my fully erect prick. She saw the pre-cum slide down my cock and she ate it up fast. She sucked a little on the head and went a little lower sucking my balls.

As she sucked she was rubbing my dick going nice and slow then faster and again slow. More pre-cum slid down and her tongue went right after it not leaving a single strand left. There was no stopping her, she was wet shaved pussy gets hammered hardcore cumshots animal. Out of breath she told me "get ready for my cunt". She turned over and slid those panties off with her legs straight up in the air.

I knew she was going to dominate this fuck but I didn't mind seeing her wonderful round orbs bouncing up and down. She sunk her perfectly warm pussy into my dick and sat up. She started slow and get faster.

She would scream and her tits would jump up and down her magnificent body. We fucked for five minutes and she told me she was going to cum.

She let out a huge scream and I felt her warm juices flood my cock and some fell on my stomach and the rest on her bed. She was out of breath but still wanted to keep on going.

Another yell seven minutes later and more juice were being dumped out of her clit and onto her bed.

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I was reaching my point because he pussy contracted and was so very tight on my michelle wild is back and ready for some more hardcore action hard penis.

I told her "Megan I'm going to." She said "its ok mom got me some birth control. Just do your thing". She came down and I shot my first string of cum into her tight and wet pussy. When I felt our juices mix I couldn't help myself but to shoot a second, and a third, and a fourth.

I heard Megan gasping as my dick shot ribbons of white cum all the way into her tight pussy. We were done and Megan came up to release my swollen cock. She was out of breath and fell on top of me.

She came close and said "time to clean up" and went to fetch us a towel. We took a hot shower and that was it. We didn't put clothes on. She put her hand around my neck. I carried her to her room and set her down. I lay down as well and we took an afternoon nap.

When I woke up Megan was just lying there looking at the celling. She looked so beautiful laying there naked as was I. She rolled over to kiss me. She came up and said "mom doesn't come home till tomorrow. Round two"?