Pretty blond chick gets cum on her face

Pretty blond chick gets cum on her face
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Im a 22 year old guy who just like most other guys is always eyeing up loads of women. Since the age of 16 I have had many sexual encounters with girls and for the last 20 of them I have started keeping a momento afterwards to remind me of the great fun we had. It all started as a mistake after a girl I brought back for a one nighter left her thong on my bedroom floor. I woke up to find it there and began to relive the past nights love making. I suddenly had this urge to be with her again when I spotted her thong.

I began to slowly masturbate my hard cock whilst looking down at her knickers with a slight stain in them. The next thing I knew I had the crotch of her thong pressed directly to my nose, smelling her scent. It drove me wild, I wanted more so I started to lick the stain, still being able to taste her juices on the now increasingly wet material.

And that is where my fetish for it all started. Since then I have kept a pair of panties whether they were given or if I had to steal them and every now and then I go through my pile of dirty underwear having a sniff, reminiscing the night of pleasure provided by the wearer.

Now I may begin the story&hellip. I had just finished work and didn't want to go home to my cold shitty flat so I decided to go to my girlfriend Jenny's house. She lived at home with her mum and dad still but they were relaxed with me going round and staying over.

When I got there I knocked on the door and it was Tina who answered. Tina is jenny's mum, she is roughly 45 years old, id say about 120 pounds and maybe 5ft 7 tall. The years have been good to her as she still has a fantastic arse on her, pretty small but perky looking tits, and a slight belly growing. Her hair is brown and shoulder length, and she flicks it round in a flirty fashion often enough knowing that people still find her really attractive.

'hello john, what can I do for you ?' said Tina 'I'm just wondering if jenny is back form work yet?' I said 'No, but she shouldn't be too long, come in and wait if you like ?' So in I walked watching her as she looked to almost glide across the kitchen floor.

'fancy a brew?' she asked 'yes please' I watched her in my usual admiring way as she worked her way round the kitchen opening up the fridge to get the milk, looking in the cupboard for the tea bags. She was wearing a white blouse with a frilly pattern down the front where the buttons are, a black knee length pencil skirt, black tights and heels.

This outfit really made her look gorgeous, like a really sexy little secretary. ' Paul not back yet?' I asked with a glimmer of hope 'no, he is working down south this week so wont be back till the weekend' My heart started beating, Paul was her husband, and with him out of the way it made it a whole lot easier to complete my fetish.

'is it ok if I go use the bathroom please ? I asked 'yeah sure, u no where it is' came her reply I real private amateur homemade mother sex the usual excited spring in my step as I started to so up the stairs, two at a time. I knew I didn't have long so every second counts.

I walked along the corridor towards the bathroom and opened the door then shut it again pretty hard without actually going in, hoping she would think I was in there. I carried on down the corridor until I got to Tina and Paul's bedroom door.

I gently pushed it open, trying my hardest to stop before it started creaking then slid in through the gap. There stood my 'holy grail' in the far corner of the room, the laundry basket. Without wasting any time I crept across the room and started going through it. I came across a white thong with a small stain on the gusset and I went week elsa and jenna are two sexy lesbians the knees.

This was perfect. I crept my way back across the room, out the door closing it too after me then headed for the bathroom. I slowly began to turn the handle trying to reduce the squeak of the turning knob.

When I was inside I did the same when shutting the door and locking it then started undoing my jeans. I pushed them down to my ankles along with my underwear and sat on the toilet seat lid. I tore off some toilet roll and laid it across my knee then I lifted the thong up to my face and inhaled deeply.

The smell was fantastic, the musky odour filling my nostrils had me hard in an instant. I put the thong over my head so the gusset was over my nose and began to take deep long breathes in through my nose, out through my mouth whilst wanking. As I got more into it I knew I had to taste her so I adjusted the thong so I had the stain pressing against my lips.

I started to probe the material with my tongue, licking slightly, which soon turned into full sucking of her thong stained juices, my nose now inhaling the smell of her arse.

It wasn't long before I came all over the toilet roll. I quickly cleaned up and flushed the toilet. I stood up, fastened my jeans back up and opened the door and there stood Tina. I froze, on the spot, with her dirty thong in my hand. Then my senses came back to me and I hid the underwear behind my back. 'you've been korean sex fairy tales porn uncensored subtitles, just came to check you are ok?' 'im fine, im fine' I said 'you look flustered, and what are you hiding behind your back?' she asked 'nothing' ' show me' she demanded I slowly brought my hand forward, her thong resting on my open palm, wet oral service for hard shlong smalltits and hardcore face bright red with embarassement, feeling so bad that I had been caught.

'YOU PERVERT, YOU FILTHY PERVERT' she shouted, 'JUST WAIT TILL I TELL JENNY AND PAUL' 'no' I pleaded 'please don't, I will do anything' There was no changing her mind, she stormed down the corridor into her bedroom and picked up the phone.

She started dialing a number, I had to think fast, I ran over, busty bouncy football teen gargles on balls down and ripped the connection for the phone out of the socket. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' she was furious now 'your not telling anybody' I replied and with that I grabbed her by her arms and dragged her over to the bed, picking her up and slamming her down on the matress.

'You just had to question me, couldn't just leave me be. Now your gonna get whats coming to you' I climbed up on top of her and sat on her stomach, pinning her wrists to the bed above her head. I lent down and started to kiss her on her mouth. She started shaking her head from side to side trying to stop me, screaming for me to stop. I lent back and slapped her hard across the cheek.

'stop struggling, or I will hit you again u dirty old slut' I grabbed her hand again and pushed them back down against the bed. I lent forward and kissed her on the lips, this time she didn't shake her head, but kept her lips closed tightly again.

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SLAP. 'don't make this hard on yourself' Third time round she just layed there and accepted the inevitable and let me kiss her.

As my tongue explored the mouth of the woman I had fantasised about for years, I could feel myself becoming hard again. I looked at Tina and her eyes grew wide with fear as she felt my hard cock pressing against her stomach. I let go of her wrists and began to un button her blouse.

She started to struggle again, bucking her body ferociously underneath me, almost as if she was fighting for her life.

Her hands formed fists and she started punching me anywhere she could. I sat back and ploughed one of my own fists straight into her face. All the struggle came out of her straight away, her arms dropped down on the bed and a trickle of blood started to drip from her nose.

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I had knocked her out, I checked for a pulse to make sure I hadn't killed her and she was alright. Now she wasn't fighting it made it easier for me so I climbed off her and knelt on the bed next to her.

I Started to unbutton her blouse from the bottom upwards, slowly revealing her stomach.

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I started to trace the line of her blouse with my tongue, starting form the waist line of her skirt, over her belly button and upwards towards her bra. I rapidly unbuttoned the last 4 buttons then sat her up so I could undo her bra, then take both items of clothing off. Her titties were smaller than they looked and she had really dark nipples. I laid her back down on the bed and began to grope away at her tits, flicking her nipples with my fingers before leaning down and taking a nipple in my mouth.

The nipple soon turned stiff between my lips as I sucked, licked and gently nibbled on it. I began to play with her other nipple with my fingers.

I cant begin to tell you how many nights I have had this fantasy whilst doing the same thing to her daughter. Next I reached down and began to pull up her skirt, taking in the view of her lovely legs. As I got further up her legs I noticed she wasn't onlyteenblowjobs kasey warner sloppy blowjob tube porn tights, but in fact stockings.

My cock grew even harder and was straining against the denim of my jeans. I kept lifting the skirt till it was up around her waist, revealing a pair of white lacy panties. I let my hands start touching her stocking covered legs at her knee, gently running them up the smooth material, up over the seem of the stockings and to the side of her knickers.

As I sat looking at her knickers, rubbing her inner thighs, I could see stray pubes poking through the lace. By now I was so hard I thought I would spurt my load at any second. I placed a hand on either hip around the material of her knickers and began to wiggle them down, revealing a dark forest of pubic hair as I did so. I pulled them all the way off and put them in my pocket for later. I opened her legs as wide as they could go, giving me the most fantastic view I have ever seen.

Her vagina really was a sight for sore eyes. Her big meaty pussy lips and engorged clitoris were clearly visible through her pubes, and when I tried to push my finger inside her hot love tunnel It was really tight. I slid my finger in and out a few times, feeling her pussy clenching round my finger.

I could feel the first few lubricating drops of her pussy juice forming around my finger so I pulled it out. I sat there and sniffed my finger, the smell was slightly different to the dry stains in her knickers, it was so fresh and invigorating I had to taste it. All it took was one suck of my finger and the taste was like a drug, so addictive. I wanted more. I leaned in and opened her pussy lips with my fingers and slid my tongue deep into her tight snatch.

Tina seemed to be coming round again as I was licking away one minute at her clit, the next at her hole.

She started again with the punching at me, really struggling to try and get me off. I couldn't be bothered with the fight any more.

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I pulled my jeans and underwear down and released my throbbing cock. She looked straight into my eyes. 'please John, don't do it. I wont tell anybody, I promise' she begged 'you naughty america old woman teacher xxx story your chance you bitch' I fought her to get in between her legs, she was still thrashing around.

I smacked her in the face again but she had grown wise to it and turned her head so I just hit the back of it. Fuck it. I grabbed a big hand full of her hair and dragged her off the bed. As her body slumped to the floor I dragged her hair again and made her face the bed, then bent her over it still holding her hair. There her arse was wiggling away in front of me.

I grabbed a hold of my cock with my free hand and guided it to her pussy lips. She jerked and was still trying to escape from my grip but in doing so she pushed her self backwards and impaled herself on my cock. There I was balls deep in my mother-in-law and it felt like heven.

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I kept a good grip on her hair, forcing her face into the matress and with my other hand I reached round and in between her legs and started playing with her pussy.

I started to rape her, right there on her marital bed, thrusting in and out of her with my cock, slowly increasing the pace. She was really screaming now but also crying.

This only spurred me on more and I began to fuck like a man possessed. In, out, in, out I went with such ferocity my balls were starting to ache from slapping against her. Then I began to feel that all to familiar feeling in my balls, the start of the euphoric wave that I couldn't wait to release. And then it came, squirting out of my cock into my mother-in-law's pussy, thrusting, squirting, it never seemed to end. Finally my orgasm subsided and my cock started to go flaccid again so I pulled it out of her pussy.

I picked up a towel from the floor and threw it at her. 'get cleaned up u slut, and next time, don't you fight it' I said All she did was sit on the mom say nfuck me oky of the bed looking at me sobbing.

Her eyes red and bloodshot, she started to wipe her pussy clean. That's when I herd the noise of the front door opening and Jenny shout 'hello, I'm home'