Mature couple invites friend over threesome interview

Mature couple invites friend over threesome interview
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Chapter 9 - The Day with Jessica Life in my house the last two months or so had been odd. After my sister unexpectedly moved in it put the brakes on any potential physical or intimate relationship my daughter and I had been on the verge of exploring. It had given me time to think and I had decided that that kind of relationship shouldn't be pursued, but then almost immediately broke my rule when I found myself chastising my teenage daughter, and after she kicked me in the balls and things got a little crazy, I ended up giving her a real hard spanking.

so much so that her ass had been beat red and she was sobbing. The whole experience, of her teasing me, of us wrestling on the bed, and then of my spanking her, had made my lust take over and it all ended with me whipping my cock out and cumming all over her beet red little ass.

I think the whole experience had shocked Julia into behaving. At least for a while. It was about a week ago that things turned weird again.She started small, an accidental dropping of her towel after she came out of the shower, bending over in really short skirts and sexy panties to pick things up, brushing her breasts against me when passing by in the narrow hall in our house, even wearing really low cut tops and no bra and bending down to talk to me when I was laying on the couch so that I could see her perfect supple little breasts in their full glory.

It was even smaller things than that though too; like she started accidently leaving her panties in the shared upstairs bathroom, so when I went in I would see them laying there. But nothing she did was so obviously intentional I couldn't be sure, even though I was, and even though I knew in my gut what was up, it just didn't feel right calling her out on it in case it was all my own imagination.

I had to admit, that I thought about her often. I thought about the times we had together. I masturbated to thoughts of her more and more often.

I would smell the panties left behind in the bathroom, or I would watch the recorded nanny cam video of her and Sophia's wild night of lesbian sex. If anything I felt like I was starting to crack.

What bothered me even more was that I had always only ever been into women right around my age, but I found I was beginning to check out younger girls, besides my daughter. Picking her up from school, going out to the mall, or when she brought friends over the house, my mind would get lost in fantasy.

Maybe it was just that after years of pent up sexual energy I had a very brief - but amazing- career, only to get benched again. I had fucked this wild redhead, Shannon, but she lived quite a few hours away, and she was a busy executive.

The worst part of all was that it was late spring/early summer now, only about a month of school left. The young girls were dressing very liberally and many were intentionally flaunting it.

Soon teens showing as much skin as possible would be everywhere. It was a particularly hot Saturday morning and it was only supposed to get hotter. I was downstairs fixing a busted kitchen drawer. I was wearing gym shorts and no top - I had already given in because of the heat. My head was inside the cabinet below the drawer and I was laying on the floor outside the cabinet.

With a last turn of the screw driver I thought I had finally fixed the problem. "Daddy?" Asked a soft little voice. I had been focusing so intently that she startled me and I lifted my head, bashing it into the drawer and smashing the part I crazy scene from this aint duck dynasty xxx just screwed in, so that it came apart. I left out a sigh of frustration and looked out, rubbing the top of my head.

"Yes, Julia?" She was standing there in just a sports bra and the tiniest pair of gym shorts, revealing a protruding camel toe. She was standing over me looking down at me, with her hair in a sidepony. Fuck.

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"Daaaddyyyy. It's too hot!" I noticed she was, like me, already covered in small beads of sweat. "Well what do you want me to do about it? Change the weather?!" I snapped back. As if the heat alone wasn't enough to lower one's patience, I had just ruined what I had spent the last 1 hour working on.

"No, but why do I have to suffer, it's not fair. Its a double standard!" She whined at me. Something about her whiney voice was a real turn on. I wanted to reach around and grab her by the ass and pull her toward my face and wet my whistle with her juices. "What the hell are you talking about girl?" "YOU don't have to wear a top around the house. Do you have ANY idea how sweaty these boobs are?" She footage of my girlfriend all horny for my cock back.

I wasn't sure if this was another of her wily ways of trying to tease me, or if she was actually too hot and wanted to seriously go topless around the house. Either way I wasn't going to allow that conversation to continue any further. "Ok fine, I get it. Why don't you throw something a little less… revealing on and we can go to the mall. It is always air conditioned and a nice place to kill a few hours while escaping the heat." "Thank you daddy!

I'll call Jessica" and she ran off. Jessica? What does she have to do with any of this?

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I wondered, but she was already gone. ******************************************************************* About an hour or so later I was escorting the girls around the local mall. Fluorescent lights and crowds were never my scene, but it was significantly cooler, so cool in fact I got a chill walking in.

People of all ages and walks of life had the same idea as us it seemed, it was so crowded. Julia was dressed in a loose hippie skirt type thing, with a tie dye pattern on it, and a half shirt that showed off her flat stomach.

She had her hair in a side ponytail still, and she was wearing just a little bit of blue eyeliner. Her friend Jessica was a couple inches shorter, long thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, and little diamond earrings. She wore a tube top and denim shorts. Her belly button was pierced, with a silver rod, and she wore a small cross necklace that dangled in the valley of her cleavage. Julia and Jessica had known each other since second grade, but they had only become good friends within the last year.

Jessica had been over the house much more lately, or maybe I had just noticed her more lately… We walked around the mall, going from store to store and they browsed clothes, cds, and jewelry. I found myself mostly spacing out and people watching -- and you know what I mean by that. The girls wanted a break for food, so we went to the food court and got some soft serve ice cream.

I walked over with their orders and handed it to them one at a hand and Jessica gave me a big smile and said "Thank you so much Mr. K.". And I swear she was giving me the eyes. Maybe I was making blonde sweetie knows what a guy wants up.

I had to shake the thoughts out of my head. "You're welcome Jessica, but you can just call me Tony." I smiled back. "Oh, Mr. K. I wouldn't assume that level of intimacy, my mom always taught me to address your elders with Mr. or Mrs." "Jessica, please, Tony will be fine. You're at my house all the time, and I've known you since you were just a kid." "Ugh, don't remind me.

I can't believe what I used to look like. I can't believe I grew into that nose!" Julia started laughing and choked a little on her ice cream. "Oh come on now, you've always been very pretty and you know it." Julia shot me a look, like "Are you flirting with my friend?" I ignored her. I just continued, "I'm just glad that at least you aren't going on and on about how supposedly ugly or fat you are, like I remember most of the hot girls doing non-stop when I was your age." When I said the word hot Jessica's eyes widened and she went from looking at her ice cream to looking right up at me.

Julia's face dropped and she looked obviously unpleased. I didn't want to make teen fucked hard dp our insatiable birthday bash continues bigger a deal out of what I said so I just went back to eating my ice cream. Julia and Jessica went back to talking about some new t.v. show that I hadn't heard of before. I finished my ice cream and told the girls "I'm going to go throw this away, and then maybe just take a stroll around for a couple minutes, you two look like you need another 5 or 10 minutes to finish, femaleagent milf tempts sexy couple into hot threesome I'll be back soon." Julia didn't even look over at me, but Jessica eagerly replied, "Ok Mr - I mean - Tony.

Thanks again for the ice cream it was just what I needed inside of me- my belly." then she smiled a wicked grin. I walked away with a skip in my step, chuckling under my breath and thinking to myself "I could totally fuck that girl if I wanted to." I went to the bookstore and browsed the magazines for a little bit and then decided to head back. When I got back to the table we had been sitting at there was a family of five there, a little toddler on a weird leash thing drooling on himself and two older kids bickering and two clueless parents stuffing their faces.

My girls were no where in sight. I texted Julia and started to panic just a little. What if they had been snatched up by some pervert? Then I thought about how just a few weeks ago I had in a fit of horny rage spanked my daughters ass until it was burning red and then jerked off all over it. I guess everything is relative… A couple minutes later I got a text back, "Sry, will be a few min, trying on clths".

She didn't even say which store. My daughter can have a real attitude problem some times. I went to the music store to kill some time and found a small bin in the back with records in it!

I had a record player tucked away in my closet somewhere. How could would it be to take it out and see if it still worked?! I thumbed through the records to see if there was anything good. Surprisingly I knew most of what was in the bin. When I came across a copy of Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Trilogy I bought it on a whim. It was such a classic and I hadn't heard it probably since before Julia was born. While I was waiting in line I got a text from my daughter, "Where r u?" "Meet me at the car" I replied.

I got to the car and the two girls were there waiting for me. I noticed that they each had a new bag from one of the hip clothing stores that had recently opened. "Pick up anything good?" I asked innocently. "Daddy I had a great idea. What if you take me and Jessica to the water park?" She asked excitedly. "Oh, I don't know sweetie. I don't know if I really want to go there today. Its such a far drive." I grumbled back. "But daddy, we want to try on our new bathing suits!" my daughter whined.

Jessica smiled at me and shook her bag, "I bought a new bikini." she said matter-of-factly. "Pleaseeeee daddy?" She got all pouty faced with me. Sigh. "Ok fine." ************************************************************ When we pulled up to the water park it was as I expected, quite full of noisy people, mostly kids, running around and being obnoxious. "Ok girls, now listen. We can't stay too long because we need to get back in time for dinner ok?" "Yess daddy." "Yes Tony." Jessica said, emphasizing my first name and smiling at me and raising one eyebrow.

After paying to get in the girls went into the women's changing room. Lacking a suit I just waited outside. I watched as beautiful women of all ages went in or out. The ones going in were soaking wet and often their nipples were poking through the material, or had some wings legs tall gal takes amateur sexual advances toe to catch my eye.

I was glad I wasn't in swim trunks, not enough support, I would be pointing straight out! Jessica came out first, wearing a small plain white bikini. The material was rather thin looking though I noticed. I wondered just how much integrity it would have when it got really wet. Despite the lack of color or style to the bikini she looked amazing. She was bit of a plain Jane, blonde, went to church, etc. But she was pretty and well developed for her age. The swimsuit sort of highlighted that about her, like "Look at me, I'm pretty and not even trying." Julia came out in this red and black striped bikini top, and this ruffled ballerina bottoms looking kind of thing that was red and black too.

It was surprisingly modest compared to what I was expecting. The next hour went by quite uneventfully. I don't know why but after Julia giving me an attitude after what I said to Jessica I thought that she was up to something, but I guess I was just being paranoid.

At some point Julia came over to where I was sitting and watching. She grabbed her towel which was sitting on the chair next to me and wrapped it around her waist. "Could you buy us ice cream sandwiches?" "You already had icecream earlier sweetie." "I know… but please." Just then Jessica came walking over. Her bikini was nearly transparent, it was so soaking wet and the material white and thin, just as I had expected.

Her pink nipples were poking right through, and you could even make out their shade of pink, thats how transparent it was. Her breasts were perky and firm. I glanced down and saw a hint of an outline of her pussy lips, and no dark spot, she must be shaved or trimmed really low. I had to fix myself, but I tried to do so subtly by shifting my weight and crossing my legs.

"Can you come to the bathroom with me?" Jessica asked Julia. My daughter must have noticed that I was ogling her friend, or maybe even that I had to fix my hard on, because her eyes narrowed and she snapped back, "Can't you see I'm in the middle of talking to my daddy?" I think Jessica sensed something was up, maybe she even knew there was some territoriality going on here.

"OUR daddy!" Jessica exclaimed coming over and hugging me from behind, her wet breasts pressing against my neck. "He's been my daddy for the day too you know. He took me to the mall and the water park and bought me ice cream…" Julia's face got all red and her forehead wrinkled up. "Who's your favorite daughter by the way? Now that you have two, you have to pick a favorite." Jessica asked me, flagrantly teasing Julia, and still pressing her boobs into me. I was definitely tenting if I hadn't been before.

Julia shot me a look, like "You better fucking say me or I'll kill you!" "Oh come on now. That's a ridiculous question Jessica." I responded and Julia immediately planted a big kiss on my cheek.

I continued playfully, "You know I love both my daughters equally." Jessica stuck her tongue out at Julia who playfully tried to slap her face, but Jessica moved out of the way by swinging around to my front and planting herself on my lap. This forced my legs from uncrossing and put me a little off balance, so I had to grab onto Jessica to catch myself, so we ended up with her on my lap and the two of us hugging.

Her skin was wet and cool from the water, and she smelled of chlorine - which for some reason was a turn on - and her smooth soft legs on me was sending electricity through my body. Her hair brushed against my chin and her supple breasts were right there, just inches from my face. I had my hand around her waist and GOD did she feel good. With a stunned look on her face at our new closeness Julia forcefully reminded, "Didn't you have to go to the bathroom, Jessica?" Jessica rested her head on my shoulder, "Yeah.

So?" "So why don't you?" Things were obviously getting tense, and I was afraid the teasing would reach a new level soon. "I have an idea girls.

Why don't you both go and use the bathroom and change and I'll go pick you both up an ice cream sandwich? Then we can head home, OK?" I was trying real hard to be the mediator, but the hot teen with her head on my shoulder and the side of her left boob pressing against my chest was making it difficult to concentrate. I think I had even begun to rub her back. Julia gritted her teeth audibly and said, "Fine" and then turned and walked away, not even bothering to wait for her friend.

I looked down at Jessica who was snuggling her head against me. "How about you baby girl, are you down for that plan?" She looked up at me and said, "Of course daddy." She got up and started to walk away. Even though she was a little shorter than Julia, she was more filled out, and her ass was quite the sight to watch walk away. An old woman then walked passed me and I quickly became conscious of the tent in my shorts, and so without thinking I turned and grabbed the extra towel next to me and placed it on my lap.

When I turned back Jessica was standing there next to me again. "Oh hi." I said startled. "I forgot this." she said reaching down. My body seized up. Her hand didn't go straight for the towel. Instead it touched me about halfway down my chest and slowly ran down the small trail of hair, to my navel, and then skipped down to the towel on my lap.

My entire body was on fire. She did that on purpose. She wanted me as bad as I wanted her. I knew it. The whole touching my best thing had me so distracted that when she grabbed the towel, and fished around for my cock underneath it, finally grabbing the towel, and in doing so my cock, I was actually caught off guard.

She grabbed a handful and squeezed. Then she held it there and just looked at me. Our eyes locked and neither one of us said a word. Then just as suddenly as it started it stopped. She picked the towel up off my lap and gave me a sly smirk and said, "Just what I needed." I had tight blonde threesome with skinny girl and nasty man smalltits hardcore wait a few minutes before I got up.

I grabbed their ice cream sandwiches and waited for them outside the changing room. They were in there for a while. Julia came out first dressed in her skirt and half-tee and didn't say much as we waited. I tried to break the ice, "Long lines in there?" "Actually, yeah." She said in a disinterested tone. About two minutes later Jessica came out, still dressed in her wet bikini. "Sorry, the line for the bathroom was so long by the time I got out I didn't want to make you both wait for me to get in line for a changing room too." Julia just stormed off.

Jessica and I chatted the whole walk back to the car. We were laughing at a story she had told me when we got to the car and julia was standing by the passenger side front door. Clearly she had no intention of letting Jessica sit next to me.

Jessica didn't say a word, she just went to the back passenger door and I let the two of them in. The car ride was filled with awkward silence for a while, so I put the radio on a little loud to fill the empty air. Julia was staring out her window when I looked in the rearview mirror at Jessica and noticed that her bikini bottoms had slid to the side, revealing her soft pink lip on one side.

I looked back at her face and she was smiling at me. She had done it on purpose! I looked back at the road, then back at her crotch. This time it was further to the side and her legs were spread wide. I swallowed and looked back at the road, and then back at her sweet little pussy. Then back at the road. My eyes darted over to Julia, but she was totally unaware.

Then I looked back again. Jessica had made a "V" with her fingers and was spreading her hole wide open for me. I must have been sitting there with my tongue hanging out of my mouth like Odie from Garfield. I kept checking the road and looking back at the horny teen giving me a private sex show in my back seat.

She had slipped one tit out of her top and was rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and with her other index finger she was making circles around her clit. Julia moved a little and I had a heart attack, but she was only getting comfy, and didn't bother to look back at Jessica. Jessica was then putting her middle finger in her mouth and sucking it.

Then she pulled it out, wet and dripping with saliva, and slid it right into her opening. I had to be very focused. I didn't want to cause a head-on collision. Jessica was quickly fingering herself, her legs bouncing open and closed, and pinching her nipple. I just wanted to pull the car over and just get in the back seat with her and fuck her brains out while my daughter watched.

Then I would say, "If you wanna be daddy's favorite you'll fuck me better than your friend." Thats when Julia interrupted. Jessica quickly covered herself back up. "I'm sorry Stunning sex with ebon lovely babe hardcore and blowjob got moody Jessica. Do you wanna sleep over?" *********************************************** It was around 9 o'clock at night. The girls and I had already had dinner. Julia and Jessica seemed to be on better terms now, but there was definitely still a little competition going on cam strip busty more videos on sexycamsorg them for my attention, which of course I didn't mind.

Jessica had changed out of her bikini when we got back to the house, so I had to make due with checking her out in a tube top and denim shorts which hugged her full ass. My sister had left about 2 hours ago, saying that she had a date, with a really promising guy she had met through one of those online dating websites.

I guess that they have been chatting for a couple weeks, and she really liked him. I was hoping to keep the girls preoccupied with something, so that maybe the flirting would wind down. I really didn't want tonight to get out of control.

I had given my daughter rules for the house, and I meant to stick by them. The idea of a movie popped into my mind. "Hey girls." I called out. "Yes daddy?" Julie responded. "Yeah daddy?" Jessica responded, to which Julia shot her a glare.

"I have an idea. Why don't you two pick out a movie. Then you can get into your pj's or whatever and we can all watch a movie together before bed." "Ok" they said in unison.

They picked out some new horror movie that none of us had seen yet, then they went upstairs to change. Jessica came down stairs wearing Julia's winnie the pooh nightie. It had Eeyore on it looking sad. Julia had had it for many years, and as such the material had worn thin and the color had faded, so Jessica's pert pink nipples were clearly visible to anyone looking.

She had her hair pulled back chesty slut bangs her cunt with a toy a ponytail. "What do you think??" She said giving a little twirl, which brought a breeze up her nightie, flashing her bare ass - she wasn't wearing any underwear! "Oh!" I let out in surprise.

"I uh, I like it. Fits you well." Truth is it was actually very tight on her top and barely covered her ass when she was still, but I wasn't going to say that.

"Ok well lets have a seat and wait for Julia." Jessica sat and one end of the couch, so I sat at the other. "Daddy?" she said in a soft innocent voice. "Yeah, Jessica?" "Why don't you sit in the middle so that we can both sit next to you.

You know, so there won't be any fighting or jealousy." Jessica sure seemed like the level headed one of the two girls. "Great idea!" I exclaimed, and scooted over to the middle cushion. "Is Julia coming down?" "Yeah I think so.

She seemed a little upset that I picked this nightie, of all the ones in her drawer. I don't know why. Maybe it's her favorite?" "Oh I don't know. She hasn't worn that thing in years." "Well, anyway, she went into your room right before I came down stairs." "My room?" I asked concerned.

"Yeah." "Did she say why?" "Nope." She shrugged at me. god her blue eyes were so beautiful. I just wanted to get lost in them. "Hmm…" I scratched my head. That's when Jessica got up and turned around, knees on the couch cushion, placing her hands on the back of the couch and yelled up the stairs, "Julia are you coming?" The thin Eeyore nightie was giving a great peek of her ass.

Her cheeks were a handful, and I wanted to grab them. Or maybe lean over and kiss them. There was no response from upstairs. So jessica leaned over the couch even more, the nightie riding up higher, and her cheeks spread more, so her full ass was in view, and her pink lips were just poking out a little. "Juliaaaaaaa?!" she called again. Then she looked back at me, and obviously caught me checking out her naked backside.

Jessica just smiled. Just then I heard a door open upstairs. Julia came out with my big fluffy comforter in front of her, so that all I could see was her eyes and the top of her head. When she got to the couch she threw the comforter down beside me and I could see that she was wearing one of my wifebeaters.

her breasts were covered by the thinnest strap of material, and her sideboob was on full display. The shirt was pretty long, almost down to her knees, but when she bent over to "fix her sock"she put her full ass and pussy on display, for both me and Jessica. It looked like the competition wasn't over yet. Julia got on the couch and threw the blanket over all three of us and shut the lamp off, so that the only light in the room flexi babes ass exploded by big dick the tv.

"Ready girls?" "Ready" said Julia, staring at Jessica. "Oh I'm ready daddy." said Jessica, just smiling at me. I clicked the movie on and the three of us settled in for a nice horror flick.

Almost immediately both girls took one of my hands into theirs. We just sat like that for a little while, watching some psycho killer run around chopping people up, while holding hands under the blanket.

After the initial bloody rampage to give a glimpse of the horrors to come, the movie settled into a nice quiet mood, with the tension slowly rising, but nothing scary happening. I think it was subconsciously, but I began to rub Jessica's hand with my thumb.

She seemed to like it and was rubbing back. All of a sudden something jumped out at the main character and we all jumped. Jessica pulled my hand closer.

It landed on her upper inner thigh. She didn't say anything, or seem bothered by it. So after a minute I began to rub it, like I had been with her hand, but using more fingers. That continued for a couple minutes before she guided my hand higher up. I could feel the heat radiating from her sex. I began to make big black ass pounded by white guys anal cream pie see more ass brazillin and booty brown strokes, and wider circles, getting closer and closer, teasing her more and more.

I kept looking at both girls through the corner of my eyes,being careful with what I was doing as to not alert Julia. Just when I finally reached Jessica's clit there was another unexpected surprise scene that made us all jump, and coincidently Jessica let out a little "Ugh." My eyes darted over to Julia, who looked over at Jessica. I could tell by the narrowing of her eyes she was getting suspicious. My fingers were now exploring the most intimate regions of the outside of Jessica's body, but I lesbea teen spreads and tongues her cute girlfriends ass in making sure to be very slow and not make any big movements, both so that she wouldn't squeak like that again, and so Julia wouldn't see any moment under the blanket.

Just then, Julia grabbed my hand and brought it to her lap. This was getting intense. And tricky. Jessica clenched her legs, trapping my hand in a position so that I was focusing only on her clit. Meanwhile Julia was slowly sliding my hand down lower and lower. Jessica navigated her hand over to my jogging pants and began to work herself under them.

Julia finally had my hand on her aching already wet pussy, which I began to message. Jessica's hand finally found its way to my cock and she just grabbed it, as if to say "Finally! I got it!" I kept looking over at both girls. They were both trying to act nonchalant, but you could tell that they were both immensely enjoying the manual stimulation I was giving them.

The first post-intro kill scene begun, and just as the soundtrack picked up and the there was lots of screaming I took a chance and like synchronized swimmers, I stuffed two fingers into each girl's little hole, and since both were dripping wet, they slid in all the ways, with no resistance. This elicited a small gasp from both girls at the same time. They both looked at me, but I just looked forward at the t.v.

and didn't even crack a smile. Jessica's hand then ventured down to my balls, and she rolled then between her fingers. Damn that felt amazing! I was pumping two fingers into each of the girls, Jessica still had her legs locked on my wrist, and Julia was now working her way into my pants. Both girls were breathing pretty heavily and I finger fucked them simultaneously on the couch.

I was feeling a little panicky though about having both girls in my pants at the same time. What if they discovered and it became an issue. I really didn't want this to stop. Julia grabbed my dick and began to slowly pump it. Just then the front door opened and the kitchen light came on. Shit. "Hey, we're watching a movie in here!" I called out to my sister who was just getting home from her date. The light immediately went back off and she called out in a loud whisper, "Sorry!" The three of natural girl is gaping tight vagina in close up and having orgasm were frozen.

Jessica's hand on my balls, my left hand fingers inside her pussy, my right hand fingers inside my daughter's pussy, and my daughter's hand wrapped around my shaft. My sister, Jackie, came into the living room. She was wearing a short red dress she had bought just for tonight.

It was nearly form fitting. He hair was about chin length, and she had curled it before she went out. She was wearing ruby red lipstick and some kind of dangly earrings, it was too dark to see what they were. The cut of the dress revealed her bust, which was clearly being pushed together by some kind of push up bra. I never noticed just how sexy my sister still was.

When I was younger I obviously used to check her out, but once we were both adults those kinds of thought had left my mind. I couldn't believe I was sitting here tracing the curves of my sister's body with my eyes, while my hands were buried deep inside the horny teens sitting to either side of me. "Are you tired?" I asked. "We could stop the movie so you could have your bed back." My sister had moved in with me after her husband dumped her and she had been sleeping on my couch for a couple months now.

I noticed both girls looked at me, like "traitor!" In unison they both went "Awwww…" Jackie couldn't resist the puppy dog eyes she was getting. "No, no. It's fine. I've had a couple drinks anyways, so I'll just crash on the recliner here" she said plopping down and kicking up the foot rest.

"What are you watching?" Jackie asked looking over at the screen. Both girls slowly began to resume their activities, my daughter's soft nimble fingers slowly stroking my cock up against my belly and Jessica massaging my balls, and still somehow neither one noticed that they had company in my pants.

But I stayed still a little bit longer, it was hard to focus on looking my sister in the eyes and talk to her while I had two sweet teens giving me a rub down. "Some horror movie, I forget the title." Jackie rolled her eyes, I think, it was dark in the room. Well whatever, I don't care, I'll be asleep soon. She got comfy, in doing so her dress rode up a little bit, it was maybe now about six inches above her knee.

I really had to admire her legs, they were long and slender, the kinds of legs you want wrapped around your face when you… Damn I was horny. Thinking about eating my own sister out. And greedy too. I already had two beautiful dirty teens playing with me. I resumed fingering my little nymphs. Jessica let out a slight groan, and Julia grabbed my wrist with her free hand and squeezed. My sister looked over at us, but we continued to look at the t.v.

screen as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Then she let the back of the chair recline even more, so now she probably couldn't really even see the tv. Good She was getting comfortable. Julia was getting really into it. Her hips started to slightly rock back and forth, fucking her daddy's fingers. Through the corner of my eye I could see she was biting her lip.

I glimpsed to my other side and saw Jessica discreetly bring her free hand up her nightie and start tweaking her nipples. Both girls were breathing heavy again, and I could see they were both making nervous glances over to my sister, who was trying to find a comfy position on the little recliner.

Maybe because it was dark, or maybe because she assumed that her brother, who was sitting innocently watching a movie with her niece and her best friend, wouldn't be looking, but she hiked her dress up a little more. The fit was tight, so it must have been very constricting, and she was looking to loosen up and relax.

But when the tv flashed brighter for a few seconds here and there for certain scenes, I could, clear as day, see her panties. They were white lace. Just then I felt Jessica's hand release my balls and drift up to my cock. I tensed up.

Shit. Was the fun over? Was Jackie going to find out? I knew the exact moment their hands touch because both girls stopped everything they were doing and their heads shot to the side.

They met eyes. I paused my hand movements. They both looked at me, hurt and betrayal in their stares. I returned a knowing look and then motioned over to my sister, who had her eyes closed, but was still facing our direction. Then I gently slid my sticky wet fingers out of their warm pussies. I brought one finger to my lips and with the other hand I quickly slid my sweats down to my knees, freeing my cock under the blanket. Then I grabbed their hands and brought them together, so that they were holding hands, fingers interlocked.

The tv kept flashing, revealing my sister's white lace panties and her edible legs. her eyes were still closed, and she was very still. I moved the girls hands so that they were grabbing my cock again, and guided them so that they were pumping my shaft together, like a team. I relaxed my body, letting the teen girls jerk me off together. Then I had a wicked idea. I brought my right hand up to Jessica's face, and my left to my daughter's.

My arms were crossed in front of me, so that the hand that had been with one girl was now in front of the other. I brought the two fingers that had been inside my daughter up to Jessica's lips and rubbed them around in a circle, and then slowly inserted them into her mouth, so that she could taste my daughter's juices.

At the same time I did the same, so that my daughter was sucking the taste of her friend's pussy off of me. The entire time I just kept my eyes on my sister. This had gone too far for me to stop, and I didn't want to get caught. Plus she wasn't bad on the eyes. The sensation of two hot teens jerking me off together while sucking my fingers was too much so I slid my hands out of their mouths and resumed to finger fuck them, this time harder and faster.

In those moments when the movie would get silent, or near silent, all I could hear was the "plop plop plop" of flesh on flesh, the sound of wet pussy and masturbation, and the erratic and heavy breathing of two little teens. Shit I was probably panting as well. But my eyes were glued on my sister, who apparently had been telling the truth when she said she was drunk and ready to pass out, because she looked like she was sleeping already.

How could I tell the difference between sleeping and just being still? Well for one her breathing was slower. And for two, in her slight shifting, her right boob had come partially out. My fingers hastened their pace and the girls seemed to get a hang of jerking me off together and had finally found a rhythm.

I licked my lips staring at my sister's exposed tit and her white lace panties, and thought of how fucking dirty it was, not just me checking her out, but everything that was going on right now, with her in the room, right under her nose. Jessica's legs were gripping me ever so right now, I knew she was close. And it seemed as if Julia wasn't far behind. God, how I wanted to put that big round tit in my mouth.

My sister must be size C, and had minimum sag for a woman her age. I just wanted to suck on it while the girls finished me off.

The idea was crazy, and would require me getting up and disturbing everything going on, but damn did I just crave that nipple. Just then Jessica gasped for girl punished for stealing and teacher student hardcore xxx that was when bruno, twice, both were big intakes of air.

She was ready. Her free hand shot back up to her nipple, but she didn't bother to sneak under her nightie. Her legs squeezed, and for a second I thought she might break my wrist. She closed her eyes and her whole body cringed.

then she let out a very audible "Uuuuuuunnnnnnggggghhhhhhhh!" The sound of her friend coming was too much for Julia, who dug her nails into my other wrist and bucked her hips like she was pretending to ride a horse. The jerky squeaks that came out of my daughter's mouth were very different from the long release that Jessica was making.

They were more, "En - en - en -en -en." Both girls had totally let go of my dick. Jessica had collapsed to her other side, and Julia had slid down so that her bum was on the edge of the sopha.

Like a siren going off, all of a sudden Jackie mumbled, half asleep, "Did I hear a scream?" "It was the movie sis." I quickly shot back. Within moments she was nearly snoring. The two girls looked at me beaming and impressed. I looked at Jessica, deep in her blue eyes, and motioned with a finger for her to come closer to me.

We brought our lips to each other and kissed passionately. My curvy milf and pretty teen threeway sex grasped the back of her head and massaged it, running my fingers through her hair. Then I looked over at my daughter, who looked unsure, maybe a little insecure, but was obviously trying to be patient.

I put my hand on the back of her neck and brought her lips to mine. We kissed, our tongues sliding up against each other.

I could taste Jessica's pussy on her breath. Julia broke the kiss for air. I looked over at both girls and one last time I put my finger in front of my mouth, then I pulled the blanket back, revealing my cock to the entire world, then I grabbed the back of their heads and brought their mouths to it.

Jessica was the faster, or more eager one. She wrapped her mouth around my dick, and all at once the warm wetness engulfed me and I felt a million times better. Julia just started to lick around the base of my shaft. Jessica could barely get half my cock in her mouth. I could tell it was her first time. But what she lacked in skill she made up for with ravenousness.

I continued to keep watch of my sister, and drool over her exposed body. I just wanted to run my hands up her legs, pull down her panties and slide my dick inside her while sucking on her tit. I'd let the girls join of course. I pulled Jessica off, to give Julia a turn. She eagerly took my cock, and to my surprise, deepthroated it like the daddy's girl she is.

Jessica was licking my balls, in long hard strokes. Damn how I would love to just get up and shove this cock in my sister's mouth, and just face fuck her for the girls. Show them how a real man takes a woman. The two girls were now swapping turns, sucking me for a few seconds and then letting other have a go. Their eager young faces and the pure sensation I was feeling, combined with my sister in the background was too much.

"Get ready, and don't resist." I commander in a whisper. The two girls just smiled back as if to say, "Yes master" or "Yes daddy." I first felt a pit in my stomach and my legs hot mom knows how it feels like weak. Then I plunged my cock deep into Jessica's throat, making her gag and I shot two streams of my seed into her mouth.

Then I pulled out quickly and shoved it into Julia's mouth. She eagerly sucked, trying to get all the rest. But I wasn't about to finish like that. I pulled out again and with their faces right next to each other I shot burst after burst on to each of their faces. Finally, when my balls were completely empty I looked down at my two darlings, their faces covered with cum, and some even dripping out of their mouth and down their chin.

I let go of my dick, which continued to throb, just pulsating like it was about to have a heart attack from all i had just put it through, and grabbed the girls by the back of the head again, really grabbing their hair this time, and turned them so they were facing each other.

The two nymphets just stared at each other, as if looking in a mirror, and saw a cum soaked slut. "Kiss for daddy." I directed.

Slowly their mouths met. First just their lips embraced, but after a second of warming up to it they opened their mouths and made out like to horny teens meeting up under the stairwell between class. They swapped my cum back and forth for at least a minute. "Good now show me." I instructed. Both girls turned facing me and opened their mouth and stuck out their cum covered tongue. Their faces still covered in it too, though it was starting to encrust. "Swallow." Both girls swallowed my cum and then showed me their clean tongue.

"Excellent. Now go wash up you two and get to bed. Its late." Daddy's little girls did as directed, and I watch their asses go upstairs. I had every intention of going up to Julia's bedroom and having a round 2, but the last thing I remembered was the sound of running water from the upstairs bathroom, and I drifted into happy happy dream land.