Teen girlfriend spreads her legs couples and anal

Teen girlfriend spreads her legs couples and anal
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The next few weeks were our chance to fall into a rhythm. Ronnie slept with us and everyone fucked each other. Sometimes me and her, sometimes her and Chelsea, sometimes Chelsea and me but mostly just the three of us.

Needless to say, it was awesome. I did notice that my eyes kept wandering towards teen girls when we went out. Their young tits, their long legs and perfect little asses. Many trips to the mall ended with Ronnie or Chelsea sucking me off in the parking garage because of my raging hard on. Chelsea and Ronnie noticed my new lust and fed into it. They would point out hot teenage girls and wonder how good their virgin cunts would taste. They would take me places where we would find teen girls just to tease me.

Ronnie went all the way with it for me. At her new school she would pull her cell phone out in the locker room during gym and take pictures of different girls in various stages of undress.

She would then come home and hand me the phone and suck me off while I looked at the naked young bodies. Ronnie had made a new friend in school. A very cute 15 year old named Tiara. She was a beautiful black girl with lovely curves and what can only be described as a ghetto bootie. Ronnie would invite her over and they would hang out in their room.

Of course she would tell me ahead of time and she would turn on the webcam on her computer so I could get an eyeful while they tried on different outfits and did dilly girl stuff. I loved how dark her nipples were and imagined how sexy the contrast between her skin and mine would look. Ronnie knew I loved that teen body and would always find a reason for them to begin stripping down.

Tiara loved her new friend. She didn't have a mom since hers passed away and her dad was always working so she spent a lot paige was not ready for his bbc time alone. She enjoyed her time with Ronnie and her family. She especially liked Ronnie's dad.

He was good looking and was always hugging her when she walked through the door. It was only a few months ago that she started masturbating and she was very curious about sex. With all her free time at home she had spent some time watching porn on her laptop and from her step dad's personal collection.

One day during a rather feverish fingering session, her finger slipped a little too far inside her pussy and she felt a burning pain in her pussy. She pulled her finger out and found it had some blood on it.

She panicked. Had she hurt herself? Damaged something?

Of course her step dad wasn't home, so in a panic she called Ronnie. Between her crying and blubbering, Ronnie didn't understand a word she was saying, so she hopped into her car for the short drive to Tiara's house.

Tiara answered the door, with red eyes and wet cheeks. "Honey, what happened?" asked Ronnie. "I think I did something bad", said Tiara, "But I'm too embarrassed to say!" And the water works started again.

Ronnie sat her on the couch and hugged her. "Tiara, you can tell me anything. I promise I won't judge you." Tiara japanese mom and son pronmovies settled down and looked at Ronnie.

"I was watching one of my dad's movies.and I was, well." "Were you masturbating?!" asked Ronnie, shocked. Tiara never mentioned this before and they shared almost everything. "Yes!" said Tiara before crying again. "Tiara! It's ok!" laughed Ronnie. "I masturbate all the time!" Tiara stopped crying and looked at her friend. "Really?" "Really really.

So what happened?" "Well, I was playing with it and my finger went inside and I felt a burn and saw that my finger was covered in blood. I think I hurt myself and I don't know what to tell my step dad." Ronnie ran this information through her head. "You popped your cherry!" she said gleefully. "What do you mean?" "It means that you're technically not a virgin anymore. There's a little membrane inside your pussy that shows you're a virgin. You tore it. It's not a big deal. But it's more fun when a guy does it for you." "Wait," said Tiara.

"You've had sex?" Ronnie had let the cat out of the bag. "Yes. I have sex all the time." Tiara's eyes widened. "Really?" Tell me about it! How does it feel? Ronnie spent the next twenty or so minutes telling Tiara about the wonders of sex.

The orgasms, the kissing, the oral sex, the touching. She noticed Tiara's legs opening and closing as she spoke. "Tiara, you look like you wanna touch yourself", sad Ronnie. "It's ok, you know. If you wanna." Tiara lifted her skirt slowly, never breaking eye contact with Ronnie. Her hands moved down between her legs as she awkwardly touched her pussy. Ronnie moved closer. "You're doing it wrong. Rub your clit." "My what?" asked Tiara. "Your clit", said Ronnie, moving closer.

"It's right there" she said, pointing. Tiara looked down but seemed confused. Ronnie moved even closer. She could smell the 15 year old's sex emanating from between her legs. Her hands shook as they moved forward. "Move your hand" she said. Tiara put her hands to the side and watched as Ronnie's hand moved closer and closer to her pussy.

Her legs involuntarily opened wider, inviting Ronnie to touch her. Ronnie's middle finger slid up Tiara's slit and found her little button.

Tiara let out a gasp. "This is your clit. You rub it like this and it feels so fucking good." Ronnie's fingers began working Tiara's clit. Ronnie had plenty of experience pleasing a woman from all interracial love affair horny vintage milf seventies pornstars time with Chelsea.

Tiara leaned back on her elbows and her head rolled back. Her heart rate shot up and her breath became ragged. She couldn't believe the sensations running through her body right now.She suddenly realized that she couldn't feel Ronnie's fingers on her anymore. Just as she was about to move, she felt something different. She looked down to see Ronnie's face in between her legs. She could feel Ronnie's tongue licking her sweet little pussy.

She didn't know what to do. Was this right? Was it gross? She briefly considered making her stop until she felt it. It was a warmth that started in her belly. A tingling sensation that started spreading all over her body. Her hands balled up into fists as she fell onto her back. Her body began jerking and she saw stars. She had never felt anything like this before. She let out a scream as the emotions took over her body.

She lay there shivering, her eyes welling up with tears as her emotions tumbled inside her. Ronnie couldn't believe she had just eaten out her best friend. She could taste her on her lips. Her sweet virgin pussy tasted delicious. Ronnie felt like a vampire that had just tasted blood. She wanted more. Not just from Tiara, but from more girls. She laid next to Tiara and held her. Tiara fell asleep in her arms. Ronnie stood up and grabbed her keys.

Tiara had leaned back, her legs spread wide open, her furry pussy on display. "Daddy would love this" thought Ronnie as she grabbed her cellphone and took a few pictures. She put her phone away as Tiara stirred to life. "Hey sleepy head" said Ronnie with a smile. Tiara smiled and realized how lewdly she was exposing herself and closed her legs.

Her face was beet red. "I'm sorry Ronnie" she said as her eyes began to well up with tears. "Sorry for what?" "For what happened earlier" said Tiara. Ronnie hugged her. "Sweetie, I did what I did because I wanted to. You didn't do anything wrong." Tiara smiled at her. "Really?" "Really really", said Ronnie with a smile. Tiara looked at Ronnie. "Can you teach me more?" Ronnie's eyes lit up.

"I'd love to! I have a few errands to run. Let your step dad know you're spending the night with me. I'll come get you in an hour." Ronnie gave Tiara a sweet kiss on the lips and jumped up and out the door. She had a lot to prepare for.

Ronnie got home and found her daddy on the couch watching tv. She jumped on his lap and smiled at him. "Daddy, you wanna know what Tiara's pussy tastes like?" "You know I do baby girl" he said. Ronnie then leaned in and kissed his lips hard. He could taste the faint flavor of pussy. They broke their kiss and he smiled at her. You lying little shit. Who you been eating out? She crawled off of him and pulled his cock out of his pants. As she played with it she dug her phone out of her purse and showed it to him.

He lipped through pictures of girls that Ronnie had take for him until he reached a young black body with her legs spread wide. It was Tiara! He stared at her as Ronnie took his cock into her mouth. Chelsea walked in and saw them both. She sat next to George and looked at the phone.

"Oh my god!" she said. Is that Tiara? George was too busy looking at the photos to answer. Chelsea lifted her skirt as her eyes moved from Tiara's pussy to Ronnie's mouth on George's cock. Ronnie pulled away from his cock and began licking Chelsea's cunt.

She moved back and forth, sucking cock then licking pussy. George came first, giving Ronnie a nice load to swallow. Ronnie then moved over to give all her attention to Chelsea's sweet cunt. She licked and sucked until Chelsea came too, soaking her face with her juices.

Ronnie leaned up and kissed them both. I love you mommy, I love you daddy, she said in a sweet voice. Ronnie stood up and smiled. "I have a plan." She explained what happened earlier in the day and that Tiara would be spending the night.

Tonight would be the perfect night to seduce her. Daddy went to the store to pick up some food and drinks while Chelsea and Ronnie prepped her bedroom. Daddy had bought Ronnie a teddy bear a while back, but it was no ordinary bear.

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It was one of those hidden camera bears that people used to keep an eye on babysitters. They used it to get video of Ronnie's friends in various states of undress.

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They set it up to point to the bed and made sure everything was good to go. Ronnie kissed mommy and daddy goodbye and went to pick up Tiara.

They were going to make this a night she would never forget.