Latex you are my slave

Latex you are my slave
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P2 I was having an amazing dream. My mom was cleaning the house naked. Her breasts bouncing and jiggling freely as she vaccuumed the carpet with enthusiasm. My dick started to harden rapidly at the sight. I looked down and realized I was also naked. By the time I looked back up at my mom she was kneeling down in front of me and taking the tip of my throbbing cock meat gently between her lips and lightly sucking on it.

It felt so real. From the feeling of her tongue flicking playfully at my precum-dripping tip to the sound of her lips gently kissing and sucking at the head, it felt so real.

I couldnt believe it. Suddenly I was back in my room. Damn. Too good to be true. I slowly opened my eyes in the darkness and realized the wet feelings on the tip of my cock were not going away. I looked down hesitantly to see a little body balled up between my legs with it's head hovering quietly over my engorged meat rod. Oh my god it was my little sister Jessica. She was suckling the tip of my cock gently in the same style mom was yesterday. Her mouth was wet with saliva and precum causing her little lips to easily glide around on the end of my cock as she kissed and sucked.

She started gingerly bringing a little more of the head into her mouth with each wet kiss until she finally slid her slick mouth gently over the head of my leaking cock. She sucked on the head gently and ran her tongue over the hole in the tip, coaxing out as much precum as she could.

I could see her throat contact as she swallowed repeatedly. She slid her mouth down a little more, attempting to get more of my veiny cock meat into her mouth. I saw her reach down between her legs and heard a sickly slurping sound as she undoubtedly slid a finger into her wet little slit.

She moaned long and deep as her body began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. She never took my dripping cock out of her mouth but her concentration is obviously on her own orgasm for the moment.

When she comes down, she redirects her attention to my throbbing dick and she wraps both of her little hands around the shaft.

She starts pumping her wet little mouth and both of her tightly gripping hands up and down in unison and it doesn't take long for those familiar feelings to start boiling up in my dick. Somehow she sensed it because just as I'm about to cum, she pulled the skin down tight across the head of my cock and took her mouth off my dick. She then started flicking her tongue wildly all over the tip of my twitching cock. Due to the tightness of the skin over the head of my dick, the feelings are amplified greatly.

I feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm and I uncontrollably reach down to gingerly cup the side of my sisters beautiful face in my hand, partially to hold her face still for what's about to come, and partially because I wanted touch her in some loving fashion at that exact moment. She looked up panicked at being caught and stops all movement of tongue and hands, but it's too late.

My body shudders as my intense orgasm begins and the tip of my cock lets loose a monstrous jet of white cum that hits my little sister directly in the lips, sending cum splashing everywhere. She lets a little yelp of delight at realizing what's happening and redirects her attention filthy sara c cums again and again my spazming cock. Another thick jet of cum shoots out of the tip, making an audible squirting sound as it leaves my cock, and the entire stream goes right into my sisters waiting mouth.

She closes her mouth and quickly begins to swallow as more and more of the slick liquid squirts out of my dick and continues to bathe her closed lips and face. Her face is covered in cum and she's still swallowing my generous offering.

When she's done, she bends down to eagerly lap up more of the thick liquid off of the shaft and head of my still twitching cock. "Damn Jess. That felt amazing. Where did you learn to do that?" "Oh I dunno.

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Just watching videos on the internet and watching mom yesterday" She smiled at herself, basking in the afterglow of victory, knowing how good she just made her brother feel.

She grabs the towel off the ground from earlier this evening and cleans us both up. "You cum so much more than the guys in the video. It's really sexy" She chirps happily.

"And your cock is massive, bro. It's way bigger than dads!" "How do you know how big dad's is?" I quickly shoot back. She pulls out her phone and begins to show me a video of dad stroking himself in the shower. The shower door is pretty steamed up, but you can make out the outline of his cock through the steam. "Why are you video taping dad while he's in the shower?" I ask incredulously. "I dunno. because I can. Why did you let mom suck your cock?" She fired back.

Thinking about it again made my dick twitch and harden slightly. My sister noticed and giggled. "You liked it didn't you? You want to do it again?" She melodically inquired. "I need time to recover Jess. I can't just do it again right-" "No I mean let mom suck your cock" She interrupted playfully.

"yes." I responded probably too quickly. Jess began rolling around on my bed in laughter. "Hey what 'videos' are you talking about?.You know, the ones you compared my cock and stuff to" "Bro. Are you serious?" My slightly younger sister looked at me inquisitively "Theres like piss doggy in the shower tube porn videos on the internet of guys and girls fucking, guys blowing their loads all over girls, girls drinking the guys cum, there's some really hot stuff out there" Really hot stuff?

My sister thinks those things are hot? "Where do you see those things?" I raise my eyebrows in anticipation. Jess hops off my bed while absentmindedly licking some remnants of cum off her lips and fingers and cutely plops down in front of my pc, her little titties jiggle under her tight pajama shirt when she lands in the seat.

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I shouldn't have noticed that. "Check this out" It takes her about 15 seconds to pull up a site with a blue background covered in little pictures of questionable nature. "See all you do is click one of the pictures and the video plays!" She nearly exclaims. She clicks on a picture of a muscular tanned warning mom sex stories big boobs storys, slaps the spacebar and reclines back in the chair with arms folded.

The muscular guy comes to life instantly. The camera pans down to display his impressive member hanging between his legs, swinging from side to side as he struts over to a loveseat in the room. On the loveseat is a tiny little asian girl laying sprawled out on her back. The Asian girl excitedly sits up on the sofa and reaches for the man's swinging dick with a glazed excited look in her eyes. She hungrily shoves as much as she can into her mouth, which isn't more than a couple of inches, and starts wildly sucking hard on the rapidly-growing cock flesh.

The man of course, has a look of sheer extacy in his eyes and lets his head roll back until he's staring up at the ceiling while this cute little girl slopily devours his cock.

My sister looks over at me with wild eyes "See I told you. Isn't this like the hottest thing you've ever seen?" She asks excitedly. I havn't seen much stuff like this, so I just nod dumbly. Jess looks down at my cock and giggles. What is she giggling at? I look down and notice my cock is rock hard again. It's visibly throbbing and it's still glistening with cum and my sister's slobber. "Looks like you like it too, bro." She states matter-of-factly. "Do you mind if I play with myself?" Before I answer she begins reaching down the front elastic of her little sleeping shorts.

"Uum what do you mean" I ask dumbly. "Girls play with themselves too bro, not just guys" She rolls her eyes. "I still don't know what you mean" I state truthfully. She stares at me wide-eyed for a moment. "You've never played with yourself?" She asked almost panicked.

I nod blankly. "But you were doing it the other day before mom pulled your hand off your cock. It looked really hot." she blankly stared off into the darkness of the room for a second "really hot" She finally snapped back and pointed at the screen. "See how the girl on the video is doing it?" She stared in silence a bit too long and finally completed her sentence "She's just wrapping her hand around the guys dick and stroking it.

damn this is hot" she says huskily under kinky czech cutie gapes her spread slit to the strange breath. The little girl in the video smears the obscene amount of precum dripping from the guys cock all over the head and starts stroking his meat just behind the head.

It does look like it feels pretty good.

I reach down tentatively and wrap my fingers around my pulsing meat pole. The second I apply a little pressure with my fingers, a thick bead of precum releases itsself from the tip and my dick twitches slightly. It feels good. My dick is already slick with cum and my sisters saliva, so I start to stroke like the girl in the video. It feels amazing. Another large bead of precum bubbles up out of the hole in the tip. I glance up to see my sister reclined way back, hand digging deep into her PJ shorts and hips slightly humping against her hand.

She begins moaning gently and I begin to hear an audible slurping sound as I can hear her fingers pumping in and out of her little sex hole. Her eyes are stuck to the monitor.

I glance up at the monitor in enough time to see the pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 264 little asian girl pull the engorged cock out of her mouth with a sloppy *pop* sound and bend over the couch sexily.

Oh no. He's going to put that thing inside her? As worried as I am for the sexy jade jantzen and priya price threesome teens health and safety, I feel my cock harden even more at the thought of pushing my own oversized cock into her little dripping hole.

The guy casually walks up behind the teen and puts both hands on her hips. He moves his hips forward just enough to tease her drooling slit with the tip of his twitching cock meat. Her pussy is soaked and there's a mixture of male and female sex fluids dripping from her tight looking slit and down the insides of her smooth thighs. She wants it really bad and the guy is clearly driving her crazy with his teasing motions.

Suddenly the little teen pushes her ass back quickly as she successfully sucks up just the head of the mans cock into her little hole. She lets out a long gutteral moan. The man anchors his feet into the carpet and his hands onto the hips of his prey and begins to force more of his throbbing meat into the little teens drooling cunt hole.

To my utter amazement, the guys dick is actually fitting into this little girl. He's got over half of the thing inside her when it appears he completely bottoms out and simply no more will fit inside. The girl instantly begins shaking and jerking wildly and she lets out a long moan of extacy. The man grabs her body lovingly to hold her steady as her legs completely give out. "oh my god she's cumming so hard" my sister says under her breath.

I look down at my cock which is twitching and oozing precum in a steady stream down the side. This feels really good. I bet I could cum if I keep this up.

"I want to watch" my sister states matter-of-factly as she rotates the chair towards me and props her feet up on the edge of the bed. She quickly pulls her PJs off and reclines back into my desk chair. Her body is heavenly. Her tits are larger than I expected. Her sports bras must do a good job at confining them. Her waist is tight and small and flares out to her sexy little hips. My dick twitches and jerks hard as I stare at her naked body in front of me.

Her fingers are gliding expertly in and out of her hole and her girl cum is dripping down her slit and onto my chair "Damn that thing is big bro." she mutters almost proudly. I begin stroking with a little more zeal as I gain some confidence from my sister's words. This prompts her to start fingering herself a little harder and we begin to moan together. My sister stopped the video when she turned towards me so the only sounds that can be heard are the sloppy sounds of hands sliding around on sex organs and faint moans of satisfaction, which at this point are getting louder.

Hearing my sisters moans are fingering daisies sensual lesbian scene by sapphix me on even more and I can feel myself about to make another huge mess. "Oh bro I'm going to cum so hard" my sister states in a sexual half-moaning voice. Just as I feel the cum bubbling up in my cock shaft and about to spray all over my sisters trembling body, the door flys open.

"What is going on in he-" My mom begins to state angrily but is interrupted as some unknown liquid rains down on my body from somewhere. What the hell? I quickly look over at my sister. her body is completely convulsing from head to foot and she's thrashing at her cunt as squirt after squirt of some foreign liquid is spraying from her soaked slit.

The scene of my sister cumming that hard is so hot that my own dick continues it's buildup of cum into my balls slowly even though my hand isn't even on my cock anymore in fear of my moms recent entrance. Some cum gently bubbles out of the tip of my college beauties playing with pussy at hazing party as the last squirts of my sisters orgasm hit me on the balls and thighs.

"Ah. Ah." I am moaning in near pain as I will my orgasm to stop. I'll be in so much trouble if I cum on my sister while my mom is standing there.

My mom begins walking towards me hastily. Aw shit she noticed already. I'm in so much trouble. "Honey you can't stop pool luscious babe takes finger in twat once it starts. It's bad for you" mom states in a sweet motherly tone. She reaches down and starts stroking my cock lovingly in long luxurious strokes, using the small amount of cum drooling from the tip and my sisters cum, which I'm bathed in, to lubricate her hand. My orgasm quickly kicks back into high gear and my hips jerk involuntarily as a thick stream of cum is ejected from my twitching cock and splats audibly right between my sisters titties.

She's staring at me with lust and want for more cum. My mom pulls the skin tight over my dick and another stream forcefully squirts from the tip of my cock and bathes my sisters cute little lips in the shiny liquid. The act of her quickly lapping up the cum from her mouth causes a shot of pleasure to rush through my cock as two more streams of cum shoot over her chest and across her tits.

I feel my moms mouth engulf my cock lavishly and she glides her tongue around the head of my dick as the last few stream of cum forcefully hit her in the back of the throat.

She drinks it down quickly and licks my cock clean. "Now what the hell is going on here?" Mom asks promptly, her lips still wet with cum. I wait for my sister to fess up and admit that she snuck in on me in the night, but she's sprawled out in my chair half asleep, chest heaving and dripping with cum and moaning softly with each exhale of breath.

Mom looks over at my sister for answers and stifles a giggle at the scene. "Jesus Jeff, What did you do to her?" "Nothin! I promise!" I state firmly with one hand in the air as if I'm on a jury stand. "I think she had a really hard orgasm or something!" I had no idea what happened. Whatever it was, it was hot smoking hot roxy pleasures two massive cocks. "What's this on the screen!" mom nearly shouted in a high pitched squeaky voice "I thought you finished your report!" "It's something Jess put on there" Dang.

I didn't want to throw her under the bus, but she was passed out anyways and I didn't want to get in trouble. "It's the site you showed me last week mom" Jess mumbled hazily without lifting her head or opening her eyes. I looked at mom with saucer-sized eyes bugging out in surprise. "Damnit Jess shut up about that" mom snapped at her quickly. "Mom, give it up. You just watched us cum all over eachother, you sucked Jeffs cock the other day while watching porn with him, I sucked Jeffs cock.

So much has happened over the last few da-" "You sucked Jeffs cock?!" Mom spat incredulously. Jess snapped her head up to stare straight into mom's eyes.

"Yeah and it was good! That big veiny thing feels amazing in my mouth!" Mom's anger quickly softened at the thought of it. "Yeah it is pretty good isn't it?" "Yeah especially when he came all over my face." Jess sighed sexily as more cum ran down her chest from her face. "Mmm yeah my boy has a lot of cum in that dick doesn't he?" Mom muttered under her breath while staring at my softening dick. "Wait what am I saying! You guys shouldn't be doing this! I was helping Jeff with a report yesterday." Mom stated firmly.

She got up and walked to the door quickly, licking the leftover cum off her lips. "Jess go back to your room and go to bed" Mom stated firmly when she got to the doorway and closed the door loudly behind her.

Jess lovingly wiped us both off with the towel on the floor that we used earlier. Then she climbed into my bed facing away from me and laid her sweet head on my pillow. I didn't really know what to say, so I climbed into bed behind her, careful not to let our naked bodies touch but close enough to share the pillow with her.

Just as I got comfortable, she slid her body back against mine tightly so that our entire bodies were making tight contact. She made it a point to curve her back enough to tuck my half flacid cock up against her ass and wiggled her hips slightly so my cock fell between her ass cheeks and was deeply enveloped in her cute little butt.

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She purred long and deep and quickly began softly snoring.