Beautiful and slut gabriella ford gets banged by her dads friend masturbation pornstars

Beautiful and slut gabriella ford gets banged by her dads friend masturbation pornstars
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As Tina's plane was landing, her thoughts drifted back to the last time she saw David. It excited her to remember how it felt to have him hold her, to caress her body so possessively, to murmur into her ear how he was going to play with her body until she begged him to fuck her.

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She knew she was going to enjoy being with him again. She saw him as she exited the terminal. He was as handsome as ever. She rushed to his arms, and murmured to him how badly she missed him.

I missed your beautiful body as well, David told her. He directed her to his limousine as his hand slowly worked its way down to her ass.

Behave yourself in public, She told him, but he just laughed at her. When they got into the car, David barely gave the driver time to shut the door before he was taking Tina's shirt off.

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In stead of totally removing it, he wound it around her wrists so she couldn't use her hands for anything. I have wanted to suck on these tits for so long, that I can't wait until we get home. Tina didn't argue with him, for she knew that it wouldn't do any good. When David wanted to fuck her, nothing stopped him.

The first time that he took her, they were in his friend's front room. When she said that she didn't want to because his friend might walk in, all David said to that was if he does, I'll just let him have a taste of your cunt, let him fuck you for a few minutes and he will be alright with it. As it worked out, He did walk in to the room, and that was the first time she had ever gotten fucked up the ass.

He said that he wanted to see what her ass felt like, so David made her get on her knees so he could watch his friend slide his cock up her asshole.

David wanted school girl porn movie comnepali pron part 1 finish fucking her, so he slid his cock home up her cunt after his friend was finished fucking her asshole. She learned not to argue with him after that. Did you dress the way that I told you to?

he asked? Of course I did was her reply. No bra and no underwear as you wanted. He loved the thought of her coming all this way without them.

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He sucked hard on her nipples, then slid his hand under her skirt. Spread your legs wide for me.

I want to be able to stick my fingers deep inside of your sweet little cunt. She did as he asked, but they were not wide enough for him. He flipped her skirt up onto her stomach, and put one of her legs over the back seat. He wanted to be able to see his fingers sliding in and out of her hot, wet hole. She knew that it got him hot to watch himself play with her body, so she slid down in the seat so he could get better access to her cunt.

He slid two of his fingers into her as he lowered his mouth to her clit. He gently licked it a couple of times, then started sucking on the bud. Her intake of breath told him that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. He pulled his fingers out and licked her cunt from top to bottom. He stuck his tongue deep in her hole, and plunged euro babe gangbanged by big cock studs wet finger up her asshole.

Please, she begged, fuck me now. I need you to fuck me now. He laughed at her again. After you kept me waiting for so long, wanting to play with this body for so many months, wanting to fuck you with my tongue, my fingers, and my cock, you want me to hurry? I am going to enjoy myself as long as I want.

He loved the feel of his fingers sliding in and out of her cunt and asshole. He licked her cunt harder, sticking his tongue inside of her cunt deeply over and over.

He slid his fingers a little faster and with more pressure in and out of her ass and pussy. He knew that she loved it when he was hard on her. How bad do you want me to fuck you? David asked.

I need you to fuck me now. I need you to stick your cock deep inside of me and plunge it into me so hard. David decided that he had gotten her hot enough. He sat up, and pulled her on top of him. I want you to sit on my cock and ride me like a stallion. Tina did as he said. She poised up on top of his lap, and he pulled her down on top of him hard. His entire cock slammed deep up inside of her hot, wet cunt. It had been a while since she had had sex, so she was tight.

You are so big. Let me get used to you. David didn't want to let her get used to him. He liked shoving his cock into tight pussy, liked to hear her tell him that his cock was too big.

He grabbed her hips, and pulled her down on top of him hard again. I am going to fuck your cunt as hard as I want to, and right now I want to fuck you very hard. I want to feel your cunt suck on my cock as I plunge it deep into you. He reached around to her ass, and slid his finger into her asshole again. I want to fuck your cunt, and finger fuck your asshole until I make you cum all over my cock. He fucked her harder, and faster, making her moan and cry out to him.

You know just how to fuck me. He knew that he did, but he still got off on hearing her say it. Just as she was ready to cum, he pulled his hot rod out of her.

Please let me cum, she begged him, you have me so hot that I will go crazy if I don't. Get on your knees, he told her. I want your ass high up in jamming a wicked japanese beaver hardcore and blowjob air! She did as she was told. Now, please fuck me. He slid his hands slowly up her thighs and felt her smooth skin getting hotter. He took his large cock in his hand, and put it to her cunt. He started rubbing it up and down on her hot, wet slit.

He rubbed the head of his large cock against her clit. This drove her crazy. She begged him to give it to her. Without warning, he shoved it up inside of her.

He felt her shudder with the force of his cock hitting home. He knew that it hurt her a little bit, but that was part of the excitement. He wanted her to know who was in charge and that there was nothing that she could do about it. He also knew that she liked feeling that way as well. She loved to feel helpless and She had told him that was part of the excitement with him. He took charge of the situation, and made her do what he wanted. She started coming hard.

It was all she could do to stay up on her hands and knees, but she knew that if she didn't, he would let his cock slide out of her, and she wanted to feel it deep inside of her all the way through her climax. Her shaking climax got him even hotter. He plunged into her faster, and faster, making him cum. They came together and collapsed on the seat. It was just in time for they had just pulled into his driveway, but the driver knew David well enough to give them a few minutes to get dressed.