Beautiful chick with a perfect ass hardcore massage

Beautiful chick with a perfect ass hardcore massage
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Damian awoke to the feeling of velvety sheets and blankets kissing large swathes of his unclad body. A euphoric haze hung over his mind as he halfheartedly attempted to arise from a bed unbeknownst to him. His efforts were met with resistance in the form of strong bands that pinned him, and the sheets, to the mattress.

Voices became apparent to the 6'1, averagely-built 19 year old as his hearing seemed to return in phases; first noise, then accents, followed by content. "This one will cost you about £25 000, he is still a virgin and relatively meek." A lady perceivably nearby said with a notable Welsh accent. A nascent feeling of panic grew within Damian as his opening eyes were met by complete darkness induced by his newly-discovered blindfold. "Are you sure he is a virgin?

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I wouldn't want to be compared to anyone. I want my first time to be his first time." The words were accompanied by a melodic, subtle, Italian accent as gorgeous as it was soft. "Definitely, we can even consult his instant messaging accounts again if you want to make sure of it.

We can have him awake and back in Italy at your residency in 12 hours." The Welsh lady replied as Damian became aware of the IV line at his wrist. "I'll take him. The money will be transferred within the next 15 minutes." The unmistakably wonderful voice seemed to sing.

With that, Damian felt a cold flush of liquid enter his bloodstream through the IV line. His state of consciousness melted into a bliss nothingness as the propofol entered his system.

Icy steel clasping his wrists and ankles met Damian as he shook off the drug-induced mental fog yet again. Instinctively, panic ensued as Damian wildly tried to break free which caused the sheets to expose his bare figure. "Don't worry, you're in safe hands, please relax Damian. I have no intention of hurting you." Damian finally saw the source of the of the honey-coated voice that spoke to him. A slender frame clad in white, lacy lingerie stood above his bound body, her lengthy, silky pitch-black hair hung over him, gently tickling his skin on contact.

Genuine concern and sheer sincerity shone through her emerald-tinted eyes as her fingers ran through Damian's brunette head of hair. Damian rightly assumed that she could be no older than 21. "If you promise not to do anything crazy, I'll remove the shackles." The girl revealed pearl white, straight teeth and deep dimples on either side of her pink lips as she voiced the proposition to Damian.

"O-okay." He meekly replied. "Great." The girl smiled and proceeded to gently kiss his forehead. As she begun to free Damian of his restraints, starting at his ankles and moving up to his wrists, the beautiful Italian jewel gave Damian clarity concerning the situation he found himself in, "My name is Francesca by the way; this is kind of awkward but I sort of purchased you." A shy smile etched itself on her visage.

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"I know, but how? Why?" Damian replied nervously. "Well, there is an organisation that gathers the social media data of suitable single males and categorizes them according to interests and personalities.

Women can then browse through the catalogue of males and if a given male attracts enough interest they are abducted and sold to the highest bidder.

I was not willing to go through masses of guys to find the right one, so I thought I might as well get to pick the one that suited me best.

That just happened to be you." Francesca held Damian's head tenderly as she let her lips intertwine with his, their tongues dancing in a wildly passionate manner before Damian had a chance to respond.

Damian's male instincts took over as he let his hands explore his lover's petite body; her warm skin was the smoothest thing he had ever laid his hands on. Both lustful young adults had their breaths increase in frequency and volume as Francesca mounted her property's body knowing that her actions were very much welcome as she felt Damian's rigid, 7 inch cock brush against her underwear.

She felt her bra being unclipped while she let her upper body fully rest on his and let her hand slide down her slave's body until she clasped his precum-coated tool; she rapidly whispering in his ear, "This will be our daily routine for the rest of our lives." Francesca's voice ended on a high pitch as a result of eager hands pushing off her panties. Damian felt the bliss feeling of her teenage moisture between her legs as Francesca hungrily flexi babes ass exploded by big dick her opened labia along the length of his shaft.

The boy who did not belong to himself felt his owner's moans being buried into his neck as her eyes rolled; he subsequently decided to attempt to position himself at her entrance. Welcoming the advance joyfully, Francesca sat up and slipped Damian's head in slowly, before letting gravity impale her on his virgin cock.

She let out a deep moan comprising of both pleasure and pain as her hymen broke and her depths were explored for the first time. "Ah fuck babe, your cock fits so perfectly." She groaned deeply and used her hand not being used for balancing purposes to reach behind her and gently massage Damian's hair-laden scrotum.

"Franc-cesca, I think I'm going to." Damian was interrupted by his lover's eager chanting, "Cum for me Damian, please fill me up!" which was accompanied by the contraction of her tight, previously-unused vaginal muscles.

She leaned over to invade his mouth with her tongue while she continued to work on his balls with her free hand. The room seemed to dissipate into nothingness as Damian's hands pulled Francesca's ass down towards his ballsack and each lover moaned uncontrollably in the other's mouth.

Time seemed to slow immensely as both Damian and Francesca felt the most intense tingling sensations they had ever experienced which was followed by Damian's coating of Francesca's innards through the eruption of his thick seed. Gradually, their grips loosened, their passionate making out slowed and their consciousness blew away as both owner and slave entered their deepest slumber yet in absolute exhaustion.

(To Be Continued? Constructive criticism and feedback more than welcome)