Juicy japanese cowgirl riding stockings and hardcore

Juicy japanese cowgirl riding stockings and hardcore
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I work in an office with plenty of people. I have a secretary named Tina and she's been with me for about 2 years. After my wife left me and our daughter, I've not lacked for female company, but Tina always seemed out of bounds. I didn't want to mess up a good thing as she's a fantastic secretary.

She was tempting for sure.tall and redheaded and a deepthroat compilation olivia lua krissy lynn jaye summers and ivy lebelle that sang to me. She had big tits and a round ass with looooong legs. I got plenty of comments about her from other guys in the office, always kidding me that I should be tapping that. I wanted to, but like I said, I didn't want to lose her.

One evening as we were working late, I walked into her cubicle and saw her stuffing a bunch of money into her purse.

She was in charge of the petty cash and it was laying open in the bottom drawer, empty. "Can you explain this, Tina?" I barked, scaring her. She tried to hide what she was doing, but knew she was busted.

"Oh my God.please don't say anything. I needed some quick cash for the weekend and was going to put it back on Monday. You believe me, don't you? Please.I can't lose this job." she said as she started to cry.

I knew this was my opening to finally get some of that pussy. I may be a nice guy on the outside, but deep down I get off dominating and forcing women to do what I want.

"How much is this job worth to you?" Two hard dicks for an asian floozy creampie brunette asked, knowing it was worth one helluva lot. She made great money and had great benefits. This gig was not one anyone would want to lose.

"It's very important to me. You know that. Oh PLEASE don't say anything. I'll put the money back.here." as she put it back in the cash box. It looked to be about $400. "I should report this, but I have another idea.

Meet me at the hotel on the corner in an hour. You don't show, you can start looking for a job. I trusted you and you have to earn that trust back. Get it?" I demanded. She nodded in agreement. I locked my office and turned to her and said, "One hour." At the hotel, I booked a room and texted her the room number. She replied that she'd be there soon. I made a drink and waited for her, mentally planning what I was going to to her.

My cock grew hard in anticipation. As I was getting restless, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Tina stepped in, her face streaked with tears. "W-what are you going to do? I don't want to lose my job, but please don't do this. Can't we work something out?" she pleaded.

"We're going to work it out. Then we're going to fuck. Don't you get it? You fucked up by stealing that money and getting caught. You have no leverage here, unless you really want to look for another job. What's it going to be?" With that, I grabbed her roughly and kissed her hard.

She struggled and pushed me away, the tears really flowing now. "I thought you were a nice guy. Where is this coming from? Can't we." she begged before I cut her off by grabbing her again ans throwing her to the bed. I pulled her face close to mine by her hair and yelled, "NO, WE CAN'T!! ONE LAST TIME.WHAT'S IT GOING TO BE, THIEF?" She didn't answer me, only sobbed and sobbed. Figuring that was enough of an answer, I reached under her skirt and tore her panties off. She screamed, so I shoved them into her mouth to shut her up.

I took her by the throat with mom son on her birtsex storiesay hand and undid my pants with the other. Pushing her legs apart, I positioned myself to enter her. She shook her head, but I squeezed her throat harder. The terror in her eyes increased tenfold as I slammed into her. Her body jerked back and she tried to push me out of her, but I was far too strong. I knew I was hurting her, but it felt so good being up in that hot little cunt that was squeezing my cock in fear.

As I pumped away, I managed to get her sweater pushed up and worked one of her tits out of her bra. I fucked her hard, making her exposed tit bounce and sway with the motion. She looked so good like that I knew she'd look even better naked.

"I'm gonna let you up so you can get naked, unless you want me to tear the rest of your clothes off with my hands. OK?" She nodded and I removed the panties. Slowly, she sat up and took her sweater off. With trembling hands, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, spilling those great tits out. I quickly stripped myself and watched her finish getting naked. Sliding her skirt off, she revealed a nice full bush of curly auburn pubes. Her cunt lips were swollen and engorged, even though she was unwilling.

I grabbed my tie and wrapped it around her wrists tight enough to bind. I tied the other end to the bed post and made sure it would hold. I grabbed her hips and flipped her young amateur latina uncovers her sexy curves and gets fucked by strangers roughly onto her hands and knees.

She squirmed and tried to get away, but I grabbed her hips again, this time from behind, and pumped back into her cunt. Her pussy and ass twitched and gyrated in spasms as she tried to dislodge me. No dice.

All it made me do was rape her harder. She cried and was sobbing loudly again. "Don't you make me gag you again with those panties again. Keep your fucking mouth shut unless you want me to fuck you all night until you can't walk." I commanded. I was in control of this and wanted to own this bitch. There were a couple ways to do such a thing and I wasn't sure what to do first. Since I was already behind her, my choice was easy. I withdrew from her pussy and she seemed to relax a bit.maybe she was hoping I was done.

Nope. I pushed my cockhead up to her little asshole and started to apply some pressure on her. She tensed and started to thrash about, knowing what was coming. "PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!! OH GOD, I'LL QUIT THE JOB IF YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT!! PLEASE!!! I DON'T WANT THE JOB!! I CHANGED MY MIND!!" she screamed. I grabbed the panties again and shoved them back in her mouth. Now she was really going to get a good assfucking.

I got back behind her and slapped her hard on the ass. Not caring about how she felt liberated me and I rammed hard up into her asshole. Her gag muffled her screams of pain as I pounded her tight little black banger xxx viddeos dewonld. As my balls slapped against her pussy, I told her she was the best asshole I had ever plowed into.

Her whole body was heaving with sobs, pain and humiliation.and all the while my cock was throbbing inside her. I raped her ass over and over with good, long hard strokes.strokes that showed her who was boss. My balls started to tighten and I knew I was close. I gave her a couple more hard strokes for good measure, then slid out of her and turned her over again.

She was covered in sweat and glistening. I scooted up and put my cock between her tits and slapped them together, squeezing my member tightly.

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"I love a good set of tits I can really slam against." I said. I took the panties out of her mouth and asked if she liked it yet. Nothing but heaving sobs escaped her mouth. I asked again and still got no response. Figuring she needed some encouragement, I gave her a quick hard slap across her face. "I don't like it and I don't like you.

You're nothing but a rapist and a pig. I hate you." she said with defiance. I like a girl with spirit, but it was time to take this trampy thief down a peg. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it hard, pointing it right at her face.

She tried to twist away, knowing what was coming, but I grabbed a handful of hair and held her still. My cock started to jerk and twitch as I finally released my first squirt onto her face.

It shot out like a rocket and caught her in the eyes. Ropes 2 and 3 were right behind and covered her face with that hot sticky goo. I lost count of of many more squirts I managed, but it was enough to coat her tits and still get some more on her face. "Now suck my cock clean you little cumrag.

Do a good job, too. I don't want to have to tell you twice." She opened her mouth and I fed her my meat. She immediately started to gag and retch as she tasted her pussy and asshole on my cock.

Her tongue worked slowly until she got most of the taste of herself off of me, spitting often so she wouldn't have to swallow her own filth. After I was clean, I untied the tie from the bedpost and pulled her busty milf gets mouth filled by two long dongs to me. She was still covered in my cum and it mixed with her tears. I think she was cried out by now and certainly had less starch in her attitude.

"So.do you want to keep your job or not?" ".(in a tiny voice) yes." "You going to steal again?" ".(same tiny voice) no." "Good. I have one more thing for you to do." She could hardly believe it when I started to pull her to the end of the bed. I spun her around and dangled her head off the side of the bed.

I stood in front of her face and slapped my cock on her still cum-covered face. "Open. Now." Wanting to get this over with, she did as told. I thrust my hardening cock into her mouth again and pinched her nose shut. As she opened her mouth to gasp for air, I drilled deep into her throat.

I figured I'd gone this far, I may as well rape all 3 of her holes as hard as I wanted. I reached my full erection soon enough and let her have it. She had no fight left in her and lay there and took it, barely having the capacity to gag on my meat that was cramming her gullet.

The sounds my cock made pushing in and out of her were incredibly hot. Her gooey tits were bouncing back and forth with every thrust into her. Her legs were flat on the bed, but open. I reached down and fingered her cunt roughly. She sexart european babes anna rose and eva berger a bit as she was dry down there by now.

I wanted this bitch to know who was in charge and who wasn't, so I ramped up the speed of my strokes, getting ready to give her one more load. "Lick my balls. Stick your tongue out and lick them" I told her as I withdrew and gave her a good ballrub on her face. She did a nice job as I jerked myself. I pushed her head back down and forced her mouth open one more time. I knew I was close and was ready to own her once and for all.

I grabbed her behind her neck and met my cock thrusts with a hand thrust, really pounding her throat for all it was worth. She came alive again, probably in pain, but that was what I was after.

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This cunt was going to know she was my whore. My cock started that familiar feeling again and jumped in her mouth. I let loose my second monster orgasm in 20 minutes and almost drowned that bitch.

She couldn't keep up with the spurts and let my cum blow out her mouth and nose, mixing with the cum already drying on her face. My balls kept releasing more and more cum, keeping her mouth full. She swallowed the last few globs and went limp. I withdrew from her mouth and pulled back. I grabbed the tie and pulled her up from the bed. She could barely stand up, wavering and staggering as I led her to the bathroom.

I untied her hands and pushed her into the shower. Turning on the water, it streamed onto her and started to wash away all that cum. I watched as she barely moved, just letting the attractive virgin pussy licked and team fucked cascade over her incredible and violated body.

She soaped and shampooed and rinsed and tried to get out. "You have to wash me too. Don't miss any spots." She took the soap and began to clean me.

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She did a damn fine job too. After we were both clean, we got out and she dried me off, then herself. I told her she could get dressed. She began to do so as I did too.

I went into my wallet and took out $500 and offered it to her. "If you need money, you shouldn't steal for it. If you want more, I'll give you $500 every time we get together and fuck." I told her. She hesitated, then took the money.

"Now you're my whore. A well-paid whore that I own, but a whore just the same. Nobody will believe a whore's word against mine. Understand?" Knowing she'd been raped, tricked, bought and paid for, sexy fucking makes adorable babe cum hardcore blowjob nodded and said, "Every time, I get $500?

Just for fucking? I don't know.that hurt pretty bad. I think I'd do it for $750 if you wanted to be that rough every time." she countered. "Deal." We shook on it. For months afterwards, every week, we'd meet for a "rape session" as she called it. I'd tie her up and abuse her in some way. She always got off after that first time, too.I guess getting paid to be violated ten different ways is a turn-on for some whores.

I never got tired of it either until she got engaged to some dummy who didn't realize he wanted to marry my cumbucket.