Exclusive booty girl loves huge toys

Exclusive booty girl loves huge toys
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Hey guys. glad to hear most of you liked my first story. Sorry it was so short. Hopefully you like this even better.

A llittle about myself for any first time readers. At the time of this story I had just turned 13, I lived in a small town. I had a paper route that I had to get up early to get done before school. I was maybe 5' 2" now, about 105 lbs, long brown hair, green eyes, and an ass any woman would love to call their own. Sometime during the winter I went to my grandma's house and found a few bottles of estrogen in her medicine cabinet.

After a few months I had started to grow boobs. I was almost a b-cup.

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I really looked like a female and loved acting like one. Again, this is another true story!! The rest of the winter was uneventful. That warm springlike day didn't last and all too quickly the reality of winter was back with a vengence. I tried to have another encounter with my new friend, hoping things would go futher but I never ran into him again.

Once winter was over and spring had settled, I scarlett wild gets a nice hard boner that stirring in my panties yet again and longed for someone to find me and make me his. As the days warmed I found myself getting more and more daring in my quest to be made someone's woman.

One day I finished my paper route early and just wandered thru town on my bike. I went over to the "bad" side of the tracks to find what I was looking for. I did get some attention from the guys over there but nothing too serious.

A few guys told me to call them in a few years and a few cat calls but not what I was looking for. As I was heading home dissapointed and very horny, I seen out of the corner of my eye a tall, thin black guy, a few years older than me waving so I went to investigate.

We talked for a few minutes, he was asking why I was riding my brothers bike. I told him I delivered for his this morning as he was sick. He told me I was too pretty to be doing all that work and if he was my man I would never have to do anything like that. My panties were stretched out as I asked if what would I have to do for you to be my man??

He walked take up with the tongue it to lastly fuck it hardcore and blowjob to me slowly and lightly stroked my face then pulled me into him and I felt the softest, fullest lips pressed against my lips and I thought I was in heaven, As he was kissing me (my first ever) he started rubbing my sides with his hands, working around to my ass.

As he squeezed my ass hard, his tongue started probing my mouth and finally my tongue as I regained some senses and started kissing him back. This guy was driving me wild,squeezing my ass, kissing me, he started to move up my body with his other hand to rub my small tits thru my lacy bra.

I thought I was gonna explode right there. I had sense to realize if this went any further he would discover my secret and maybe beat the shit out of me. I came to the conclussion I had to distract him. I ran my own hands down to the front of his pants and started rubbing his hard cock thru his pants, slowly unbuttoning them before he stopped me."Someone will see us if they haven't already, lets go somewhere more private" So I followed him across the street into a little patch of woods and we were pretty well hidden.

Once there we pretty much picked up where we left off, his hands all over my ass, feeling my panties and smooth skin but now his strong black hands were inside my sweatpants.

My delicate fingers were working the zipper and button on his pants, all the time kissing me and putting me under his spell. I could hear and feel his moaning as I worked his cock thru his underwear now.

Then he started to move around to the front of my panties, I started getting scared, I didn't want him to stop but I aslo didn't want him to discover my secret so I pulled down his pants and started sinking to my knees. "Holy Shit you're huge" I said as I came face to face with a cock for the first time.

It was maybe around 7 or 8 inches long with thick veins running the length and really thick, I couldn't even get my fist around it, and then there was his balls!!!! They were huge too. Walnut size doesn't do this guy justice.

I must have sat there starring at his package for a good five minutes before he pinched my nipple thru my bra and brought me back to reality. I looked up at him and slowly stuck my tongue out and placed it on the head of his cock. I slowly rolled my tongue all over his throbbing cock until it twitched and he grabbed me by my long hair and I slowly took his cock into my mouth.

It tasted so good, the feel and weight of it in my mouth, I instantly knew I would be a cock sucker for life!!! As I slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth a little farther each time, my own cock was starting to throb and jerk and I finally had to adjust it so I wouldn't tear a hole in leona lewis hard anal hardcore latina squirt erick anal sex xxx black cock panties, having it tucked is great but when you get hard like that sometimes it just plain hurts.

Now that was taken care of, I really went to town on this big, black cock in front of me. I would alternate stroking him with both hands and trying to suck as much of him in as possible. I don't know to this day who had more enjoyment that day!! As I kept stroking and sucking, his moaning got louder, his hands in my hair were getting tighter and he started fucking my mouth in long slow strides and I knew my reward was cumming soon.

My first taste of another man's sperm would soon be on my tongue and I couldn't wait. I began looking up at him while he was fucking my mouth, I moved one hand to his thickly muscled thigh and the other to his ass. Squeezing his the same way he did mine earlier. When He was getting close he let me know, thinking I may not want it in my mouth, he looked down at me and I gave him a wink letting him know I wanted it.

Somehow as he was starting to shoot his load his cock fell out of my mouth so the first few shots landed on my shirt with alot of force, by the time I managed to get his cock back into my mouth I only got a little cum to play with, rolling around on my tongue and getting a good taste of it. Before I had the chance to clean his sofening cock he put that weapon away and told me he'll call me later. He was gonna be late for school.

Damn!! I sat there a few minutes, scooping the cum off my shirt and trying my best to suck all his spunk off so it wouldn't stain. As I sat there reliving what just happened, I got sooo horny, I still hadn't cum and I really wanted to. I started rubbing my cock thru my satin panties and I heard a voice.

"Thats what I thought you were doing earlier" I looked up and seen who had to be this guy I just gave my first BJ to, twisyts august ames beautiful girl natural tits and hardcore dad. I was so shocked. I tried to stand and run but my sweats were down around my ankles and I quickly fell down.

Before I knew it, this dad was standing above me with a big grin on his face. "You sure got an ass like a bitch, you really look like one too. What's your name sweetheart?" "Jessica" I said. "Well, Jessica, I seen you and my son come over here and wanted to see why, I seen you do something in your panties, I figured you were gonna rub that clit while you sucked my son's cock. You looked dissapointed when he came all over that shirt of yours, why is that Jessica?" " That was my first blowjob and I really wanted to taste it" I said.

With that, he pulled down his pants and showed me his cock. It wasn't as long or thick as his son's but just as beautiful. I was again in a trance as he walked right up to me and began rubbing his cock all over my face. Oh my! I did what any good girl would do and took his cock into my mouth. I really like his taste better and I could get more of it into my drooling mouth. I was able to get about 3/4 of it down into my throat before I would gag.

He kept telling me to relax my throat and before I knew it my nose was being tickled by his short curlies. I was loving it!! He then reached behind me and started squeezing my ass, pulling my panties down and massaging my little puckered orifice with his finger. He spit on his hand and started working first one, then two, then finally 3 fingers into my asshole.

All the while I kept up my attack of deepthroating him. He pulled me off his hardon and I was really reluctant to let go until he got behind me, pushed me down on all fours, The moment I've been dreaming about for almost a year, He would tease me with the head of his cock, just pushing his cock in enough to where I could feel his penetration then pull out. After doing this a half dozen times I couldn't take it and pushed my ass back onto that veiny cock of his.

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I think I got about halfway down his rod when he pushed me forward and came around to the front and pushed his cock all the way down my throat, and I felt his cum going straight into my belly. I pulled his cock out till only the head was still between my lips and let him fill my mouth with his sperm, This man seemed to shoot about a pint into my mouth, some of it spilling out of the corners of my lips. When he was done he backed up and told me to show him the load he left for me. So I did and he smiled.

I then drank half of it, spit the rest in my hand. "what you gonna do with that?" he said. I bent over on mom teach xxx sixy vedinew fours and dripped some of that creamy load into my slightly gaping asshole.

The rest, I used as lube to stroke my hard clit into a eye popping orgasm of my own. Which I collected in my other hand. I then added what was left on my face and rubbed it into and around my lips and mouth. If there was anyone else watching, I wanted them to know it was ok to come down and I would take care of them too.

Sadly there wasn't. My new friend thanked me and told me to stop over any time. He would keep my secret safe. I went home, dry cum in and around my mouth and asshole, still horny and looking forward to a return trip to the "bad" side of the tracks.

Please guys, I love your feedback so any is welcomed. Help me, help you!!