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Mom and girl rep porn
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The day after the horse incident, Bailey was still recovering, and couldn't really do much in the sex department. So Jade sat helplessly fingering herself, in so much heat but nothing to relieve her.

So she walked on down to Dylan's room, where he was lying on his bed. Dylan was nude, and Jade was wearing a pair of Bright blue panties, with no bra. Dylan took one look, and his cock instantly sprung to attention. Jade wanted something special today though. "Can you take me like you do Bailey?" She asked. Dylan had always been careful with her as she was younger, but he was pleased to hear this. He walked over to her, a smile on his face. "Sure sis, anything for you. BITCH!" Hd teen interracial double penetration first time the olympic interchange grabbed her by her braid and threw hair grandpa doctor and young grills the bed.

She was surprised by this, but was excited. He took rope he had used with Sage and Bailey many a time, and tied her face down to the bed. He grabbed the ass of her panties and yanked them, lifting her up in the air, giving her pussy a wedgie. He could see her puffy pink lips, and there were literally drops of wetness coming from her.

He leaned down, licked her ear, and said "Is this what you want poor baby, someone to please you?" He crooned softly.

She nodded. He reached under her, and tweaked her nipple. She cried out, and hissed at her "Say it. Fucking tell me what you want" she replied breathing heavily "I want you to fuck me" He tore off her panties and slapped her bubbly ass hard, watching it jiggle.

"I didn't hear you, what do you want?" He seethed. She was in tears of pain and pleasure. "I want you to fuck me.

I want my brother to destroy my pussy!" She cried out. He kissed her hard, grabbed her braid and pulled back as he slammed cock first into her pussy. She moaned, finally getting what she asked for. He waited until she whimpered "ohhh I'm fucking cummmming!" And he pulled out, and spanked her again. "Not until I say you do!" And slammed back into her.

He played with her feelings, making sure she was right on the verge before pulling out and spanking her pretty round ass red.

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When he was sure she couldn't take it, he buried his face into her pussy and bit hard onto her clit. She screamed and cried, struggling against her bindings, but she couldn't break free. She spasmed as her cunt contracted, spraying juice onto her brother's face, and into his mouth.

Dylan waited until she stopped, and shoved three fingers into her, causing her to cum so hard she hit the wall behind her.

She screamed his name as humped his fingers dry. He scooped what lubricant she had left with two fingers, and shoved them in her mouth. She gave a squeal and sucked. When she had cleaned his fingers, Dylan unlocked her, and forced her to her knees.

He held his hands over her throat and squeezed as he face fucked her. He came down her throat, and she gagged, more tears streamed from her, but she swallowed like a good sister. "Good girl" he said and stroked her face, wiping her tears. She kissed him, and thanked him, leaving the room satisfied. She would surely come back for more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next week ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was Friday night, and everyone was bored, not much was going on in the house.

The sisters were watching TV with their parents, and Dylan was in the middle of his sisters. Bailey had recovered, and was now quite horny from not receiving any attention for a week. Jade was as well, just because, well, she was fucking horny, like always, the little devil.

Johnathan finally broke the silence mom and son sleep wife said "Dylan, how about we leave the girls to themselves tonight, and just have a guys night? We'll order pizza, hell I'll even let you have a little beer. Jade, Bailey, your friend and boyfriend are welcome to come. They texted Drake and Alex, and they were excited. Everyone showed up, and pizza showed up about 20 minutes later.

They were all eating, drinking and laughing, when the two sisters showed up in the living room, stark naked. Present company was used to this, and they all grew quite hard.

"Daddy, we want to make this the best guys night ever' she put emphasis on ever, making it sound as sexy as possible.

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Their father smiled and nodded. The sisters took turns undoing the boys' pants, freeing their cocks. The sisters teased them by giving each of them a kiss on the tip. They all stood in a circle around the two, and the sister's took one in each hand, and began to stroke.

Drake was the lucky one, and Bailey took her boyfriend orally. The guys all moaned as the girls serviced them. Jade finally broke out of the circle, and spread herself out on her hands and knees. "Who's gonna fuck me" she hissed. She wanted to be as prepared as possible, and had been working on being comfortable with anal play, and by God she was more ready than ever.

Dylan, Alex, and Drake tool her up in the offer, and Bailey put all her attention into sucking, blowing, and stroking her father's rock hard member. Alex stood in front of his friend, and popped his cock into her mouth. She licked all around his shaft, teasing his tip in the process. Drake laid under her, and thrust upward into her pussy, which was fiery and wet.

Dylan grabbed her ass, and slid into her ass. Jesus she was tight. He loosened her up. She was what they called "airtight" each hole was filled. She could feel herself being used and thrusted into from all directions. She moaned as she felt her ass and kitty being pleasured, and Alex was breathing fast and heavy. Johnathan had her daughter bent over his knee, three fingers shoved into her, fingering her as hard as she could.

She cried out as her father abused her cunt, and sprayed her female juices all over his fingers. Jade could feel herself getting close as well, and she pulled Alex out of her mouth, and massaged his balls with her tongue. He held strong though, not wanting it to end. She could take it no longer, being fucked so hard from every sexual orifice she had to offer, and cummed like her tight slut janice griffith pussy screwed by huge hard cock pussylick pornstar. Her anal muscles tightened around Dylan, and Drake's shaft and balls were dripping with her juice.

"I got this one" she said with a wink to her panting sister, who was still reeling with a weeks worth of built up pleasure. The men all gathered in a circle again around the one sister, and jerked themselves off to the sight of her moaning and tweaking her own nipples.

They all loomed at each other, and as if they had rehearsed, all released at once. Jade opened her mouth as wide as she could and stuck out her mouth as jizz hit her from every direction.

It covered her face, getting on her nose, eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Dylan got her hair all sticky, and Drake shoved into her ass one last time at the last possible moment. The men all sat back on the couch heaving, as they watched the beautiful teenager in front of them clean herself with her tongue as best she could, cum dripping from her breasts, and leaking from her gape of an asshole.

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Bailey crawled over and helped her with her back, and she left the room to clean up. "Best. Goddamn. Guys night. ever" Alex said, wide eyed. They finished eating, and Drake and Alex left around midnight. Jade stepped into the already running shower where her mother was washing herself up. "Awww I missed all the fun honey" she said looking at her cum-soaked daughter. "Maybe I could help mom" she said she bent over and her mother shuddered with excitement as she exposed herself, showing off to her mother what she had done.

She backed up against her mother's soapy and wet body, and grinded her. Emily moaned and threw her head back as her daughter rubbed herself against her. Jade stood back up and lathered her hand with soap, rubbing her mother's vulva, massaging both sets of her vaginal lips.

She felt the soap wash off her hands by how hard her mother came onto her. She smiled "Thank you sweetie". Jade blushed and smiled. They cleaned each other up, and went to their rooms to rest up for another mystery of a day ahead.