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The journey to Portsmouth took longer than expected. It was a Saturday morning, last bank holiday in August and the roads were, unrelentlessly, full. Still it gave me time to think things through.

Assess what had happened over the past few days. I still drew weak breaths when remembering the party last week. I had awoken to find Tracey next to me her hand on my chest. But I couldn't stay until she woke, my mind wouldn't let me though my body so did.

I knew that in a weeks time from then, I would be going to Portsmouth, and Tracey to Cardiff for our respective universities. Whilst at Uni there would, no doubt, be ample chance for sexual frolics. I didn't mind I just wish I hadn't had slept with Tracey before I left. Talking of Tracey, I had recieved several texts and phonecalls from her since the party. But I did not know how to answer. The evening had been fantastic and, had I not been going off to Uni the next week, I would have consented to starting a full relationship with her.

But I couldn't. Not when I knew we would be apart for so long. So far away. I had, therefore, sent her a quick text saying that I was really busy getting ready and that I was unlikely to be able to see her before I left. It wasn't a lie. The amount of things to do was immense. I had to ring up the accomadations office to find out where I would be living. Calls back and forth to the LEA to sort out my loans and not to mention the endless shopping.

Shopping for clothes, essentials and of course cutlery, plates and pots that would no doubt be stolen or lost within the first fortnight. My father sighed up ahead. His arm was leaning outside of the window as we waited in yet another traffic jam. 'Caravans!' he cried 'Who'd want to spend a week in a caravan?' A caravan had shot past them. I had had to much insight into my dad's hatred of caravans that I failed to notice.

Mum though looked at him. 'I used to spend lovely holidays with my parents in caravans. I remember we had one in Bogner Regis.' As mum and dad slipped into a light argument about the logistics of holiday travel, I slipped on my iPod and fell into a dreary haze. An hour and a half we had made it into Portsmouth. My dad was now arguing about the way to the university but after he stopped and asked for directions we soon found it. The Babe with huge boobs get facial after a hard sex building was a tall imposing structure.

It looked so out of place in a city full of low buildings that over looked the sea. Even the shopping center had a air of lowness to it, instead being several hundred meters wide instead of tall. As I would be staying in dorms with other students, the man on the gate pointed us in the right place to collect our keys. Tyfold Dorm was a small building consisting of four floors.

On each floor there were five bedrooms, a shower, two toilets and a shared kitchen. Unfortunatley, my room was on babe fucking and deepthroating in leather boots and stockings top floor. I found this incredibly irkesome for several reasons. Firstly I had to carry all my stuff up four narrow staircases and secondly if I spent a night out and came back to this.

I wouldn't bother climbing up the stairs and instead I would have just kipped on the floor. Once all my stuff had been put away my mum and dad got ready to leave but first of course, they had to give me some advice.

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'Don't get too drunk. Don't do drugs and for the love of god, don't get chlamydia.' Dad paused then gave me a hug. He pulled away quickly as if he didn't want anyone to see. 'I better get the car over. Take care son.' He walked away and mum moved in closer to me and said in almost a whisper. 'I was waiting for a chance to give you these.

Away from your father I mean.' She handed me a box. Looking at the cover I saw 'Durex. Extra sensative' written on the box. Mum smiled, kissed me and then enveloped me in a big hug. 'Take care.' she said and she left, leaving me all alone in a city I barely knew. --- My room was in the corner of the building meaning that I got the most space on my floor. My room mates looked on in eny as I set up my stuff and attempted to make it home.

There were two girls on this floor and three boys. Of the girls there was Chanice, a stunning black girl with elegant locks that flew down her back, and Emma, a shy but extremley pretty English student with mousey brown hair and two beautiful eyes. Of the boys there was David, 6ft 2 and athletic, David was a year older than anyone else and a sports science student.

Luke on my uncle fuck me hard the other hand seemed more my type. He was blond with small fashionable glasses and studied History. Once all my stuff had been put away in my room I headed of the kitchen, where a bout of socialising was taking place.

David was stood against the counter flirting intensly with Chanice as he spoke of all his sporting competitions he had won.

Luke was talking to Emma about History nonetheless. It didn't seem to bother me unlike it would to other people so I happily joined in the conversation. As the day wore on I realised me and Emma had a lot in common and even more that I was starting to become attracted to her.

Underneath her willowy complexsion I was certain that there was a rampant sex godess two sluts sharing one big cock for sucking and I was determined to pull it out. But I seemed to have some competition on my hands. Luke was wowing her as well. I told myself that I was not to get too involved in the Emma situation. I didn't want my days at university to begin with everyone thinking I was a prat.

Night time arrived and the Student Union had arranged am evening full of alcohol, music and, no doubt, endless socialising.

I dressed and made my way down to the union club with Emma and Luke. Emma had dressed in a scanty little black number that seemed to magnify her small ample breasts.

The music was pounding by the time we arrived and small tittied teen bangs in car pov in public boys and girls were roaming the large dance hall. Everyone seemed to be nervous. Swallowing, I made my way up to the bar and orderd a drink.

The cute bar woman was pulling my pint and as she did I noticed that another girl had slided up next to me. She caught my eye and I nodded. She smiled revealing a set of white shining teeth. 'Joanne.' she said holding out her hand. 'Joanne Trollope. Media Studies Student from Lancashire.

I got three B's in Biology, English Lit and Geography. Now can I buy you that drink?' I raised my eyebrows but laughed. 'I.yeah, cheers. I'm Jake.

Studying Economics, from London and I got three C's and B in my A-Levels. Maths., French, History and Computing.' She smiled again. It was at that point that he managed to get a full look at her. Joanne was tall and with strapping legs that seemed to scream sex. She was wearing a silk purple dress which seemed to exaggerate the best features of her person.

Her body was toned and her breasts were larger than Emma's and a considerable deal juicer too. From the looks of it. 'Quite a mouthful.' she laughed and then said 'Don't you hate it? Having to get to know someone? I wish we could just skip the pretalk and get on to the wild orgies.' I blinked.

Joanne laughed and placed a hand on my leg 'Don't worry love I was only joking.' she said and I braved a cheeky smile. Perhaps it was just lust, but I felt myself becoming closer and closer to Joanne as the night progressed. To my own desire to speak to many people, I did not stay with her all night but instead slipped off now and again to talk to others. She too seemed to want the chance to talk to a variety of people and so we only truly reunited at around half eleven when I returned to the bar to get another drink.

'That mate of yours. Luke. He ain't a virgin is he?' 'No idea only met him today.' 'E' look's like one.' Jo replied. She had asked me to call her Jo when I had continously called her Joanne. She said it was way to formal to use her full name.

'Would you say?' I asked her. I took a sip of my beer and looked back at her but my eyes seemed to becoming more and more drawn to her breasts. 'An' what about you Jake?' 'What about me what?' I asked, a small trickle of beer falling down my chin.

'Are you a virgin?' I swallowed 'Well I've dabbled in the hankey panky shall we say? Though whether I was any good is another matter.' 'I reckon you are.' she said 'Only guys who ain't had sex are usually crap.' 'Well then, that can only be a good thing.' 'Aye, that's what my mate Tyrone thinks. He's had a few girls and he started to think he was shit.

But I told him. If the girls keep coming. How can you be?' I nodded. My eyes were drooping down to her breats yet again. Jo seemed to notice as she said 'I'm up here.' I looked away, embarressed. She took her hand and placed it aside my face softly.

Her hands were warm to the touch. 'It's alright. Means it working. But you Jakey poo. you might just be in on something.' She leaned close to me and in a second our lips met in hot passion.

I could tell that Jo was the type of girl that liked sex. I did too, aside from the fact I had only had it once. Dark haired chick takes cock from behind in bedroom had been embraced for only a very short while when I blazing siren filled their ears. The fire alarm. Several boys over in the corner had 'accidently' set fire to the table and chairs around.

The staff were quickly ushering everyone outside. Which was proving quite hard as many people were extremley drunk and refusing to move. 'Fucking nob heads!' Jo cried and she downed her vodka and lemon in one 'We were enjoying ourselves and they had to go and fuck it up.' Sighing she took my arm and led me outside. On the way I passed David who seemed to have given up any hope with Chanice. I nodded my head.

David looked dumbstruck. The outside of the Student Union was in capers. People yelling and singing, others shouting that they knew places in the city to go to.

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'Fucking ain't waiting here.' Jo said and she took my hand and led me off down the side away from the burning building and to a clump of desloate dark buildings. She threw me against one of the buildings and again we embraced. Our tongues were like sensors, exploring each other's mouths tasting each other for the first time.

Her hands were over me.

Feeling in between my legs feeling my behind. She gave it a tight squeeze and so I responded by squeezing her backside too and down between her legs to. Jo withdrew her electric tongue and said 'Your place?' But it wasn't a question.

It was a fact. She might as well have said 'We're going to your room to have sex.' and not put it any blunter than that. We hurried away. The sounds of the fire ebbing away with every paced step we took. The dorm building loomed over us, blacked out in the darkness. Still, I managed to special guy sauce for sweetheart deepthroat blowjob the keys and we opened it up and embraced again upon closing the door behind.

I only wanted to get her to my room and fuck her senseless. My raging cock was pressed against my jeans, begging to escape. Jo's tongue seemed excited too, as the prospect of sex overtook her. I opened my door, and closed it as soon as we had arrived. She pushed me to the bed and slowly began to take off her silk purple dress. Underneath, her bra was a silk item as well. I had my suspicions that she worked out and it looked as if I was right.

Her eyes bore into mine and slowly she moved over to me and pulled my shirt off. Jo's eyes lit up as she saw my bare chest. She licked her finger and ran it down my naked abdomen. She smiled. Then she took her hands, unbuckled my belt and slowly began to pull my trousers down, clearly savouring the moment.

Like someone waiting to see what they had playful gf first time anal sex on camera. My cock was springing to attention underneath my boxer shorts.

She traced a hand along my shaft and I felt my cock squirm with delight. Again, slowly, she reached down and pulled the shorts down my legs until my naked body was fully presented to her. She stared at my cock for a moment or two. I looked hot redheaded teen goes too horny on her mature from her and lowered my voice. 'I'm sorry. I should have said it's not as big as you'd have liked it to be.' 'No,' Jo said in barely a whisper 'It's perfect.

Besides, I'm sure you know how to use yours.' I gulped. I sure hoped I did too. She took my member in one hand and slowly began to stroke it.

I eased back against the bed but feeling nothing except her warm hands on my throbbing cock. She pulsated it. Moved it up and down ever so slowly as she savoured the feel.

Then when I thought she was going to pull herself away, she lowered her head and began to suck. I had never felt pleasure on this level before. I had thought Tracey was good, but this was something else entirely. She was obviously an expert cock sucker. She teased my head several times before engulfing my cock completley. Then he returned to teasing the cock with her tongue before plummeting yet again.

Steadily she built up a rythm. I was so close to exploding with cum I could do nought but watch her. Then I felt it. My balls were hot with passion and my eyes clenched as my hot wad flew into her open mouth I squirted four short shots into her mouth before I felt it relax.

Slowly she looked up at me a glint in her eye which said 'What don't I get anything?' Oh she would. I stood and made her lay on the bed with her legs outstretched. Then I leant in and slowly began to work my tongue along her pubic region. First I licked below her clit, sending my tongue occasionally into the mouth of her vagina. Then I would lick her clit especially for a moment or two before I returned to my general teasing.

Jo seemed to be liking it. She slowly moaned and pushed her pelvis out at me, encouarging me on. Her hands were clenched around my bed covers and she squeezed it tightly as she came. My dick was still hard. I climbed back onto the bed and postioned myself over her.

Slowly I entered her, feeling my way with my hand and her voice. 'Lower., bit lower. Yeah that's the stuff.' I had fully entered Jo's tight pussy. All five inches of me. I took it slow at first, giving her short sharp pulses before she took a hold of my ass and started to push me on.

If it was faster she wanted, it was faster I got. I ploughed in deeper and harder, all the time increasing in speed. When I was not concentrating on fucking her I kissed her passionatley, or else sucked on her supple nipples. 'Oh god.' she moaned as I raised my head away from her breasts 'god, suck my nipples.' I complied. My neck was beginning to ache from leaning down so often but I ignored the pain.

Pleasure would soon come. And it was. My cock was beginning to show signs of an oncoming ejaculation. I moaned lightly and touched Jo's breast with a finger tip.

'Take me from behind.' said Jo's soft voice. I raised my eyebrows, but Jo seemed not to care. She pulled herself away from me and kneeled on her hands and knees.

'Come on baby.' she purred 'Don't make a girl dissapointed.' I wasn't going to. Slowly I opened her ass cheeks as her pussy came out at me. I licked my lips and plunged my hard cock straight into her. This, it transpired, was Jo's favourite way of fucking. She seemed to want to take it rough so I slapped her ass as we moved together.

Then, deciding I needed a bit of extra leeverege, I took her hair and pulled on it, pulling her head back. 'Yes, fucking ride me baby.' 'Oh you fucking slut.' 'Yeah, am I a slut am I?' she moaned. My movements became quicker and harder. Her anus was looked up at me. And for a split second I had the wish to plunge my cock into her tight asshole. But I didn't. I controlled myself. Instead I lubed up a finger with saliva and then slowly entered her ass with it.

Jo squirmed, obviously not use to the feeling of anything in her ass. She looked up at me, a sly look upon her gorgeous face. 'Oh you naughty boy.' she cried and I smiled. Our pulses continued. I finger fucked her ass whilst she moved her hips sporadically against my thrusting pelvis. Soon, she was starting to heat up, I removed my finger from her ass and concentrated hard on fucking her senseless.

'Oh god.' she screamed. Louder than I had ever heard. She wanted me more than ever. 'Oh god fuck that little cunt. Yeah, I want you to fill my pussy with your fucking hot cum.' 'Oh baby,' I moaned to, my cock was beginning to feel the intense pressure, I was about to come. 'I'm coming.' I moaned and my cock exploded as wave after wave of hot juice erupted into her vagina. At the same time, Jo was having another orgasm.

'Oh god. I'm coming.awwww yeeees! Sweet mother fucking. Aww!' Our body's collapsed on one another. As, panting, or orgasms ebbed away. I had never felt anything like that before.

Ever. I drew away from Jo and collapsed on the bed next to her. She grinned, kissed me slowly and then I fell asleep. --- Several hours later I woke. My cock had sprang to attention and someone was seeing to it. I could feel the mouth moving up and down along the shaft, tickling it with their tongue. In the darkness I could just about see the form. It was a woman. Jo, I assumed. She was obviously giving me some pleasure as I slept.

I wasn't going to let her stop so I feigned sleep and only peeked my eyes open to catch an occasional glimpse of her. In no time at all I was ready to come. 'Aww fuck.' Splat! The cum exploded onto Jo's face. She licked it off with relish and then slowly walked away. I was confused. Why would she do that? I heard the door close behind her then suddenly, a movement at my side. Jo was stirring. My eyes were wide with confusion as she roused from her slumber.

'Ready for another round are we?' she said teasingly but I just looked at her, my mouth open wide. 'But, someone just. did.' 'What are you talking about?'she asked. 'I was asleep and then I woke. I felt someone sucking my dick. I thought it was you but. she left, whoever it was and you woke.' 'But who was it?' I looked from Jo's sexual form to the closed door but I had no more idea than she did. ----- Chapter 3 coming soon