Brunette babe gets banged by bald dude for some money

Brunette babe gets banged by bald dude for some money
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Taking Down Sargent Malta Chapter 1 I am not a racist so please excuse the names I refer to different races. You're going to read the out and out horrid ways Sargent Malta treats different races as well as women and girls. BUT please read on. Remember this is called "Taking Down Sargent Malta" for a reason. As always suggestions for further chapters are appreciated.

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All are at least eighteen and older. Taking Down Sargent Malta Chapter 1. It would be great to get off the base for a couple of weeks, especially getting away from the nagging wife. "Got everything packed up boys?" I asked even though the fifteen army men were at least twenty and older.

I liked to keep them in line. I had chosen the most muscular of my men for the two week military exercise. "Yes, Sargent Malta the truck's all packed up and ready as requested." Corporal Jones shouted standing in front of the fourteen privates.

All the privates are in their early twenties. "Lets get a move on it then Corporal Jones." I shouted. "We have a busy couple of weeks and I don't want to waste any time." I wasn't overly pleased six out of the fourteen privates were niggers, but what could one do.

I'd just have to put up with them but make damn sure they did the cleaning up and jobs the other boys wouldn't want to do. "You heard Sargent Malta, get in the back sex xxxx hot free movies com the truck and secure yourselves in.

We'll be traveling on some pretty bumpy roads." Corporal Jones shouted. "Have those six load everything aboard Corporal." I ordered pointing to the six niggers standing beside each other. "Yes Sargent Malta." Corporal Jones answered with a distasteful look on his face, but he knew better than to question my orders. "You heard the Sargent Tyrone, Sam, Mitch, Clark, Ben, Craig.

Get your gear, Sargent Malta's and my gear on the truck." Corporal Jones said with a sympathetic tone in his voice. I saw the look of disgust in each of the nigger's faces as they tossed everyone's gear in the back of the truck. They all looked at my stern face standing back allowing the white privates to get in the back of the truck.

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At least they were learning their place when it came to me. Of course dressed in their military clothing one couldn't see just how muscular the men were. At least the niggers weren't a bunch of skinny out of shape slobs, you could tell they all worked out by the way they filled out their combats.

They were as solidly muscled even more than the white privates. Corporal Jones got in the drivers seat the same time I took the passenger seat.

"Let's move it Corporal." I ordered. Corporal Jones started the army truck and we were soon speeding out the base gates driving around the out side of the close by town heading north. Neither of us said anything as Corporal Jones kept a keen eye on the road turning on to the main highway heading north. We drove on for a couple of hours, still not talking to each other.

"Pull over at the next rest stop Corporal so the men can stretch their legs busty 18 ygets her ass fucked czech couples empty their bladders." "Sure thing Sargent." Corporal Jones said driving for another five minutes until seeing a sign indicating the next rest stop.

He pulled off the highway and stopped in the small parking lot in front of the rest stop. "Tell the boys they may get out stretch their legs and use the john when they see me come out Corporal." I headed behind the rest stop knowing that's were the men's washroom was usually located.

I went inside. Thankfully it was empty. I hated pissing with other men around but sometimes one didn't have a choice. The last thing I hated was some fag trying to take a peek at what I had between my legs, not that I had anything to hide. I was proud of my four inch soft cock, nine inches and a good size around when rock hard. I washed and dried my hands before exiting the washroom.

Corporal Jones was standing out side the door, the fourteen privates lined up behind him. "Go ahead boys, make it snappy we haven't got all day. You six." Pointing to each of the niggers. "Get in the back of the truck and take the boxes marked lunch and put them on the table." I said looking at the niggers. "After the other privates come out of the washroom, go in and empty your bladders." The niggers just stood starring at me like I had lost my mind.

"Don't be looking at me like that boys, obey orders, your in the army, not the boy scouts." Walking away from the washroom. "Fucking niggers." I said under my breath. "You heard Sargent Malta, get a move on it men." Corporal Jones ordered giving the six niggers a sympathetic look. "Useless fucking Corporal." I said under my breath caring less if Corporal Jones heard me or not, but he was far enough away, I didn't think he heard me.

"Wasting his sympathy on a bunch of niggers that would stab him in the back as huge hooters stepmom threesome with teen couple in bed brunettes and blowjob as his back was turned. Never did trust niggers. I did some stretching exercises as well as a dozen push ups and a dozen sit ups.

I liked to keep in shape no matter where I was. I knew men respected a physically fit, take command man in charge of their unit. I prided myself being one of the most fit and muscular man on the base. Not bad, I thought, for a man pushing forty with three sons, seventeen, sixteen and fourteen.

I was proud of the way my sons' were turning out. They are respectful and have hard physique, working out daily under my supervision at the base gym. I knew my three sons would be joining the army when they were old enough.

I brought my sons up to disrespect niggers, whether they were janitors, doctors, lawyers, etc, deep down they were the scum of the earth and should be treated like that. Of course Gloria disagreed with me, but fuck her. Gloria complained I was too rough on the boys. I told her it was the only way to bring up boys and that was to respect their father and mother. There were too many lazy teenage boys hanging around town who didn't respect authority.

I was going to make sure my sons were brought up the proper way. The only reason I had married Gloria in the first place, she was the Captain's daughter.

She was a military brat and a real socialite, everything I disrespected in a woman. I have no idea how her dad became a Major because he was useless and had no idea how to raise a family. Her three brothers were nothing but spoiled brats, mooching off their parents.

They were either fat and out of shape or skinny bean poles. The stupid dork never objected to his sons hanging out with niggers even. What a fucking looser. Gloria could be a real pain at times, pulling the whining thing when she didn't get her way. Thank goodness I knew the boys would be as well behaved while out in the field as when I'm home. The boys were eating lunch at two picnic tables side by side. Corporal Jones and I sat at another table eating and discussing schedule for the next couple of weeks.

As soon as I finished eating I walked over to the horny kittens ream the biggest strap dildos and spray cream all around the boys were sitting at. "Pack common babe put it in my ass snatch everything and clean the tables you six." I said, indicating the six niggers. "Lets get a move on it boys. We've got another four hours of traveling to do before we get to the camp." Ordering the boys to speed it up and get in the back of the truck.

Once more we were heading down the highway another couple of hours before turning down a gravel road heading into the bush. I had Corporal Jones pull over to the side and the men to get out the back to stretch their legs and take a leak in the bush. We were once more on our way driving another couple of hours deeper along the gravel road. Corporal Jones stopped the truck.

I jumped out going behind the truck opening the back. "We're here, get out and set up the camp, we'll be spending the next two weeks on maneuvers." I ordered. The privates climbed out the back along with tents and other needed materials to set up camp. "Keep an eye on the boys while I scout around Corporal." I ordered taking off heading south around the bend of the close by river.

I had been to this camp many times and knew about the small town a half mile from camp. I never got tired of strutting myself around the small town with my sleeves rolled up pumping my biceps, especially when I saw some hot women or girls at least eighteen and older watching me.

I was tired of being around my middle aged wife, even though she kept herself attractive. I liked to impress the college girls no younger than eighteen because the college only allowed girls of legual age to attend their college.

I walked to the only college in town. I knew there were always ho girls. Most in their early twenties Man I was horny and needed at least a hand job, blow job or even a fuck. Man I loved hot young pussy, especially virgin pussy. I knew I had lots of time before I'd head back to camp before dinner.

I was right, at the end of college, close to the gym were four trim slim girls in their early twenties huddled together talking. I didn't really want a group of girls, just one I could get down and dirty with. I'd have to wait around until they broke up heading off in different directions, hoping one would stick around. It didn't look like they were in any hurry to split up and head there separate ways.

I walked around flexing my arms and chest close enough so the four young girls to see me. They all looked impressed with me and wondered if I'd ever get rid of them lusty fillies have fun in the club for one. Finally after about ten minutes the girls split up saying good bye to each other. I fixed my eye on a cute slim blond around nineteen or twenty five-four, no more than five-five at the most and started following her from a close distance.

She made her way around the front of the school before I made my move. I called out walking toward her. "Hello sweet thing. You like a man in uniform?" I asked being polite, smiling, flexing my arms and chest.

"Hello. I've never met an army man before." She said looking at my arms. "You sure look strong." "Thanks, want to feel these muscles." I asked flexing my arm in front of her pretty face. "Go ahead." "She reached out with her small hand placing it on my biceps and giggled. "Wow that's big." "That's not the only thing that's big." I said, my cock growing to it's full nine thick inches. "Feel this baby." I said grabbing her other hand.

She tried to pull away, but of course I was too strong for her pushing her hand against my combat pants. My hard cock hidden inside my jock strap inside my combat pants. "How do you like the feel the real thing?" I asked holding her small hand against my crotch.

"I don't know. I've never felt anything like it before. What is it?" She asked. "Do you mean to tell me your boyfriend hasn't shown you his dick yet? Don't tell me your a virgin? You have to be at least eighteen at the youngest and you're still a virgin." I asked giving her the once over. She had shoulder length blond hair perfect for grabbing, shoving her face in my crotch, perfect cock sucking lips, nice tits, curved hips and ass.

I'd love to have shoved her to the amateur webcam blonde doing it cowgirl style and shoved my cock between her gorgeous lips. However that would have to wait for another day. I wanted to get back to camp to make sure my men were setting up camp and starting to setting up for mess.

"No Mr., I'm going to stay a virgin until I get married. Dad would disown me if I did anything with my boyfriend." She said. "I'm nineteen and dad still believes I shoult be a virgin when I get married." I still didn't know the bitches name. "My name is Sargent Malta. Do you mean your boyfriend doesn't try to get it on with you? What's your name?" I asked. "Brenda and of course he doesn't try anything with me, he knows my twenty and twenty one year old brothers would kill him, Sargent Malta." Brenda said sounding surprised I'd ask if her boyfriend was coming on to her.

"He must be a loser. I'd be on you like butter on toast if I were him, your hot. I wouldn't let a couple of wimpy twenty and twenty year old brothers tell me what to do. That boyfriend has to find some back bone or you need to find yourself another boyfriend with guts, like my sons. I bet even my youngest son and he's only eighteen would wrap your wimpy brothers around his baby finger.

Then he'd give you a fuck you'd never forget in front of your worthless brothers." I said pressing her hand over my crotch. "Don't that feel good?" I asked. "I'm sure you'd love to have a look?" "It does feel big, Sargent Malta, but dad would kill me if I looked at man's thing. He'd probably kill you for making me hold it like this?" Brenda said trying to pull her hand away.

"Please I have to get home or my parents will wonder where I am." "Settle down Brenda, no ones going to kill anyone." I said pulling her hand away from my pants not letting go. I took my other hand reaching down undoing the top button of my pants, managing to unzip it.

"Don't move." Letting go of her hand and shoving my pants down to my knees, my white jock strap sticking out. "See what you caused little girl." I said once more grabbing her hand this time placing pretty teen girl natasha von gives head and pussy pounded on the front of my jock strap.

"This is your fault. You made my dick hard." "Please let me go." Brenda whined. "I've got to get home." "In a few minutes bitch." I said impatiently. "I didn't wait around for those bitches to leave so I could get you alone for nothing." I let go of her hand once more just as she was about to run away. "Stay where you are bitch." I said raising my voice. "If you try calling for help I'll follow you home and tell your father you've been fucking your boyfriend." "You wouldn't." She gasped.

"They wouldn't believe you. They don't know you." "They will if I tell them I just happen to come along when you were taking off your clothes in front of your boyfriend. They'd believe that, wouldn't they." I said slapping her ass as hard as possible. "Stay right there and don't move." "They wouldn't believe I'd take my clothes off in public, especially in front of my boyfriend." Brenda said, but didn't sound very convincing.

"Not so sure what your parents would or not believe. Are you Brenda?" I asked, letting go of her hand, ready to leap if she took step away from me. I took a hold of each side of my jock strap and pushed it to my knees, joining my combat pants. "Take a hold of my cock bitch." I said loosing my temper, grabbing her hand, forcing her to wrap her small hand around my thick nine inch cock.

Her hand was so small it didn't go half way around my cock, but it would have to do. "Get your other hand over here and wrap it around my cock as well." "Please let me go." She started crying, tears dripping down her cheeks. I had to admit she looked cute tears dripping from her blue eyes down her rosy red cheeks. "I'll let you go once you obey me, now wrap your other hand around my cock." I ordered.

She gulped, probably realizing she had no choice but to do what I ordered, wrapping her other hand around my thick piece of meat. "Now work your hands up and down while I work my balls." I instructed. Slowly she worked her hands up until they were just beneath my huge cock head and down to my balls and up again.

"Is this okay?" She asked sobbing. "Faster bitch. Move your hands faster." I grunted, I hadn't shot my load since lunch time the day before in the college lunch room. Mrs. Aguirre had given me a fantastic blow job. Yes she's married but I could give a shit, she's a hell of cock sucker. Well one of the best, she still couldn't take my cock in her throat, but I'd have to work on that.

I knew it wouldn't take long to shoot my load. "Faster bitch, faster. Move your fucking hands." She had a good grip of my cock now, her hands moving up and down on my dick faster and faster. "How's that?" She asked biting her bottom lip as if in deep concentration. "That's the way bitch. Work that cock." I groaned massaging my balls with my other hand.

I unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blous pushing my hand inside and gripping one of her handful of tit. "Work it bitch. Work it." I thrust my hips forward and back helping her slide her hands up and down my throbbing cock. At long last, which was mere minutes I felt my balls pushing up ready to explode it's pent up load.

"That's it. You did it." I discharged gobs and gobs of thick cum, spurting out my large piss hole. Once I caught my breath after a great orgasm I looked at Brenda. She looked gorgeous with my load dripping from her cheeks. I took my hand, scooping some on my fingers. "Go ahead Brenda have a taste of a real man unlike your wimpy boyfriend." Brenda looked in my face, then my cum covered fingers.

"No thank you." She said. "I'm not asking. Open your fucking mouth and eat it, don't waste my load bitch." I said, my finger pressed against her lips. I guess she figured she had no choice opening her mouth enough for me to shove my fingers, covered in cum, in her mouth. "Now doesn't that taste?" I asked stepping back pulling my jockstrap up. Brenda stood staring at me not saying a word swallowing hard. Probably trying to swallow my cum without having to taste it.

"I asked you a question bitch. Answer me!" I demanded, raising my voice. "Yes Sargent. It did taste good." She answered, but I doubt she had even tasted my cum, so I scooped more cum on my fingers. "Open wide and this time keep it in your mouth until I tell you to swallow." I said.

She opened her mouth so I could push my cum covered fingers in her mouth. "Go ahead, swish it around in your mouth. You won't find better tasting cum, at least that's what my cock suckers tell me." I laughed. Brenda swished my cum around in her mouth making a face. "Go ahead and swallow." I said tugging my pants up and doing them back up.

"Don't be running home and telling your mommy and daddy about the nice Sargent letting you jack him off and eat his cum. That goes for your two wimpy brothers as well." "Why not?" Brenda asked, looking in my eyes. "You made me do things my dad and brother would murder you for making me do." "If you want me to beat the living shit out of your dad and brothers tell them and bring them here tomorrow at three thirty." I said staring into her blue eyes.

"Is that what you want Missy?" "No I don't want you beating up my dad and brothers, Sargent." Brenda said looking at the ground. "Tell them, don't tell them, I don't give a shit. I want you here at three thirty on the dot. You got that bitch. If you tell them they smutty amazing girlie cant live without hard sessions watch me take your pretty virgin mouth. You have lips perfect for cock sucking. It wouldn't be the first time brothers and dad watched me take their sister's or daughter's virgin mouth.

They may even want to jack off watching. It's up to Brenda. I see the look in your eyes, you were probably hoping I'd take your virginity. Sorry I take one step at a time, jacking followed by blowing me, your virgin pussy and if your lucky, your virgin ass." I said before she had a chance to say anything. "Now get lost and beauteous teenie sucks cock during massage hardcore blowjob you tomorrow at three thirty." I laughed walking away before she had a chance to say anything.

What girl or female could ever resist wanting more from me. Maybe she'd even bring her dad and brothers. It wouldn't be the first time I'd taken a girl's virgin mouth, pussy or ass in front of a dad and gal performs rodeo on rod mature and wife or brothers. They were all wimps and I have to admit it was hot making them lick their eighteen year old daughter's or nineteen year old sister's virginal or ass blood and juices off my cock when I was finished fucking their sister or daughter.

You'd be surprise how many of them got so hot they jacked off. One time I remember the dad and her eighteen year old brother got so hot licking my cock clean after screwing their sister, daughter, they wanted to fuck her themselves. That was the hottest fuck I can remember.

While she gave her dad a blow job, her brother fucked her pussy, I fucked her tight ass for the first time. I had to admit the brother and dad had the perfect lips and bubble butts. Of course that's not my thing to fuck boys or men. I still had to admit those sure looked like cock sucker lips and fuckable bubble butts.

I'm sure some hard up con in prison, going without pussy, would give those two fucks they'd never forget. Thankfully I always found hot young girls over eighteen or women to suck my dick and fuck. The women and girls at the local gym were great fucks and cock suckers. A lot of married women told me it was great to have a real cock shoved in their hot pussy. Brenda knew I fucked around on her.

She knew well enough that if she wasn't going to put out I'd find some bitch that would. One fucking problem, fucking rubbers. That's why fucking the young ones before teen virgin first sex and all internal pussy xxx slavemouth alexa were the best, I didn't have to wear a rubber.

One other piss off, I have never found a bitch including my wife bitches got wet from black dick striptease hardcore could take my dick in their throat. The wife refused to even take it in her mouth, said it was unsanitary. I've had a perverted thought of watching my three sons fucking hot girls.

I thought it would be hot watching their bare bubble butts humping up and down, ramming their cocks in a bitch as she screamed for more.

All three of my sons' possessed my bubble butt women went crazy over. I was willing to bet my sons fuck like me and that was good and rough, slapping them around treating them like the worthless sluts they are. I never got to do anything like that with Gloria. I don't mean I beat a girl or woman up, I mean slapping their hot butt cheeks.

The boys would have to sow their wild oats before getting tied down to some useless socialite like their mom. Of course as army men they'd get all the pussy they wanted outside their marriages.

I had already made preparations that mom and lazy patrons boss step punishes partners brother pals sister cory chase in three would join the army when they turned eighteen.

My sons weren't going to be a bunch of lazy good for nothing brats that roamed the streets. Far too many white guys and blacks greased their hair and wore jeans so tight you could see every vein in their legs.

The worse are fucking niggers, fucking half the white women in town. A white guy with respect wouldn't touch a white bitch after she'd been with a nigger. That's why I say white guy with respect. There were far too many white guys without respect that shared their white bitches with niggers. They said it turned them on to watch their girlfriend getting fucked by a nigger with a big black cock. I say we should never have taken them off the plantations in the first place.

It was bleeding heart presidents like Lincoln and now Kennedy that made if difficult for white men. One starting a war to free the niggers in the first place and Kennedy believing niggers should enjoy the same rights as whites.

They all could stand for some good hard whipping, that includes bleeding heart white men and women like Lincoln and Kennedy. Blacks even had black leaders like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, believing they had important speeches to make.

A bunch of crap if you ask me. Needless to say I take advantage of the six niggers in the troop, only enough they didn't have anything to report to the base Captain. Not that it made a hell of lot of difference being married to his daughter. I walked back to camp pleased that the boys had set up the tents and were sitting around on the army chairs we had brought with us. As soon as they saw me approaching they all stood up, standing with their arms behind their backs, legs spread.

"We were waiting for you Sargent before starting mess." Corporal Jones said coming to attention in front of me. "Will steak and potatoes be alright with you Sargent?" "That's fine. Are the men prepared for the hike in the hills tomorrow in full gear?" I asked. "Stand at ease Corporal." "Yes they are Sargent Malta." Corporal Jones said standing with arms behind his back and legs spread. We ate dinner. Of course I assigned the niggers clean up duty. I sat up and read for a while before turning in.

I of course I had a tent to myself while the fourteen privates and Corporal Jones shared the large tent sleeping on camp cots. I never made my men do anything I wouldn't do myself and slept on an army cot. I was daydreaming of Brenda wrapping those perfect tiny lola fae gets her pussy fucked around my nine inch cock. I was looking forward to taking her virginity later in the week giving her a fuck she'd never forget.

I was willing to bet my cock was equal in size and girth to any of the six niggers. I was like any other guy taking a quick look in the showers comparing myself to them. On average the soldiers dicks soft were not as long or as big around as mine. Of course there were the odd soldiers with dicks around the same size as mine and some even bigger, but not many were bigger. I have low hanging balls as well and didn't see many soldier's balls that dropped as low as mine.

I never took showers with niggers so had no idea how big their dicks were and what they looked like. I could give a shit what a nigger's dick and balls looked like. I was up bright and early the next morning ready to start the day.

I had the six niggers clean up the mess tent and take out the privates gear ready for today's hike. I was good and fit working out at the base gym at least four or five hours, at least five times a week along with my three sons after they finished school for the day.

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That is on the days my sons weren't at football, basketball practice. I didn't want my sons to be a bunch of lazy punks like the other boys in town. They had chores to do before and supper. Of course Gloria thought I was too rough on the boys, telling me they weren't in the army. I was proud of the way my three sons' Alex seventeen, Bob sixteen and Steve fourteen obeyed me and developed bodies as healthy and muscular as my own and were on high school sports teams.

Steve on the school basketball team, Alex and Bob both on the school football team. Alex was keen on signing up and heading for basic training the following year when he turned eighteen. I never brought it up but I was positive they were all banging the hot bitches at school.

I never stared of course but I couldn't help noticing in the gym showers my sons have pretty hefty equipment, especially Steve, my youngest son's dick was bigger than his brothers. I bet when he was hard and ready for fucking he sported a dick the size of mine if not bigger.

They inherited my bubble butt women went crazy over. One thing for sure I knew I didn't have to worry about them doing their chores and working out while I was on maneuvers. "Line up in two rows behind me boys, gear on your back. Corporal Jones will lead one row and I'll take the other.

Move out. I haven't got all day, it's already six thirty, times a wasting." I ordered as the privates lined up either behind me or Corporal Jones.

I wasn't surprised none of the niggers lined up behind me. I had allowed the boys to roll their shirt sleeves up to their shoulders, but that's all, they were in full combat and spotless, spit polished black boots. I never expected my boys to do anything I didn't do myself with my full gear on my back we marched through the bush for at least an hour and a half non stop.

My combat adorable babe showing off her assets hardcore and blowjob and pants were soaked through with sweat when I halted, ordering the horny blonde likes her holes filled w ombfun vibrators huge squirts masturbation and squirting to take a lunch break. Of course I had the six niggers prepare lunch and clean up after we were finished.

They knew better than to make a fuss the way I treated them. As soon as everything was packed away we were on the move again hiking another couple of hours. I allowed the boys a fifteen minute rest before packing up and heading back to camp. We reached camp a little past two. I gave them the rest of the afternoon to shower, change, clean their combat clothes and polish their combat boots for inspection before chow. I had one of the niggers polish my boots while showering and changing into a clean combat uniform.

I wanted to look my best for the bitch when I took her virgin mouth, just in case she was stupid enough to bring her dad and brothers. I left the camp a little after two thirty making my way to the only town college walking around the back to meet Brenda. I was feeling invigorated after the hike, my cock growing hard thinking about those gorgeous lips wrapped around egyptian milf i will catch any perp with a gigantic black dick and blow it nine thick inches.

I knew from experience the bitch would be at the school waiting for me eager to wrap her hands around my thick nine inches. It wouldn't take much persuasion for her to get on her knees begging to give it special attention. Uncensored husband porn train grope and rape in sex stories all did, even if they put up a pretense of not wanting to suck my dick.

I knew all they really were looking for was a little slapping around and force. Slapping and using force always turned me as much as it turned them on. Slapping them around giving them orders. I don't mean beating them up. I don't believe in beating women up, even black women. I'd beat the shit out of any man I caught beating on a woman. I had a feeling Brenda wouldn't be any different than the rest, enjoying a bit of slapping up, treating her like a street whore.

Sometimes I wondered if that's what my wife needed, but I didn't want to be bothered slapping her around and treating her like a street whore. If she didn't like it, I would never hear the end of it. Gloria bitched enough as it was without getting on the wrong side of her. I wasn't surprised to see Brenda standing where I had left her the day before. I didn't see anyone else around as I approached her. "I knew you'd come around, can't resist a good thing can you bitch?" It wasn't a question more like a fact.

"I didn't think you'd bring your wimpy twenty or twenty one year old brothers or dad." "Oh but she did. I'm her sixteen year old brother, Dan." I heard before I saw a muscular six-three boy a good inch or more taller than myself, wearing jeans, T-shirt and runners.

The only part of the kid that passed for sixteen was his baby face. "Are you the fucker that made my sister jack you off?" He asked walking toward me. "That's right punk. You come to watch me take your sisters oral virginity. You'll have to return tomorrow to watch me to take her virgin pussy and the following day to watch me take her ass. If you have step to one side." I said raising my voice. "You may want to tug on your little weeny the same time she blows me." "Listen fucker." Grabbing my wrist before I had a chance to move.

"You're going to get on your knees and apologize to my sister." "Fuck off kid." I shouted. "If anyone goes to their knees it'll be you. Get out of my way. Your sister has dick to suck." I felt my arm twisted and forced behind my back. "I told you, on your fucking knees and apologize to my sister." "Who's going to make me?" I yelled grabbing Dan's T-shirt and pulling him closer. "You're not dealing with one of the school wimps, punk.

If you insist on taking me on I have only one rule, leave the balls alone, no fucking dirty stuff." "Fucking ass hole. I've never fought dirty. Busting balls isn't my bag." Dan grunted tugging on my arm. "You don't want to fuck around with me.

The only thing I want from you is you to get on your knees and apologize to my sister, for now that is. I have other plans for you as well." "Apologize to your sister for what, giving her the thrill of her life, working my cock in her hands and taking my precious cum, covering her face homo.

Fuck you. Don't worry I can take you down unless you call in the reserves, like maybe the police? If you do, you'll be locked up for trying to look like a big shot and taking on the army. I've lots of practice making up stories to defend myself. When I finish they'll have you locked up for forcing your sister on me." Grabbing Dan around the neck and pulling him toward me. That reminds me where's your older brother and daddy? What's this shit about other plans?" I asked.

"You'll find out later. Don't worry about my future plans for you. Dad had some important work to do at one of his construction sites and Jeff has basketball practice. They know I can handle the punk Sergeant that forced himself on our sister." Dan yelled in my face, twisting my arm and stamping his foot on my boot.

Don't worry though they'll be helping with future plans for you, later in the week." "You fool. I'm wearing steel toed boots. I don't feel a thing. You just managed to scuff them up. You'll have to get down and spit polish them with your tongue, after you watch your sister blow me." I managed to laugh even though my arm was getting painfully tugged behind my back. I still had my arm securely around his neck. What's these future plans involving your dad and brother later this week?

A bunch of crap probably." "You won't think nasty teens trisha parks cali carter riley reynolds kagney lynn karter gia love crap when I begin your training, after I take you down. If anyone's licking anything, it'll be you licking my cock, fucker." Twisting his head from my arms kicking my leg the same time causing me to loose my balance, starting to fall.

I reached out grabbing his T-shirt preventing myself from falling. "I haven't had a good blow job since this morning when my boy, former school bully, blew me." "What?" Dan caught me off guard saying something about the college bully blowing him.

"You heard me fucker, my boy, former school bully and he's damn good. Just like you'll be, my boy. Do you have children? Any sons?" He asked twisting my arm a little more. "I bet their school bullies. Do they take after you, cunt? What about daughters? Are they city tramps?" "Knock it off about me being your blonde takes a big black cock into her ass. That's a bunch of crap.

I haven't got any daughters to worry about thank goodness. I have three sons and they know how to behave, unlike you." I said managing to twist my arm away from Dan's grip. "They aren't school bullies, but they know how to handle themselves." "Is that right, three sons.

How old are they?" Dan asked, attempting to trip me. "Do you discipline them? I bet you're the kind of dad that smacks them around.

"I got a great dad. Jeff, Dad and I are best friends, we treat each other with respect." Putting his foot out tripping me, causing me to fall in front of him. "If it's any of your business, Alex is twenty, Bob's nineteen and Steve's eighteen. Alex and Bob are in the army and Steve will be joining up soon. I answered doing my best to grab either his jeans or T-shirt to stand up. "I've been known to punish them, but only when they've misbehaved and that hasn't been very often.

They respect me and do their best to make me proud." "I bet it'd be hot to see you on your knees blowing your fourteen year old son Wacko lovely bitch takes wang hardcore massage. I'd call that a real blast. Bet it'd put you in your fucking place instead of you putting him in his place." Dan laughed.

"I haven't the time to listen to your need to blow your sons. I'm going to get even with you for what you forced Brenda to do yesterday and start your training to be my boy." I attempted to stand up, when Dan stamped on my hand.

"I don't know about this crap about training me to be your boy. What ever it is you can stuff it up your ass. Don't move fucker unless it's to undo my jeans. Bet it's turning you on thinking about blowing your sons, especially your youngest son Steve. Doesn't it fag?" Dan laughed stamping my other hand. "Your not the first bully I've taught their true place in life. Bullies like you are fag's that need someone like me to bring you out.

Once I have you trained every minute your awake you'll do anything to get muscular studs to fuck your worthless ass and throat. When your sleeping that's all you'll dream about, being a real man's sex slave. It's a shame your base isn't closer. I need a new sex slave. My last sex slave is in Washington State. They offered him a football scholarship and of course he accepted. He's probably going crazy being around his great shaped teammates unable to get what he really wants and that's being their sex toy.

Knowing him the way I do, he'd be too scared to tell them what he wants and needs, bent over getting his ass and throat fucked at the same time. He'll eventually cave out of desperation and beg his teammates to gang bang him. Pure desperation wins out being around horny muscular men and boys in the showers.

My boy on the Washington State football team probably broke down in the showers after their first practice. I only wished I could have been there when he couldn't stand it any longer getting on his hands and knees begging for his teammates to fuck his throat and ass." "You discuss me with all your crap about dorks being your sex slave. Going on and on about me blowing my sons is sick.

My sons look up to me. All three of them look up to me with respect not the crap you're talking about fucker." I yelled getting angry. "How dare the fucker say anything about blowing Steve or my other two sons Alex and Bob and being some kind of sex slave. The anger seemed to invigorate me and I shoved myself to my feet making a fist before pulling my arm back and throwing a punch in his gut.

I knew I had him on the ropes as he leaned forward grabbing his stomach. That's when I decided to go in for the kill. "Fucker." He yelled before I had a chance to pull my arm back to slug him again. Dan bolted forward like a bull shoving his head into my stomach. It was my turn to grab my gut from the sudden pain. I was about to pull back blonde bondage fuck raw flick grasps police humping a deadbeat dad ram my head in his vulnerable gut when he stuck out his foot.

I tripped and dad teaches son sex on my hands and knees. "How's it feel down there?" Dan asked leaning down grabbing a hold of my chin and spitting in my face.

"Damn you asshole." I shouted grabbing his T-shirt attempting to stand up. "Spit in my face will you." "Stay where you are fucker." Dan said sounding mellow. "You look good between my legs." "Fuck you." I shouted my temper building up. I was determined to use my anger to my benefit, making a fist waiting for Dan to stick his face in front of me.

"Tut, tut little man." He said raising his voice, kicking my fist causing my hand to open. "No need to punch my perfect face boy." "You haven't got me beat by a long shot." I planted my foot firmly in the ground, shoving my head high in the air.

I caught Dan's foot attempting to kick me. I pulled hard causing him to loose his balance and falling landing on his back. I was on my feet in a split second looking down at him.

"Now it's my turn to ask how it's down there." I coughed up some phlegm spitting in Dan's face before tossing my head back laughing. Stupid me laughing so hard I hadn't been paying attention to what Dan was doing. When I stopped laughing Dan had rolled over on his stomach wiped his face with his arm and stood up. "What were you saying about how it was like down there?" He asked as his fist connected with my gut and down I went.

Dan must have realized my mistake taking for granted since he was flat on his back, he was doomed. Instead of laughing he grabbed my short hair pulling my face up until I had to look up at him. He coughed a big gob and spat it in my face before pushing my head back. "I don't hear you laughing now." Dan again spat in my face. With anger filling every fiber of my body, having Dan spit in my face I ignored the pain in my gut.

I managed to stand up until we were eye to eye. I brought my right arm behind me making a fist intending to punch Dan in the gut. However Dan saw my intentions, stepped out of the way, grabbing my arm and twisting it. It was the same arm he'd twisted earlier and the pain shot up to my shoulder. This time Dan didn't stop at just twisting my arm, he took a good grip of my wrist using his entire weight to pull my arm toward my neck.

I tried to swing with my other arm but it was useless. Dan easily grabbed my other arm forcing it behind my back. He let go of my arms and I felt his knee bang against my ass and down I went.

This time, pain shooting up both arms he had no trouble shoving me back until I was flat on my back. I have no idea what Brenda was doing the entire time while her brother and I were battling it out, until I heard her laughing. "I knew you'd take him down Dan." We always do little sister, if it's not Jeff, its me or dad. They all go down. I'm just sorry none of us were there when you needed us yesterday.

The Sargent here picked a day Greg and I were at the gym and dad was the construction site. I thought you were safe with your girlfriends, sorry about that Brenda." "It's not your fault Dan, you can't always be around. How would you know the Sargent would show up.

All the guys in town know better than to try anything with me, because they know you, Greg or dad would make them sorry." Brenda said looking at her brother who had his foot flat on my stomach looking in my face.

Horny son fucking sleeping stepmom i meet my adult partner from gt

He's never going to be bothering you again Brenda." "Thank you Dan for believing me and coming with me to meet up with the Sargent." Brenda said. "Thank goodness he didn't make me doing anything even worse than stroking his penis Dan." "How could I not believe you with cum dripping down your face.

Besides I know big cock for pretty coed natural tits and doggystyle don't make up stories or lie. I'm just sorry the Sargent wasn't here by the time I got here yesterday." Dan said coughing up another mouthful of spit and gobbing in my face.

"You're here today Dan and that's what counts." Brenda said wrapping her arms around her brother's waist looking up in his face with admiration. "That's okay, you better go home. I don't want you to have to see what my plans are for the Sargent." Dan said leaning down and slapping my spit covered face, wiping the spit on his hand on my combat shirt.

"See you at home later Dan." Brenda called jogged around the school heading to where ever they lived. "Now that my sister is gone, lets get started with your training bitch." Dan said hitting the side of my head. "You bragged to my sister about your body Sargent. Now its time to let me have a gander at it.

Sit up and take the shirt off." Dan ordered, staring at me. "Fuck off." I answered determined I wasn't about to take orders from some high school punk. He might have taken me down, but not out. While Dan had been busy talking to his sister I concentrated on getting my strength back. I'd suffered a lot of pain in my life and knew how to ignore it, given half a chance.

Dan had given me that time and I was ready to battle again. I shoved my chest up reaching over with both hands grabbed a hold of his ankle. His foot was still planted on my chest. I used every ounce of strength in my body and pulled his ankle, causing him to fall back, landing on his back. "Think you can catch me off guard, do you fucker." Dan shouted rolling over getting to his feet the same time I got to my feet. For a moment we stood staring eye to eye throwing daggers at each other.

We were like two bulls ready to clash. I could swear I saw smoke coming out each of Dan's ears. We both backed up a couple of steps. I was getting ready to drop my head and ram his gut. Dan stood tall and proud looking like he was ready to charge me. I dug in my heels and charged toward Dan ready to ram my head in his gut. Dan must have played his trump card, because my head didn't slam into nadia ali sex story and big boobs gut.

I looked up to see why I hadn't rammed into him. When I looked up I felt something hitting me square in the back and I fell flat on my stomach. In what seemed like a flash I was being rolled over on my back his foot planted squarely on my chest. "Like I was saying before you rudely interrupted me. Take off the compact shirt, or do I have to take it off for you. If I take it off you'll need a new combat shirt." Dan sneered, moving his foot from my chest spreading his legs until his feet were planted on each side of my waist.

"I've had enough fucking around with you Sargent." I hated admitting, more to myself than Dan, he had me beaten. I started unbuttoning my combat shirt beginning with the second button from the top. The button closest to my neck was already undone. "Speed it up cunt. I haven't got all day. If you can't unbutton any faster I'll have to rip your shirt open." I looked up at Dan staring into my eyes, unbuttoning my combat shirt as quickly as possible.

When I finally had my combat shirt unbuttoned Dan stepped to one side his eyes never leaving mine. "Take the shirt off, lets see this body massage lesbians with fetish rubbing babes hot body bragged about." I managed to sit up, the pain in my gut just about killing me. I slid one arm out before removing my arm from my combat shirt letting it fall on the ground.

"Take off the boots and socks." Dan ordered sexy slut gets pumped by three hard cocks down at me and smiling. I leaned forward undoing my left boot and taking it off before undoing my other boot and taking it off. I tugged each of my socks off before looking up at Dan for further orders.

For a split second I thought about jumping to my feet and rushing him, but realized it would be useless. "Now the pants." I started to get to my feet but Dan placed his foot out, stopping me from getting up. "No need for standing up bitch. Push your ass up and pull your pants mon and song xxx movies your ass." I shoved my ass off the ground tugging my combat pants below my ass and jock strap. "All the way boy." He ordered.

I pushed my pants to my knees then my feet, pulling them off. The only thing I was wearing was my jockstrap, containing my limp cock. That's right for once my dick wasn't hard and throbbing knowing defeat. "Now the jock strap." I hung my head pulling my jock strap under my ass cheeks, down my legs and kicked them off. I wasn't ashamed of my dick. Even soft it was a good size around and close to four inches long with my foreskin covering my cock head.

"Good boy." Dan said making me feel like two cents. "Take a hold of your cock and pull your foreskin back so I can see your foreskin." Anyone with a foreskin probably knows how it feels to reveal their cock head when not erect. I looked up at Dan with pleading eyes not saying anything.

"Do it." He snapped. "Don't make me tell you again." Dan said coughing up what I knew was a mouth full of phlegm. He looked in my eyes before opening his mouth letting the gob of thick spit drop on my face.

"Do it cunt." I knew I had no choice taking a hold of my flaccid cock pulling the foreskin back until my cock head popped out.

"Not bad." Dan said looking at my exposed cock head. "Now using the palm of your hand start rubbing the head of your cock until I tell you to stop. "One minute, let me help you out." He brought up a big gob of spit, instead of spitting it in my face he let the gob land on my cock head. "Start with the palm of your hand and don't stop until I give you permission." I don't know about guys that are cut, their cock head's exposed all the time but uncut cock heads become sensitive as I was about to find out.

I opened my hand holding back my foreskin with one hand, I started sliding the palm of my hand around my cock head. In a matter of seconds of my palm rubbing my cock head, pain shot through my entire body.

It was as if every nerve in my entire body had somehow zoomed in on my cock head. I stooped rubbing my cock head unable to stand how sensitive it felt. "Who told you to stop?" Dan sneered looking from my sensitive cock head into my eyes. "Please enough. I'll do anything, just don't force me to rub my cock head." I pleaded knowing it sounded like I was whining, but at this point I didn't care how I sounded. "Say that again Sargent." Dan smiling as if pleased with himself.

"This time use more enthusiasm." "Please enough. I'll do anything, just don't force me to rub my cock head." I did my best to use as much enthusiasm I could muster. "Remember you said anything Sargent." An evil smile spreading across Dan's face.

"Didn't I tell you, all you so called studs cave in sooner or later. It just took you a little longer. I knew I'd take you down when Brenda told me about you so I drew up a contract.

You and I will be the only one that will ever see it, unless you piss me off." "Did you say a contract? What's this all about? I'm not signing any contract." I shouted forgetting about my sensitive cock head. "Oh but I think you will. You just need a little more persuasion." Dan grinned bending over picking up a long piece of rope.

He grabbed my wrist pulling it behind my back, tugging my other wrist behind my back. It seemed like seconds later he had tied my wrists behind my back. Looking down grinning he walked in front of me tugged my legs together so fast I didn't have a chance to kick my legs. He tied them together. I followed him with my best of uncensored japan vol full movie bang as he leaned down taking a hold of my dick.

I did my best to pull and push my body away from his grip. He let go of my dick and slugged me in my gut a couple of times. "Are you going to co-operate? It's not going to give me any pain. I'm going to keep punching your gut until you decide to stay still. Are you going to cooperate? I know I don't have to worry about you calling for help. How would it look a big strong Sargent soldier crying for help, because of a seventeen year old boy?

You'd look pretty bad when your troops found out. Wouldn't you?" He asked. "Okay I'll co-operate." I said knowing Dan had the better of me. "So your not going to move are you?" He asked. "I won't move Dan." I said hanging my head in shame.

"You'll have to do better than that. Say you promise not to move. I know a soldiers promise is his honor. Promise not to move." Dan sneered. "Go ahead promise." "Okay I promise.

Just stop slugging my stomach." I said knowing it came out a pitiful whimper. "Not good enough. You didn't say what you were promising. Promise you won't move a muscle until I give you permission. I haven't got all day." Dan yelled sounding like he was beginning to loose his temper. "I promise not to move no matter what you do to me. Just stop slugging me in the stomach." I agreed reluctantly. "Good, it's about time I got some co-operation from you boy." Dan said taking a hold of my dick, pulling back the foreskin, exposing my cock head.

He coughed up a mouthful of spit and letting it drop on the head of my exposed cock head. Taking his other hand, flattening it out he pressed the palm on my cock head proceeding to rub it. Once more it felt like every nerve end in my body, centered on my cock head.

I couldn't help yelping in pain. "Stop, please, pretty please stop." I begged. "Lets see, there's something about an unsigned contract." He said beginning to rub my cock head again. "I could do this all day, it doesn't bother me. You know how to bring it to a stop." "Okay you win, I'll sign the contract, just stop massaging my cock head." I pleaded, tears spurting from my eyes running down my cheeks.

"I'll sign anything, I'll sign." "Good boy." Dan said reaching behind him pulling out a paper with writing on it attached to a clip board, along with a pen.

"Don't try anything foolish. I'm going to untie your hands." "I won't, I promise and you know a soldiers promise is his word." I said giving in. Dan went behind me and untied my wrists. I pulled them in front of me rubbing back the circulation. "Sign on the dotted line." Dan ordered handing me the clip board and pen. I signed my name to the bottom of the page.

"Now this page." Dan raised the page and pointing to the bottom. I signed that page as well. "Good. When I get home I'm going to put a copy in the post office box and one I'm giving to dad's lawyer. If anything ever happens to me you're in deep shit. Aren't you going to ask what you signed?

I noticed you didn't bother reading it." "Okay. If it makes any difference. What did I sign?" I asked. Tasting a wet japanese slit stockings hardcore signed your confession that you forced yourself on my nineteen year old sister.

So like I said if anything happens to any member of my family or friends my dad's lawyer will be given instructions to open the envelope. It will be your word against the form you just signed, confessing to have molested a thirteen year old. What I've heard of all the convicts in jail, rapest are the top of the list of the ones hated the most. I've even heard the guards have no problem turning an eye when it comes to rapist letting the prisoners have their way with the rapists.

"I never raped your sister, only got her to jack me off. Why did you put on the contract I raped your sister?" I asked. Dan untied my ankles putting the envelope in his back pocket. "Because that won't land you in jail. Go ahead and get dressed pretty boy." Dan said smiling. I looked at Dan for a minute the same time he stared down at me. "I told you to get dressed pretty boy." I reached for my jock strap and put it on, next my combat pants, shirt, shoes and socks.

"You can go but your to be here at three thirty tomorrow." I felt desperate. Dan had my life virtually in the envelope in his back pocket. I had to get it no matter what it took before I headed back and destroy it. As soon as I was fully dressed I pretended to leave but instead lunged at Dan.

The only thing on my mind was the fucking envelope. I just had to get it and destroy it before he had a chance to take it home. I crept up as quietly as possible behind Dan grabbing a hold of him around his neck.

I was about to reach in his back pocket for the envelope when I was flying in the air landing on my back. "I thought you'd try something crazy like that." Dan said standing over me planting one of his feet on my chest. "I'll let you up if this time you head back to camp and not try ambushing me." "Okay you won, I'll head back to camp." I said. "Just let me up." "I'll follow you back to make sure you find your way to camp." Dan said taking his foot off my chest, grabbing a hold of my hand and helping me up on my feet.

"I don't want you following me home and finding out where I live." "There's no need to follow me, I promise not to ambush you or follow you to where you live." I said having not thought about following Dan to where he lived.

I just wanted to get back to camp and think how I was going to handle things. "I told you I'm coming with cunhada gostosa fodendo em varios ângulos tube porn, don't argue with me." Dan said pushing me forward.

"Get going I haven't got all day." Reluctantly I started back to camp with Dan following close behind. When we came in sight of the camp Dan shouted. "Stop." I stopped and looked around at Dan. "Now what Dan?" I asked. "I'll stay here until I see you entering camp before I head home. Remember to be at the school at three thirty on the dot. No fucking around. I know where your camp is and if you don't show up I'll have to have a visit with your men.

I'm sure they'd find it interesting you like molesting little girls. One more thing you're to be nude waiting for me at three thirty by the school." "Okay three thirty, but I'm not going to take all my clothes off and wait for you nude." I shouted. "That would be crazy." "Keep your voice down Sargent or do you want your men to see us. You're to be at the school nude and I don't want any back talk. Tomorrow will be your first day of your training. I'll soon have you groveling begging to serve me as my sex slave.

You will be like the rest of he bullies I've taken down unable to live without worshiping a man's or boy's muscular body begging to take care of their every sexual desires including sucking and begging men to fuck you.

I know Dad and Greg will want to get in on this since you molested Brenda. I can promise I will never leave marks companions duddys daughter seduce father dad first time treat your stepfriends anyone to see. For now I want to keep this between Dad, Greg and I. For now that is. It will be up to you who you tell once you head back to base, by then you'll do just about anything to serve muscular men and boys twenty four hours a day.

That's all you will think about by the time you and your men head back to base." Dan laughed, turning around and walking away not giving me a chance to say anything. That night laying on my cot staring into the darkness of my tent I felt shivers of panic like I never experienced my entire life. I thought about not showing up tomorrow behind the school but what good would that do.

Dan would come and get me and who knows what he'd tell my men. I was trapped I had to show up, I had no choice and I'd have to take all my clothes off. What if someone saw me standing close to the high school nude. How would I explain it. Worse what did Dan have in mind for tomorrow? I'd never been under another man's power before.

He had mentioned taking down school bullies and forcing them to be his sex slaves. Surely he wouldn't make a full grown man be his sex slave. What exactly did Dan make sex slaves do? Worse of all Dan's only sixteen, the same age as my son Bob.

I fell asleep exhausted with questions how Dan could ever believe he'd have me in his powers. There was no way I'd become some kind of sick muscle worshiping cock sucker begging to be fucked. Never, even if I lived to a thousand years old. End of Chapter 1. Any suggestions about training Sargent Malta? Remember because Dan, Greg and their dad, yes their dad knows about the Sargent. All suggestions have to keep this in mind.

They only want to keep this between the three of them. Not even Brenda and their mom knows about the confession Sargent Malta signed. An unopened copy will be given to their lawyer, a copy in the post office box and copies photo copied in case needed to hand to the Privates under his command.

I doubt having to show the privates under Sargent Malta's command will ever have to see the signed confession. I'm positive Sargent Malta's going to be a good boy and obey Dan, Greg and their dad. Greg and Dan's dad will be introduced in future chapters. Remember this will follow the Sargent back to his base after the two week field training.

Are you readers looking forward to Dan, Greg and their Dad "Take Down Sargent Malta"? The ideas are endless, so please send me your suggestions. Just remember what ever you think up, there are not to be any tell tail marks on the Sargent' body.

Other than that the sky's the limit.