Keisha grey xxx porn story

Keisha grey xxx porn story
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My back ached from the long morning of pleasuring myself to his memory, or was it a fantasy? I do not know, it was all too real to me.

Stoney. he was anything but. He was emotion and tenderness and with every caress of a fallen word I drifted off into my head. I replaced his Ravyn with the true Ravyn. The dark haired, dark skinned beauty that I am known to be. I found myself staring at myself in the mirror. Wishing I could fit the mold he put me in. My ebony to his alabaster. Maybe my piercings would scare him off. Or the kink that I am into. I unlaced my corset and let it slink to glasses blonde amateur avery heart squirt fingering her tight twat hips before I unzipped the matching latex mini skirt that barely fit around my ample derriere.

I tugged at my pierced nipples wishing I could feel his lips there. again. Had it happened? Had he touched and kissed me? My head buzzed with a million thoughts. Should I get the room? 309 The one he ravished me in.

The one that was covered in my moans and whispers, my screams and desires. I could feel the wetness building up between my thighs as I found a hotel in the local phone book.

I could feel my nipples tingling as I reserved the room, our room.309. I emailed him, my heart racing. My fingers pounding into the keys -Third floor, left, room 309. I'll be waiting. I'll leave the door open a little- Had this been real or had it all been in my head and if it had then how could he know where I'd be before. before. Maybe it was his instructions for me. I got to the room a few hours before he was to arrive. I painted my lips a dark rouge.

The color that matched my finger nails and toe nails. I slipped on a black lace bra and the matching thong carefully.

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The clock ticked on as I waited. "Black pumps or red pumps?" I asked myself. I looked at myself in the mirror before slipping on the skin tight jeans. I buttoned my shirt and lay there on the bed. Ten minutes. nine minutes, he'll be here soon.

Oh I wanted him. want you, Stoney. I could hear the elevator doors. Footsteps. My breathing became shallow, I stood as the door opened and there he was. "Hi, Stoneypoint." He was watching me, looking into me.

"Hi, Raven." He responded. I could feel his eyes on my breasts then they burned into my hips. I licked my lips as I looked him over,so harmless in his sweater.

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We sat and talked. I told him I was his biggest fan. I thought of kissing him, of him tying me up. I could hardly listen to him. Fuck! I needed him. I needed him, and the whole length of his body.

I needed him to sate me, my lust. My panties became wet as I thought of straddling him. Suddenly he said my name "Ravyn?" I remembered how he hugged me, how his hands wandered to my ass. He reached for my hand and I let him take it. Could he feel me trembling? "Lets go to the bedroom." I looked at him, his eyes were full of want. "Okay!" He exclaimed. I led him trying to walk seductively.

Hoping he was watching. "I can picture my hands all over that ass." He told me. I blushed, my lips turning up in a smile. I turned to him, looking him over before quietly asking him "May I?" He looked at me again "Yes" I pulled his sweater over his head and smiled at his chest titty fuck milf boss european and big tits shoulders, wondering how they would look covered in red lipstick.

Button by button he revealed my body to his eyes. I watched his erection growing harder in his pants. He pushed my top from my shoulders. I opened my jeans hoping he'd touch me. He pulled them down slowly chasing them with his lips.

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My head swooned. "Do you like what you see?" "More than you know." he said. I reached out to feel him thickening in his underwear, I could feel the blood pulsing through his veins and I yearned for just one taste.

He kissed me on the lips and I searched for his tongue as he pushed my bra straps off of my shoulders. His lips seared my skin in the hottest kisses as he avoided my breasts teasingly, his fingers fumbling at the clasps of my bra.

I removed it for him, letting him look at my breasts was intoxicating. We lay there cuddling on the bed fondling each other as he pecked at my nipples. I wanted to go home with him but knew it couldn't be. I climbed on top of him, gyrating to my frustrations, moving over him, riding him fucking him as I always did in my fantasies. I moaned loudly "Stoneypoint!" I was ready to explode around him as I pulsed against him with every rise and fall of my hips.

I collapsed on him whispering how its been so long and how I needed it so bad, needed him so bad. I need you so bad. "Can we do this again?" I asked, begging him with my eyes. "I'd love to," he said "When?" "Tonight, tomorrow" I looked at him "Which ever works for you." He denied me and I felt my heart rip though my chest. "Okay." I said while reaching for his hand.

He sunny leone xxx vidoes sex stories in me, asking if I lived in town. "I want you. I want to read more and more stories about you (us, I thought)" I lied to him, telling him I only wanted sex and he admitted that it was all he wanted, needed from me. He asked where I'd been all this time and why I'd delayed this meeting.

He had to know that I wasn't ready, it wasn't the right time, for me. We lay there together deep in each others bodies, holding onto the warm available flesh. He asked if I liked kinky stuff, I smiled knowing full well that I did but I didn't want to chase him off. "No, just sex" I lied "And you do that so well." I drifted off to sleep and woke up at home in bed, to another hot dream. I sighed wishing it were real. Wishing he would touch me like how he does in my dreams.

My fantasies.

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"I wish it was real." I told to no one in particular as I rubbed at my pierced clit remembering his kiss. It was all too real for me. I got out of bed and walked dreamily to the bathroom, looking at my pierced reflection in the mirror. Knowing I'd scare him off.