Father plays with sexy daughter

Father plays with sexy daughter
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Waking up to my mother I looked down on her naked body, a large wet patch between her legs and on her MILF bush. Standing over her I shouted "Slave wake up!" She was instantly awake. Kneeling in front of her I whipped her legs apart, and push two fingers roughly into her well fucked cunt. "You disgusting whore!" I told her as I finger fucked her then and there. She started to slump towards me but I slapped her hard. "Move another inch and I will whip and slap every inch of you!" I fucked my trollop of a mother some more until she started begging me to cum.

I shook my head and instead took her into the bathroom. By now my bladder was pretty full. Sitting her on the toilet I told her to finish herself off and as she did so I unleashed the golden rain.

Being a nights worth it was smelly and strong and I watched my mothers hands. As the stream hit her, the masturbation went into overdrive and she was soon begging to cum again. "Please may I cum sir" mother begged me. "Open your mouth and you can" I told her and she obidently opened her mouth. As she bucked under her orgasm, I moved my stream of piss up into her mouth until it finally died step brother force virgin sister tsex. Pointing at the pool of piss on the floor I told her "Lick that all up, then have a shower.

There are towels in the cupboard. "Sir, I need to pee sir, badly" my mother said. I moved quickly, grabbing her by the birds nest of her morning hair and pinned her against the wall. "You don't speak unless spoken to, or I tell you to." I growled, taking my hard cock in my hand. "Make no noise until I tell you!" With this I took my skinny blond teen facialed by black man after getting fucked interracial and hardcore cock and pushed it deep into her pussy.

Pushing my mother against the wall I fucked that twat hard until I was ready to cum. Silently I unleashed my load into my whimpering mothers cunt.

"Good girl" I told her. "Get on all fours" She dropped to her hands and knees. "OK, now I will let you pee." Dragging my mother into the enclosed garden I used the dog chain to pen her into a corner. "You will always do your business here" I tell her. "And one more rule, keep that shit hole sparkly clean like last night deary" I then went inside to enjoy a bacon sandwich whilst I thought of the day to come.

First get her clean. The hairdressers, tattooists, lingerie shops. Once mother had done in the back yard, I let her back into the house and led her to the bathroom. I instructed her to shower properly, and to make sure her arse was pristine.

"You must be ready to be fucked in any hole by anyone I choose" I told her. "Make sure to moisturise your skin when you have finished your shower, I want that skin soft like silk" As she showered, I went through the clothes my ex had left behind. Most of it was stuff I had chosen to try and spice up our non existent sex life.

Going through, I selected my mother a pair of stockings, a very small pair of panties and a small skirt. To finish the outfit off, I selected one of my old shirts. Once mother was dressed in her outfit, Marie luv and liv wylder get pounded lead her to the front door.

"You do not answer this door if it rings, and you NEVER leave the house without me. Do you understand?" "Yes sir" Taking my mother out to the car, I opened the boot. "Get in" My slut climbed in the boot without a second though, and as she did so I saw a distinct damp patch on her panties. First stop in the seedier part of town was a beauticians.

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As a solicitor that works pro bono, I have built up a far few contacts in the seedier parts of town. Opening the door, I dragged my mother in by her hair.

The girl behind the counter looked up.

A smile spread on her face at the sight of me. "Jimmy" she cried, running towards me, her massive tits and red hair bouncing as she did.

Huging me she whispered in my ear "When will you treat me like that? Like you promised me" "Now, Now Anna" I whispered back "Do a little task for me, and Ill fuck your brains out" "What task" Anna asked eagerly "I need all the hair below her nose removed" I said pointing at my slut mother.

Leaning in I whispered "Make it hurt, and Ill fuck you so that you cant walk!" "Treat me like a whore and Ill do it!" Anna whispered back. Leading my mother to a little changing booth Anna said "Please strip". My mother, always a quick study replied "Master?" "Anna, please lock the door and shut the blinds" I said. Turning to my mother I ordered her "Strip!" Hastily the slit took off her clothes.

Reaching down I picked up her sodden knickers, the gusset soaked from the sweet cum she was dribbling from being ordered like a slut. Balling these up, I pushed them into her mouth.

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"Stand there and don't move" I told her. Taking Anna by the hand, I led her to her counter, and with a little jump, she sat on it. "Jimmy?" she asked. "Anna, you wanted to be treated like a whore" I replied, and the biggest smile I have ever seen spread across her face. "Oh yes" she sighed. Stepping close to her, I ripped off her work overall, and looked at her gorgeous body underneath. As could be expected of a sleazy beautician she kept her self in the media image of beautiful slim waist and a huge rack.

As I admired her gorgeous body, I rand a finger up and down the gusset of her knickers, and soon I had them damp from her juices. Pulling aside the material, I rubbed my finger in her clit, the small nodule under my finger sending electric pulses up and down her body.

"Oh god,oh god" she whimpered as she approached her orgasm, I slipped a finger inside, and started to rub her G spot, "I, eh, god, ahhhhhh" she cried and a gush of cum squirted out, much to my amazement. As Anna convulsed from such a huge orgasm, I sped up, the squirting turning me on, and making me more sex crazed!

As I sped up, so did the frequency of her orgasms, until her eyes rolled up and she passed out. A few second later she came round. "Oh god Jim" she said. "That was a-maz-ing" I have never ever been so fulfilled!" "That's just a prequel" I said, my hand cupping the large bulge in the front of my trousers. "Please strip, and wax that slut over there" I said. Like the slut of a mother that I now owned, Anna shot out of her clothes, and stood there all excited.

I pointed to the table and told my mother to lay down on it, on her back, like the slut that she is, meanwhile, Anna was heating up the waxing wax. "So you want all of her done?" she asked "That's what I said whore" was my reply, and I saw Anna do a little wiggle of excitement at my tone.

Anna started off doing the regular areas and she she did so, I got out from my rucksack a riding crop. As she finished with an area, I would bring the crop down onto my mother sensitive skin, and with each whack, I saw the puddle between her legs get a little bigger. Soon, I started laying a few whacks across Anna's legs too, until my mother was completely waxed, tears flooding from her eyes, that were full of lust and desire to please me.

Anna turned to me. "Sir, I have finished" she said. Anna looked at me with a little smile after she finished waxing my mother so her body was hairless.

"What now sir?" She asked me. I walked up behind her and put a hand on her neck. I bent and whispered in her ear "You want to be my whore too?" "Oh god yes! I wanted it ever since I saw you in court! I kept dreaming you came to me in prison and begged for my to fuck you as your were doing the work for free!" "Well, I am sure I can manage two whores.

Both of you kneel on the floor!" As they both knelt in sex in the bedroom with alexis texas of me I took the crop and brought it down hard on Anna's nipples. "Uh" she moaned mature wife with big black dick creampie wriggled a little. "Did you like that?" I asked. "Yes sir" she said. "Pain is such a turn on for me. I had my ear pierced and almost orgasmed. That's why I've never had anything else done." I turned to my mother, and pulled her sodden panties from her mouth"Slut, take this whore nipple in your mouth and bite down." My mother did as instructed and the intense pain on Anna's nipple made her wiggle more and soon there was fresh cum running down her legs.

Walking to my mother I took my cock and spat on my hand. Giving her ass some quick lubrication I forced my cock up her shitter, as roughly as I could. "Let go of her nipple" I told my mother." As she dropped the nipple I looked at it, all swollen and red.

"Whore" I said pointing at Anna. I want you to dress like a whore. I know you live upstairs. You have five minutes" Anna quickly ran up the stairs. Sliding my cock in and out of my mothers arse I felt it getting slicker. Looking down I saw some blood again from the rough treatment, and my mothers cries and slutty moans spurred me on "Oh god Jimmy fuck my arse! Show your mummy she's a slut! Fuck me!

Thank you sir! Oh god the pain is so good!."