Sunny leone sex stories hot xxx 2019

Sunny leone sex stories hot xxx 2019
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'What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love. To some Love is friendship set on fire for others Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it'. But what I didn't know, is that I already had.

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The clock ticked, slowly but surely, the end of the lesson was close. It wasn't just the end of another lesson, it was the end of the the last lesson; the end of term. "Ok, time to pack up" shouted the teacher.

As I left for the door Mr.Stevens called me. "Rivar, a word" "Ahh shit" I whispered to Reece, my closest friend. "This isn't about you, it's actually about your sister. I need you to help her out a bit, she could really benefit from it" he said. "Uh, ok" "Oh. And queen.

Don't forget I hear everything" he said.

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I made my way back home, the chilling winter air numbing my hands. I opened the door, rose sitting at the island in the kitchen. "Hey" she said. "What you doing?" I asked, dropping my bag on the rack. "Homework. Mom said if I don't do it i don't get to go Olivia's party" she whined. "Yeah about that. Mr Stevens said I have to help you" I said.

"Uh, sure I guess" After an hour or so. Rose was done revising. "Now hopefully, remember this and you'll definitely be going to Olivia's party" I said. "Your the best" said rose, leaning over and giving me a kiss. I've fooled around with many girls. But the taste she left on my mouth was like no other Bondage birthday present and toys hardcore first time alex blake and xianna hill in five had before.

Her lips were full, not to Big, just perfect. The same went for her figure. Her breasts solid C cups, her ass tight, and body slim.

Dirty blonde hair fell past her shoulders, deep green eyes stared back at me. She was the perfect girl, beautiful, sexy and she was my sister. My twin sister. She walked past me, dragging her smooth hand across my face.

Her smell lingered In her wake; love,lust,warmth and serenity all wrapped in one. I watched her go, a spring in her step. With nothing to do and mom not being home till 10:00pm, I stayed in watching TV. Rose just wouldn't leave my head, I needed release. I jumped in the shower, warm water flowing over my athletic body. I stepped out, the air breezing over my muscular chest.

I changed into clean clothes and went back downstairs. Rose sat at the sofa "you wanna watch a film?" She asked. "Uh, yeah go on then" For the next two hours I laid with my beautiful sister,her head resting against mine.

I kissed her shoulders and she turned to me, our eyes meeting. It could of just been lust, but I was sure it was something much more, I knew it was love. I gently cupped her face.

"Your so beautiful" She opened her mouth to speak, but I brought her closer to me, pressing my lips to hers.

The kiss broke, but it was her who pulled me back. We continued to kiss, slowly at first, then faster. We turned our bodies and held each other together. I gently pulled on her bottom lip, and she slipped her tongue inside my mouth.

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My tongue glided over her teeth and I carefully leaned over her. The kiss broke and I knew then, that my sister felt the same way. She tugged at my shirt, sliding it over my toned chest. We kissed passionately, leading ourselves to my bedroom. She fell back onto the bed, pulling off her top. I laid over her, kissing her neck.

I made my way to her chest, kissing between the pink laced bra. She reached around her back and slipped it off. I carefully flicked a nipple with my tongue, then took it in my awaiting mouth. A soft moan escaped her lips, as I switched to the other.

I kissed my way down her taut stomach, then slid her pants over her legs. A delicate patch of girl juices had soaked into her panties, I pressed my nose into her mound, inhaling her sweet aroma. I kissed my way down her smooth thighs and back up. She arched her back, and slid the panties over her creamy thighs.

I kissed around her mound, eliciting moans of pleasure. She pushed at my head, and finally I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit, to just below her clit. She groaned in solace, as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I circled around her hood, still avoiding her button. I spread her lips, pushing my tongue into her hole, her juices dripped into my awaiting mouth. Finally Two teen brunette besties get pounded in the kitchen hardcore blowjob dragged my tongue over her sensitive clit, sucking it into my mouth and teasing it with my tongue.

She tightly grabbed at my hair, pushing my face deeper into her sex. "Oooooh fuck! Fuck, I'm gonna cum" she screamed. I cautiously probed around her slit, tickling her insides. She came hard, wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her young body and delicious pussy.

"Oh my god! Oh.oh" finally she came down from her orgasm. "That. Was. Amazing" she said, breathing heavily. She tugged my pants round my ankles and took my swollen prick into her mouth. It tickled the back of her throat, as she bobbed back and forth, her delicate hands pumping in unison. "Oh fuck" I groaned. She swirled her tongue around my engorged head, "I'm gonna cum" String after string of cum shot deep in her mouth and she greedily drank it down.

I collapsed on the bed, roses beautiful 15 year old pussy in view. How could this get any better? AUTHORS NOTE My first time writing, so don't go to hard on me! Contstructive criticism welcomed because I want to hopefully write many good stories in the next few weeks to cum.

Comment on any opinions, what you'd like to see of whatever. Have a great day and thanks for reading.