Naughty sierra nicole grabs her stepdads monster cock and sucks it

Naughty sierra nicole grabs her stepdads monster cock and sucks it
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This story begins with me, of course. I'm 22 and currently engaged to a beautiful girl of the same age. We have been going out for almost 3 years now and i have been welcomed into her family with open arms. I even lived with them for some 8 months. My fiance has 2 younger sisters, one is 16, Kaitlyn, with large tits for her age and a decent ass as well. But this story doesn't involve her, although sometimes i think about it.

This involves her youngest sister, Cassie, who is 14 and is quickly growing into her amazing body. She does gymnastics, so she is super fit and flexible and she has nice sized tits coming through as well.

Just about a handful now, just perfect in my eyes. This story happens a few months after me and my fiance have moved out and into our own home. Things have been going pretty well, we've settled into our new home, have sex pretty much in every single room in the house, over and over again. We have dinner at my parents and then her parents at least once a week. In this time I have gotten closer with the sisters, more as a brotherly figure i thought.

I recently quit my job and have been job hunting for sometime, so I have mainly been sitting around the house doing nothing. It is also school holidays, so her sisters have been home. I have been noticing Cassie filling into her amazingly sexy body and have even found myself fantasizing about her while having sex with my fiance, they have similar body features. What i haven't noticed, is that Cassie has been sneaking looks at me as well. One day, again i was at home alone, Fiance was at work all day, and Kaitlyn was at her holiday job.

I was just planning to sit around, keeping out of the heat, but received a phone call from Cassie. Me: Hello Cas, whats up? Cassie: Hey Tim, are you busy today? Me: No, why? Cassie: Can you maybe come over, I don't really want to be home alone right now.

Me: Ummm, i guess i can, is there anything wrong? Cassie: Not really, i just fingering daisies sensual lesbian scene by sapphix feel right being home alone right now. Me: Yeah OK, I'll be there within the hour then Cas. Cassie: Awesome, see you then. And she hang up. My mind was racing a little, i knew she would most probably jump in the pool, which meant o got to see her in a bikini, that would send Tim Jr.

firing. I quickly had a shower and got my board shorts on and a shirt, i knew hot busty buffy cleaningrnwindows topless for fun masturbation big boobs would be jumping in the pool.

I quickly raced over there, they only lived 10 minutes away. I entered the house and i could here her already splashing the pool. "Hello" I yell out, just not to startle her when i walked out to the pool. She was standing in the shallow end, with a little bikini on, that hardly covered her perky wet tits.

"Well are you coming in then?" she asked cheerfully. I took my shirt off and bombied into the pool, away from her and into the deep end. "So whats wrong?" i asked her as i came back up to the surface.

"I just wanted some company, i was a little bored with myself and i knew you were at home so i called." She answered. "Well it's good to be in the pool, nice and cool." I commented as i swam back towards her. We started to play our usual game of throwing something, usually a heavy ball or something colourful that would sink, into the deep end of the pool.

The person that collected the object would then have to swim back to the shallow end while the other person tried to wrestle it away from the person whom collected it. I would usually win because i was older and stronger, but every now and then i would let her win, not only to keep her interested in the game, but to give me a chance to "accidentally" brush my hands all over her body.

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We continued to play this for around 10 minutes or so before things started to heat up. One game when i collected the ball, she started to try and wrestle it away from and i could swear she rubbed her hand against my cock, her handed lingered there for a little bit longer then i would have expected, but for now i didn't think much of it. The next game I let her get the ball and as she was swimming back i started to wrestle it from her. I made sure to brush my hands against her perky teen tits and she didn't seem to mind so i continued.

I would pretend to swipe at the ball in her hand and miss and continued my hand down her body, so as to feel the res of her body. This happened a few more times, both ways. Until one game, the fateful game i would call it. I grabbed the ball and started to swim back to the shallow end. As i was swimming, she started to, not quite wrestle, but more slide her hands up and down my white slaves humiliation anal bbc gangbang whore until she once again handled my cock.

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This time she didn't move her hand, she continued to caress it. Vanessa teases before fucking on the couch stopped and stood up. "What are you doing?" I asked. All she did was look at me with a cheeky, yet sexy grin and answered, "I'm grabbing the ball." She continued to caress it as it got harder and bigger, she pulled me closer to her and leaned up and kissed me square on the lips.

At first i was taken aback and a little shocked, but something took over me, i started to kiss her back. it got deeper and more passionate. Soon i found my hands sliding up and down the back of her body, squeezing her tight fine ass.

I took her to the steps of the pool in the shallow end and we started making out harder. My hands found her perky wet tits and i couldn't help myself. Her bikini tied up at the front, so quickly grabbed the string and yanked it, releasing her perky teen tits.

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I moved my head back to look down, they were perfect. Great shape to them, just about a handful in size which is perfect in my eyes and her nipples were small and hard. I instantly tilted my head towards them and started to lick and suck on her nipples. This is when i first heard her moan. It was so hot. She quickly undid the string on my board shorts and yanked them down, revealing my rock hard cock. Her hand quickly wrapped around it and she started to stroke it.

It felt so good.

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"Put you're big cock inside me now." She moaned as her free hand started to slide her bikini bottoms off. I looked down, the water was hindering my view, so picked her up and placed her on the tiles surrounding the pool. Luckily the pool is covered by a massive sail, so the ground around the pool was cool.

I quickly looked down to see her perfect tight virgin teen pussy, cleanly shaven. That somehow made me harder. She began to pull my cock towards her.

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I stopped her. "Not yet." I said as i went down and got my face level with her wet cunt. "I want to taste this." I commented as i quickly put my mouth to her lips. She tasted so good.

It was wasn't just pool water that was making her wet. You could taste her sweet pussy juices. I found her clit and started to flick my tongue at it and i slide a finger inside her. She was so tight, i could only fit one finger inside her. I just couldn't wait to fuck her.

I continued for another few minutes, getting her ready to cum, but couldn't wait any longer. I got up and smiled at her. "Fuck brother fucking sister forced bathroom she said. I didn't need to be told twice. I placed my cock at her entrance and she held it as i slowly slide my cock inside her. She was so tight it was unbelievable.

I felt my cock reach her barrier. I looked at her and all she could say was "Fuck Me!" So i pushed a little harder and broke past it. She squealed a little and i stopped, i didn't want to hurt her. "Fuck me!" she said again, so i slowly began to pump in and out of her. Each pump sent her moaning for more, so eventually i got faster and harder. She was moaning hard and loud, luckily the neighbor's were not home, hopefully. I continued to fuck her tight cunt hard and i was getting to blow my load.

"I'm cumming Cas." Was all i could muster, i was moaning as well, it felt so good. "In my mouth Tim, cum in my mouth." She answered in between her orgasm. I pumped inside her a few more times before i was really ready to blow. I slide out of her tight teen pussy and stepped up and place my cock in her warm mouth. She started to suck on it as i stroked the base of my cock and soon enough i blew my load right down her throat.

I went to pull out, but grabbed my cock with her hands and pushed it back in her mouth, she wanted to suck every last drop. When she was done, she took my cock out of her mouth and titled her head up towards me and showed me that she had swallowed ever last drop. All i could do was fall back into the pool. She jumped in to join me, both still naked. "So where sis that come from?" I asked her. "I was horny and i was bored playing with myself.

I told you that earlier." She answered with a cheeky sexy grin. We continued to play around in the pool, still naked. Every now and then we stopped playing around, to play with each other.

I fingered her to orgasm a few times, she gave me a hand job and a blow job, before we got out of the pool and dried off.

I followed her to her bedroom and i fucked her hard on the awesome teen acquires gangbanged and creamed hardcore and blowjob. First she wanted me on top, but after a few moments, she decided she wanted to ride me cock.

She was amazing, for someone who had never fucked before, she rode my cock like a pro. She was cumming, but then i threw her off.

"Let me show you what an orgasm feels like." I commented and i pushed her onto her hands and knees. My fiance always told me she came to hardest when i was fucking her from behind.

I slide my cock inside Cassie from behind and started to pound her tight teen cunt hard, making her scream loud. I felt her muscles around my cock contract and she let out a final loud moan as she climaxed on my cock. I had to pull out before blowing my load on her back. I cleaned it up and then we just laid there in her bed for a while before i had to leave.

It was an amazing day, and we have been sneaking around for a few weeks now, pretty much any chance we got. She has become amazingly better at having sex. I couldn't leave my fiance for her, I didn't love Cassie that way. Were both agreed that we would be more like fuck buddies, which was fine with me.