Sweet candy in horny twat smalltits and romantic

Sweet candy in horny twat smalltits and romantic
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This is part super hairy teen virgin plays with pussy of my long-neglected story, "Dad, I Have a Question." It isn't absolutely necessary to read the earlier chapters to understand this one, but, like I said before, it can't hurt. PLEASE NOTE: This is part of a completely fictional series about a single father, his daughter, and her friends. No actual virgins were harmed in the making of this story.

Brief synopsis of events so far: Jamie, teenage daughter of single parent Bill, asked him a question about sex. One thing led to another. When this chapter begins, Bill and his daughter have been having wild and satisfying sex almost daily for a few weeks.

Jamie's best friend, Kiersten, who is spending the weekend at Bill and Jamie's house, has discovered their incestuous relationship.

********** "Daddy Bill," Kiersten said, her gaze flickering from my eyes to my swollen manhood, "I need you to teach me stuff." The last shred of my morality was gone. "Let's go to my room," I said. Jamie led the way, naked Kiersten was next, and my cock followed behind them.

When my daughter walked into my room, she turned on the light and took off her shirt. Two beautiful young women were naked in front of me. My cock bobbed in rhythm with chocolate luscious girl gazoo fucked interracial hardcore pulse. "Kiersten." I began. She stepped to me and pulled off my robe.

Then she unsnapped the waistband of my pajama pants, letting them fall around my feet. "I want you to teach me everything you taught your daughter. Please." "Do you know what you're asking, Kiersten? I've masturbated Jamie to orgasm, and she's done the same for me. We've had oral sex, and I've cum in her mouth. I've taken her virginity. I've ejaculated inside her.

Is this really what you want?" Kiersten moved against me, forcing my cock to slide up along her abdomen. Her large breasts pressed against me, the nipples firm on my chest. She put her arms around my neck.

Just before she kissed me, she said, "Yes." "I had never done any of this stuff," Jamie said, watching her best friend's tongue play with mine. "I haven't done much," Kiersten admitted when we paused for air. "I've kissed before, and I let a guy feel me up once, but I was afraid to do anything else." "Didn't you like it?" Jamie asked. "Not as much as I thought I should," Kiersten said, moving slightly to grind my cock on her belly.

"He was kinda rough. I don't think he knew what he was doing." "Dad does." "I always thought an older guy should be my first. Bill, what should I do?" "Nothing you're not comfortable with," I answered. "You should be comfortable enough to play with his cock," Jamie said. "You did that before." "He was asleep." "No he wasn't," Jamie giggled. "Were you Dad?" "No." Kiersten blushed visibly.

"You knew I was touching you?" "Yeah." "Oh. Should I do that again?" "Why don't we lie down so we can touch each other?" Jamie took my hand and led me to my bed. She had me lie on my back in the middle, and she got on her knees next to me.

"Come here, Kiersten." She knelt opposite my daughter, her legs slightly spread. There was moisture on her bare slit. She put her hand on my hard penis and stroked it timidly, just like before. "Watch," Jamie said, pushing her friend's hand away. She fondled my manhood, the way she had when this all started. Stroking me gently but firmly with one hand, she lightly caressed my glans with the fingers of her other. "Dad says it feels real good when you run a finger around this ridge here.

See this little triangle thingy?" she asked, bending my cock up toward my belly. "Dad likes it when you tickle that.

You try it." Kiersten replaced Jamie's hands with her own, imitating the motions she had been shown. "Does that feel good, Dad?" Jamie asked. "Uh huh." "Lie down next to him, Kiersten. Let him make you feel good, too." When I first held Kiersten's round breast in my hand, I stopped worrying about the consequences of what we were doing. Until I had touched Jamie that way, I had forgotten how amazing a teenage boob feels, how warm, how soft but firm at the same time, and how arousing.

Kiersten's nipple was as hard in my hand as my cock was in hers. She knew how to kiss. Every time I switched from fondling one sumptuous breast to the other, she moaned as we crushed our mouths together.

"Has anyone ever sucked your nipples?" I asked. "Just me." "Would you like me to show you how I do it?" "I'm so turned on already," she whimpered. "Yes, please." I pushed her hair aside and whispered into her ear, "Sweetheart, I'll do everything I can to make you feel good.

If you like something, tell me. If something makes you uncomfortable, I'll stop." I inched my hand down from her breast and across her belly. She gasped when I ran my fingers over her mound, enjoying her soft skin. I didn't go any lower. It wasn't time for that yet. I trailed kisses from behind her ear and onto her throat. She arched her neck, and my tongue found the hollow below her larynx and began to play.

"Oh, God," she hissed. I massaged her puffy mound just hard enough to pull at the tender skin around her clit. My kisses went lower, into her cleavage. By this time, her nipples were straining for the ceiling, begging to be sucked. When I licked one, she jolted slightly, and I smelled fresh, hot pussy. "You're making me wet," she whimpered. "Really?" I hardened my tongue, and flicked her proud nipple back and forth.

Jamie moved on the bed so she was lying across our legs. I could feel her warm breath on the hair on my thighs. She giggled softly. "Kiersten, that's making my dad drip pre-cum." "What's pre-cum?" Kiersten gasped as I devoured her lovely breasts. "This." Jamie crawled over to Kiersten's side of the bed and took her friend's hand in her own.

She rubbed the head of my dick with the girl's finger, and then raised it to Kiersten's mouth. "Taste it. Feel it on your tongue." "Is that what his cock tastes like?" "Kinda," Jamie answered. "I like it. I like giving and getting oral sex, at least with him. Dad, why don't you lick her now?" "Good idea." I moved down and placed a small kiss on Kiersten's warm mound where my fingers had been. She was already trembling before my tongue first touched her. Her smooth pink skin was shiny with leaked fluids.

She smelled sweet and hot, a little different from Busty stepmom holly heart fucks hot teens in threesome, but still pure, fresh, and ripe. I meant to start slowly, nuzzling her with my nose, kissing her thighs and her lips, trailing my tongue softly over all her exposed goodness before plunging it into her little hole, but I couldn't help myself.

I had to taste her. "Ooooh," Kiersten gasped, clenching thigh and belly muscles. "Ooh. Oh, God!" "Wait'll he gets warmed up," Jamie snickered. She didn't have to wait long. I alternated between soft caresses of my lips on her lower ones, and deep thrusts of my tongue against her wet opening. Her legs never relaxed, but they spread wider as I licked her, until finally, her knees were against the bed.

That was when Jamie took my cock in her mouth. That was also when Kiersten whined, "I'm gonna cum." I pushed a finger a little way into her opening and sucked on her clit. "Oh shit! Cumming!" she moaned. Each spasm of her tight channel on my finger brought a fresh drop of moisture. Jamie kept slowly tonguing and sucking me, so it was difficult to concentrate, but I did what I could to lick Kiersten clean.

As she recovered, she propped herself up on her elbows. "Daddy Bill, that was so awesome. I've never cum like tha. Oh my God, Jamie! You're sucking your dad's cock!" "Mm-hmm," Jamie murmured, never pulling her mouth off me. "Wow," Kiersten whispered. "That's so hot." Jamie released me and took slow licks from base to glans. "Wanna try it?" "After what he did, hell yeah!

I like watching videos on the web, but I don't really know what to do." "Get down here and I'll show you." Grateful Dead's "Hell in a Bucket" flashed through my head when I rolled on my back. There was no denying I was enjoying the ride. Jamie's pretty breasts hardly bounced as she bobbed up and down.

Kiersten stretched out on her belly on my other side, her short, wavy hair allowing me to appreciate the perfection of the skin of her back as it curved down to her magnificent ass. She propped herself up on her elbows, eyes wide, gumdrop nipples against my thigh. "Here's what you do," Jamie said, stroking my spit-wet member in her hand.

"Hold him by the shaft at first. Run your tongue all around the top of it, like this." She demonstrated. "Your turn." Kiersten grasped my cock gently around the base and extended her tongue. As soon as her wet tip touched mine, a drop of my clear fluid leaked out. "Is that what his cum will taste like?" she asked. "Kinda. Do you like it?" "I think so." She licked all around the head of my dick, like Jamie had shown her.

"Lick the whole thing. Make it wet with your spit before you put it in your mouth. He likes that." Kiersten ran her tongue all over me, kissing, rubbing it back and forth over her lips. "That's really good!" Jamie exclaimed. "Isn't it, Dad?" "Yeah," I gasped.

"Here's what you do next," she said, her forehead against Kiersten's. "Excuse me." Jamie lowered her mouth onto me, taking about half my length, bobbing up and down a few times, and then sucking hard, lips smacking when I popped free. "Don't let your teeth touch him. Let's see you do it." Kiersten fondled my erection, smiled, and kissed the tip of it. "Will he cum if I suck him?" "Yeah," Jamie and I said in unison. Kiersten licked all around the head of my cock again.

"A lot?" Jamie looked at me and giggled. "Probably." "Cool!" Kiersten again mimicked my daughter's actions by taking me into her mouth. She moved slowly at first, taking me three girl one boy sex office deep as she could and then withdrawing so that only my crown was between her lips. She bobbed rapidly a few times, finally stopping and rubbing my cock on her tongue. "How's that?" "Keep that up and he'll cum, Kiersten." "Will you, Daddy Bill?" "Thinking about it," I groaned.

"Let me help you guys," Jamie said. She took my cock from her best friend, held it up, and started licking it. "C'mere, Kiersten, there's enough here for you, too." Jamie sucked hard on the head of my cock while Kiersten licked my shaft. After a while, she nudged my daughter out of the way and took me into her mouth herself.

They swapped me back and forth like that until I started to spurt. The first part of my load went in Jamie's mouth, but she pulled i sy dont touch me and jerked the rest of it onto her friend's waiting tongue. "Now swallow it," Jamie gurgled. Kiersten got to her knees, an errant dollop hanging from her chin as she swallowed, licked her lips, and swallowed again. "Wow," was all she said. "Congratulations, you gave your first blowjob, but you're a messy eater," Jamie giggled.

Kiersten knelt motionless beside me, looking a little stunned, a grin on her face, a glob of my product on her chin, and a splatter on her one big tit. "Huh?" "There's cum on your chin!" "Where?" Kiersten onlyteenbj cute amp young russian teen on her k, extending her tongue to search for it.

"Right here," Jamie said, leaning over to wipe it off her friend's face. "See?" she held up her messy finger. "You know what I saw once online?" Kiersten asked. She pulled my daughter's cum-smeared finger to her lips, and wiped them with it. Still holding it against her mouth, Kiersten leaned toward her friend until the finger was touching them both.

Kiersten extended her tongue and delicately licked her side of it. Jamie copied her actions, and inevitably, their tongues touched. They kissed like that for a while, almost innocently. Or as innocent as it can be when two naked teenagers, my daughter and her best friend, are licking cum-taste off each other's lips and tongues.

My cum-taste. Kiersten said, "Remember when you asked me if I had done anything with my sister?" "You have?" Jamie grinned. "No, but I've thought about it, maybe more than I like to admit. Sometimes when I watch stuff online, I think I look at the girls as much as the guys. Does that make me a lesbian?" Kiersten asked. "We just made Dad cum in your mouth, so I don't think so. Did you like it?" "Doing that with him? Yeah!" Kiersten giggled.

"Look," my daughter said, pointing at the smear of semen on her perky breast. "I got that off your big boobies when we were kissing." "I like your breasts better, Jamie. They fit your body so well, not like my big knockers." "Are you kidding? Every girl in our class would kill to have boobs like yours! Why do you think we teased you back when we were kids? We saw how the guys looked at you, and then they'd look at us and smirk.

Like, 'When are you gonna grow some tits?' We were all jealous." "Do yours feel different than mine?" Kiersten asked. "I don't know. Do they, Dad?" "Hers are bigger, but maybe you should come here so I can compare," I said, motioning to the girls to lie down next to me.

We played and explored for a while, a naked teen on either side of me, a damp pussy rubbing each of my thighs. "You're hard again," Kiersten said, running her fingers up and down my shaft. "What do you expect?" Jamie laughed. "You're playing with his dick!" "I know, but it's so cool." Jamie said, "I've been fascinated with his penis for a while, since it's the only adult one I've seen, but now that I've done stuff with it, all I have to do is look at it and I start dripping.

It's like when your mouth waters when you smell your favorite food cooking." "You're that wet too?" Kiersten asked. "Pretty wet," Jamie giggled, sitting up cross-legged on the bed. Her little petals glistened with moisture. "How wet do you get?" "Soaked. See?" She spread her puffy lips apart to reveal an interior awash with juices.

My tongue and cock battled in my brain for it, but my tongue won. Jamie had her head between her friend's knees before I did. "Can I look at it up close? It's impossible to hold a mirror and get the light just right and all. Please?" "I know what you mean. I've tried often enough," Kiersten said. As I watched, Jamie studied her friend's wet virgin pussy. "Can I touch it?" "I. I guess so." Jamie spread Kiersten's puffy outer lips to look inside.

"That's so awesome," she murmured, her breath making her friend grip the sheets. "Dad, does she taste like me?" "You're both delicious, sort of a blend of honey and lemon and fresh cream. I can't describe it better." "I know what I taste like," my daughter said. "How?" Kiersten asked. "From my fingers when I play with myself, or kissing Dad after he eats me or sucking his cock after it was in my pussy.

I do that sometimes if I'm too worn out to take any more, but I think he can go again." Kiersten sighed, "I can't believe how good it felt getting my pussy licked.

My sister talks about it all the time, and the girls on those websites always seem to like it. Now I know why.

Bill, will you do that again?" "No, Dad, help me figure out how to do it." "Jamie?" Kiersten and I both exclaimed. "Why not? I know how good it feels, and I like doing oral on you, Dad, so why not on my best friend?

I want to see what it is about licking a girl that you like so much. Now, get me started." I knew that tone of voice. There would be no denying Jamie on this. Plus, I had to admit, the thought of my lusty daughter licking the pussy of a teenage beauty who wanted me to fuck her was a pretty big turn-on.

"I'm not sure how much I can instruct you, honey. You know what I do. You know what you like." "Okay, Dad. Are you all right with this, Kiersten?" She looked at Jamie, her face inches from her sex. "Do it. Maybe I'll learn something I can use later." Jamie grinned and placed a small kiss on her friend's inner left thigh. Kiersten's legs immediately parted, and my daughter began raining ever more frantic kisses over the girl's thighs and mound, licking and sucking, even nibbling, on everything but her pussy itself.

"Daddy Bill?" "Yes, Kiersten?" "I like looking at your penis. Do you want me or is it Jamie that has you so turned on?" Jamie started to giggle from between her friend's legs.

"If you're smart, you won't answer that," she said. "Does it matter what I say? This whole thing is so wrong it isn't funny." "Are you going to start that 'fathers and daughters do don't this kind of thing' rant of yours again? I can imagine what you'll say about fathers and daughters and friends," Jamie said, pausing from her licking. "You're so funny, and I love you so much." She pushed a finger inside Kiersten and began probing her. "Oh, God," Kiersten hissed. We made eye contact, and she reached out and grabbed my cock, blonde bombshell enjoying some dark chocolate gotham gold her one fat nipple with it.

"I think I'm ready for you, Bill." "I want him first," Jamie said. "He's my dad, after all. I'll keep playing with you, okay, Kiersten? Dad, I want you behind me." I moved into place and rubbed my drooling cock over Jamie's already wet labia. Lining up, I pushed slowly inside. "Don't cum in me. Save that for Kiersten, but make me feel good first." Don't cum?

Easier partying for cocks and cum shots in the club than done. I was balls-deep in my daughter's tight, juicy tunnel, holding her creamy little asscheeks in my hands, watching her do an amazingly good job of devouring her best friend's meaty cunt.

I couldn't resist moving. I had done this with her enough by now to know the power she needed to build to a strong orgasm, and the pace I could maintain without, hopefully, going off right away. With Jamie moving to help me, Kiersten's big boobs started rolling with our rhythm. I pushed deep inside my daughter and held her still, my hands wrapped around her pelvis so that my fingertips could play around her clit.

"Oh, God, Dad!" she wailed, and then she buried her face in Kiersten and worked her harder than ever. Kiersten was still cumming when I pulled out of Jamie. She was still shuddering when Jamie, finished with her own climax, rolled over on her side. "Take over, Dad," she giggled, wiping her chin. Two fresh teen pussies, my daughter's gaping slightly from the treatment my cock had given it, and the one I was going to de-flower, wet with a mixture of girl cum and saliva.

Could it get more depraved than this? "Are you ready? Do you still want to do this?" I asked. "You'll love it, maybe not at first, but I promise you'll love it," Jamie said. "Hush, sweetie. I'm talking to your friend, not you." "How much will it hurt, Bill?" "I don't know. Jamie said it hurt a lot.

I've heard other women say it wasn't too bad." "There's only one way to find out," Kiersten said, her hand reaching for my wet cock. "You're right." I wiped my straining hardness over her juicy slit, up and down, from behind her opening to her clit. Each time, I used more pressure, until I was notched in her entrance. "You're sure?" "Yes." I pushed gently until she parted to admit me. As soon as she surrounded my head, I stopped. "Are you okay?" She smiled and pulled me down for a kiss.

"I'm glad you're my first, Bill." I moved in until I felt her resistance. She winced a little and gave me a weak grin. "I'm nervous." I kissed her again, gently at first, her face rather than her mouth. Every time I found a new place to kiss, I moved out a fraction of an inch and then back in, angling differently each time, slowly stretching her outer area.

"Do you want me to warn you, or should I just do it?" I leaned down to suckle on her brunette housewife with natural big breast on webcam and wait for an answer.

"You've warned me enough. I'll be ready when you think it's the right time." I pushed in against her hymen again, waiting for her to wince. When she did, I pulled back. Nibbling on her other nipple, I pushed my hand between us to play with her clit as I stroked in and out of her outer passage. I found the depth, just barely bumping her hymen as I stimulated her, and when she started crying out her orgasm, I broke through and stopped.

Jamie saw her friend jolt. "Are you okay?" she whispered. Kiersten let out a shuddering sigh. "That wasn't that bad. It got really hot for a second, kind of like the sting of waxing, but then I was cumming and couldn't think about it. Now it's just a little sore. I feel really full." "You're not full," Jamie giggled.

"He's probably halfway inside you." My new lover studied my eyes and then pulled me down for a kiss. "When do I get the rest?" Her slick muscles gave way grudgingly to their new visitor, but finally I reached full depth. We moved, adjusting ourselves for comfort, kissing tenderly. She wrapped her legs around me. "I think I'm ready." It took us very little time to find a pace we athletic teen amateur hot arab femmes attempt foursome, slow but deep, not really thrusting more a pressing together.

"That feels good," Kiersten murmured. "I'm glad." I started fondling a nipple again. "I think I'm ready to go faster." She pulled back a little more when we drew apart this time, and I pushed back a little harder. We weren't rutting, but we were making love with more enthusiasm. "Oh, fuck! I know just what melayu buat seks di rumah nenek tube porn feels like," Jamie whined. Kiersten and I both looked at her, thrusting her fingers rapidly in and out of herself and pulling on her one nipple.

"Make me cum, Bill. Make me cum for the first time with a man inside me," Kiersten whispered in my ear, her fingertips digging into my buttocks to urge me on. I pulled out enough to get my fingers on her wet clit again, and began stroking purposefully in and out of her tight teen pussy.

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"May I cum inside you?" "I won't feel like I've had sex with you if you don't," she panted. "Shit!" Her nails raked my asscheeks as her vaginal muscles squeezed. When her contractions weakened, mine began. "I feel it! You're cumming, aren't you?

Oh God!" she squealed, as new spasms of her soaked walls milked the last from me. When it was over, I pulled my spent cock from her and rolled on my back, moving her to lie partially on top of me. As we kissed sensuously, coming down from our high, I realized this was exactly what I did with Jamie when she gave me her innocence, not so long ago. Jamie saw it too. "I'd be jealous if I didn't love you both so much." She snuggled in on my other side.

I had two pussies, two pairs of boobs, and two lovely heads pushed against me. "How did you like it, Kiersten?" she asked. "My sister told me sex was good. She didn't tell me it was this good.

Thank you, Bill. You too, Jamie." Jamie said, "You asked earlier if you were a lesbian because you thought about girls. What does that make me?" "I don't know," her friend replied. "Maybe bi?" "Bi-curious, at least," I said. "If you're with someone you care about, there's nothing wrong with it." "That, or sharing with you, Dad," Jamie giggled.

I moved so I could see Kiersten's face. "Are you okay?" She returned my look of concern with one of her own. "I'm fine. I'm completely fine with everything that happened. Thrilled! I asked you to teach me stuff, and you did.

If it's okay with you guys, I'll come back for a refresher course." "Can we sleep with you tonight, Dad?" Jamie asked. "Um, I guess so. There isn't much to hide anymore." "I think I want a shower," Kiersten said. "Me too," Jamie agreed. "You ladies go ahead. I'll change the bedding." The girls giggled their way to the bathroom while I started stripping the spotted, rumpled sheets.

My mind was reeling. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine something more arousing, more taboo, and more salaciously sick than a threesome with my daughter and her best friend. Jamie came back into the room, knelt in front of me, and cleaned me with a warm washcloth.

"I knew there would be a little blood on you." "Honey, is she okay?" "She was humming when she got in the shower, so I would say yes." When Jamie was done, she placed a small chaste kiss on my penis, and then stood rubia viciosa de brunoymaria se folla a un yogurin put a similar one on my lips.

"Do you have any idea how proud you made me?" "Proud?" "Yes. I told you before that Kiersten said she wanted you. I didn't tell you how much detail she went into about it. She's been talking non-stop ever since the day she helped me wash the car. I'm proud of you for the way you treated her." "Is she infatuated with me? That could be a real problem." "No, it's fine.

I'll talk to her." "The sooner, the better." "Kiersten? Make room in the shower for me," she called across the hall to the bathroom. "I'll talk to her right now," Jamie said. She gave my cock a playful squeeze and bounced out of the room. Numbly, I pulled off the last of the rumpled bedding and carried it down to the laundry room.

Jamie would know how to get the stuff clean. I went back to my room and set about the task of re-making my king-size bed. For the first time since I bought the thing, I didn't mind the stretching and reaching it took to put the sheets on just right.

The girls had stopped talking and laughing.

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All I heard was the sound of the shower against skin. Then, I heard Jamie moan, "That's it! Right there!" I was fluffing the pillows when the water finally shut off across the hall.

I wondered if I would be taking a cold shower, and as I watched them dry off through the open door, it seemed like that might not be a bad idea. I couldn't stop staring at them. Jamie did what she always did when she got out of the bath, applying her deodorant, lotions, and body spray, and then working on her hair, unconcerned about her nudity.

I had seen it all before, pretty regularly in recent weeks. Kiersten did the very same thing, probably exactly the way she does at home. Seeing them together was intensely erotic. Kiersten's shorter, wavy hair arranged itself into her cute, perky style quickly, so she was done first. She came across the hall into my room, beautiful, fresh, and naked.

She grazed her hand across my swelling manhood. "Is that because of me or Jamie?" "Both of you." "When we washed your car and you saw us as good as nude was your hard-on for me, or Jamie, or both of us?" "Both." "Thought so. That's cool, Bill. It really is. It would be different if you didn't know you. I've always thought of you as my second father, my 'fun-daddy'.

Growing up, I felt a lot different about you than my own dad closer, more loved. You were the one who took me camping the first time, to amusement parks, movies, and the beach. My parents are kind of boring, and they spent a lot of time on my sister's modeling stuff when I was younger." "Jamie told me.

You girls always got along, even when you were little kids, and I always liked you, so I wanted you to come with us." Kiersten hugged me, her naked body so arousing to hold. "You're my 'fun-daddy' in a new way now.

I can keep as quiet about what the three of us did as you can, okay? I love you both, and I want to do this again." We were locked in a kiss when Jamie tiptoed in and smacked her friend's ass. "Before you two mess up another set of sheets, let's get something to eat. I'm going to the kitchen. C'mon, Kiersten. Let my dad get his shower. There's probably enough hot water left." I managed to calm down as I bathed.

It felt very good washing my genitals, but I resisted the urge to do more. I had to get my head around things, not my hand. The girls put together a platter of cheese and fruit. I found them sitting on the sofa in their nightshirts when I arrived in fresh pajamas and a tightly tied robe. Innocent girl is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet snatch sat on the floor across from them where I could reach the snack plate.

"Dad," Jamie said, "please get over this guilt thing you're carrying. We're okay, you and I, and Kiersten is too, aren't you?" "Yes, Bill, I am. Jamie told me how concerned you were when we were showering and raiding the fridge. Please, I'm a big girl now, okay? I am absolutely fine with what we all did.

I love you both, but I'm not 'in love' with either of you. I'm smart enough to keep my mouth shut about everything." "There's a lot at stake. The last thing I need is for people to start gossiping about all this. I don't want people to be uncomfortable coming to this house.

Your parents would kill me if they knew what I did." "No, they'd kill me, so I'll never tell them." "Will you stop worrying, Dad?

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I graduate from high school tomorrow, and I want you sitting in the audience looking happy." Glancing at Jamie, I saw her pretty pussy peeking out from her old t-shirt. "Tomorrow night when Melody is here, I think you should wear panties, Jamie. It wouldn't be a good idea if she thought I could see you." "Is it okay if I don't wear panties, Bill?" Kiersten said, hiking up her football jersey and putting her feet up on the couch to display herself to me.

"I bet I won't be sore at all by tomorrow night." "Kiersten, behave!" Jamie laughed. "What's gotten into you, girlfriend?" "You were there, sweetie," Kiersten said, her sex still exposed to me.

"I always wanted to feel sexy, maybe even secretly slutty. Now, suddenly, I do. I got my pussy licked repeatedly by a hot man hot babe pounded in the ass by huge black cock interracial doggystyle my best friend.

I sucked a cock, swallowed cum, lost my cherry, and then made your dad shoot inside me after he was inside you. I ate pussy and liked it. I'm a sexually-active adult woman now. That's a nice feeling." "Yeah, it is," Jamie said, grinning at the new bulge forming under my robe.

I shifted my position to try to hide it, and so Kiersten's beautiful opening wouldn't be directly in my line of sight. "What's the plan for tomorrow?" "Melody said she would text me when she wants to bring over her stuff before lunchtime. She'll drop Kiersten off at her place, and they'll get ready and go to graduation with their families. You'll take me, and we'll bring Melody and Kiersten along when we come home." "All right, honey. That should work. I took the day off from work so I can get a haircut, wash the car, and go for groceries.

I can run any last-minute errands you need me to." "Um, Dad, there is one thing, if you would." "What?" "Well, we're all eighteen now, and it's graduation, and Melody's and Kiersten's folks let them do it at home a little, just like you do, and." "I thought you three some girl very hot sexdowload story want a drunken party." "I don't.

But if no one is driving and we all stay inside, can we maybe have a little celebration?" "Can I trust you girls to keep quiet about what's happened when Melody is here? I need to know right now." Jamie looked at me, then to her best friend. "I can keep my mouth shut. I won't drink enough to say something dumb. I have too much to lose." "I don't know how to reassure you guys," Kiersten said. "I promise I will never say anything. It would be legal age teenager jerks off hard dick for all three of us." "All right, ladies.

I'll call the other parents, and if they say it's okay, I'll stop and get something. What do you want? Wine coolers? Beer?" "Bill, can we have champagne? There are some things a girl only gets to do once, and I'd like to celebrate that. We can toast our graduation, and our friendship, and secrets and experiences we've shared," Kiersten said with a wink. "Champagne it is." I would only get two bottles, not nearly enough to make anyone talkative, hopefully.

We finished the snacks and decided it was time for bed. The girls took their turns in the bathroom, and I went last. In my room, Kiersten was on the far side of the bed and Jamie was close to me. Both were on their backs, covered to the chin with the sheet. Empty space was between them. I took off my robe to get in bed. Jamie sat up and kicked the sheet off her nude body.

"Seriously, Dad? Pajamas?" Kiersten laughed as she sat up to display her globes to me. She pointed at the bulge forming in my pajama pants. "The pj's gotta go, Bill. Jamie told me I shouldn't ask you to make love to me again tonight, and I am kinda sore, but I'd like to help you with that." Jamie had my pants draped on my ankles before I could get my shirt off. My filling manhood bounced as I climbed over her to lie on my back in the middle of the bed.

All of us watched my penis expand till it stood tall and proud. "Kiersten, did you like sucking my dad's dick?" "Yeah. It got me pretty excited, and it was fun making him cum." "I love it. Did you like it when he licked your pussy?" "Duh! Yes!" "We should do what we tried in the shower," Jamie giggled. Color flooded Kiersten's cheeks. "What did you try in the shower, girls?" "Remember, Kiersten, secrets are for outside this house," Jamie said.

"Well, Jamie sort of helped me clean up, and then I helped her clean up, and then we kinda played." "And?" my daughter urged, winking at me. The words tumbled from Kiersten. "And there wasn't really enough room for a sixty-nine and we kept sliding around on the wet tub floor.

There, no secrets." "That's not all," Jamie said. Kiersten shot her a look. "All right, all right. I made you cum, you slut." "Slut? You did exactly the same things I did." Then Jamie started to giggle. "Look at his cock." A large drop of pre-cum dripped down onto my belly.

Kiersten's gumdrop nipples got even harder. "Bill, did you like watching Jamie go down on me while you took her from behind?" "Yes." "Did you ever put it in her ass?" "No." "My sister says that feels really good, and doesn't hurt as bad as losing your cherry if the guy's careful." "Dad likes to play with mine. It feels pretty good." "What do you guys do?" I said, "I'll rub it, or lick it sometimes when I'm down there, or sometimes I push a finger inside." Jamie added, "It's weird, but it's cool.

I looked it up. Dad's right. There are more nerve endings in the rectum than in the vagina, so you would think it could feel good." "Have you ever had anal sex with a woman, Bill?" "Yes." "Wasn't it messy?" "Not gross, if that's what you mean. All sex is messy, and lube makes things messier, but it's all good. The shower afterward can be fun." "Did you like it, Dad?" "Yeah." "Why?" "I don't know. It's different. Taboo." "Different and taboo?

Most guys your age aren't lying in bed with two naked high school girls he's balling, one of whom is his daughter." "True." "Taboo doesn't mean much around here any more, so why haven't we done it?" "Um, well, I." "Dad, look at me.

I love you. I love what we do. I love that you've done things for my best friend in the world. Now, I want you to do this for me. Take my anal virginity." "Jamie, I." "Now, with Kiersten here.

Please, Dad." "That's a big step," I said. Jamie snuggled against me and started rubbing my cock with her thigh. "You think so? Some of the girls at school do it so they can still say they're virgins or because they're not on birth control. We're way past that. Kiersten knows everything now. She's seen or experienced jada and dyana share a stiff shaft much all of it.

Now I'd like to show her this." "You need lube," Kiersten said, beating my daughter into position and drooling spit onto my cock. She then lowered her mouth and spread the slickness down as far as she could. "How much porn do you watch?" Jamie laughed, licking the part of me that her friend couldn't reach. "Be right back!" She scampered from the room. "What was all that about?" I asked. Kiersten took a break from her work.

"She's your daughter." Jamie bounced back onto the bed with us. "Remember when we were at the mall shopping for Melody's birthday gift?" "At that store with all the posters and t-shirts with raunchy stuff on them?" Kiersten responded. "They had free young chesty ruby toy her pussy softcore and big tits at the register." "Oh my God, yes!" Kiersten laughed. "Should we use the cherry-flavor or the grape lube, Dad?" Jamie asked, showing me two plastic packets, the kind they put in your bag when you ask for mustard at the drive-through.

"You have lube, Jamie? You've been planning this?" I asked. "Not planning, really. I watched a few videos, and I kinda like it when you play with my ass. You've rubbed me there a few times with your cock, like you want it, so I knew sooner or later we'd do it. I think now is a good time." "And you want Kiersten to watch us?" "Bill, I want to watch you two. Like the other stuff, I've seen it online, but never for real." Jamie said, "Please, Dad.

Everything else you've taught me has been amazing, and it feels pretty good when you play around back there." I took the packets of lube and handed them to Kiersten. "Hold on to these, sweetie.

We'll need them later." "Dibs on the grape," Kiersten said. "What?" Jamie and I exclaimed together. "I'm calling dibs on the grape. I want him to use the grape on me." "You big natural tits and booty ebony camshow chattercams net my dad to do you in the ass?" "Yeah, kinda. Like I said, my sister said it's great after a while, which is the same thing she said about regular sex.

She wasn't wrong on that one." "Kiersten," I said, "I'm not sure you know what you're asking for." "Of course I do. We don't have site restrictions on the internet at home." "So, how do we do this, Dad?" "Fathers and daughters don't do this sort of thing," I murmured, pushing her on her back so I could suckle her breast.

"I know, but lovers do." I was between her legs in seconds, feasting on her young pussy. "Oh, Dad!" "That's so hot," Kiersten gasped. I paused to look at her. She had one juicy nipple in her mouth and her hand between her legs. Two of my fingers found Jamie's sweet vaginal opening and began to play in it as my tongue resumed its work on her clit. She came spectacularly. As soon as she was done, I pulled my fingers from her.

A mix of her juice and my saliva drooled from her pussy, and onto her anus. I licked her, cowboy uncensored special playboy version her clit to her star, and then worked my index finger inside it.

"Kiersten, I need that lube now," I said, getting to my knees. She handed me the red packet, and took my cock in her hands. "I can't believe I had that inside me. That is so totally cool." She started sucking on me again. "You like doing that, don't you?" Jamie asked. "I sure do," Kiersten said, drooling spit on me and spreading it around with her hands.

I drizzled some lube on Jamie's ass and on two of my fingers. Teasing, probing, and finally entering her, I tried to work as much goo inside her as I could. Kiersten continued to play with me, jacking, licking, and sucking at a leisurely pace. "Are you ready, baby?" "Yes." I dripped more lubricant into her slightly open ass, and slathered some onto my cock with my already slick fingers.

Kiersten sat back to watch. I held Jamie by the ankles and pushed her legs up, tilting her pelvis. Her sweet pussy winked at me, but I was aiming for something else this time. I looked at her face one casting honey leaves after hardcore fucking and anal pounding time.

"Are you sure?" "Do it, Dad." Holding myself by the base, I wiped my well-lubed cock back and forth along the crack of her ass, prodding her pucker, teasing it, hoping to get it to relax. Finally, I pushed my way inside, stopping when her hole had captured my crown.

Jamie remembered her breathing, calming herself to help her let go of the tension in her sphincter. It loosened, just a bit at first, but slowly, she adapted. "That's … big," she gasped. "Are you all right?" "Uh huh.

Go ahead." I pushed in a little deeper. Jamie grabbed her nipples. A little more, and one hand darted down to her clit. Kiersten shoved some pillows under Jamie's hips to raise her, and then moved to kneel behind her head, taking her ankles from me. "Let me help you guys," she said. "This is so cool." "Dad, are you gonna put it all in me?" Jamie gasped. "Am I hurting you?" I started to pull out. "No! I want more, I think," she said, furiously strumming on her clit.

"Are you sure?" "Push it back in. More than you did." I slowly forced myself deeper into my daughter's ass.

The hot, wet friction of her was mind-blowing. "More," she whispered. Soon, my abdomen was against the hand she was using on herself, and my balls were against her buttocks.

"How does it feel?" Kiersten asked.

If you want a better grade you must fuck with me

"Amazing. I'm so full and so turned on right now I can barely stand it." "Are you gonna cum?" Kiersten was staring wide-eyed at our joining. "You have to try this," Jamie panted.

I pulled about half my length out of her ass, allowing free movement of her fingers over her pearl. Then I pushed back in again. "What about you, Bill?

Do you like it?" I pulled out almost all the way, watching Kiersten watch my cock, and then slid slowly back inside. "Yes, God help me, yes, I do." "I thought so. I love you guys so much." She leaned toward me, over Jamie, and kissed me hard.

Handing Jamie's ankles back to me, she moved so she could kiss Jamie the same way. "Here's my secret slut thing again, Bill." She moved over her friend and took her breast in her mouth. Watching all this, I realized I had upped the pace of my thrusts into Jamie. She responded by biting her lip and moaning, fingering hospital xxx storys in nurs deeply.

One perky breast was moving with our coupling, the other being thoroughly devoured by the busty brunette hanging over her. "Are you okay, Jamie?" "Cumming soon," she whined. "Me too. Where do you want it?" "Deep." She started panting, clenching her muscles, cumming on my cock and her finger. I unloaded. For a while, I held her, still buried deep in her rectum, watching the girls tongue-kissing.

I was too overwhelmed to trust myself to put her down gracefully, and besides, it felt too damn good. Eventually, I dismounted and lowered her to the bed. "Dad?" "Yeah?" She reached for me. "I beautiful moms enjoy their sensual encounter you." "I love you too, Jamie." We kissed and cuddled, Kiersten sitting and watching us, caressing her beautiful breasts.

"Thank you, Dad. You were just as gentle with that as with all the rest of it." "I never want to hurt you." "And I never want to stop being your lover, Dad, but I'm okay with sharing you, sometimes." "That is so cool," Kiersten muttered. "I think I want to be in the bathroom alone for a couple minutes before you come for your shower. Maybe you can entertain her," Jamie said, kissing me, and gesturing to her friend who was now on her back, luxuriously masturbating.

I moved over to Kiersten and kissed her one fat nipple. Then I pulled her hand from her pussy and licked her fingers clean. "I'm glad we've talked. I'm glad we've made love." She watched me. "Bill, I don't know if you understand how much this all means to me. You know my family. My parents are really straight-laced and kind of cold.

I know they love me, but they're really bad at showing it, even to each other. Every time I came to your house as a kid, I saw love like I had never seen before. I felt it, even as a little girl.

I felt included." "I'm glad to hear you say that." Kiersten had just bathed my tongue and fingers with her nectar when Jamie said from the doorway, "If we cooperate, we can all fit in the shower. That is, if you two are finished for now. Last one in the shower is a rotten egg." It was a tight squeeze, but fun.

We helped each other bathe, and by the time we were done, parts of me were very clean. I slept well that night sandwiched between two beautiful young women.

Breakfast was interesting, since the girls insisted on serving it to me in bed. Dessert was enjoyable for all of us. Everyone was dressed and on their good behavior when Melody arrived with her bag and her air mattress.

The girls chatted excitedly about the evening's upcoming events. Kiersten followed Melody out to her car, but not before sneaking a short but intense kiss with me. "It's going to be tough tonight, sleeping here and knowing that you're upstairs alone in that big bed," she murmured, giving my cock a final caress through my clothes. Jamie got to work cleaning the house to prepare for the party, and I ran my errands. When I got home, Jamie helped me put my purchases away, and then pulled herself to me for a kiss.

"I heard what Kiersten said to you, Dad. I think she had fun with us. She's right. Knowing you're alone upstairs will be rough on me, too." "Just stay on your good behavior and keep your mouth shut," I said. "I don't have to do either of those things now," she whispered, fumbling with my belt as our tongues met. We were gentle and took our time with each other, experimenting with new positions and ones we already loved.

She insisted on having me finish in her mouth, coaxing me to a shuddering orgasm, as intense as the ones she enjoyed. Jamie looked stunning at commencement, and made me very proud, earning several awards and small scholarships.

I caught up to her after the ceremony, and we gathered her friends from their families and drove home. The girls set up the living room for the night, and then went upstairs to change clothes while I prepared the snacks we had discussed. Amber chase emma hix this is what happens to bad girls, the giggling trio reappeared in the living room dressed for bed.

All wore t-shirt or jerseys, and simple cotton panties. Melody's shirt was the shortest. Even when she was standing, I could see her little camel-toe through her pink panties. I caught both Jamie and Kiersten checking my lap when they saw me trying not to look at her too closely. "Time to start the celebration, Dad," my daughter said. She went in the kitchen and soon returned with a bottle of champagne and four flutes. "Open it." It had been a long time since I popped a champagne bottle open, but I managed it, with only a little foam frothing from the mouth of the bottle.

Melody started to laugh. "What's so funny?" Jamie asked. "Nothing," Melody giggled. "Bullshit. Look at Bill" She pointed at me, sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, the bottle between my legs, the neck sticking up from my lap, oozing white froth. "If you had a dirty mind, you'd know what she's giggling about." "Kiersten!" I sputtered. "Sorry, Daddy Bill, but look at yourself." We visited and joked for a while, talking about the girls' plans for the future.

Eventually, the second bottle was empty. I was glad I had limited my purchase to just two. Everyone was happy and relaxed, but no one was being inappropriate. "I think I'll go to bed soon," I said, taking the empty bottles and glasses to the kitchen.

"Try not to make too much noise." "We'll be good, Dad. We won't do anything we wouldn't do with you," Jamie said. Small comfort. She kissed me on the lips, not hard, not sexually, but with more warmth and feeling than some fathers and daughters share. Kiersten took her turn, her kiss exactly as loving than Jamie's had been. When she broke away, Melody stood and put her arms around me, like she's done for years. "Thank you, Bill, for throwing this little party.

It means a lot to me." Her kiss was nice, warm and fun, with no overt flirtatiousness, although she did press herself against me in a full-body hug. A bit asian ex girlfriend saya song sucking dick and fucked pov, and more than a bit concerned I might react, I said goodnight and went upstairs.

Jamie was coming out of her bedroom with a wrapped gift when I finished in the bathroom. "You're such a good dad. My friends totally love you. Goodnight." She kissed me long and hard, and headed downstairs. I went in my room, leaving the door open. Eavesdropping is wrong, but I thought I should know what was being said.

"I'm not tired yet," I heard Kiersten say. "Neither am I. Wanna play a game?" Melody asked. "Like what?" "I dunno. 'Truth or Dare' is pretty much required at a slumber party," Melody stated. "In eighth grade, maybe," Jamie laughed. "C'mon! It'll be fun," Melody persisted. "Okay, I'll go first," Kiersten said. "Melody, truth or dare?" "Truth." "Okay. Have you ever had sex?" "No!" Melody laughed.

"Do you want to?" "That's a second question, but I'll bend the rules. Of course I want to have sex," she answered. "My turn now. Jamie, truth or dare?" "Truth." "Okay, same question." There was a long silence, followed by Kiersten saying, "You know the rules." "All right, all right. I'll answer, but no more questions to me on this topic. Yes, I have." "Really?" Melody squeaked.

"Who was he? When? Why didn't you tell me?" "I said, no more questions. Truth or dare?" "I don't trust you not to make me do something embarrassing, so truth." "Have you ever had any kind of sexual contact with a guy? Or a girl? Stuff you can't do in public?" Melody hesitated for a moment, and then said, "No. Only myself." "You like to play with yourself, don't you?" Kiersten asked. "You don't?" Melody responded with a huff. "Open your birthday gift.

It's from Jamie and me together." I heard wrapping paper tearing. Then Melody said, "You guys are terrible!" "Put the batteries in." Soon there was a distinct buzzing sound, which was then drowned out by teen girl laughter. "Where did you guys get this?" Melody asked. "That novelty store at the mall, you know, the one where they check ID before they sell some of the stuff." "Well, thanks, you two. It's a lot nicer than the ones I "borrow" from Mom. I'll give you a full report on it.

Now, it's my turn. Jamie, truth or dare?" "Dare." "You're gonna regret that!" Melody laughed. "I dare you to kiss Kiersten. Not a little peck, either. I dare lovely gwen stark hot porn viedeo to make out with her." "Bitch," Kiersten giggled. I didn't hear anything for a while, but I could picture what was going on.

Eventually, Jamie said, a little breathlessly, "Melody, you just changed the game. It's my turn, and I'm not giving she rubs his dick with her manicured feet a choice. Dare. There should be a tube of lube in the bottom of the box your vibe came in.

Try it out." "Are you crazy? Here? Now? With you guys watching and your dad upstairs?" Kiersten said, "What's the matter? Are you embarrassed? I just made out with a girl and played with her boobs while you watched!" "He's sound asleep by now," Jamie said.

"Besides, he said he would close his door, so he won't hear anything unless you get loud." There was silence for a moment, and then Melody said, "You'd better be right. I do want to try it out." "We're not stopping you," Kiersten laughed. "All right. I was going to show you guys this anyway," Melody said.

"I treated myself to a birthday present this morning. I was sick of shaving all the time and still not feeling really smooth." "You got waxed?" Kiersten asked. "Your little kitty always had that nice red fur. I think red guy fuck old duddys sister introducing dukke are cute, but that does look great." "I went to the same place Mom does. I remember the first time I saw her without any hair, I thought it looked really good." "Take your top off, too." Jamie said.

"What, you want to see my little boobies?" "Consider it part of the dare." "If I had a rabbit vibe, I'd want to be able to play with my tits while I used it. Don't be a prude. Jamie, maybe we can make her more comfortable." "We should get naked, too?" Jamie asked.

"Sure." Melody asked, "What's on the label?

'Sweet Vanilla'?" "It's edible." "Why?" Jamie mused, "Maybe so your lover can use the vibe on you and go down on you afterward." "Mmmm, that sounds nice to me," Kiersten said. "Go ahead, Melody. You told me you lost your cherry horseback riding, britney amber and capri cavanni have fun you should be able to take the whole thing." "I guess that's when it happened.

I know I bled the time I got thrown and broke my wrist. Mom's dildos never hurt. Okay, here goes." Lying in my bed, I pictured pixie Melody, her reddish-blond hair draped over her petite tits, her slender, pale legs spread, her pussy bare and slippery with lube, a toy in her hand, and her luscious nude friends crowded around to watch. Just the snippets of conversation I heard made me wish I was down there to watch.

Or, better still, to help. TO BE CONCLUDED WITH PART 5, AUTUMN 2012.