Lesbea cute teen with huge natural boobs

Lesbea cute teen with huge natural boobs
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This is my first story so I hope this doesn't suck. Happy to get constructive criticism to improve my story telling / writing. Jeff and Sarah Part 1: Im traveling this week and since im erotic chick is gaping spread pussy in close up and coming rubbing and closeup to my sisters place I figured ill spend a couple days and catch up.

I have not been here in many years so I was taken by surprise when my nieces came out to see me. 25,23,21,19,18. The 19 and 21 year old live out of the house but the middle girl Sarah just turned 18 and is amazingly hot. A little back story with my sister. When we were younger we did some fooling around. She developed very early and had tits in freshman year that were adult porn star size and shape.

She played some sports and kept fit. I also kept active and played sports. So the fooling around was really just mimicking what I had see other kids do in the bushes when I was younger. As early as I can remember I was a horny little fucker.

So we had some fingering, she sucked my cock and learned how to do that pretty damn well. I learned to eat pussy quite well by the time I was 15 and we figured at that point why stop a good thing. We were getting satisfied and getting in some fantastic practice. Suffice it to say my middle niece is hotter than her mom ever was but her tits were larger than athletic but not much - Id guess a B+.

When she came out of the kitchen to say hi she was wearing tiny girl boxers (and I mean tiny) and when she would walk the gap in the leg let you see her pussy. And by the look of it its got hair but well kept. I didnt think the underwear were for my benefit as that seems to be her normal clothes around the house.

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Out of the house isnt much more though LOL, but Im not complaining. We all sat around and caught up my first day. She asked a lot of questions and some of them were about my relationship with my wife and how we met blah blah - the usual stuff. When she saw a please stuff that big back cock deep in my as her eyes opened up and she said (without thinking - swearing isnt allowed in my sisters house) "Holy fuck she's hot.

Nice score Uncle Jeff, I'd do her". Well, I think my jaw would have hit the ground if I had one ounce less control (lots of poker). My sister chuckled, shook her head and went into the kitchen. After Sarah saw the picture her questions stated to pick up speed and get a lot more personal.

Im not a shy guy and talking about relationship, sex, what ever has never bothered me. During our conversation she was telling me about her boyfriend and wasnt sure if she was going to keep him, he had cheated on her.

I dont know what possessed me to say it, but I told her about her aunt cheating on me a few years back. That doesnt make any sense Uncle Jeff. Who did she hook up with Tom Brady? I mean, why would she go fuck someone else when she has you. Like, why get a hamburger if you have steak laying in the bed with you. I shook my head and kept the conversation going, and it got moe graphic and personal for both of us.

It just seemed like I was talking to another adult not my niece. I told her we had taken a stab at swinging for a while but she decided to head busty british milf and asian teen in threeway on her own a few times without saying anything, and that was against our rules.

I explained why the rules and all that and she hung on every word. It felt like she was just logging everything for later. Her knowledge of relationsships and sex was far more than what I would have expected, which was the main reason I had been disarmed so to speak.

Well if you guys were swingers before, and you followed the rules, and she had an affair, it seems to me that you shouldt have to stop if you dont want to. Variety is the spice of life right (giggle). I chuckled and went for another beer and when I came back she had changed into her "night" clothes. The little boxers and a thin as hell tank top, obviously no bra and it was see thought white from the age of it.

Im lucky I didnt drop my beer because her nipples were hard as rocks and conservatively a half inch long (long nipples and puffy nipples just Bamn do it for me). I didnt think she saw my expression before I draw it all back in so I just had a seat and continued with our conversation.

About 45-60 minutes went by and I started feeling really tingly and my skin felt like all the hairs could "feel". I looked at my beer, it is a new brand and it was 11% alcohol but it shouldnt do this. My heart rate was going up, my head was buzzing, skin tingly, jaw started clenching on and off, and I wanted to move around, rub against the blanket on the couch etc.

Im not virgin to recreational party favors I just wasnt expecting it, since I didnt take anything and hadnt in years. It felt just like that raver party favor (dont think I can use the name) and it was hitting me hard, so there had to be a good amount.in my beer. Well there is only one person that could have done that. Sarah what the fuck did you do? She had moved to sit across the living room from me, legs sitting cross legged on the chair and said very bluntly - I added about 4 doses of (lets call it rainbow for now) rainbow to your beer - and then she popped 4 in her mouth and chugged some water.

Honestly I could be pissed I was feeling way way too good, and now horny as fuck, and looking across at Sarah I could clearly see her pussy between the boxers and her nipples actually looked longer. She got up and turned some dance music on and told me that her mom said that I had grown out of being the wild dare devil I was before and had settled down (my sister meant that as a compliment) So I figured some rainbow would be just the trick for you to enjoy yourself.

What about your mom and your sister? Oh dont worry about them, mom went to her boyfriends house and wont be back until mid afternoon (it was a friday night) and my sister went to her boyfriends house - so same thing. How are you feeling Uncle Jeff? My breathing was rapid (normal for this) but I got out, "Fucking great" while I was running my hands along my arms, legs, and cock. All the inhibitions and safeguards were just about crumbled. Sarah sat next to me and wiggled right up close and started to draw her left hand up and down my left leg, and wrapped her right arm over my should.

So Uncle Jeff before mine kicks in I wanted to ask you some things to get to know more about you. Okay sure. She set a video camera down on the coffee table across from us and turned it on record. I didn't even care, and damn she felt good. I think my hands started to travel along her legs and arms too. All I knew was that I felt amazing all over and wanted to tell all my pour encaisser son credit elle se fait defoncer dur and fantasies to this sexy young woman.

Uncle Jeff can I just call you Jeff? Of course, ya, you bet. My head was starting to loll around a bit and my dick wanted to be rubbed something fierce. Jeff do you think Im sexy? As I rubbed my arms and legs, "hell ya. You are soo hot. Fuck Im getting really horny." My hand brushed over my dick through my jeans. She watched me closely as I shuddered from contact with my dick and she got a devilish little grin.

Jeff have you ever fantasized about me before, I mean sexually? A few times ya. When I see your ass and legs in those little shorts, and your nipples (now I was blatantly rubbing my cock slowly) when they get hard in those thin shirts you wear. You have amazing long fucking nipples I just want to suck on so badly. Jeff, has Marie ever fucked another man in front of you?

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Of course. I love watching her get all filled with cum. She loves having more hands and mouths all over her. You should see her eat pussy too. I really like slipping into her cunt after the first guy cums in her and I watch it drool out. She gets so wet it dripping out of her literally. Oh shit so shes bi. Nice. Would you like to see me eat her pussy and her eat mine?

Oh my god I would lose my mind if I saw that. Do you want to for real? Maybe but not right now. Have you ever done anything sexually you had to keep a secret? Ya when me and your mom would play around. She could really suck cock well once we practiced. And she helped me become a hell of a pussy eater. She used to get so insanely horny she would play with herself while we were eating dinner. Holy shit Jeff. I never thought of mom like that but she does still look pretty good. You think she would mess around with you again, I mean now that dads gone and all.

Me and Marie thought about talking to her to join us. Your mom loved getting fingered. Hell she could take four of my fingers but my hands were too big to fist her. Do you wanna do your mom Sarah? I would love pounding my cock in you while you ate her out, how fucking hot would that be. I know right? How pissed would she be if I slipped her Rainbow like I did you? She used to be pretty horny and dirty just about all the time so Im betting this would knock her socks off, and her panties.

I think Marie would slip out though which sucks. That's always been a fantasy of mine, to take her out in public and mega dose her. Let her get all hot and horny and watch her on the dance floor. Jeff I bet if I did it she wouldn't be as pissed. And she couldn't be made at you.

She was starting to reach into her shorts and I could see her hand and fingers starting some slow work. Her rainbow must be kicking in too. Fuck I wish I had my blue pills. They are swinger orgy group amateur babes fucking reality on rainbow. Dad had some that he left behind. I grabbed it up in case I had a guy that wanted to roll. Ill go get some. Up she went. As she got up and opened her legs per shorts had a huge wet spot and was camel toeing when she got up.

When she came back she was walking a little funny and only wearing some small lacy panties and sexy lace brad, both in teal. What wrong with your walking Sarah? She plopped down next to me and just reached right under her panties and pulled a small vibrator from her pussy. It was glistening with her wetness. I laughed. She looked me in the eye, stuck it back in her pussy, and handed me a remote control.

Here Jeff. You can turn it on and control the speeds anytime you want tonight. With that she handed me two blue cum trainer sissy eat own cum hypno that were about double my normal dose, at least that's what it looked like, it was hard to focus on things right now.

I swallowed them both with the rest of my beer. Hey do you glamorous milf beauty playing with a dick in pov any porn? I mom sun sex storys fst tym like to watch porn when im like this.

Damn Jeff, that's one of my favorite things to do. I can link my laptop to the big TV and you can see what I have collected. Now you're going to see all my dark little kinks, you think you can handle that? I reached my hand out toward her very hard nipples but as she backed away a bit with a hard to get look I hit the remote for the vibe on max.

OH FUCK! Jeff you fucker…oh my god that feels sooooo good right now. I stopped it. What the fuck? Why did you do that? Take off your bra and you can have a few minutes.

That bra came off so fast it wasn't funny. When I turned it on it was set to low. Up she went to get your porn. At this point my jeans were really getting in the way so I took them off and just sat back deeply into the plush couch, feeling its soft fibers. I was just sitting there eyes closed and just squirming around, im sure with a big smile.

Jeff I got it. She had it hooked up quick like shed done this a few times. Hell she even had a remote for her laptop. She slid right in next to me and rubbed her unbelievable nipples on my arm. It felt like sear pleasure to me. Fuck I am so wet already my panties are soaked, her feel this shit Jeff you wont believe it, I have never been this wet.

She took my hand and just pushed it between her spread legs onto her pussy. When my hand connected she had a jolt and just rubbed my hand on her a bit. She was right her pussy was like a damn faucet. I had to see it. With my left hands I was slowly rubbing my cock and with the right that she was still holding on her pussy, I hooked my finger into the side of her panties and just tugged them aside.

Nice, she had a bit of hair and it was so wet I couldn't believe it. That is the wettest pussy I have ever seen Sarah, holy shit. You gotta take those off. She just lifted her ass and yanked them right off, she just tossed them. So Jeff what kind of porn do you like? SO much. I like to just surf it and explore. What do you like? Well you'll see. This is all stuff I downloaded. Be forewarned I have some weird shit on here. And she just giggled.

She started it up with a nice HD video of what looked like a very small set of fine firm legs leading to a bare and wet pussy. The girl started to rub her slit and get her fingers all wet and gooey. End Part 1.