Carters pierced nipples jiggle as she gyrates her hips cumming hard interracial pornstars

Carters pierced nipples jiggle as she gyrates her hips cumming hard interracial pornstars
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My first sex story so cut me some slack. This is purely imagination and the characters do not relate to real life. Tell me what you think and plz don't be all negative!!!

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__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ I'm Zoey. Zoey Atkins and I'm 18 in a months time.

I've got golden brown hair, ocean blue eyes and a C cup bust with smooth round ass. It was a normal day at school and I was staying after ho massive juggs jizzed big tits and cumshot to finish some course work off. I was in the library and it was nearing 7 pm, all my friends had already left leaving me sitting alone.

Mr Burns, my english teacher, was watching over the library whilst marking papers. he was an attractive man, late 20's around 6"4, brown tousled hair and deep green eyes, plus a set of drool worthy abs and a cute ass every girl dreamed of including me. It was fair fuck ashley adams wet pussy say he was gorgeous and the hottest guy in the school.

I tried concentrating on my work, but I kept glancing up and staring at Mr Burns' body. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans which hugged his nice round ass and a fitted t-shirt showing off his 6 pack. He glanced up looking at the clock. I quickly ducked my head and tried a question on the paper big booty babe loves to ride on top he had given for revision.

I didn't understand what the hell this all meant, so I decided to ask Mr Burns. "err… Mr Burns, please can you help me with this question?" I asked him. "Sure" he replied and came over to me.

He started to explain what to do but I wasn't paying any attention to he leant over me to get a pen, I could feel the heat radiating off him. I suddenly became aware of a slight damp patch in my panties. My cheeks flushed, embarrassed I was getting turned on by such an innocent gesture. I turned my attention back to waht he was saying, but still couldn't concentrate on anything with his body so close to mine.

"Are you okay?" asked Mr Burns noticing I wasn't listening. "Erm… yeeaahhh.… I just zoned out for a minute then." "I tell you what, why dont we grab a coffee and some tea at the diner and we can talk about it then?" YES!!!!

I wanted to shout, but instead I replied;" Er… I'm not sure, my mum might be waiting for me." A total lie since she works till 3am on weekdays. " come on just a coffee?" "alright then" We went out to his car and drove to the diner. We had our coffee and a small dinner, then left.

On the way home I gave him the directions to my house. Once we arrived at my house I invited him inside and offered him a drink. He asked for a tea suggested wework on my English, as we didn't get a chance at the diner. I accepted and we got to work.

We were only a few centimetres away. He looked at me and we stared into eac others eyes as we slowly leaned in towards each other. Our lips touched and I moaned. He licked my bottom lip asking for entery. I gladly gave it to him and as his tongue explored my mouth, he pushed me back against the couch. He climbed on top of me, straddling me, his hands wandering all over me, carreasing my hair, rubbing my stomach and even giving my breasts a squeeze every now and then.

My hands worked their way up below his t shirt and our lips parted just enough to let his t shirt fall to the fall. I admired his chest, it was even better without a shirt on, if that wa even possible.

He took off my shirt and I was left in my black lace bra. He took them in his hands and started to suck my nipples through the silk material. I moaned loudly and put my hand down my shorts, rubbing my pussy through my thong. He groaned and ripped off my bra, sucking them and kissing them with added passion. "Mr Burns…" I murmured. "Mark" he said between kisses.

"Mark… ummm… ohhh" Mark stood up as I unbuckled his belt and after a little struggle I managed mom sleep son fuck force pull his jeans off him. I pushed him onto the couch and pulled down his boxers. His cock sprang free and I was amazed at how big and thick it was.

Erect it stood at about 8 inches and at the base was about 2 inches thick with a slight curve. I rubbed my hand up and down his cock and lightly blew onto the head, pre-cum oozing out.

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"Just suck it!" he moaned, grabbing my head and pushing it onto his cock. I moaned as it entered my mouth. I bobbed up and down on it, but Mark started to push my head down even further so I was deep throat ing it.

I gently fondled his balls. "Zoey! Im cumming!!" he shouted, as his seed exploded in my mouth. I swapped it and picked his cock clean. He then picked me up and payed me on the couch. He pulled down my shorts and my thong, exposing my pussy to him.

He stared at it a minute then started to eat it.

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I moaned as he sucked on my sweet spot. "Make me cum real hard!!" I begged him. In response he stuck his tongue up my pussy and squeezes my breasts. I buried his face into my pussy even more and started to scram in pleasure. "I'm cumming!!!!" I shouted after about 5 minutes.

My whole body shook as my orgism shot through me, soaking Mr Burns face in my sweet juices. "I wanna fuck you so bad" he said. "I want you to fuck me to" I replied "Are you on the pill?" "Since I was 13 I've been on it." Then he mounted me, centring his head to the entrance of my pussy.

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We both moaned as he pushed his cock deep inside of me. He then started to speed up, finding a comfortable rythem and I started to thrust my hips in time with his. The sound of moaning and flesh against flesh filled the air with pleasure. fter 10 minutes I started to reach my climax with a cry I cummed all over his cock just as he shouted "Zoey!!!!" and pushed his cock all the way into me as he released his seed into my pussy.

We fell on the floor, panting. "you were the best fuck I've ver had Mr Burns." "Aame to you Zoey." __________________________________________ After that day, Zoey and Mark fucked each other reguarly, satisfying both their needs. Zoey eventually got a boyfriend, but always had time for Mark.